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A Little Diaper Fantasy - Day V

At long last I got around to writing the next installment. I openly invite feedback or ideas for Day VI or general story ideas. Day V Mommy was taking her time getting the enema ready.

Aunty and I were waiting next to each other on mommy's bed in the changing position. Our naked and freshly shaven bodies lay open in quiet submission to mommy. Forbidden to move while in the changing position, we could only lie still, hold hands and suckle our binkies as we watched mommy prepare.

At the far end of that enema was a large and ominously bulging latex bag straining to contain almost a gallon of hot and soapy fluid. The tart scent of lemon floating in the air promised to make the experience even more intense. Still, mommy just stood there and leisurely, lovingly applied lubricant to the nozzle. My tummy was already twitching.

Mommy then produced two pillows and slid one under each of us.

"Close your eyes." She commanded.

I gripped Auntie's hand a little tighter as I obeyed.

A lubed and gloved hand touched my bottom and began to slowly circle and probe. A sudden change in Auntie's breathing told me she was being treated in the same manner.

Then it happened. The nozzle was slid unceremoniously into my bottom. The inner balloon was immediately inflated. The sound of each pump was followed by the invading nozzle swelling a bit more until it was too large for me to even try to expel. The outer balloon was likewise expanded until there was a perfect seal.

I was going to accept as much of that bag as mommy wanted to give me. Then the inner balloon was then given another squeeze. I winced a little as it grew inside me. Another pump. Then another. My breathing was rapid and labored as I struggled to adjust to the engorged balloon.

Then the current started. It was a unhurried stream but impossible to ignore. Mommy's hands took hold of my body and turned me onto my side then slid my knee to my chest. Mommy then gave me permission to open my eyes as she bound my wrists together and then to the headboard. As I lay helpless against the flowing water, I watched as aunty was leisurely sealed into a double diaper.

Given the long process of my accepting the enema, mommy was able to make a long show of putting aunty in her diaper. As I was rolled over to allow the water to flow higher the discomfort grew and I tried to distract myself by seeing auntie's sweet body being prepared. The fresh diaper lay open as mommy oiled and powdered her. At last, the front was pulled up and taped into placed followed by a second diaper.

I shut my eyes as my body quaked again and a tiny tear slid from my eye. I heard the crinkle sound of aunty crawling over to me. As she began to sympathetically knead my overfilled belly mommy took my head in her arms and held me to her breasts. We stayed like that until, at long last, the contractions of the bag had forced the last of the hot water into my body.

I hoped to be allowed relief at that point but mommy clipped the hose shut and left the enema in me. They both then shared the task of massaging my back and belly as I struggled with the burden. After what seemed like hours, I was led into the bathroom for a surprisingly quick relief and cleaning.

I was more than a little spent by this point and was led back into the bedroom to be diapered and put down for a nap.

I was awoken from that nap by the feeling of auntie's hand inside my diaper. I lay still with a little smile on my face and let her have her fun. Soon, I could no longer pretend to be sleeping and rolled onto my back to allow her more room.

"I'm glad to see you are in the mood for a little fun." Mommy declared as she looked down on us. Mommy reached down and grabbed the front of my diaper.

She yanked upward and the tapes tore open. The diaper burst open and flew from underneath me leaving me abruptly naked. Mommy then held up the jacket for me.

Without needing to be told, I obediently stood up and slipped my arms into the sleeves then turned around to give mommy access to the buckles. She methodically tightened each one several times so that the jacket was slightly constricting my torso. My arms were then crossed and she cinched the sleeves down leaving me in a tight enforced hug. The crotch straps, however, were not used but simply tucked out of the way. She then wrapped restraint cuffs around my ankles. As a final touch, a leather string was wrapped around the base of my engorged shaft as a leash.

Mommy led us into the living room were a wooden horse stood in the middle of the floor. A fresh diaper lay spread open lengthwise across its top. The diaper was just like the kind mommy had sealed on me countless times but on top of it was a new toy. It was a plug that was bigger than any mommy had ever used. It was already wrapped in a condom and glistened with a heavy coating of lube.

"Kneel, baby girl." I quickly obeyed mommy's command. I found myself at eye level with mommy's panties and auntie's diaper.

