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A Good Time to Quit

"Are these yours?" The fresh pack of cigarettes I was waving under her nose made her take half a step back before freezing in surprise. Her mouth hung half open and she stared at me with trepidation and hesitation. I simply looked at her and waited for my answer.

The question was, of course, unnecessary for me to find out the owner. They were obviously hers. The point was for her to admit to it and thus accept the consequences. For all her misbehavior the one thing she would never do is tell a lie. But the truth was frightening this time after the hole she had dug for herself over the past couple of weeks.

She was a deeply submissive girl with me and I was responsible for taking care of her need to be controlled. She took great pride in being able to play the very grown up games we had enjoyed. Leather and clamps and crops, oh my. But grown up games meant she had to be a grown up to earn them. As her daddy, I was in charge of making sure she was treated as she acted and sophomoric behavior meant sophomoric treatment.

She had often been punished for brattiness by being sent back to high school. She didn't mind this too much and had fun playing in her plaid skirts and getting the cane when she was found wearing a thong under them. She resented her homework assignments of algebra problems and her early bedtime but the chance to be a little brat and a tease made her almost giddy.

But she didn't like being regressed even further. She was a college graduate with a good job and responsibilities and being sent down to little girl status for being truly immature was, to her, an intolerable injustice. While it meant that she would be spanked with nothing harder than a slipper she was also denied many adult pleasures. Her big girl underwear and toys were locked up, no "R" movies were permitted and her homework was repetitive fractions, sentence diagrams and handwriting practice. And there was always the threat of being stripped to an even younger status. I'm not sure if she really took me seriously when I told her that there was no limit to how young an age she could have to endure but she blushed scarlet when told so.

She is currently as young as I have ever made her be.

After already working her way to pre-teen status she threw a right tantrum. The next day she went for her bikini wax with a note requiring her to be waxed completely bare. She would not be allowed to grow up again until it grew back so this was much worse than when I shaved her. She was now being tights punished.

Her cotton polka-dot panties were clearly visible under her white see through tights that she had to wear while home. She was greatly embarrassed by being dressed like this but she had asked for it with her childishness. I took great delight in watching her try to keep herself covered when company visited. Of course she had no way to cover herself during corner time or during the frequent little hand spankings she got on her panties while in this state.

"Yes, Daddy." She gulped.

Her head hung low. She knew it was all over now.

"Well Mary, you know very well what this means for you. I have given you many chances to quit on your own but it seems you need some help. This was your last chance and now I am going to make sure you quit.

I have told you many times that I will stand by my responsibility to treat you the way you act. You have acted like a baby." This was absolutely no surprise and yet she looked at me with stunned disbelief.

"Daddy, please don't. I've been trying to stop. I really have but it's so hard. I'm sorry I've been so bad lately. Please. Please." She was beginning to sniff as she pleaded. As submissive as she was with me she was really scared now.

"I know you have but you need my help and I would be a very bad daddy to not give it to you. You need this and I will not neglect my baby girl. Now go get the blue bag and bring it to me." She had never seen the bag's contents but knew what must be in it as I brought it out whenever she dipped in her age allowance. I had it been prepped for some time now and I had been waiting for a chance to use it. I was looking forward to using the contents.

When she returned with the bag I set it aside and gave her a big hug and held her close for a few minutes to give her nerves a chance to settle enough for what was next.

"You can't talk anymore now. You may laugh, giggle or cry but no words. You may not take care of yourself in any way. You are now dependent on me for everything. Nod if you understand." She slowly nodded. The pleading was still in her eyes.

"OK, arms up." I pulled her shirt off her leaving her small breasts exposed as her arms settled to her sides. Her tights were pulled off leaving her only in her panties as I pulled her over my lap. I would, of course, not be spanking a baby girl. This was to open her to the little enema I was pulling from the bag. I tugged her panties down to her knees then used my fingers to spread her cheeks open. She was starting to whimper as I slid the tip into her bottom. Once the full length was inside her I held it there while I rubbed her back with my free hand. I slowly squeezed the contents as she squirmed trying to adapt to the filling. Once it was inside her I pulled it out and spent ten minutes massaging her lower back and belly until she couldn't hold it anymore.

After she had been relieved and cleaned I carried her to the bed and laid her naked body down on the bed after placing fresh changing pad from the bag on it.

When she saw me pull the first diaper from the bag she wrapped her arms around herself and looked like she was trying to shrink away and hide. I took my time leisurely unfolding the diaper and spreading it out before I started to slide it under her bottom. She started to resist and push it away from her with her legs closed tightly.

"Stop." The command was calm but firm. She ceased her struggles at once.

"Now lay back and keep your legs open and stay relaxed while I seal this diaper you." She hesitated for several seconds before giving up.

She squeezed her eyes closed as she went limp and let her legs fall open to expose her baby smooth mound. I slid the diaper under her bottom. Rash cream was spread over her diaper area in generous amounts and she was growing very swollen despite her anxiety.

