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A Short History of a Diaper-Girl

Let me tell you about my first experiences with diapers. When I was younger I went to a Catholic all-girls school run by some of the strictest nuns you will ever meet. Part of going to this school was our uniforms: white cotton button-up shirt under a gray vest with a pleated blue-gray heavy cotton knee-length skirt. With these horribly dull clothes went white knee socks and annoyingly childish black shoes, Mary Jane style. All that wasn't the worst as far as most of us were concerned though, worst were the navy-blue full-cut regulation panties; I mean we are talking pretty much big-old granny-style blue panties. A lot of the girls hated the panties, not because they were uncomfortable but because they were not sexy in the slightest and a lot of us had boyfriends we met after school. Some of the girls tried wearing other panties, but we were not the first class to try it and the nuns had a procedure. Once and a while, pretty much at random, the nuns would have all the girls line up right before class and would lift all of our skirts to make sure we were wearing our regulation panties. We generally called this the "panty-check" and the girls who wore something sexier under their skirts tried to make sure they only did so when we weren't expecting a panty-check. Caution usually worked but sometimes someone would get caught, and that was always embarrassing due to the nuns preferred method of punishment. Anyone caught not wearing regulation panties was paddled with a wooden board then had their skirt removed from them for the rest of the day which was incredibly humiliating, especially if one of the girls tried to get away with a thong.

Well, now that I've explained that bit of how the nuns worked let me explain the other half of their methods that lead to my story. I did mention these ladies were amazingly strict right? Well, once the bell had rung for class students were expected to stay in their seats no matter what unless specified by the teacher. The only times one of us would be excused to leave class was if we were injured or ill and had to go to the nurse, nothing else was allowed. Well sometimes some of the girls, myself more than most, would feel the need to go to the bathroom in the middle of class. Sometimes we would try to ask for permission to go but we were categorically denied no matter how bad the urge was, "Should have gone before class, going to have to wait" was the standard response. As you can probably imagine this made things very uncomfortable for the girl holding it until the end of class, and sometimes we wouldn't make it. Let me just say that there are few things more embarrassing than losing control in the middle of the classroom. Usually these accidents, which for most were very rare, involved the poor student peeing their panties and skirt while sitting at their desk; only once did a girl end up messing her panties in class. Luckily enough the darker material of our skirts didn't show the wet marks terribly well, but any close examination would reveal the accident. Even after pissing ourselves we were still not allowed to leave our desks until class was over, the nuns said that we would have to "live with the shame."

Well, on with my particular story. I was unfortunate enough to have a bladder that was not very strong or cooperative, and I'm pretty sure I wet myself more than the rest of the girls in my class combined. I had a reputation for this kind of thing, as I usually could not go more than a week without an accident in class, no matter how hard I tried. Worst time was a morning where I overslept and nearly got to school late; I had to rush to class and it turned out to be a panty-check day so I had to stay in line then go strait into class and before the first ten minutes were over I had a puddle under my chair and a wet pair of regulation panties sticking to me. That afternoon, having had to wear slowly drying panties all day long, I came up with an idea. I went to the local drugstore and bought a package of adult disposable diapers in my size and decided to try wearing them on days where we didn't expect a panty-check, since the nuns never really checked more than once every two or three days. Since we had a check that morning I figured the next day would be fine. There wasn't much of a selection of diapers at our local store and the ones I had were not the type than could be refastened after being removed, peeling off the strong tapes ripped the cover away from the diaper which stayed stuck to the tape. I figured I could go to the bathroom before leaving for school, drink nothing while I was there and then remove the diaper if I had an accident. Sure, this would leave me naked under my skirt but it was way better than wetting myself.

The next morning I showered, had breakfast and made sure to go to the bathroom just before I had to leave, then while I still had privacy in the bathroom I put on my diaper and then my skirt over it. The diaper made a very slight crackling kind of noise when I would sit down, but if I did so quickly it wasn't that bad. I then left for school as normal, feeling somewhat weird with a disposable diaper under my skirt. I met up with friends on the way to school and we talked and I tried to forget what I was wearing. When we got to school I wandered around the yard until the first bell rung, feeling really exposed and convinced that everyone who looked at me knew I was wearing a diaper but no one said anything or seemed to notice. When I got to the classroom the nun wasn't standing outside the door, so there was no check today and I felt greatly relieved. I sat at my desk and looked around subtly to see if anyone heard the crinkle, but no one did. The day continued on pretty normally and I actually did start to forget what I was wearing after the first hour and a half class was over. During our fifteen minute break between classes I went to my locker to get my books and then into the bathroom before I remembered that I had a diaper on. I went into a stall and lifted my skirt to look at it, it seemed so strange and I found myself getting nervous worrying what would happen if one of the nuns found out. Since I didn't have to go all that much and I had the diaper in case I had to during class I just left the bathroom and went back to class.

