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A Husband's Mistake

The soft plink of cool droplets echoed through the hallway. The black kitchen tile froze the soft skin of Dana's feet. Shivers ran quickly up her spine, resting at the base of her skull. Her feet slapped the tile, when she moved to turn off the faucet. She bent her ear towards the sink, her eyes still not adjusted to the blank, and darkness. Satisfied, she sought her pillow, and warm, feather down blanket, resting on her soft, king sized bed.

Instinct took over, and her arm slowly crept towards the other half of the bed, searching. She had forgotten that her newly wed husband was still drowning in paper work, in his sleek, downtown office. He had called her to let her know he was going to be late. It had been a disappointment. What would have been a romantic dinner was left in plastic food bins, in the refrigerator. The candles had been put back, in their neat places, in a large oak chest. Even the flowers were shamed, sitting in a fine crystal vase, on the crowded kitchen counter. Dana had dealt with the disappointment, with pretend indifference. She found a good movie to watch on TV, and spent the evening eating popcorn, while the movie played.

Dana awoke to bright sunlight filling the room, casting warmth on her cheeks. She smiled, stretched, and yawned. She turned to her side, expecting to find her lover sleeping peacefully; instead she found tight, unused sheets. Dana sighed deeply, and went about her normal morning business, when her husband had not returned home.

"As always, he would have a good reason, as to why he did not come home." Dana thought, pouring herself some freshly made, hot coffee. She made herself some eggs, and toast. She glanced at the paper, while eating, looking for anything interesting, and finding nothing. She finished with her breakfast, and cleaned her used cookware.

The computer's mouse clicked, Dana began to check her email; "Nothing new, nothing exciting. Oh, what's this?" Dana opened an email that titled, "Married life boring?" Dana knew it was junk, that would probably cause multiple windows to pop up, with woman's naked body parts smeared over the pages, but she was still interested. Besides she didn't have anything else to do. Two clicks of her mouse, and she began to read a large blue banner, "We have the cure for you. New Life Aspects is a company designed to help those stuck in a boring, outdated relationship." Dana sighed, and shook her head disapproving, but read on, "We teach you, and your partner new ideas, new concepts. We realize that many relationships are good, however new ideals can spice up not only your sex life, but also your life itself. If you are interested in spicing up your relationship please contact us at [email protected]."

Dana rubbed her slender hand across her flat chin, "Hmm, it couldn't hurt." Dana clicked on the option send mail, and typed "I am interested in your program, please send more information." She clicked send, and closed her email box.

Dana hurried into her work, dressed in a blue smock, black pants, and white shoes. She appeared at the nurse's office, and filled out some papers. She spent the day helping to assist the doctors in a city hospital. She loved being a nurse, and hoped to one-day work in the trauma centre. She worked mostly with children, in the paediatric centre. She enjoyed it, because she had no children of her own, and wished she did. Dana and her husband had many fights about her wanting children. Her husband had told her over, and over that the time was just not right.

Dana fixed dinner, and set the table expecting her husband to be home at any moment. She had changed her work attire for a beautiful sundress that clung to every curve on her short, slim body. She pulled her long black hair into pile, and pinned it to the top of her head. Her plain black pants were substituted for silky, smooth panty hose that clipped to a white teddy, hidden under the sundress. The air wavered with sweet smelling perfume, mixing with cooking items on the stove.

Dana waited, and waited, until she heard the phone ring. She stood up from a sensual position she had been holding, and grabbed the receiver.

"Hello?" she spoke dreading, what she already knew.

"Hey, Babe I really sorry Honey, but it looks like it's going to be another all-nighter here." Dana's husband spoke.

Dana sighed and replied, "Isn't there anything you can do? I've made a special dinner."

"No, it's just this asshole client I have. He's being anal about his case. He wants everything precise. I'm sorry Honey, really." her husband said.

Dana shifted her position, "Come on James, there has to be something you can do." she expressed.

"No, there isn't, aw crap the boss is coming, I've got to go. I love you; I'll try to call you later." her husband replied.

"I love ..." Dana didn't finish; James had already hung up the phone. Dana glanced at the dinner she had prepared, and felt a tear slide down her cheek, and then another, until her neck was damp, and her make up ran.

The next day Dana opened her email, and was surprised to see a letter from New Life Aspects. She quickly read it.

"We can not offer any information over the net, as our products are hard to explain this way. We have taken the time to send you a list of companies near your area. Please print this coupon, and attend one of them. Thank you for taking interest in New Life Aspects, we hope you enjoy our services." Dana looked over the list of companies in here area, and found one close to her work. She wondered how New Life Aspects knew what state and city she lived in. She dismissed it, thinking that they could know her Internet provider, or something.