Baby powder followed. Her legs were pulled up to allow her bottom to be covered. Then I dusted large amounts over her diaper area before rubbing even more over the rest of her body. I softly rubbed the powder into her skin until she was sure to smell like baby powder for hours.

The front of the diaper was pulled up into place. I held it taught while I sealed the tapes the bottom tape was just tight enough to keep the leg openings closed. The middle tape was pulled a little tighter than the bottom. The top tape was pulled taught to create a snug fit around her waist. The result was a perfect fit and the diaper now had a hold on Mary's body and she was truly reduced to baby status.

I pulled her onto my lap and rocked her in my arms.

She wrapped her arms around me but hid her face on my chest. She was crying from the humiliation and her tears were dripping onto my shirt. We stayed like that for some time as I comforted her.

She wasn't happy with her condition but she was at peace in my embrace and in time melted on my lap. It was time to make sure she could not have a cigarette.

It was a Friday evening before a three-day weekend.

This was my chance to make sure she got through the worst of her nicotine withdrawal under my supervision.

She didn't even try to resist as I pulled her arms into the jacket and secured the opening. I wrapped her arms in front of her and closed the buckle behind her. The crotch straps were pulled over her diaper and cinched in place. She would be wearing it for a long time so I didn't make it too tight but she wasn't going to get out of it. She certainly wasn't going to light up a smoke.

I carried her into the kitchen, sat her at the table and started to make dinner for us. As I cooked some pasta and sauce for me and nuked a few jars of baby food for her she sat on the chair testing the limits of the jacket and looking at herself in semi-disbelief. She spent a great deal of time looking at the edges of her diaper although she couldn't seem to bring herself to look at the wetness indicating strip for any length of time.

She quietly sat and let me spoon-feed her the chicken, peas and peaches while trying not to look over at my plate. She looked at me often with a mixture of affection, sadness and resignation. I simply smiled and let her know what a good baby girl she was being.

After dinner I had work to do so I put her on a blanket in front of the TV with cartoons playing while I worked on my computer. She looked at me with daggers as I put an adult size binky in her mouth for her to suck before starting my work. I peeked over at her regularly as she sat sulking. At 8:30 I decided it was bedtime for her. She never liked early bedtimes but seemed ready to put an end to this day. She seemed a touch edgy from not smoking but she usually didn't smoke much later in the day so she was OK so far. Bedtime meant another step into babyhood. Despite everything that had happened so far her eyes still widened when she saw the bottle of warm milk. I had her nestled on my lap on the easy chair next to the bed. I slow rocked us as I cuddled her body to ease her off to sleep. The bottle meant yet another loss of control but she was thirsty and readily took it in her lips. She finished almost two bottles with a constant suckling motion. She groaned with indignity when a few pats on the back produced a very audible burp.

Two bottles of warm milk put her to sleep in minutes.

I gently placed her on the bed, removed the jacket and replaced it with restraining mittens and a restraint attached to one leg and the bed frame. I joined her in bed later on and was peacefully sleeping when I heard her crying. Knowing what the problem was, I clicked on the night light and looked over to her. She was curled up away from me and sobbing lightly while her mittens rubbed her hips. I turned her to me and looked tenderly in her eyes.

"Aww, does baby need to be changed?" The scarlet blush ran straight from the top of her head down her chest. I could clearly see the strip that said she was wet but gripped the crotch in my hand to test it anyway. As expected, she was soaked.

"My. It's a good thing I started with the overnight diapers. This is what happens when you take too long to wet. Holding it in will only make you suffer.

Just let it go. That's what you are wearing diapers to do. Now, let's get you changed." I spread out the changing pad on the bed and unsnapped the tether holding her leg to the bed. As much as she hated wearing a diaper a wet diaper was far worse and she was quite cooperative if it meant she'd get out of it soon. While I was still sleepy I wanted to make her first change memorable and took my time peeling the tapes open and rolling up the wet diaper before tossing into the pail with a heavy thump. I pulled out several aloe-scented wipes and thoroughly cleaned her diaper area. For good measure I pulled her ankles together and upwards placing her in the most infantile pose possible while I wiped her clean from her mound, over every crevice and up her crack. After cleaning every inch of diapered skin I applied fresh lotion and powder and got out a fresh diaper. Mary had her eyes closed through all of this but still stiffened at the sound of the crinkling diaper I was readying for her.

I sealed the diaper on her and reattached the restraint. I then turned off the light and give her a hug and a kiss on the forehead. As we lay back down I wrapped my arm around her and gave her padded bottom a soft but noisy pat. She buried her head into her pillow but also wrapped her arm around me pulling us closer together.

When morning came her withdrawal had set in. She was up before me and woke me with her restless tossing.

As if her body's demands weren't enough, her wet diaper was clinging to her restrained body. I woke just in time to catch her biting at the restraining mittens.

With an indulging smile, I re-secured the bonds on her hands and opened the cuff on her ankle. I carried her into the bathroom and set her down on several fluffy towels while I ran a bath. I took off her sopping diaper and mittens and lowered her into the warm bubble bath complete with a rubber ducky. Mary was getting worse and I did my best to comfort her. I wouldn't need to shave her for a few weeks but I washed her several times over with an oversized sponge before washing her hair with baby shampoo. When the bath was done a soft towel awaited her body.

