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A Good Date Gone Bad... Or Did It?

Hello, my name is Jack. I had been seeing this girl for a couple months now (lets call her Dianne) and she seemed to be really enjoying herself also. We just started working four ten hour days at my job, and this gave me a well deserved three day weekend every weekend. Dianne is a flight attendant and regularly has as many as five days off between flights. Now we have time to enjoy our weekends more. On one of our evenings out I bought a lotto ticket (as I do every week) and Joked to Dianne that if I ever won the jackpot I would quit work and sail around the world for a year, with her by my side, she just smiled and gave me a kiss on the cheek. Dianne had a few extra days off coming up this next weekend and she asked me if I would spend them with her at her cabin by the lake. I said sure and asked her what her plans were so I could pack the appropriate clothing, she just said to pack light and winked. Finally Thursday arrived and the minute the whistle blew at quitting time I was out the door and on the road to Dianne's house to pick her up for the two hour drive to the lake. When I got to Dianne's house she was ready, she had two big suitcases which I put in the back of my Blazer next to my single duffel bag. We stopped at a fast food place for a quick meal before hitting the open road. I joked to Dianne about using the restroom before we took off for the two hour drive and she told me she would make it OK. We chatted for a little while on the way up to the cabin but I could sense that Dianne had some things on her mind so I asked her what was going on. She just said she was excited and that she couldn't wait until we were at the cabin so she could let me in on her surprise, try as I may she would not tell me what it was, now I couldn't wait to get there. Finally the last turn off the blacktop took us down the narrow gravel road to the cabin up ahead, only two more miles to go. I pulled on up and parked in front of the cabin and turned off the truck, Dianne grabbed my face and gave me a long kiss on the lips then she jumped out. I opened the back and grabbed her suitcases and my duffel as she opened the cabin and turned on the lights. About now I had to use the bathroom, again, and I asked Dianne where it was. She pointed to a door and said, "right in there." I hurried in and as I finished up I realized that she still had not relieved herself yet. I thought to myself, boy she sure has got some good kidneys. I hollered out to see if she needed to use the bathroom too before I turned out the light, she just said she was good. I returned to the kitchen and Dianne had a bottle of wine and some glasses out on the table, she said it was for later. Dianne clicked on the radio and asked me if I was getting hungry, if I was she could fix up some food. I said I was still OK from the burger joint and thanked her for asking. We danced to a couple songs from the radio and then she told me to grab the wine as she grabbed the glasses and headed outside. I followed and we sat down on a couple of chairs overlooking the lake. I opened the bottle and poured the wine and we sat and watched the sun go down over the water. It was one of the most beautiful sunsets I could remember. It was still late spring and the air could get chilly so we went back inside and made a small fire in the fireplace. It was cozy and soon we fell asleep right there. When I woke up it was daylight and Dianne was fixing breakfast, she had gotten up and showered and changed already and told me to clean up and that breakfast should be done soon. I hurried, and soon finished one of the best breakfasts I had ever had (something about cabins, woods and lakes always makes food taste better). That morning we went for a stroll along the lake shore. As we neared the cabin I noticed another vehicle had parked next to mine, Dianne said, "good, it looks like Mindy has made it up". I started to say something but Dianne stopped me short and said that she had invited her to spend the weekend also. I thought this quite odd but I figured it was her place and if she wanted more friends over who am I to say otherwise. Mindy was sitting out back in one of the lawn chairs and was sipping a glass of wine when we found her. She got up and gave Dianne a hug and asked how we were doing, we both said fine and we sat down and began to chat. It was obvious that the two were close friends. It was close to dinner time and Mindy asked if she could help with dinner, Dianne accepted the invitation and they both went inside while I prepared the campfire ring for later that night. Dinner was great and we went back out to relax and enjoy the scenery. I must have been pretty tired because I dozed off and when i woke up I was inside the cabin and on the bed. I tried to get up but found I couldn't move. I felt weak and also realized I was not clothed. When I looked around I saw Dianne and Mindy enter the room.