After considering it and reconsidering it, an hour later Dana printed the coupon, and left for the New Life Aspects Company. It was Saturday, and she was not needed at the hospital, so she dressed in jeans, and a red t-shirt. She still kept her pager with her, just in case there was an emergency. She drove until she came to a large brown, bricked building. She wondered if they had just leased the building, because there was no large sign, just a small decorated note on the glass door.

Dana entered the building; her purse slung over one shoulder, and looked for a receptionist's desk. She walked up a small flight of pearl white stairs, and around a corner. A rather bulky woman, with short brown hair, and bifocals sat behind a large counter.

"May I help you?" the woman spoke pleasantly.

Dana flashed her white teeth, "Yes, I have this coupon, and I was wondering, well I would like more information about your company." Dana spoke, handing the woman the printed coupon.

The woman offered her a smile, and handed her a clipboard.

"I can give you a free consultation if you just fill out some of these forms. Please answer truthfully; you will only hinder the process by with holding information. I assure you that we at New Life Aspects offer good, healthy advice, and programs. In order to better serve you, you must fill out a small amount of paper work." the woman finished.

Dana shrugged, and took the clipboard, and sat down in a plush, black chair.

"Okay, I guess it wouldn't hurt." Dana spoke to herself, and read the questions, "Hmm, name, number, and address that's easy. Sexual gender; hetero of course."

Dana checked off the question for gender, and race, and continued, "Is your partner ever late for gatherings you have planned, or doesn't attend all together?" Dana read, and tapped her pen against the board. She checked off yes.

"Does your partner seem uninterested in sex, or your interests?" Dana thought to herself, and finally checked yes.

"Is your partner often gone for long periods of time?" Dana quickly checked off yes. The last few questions seemed odd to her.

"Was your partner's childhood pleasant?" Dana thought about James's trouble childhood, how many times she had heard about fights between his parents. The horror stories divulged by James, she hesitantly checked yes.

"Does your partner seem too needy at times, or too demanding?" Dana checked no, but reconsidered. James often fought with her if he didn't get what he wanted. If things were not done to his satisfaction, he pouted, and whined. She wished she had some white out, but instead filled in the box next to yes, and circled it as well.

Dana brought the questionnaire back to the receptionist, who busied herself with typing at a momentous speed.

"Thank you, if you can just wait a little longer, I will have some one out here, to start your free consultation." the woman responded.

"Thank you." Dana spoke, and took a seat back on the black chair. She began to play with her fingers.

Not much time had gone by, when a slim, tall man called her name out, and led her into a small office.

"My name is doctor Haltin, it's nice to meet you Mrs. Davis."

Dana smiled, and shook hands with the doctor.

"Please have a seat," the doctor's hand pointed to another big, plush, black chair in front of his small mahogany desk. Boxes were piled around the desk, some containing papers; others held folders, and picture frames.

Dana sat down.

"I would just like to know what your company is about." she said.

"Well, here at New Life Aspects we offer advice, and teach you how to spice up your life. We help smooth out some bumps in the road of relationships. As you can see, we just moved here, but if you are looking for credentials, I do have them." Doctor Haltin replied.

Dana shook her head, "I'm not sure how you can help, but if you can I would be pleased..." she let her sentence trail off.

"I'll help if I can. I've looked over your questionnaire, what I would really like is to speak to your partner, if that is not possible, I understand."

Again Dana shook her head, "No, I think James would be positively offended." she said.

"Alright, that won't be a problem. I'm going to ask you a few more questions, and I would really appreciate if you were truly honest." the Doctor spoke.

"Oh, I don't think that will be a problem, go ahead." she responded.

"Thank you Mrs. Davis. Do you feel as if you have contributed a lot to your relationship?"

Dana sighed, "Yes, I do believe I have."

"Your husband James, do you feel neglected by him at times?" Doctor Haltin asked.

"Well, he is busy at work, I do feel he could contribute more, but he does have his work to do." Dana responded.

"Does he earn most of the income in the relationship?"

Dana shook her head.

"This is going to be a bit of a private question, but do you feel fulfilled in your sex life?"

Dana wanted to shout, "What sex life," but she contained herself.

"No, it's not that it isn't joyful when he is there, we just don't... Well, you know do it often."

The doctor smiled, "I see, I think I can help you, we offer some classes, on dealing with a negative partner. I think you will find it most helpful. We meet once a week, on Fridays, so far we have a group of five; all of the women in this class are in your type of predicament. I'll get straight to the point, I think it would do you some good, and the fee isn't going to burn a hole in your pocket."

