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A Little Diaper Fantasy - Day III

Another day, another diaper. Well, two diapers at that time were sealed on me. Mommy told me to have two on for my drive over to her place. So, after spending a week away from her, I laid down on my changing pad, spread fresh oil over my freshly shaven diaper area and put two new diapers on myself while I suckled on my pacifier and thought of mommy diapering me. I got dressed in my street clothes over my thick diapers, got my stuffed diaper bag, toys and baby girl items mommy got me together then set out on the open road.

As I watched the rolling hills of Massachusetts drift by I thought of the week I had just spent following mommy's instructions. Each night meant I had to wear a fresh diaper.and I had to use it since a diaper could never be wasted. I usually slept naked except for my diaper but some of my new baby clothes were a nice touch once or twice. Days meant normal clothes except for a pair of girlish cotton panties mommy made me wear under my clothes to remind me of her and that I was her baby girl.

I also had to insert mommy's large butt plug at least once a day to keep me ready for mommy to use me as her baby girl. I had forgotten to wear it once a couple of days ago and mommy was not pleased when I told her but she said nothing more about it. By the time I reached mommy's home I had wet my diapers and found myself trying to drive while thinking of the condition of my diapers. Mommy was waiting for me when I pulled into her driveway. I was quite surprised to see that aunty was there with her.

They both gave me a hug as I got out with my bags and led me inside.

"Welcome home baby girl. Let's get you out of those naughty grown up clothes and into something softer and more comfortable." Mommy said.

They both quickly stripped me down to my diaper and giggled as they took turns fondling my wet diaper and the rest of me. I was then stripped of my diaper and bent over the milking bench for a fast but warm, soapy and large enema injection and release. The events were going very fast until I was strapped to the milking bench. I was left there for a while to wonder what was happening. When they returned mommy knelt down before my helpless body with aunty kneeling a little behind her. Mommy had undressed and was wearing only her red satin bra and panties and a large strap-on. As always, she used a realistic strap-on with a firm head and veins large enough to be felt as they entered my body. The strap-on itself was new and a bit larger than the ones she had used on me the first time she had used me as her baby girl. Aunty was wearing a thick diaper that was obviously wet and clinging to her slender hips. She also had on a pink but clear vinyl garment that looked like a girl's bathing suit with arms. She was kneeling in a submissive posture but looking me in the eyes. Her hands were wearing a pair of latex gloves and she was holding a tube of lubricant in one hand and a large plug in the other.

"Now aunty, baby girl needs to be milked. So now that's she's completely helpless I want you do drain her of every single drop. Get every last bit or I'll have to paddle you." As mommy said this she pulled my face to her breasts and I was looking between her breasts at a strap-on that from this view looked so much larger than the ones she had used to violate my bottom before. I was nervous at the thought of being taken with it but I was quickly getting drunk on the smell of mommy's body after I had gone so long without it. Mommy started to stroke it softly as I felt aunty begin her evil work of milking me. I was completely erect as this point and knew that it would take a while to drain me but auntie's fingers were now steadily rubbing inside me and I knew it was only a matter of time before I lost my ability to come for hours. The first drops of fluid were already being slowly milked from my body creating desire but no hope for release.

"Now baby girl, you're going to take mommy in your mouth and please her. I wanted to use this on your bottom this morning but you were a naughty girl and didn't follow what mommy told you to do so now you aren't ready. It's a pity but mommy will make sure that you are ready soon enough and that you won't forget to do what you are told again." Mommy unrolled a condom onto the strap-on as she said this and brought it to my mouth. I quickly took it in my mouth and worked hard to please mommy. I thought about how I wanted to be diapered just then.

At first I thought I wanted a diaper to shield me from auntie's ministrations that were slowly weakening me.

But then I knew that I was aroused by the taste my mommy sliding into my willing mouth and that I would be ever more aroused by the feel of my bottom trapped in the grip of one of mommy's snug diapers.

But I got no diaper and aunty mercilessly milked me.