Lunch rolled around and I still didn't have to pee all that much, with only a couple hours left to school I figured it was safe to finally drink something and did so with my food. The whole time my friends and I were sitting around the cafeteria tables talking I couldn't get the thought out of my head of what I was wearing and the fact that no one had any idea. After lunch we all went back to class and I was feeling a lot more confident about what I was doing since most of the day was over and no one had guessed what I was doing. The drinks I had at lunch caught up with me quickly however, and after only a half-hour of class I had to pee badly. I tried to just go in my diaper but while I had fairly regular accidents trying to wet myself on purpose was a lot harder. It took me about ten minutes of relaxing before I started going, then it all went at once and I absolutely soaked my diaper. All of a sudden my heart started to race, I wondered if the diaper would hold it all and started to feel very exposed again, like everyone around me knew I was peeing in a diaper. Once it was all over I looked and felt around subtly for leaks but there were none, the diaper held it all in and I had avoided having a public accident! I kept the diaper on until school was over and threw it out in a back street dumpster on the way back home. Once I got home I put some normal panties on and went about the rest of my day, except that I couldn't stop thinking about what I had done that day and feeling proud of myself for getting away with it. I stashed the package of diapers under my bed that night, and couldn't stop thinking about diapers until I fell asleep.

The next day I wondered about trying it again, and since it had only been a day since the last check I figured I was safe. I also started to think about just wearing my regulation panties to school then changing into a diaper in the bathroom once I was there but decided against it, pulling up the tapes was very loud, almost like pulling on duct tape and I would definitely be heard. So, like the day before, after showering I put a diaper on under my skirt and left for school. I was a lot more relaxed this time since things had gone so well the day before and again none of my friends seemed to notice anything out of place. My heart jumped once that morning as I walked around the schoolyard, I was talking with some friends and leaned up against a wall with a particularly loud crinkling noise coming from the diaper. One of my friends, Emily, heard it and asked if anyone else heard something but they all said they hadn't. The yard was pretty loud from all the girls talking and the only reason I think Emily heard it was because she was leaning against the wall right next to me. There was no panty-check that morning either which was good, and so I just sat in class and relaxed through the first hour. Before long I had to pee a little bit but not that badly, like the day before, and decided to try to get used to peeing my diapers. It only took me about six or seven minutes to start peeing this time, and since it was so little I knew the diaper would have no trouble with it. I repeated this process a few times over the course of the day, and the diaper held it all easily; my bladder may not have been very strong but it also wasn't very big and so my wettings were not too bad. I made it to the last hour of school still wearing my diaper and it was showing no signs of being too full, as I checked it in the bathroom between classes, when I felt an increasing need to go number two. I was certainly not going to crap myself in class so I held it in increasing discomfort until school was over. I nearly ran the last half of the trip home, my diaper still on, and made it to my front door before loosing it and messing myself. Fortunately the diaper held it, but I immediately went upstairs and took a shower to clean off. Afterward I hid my soiled diaper in an old backpack from my closet and threw it out in a convenience store bathroom down the street.

Despite my messy accident I was feeling pretty good about myself, having got away with being diapered two days in a row. The next day, Wednesday, I decided not to press my luck and just wore my regulation panties. It was a good thing I did, since we had a panty-check that very day. I didn't have any accidents that day but I did have a close call that was my own fault, at one point during third period I forgot I wasn't wearing a diaper and almost started peeing on purpose but I managed to stop myself in time and reminded myself to be more careful. That entire afternoon I couldn't get the diapers out of my head and nearly wore one to bed that night. The next morning I went through my usual routine and decided to wear a diaper again that day, it was starting to feel good in some strange way. I skipped part of the way to school, feeling really good to be back in a diaper, and was totally relaxed about it before class began. Man did my heart sink when I got to class and saw the nun standing outside her door, there was another panty-check, two days in a row! Apparently, the nun told us, they had reason to believe some of the girls were wearing non-uniform underwear on days when a check was not expected. We all figured one of the girls had ratted on the rest of us and my heart rate started to rocket. I was in the second-to last quarter of the line, and so I got to wait for several agonizing minutes as the nun went from girl to girl lifting the front of their skirts and checking what they were wearing. All the other girls in my class were wearing their regulation navy-blue panties; I was the only one that wasn't. I was shaking visibly when the nun got to me, which of course gave me away before she even checked. When she lifted up the front of my skirt I just closed my eyes and prayed she was blind. No such luck. She immediately shouted sometime to the effect of "Ah, someone's been bad I see" as loud as she could I swear, then pulled me out of the line. I was forcibly bent over, the back of my skirt lifted up and a wooden paddle applied to my rear end a dozen or so times. That wasn't the bad part though, as my diaper cushioned most of the force of the blows. Right after she undid the button holding the waistband of my skirt together and whipped it off me.