Dana bit her lip, "It might help, how much is it?"

"Thirty dollars for the initial fee, and ten dollars per week."

Dana smiled, "You're right, that's a great charge. You are a licensed physiologist?"

Doctor Haltin dug into his boxes, and fished out a couple of degrees.

"Yes, and these are my credentials. What do you think, is it something for you?"

Dana studied his credentials, knowing what proper ones would look like, having seen so many already. When she was satisfied, she replied, "Yes, I think it is something for me."

The doctor smiled with her, "Good, if you would sign a check, or give a money order to my receptionist Rebecca, she will give you a recite. I'll see you this Friday then."

Dana gave the receptionist a check, and received her recite. She returned to an empty home, and put on her jogging clothes. Dana felt good about the class she would attend. Maybe she could talk James into attending with her. She missed James, and hated the hours that he worked, and all of the overtime. She had to do something, before it caused anymore harm.

That night James came home to an empty dinner table. Dana had already eaten, and figured James was staying for over time. James was disappointed, but he understood. He fixed himself some leftovers, and they watched a movie together. They did not make love that night, even after Dana dressed in a tight, black, crotch less nightgown, and taunted him with her fingers. James yawned, and rolled over, ignoring her attempts all together. Dana finally gave up, and went to sleep. She wondered if James was really upset about dinner, or if she had done something wrong.

Dana attended the class on Friday, and found it to be very helpful. As she heard the other woman speak, she began to empathize with them. She had the same problems as they did. One of the women even caught her husband cheating on her, with his secretary. Dana's mind began working; she wondered if her James was cheating on her. There were signs that he could be.

Dana was in tears, when it was her turn to speak.

"It's just that he spends all his time at work, I miss him so much. What if he really is cheating on me?" Dana spoke, sniffling into a tissue.

Doctor Haltin cleared his throat, and replied.

"Dana you have to take things into your hands, and we can help. You've got to be more demanding, more in control. You can't let him run you over."

Dana nodded her head, "You're absolutely right Doctor."

"Don't wait at home for him, go out have some fun with friends, and when he notices he will change, or come and talk to you." Doctor Haltin continued.

The next day Dana made plans with a couple of friends from work. After work they went to a local bar, and had a couple of drinks. Dana enjoyed herself, and told herself not to worry about James. When she returned home, she checked her messages, on her phone. James had called four times, in the last message he seemed a bit upset. Dana called him right away, and left her own message, saying simply that she had gone out with some friends. James came home very late that night. Dana went to sleep at her normal time, and again she told herself not to worry.

Dana dressed carefully, in a long, sexy, light yellow sundress, with spaghetti straps. She wore a brazier that made her breasts bounce joyfully anytime she took a step. Dana drove to a restaurant, and bought a Philly steak sandwich, James's favourite. She also bought herself a tuna melt, and some wine. She placed these items in a wicker basket, along with a red, and white checked blanket. If James couldn't have lunch with her, she would bring it to him.

Dana drove downtown to James's work, and found a parking place. She strolled happily to the front doors, onto the elevator, and to James's office. Dana stood at the secretary's desk, and waited. She wondered if she had taken lunch. Dana bit her lip, wondering what to do. She heard a soft thump in the room behind the desk, James's office. Dana tapped her foot against the soft blue carpet. After waiting awhile, she finally walked up, and knocked against her husband's office door.

A thick, husky voice called through the door.

"Who is it? Um, one moment!"

Dana called back to her husband, "It's me honey, I brought a surprise."

Dana heard a loud "Shit!" from her husband.

"What's wrong?" Dana asked, tempted to open the door.

"Nothing, I just spilt my coffee over some important documents." James replied. The door swung open, and James smiled at his beautiful wife.

"Hello dear, oh you brought lunch that is a surprise."

Dana smiled brightly, "Well, may I come in?" she asked. James let her through; she set the wicker basket on James's large oak desk.

"Oh, honey let me straighten your tie." Dana said, and positioned James's tie to a straight line. She folded part of his collar down over the tie.

Jenny James's secretary sat in one of the chairs, holding a pen, and a notebook. The page folded over, was blank.

"Shall I take that letter later then Mr. Davis?" Jenny spoke, shutting the notebook.

"Yes Jenny. That would be great."

Jenny was a tall, voluptuous blonde, and married, with three children. Dana had no reason to suspect foul play, until she noticed Jenny's lipstick was smeared, and her blouse was buttoned in haste. The third button was left open.

The room had suddenly become very hot. Dana licked her lips, and felt dizzy. She forced herself to remain calm.

Jenny stood up, and left the room.

