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A Month In A Diaper

I'll start off by telling you my name, it is Sue. My month in a diaper, which has now turned in too a year started just last year. I went to stay at my friend Jamiees house, for a month while my mom was in the hospital. Jamiee has a younger sister that wears pull-ups. While I was there me and Jamiee were joking around about putting me in a diaper and having me say funny things like "I'm a BIG GIRL now" and stuff like that. Well that night while I was sleeping I learned that Jamiee took it very serious, and put me in a pull-up. When I woke up and realized this I ripped it off but Jamiee found out and held me down and put another one on me. She told that if I told her mom what she was doing or didn't do what she said that she would show our whole school the pictures that she took of me in a diaper while i was sleeping. So I decided that I might as well go along with her, because if those pictures got out I would be ruined. So I did for about a week Jamiee didn't really make me do anything that bad, like I didn't have to go out in public or anything like that but that weekend Jamiee told me to put on these very tight pants and forced me to go to the store with her. You could easily tell i was wearing a diaper. Plus she made me wet myself. I didn't think it would get any worse but it did. When ever I would go to the bathroom She would make me say "im a BIG GIRL now" and then the worst thing came she made me wear my pull-up to school and I wet it. And everyone found out I wore diapers. Well once everyone found out i told Jamiees mom, and now Jamiee is being forced to wear diapers and will be for 3 months after I stop and the bad thing for Jamiee is I don't plan on stopping anytime soon!

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