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Last weekend I finally had a chance to meet my new online daddy we had been talking and sending pictures back and forth over the internet for about a year now and he drove out to Reno to meet me.

The hard part was how he could spot me easy so I told him I would be using my old wheelchair and wearing shorts when the day we were supposed to meet at the Reno Hilton I called early to get a room then drove thereto get ready. The first thing I did was shave my groin area and powdered and put baby lotion on then I took a Molicare diaper and poked a bunch of holes in the plastic backing and put it on then I used a First Quality diaper and did the same to it then I put a second First Quality extra large diaper over that and checked the mirror and seen just how big my diaper was IM now talking Huge diaper so then I got into my bag and dug out my extra large pink nursery print plastic pants and tucked them in around the diaper to prevent leaks. Then I put on a t-shirt and some real baggy shorts that let my diaper show through the leg opening if you looked at me just right while I was sitting down then I went down stairs to gamble and wait for daddy. After about 2 hours I felt a hand on my shoulder and a quiet voice asked if I was Timmy? As I turned my chair around my daddy was there and looking at my very diapered state and he said (if your not I would still love to change you) when I said hello and said yes I was daddy said do you have a room yet? When I said yes I had already gotten a room he suggested we go upstairs then he pushed me to the elevators and the room when daddy seen the twin beds he asked why two beds? I told him one was for use as a diaper changing table as I closed the door daddy pulled me out of my chair and gave me a hug then started to remove my shorts asking if I thought I had on a big enough diaper then had me turn around so he could see if I was wet yet as he pulled open the back of my diaper and felt inside he said I was only a little damp and my diaper could hold a heck of a lot more in fact it would hold both of our wetting then he stepped close to me and unzipped his pants, pulled out his dick and proceeded to pee down the back of my diaper and kiss and nibble my ear telling me how much he loved his new baby boy. After he finished peeing he had me turn around and see what he had brought his sissy baby to play with when I looked he had a dick that was about 6" long soft when I asked if I could play with it he said yes but lets lay down on the bed first. As daddy laid there I started to kiss my new toy and lick it till I looked up at daddy and said (look daddy its even bigger now) daddy said now you have a new pacifier to use so why don't you try it out as I stared at my new toy it was now 10" long and about 2and ¾" around as I started to suck on the head daddy started rubbing the back of my head and telling me how good of a sissy baby I was so when I started to suck more in daddy started to tell me that I could take in a whole lot more but it was so big around my lips we starting to hurt and I was choking a little so daddy pulled out some then started to push in and out fucking my mouth with long slow strokes after a few minuets daddies dick started to get even bigger and then he said get ready sissy here comes your baby formula then his hot sticky cum started to fill my mouth but it didn't leak past my lips cus' they were stretched to tight. When daddy was done cuming he pulled out of my mouth and pulled me up to his head and started to tell me how good I was and kissing me and tonguing my mouth so we both taste his special formula.

After we had taken a short nap daddy said lets get you dressed again then laid me on my back and pulled my shorts back over my big diapers and said lets go sight seeing as he sat me in my wheelchair (stroller) he arranged my shorts again so it was a lot easier for people to see my pink plastic panties and my diapered state when we got to my jeep he helped me get in then put my seatbelt around me saying he didn't want his baby falling out. Then he put my stroller in the back along with my diaper bag then we went to drive around we stopped and daddy bought me a super big gulp and him a regular coke and told me mine had to be gone when we got back. After driving all around Reno for about 3 hours we stopped and got some take out food then daddy stopped at a 7/11 and bought some beer and a quart of milk for me then drove back to the hotel. After getting back to the room daddy told me that I was really wet and had started to leak all over my shorts so after getting my changing pad out of my bag (acutely it was a care bears shower curtain) and putting it on the second bed he removed my wet shorts and T-shirt then had me lift my legs and pulled off my plastic panties then he started to untapped my thick diapers and dropped them into the trash can then went into the bathroom and got a wet wash cloth to clean me up after he dried me he had me lift my legs again and put another First Quality diaper under my butt then he powdered and oiled me and taped my diaper up.

Then daddy reached into my big clothing bag and pulled my pink rubber pants and pulled them on me when he had me diapered he reached in and pulled out my pink satin dress, crinoline slip and my tights daddy said now lets just see how pretty my sissy is dressed up. as he laid me back he got a zippered bottle warmer out of his bag he said these will also keep things cold and removed a baby bottle with something in it as he poured some milk in and shook it up he gave it to me and said here's some special milk mix I saved for you as I started to suck I tasted something that tasted some what like daddies special baby juice daddy watched my face and said yes baby that is something I have been saving and had kept frozen for you. As I was drinking my bottle daddy proceeded to put my tights on me over my diapers then had me stand up and pulled my pink crinoline slip over my head then my little sissy dress after looking he adjusted my dress and slip so my diapers just barley showed then stepped back and commented "still not quite right" he then reached into his bag and pulled some white panties with pink ruffles and a pink baby bonnet after putting these on me he said there now my baby looks properly dressed then daddy pulled out a digital cameras and took lots of pictures of me laying down and crawling and posing for him. after this we sat down with me on daddies lap and he took out a book of children's stories and red to me for a couple of hours. All this time I had drunk so much soda and milk I was still wetting my diapers so after daddy finished reading daddy checked my diaper and found it wet so he laid me back on the outer bed and had me lift up so he could remove my panties, tights and rubber pants then he untapped my diaper and pulled it off me daddy then to get the wash cloth and when he cleaned me up he had me raise my legs way up when I did I felt daddy rub something on my tight little virgin asshole daddy then got onto the bed and pulled down his pants then grabbed my legs and pushed them way up and said "its time you felt like a real woman" then I felt something against my asshole daddy told me not to worry all girls went through this eventually as I got a really scared look on my face daddy said now you will feel what it feels to get raped by a real man then I felt something like a huge finger start to invade my ass and it started to hurt real bad but daddy said that was only the head and then pushed real hard Cried out in pain as daddy kept pushing his huge dick into me when I felt his balls slam into me I knew he was buried in my asshole to the hilt and I thought I was being ripped in half and I started to cry for real then daddy just laughed and said now it was time to tear me a new boy pussy. Suddenly daddy pulled out part was and rammed his dick back in and started to really fuck me HARD AND DEEP finally daddy got tired of my crying and slowed down and told me now it was time for him to give me a gift that all girls enjoy and that was a large hot load of cum as he started to cum I could fell his dick pulse and feel his cum start to spray the inside my asshole when daddy was finished Cummins he leaned over and kissed me and started to tell me what a great tight fuck I was then with his dick still in my ass he left it in till it started to soften and then pulled it out as he did daddy said look I popped your virgin cherry and showed me his dick witch was covered with blood as I started to get scared he said don't worry that always happens the first time you have a real man fuck you.