The constant rubbing pressure inside my bottom combined with a few downward strokes on my lessening erection were draining me and I could do nothing to stop it. It felt like it would go on forever. But end it did. Though I was strongly aroused and hungrily sucking on mommy I felt aunty stop stroking on what had long become absolutely soft and withdrew her probing fingers.

"Your baby girl has been milked." Aunty showed mommy the bowl that had been filled with my milk and mommy pulled out of my mouth and wafted the bowl under my nose.

"Baby girl, I'm going to punish you now for disobeying me. Aunty, you know what I told you to do." I was blindfolded. I know not which of them did what but they worked quickly together. The feeding pacifier was secured in my mouth and the restraint mittens were placed on my hands. As the bench restraints were undone the large plug was slid into my bottom and seated firmly in place. I was led to my changing pad and restrained to it.

One of them took hold of my soft cock and started inserting a tube into it. I knew they were inserting a catheter but I stayed as still as I could.partly due to the restraints making it pointless but mostly to make sure they didn't do it wrong. I had already begun leaking through my new form of helplessness when I was wrapped snuggly in a triple thick diaper with three extra liners. Plastic panties were pulled on and secured in place to keep my leaking under control and my bulging plug in place. A tube was attached to my feeding gag and apple juice started to flow into my mouth. The apple juice had that same aftertaste I remembered from earlier feedings and I was getting nervous. Also, despite my efforts to drink what they had given me, it seemed like a bottomless serving as it just kept coming no matter how much I drank.

I was let up and placed in mommy's restraining chair and secured to it. I felt the plug being pushed in deeper as the restraints were wrapped around my body.

Mommy then removed the blindfold and I found that I was bound down facing the corner of mommy's living room. I also saw that the bag I was being made to drink from was filled with what looked like a gallon of juice but I had no way to stop the constant flow into my pacified mouth.

"OK you naughty baby girl, you can sit here and think of what you've done while we have our morning fun.

Just because you had to spoil it doesn't mean I can't put my new toy to use. You can get up when this goes off." Mommy set an alarm clock behind me and walked away.

I could hear the clock ticking loudly behind me as I sat to wait out my punishment. The sound was an extra irritation as I kept trying to drink the endless bag of juice that seemed to be flowing directly into my diaper since I was unable to stop myself from wetting.

The plug was stretching me constantly. This wasn't pleasant but, as a punishment, it wasn't meant to be.

But it wasn't torture, just a long, slow spell of mind play as I stared at the corner and tried to see how much juice was left but the bag had been moved so that it, like the clock, was out of my sight.

I had lost any track of time when the juice had finally run out. It was strange to have my diaper being filled not by floods but by a slow, constant trickle. I could only tell that the padding was getting thicker and heavier since I kept wetting them.

No matter how thick the diapers in which I was sealed I couldn't see how they could hold all of this.

It was shock to hear the alarm go off and I was snapped out of the semi-nap into which I had been slipping. My body jerked a little against the snug restraints. Mommy and aunty were standing before me and undoing my bonds. Mommy was now dressed in only set of bra and panties that were like the earlier satin set but in a softer shade of red. Aunty was dressed in nothing but a fresh diaper. I was pulled out of the time-out chair and led to the bathroom. My diaper was sagging under more weight than I had ever felt before and I knew that I was still wetting it and would be for a while.

I was stripped totally bare and the mittens and gag were removed. I was made to kneel on a pad and bend over the side of the tub. The plug was slowly removed by a long series of twists and little jerking movements. It felt so odd to be empty after being filled for long. The catheter was slowly removed and I had control, sort of, over my wetting again. Aunty began to clean my wet bottom and mommy put my old pacifier into my mouth. I was starting to relax when I felt mommy's paddle being rubbed over my now very tender bottom.

"I hope you've given lots of thought to being a good baby girl for mommy from now on. I think you'll be ready for mommy to pleasure herself in her baby girl later on now that we've kept you all plugged and stretched. And now mommy has just one more thing to do to your naughty bottom to make sure you remember this little lesson." Aunty took hold of my head, removed my binky, held it to her breasts and told me to nurse while mommy spanked me. I took her nipple in my mouth and suckled gently as I felt the first swat. It stung awfully on my very tender bottom from being wet for so long but it wasn't too hard. About a dozen swats landed but they weren't so much hard punishing spanks as they were reminders that mommy could do what she wanted, including spanking me, for her amusement.