"Good, I see you are awake," Dianne said, "you are probable wondering why you can't move. Don't worry, you have been drugged. The paralysis is only temporary, we don't want you fighting us while we change your diaper." DIAPER, what the hell was going on here. I demanded an explanation and Mindy said, "thats no way for our baby to talk to his mommy." I said, "what the hell are you talking about? I'm not a baby and you certainly aren't my mommy." Dianne came over and gave me a slap on my bare bottom and told me to behave or I would get a worse punishment. I tried with all my strength to move but couldn't. Then I watched in disbelief as I saw Mindy come towards me with what looked like a large pair of Pampers and some baby wipes and powder. I started to protest wildly but Dianne stuffed an over sized pacifier in my mouth with a strap attached to it which she deftly fastened behind my head. I could not spit it out or talk now. I was gagged. All I could do now was watch as Dianne came towards me with a razor and shave cream.

"Babies don't have all this hair and it wouldn't do for your new life as our baby boy," she said. Dianne and Mindy started working on my body and when they were finished they had removed all my body hair leaving me with just the hair on my head.

"Now you are ready for your bath before we diaper you for the rest of the weekend," Dianne said. The rest of the weekend, my god, what are they doing to me, I thought, I've read stories about adults who play games like this but never thought about doing it. Dianne and Mindy cleaned me up and then Mindy grabbed my legs and lifted them up as Dianne positioned the diaper under my backside. Mindy lowered my legs and held them apart as Dianne put powder on my now smooth crotch. I have to admit, it felt oddly good what they were doing. I was starting to get hard and Mindy quickly said,"looks like baby Jacky likes to be diapered." Dianne said,"I can fix that." And with that she and Mindy played with my cock and balls until Iorgasm-edd. Dianne wiped me clean with the baby wipes andre-powderedd me before she fastened the diaper in place, next came a pair of plastic panties to go over the diaper.

"We don't want any leaks," Mindy chimed in. There I lay, diaper on and pacifier stuck in my mouth. Dianne sat me up while Mindy held up a mirror for me to see. I looked like an overgrown baby boy. They put me in a one piece tee shirt with a brief style bottom, which snapped closed between my legs. Next came baby style booties and some strange looking mittens which forced my hands into fists and then buckled in place at the wrist. Even if I got my strength back, I wouldn't be able to remove my new cloths. I couldn't move, I couldn't speak, all I could do was lie there and wonder what was going to happen next. I was looking around and what I saw made my heart jump. There in the corner of the room was a video camera set up on a tripod, I was being taped, for what reason I do not know. I felt tired again and soon I was sleeping but it was not very restful. I woke up suddenly when I realized I was urinating, I tried to get up but I had forgotten I couldn't move so I just lay there and peed. I started to make sounds through the gag and finally Mindy came in, she called to Dianne to tell her I was awake again. Dianne came in and she said,"did baby Jacky have a nice wittle nappy? Are you wet? Does wittle baby Jacky need changing?" With that she felt inside the leg of the panties and diaper and giggled to Mindy,"baby Jacky wet himself, now we have to change him again." Mindy undid the snaps and pulled the tee shirt up and removed the soiled diaper while Dianne held my legs up for her. They let my bottom air dry then Dianne said,"if you promise not to yell or scream I will remove your gag." I nodded my head yes to the deal, Dianne removed the pacifier, finally I could talk but I didn't have time to say anything when Mindy jumped up on the bed, she was naked and she sat right on my face with her sweet pussy wrapped over my mouth. She ordered me to eat. She said it may be the only meal I get the rest of the day. I was licking and sucking when I felt Diannes warm breath on my penis, soon her lips were wrapped around my swollen member and I was about to loose my mind. I could not believe how excited I had become from being diapered and treated like a baby. Mindy was moaning and she orgasmed all over my face. She got up and she moved her breast into my mouth and said suckle. I did and to my surprise milk came out. I suckled on one breast then the other while Mindy used her fingers to pleasure her pussy. Dianne was doing a number on my penis and soon I let loose with another orgasm. This continued the entire weekend with Both Mindy and Dianne taking turns. I later found out that Mindy and Dianne had always liked to wear diapers and she wanted to tell me several times but was afraid to so she asked Mindy to help her and they came up with the idea. Now I understand why Dianne never used the restroom at the burger joint, she didn't need to, she was secretly wearing a diaper. That Sunday, before we left for home, we both put on diapers and plastic panties and drove straight home without stopping once. This is only the beginning of what I hope will be a wonderful life together. The End Written by; LatexQuasar

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