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A Good Time to Quit - The Other Side

"Are these yours?" Oh my goodness, no. Daddy had found my new pack of cigarettes and had them held under my nose. I had been trying to use the patch but I had run out, gave in and bought just one last pack. But now I was caught red-handed. Daddy had been very clear that if I didn't quit this time he would take control of the matter for me.

Of course I loved having Daddy take control of me. I had willingly given him the right to discipline me as he saw fit some time ago and he accepted the responsibility. He had not failed in his duty. He had put me through many training sessions to teach me to obey and please him. I dearly loved being trained as he taught me to truly feel my body as he introduced me to restraints, blindfolds, tickling, sensation play, plugs that stretched me until I could at last accept him into my bottom. Yes, Daddy had taught me to accept pleasure and rewards.

But discipline also meant punishment and I submitted to the ordeals Daddy would invent to keep me in line.

I wasn't supposed to enjoy punishments too much but I was too turned by being wrestled down and paddled so Daddy came up with new methods. Punishment enemas could teach me a lesson fast. And I tried very hard to earn the frustration of corner time.

Corner time worked so well on my brattiness that Daddy expanded the theme and soon I found myself in the plaid skirt of a schoolgirl. Daddy explained that when I acted like a child I would be a child. I was stripped of my adult privileges. No grown up games, no good TV and I even had to do homework before being sent to bed early.tied down to the bed if needed.

Nevertheless, I had fun when Daddy did this to me as a little brattiness was expected and I might even earn a little lesson when Daddy would make me lift my skirt, bend over, place my hands on the wall and wait to feel the kiss of the cane on my backside.

But Daddy would make me even younger if my behavior didn't improve soon. This was no fun at all and I hated every second of it. Little girl panties and dresses, constant spankings and having to be shaved bare meant that I was very good to get out of this state when Daddy punished me this way. I was also terrified of Daddy's promise to go even younger if I didn't improve. I knew he wasn't joking when he showed me the bag he said he would use for the next step down. I knew what was in it and didn't want it at all.

Which is why that little pack had my blood running cold. I had been rude in public and found myself in high school status when I had a little fit and threw my milk on the floor. Daddy did nothing right away as he never touched me while mad but the next day I was sent to the salon run my a mutual friend carrying a sealed note. I went home after being waxed completely bare from the waist down.

Cotton panties and tights waited for me when I got and I would have to wear these around the house. The panties were quite visible through the tights and I was almost in tears from the shame of having earned this. I was also getting spanked every few minutes for every petty offense so my bottom was stinging. He even spanked me while we had guests earlier by tossing me roughly over his shoulder for a dozen smacks on my burning cheeks. Then I had to sit on Daddy's lap while we talked and our friends kept staring at my childish undergarments.

Now Daddy had found the pack and was demanding that I own up to them. Now I was going to be really punished but I had to choice but to tell Daddy the truth and take my punishment.

"Yes, Daddy." I meekly admitted.

"Well Mary, you know very well what this means for you. I have given you many chances to quit on your own but it seems you need some help. This was your last chance and now I am going to make sure you quit.

I have told you many times that I will stand by my responsibility to treat you the way you act. You have acted like a baby." No, no, no. This is too much. I had to get out of this.

"Daddy, please don't. I've been trying to stop. I really have but it's so hard. I'm sorry I've been so bad lately. Please. Please." I was begging for real now and praying he would take pity. This was too real for me.

"I know you have but you need my help and I would be a very bad daddy to not give it to you. You need this and I will not neglect my baby girl. Now go get the blue bag and bring it to me." Baby girl. I was lost now. I was scared and shaking a little now but it was Daddy's duty to discipline me as I needed. I could only trust him and submit to this. I was having trouble walking and had to think to keep moving my feet as I got that bag and set it at Daddy's feet.

Daddy took me in his arms and just held me. I was quivering but it felt so good. I was hoping he'd stop but I needed him to go on.

"You can't talk anymore now. You may laugh, giggle or cry but no words. You may not take care of yourself in any way. You are now dependant on me for everything. Nod if you understand." I nodded. Daddy had set a rule and I had no choice but to obey. The situation was fully out of my control.

"OK, arms up." I was stripped of my shirt and tights before being pulled over Daddy's lap. A glimmer of hope flared in me. I knew Daddy wouldn't spank me in baby mode so a spanking meant that I wasn't going all the way down.

I arced my bottom as a sacrifice and peace offering while I swore to myself to behave until I could grow up again.

But I didn't get spanked. My panties were tugged down instead. Daddy spread my bottom open and slipped something inside me. When I felt the fluid flow into me the fear came flooding back. I had to retain the saline while Daddy rubbed my body including generous kneading of my quivering belly. Enemas quickly sapped my strength and Daddy carried me to the bathroom for relief and cleaning. I was now naked, helpless and numb from denial. Daddy just couldn't be doing this to me.

