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A Little Diaper Fantasy - Day IV

I awoke to find mommy and aunty looking down on me over the edge of the crib. They both looked down with a smile that was both sweet and a touch mischievous. I squirmed a little against the restraints and felt that mommy needed to change my diapers. I gazed at what they were wearing. Or rather, what they were not wearing. They were both fully nude except for a pair of strap-ons wrapped in condoms and well lubricated. The toys bobbled playful hanging on their hips as the two of them teasingly swayed their hips. The glistening tips pointed at my bound body promising to probe my bottom soon.

That was the last thing I saw before mommy stretched a snug hood over my head. I was then released from the grip of the restraints. I was led into the bathroom and stripped of my sleeper and sodden diapers. Mommy bent me over the edge of the tub and auntie held my shoulders down as I felt the enema nozzle slide into my bottom for a quick and not very gentle cleaning. This was followed by a bath and fresh shave of most of my body. Mommy and aunty were doing their work fast and they were obviously eager for something but I couldn't understand them. Their conspiratorial whispers raced back and forth as they scrubbed, plucked and dried me.

"OK, baby girl," mommy cooed "follow my voice and come crawling to me." I crawled along through a couple of rooms until told to stop. Mommy and aunty then grabbed one of my arms each and pulled me up onto the master bed. I found myself face down on the bed. My limbs were pulled tight to the four corners of the bed and bound in place. Several pillows were slipped under my hips causing my bottom to be angled upwards. I was left very exposed and thought about what would come next.

I had expected from this position that I would subjected to those new strap-ons they were wearing.

Indeed, it seemed so from what happened next. Slender fingers entered my bottom and probed me with a lot of fresh lube while another set of hands began playing with the rest of my body. The hand not violating my rear slid under my body and began stroking me. I was soon stretched out as more fingers entered me. I tried to squirm but I could not move against the bonds. My breath grew ragged.

The fingers left and something new was sliding into me. A slim shaft stretched me a little more than the fingers had but it wasn't a strap on and was hand held.

"Mmmmm, my baby girl just loves being entered.

I wonder if she would like something a little bigger." Mommy wondered aloud.

What pierced me next wasn't a strap-on but a plug. It was firm and grew quickly as it went deeper. It soon popped into place and was seated snugly inside my body. I was adjusting to the new feeling when I heard a little puff of air. I twitched as I felt the plug expand. Another pump and my breathing shallowed. A third puff and my eyes shut inside the hood as I tugged on the ropes. Over several minutes it was pumped and puffed inside my bottom and I was left to accept the inflated intruder.

The bottom of my hood was pulled up and my nostrils were flooded with mommy's scent as her panties were placed over my mouth for me to breathe through. The crinkle of plastic shells entered my ears as fresh diapers were placed under my head as a pillow. The hood was tugged into place and I felt Auntie climb onto my back. She settled down face up on me and her hands tickled my sides behind her and her feet slid up and down my splayed open legs. The weight then increased quickly as mommy lay on top of her. I now had to support them both as the pressure on the plug increased.

Somehow, I never forgot about the plug. It stretched inside me as I felt mommy and auntie writhing above me lost in their games. I lost track of time as I tried to envision the different ways they played on me while I was left to breathe mommy's nectar. The meanest tease was auntie turning over to face down with mommy taking her from behind. This left aunties strap-on resting between my cheeks and sliding between them as aunties hips moved under mommy's thrusts and both of their moans and growls were inches from my ears. I could only envy their pleasure.

The sudden deflation was a surprise. A hiss of air sounded and the plug shrank in seconds. The plus was withdrawn and I was mounted at once. I arched my back as much as I could to invite the thrust. I was hungry to be taken after feeling auntie's body quiver over mine. My hips were grasped and I felt the shaft inside me a moment later. Unable to move, I just let myself feel the pleasure as they took turns entering me. I couldn't always tell which was taking but they took plenty of turns. At last auntie settled down on me and sunk her teeth lightly into my neck. Mommy then moved behind her and took her as auntie took me.

Auntie came before I could and I rubbed myself uselessly against the pillows as I was unbound and the hood was removed.

"Now stand up and place your hands behind your head." Mommy ordered.

I did as I was told. Auntie, grinning broadly, played with me and fondled me as mommy spread out a fresh diaper on the bed.

"Get in position, baby girl." Said mommy with a sweet tone.