Dana grinned, when James shut the door, and through her arms over his body, in a large hug. While she he held her, she checked the collar of his shirt, a large smear of Jenny's lipstick laughed at her maliciously.

Dana let go of her husband, and reached into her purse, she took out her pager, and said, "Oh, of all the bad moments to page me. Can I use your phone honey?"

James grinned, "Sure."

Dana called the hospital, "Yes, oh no not now. Alright, I'll come right away." Dana spoke into the receiver.

"I'm so sorry dear, but I have to go. One of the nurses had an accident, he's going to be alright, but they need me to fill in." she said, mocking a shocked tone.

James sighed, "No, that's alright, I understand, your job is very important to you. We will have lunch another time."

Dana kissed her husband on the cheek quick, and fled the building; she got into her car, and drove down the next block. She parked the car, and turned it off. She began to cry into the steering wheel.

"What did I do? How could he?" she screamed, her questions finding no answers. Dana blew her nose into a hanky, and wiped her redden eyes.

"What am I going to do?" she cried, and pulled her knees into her lap.

"I know." Dana spoke, and lifted her head, understanding.

Dana drove speedily, ignoring the speed limit. She threw the door open to New Life Aspects, and ran up the stairs.

The receptionist glanced up from her work, shocked.

"Oh, Mrs. Davis. Oh, dear what happened?" Rebecca asked, standing.

"I need to talk to Doctor Haltin right away." Dana spoke her voice wavering.

Rebecca went straight to Doctor Haltin's office, and rapped on the door.

Doctor Haltin held Dana as she cried, dampening his white smock.

"I don't know what to do Doctor. Why would he do this? What did I do wrong?" she cried out to him.

Doctor Haltin patted her back tenderly.

"It's alright Mrs. Davis. I'm not exactly sure why he did it. I need to ask you a question, and it may hurt."

"Yes, Doctor?" Dana asked.

Doctor Haltin stopped holding her, and gazed into her eyes, measuring her answer.

"Do you still want to stay with him?"

Dana began to cry harder, her tears had already soaked the neck of her dress.

"Yes, I do, but I don't know what to do."

Doctor Haltin grinned, "Good, then I have an option I can give you, it won't be easy, and things may not work out, but it has worked before. Are you willing to take this option?" The good Doctor asked.

"Yes, just tell me what I have to do; I don't want to loose him."

A hand searched in the dark, fumbling to find the door lock. A ring of keys echoed in the dark night. James cursed allowed, having stubbed his toe, on a low step. He managed to open the door, and turn on the light.

"Honey?" he called out.

In his arms he carried a bouquet of bright, white daisies. In the other he carried a box of assorted chocolates. He placed these both on the table, and left his jacket hanging on a chair.

"Dana Honey. Are you home?" James called into the bedroom, while undoing his tie. He frowned, and looked in his bedroom, then in the bathroom. Dana wasn't anywhere in site.

He spotted a note by the phone, and read; "Darling James, I'm sorry I am not home right now. My dear Aunt Jane fell down the steps, and broke her leg. I tried to call you, but I couldn't get a hold of you. I'm in California with her right now. I'm so sorry honey, but I had to leave now, she doesn't have any one to take care of her. She can't afford to hire a nurse, so I am helping her. I'll try and call later.

Love you with all my heart, Dana."

The message had also left a phone number, where Dana could be reached. James didn't know weather to be very angry, or very happy. On one hand he was very upset, that Dana hadn't talked things over with him. On the other he had the house to himself, and his desires. He wondered if he should give Dana a call now, or wait.

"What would a good husband do?"

He asked himself. James thought about his situation. He knew he was cheating on Dana, and he felt both bad, and regretful. He also felt that he couldn't help himself. He loved Dana, but he lusted after Jenny, his secretary, and she lusted after him. He thought about stopping, but he didn't think he could. He didn't love Jenny, and Jenny didn't love him, but they couldn't help themselves.

James sat down, and ran his slender fingers through his thick brown hair. He pulled a notebook and a pen from a drawer, and began to write. He wrote down the pros, and cons of his predicament, for about the twentieth time this week. Like always he didn't get far, before he ripped the sheet of paper off, and through it away. He made himself a drink, and invited Jenny over for the night.

They would not have sex in their bed that was something James would never do.

The next day James called Dana, her aunt was doing better than she had been, and Dana said it would be a full two weeks before she could come home. James was upset, but didn't let it get to him. He had a beautiful woman lying on the couch naked, and this wasn't going to ruin it. Dana told him that she called her work, and informed them of what had happen. She also told him, that they would give her two weeks paid vacation, and send her check in the mail. James wondered if he should take off work as well, but decided against it. They continued a normal conversation, then said there fare wells.