Daddy said then just wait a minute and went into the bathroom and cleaned himself off then brought a wars wash cloth and wiped me clean and proceed to pull a large butt plug from his bag and lubed it up and push it in telling me we don't want my new pussy juice leaking out then he had me lift my legs and slid a dry diaper under me and taped it up. Then pulled on a pair of plastic pants next daddy remover my dress and pulled my pink sleeper with the little bears and feet from my bag and put it in me then be got another one of his special baby bottles from his bag only this one was full to the top and he told me he had been saving his cum and freezing it for 6 months just so I could have my special formula to drink then he had me lay down on the outer bed and got in and held me close as I drank my bottle and fell asleep even with my sore asshole.

The next mourning daddy woke me up as he was removing my sleeper then he removed my plastic pants and diaper then had me stand up and bend over a chair so he could pull the butt plug out then I was told to stay there daddy went to the bathroom and returned with the lube and I noticed that daddy had removed his pants and had a large hard on he told me not to worry it was just a piss hard on and he need to piss real bad .as I stood there daddy then shoved his dick up my ass and told me that it's a good thing he used the butt plug on me because my asshole was still stretched open then he started it fill me up with his hot piss then he told me that when he pulled out I had better hold my ass closed and not spill a drop as he withdrew his dick I had to go real bad but daddy said I better hold it then he re-lubed up the butt plug and shoved it in telling me that this would only work if it stayed in me for awhile that was when I realized daddy had given me a piss enema daddy then told me to lay down on the changing table and proceeded to double diaper me then as he was pulling up my plastic pants he told I had to keep that there for 30 minutes at least as I laid there I felt my stomach rumble and felt the plug that held everything inside me after the allotted time daddy had me stand up then he reached into the back of my diaper and grasped the butt plug then quickly pulled it out then pulled his hand out as I uncontrollably filled my diaper finally I had relief as I felt everything run out of me then daddy put his hand against my diaper and rubbed it all over thus forcing it all over my dick and balls.

Daddy then said there now its bath time and had me get into the shower and with the water running over me he removed my plastic pants and my diaper revealing my messy state as the water rinsed me off daddy had me wash out my plastic pants then he put my messy diaper into a plastic bag and then got into the shower with me to help me wash off after I was clean daddy felt my hard dick and asked "what's this" does baby think he is going to get relief well forget it babies don't need to cum then he pushed me to my knees and told only daddies get to cum and he wanted to right now so to start sucking as I took his dick into my mouth and started to bob my head up and down daddy started to groan and then grabbed my hair and force his dick in as far as it would go when my nose hit his pubic bone I started to choke but daddy kept it up till I felt him cum down my throat and I swallowed as fast as I could just so daddy would stop and let me breath. After daddy pulled out he shut the shower off and then dried us off asking how I liked being daddies little whore? When I told him I liked it he told me good now get on the bed because he had a real surprise for me. When daddy came into the room I was on the changing table waiting for a diaper but daddy walked in carrying the lube and told me he had something that I would remember him for for a long time.

Then daddy removed some rope from his bag and tied my hands to the bed them put a cock gag into my mouth then tied my legs over my head and reached into his bag and withdrew the biggest dildo I had ever seen this thing was about 12" long and 3" around as I looked him with terror in my eye he said daddy will make shure you remember this day for the rest of your life. As daddy greased up my ass he worked a second and a third finger in my ass to open me up when I started enjoying it he withdrew his fingers then said now comes the fun part and started to gently push and twist the huge dildo in slowly .It started to hurt real bad but daddy just kept gently pushing and stopping but holding pressure against it then pushing it in more as my asshole relaxed then stopping again till I got used to the pain finally after 5 minutes daddy sail there baby you took it all in like a big girl. This I couldn't believe but when I looked down it was all the way in after holding it there for 10 minutes daddy started to pull it out when he had it almost all the was out he stopped and put more lube on it then he slowly slid it back in he slid it in and out of my ass occasionally stopping to add more lube for 35 or 40 minutes then daddy pulled out the dildo and picked up his camera and started taking pictures of my stretched and wide open asshole and of me tied up on the bed.

After uniting me daddy proceeded to re diaper me and told me that I would really need my diapers now since my ass was wide often and would stay that was for 2 or 3 days then he had me stand up and step into my plastic panties and pulled them up and helped me get dressed so we could check out as daddy kissed me goodbye he told me he would be back in 3 months and we could do it over but he would bring his friend and they could both fuck the shit out of daddies little sissy as he left I watched him go wondering if I should look forward to out next meeting or I should be afraid if it...

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