Mommy forced a large gag into my mouth. The gag filled my mouth and had a strip of leather that covered my mouth. Mommy reached into her panties and auntie's diaper and pulled out a set of silk napkins that were both soaked with their nectars. She folded them together and inserted them into her hood. She pulled the hood over my head leaving me blinded with the napkins resting over my nose.

I was becoming painfully aroused as she tugged on the leash and brought me to my feet. The leash was pulled harder until I rose onto my toes. I was walked on my toes to the horse and made to straddle it. As long as I stayed as far up as my legs could managed, the tip of that huge plug would press lightly against my bottom. As I fought to stay up my ankles restraints were clipped to the horse and the leash was released.

They began to stroke me and play with my body.

"Now, baby girl. I want to make love to my plug like you would to me. Take every last inch." My legs were starting to quiver and I was drunk from the overwhelming scent flooding my nostrils. As my calves began to fail I felt the tip begin to force itself into me. I soon had accepting the first inch and began to writhe on the plug with indecent lust. As I slid down farther the plug widened quickly. I slid my body up and down slowly trying to swallow a little more each time. I was getting steadily farther down when I felt the crotch straps pulled down and tied to the horse. I was now bound to the horse.

With no way to stand or expel the plug I could only go lower. I was trapped in a semi-squat. My legs would only grow more tired until my bottom reached the horse.

As the minutes went by, I relaxed and allowed more inches to enter me. My legs were trembling and my heavy breathing filled my lungs with their scent. The plug was fairly soft and comfortable but it was still constantly growing. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath to gather the last of my legs. I rode the length of the plug as much as my restraints would allow several times until I sensed the start of the indent. I pressed down once more and stayed there applying constant pressure until my bottom finally yielded to the plug. The base felt about half the size of the plug and my bottom closely snuggly over the shape leaving the plug decisively seated inside me.

I could hear mommy smiling as she pulled the diaper panels up and sealed the tapes. A second diaper was hidden under the first and I was sealed into that one as well before mommy pulled off the hood. I was released from the jacket and felt relief as I shook the blood back into my arms. My ankles were released and they helped me lift my legs to one side of the horse where a pair of latex panties waited for me to step my leg into them.

The panties, aside from being hot pink, would have been a size too small even if I hadn't been heavily diapered. They worked together to tug them into place until they were securely gripping me. The plug was now being forcibly held in place.

Four bottles. Mommy sat me on her lap and made me drink my way through four large bottles of apple juice. I sat as still as I could with the plug stretching me. Auntie sat in a chair curled up like a minx with a smile on her face as she watched me drink.

Then mommy gave an order she had never given before.

She told not to wet my diaper. After all that juice, I had to keep it dry unless I wanted a good paddling.

I could already feel my bladder swelling and pushing against the plug. This was not going to be a comfortable experience.

I nuzzled against mommy and softly nursed at her breast. I tried to ignore the building heaviness but it got progressively worse. I was soon squirming and hoping to be allowed to wet myself. Needing to be allowed to wet my diaper.

It was hard enough to resist while lying still.

Resisting was far tougher after they had me tied up in a kneeling pose with my hands over head. I had my eyes tightly shut as I sought to kept my mind on my distended bladder. I almost didn't notice when they began to tickle me.

"Please let me wet myself, mommy." I plaintively begged.

"At last my baby girl really wants to wet her diaper.

You know you much you need your diaper." Mommy pressed her body against my back and took hold of my diaper. She kneaded against my bladder as her voice taunted me.

"Well, wet if you must but you will be paddled for it." I felt auntie press her body to my front. I still tried to hold off but the trickle began. Blessed relief came as I filled my diaper. The wetness enclosed my body as I began to cry into auntie's shoulder.

As promised, mommy paddled me for wetting my diaper.

After the diaper was removed and auntie cleaned me and the plug was at last removed leaving me feeling surprisingly empty yet relieved. I was then bent over the horse and restrained; hand, foot and waist, for a little lecture before the leather was raised.