James enjoyed the next two weeks, although he missed Dana. He made sure to clean up any evidence, of his adultery. He cleaned, and re cleaned the sofa, the bathroom, and sprayed air freshener every hour, to hide Jenny's perfume. He made sure the towels were clean, and his clothes held no evidence of lipstick. He was satisfied with his work.

On the night that Dana came home, she made a special meal. The table looked elegant, with a dark red cloth under each dish. Glimmering white china, and crystal wine glasses, all set in their places professionally. She made teriyaki chicken, with a light dressing. Side salads, rich white rice, and steamed vegetables. For desert she made James's favourite chocolate moose, with mint flavouring.

Dana dressed in a long red dress that clung to her breasts, and milky, white thighs. Underneath she wore a crimson teddy, which clipped to the slimming, black, and panty hose. She sprayed herself with her favourite perfume. She wore flattering makeup, and a dark purplish lipstick.

Dana peered at the dinning room table; she lit the white candles, in sterling silver, and waited. She knew James would be home soon.

"It would be outrageous for him to stay late tonight." Dana said to herself, nearly choking on the words stay late.

As she predicted James strolled through the door at about 7pm. Dana stood, from the chair she had been sitting in. She swayed her hips slowly, as she walked to him, and removed his coat.

"What is all this for?" James asked, taken back.

Dana grinned seductively.

"An apology; I know you are mad at me about suddenly rushing off. So, I thought this might help. Would you like some wine?"

He nodded his head, and wiped his mouth. He didn't notice he had begun to drool. There was something different about this woman that filled his glass with bitter wine. She seemed more confident, more sure of herself; more, in control. James liked this new change in his wife. He sat down to his meal, glancing at his wife with every other bite.

Dana offered her husband some dessert. He smacked his lips, and buried the spoon into the neat, shiny china bowl.

Dana ate in silence, she didn't have any desert, she didn't like mint, and James knew that.

During his last couple of bites, Dana refilled his wine glass, and her own. She sipped slowly, watching her husband with anticipation.

James finished, and wiped his mouth clean. He drank all of the wine in his glass, and moved towards Dana.

Dana smiled, and crossed her leg slowly, the slit in her dress falling open revealing her creamy thigh. James squinted his eyes, and then he rubbed them, and yawned.

Dana smiled wildly.

"What's wrong my love?" Dana asked; her voice smooth, and silky.

He coughed, and rubbed his eyes, "I dunno, I just felt suddenly weak, and dizzy. I'm sure it will pass." he replied.

She moved her hand over her breasts, and played with the hem of her dress.

"Yes, I'm sure it will. What are you waiting for James?"

He shook his head violently, and blinked his eyes.

"What's wrong with me?" James asked confused.

"Why, I don't know what you are talking about dear James, but I am waiting."

He pushed his legs forward, they felt suddenly stiff, and he fell to his knees, groping for anything in his reach.

"I can't see!" James's screamed.

"Call nine, one, one!"

Dana laughed loudly, "Why, would I want to do that?"

James found the bottle of wine, and sniffed. Dana chuckled joyfully.

"Oh, it wasn't the wine my dear James, it was the pudding. Oh, how little boys love their pudding."

"Wake up little boy, your lesion is about to begin."

Dana spoke roughly, and poured a bucket of cold water over James's back.

James jumped his body shocked.

"What the hell is going on? Where am I?"

Dana slapped the soft skin of his behind sharply.

"I will ask the questions. All you need to know is that you are in the hands of your loving wife."

James struggled to move, but he found his hands, and feet bound to a metal frame hanging above him, his feet rested on the ground. A thick metal pole pushed his legs apart; a chain ran from the frame to the pole.

Dana appeared in front of him. Her hair bound tightly in a bun, at the base of her neck. Her soft, sumptuous skin bound in black leather. A black curved mask hid part of her face. Dana scooped his chin in her hand, and spoke to him.

"Did you think I wouldn't find out, about your little adventures? Do you honestly think I am that stupid?" Dana asked, her grip tightening around his chin.

"I cleaned up after myself, how the heck did she find out? Shit! What the hell does she plan to do to me?" James thought, and stopped struggling.

Dana squeezed a bit harder, "I asked you a question!" she shouted at him.

"I... I'm sorry... No, I don't think you're stupid. I just... I dunno, I just couldn't help myself. I'm so sorry Dana, I meant to call it all off, really I did, I promise!" the words scrambled out of his mouth.

Dana let go of his chin, and it fell forward. She placed her hands on her shiny, leather hips, and shook her head.

"You just couldn't help yourself?"