"Punishment is done." Mommy said in a singing voice.

"Now we can have some fun with my baby girl." I continued to suckle aunty and felt mommy lead my hand to the front of her diaper. As I rubbed auntie's diaper and rhythmically sucked on her nipple I felt mommy take hold of me and she started to stroke me.

She has bent over my body and reached around the front of my body to bring a handful of lube between my legs.

Mommy was not so much stroking me as rubbing me in wide circles. Auntie's total milking meant I still was soft although quite aroused. Mommy was rubbing as she would rub auntie's pussy. I slipped my hand in auntie's diaper and began to rub her like mommy was rubbing me since I found she was already very wet. I thought of how much I wished mommy were wearing her strap-on right now to violate my bottom as she started to play with my nipples in little twists and pulls and she nibbled on my ears.

"Make me come baby girl, make me come in my diaper." Aunty gasped as I felt her nipples grow rigid.

I slid two fingers inside her and felt her come at once. Her pussy gave my fingers a series of little clamping hugs and her arms wrapped around my head and pulled it to her body that was being taken by lots of little spasms.

A fresh diaper was waiting to ensnare my hips again and for the first time in almost a week I was diapered in a mommy manner. I was naked and unrestrained this time and mommy took her time and care to diaper me tenderly. And she did again a few minutes later as I flooded my diaper from the juice almost as soon as the tapes were sealed. Mommy had barely had time to change aunty into her fresh diaper.

We both wore only diapers and no bonds while mommy spoon-fed us. Mommy spared me the bottle of juice she gave aunty. We were left in the living room to play while mommy got dressed.

Maybe it was the long idle time that morning. Maybe it was being free and naked but for our diapers and with someone with which I could play. I was full of energy and very playful. We made a few teasing feints at each other and ended up play wrestling on the living room floor. We were two babies giggling, tickling and rolling around with no thought to anything else in the world.

Mommy had dressed and was watching us from the couch and enjoying the show. She let us wear each other out and by the time we were done playing we were panting, covered in rug marks and wiped out on the floor.

Mommy had two baby girls sleeping at her feet.

She brought us both to bed for a nap and tucked us in. We were woken for a diaper change a little later and put back down. I awoke to find mommy kneeling over me with her new strap-on waving in my face already wrapped in a fresh condom. I didn't wait to be told and took it in my mouth and sucked on mommy's erection. I took hold of her hips and held on while I licked mommy's cherry flavored strap-on. She alternately rubbed me and aunty through our dry diapers. We were both squirming but my milking meant that I still stayed soft.

Mommy made me get on all fours with my face against auntie's diaper. Mommy pulled down my diaper just enough to expose my bottom and squirted a lot of lube into it. I found myself licking auntie's diaper as mommy slid herself into my body. As mommy violated my body she leaned forward and opened the front of auntie's diaper.

Aunty squeezed her legs around my head and held me in place with her hands. I worked as hard as I could to please her. Mommy was filling my bottom with her wildly buzzing new strap-on over and over. It was a larger one but the morning spent with the butt plug meant I could take it easily but I still felt every inch and detail of it slithering in and out of me. I took auntie's lips into my mouth and slid my tongue over the length of her slit and back down then drew her clit into my mouth. She was fully engorged and her nectar was flowing over us. Her first come was hard and sharp. I froze and just let my tongue bear down as she tensed into her implosion.

I was streaming with sweat from the pleasure as mommy had her orgasm from watching us and from taking me. I was once again able to become erect and was hungrily waiting for more. My diaper was pulled off me and auntie's was set aside leaving us fully bared.

Mommy had us lay back and proceeded to insert a plug into each of our bottoms then a female condom into aunty. Before I could wonder what was about to happen mommy put us both in straight jackets but left the arms and crotch straps open. Another extra-large diaper was laid out and mommy made me lie back on it.