Hoping for release but ready to be sealed in, I lay down on the fresh diaper and spread my legs as auntie moved in front of me. Auntie smiled and quickly leaned forward to take me in her mouth. She was making me squirm but, with the open diaper under my bottom, I was forbidden to move from mommy's demanded position. I was soon erect and left to probe the breeze as mommy took auntie aside to whisper in her ear.

The pillows were readjusted to raise my hips upward to welcome auntie. She crawled into place over me. The strap-on's tip rested between my thighs. The freshly lube tip traced a light trail along my leg towards the waiting entrance. Though I was not allowed to lower my hands auntie tightly took hold of them and held them down as mommy guided the strap-on's point into place with the tip just starting to penetrate. Auntie took a deliberately long time entering me. The strap-on was large but soft and I could feel every detail as it filled my body. I closed my eyes as auntie began the exasperatingly slow and deliberate process of taking me. For a long time she moved her hips just fast enough to feel each detail sliding over tender flesh. I stayed erect and felt auntie's belly tease me in little rubbing circles as she controlled me. She finally sped up as my body began to flush from her torments. As she did so she changed her motion so that I was stuffed with at least half of it at all times. Mommy now had her hand between auntie's legs and she was fighting to finish me. Mommy must have been timing it well. Auntie lost control just as I did. We were both undulating violently as I had my release. I felt myself filling the area between our bellies as auntie made a couple of last determined thrusts as if she wanted to spurt inside me as I was between us.

I was barely aware of it when mommy began diapering me but I had plenty of time to become aware of it. Mommy took a long time to clean, oil and powder me. By the mommy brought the diaper's front into place and sealed me in it I was well aware of what it felt like. As mommy pulled me up unto her lap and offered me her nipple to suckle I knew it felt like.well, it felt like I had been put into a diaper.

It had been done enough times that I had almost forgotten how special it felt. As mommy's nipple was replaced by a bottle of formula I felt the warm sensuality of the diaper's firm grip on my naked body and the warmth of mommy's body as she held me to her and nourished me. My flesh felt hers against mine as I settled in peacefully. I fell asleep as a little tear slid down my cheek.

I awoke later in the crib to find mommy dressed on a light sundress and auntie wearing soft cotton full cut bra and panties. Mommy pulled down the side and the crib and made me crawl to the high chair for lunch even though I needed to be changed.

Auntie strapped me down and proceeded to play every baby feeding game possible. Airplane, choo-choo train, boat, submarine and something auntie called strip mine were used to fill me with chicken and peaches until I was in dire need of a face cloth. I sat in my squishy diaper as auntie cleaned up and mommy got other things ready. She untied me and made me crawl into the bathroom where I was stripped, bathed and then led, crawling, to the bed.

"Now get on the bed baby girl. I want you on all fours with your knees spread open." Mommy instructed as she pointed to the bad.

As I got into position I saw a panty and top set just like auntie was wearing laid out on the pillows.

"Mommy wants to see you in little girl panties for a spanking but I don't want you stretching them out. Auntie is going to milk you now and you need to stay just like that while she does her work." With my bottom up I submitted to my first unrestrained milking. Auntie's gloved fingers entered my bottom and began their message. As I started to stiffen she gave me light strokes from base to tip only forcing the milk out. The pleasure made it very hard to stay still but I managed to keep my position as auntie drained me. I looked up again as I felt her fingers leave my bottom. It wasn't a total milking but my swelling had gone away.

"Now get dressed baby girl." Mommy said.

I pulled the panties into place over my hips.

I was fully soft after the milking but still visibly bulged inside the cotton. I need help from auntie with getting the bra on me. It had no cups to speak of but still lightly squeezed and cupped my pecs as it hugged my body like a soft harness. I watched mommy get out a chair and her hairbrush. She sat down imperiously and motioned for both of us to come to her side.

"Baby girl, get in the corner and wait for me to call for you. Auntie, get over my lap." Mommy instructed us.

As I put my nose to the corner I heard the first of mommy's spanks land on auntie's bottom mixed with her first moans. She soon switched to me and I traded positions with auntie. Her panty warming soon had me squirming inside the panties and wiggling on her lap. We traded places several times every few minutes as mommy laboriously warmed our bottoms. I heard auntie gasp soon after we switched for the sixth time. Her spanking was met with many moans this time as I waited for my turn.

Bent over mommy's lap again I felt my panties being pulled down. This was followed by a small plug being inserted into my bottom before my panties were pulled back up. I clenched my bottom after the next swat and felt a sudden shock as I felt my bottom burning. The little plug was growing hotter as I tightened. I struggled to keep relaxed as the hairbrush fell down repeatedly. I was made to relax my bottom for the spanking or suffer the burning.