James nodded his head, wishing he could rub his chin.

"I swear it was nothing but lust. It's not that the sex between us... is boring. I really just oh, I dunno! We both liked each other's bodies. We don't love each other. I guess it's kinda like sex between strangers. Dana please let me out of this."

Dana sighed, "No, it seems that my little boy needs to know how to control his libido. You need to be taught a lesion. So, you have two choices; taught a lesion, or leave me, and get a divorce. I assure you, if you chose the second, I will make sure the judge knows about your little, heated activities. Don't get me wrong, I still love you, but you still need to learn that I won't be toyed with."

James avoided her eyes; instead he stared at the dark floor, wishing he could take back everything he had done. Finally he replied, "I'm sorry. I don't want to loose you, but I'm a man. I can't do this!"

Dana scowled, "No James you are not a man, you are a horny, cheating, scandalous little boy, who needs some one to watch over him; someone to keep his butt in check."

At first James felt anger boil up inside him, but then he realized that his wife was right. He had been acting like a teen-age boy, going behind his mother's back. He felt his stomach twist into a knot, with regret.

Dana asked him if he wanted to leave her. James shook his head slowly, and agreed to Dana's terms. Dana would be in complete control, and James consented to sign a legal document. His back began to ache; he stood there wondering what was in store for him.

"Surely she wouldn't do anything to harm me?" James told himself.

Dana had retreated behind James, so he didn't see where she had gone off to. James shivered slightly. His clothes were soaked, and a light breeze was blowing down his back.

A loud squeaking began; Dana pushed a small, metal cart to James. James moved his head to glance at the tray, suddenly fearful. Dana quickly grabbed his chin, and placed a thick, white neck brace around his neck, forcing him to look straight ahead. He let out a soft, high-pitched squeal, when Dana began to cut his clothes from him. She tossed them aside uncaring. Dana placed her warm hand around his limber penis, and began to softly caress it. It didn't take long for James to start moaning in pleasure.

She spoke in his ear.

"I want you to keep that little bad boy stiff, and if you don't I am going to punish you."

James moaned, he felt like he was being rewarded, rather than punished.

"Yes Ma'am," James replied with enthusiasm.

Dana halted her fondling; she walked to the wall directly in front of James. She reached up, the leather making a sensuous ripple; she pulled down a blank screen, and turned on a projector.

James blinked; Jenny's naked body appeared on the screen. She was rubbing her hands down his body, and licking each of his fingers. He felt his erection faulted.

"Why, I am I watching this?" he asked, surprised. His response was a hard smack with something cold, and stiff, on his backside. He winced, and whined.

"I told you to keep it stiff!" Dana yelled at him, through swats.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" he screamed, and concentrated on hardening his member. The skin on his rear-end begun to sting, and tingle. Dana held a large wooden paddle in her hand. She waited until he succeeded, and his penis stood up once again, then she continued her assault on his backside.

"Bad, bad boy. I want you to watch what you have done, you naughty boy. You are going to learn how to control yourself!" Dana flung her words at his back, as her hand shot out of the air, over, and over, smacking his backside with the hard paddle. His white skin soon turned pink.

"Don't look at her, don't look at what she is doing to him, just concentrate." she told herself.

"I'm sorry; I'll never do it again! Dana please it hurts!" James screamed, trying to control his body, and endure the pain at the same time. He watched Jenny lick her plump lips; her tongue flickered out to lick below his penis. He moaned in ecstasy, his thumb, and forefinger working her nipples into tiny, rock hard mountains.

Dana held the paddle at arm's length. She waited for his pleads to stop. She ran her finger up, and down his bright red skin, savouring his new whimpers. James's skin flared with every touch.

He worked hard to keep his erection, he thought about his wife, and her lush breasts; her nipple inside his wet mouth, her shaved mound dripping with sweet juices.

Dana sighed with pleasure, "Are you a bad boy? Do you need to be punished?"

He nodded his head. Her hand suddenly, faired outwards, gripping his rump, she squeezed tight. He screamed, and cried out.

"I want you to say it. Say you are a little naughty boy, who needs to be punished." Dana's hot breath fell on his ears.

He shivered, these sensations ripping into his body, melting into one.

"I'm a naughty little boy, and I need to be punished." he whispered, sobbing silently.

"Good boy." Dana said, and patted her husband's head. She turned off the projector, and busied herself with the cart's components.