But denial didn't mean that I wasn't lying on a changing pad for the first time in over two decades.

It didn't mean that Daddy wasn't preparing a.a diaper for me. I curled up as the crinkling sound filled my ears. When it touched my skin I couldn't hold back and tried to push it away. I wasn't going to wear that thing. I couldn't let it happen.

"Stop." I stopped. I couldn't disobey now.

"Now lay back and keep your legs open and stay relaxed while I seal this diaper you." That was the end of it. I had gotten myself into this and Daddy was going to give me everything he had promised. I could only shut my eyes and wait it out.

I was oiled and powdered with the diaper under my bottom. I was embarrassed to realize how aroused I was while Daddy applied the oil with long strokes.

Then the diaper was slammed shut with horrible finality. As the tapes were sealed I felt my tears start to run. I was ashamed at having earned this punishment and humiliated to think that I'd have to use this thing gripping my body.

Daddy held me in his arms and rocked as I cried out the initial shock. I didn't want this at all but I wanted Daddy to hold me. I didn't see how this would get me to quit smoking but I trusted Daddy to punish me.

But Daddy would keep me from having any chance of smoking. I limply sat as Daddy jacketed me. As I sat at the kitchen table I felt the boundaries of my movement. Movement was soon met with firm canvas resistance and my hands couldn't reach any part of my diaper. At least I was able to play with my nipples although I got little pleasure through two layers of thick cotton and would never be able to play with my pussy.

I looked at the diaper in which I was sealed for the first time. Just a piece of plastic and padding and yet it had taken from me every privilege I had ever earned. I was now a baby girl again and would be until Daddy said otherwise. I couldn't even feed myself and had to wait for each spoonful to reach me as Daddy fed me from baby food jars.

After dinner I had to watch cartoons with a large pacifier in my mouth. One more token of how helpless I was filled my mouth. I simply sat and hoped this wouldn't last too long. Maybe I could be a little girl again by bedtime if I behaved and accepted this quietly. As long as I got this diaper off before I had to use the bathroom.

8:30? Daddy must be kidding to make me go to bed so soon. And I'm still in this damn diaper. Daddy carried me into the bedroom and sat me on his lap.

Daddy is obviously not done with me yet. I can tell from the warm milk in the bottle he's feeding me. OK, I'll play this game and I'm really thirsty. I took the nipple in my mouth and suckled the milk down. Two bottles later I was full and sleepy. Daddy pulled me close and I was wondering why he was rubbing and patting my back.

"..urrrrpp.." I can't believe I was just burped.

Daddy let me out of the jacket before putting me to bed. I hoped again that I'd be let out of diaper but Daddy put my hands into restraining mittens. My fingers and hands were useless now and Daddy tied my ankle to the bed frame before pulling the covers over me. I feel asleep in minutes.

Daddy isn't kidding about this. I awoke later in the night to the sound of daddy sleeping next to me and the feel of a full bladder. I lay still staring at the ceiling and trying to pretend this wasn't happening. Daddy was really going to make me wet myself.

I held out. It just hurt more and more as time ticked by. I made Daddy punish me and he was doing it very well. The hungry padding gripped my skin waiting for me, taunting me. I winced as another cramp stung inside me. I deserved this. I was being punished and I had earned it. I had no choice but to accept it and wet myself. I cried again as the hot humiliation spread through my diaper confirming my infancy.

"Aww, does baby need to be changed?" Daddy had turned on the light and was looking into my eyes. I was burning with shame as Daddy checked my wet diaper.

"My. It's a good thing I started with the overnight diapers. This is what happens when you take too long to wet. Holding it in will only make you suffer.

Just let it go. That's what you are wearing diapers to do. Now, let's get you changed." Changed. It wasn't over. Daddy pulled my ankles together and up to clean me. While daddy cleaned me in this embarrassing pose he used the wipes to drive me insane rubbing my lips and between my cheeks then wiping my wet bottom. I was almost ready to come when daddy put me in a new diaper. I found myself wishing I had that binky to suckle.

Daddy finished with me turned off the light. I felt the fresh diaper kissing my engorged flesh as Daddy patted my bottom. I was so embarrassed now but I put my arm around Daddy to thank him for being my Daddy.

When morning came, I knew I needed a smoke. I also knew I would be stopped from having one. My attempts to chew through those damn mittens were interrupted when Daddy woke from my growling.

I spent the next two days in pure misery. Sleep was hard. I couldn't sit still and I was shaking as I long for a smoke. And for two days my hands were kept out of my use as I got over the worst of the withdrawal.