My wrists were then bound before I returned to the corner leaving me to wriggle in the increasing discomfort and struggle to stay in the corner. When mommy had finished auntie's round of spanking and louder cries I returned to find her panties down leaving her in only her bra. After she arose from mommy's lap mommy held out a pair of rubber panties for her to step into. Mommy slipped the panties up her legs and over her bottom where they compressed themselves over her flesh. Auntie was shaking a little as she walked over with her wrists bound to put her nose back to the corner.

The cotton panties auntie had been wearing were pushed into my mouth and tied in place with a strip of cloth before I was pulled back over mommy's lap. The plug was burning now even when I kept my bottom relaxed although it flared up even more when I clenched my cheeks even a little. Mommy pulled down my panties and gave my bare bottom a steady paddling with the hairbrush combined with a few soft flicks of the brush side on my inner thighs. My wrists were reflexively pulling against their ties and I was squirming constantly as I moaned into auntie's panties.

When mommy had me get back up she called auntie over to stand by her left side. My panties were pushed into her mouth and tied in place. Mommy then held out rubber briefs for me. Unlike the panties auntie wore, those were made for a boy with a distinct rubber tube in the front. I felt them slide up my smooth legs and into place. The compression felt like a very tight diaper. As mommy slid my soft shaft into the tube I quickly felt how effectively the rubber held the heat of the spanking in. My burning bottom got little relief from rest after the spanking and even got hotter.

As auntie and myself faced each other on either side of mommy she began to play with us. Her hand was stroking me inside the tube that had a measure of lube already in it. Her other hand was sliding into aunties panties that I now noticed had a large opening over auntie's sweet pussy giving her fingers full access. The milking kept me from growing enough to fill the rubber tube but the teasing was almost unbearable. As we grew more unstable from the pleasure and the burning and stinging mommy pulled us kneeling face to face and tied us together by the waist. Her hands busied themselves with alternately teasing us between our legs and massaging the burning plugs in our bottoms. We were both resting our heads on each other's shoulders and groaning continuously when mommy began using the hairbrush paddle on our bottoms. The impact on our rubber clash flesh was sharp followed by a dull ache and burn.

When mommy felt she had spanked us enough she left us like that for a long time to savor the sting.

She would periodically probe between our legs but mostly sat on the chair and touched herself while she enjoyed watching us quiver from our predicament. We watched her masturbate effortlessly as we rubbed against each other in a desperate effort to have a little pleasure to draw away from our discomfort.

We were untied when her stroking me finally produced a firm erection inside the rubber tube. The plug had stopped burning so much but my bottom was still very warm and aching from being held inside the thick rubber. I was untied and bound, still wearing the cotton bra and the rubber briefs, again to the four corners of the bed but face up this time. I was mounted by both of them. Auntie settled over my face and, though I was gagged she began to rub the panty opening against my nose. Mommy pulled off her dress and I felt her delicious body engulf itself around my erection. I was bound taught to the bed and could only lie still as they pleasured themselves on me. Auntie hadn't fully milked me and the briefs blocked much of the feeling but I was still losing it quickly. I fought to breathe well as auntie smothered me. Mommy was making me jerk against the bounds as I neared the edge. My body stiffened and auntie buried my nose inside her as mommy slowed to a sadistic grind that held me off for another minute until I felt auntie quaking over me and before my body collapsed inward.

The double diaper with extra padding gripped me as I ate my spoon-fed dinner from mommy. Mommy had put auntie into fresh diapers as well and was feeding her the same meal. The little plugs were mercifully removed after mommy had us both submit into changing position on the bed for our diapers. We were both still wearing the cotton bras as mommy wanted to keep me as girlish as she could. A glance in the mirror showed that they indeed made my chest muscles seem rounded in their grasp. She slipped cotton shirts over us that clung to our skin and left a little belly exposed. She then produced see through tights that she rolled up our legs. I was left with my diapers clearly showing through the pink tights that hugged my legs and auntie's were showing through her white tights.

After dinner meant a movie and some playtime (mommy just loves swatting my padded bottom). We cuddled close on the couch and vegetated after the tiring day. When bedtime came I was stripped to my diapers and tights then dressed in my sleeper and mittens before being restrained to the crib. As I lay in the grip of the straps mommy lowered the top of her dress and lowered her breast to my lips. I took her nipple in my lips and quietly suckled as mommy hummed a lullaby until I slipped into dreams..

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