Dana returned her attention to James's wilting body. James's jumped, he tried to see what she was doing, but the neck brace didn't allow him. He heard a click, and felt something lock around his limp member. Dana turned on the lights. James blinked, his eyes adjusting to the light. What he saw was a black walled room. In front of him were a black wall, and a large chair, with wheels on the bottom. The arms of the chair were covered in thick leather bindings, as well as two of the legs. The chair was padded well, with fluffy red crimson material. Dana removed the neck brace around his neck, and rubbed the skin, she made sure he had no injuries. He twisted his neck left, and right, and then looked downwards. Locked onto his penis was some type of metal pipe that bent downwards.

James screamed, and struggled in his bonds. Dana lifted a razor blade towards his balls, and removed the shaving cream they were covered in.

"My god, please don't castrate me!" he screamed.

She couldn't help but laugh.

"Now, would I do that?" Dana continued to shave him, ignoring his pleading, and begging. When she was done, she wiped him clean, and inspected her job. She grinned broadly.

"There, that didn't hurt, now did it?"

James didn't answer she didn't expect him to.

James squirmed, trying to get a glimpse of what Dana was doing. He heard a soft crinkle, like plastic.

"What are you doing?"

She quickly rapped him on the bottom, "My, don't we have a poor memory. I and I alone will ask the questions."

He jumped, the chains binding him snapping taunt.

"Next time you misbehave I will have to whip you, my little naughty boy." she spoke, and brought forth a large, white, adult diaper.

He gulped, and shook his head in disgust.

"I am not going to wear that!" he yelled.

"Hush, you will wear whatever I put you in." she responded, and placed the disposable diaper between his legs.

James struggled, and moved his abdomen.

"I'm not wearing a fucking diaper Dana!" James screamed, spittle flew from his mouth, and hit the cement floor.

Dana scowled.

"I think my naughty little boy needs another lesson." she said.

James cried allowed when Dana's wet finger slid inside his rectum. She wiggled her finger around, lubricating his anus. She then slipped a nozzle into him, and slowly gripped, until the bottle clear was empty. James tightened his rectum, fluids filled him, and he was helpless to stop them. His abdomen began to swell. Dana pulled the diaper up, and taped each side tightly shut.

"There, it shouldn't take long. I think a good cleaning will be good for you. You're going to learn to hold that brash tongue of yours."

James tried to move away from the diaper, but it only made the skin on his rump burn, and sting more. He finally gave up, and let his bonds grow slack.

Dana had brought the chair over to her husband; she loosened his bonds long enough, for him to sit. He jumped; his behind stinging, with the impact. Dana warned James to cooperate, when she undid each bond, one by one, and placed each limb into the chair's confines, and tightened them. She also checked his skin for redness.

She turned the projector on, but this time Jenny's face did not haunt her, or him. A bright, sunny voice yelled out to another. A cartoon child with black hair, and a red cap, appeared. With him was a black stripped, yellow animal. Dana chuckled, and moved James closer to the screen; she covered his body with a large, thick blanket. The blanket was a light blue, with toy trains running over the stitches.

"I hope you like Pokemon. I hear that a lot of little boys like this cartoon." she said.

She placed a large pacifier in his mouth, something like a rubber band hooked to the holes in the sides, and snapped around his head. A long clear tube was placed in the middle of the pacifier. Dana clipped this tube to a thick, plastic bag. Since she was a nurse she knew that the IV bag would pump fluids directly into his mouth.

James pushed at the pacifier with his tongue, but it wasn't budging. Juice started to drip down his chin.

"If you want it that way, I will put a bib on you." Dana said.

James shook his head, and began to swallow.

James felt his stomach gurgle; he pulled his stomach inward, not wanting to do what his body was demanding. A sharp pain plunged into his side. Then another, and another, until his sweat was dripping from his face.

Dana chuckled, "Aw doesn't my little boy want to make a poopie? If you continue to hold it like that, you are going to make yourself incontinent."

James cursed under his breath; his muscles could take no more. Faeces spilled out of his anus, and into the back of the diaper, filling it with warm, sticky goo. His words were muffled, and destroyed by the pacifier. It didn't stop; no amount of tightening himself was helping. It just kept coming. He was utterly helpless.

After some time Dana cleaned him up, and repeated the whole process. That night James slept in a large metal cage, with plush pillows, and thick, warm blankets, while Dana slept in comfort, on silk sheets, on a large queen sized bed, with feather down pillows.

The cage gave James enough room, to sleep in a tight, foetal position. His fresh diaper crinkled, every time he shifted his body. His rump still stung, and his mind still slumped in humiliation. He wondered what was in store for him tomorrow. He began to think, that he needed this. His behaviour was very bad, and some one needed to correct him, but he didn't think it was going to be like this.

Dana woke the next morning, feeling refreshed, and empowered.