"Mmmm, my lil' baby girl. The restraints are a reward for doing so well. Mommy knows you'll obey and stay put for a paddling but it feels so much better to be tied down. Now you are free to struggle and cry as your bottom gets hotter and redder. You get to be my helpless baby girl. Enjoy your freedom." I exercised the freedom mommy gave me at once. The first smack of the paddle stung fiercely. I strained at the wrist restraints in a vain effort to cover my bottom. Several more impacts left me squirming to evade the next assault. Mommy would watch after each time to enjoy my fresh efforts. My knees would splay outwards or to one side. My backside turned in many directions to offer a different target. My feet would point outwards or curl inwards and stomp in a mini tantrum. My tears flowed free and wordlessly. I know not how many I got, only that afterwards I found myself diapered and on her lap to softly cry on her breast as she rocked me.

My bladder filled again I as I sat there. I smiled and wet myself on mommy's lap as I held her.

"You really have become my baby girl." Mommy said with a little song on her voice.

"I have two more trips into girlhood for you before you go home and I think we'll start them now." I knew I was going to be milked because auntie put a condom on me before tying me to the bed. She first unrolled a few inches to collect my milk before rolling it onto me. I was face down with a pillow under my hips and my arms extended forward. My knees were bend forward with my shins tucked in leaving me bound in frog like pose. A leather strap across the middle of my back kept my back arched and my crimson bottom utterly vulnerable. My privates rested against the side of the pillow where they could be tickled and caressed.

Auntie's heavily lubed finger slowly entered me and began a long examination. In, out and in circles she probed until I was trying to arch my back even more to give her further access. I was rewarded by a second finger. She curved my upwards and down while using her thumb to caress the outer flesh. I was eager for a third finger when mommy took a seat before me. She was fully naked except for her gloves. Black latex opera gloves. I thought I knew how many fingers to expect as mommy pressed her syrupy mound to my face.

Then I thought of how much bigger mommy's hands were then auntie's as a fourth finger entered me.

As I fervently worked to give pleasure to mommy I felt the third knuckles of auntie's hand passing back and forth over my opening. I wanted her to never stop.

As I felt five tips gaining entrance I could only take mommy's button between my lips and suckle it. Her slender hand gently made its way into my body. I felt my bottom grip her wrist as I felt mommy wrap her legs around my head as she began to shake.

Mommy took her turn then. Aunty was only too ready for me to please her as my lips met hers. Mommy started with three fingers and was ready for three when I made my request to be untied so I could let her have my freely. Mommy agreed.

Unrestrained, I was able to wrap my arms around auntie's legs and bury my face between them. My bottom willingly accepted mommy's hand as she milked me as completely as ever.

I was then tied to a chair. A pillow in the small of my back arched my hips forward as a belt secured them in place. My hands were bound behind me and my ankles were bound to the legs while my thighs were spread open. Mommy and aunty then spent a long time winding plastic wrap around my hips and thighs. When they were done my hands and legs had a few inches of freedom but I could not even twitch my ominously exposed privates. As I began to be anxious about my dilemma, the gag was slipped into my mouth.

"Now, I know you aren't going to like this one bit but mommy has spent far too much time helping you become a baby girl to give you a chance to forget it. So mommy is going to make sure you don't for even a second." Mommy was right. I didn't like it when she pulled it out. I pulled against the restraints but they had been very thorough. I was helpless to resist as mommy knelt before me and took my head in her fingers. She slid it into the plastic tube then slid the tube on all the way. The rings were smoothly slipped into place until they closed with a soft click. Aunty handed mommy a small padlock that she clipped into place with a sharp mechanical snap. I was locked in.

My boy parts were now good for nothing more than wetting my diaper.

They untied me but I was too shocked to move for a little while. Mommy sealed aunty into a diaper and had her get dressed. She then sent me into the bedroom with orders to put on the outfit on the bed.

The outfit was a little girl's: skirt, panties, pink cotton shirt and white stockings. I put them on as I heard Mommy say goodbye to auntie.

She came in and made love to me. Slowly, gently as if it was my first time. We kissed. We explored each other. I reluctantly allowed her to disrobe my body.

She took off my shirt. She slid her hand up my skirt and slid my panties down my legs. I never looked between her legs and my skirt held from view what was between mine. I only lay back and spread my legs for her. I felt her cool flesh press onto mine and her hips move into place. She stared deep into my eyes as she took my hands and held them down. She gave me another kiss.

Now I was mommy's baby girl.

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