I was rigid from lust as mommy made aunty straddle me and impale herself on my erection. I shook from pleasure as I felt myself enter her body. Mommy had me sit up to face her and sealed use both into the one diaper around which she then wrapped duct tape to make it unbreakable. She then had us wrap our arms around each other and secured the jacket sleeves so we were bound together. The crotch straps were then cinched to the straps on the opposite jackets. For good measure, mommy wrapped a strap around us at our waistlines, cinched it snug to draw our waists together and locked it.

Aunty and me were now inseparable. I was fully inside her and, while I had some room to thrust, I could not pull out of her. Not that I wanted to in any way but the fact I being forced to take her combined with our plugs was maddening. While I was thrusting with abandon she was driving her hips on me in rapid circles. I was trapped in this embrace and could only hug her harder as I felt her climax again causing me to fall back and surrender to the trap as well as I spurted into the waiting sleeve inside her body.

As we slowly regained our senses, mommy put blindfolds, pacifiers and hoods on us both. We were then left in our helpless embrace of each other. My erection subsided but not enough for me to pull out of aunty since mommy had cinched the straps even tighter pulling us closer together.

We could only lay there twitching and listening to each other's breathing. I could feel her breasts pressed against me. I felt her arms locked around me and her head lean against mine. I felt the diaper that encased our bottoms. Somehow, I was barely aware when I started to grow hard again.

Unable to move enough, I could only wait as I felt myself growing inside aunty. She could feel me filling her and she seemed to be steeling herself. I moved my hips in the small range I could and she contracted into a spasm. Somehow I rolled so that I was over her and thrust into her so my pubic bone rubbed her clit. My small range didn't stop me from pushing as hard as I could.

Swat! I froze as a felt mommy's paddle kiss my bare thigh.

"Don't stop baby girl, please your aunty." I pushed into aunty again and felt another swat. As I kept thrusting I felt more swats sting my thighs.

Then I heard a swat I couldn't feel but I felt aunty jump then moan in her pacifier. We were both getting spanked as we were coupled beyond our control. Even if I tried to stay still the movement from our squirming from the spanking was enough to build our pleasure. It was growing painful as mommy spanked our inner thighs as well as the outer and back. My bottom was gripping mommy's plug and I'm sure auntie's was also struggling with the double stretching of her body.

I'd never been spanked while coming but I was this time. The stings rained down as we violently come in each other's embrace and nearly passed out before mommy stopped.

I was only vaguely aware of mommy removing the restraints until we were both naked. A long bath awaited us both followed by fresh diapers for us both.

Aunty was dressed in her street clothes over her diaper and sent home after a long good-bye hug for mommy and me. I found myself dressed in a short t-shirt and a new set of pink and see through tights plus the restraint mittens and pacifier. Walking was forbidden for me and I had to crawl to the living room to finish the day in quiet time with mommy.

We watched the TV while I rested and mommy played with my body from time to time as it pleased her. I was bottle-fed and spoon fed dinner and nursed on mommy's breast afterwards.

The eventual diaper change was interrupted by mommy deciding to use her strap-on once again. Mommy had put a fresh diaper under my bottom and I waited for her to seal me into it but instead she gloved her hand and used it to smear lube into my bottom. The dry diaper remained under my bottom as I felt mommy mount me and pierce me again. I felt her weight settle onto my body and her hands take mine to pin them in place.

I lay still, spread my legs wide as mommy took me and I quietly submitted to it.

I never asked from where the crib came but it was where I slept that night. The locking top was unnecessary as I was bound by the crib's six point hospital grade restraints and sealed into my restraining sleeper PJs. I softly suckled on my binky as I felt the hungry leather straps drawn taught around my body. My double lined diaper hugged me and waited patiently for me to wet. Mommy had kissed my forehead then locked the crib and turned on a lullaby.

The song put me to sleep at once. I didn't know that it whispered in my ear that night what it meant to be mommy's baby girl, that I would await her morning hug with yet another sodden diaper to be changed under mommy's care.

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