"I am I enjoying this too much?" she asked herself, and then her eyes wandered to the crumbled form of her husband. Her lips pulled into a smile, James's thumb had some how made it into his mouth, and he was sucking it in his sleep. She wondered how far she could take this. She was now in control, and James was hers, she would make it clear that he was to keep his body in check, and never disobey her.

Dana scooped a pile of scrambled eggs onto a fork, and pushed it into James's mouth. She had already eaten, and was now feeding James. The strong, plastic tray forced James's arms down. He was totally immobile, sitting in a large adult high chair. He protested to the blue bib, which was tied about his neck, but quickly with drew his protest, when Dana threatened a harsh whipping.

After breakfast, James was once again bound; the projector was turned on again, showing Jenny's delicious body, wriggling with ecstasy. James was to keep his penis stiff again, while Dana spanked him, and told him what a nasty, naughty little boy he had been. It ended with his pleads, and screams ringing through the air.

James's punishment continued through out the week, and into the next, until three months had finally passed. Anytime he cursed, or disobeyed, or was naughty Dana punished him, with the ferocity that only a school Ma'am could possess.

Slowly James accepted his fate. His ego and pride wore down to a sliver. He no longer felt ashamed about being in diapers, or being called a naughty little boy, because he had begun to believe that he was what Dana called him.

Dana no longer needed to use restraints on him, she had overpowered him. James made a silent promise to himself, to never betray his beautiful, loving wife again. He enjoyed his new life, he didn't need to be punished all the time anymore, and Dana could let him cuddle with her. Dana could reward him now.

James smiled, and held Dana's hand, his thick diaper crinkled with every step. He was dressed in dark, blue overalls, and a forest green shirt. He wore grey shoes, with Velcro on his feet.

"Now be a good boy, and I'll give you a treat tonight. These are good friends of Mommy's. They taught me how to help you." Dana spoke, to James in a motherly tone.

"I promise Mommy, I will, I'll be very good."

Dana smiled, and gave him a tight hug. Dana led James down a dimly lit hallway, and into a large room. The walls were painted yellow, with swimming ducks to serve as a boarder. The floor was padded with thick multi coloured rubber. James clapped his hands excitedly, there were countless toys scattered everywhere. There was a painting easel set up by a large TV. A small plastic table was filled with crayons, and paper.

"Can I go play Mommy? Can I please? Please?" James squirmed, and jumped.

Dana chuckled, "Yes, you can go play, but be on your best behaviour."

He nodded his head quickly, "Oh, I will I promise." James waddled off to play. He liked his new life, no stress, and some one always to care for you. He didn't have to worry about his body, and what bad boys do with their bodies, because Dana now controlled it.

"Hello, Chad did you bring your little girl by?" Dana asked a tall stranger that appeared in the doorway.

Chad dragged a woman in by her arm. She was whining, and struggling. Her long blonde hair had been braided into two different braids. Ribbons were tied around each braid. She wore a short, pink dress, with ruffles appearing everywhere. Her thick, white diaper showed through the sides of her lacy, pink, rumbas.

"I don't want to!" the woman screamed.

Chad scowled, "That's enough out of you. Or I'm going to give you a spanking right here, in front of everyone."

The girl stopped, and gasped, "Oh, please not here, not in front of everyone." she squealed.

"Then start behaving like a good little girl." Chad responded.

The woman pouted.

"Okay." she said.

"James," Dana called. James was busy playing with a large stack, of wooden blocks.

"James," Dana called again, this time sounding a bit annoyed.

James turned his head. He slowly walked to Dana, gazing down at the floor.

"I assume you know Jenny?" Dana asked James. James slowly nodded his head.

"Chad brought Jenny here to apologize for being a bad girl, but I think you owe her an apology, for being such a naughty little boy."

James placed his fingers in his mouth, and gently chewed on them. Jenny was also staring at the ground. Finally James let out, "I'm sorry for being a bad little boy."

In a very quiet voice Jenny softly kicked the floor.

"I'm sorry too." she said in an even quieter voice.

"Jenny, tell him what you are sorry for, I'm not playing around today."

Jenny cleared her throat, "I'm sorry for being a bad little girl." she said, a bit loudly this time, fearful of punishment.

Dana, and Chad both smiled.

"Good boy, now you two run off and play. The big people have some talking to do." Dana spoke, and lightly patted James on the rump.

James looked up at her, then Jenny, his face twisted.

"Ewwww, no way, girls have cooties." he said.

Jenny frowned, "Well, boys got them too!" she shouted.

They both went off in opposite directions, and began to play.

"I think things are going to work out just fine." Dana spoke.

"Yes, as do I." said Chad.

The End

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