She seemed to be alternating between irritability and depression mixed with frustration. While she had my sympathy I wasn't about to cut her any slack. I got to her to stay still long enough to wrap a fresh diaper on her. I put her tights back on her to keep her legs warm.and add to the childish of her look.

Then I bound her back into the jacket. Once I had her secured I took her to the kitchen to spoon-feed her breakfast. This took a long time, as she couldn't seem to stop eating. When she was done eating I held her until she grew tired and needed to be put down for a nap.

It was a long day. There was little I could do for her besides keep her warm and comfortable. She ate every couple of hours and drank many bottles. This meant lots of changes and she was growing used to being cleaned and fondled. A little cream rubbed in the right places did much to take her mind off smoking. At last I put her into double overnight diapers and tied her to bed. I let her toss and turn herself until she fell to sleep.

The morning rose and she was still ready to cut off a finger for a puff. Fortunately, she couldn't use her fingers or any other part of her upper body for another day. I was starting to enjoy nursing her back to health and even found her failing to hide a little smile as a I popped another spoonful of warm apple sauce into her pretty mouth. Of course she was still pretending to deeply resent being kept in her diapers.

She was feeling much better on the next morning. She was still a touch restless but was almost hopping with happiness. I followed her bath by putting her into a double diaper and locking her hands into the restraint mittens instead of using the jacket. When her naptime came I pacified her and taped the binky to her mouth before blindfolding her. After putting her down I used short ropes to tie her hands to the headboard and covered her. I kissed her cheek then put on a nursery tape.

She was still drinking and eating a lot so when she woke she had wet again. I let her lay in bed for a while before removing her blindfold. Mary quietly settled onto her back and spread her legs so I could change her. I untied her and carried her to the kitchen for her lunch without changing her.

"Daddy thinks it's time for you to get used to having a wet diaper so I'm going to let you enjoy it for a while." I put little effort into disguising my grin as I put her lunch on the table. She squirmed uncomfortably inside her squishy diaper as I fed her. I also gave her two bottles of apple juice and didn't let her up until she drank them both.

She was unable to sit still for long as she sat on my lap watching cartoons with me. For extra measure I had been fondling her body as she struggled not to wet her diaper again. Now that she was feeling better she remembered that she was being forced to wear and use diapers for her bad behavior and she didn't want to deal with it. She was also extremely aroused from having gone so long without release plus my efforts to keep her body twitching. I had been absent-mindedly playing with her nipples for about five minutes when she locked onto my eyes as she slid off my lap and between my knees. Keeping her eyes to mine she touched her binky to my pants and suckled the binky without a trace of subtlety.

"Now you know your need to have something between your lips is what got you here in the first place.but if you insist." I took the binky out of her mouth and helped her gain access to my erection. I had grown quite turned on from her squirming on my lap and was happy to let her have her fun. She took me in her mouth, tongued and swallowed me as she circled her hips waving her weighted diaper on display. I lost it after not too long and she hungrily drank me. I pulled her back on my lap and found that she had wet her diaper again while pleasing me. Smiling, I bound her hands behind her and inserted her binky. I pulled on a rubber glove that I coated with lube. I slid in down the front of her soaking wet diapers while I pulled her to me with my free arm. My fingers played with her button and entered her pussy.

"Daddy's going to make you come inside your diaper, baby girl. I bet you like losing control now. I don't think you want me to stop now. I even think you like this." She simply let go and let me play with her. She came as I teased her about being diapered as her pampered pussy clamped on my fingers. I made her come twice more until she collapsed on my lap.

She was put down for another nap while still in her wet diapers. As she drifted of her hand moved to her mouth as if she was trying to suck her thumb through the mitten.

She woke in time for dinner and I relented and changed her into a fresh diaper.mostly out of need since it couldn't hold another wetting. After dinner she straddled by lap and gave me a huge hug. When she pulled back she had a little tear on her cheek and a sweet smile on her face. She held my eyes as she moved her hips so her diapered crotched rested on my bare leg. She then hugged me again and hid her face on my shoulder. As she pressed her body to mine I felt her crotch grow warm and heard her breathing shallow.

"Very good baby girl. Now it's time for you to grow up again." I stripped her diaper and bathed her again. When she climbed out a pair of cotton panties with big balloons on them was waiting along with her see through tights.

She hated being tights punished before but now she seemed almost disappointed to be in toddler's clothes.

"Thank you, Daddy."

"You're very welcome, little girl. Now after all this you aren't going to smoke and put us through this again."

"I won't Daddy. I promise. Just please treat me the way I deserve Daddy."

"Always. Of course now that you've grown up to be a naughty little girl you need to be spanked." She went over my lap for a good panty warming to get her wriggling once more. When I had finished I walked her into the bedroom with her panties around her knees where she got to grow up a little more.

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