I could have died, right there. A moment of quiet as the girls all realized what I was wearing followed by a cacophony of laughter. I knew right then that I would never live this one down, and everyone in the school was going to know since I wouldn't get my skirt back until the end of the day. I was probably redder than a tomato right then, and there was quickly the snickering of "She's a baby!" and "Oh, does the baby need a changing?" and other such comments. The nun finished her check and then we all went into class. I tried to ignore the stares and snickers as the day went on and I quickly realized that I was going to be forced to use my diaper over the course of the day; they couldn't be put back on once removed and I certainly couldn't walk around naked from the waist down. What was even worse, if that can be imagined, is that these diapers had a wetness indicator that I had used before to see if they could hold more. The indicator was right on the front in bright blue when wet, so not only was I exposed in my diaper but anyone who looked would be able to tell if I had peed. My friends tried to console me between classes, but even they couldn't help but snicker a couple times. I tried to hold my pee so the humiliation would be lessened somewhat, but I didn't make it through half the day before I had an accident. Right in between classes I felt like I couldn't hold it anymore and everyone could tell from the look on my face and my posture that I had to go, and it wasn't long before I did. Right in the middle of the hall my control broke and I peed a torrent into my diaper. The wetness indicator went up to about half, and it was less than a minute before people noticed.

"Baby peed her diaper!"

"Oh look, she's wet herself" and "I'll change your diaper for you!" came shouted after me.

Finally, seemingly days later for how slow time passed, the day ended. I was sent to the office to reclaim my skirt. When I got there one of the nuns told me that my parents had been called earlier in the day and informed as to what I had done. They had left instructions with the nuns to pass along to me; I was to keep my diaper on until I got home so they could see proof with their own eyes. I was given back my skirt, which I quickly put on right there, and went home with my diaper still on. I did not want to face what was waiting for me, but it would have been even worse if I had tried to dump my diaper and shown up with nothing on under my skirt. My friends walked me home and wished me luck when we got there. As soon as I was inside my mother grabbed me by the arm and yanked up my skirt to see my diaper, which was now nearly full. She was shocked and then furious. She demanded to know where I was hiding them and I brought her up to my room and pulled them out from under my bed. She grabbed them out of my hand and told me to stay in my room and leave my diaper on until my father got home. Later on, when he finally did, I had peed so much in this one diaper that it was starting to become overfull and soggy. My father came into my room after talking with my mother for a few minutes and demanded to see. I lifted my skirt to show him and was about as red then as I had been when the nun caught me. To my surprise I wasn't spanked or physically punished at all. My father told me to change into a fresh diaper and come to dinner. I was completely confused.

At dinner my parents informed me that I was to be punished. They were going to make me wear and use all the diapers I had purchased, which was a thirty-two pack, all day and night when I wasn't at school. They said that if I liked wearing diapers so much they were going to show me what it was like to be stuck in them like a baby again. I was able to change myself, but they would keep track of how many I had left and told me to bring them any I had used when I was away from home. If they found out I had ditched one somewhere and hadn't been using them my punishment would be "severe" and I didn't want to know what that meant. So when I wasn't at school I was to be wearing and using diapers all day every day. The school of course wouldn't let me wear anything but the regulation panties and that was okay so far as my parents were concerned, they had a plan for that. My mother sowed a small cord through the waistband of all my school panties and got a small padlock. Before I went to school I was to let my mother pull my underwear on tight and then lock my panties onto me so I could not remove them and could not effectively pull them aside when going to the bathroom. They said that since I wanted to act like a baby at school I would get too, within school rules. The next couple weeks of school were terrible; I was never able to hold on long enough to get home. I wet myself every day, most of the time more than once, and messed myself several times. Strangely enough though, once I was out of school I felt okay, I was enjoying being in diapers. All my friends knew what I was wearing and didn't care after a few days; Emily figured out what she heard that one morning, since it was the same noise and I made no effort to hide it around people who already knew. Once those couple weeks were over my parents asked if I had learned my lesson and I told them I had. The cord was removed from my heavily stained school panties and I was not required to wear diapers anymore.

Since then I have been secretly buying more diapers and wearing them every chance I get, my bladder grew stronger as I got older but a lot of the time that didn't matter and I just go in my diapers. I have had many accidents when I forget I'm not wearing a diaper but I don't mind; having an accident isn't nearly as bad when you aren't stuck in school. All my old friends know I still wear diapers, as do my new friends in college. I've even got my roommate to try them a few times. Although the experience was unbelievably embarrassing, and I never did live down the nickname "Diaper-Baby", that was what began me on my love for diapers.

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