The only good thing was Daddy's kindness. He spent the whole time comforting me in every way he could.

He bathed my body and washed my hair with the gentlest touch. He fed me then fed me some more.I was constantly hungry and Daddy took the time to spoon-feed me as much as I wanted. Despite the withdrawal it felt wonderful to be cared for with such attention. I was still wearing those damnable diapers. I was kept in overnight diapers even during the day and the loss of control when I had to fill them made me still made me feel ashamed as I felt the wetness cover my bottom. But it was a fair price for all the care I got. Daddy even made my changes a special time. I guess I was getting to like being pampered. I gave Daddy a big hug after he gave my bottom a good night pat. I slept like a baby that night.

The worst was over when morning came. I was still a little shaky and wanted to smoke but I felt so much better than the last two days. Daddy stripped me of my soaking diaper and ran a bath for me. I held a stupid smile on my face as Daddy rubbed an oversized soapy sponge over my body and massaged baby shampoo into my scalp. After I was patted dry I was spared the jacket as Daddy put my hand into restraint mittens that he tied to the chair for feeding. I made no fuss when Daddy put me into a fresh diaper and then a second one leaving my wrapped in extra thick padding for the morning. We played for some time and had fun until Daddy put me down for my nap. My binky was taped to my mouth and I was blindfolded with my hand tied to the bed before Daddy pulled the blanket over me. I heard the soft sounds of baby songs as I drifted to sleep.

Of course I wet that diaper during my naptime. After Daddy untied me I submissively opened my legs to let Daddy change me. Instead of changing me, though, Daddy carried me to the kitchen where he tied me to the feeding chair while still in the sopping diapers.

"Daddy thinks it's time for you to get used to having a wet diaper so I'm going to let you enjoy it for a while." This was not funny. I ate my lunch while the sodden padding cling to my skin and squished around my privates. As if this wasn't bad enough, Daddy made me drink two more bottles that promised to produce more wet more diapers. I was still trying to tolerate the weight around my hips as I sat in Daddy's lap after lunch. To make it worse, Daddy was molesting my body as we watched TV. He fondled my body and played with my nipples when he wasn't rubbing the diaper into my crotch. Gross as it was I was getting so frustrated and horny that I was ready to throw a tantrum. Modesty was pointless so I crawled off Daddy's lap and between his legs. I made my intent very clear.

"Now you know your need to have something between your lips is what got you here in the first place.but if you insist." Daddy removed my binky and opened his pants for me. I took him in my mouth at once. As I worked to please Daddy I felt the pressure building between my legs. I struggled to hold off until I was done. I was fighting to hold it in as I worked faster on Daddy. I nearly passed out from Daddy filling my mouth as I filled my diaper. Daddy then bound my hands behind me and pacified me again. Having my hands tied behind me is a huge turn on so I could hardly breathe as I sat on Daddy's lap. Then he put on a rubber glove and covered it with lube.

"Daddy's going to make you come inside your diaper, baby girl. I bet you like losing control now. I don't think you want me to stop now. I even think you like this." Daddy needed his free hand to hold me down as he played inside my diaper. I shut my eyes and felt Daddy's fingers inside my aching pussy as his palm rubbed my smooth mound. I turned my head and buried it against Daddy's neck as he made me come inside my diaper again and again.

I was finally changed into a fresh diaper after a much needed nap. As I was tugging on my restraints during my dinner feeing I looked into Daddy's eyes and it hit me.Daddy won. I was beat. I was Daddy's baby girl wrapped in a warm diaper and it felt good. I was spoiled rotten all weekend and it was called a punishment. I owed a thank you and I felt just how it should be done. After dinner I straddled the bare skin of Daddy's leg and rubbed my diaper against his flesh. I ground myself slowly against him as I stared into his eyes. I pulled myself to him and let him feel the warm of my surrender spread with a smile on my face.

"Very good baby girl. Now it's time for you to grow up again." Daddy bathed me and put me back into the toddler panties and tights. I was being allowed to grow up again by being tights punished. I want to play grown up games again but maybe I can put it off just a little while longer.

"Thank you, Daddy."

"You're very welcome, little girl. Now after all this you aren't going to smoke and put us through this again."

"I won't Daddy. I promise. Just please treat me the way I deserve Daddy."

"Always. Of course now that you've grown up to be a naughty little girl you need to be spanked." I was spanked until my bottom was burning and I only wished to have those panties lowered for some better fun. Daddy led me into the bedroom and bent me over our bed. I closed my eyes and sucked on my thumb as I felt Daddy slide into my bottom and filled me until we both were spent. As I lay still waiting to be put back into my tights for bed I turned to Daddy.



"When I was a little girl, I was a bed wetter."

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