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A Sissy Tale

Where do I start? From the beginning I guess. Well I have been deeply into rubber or plastic panties and women's clothing since I was 10 years old. I have all my life wanted to be a submissive sissy in diapers and serving a caring, tender, yet very stern women, but as everyone knows what you wish for isn't what you get. Over the next 35 years I secretly wore those items that I craved and desired but always alone and always for a very short time. You see, as a grown man I have been inbred with that society training that men don't wear these things, or clean and cook and serve, so I always get depressed and change after only a few minutes. One day while cruising the net I found a site called Fetware, and I ordered a dozen plastic panties in all the colours they had. And the day they arrived was the day my life would change for ever.

Chapter 1

As I drove home from work all I thought about was the package waiting for me in the mail box and how those new panties would fit and feel. I ran into the house with the package and trembling went to my bedroom, I decided to bath first. I took a hot bath with rose-petal bath-oil and then got out and shaved all the hair from my neck down. I walked to the bathroom feeling soft, sexy and shaking with expectations (before I found the site I have been forcing myself to squeeze into regular baby panties which, sad to say, never worked).

Taking the package and opening it I laid out all the panties on my bed and picked the pink bikini ones with pink lace around the legs and waist. I put them on and it was like great the snug fit and feeling. I then put on a pink satin bra and matching camisole with black silk pants that zipper in the rear. Then I thought that I'd spend the night cleaning the house and stuff.

The phone rang. It was the woman from next door and she needed my help. Her hot water pipe had broken and was flooding the house.

She was about my age and lived alone with her 28 year old daughter and she looked younger than her daughter. Just thinking about her got me hot.

I grabbed my coat and ran down the road to help.

When I got to her house it was a mess with water all over the kitchen. I asked her where the main shutoff was and she told me with a strange grin on her face and eyes a-glow.

Quickly I went and shut off the water, then returning to the kitchen I saw her daughter standing next to her. As Laura walked behind me the daughter Susan produced a camera from behind her back. The next thing I knew was Laura ripping my coat off and Susan taking pictures. It was now that I realized what I was wearing in front of these two women; pink camisole, black pants, and the bra outline clearly showing.

I ran to the door, tears filled my eyes. I had that sickly feeling you get deep in you when you have done something very wrong.

As I grabbed the doorknob I felt a hand grab me by my neck and toss me to the floor.

Laura standing over me, looking down with a wick sinful grin, "And where do you think you're going bitch? My house is a mess and you're going to clean it. UNDERSTAND?"

I laid there shaking not knowing what to do or say, here I was a pure submissive sissy for thirty years fantasying about being in this situation and all I could think of now was running. I jumped up and ran for the door again but never made more than a step when Susan kicked me in the groin and my whole world exploded in sharp pain and tears. As I fell to the flood my sight fogged over, and I withered in pain.

Chapter 2

As I lay on the floor in pain, my sight blinded by tears and stars I wasn't even aware as Susan took and bound my arms behind me. Slowly my senses came back to me and I looked around. I saw Susan still taking pictures and Laura started to remove my pants.

"OH MY, MY! Look at his panties. They are pink plastic!" and she started to laugh as Susan took more pictures. Laura fully removed my pants leaving me in just my plastic panties, bra, and camisole, and my arms bound behind me.

"I never saw panties like those before. They are so cute and skin tight!"

She walked behind me and I felt her grab the back of the waist band.

"Hmmm, the tag gives a website address. I'm going to go and see what our little pervert is really into. Susan watch him. Oops, sorry Sweetie! Watch HER. I'll be right back."

I looked at Susan, as Laura walked away, my face still burning from both the pain and the humiliation. I softly sobbed, as I tried to grasp the situation I was now in. I watched as Susan slowly approached me. She leaned over and whispered, "Well Sissy, seems you will make a great slut for me and a great slave for mother. By the way, I am called Mistress Susan, and Mother is called Goddess Laura by our D's friends."

My eyes opened to the size of half dollars, as the reality of it hit me. They were Domina and Mistress.

"Well, at least I see you know what that means Bitch." Susan said with an evil grin. She reached down and grabbed a hand full of hair and almost ripping it out of my head she raised me to my knees, screaming from the pain as she did it.

"Well, we can't have you screaming like a little baby now can we?" As she said this I watched as she removed her jeans. I almost fell over when I saw her wearing black leather panties. She removed them and rolled them into a ball and jammed them deep into my mouth. She then walked away a bit and came back with a roll of plastic wrap.

"Sissy likes plastic, doesn't she?" she asked as she slowly wrapped my mouth and chin in the tight plastic.

Kneeling, still in pain from my groin to my head, I heard Laura returning. She walked in front of me and pulled over a chair.

"Well Sissy, I am going to ask you a few questions. You will answer yes or no; understand?"

I nodded my head, "yes."

"Good girl, and from now on that's what you are and what you will become. Now are you a submissive?"

I nodded, "yes."

"Are you a rubber slave?"

I shook my head, "no."

"Are you an adult baby?"

I hesitated in answering this as I am really not sure. But it didn't matter as her hand landed on my face with such force it knocked me to the floor. Crying heavy and screaming into my gag, I was again yanked up by my hair.

"No? Again, are you a baby?"

I shook my head, "no."

Laura sat back and was taking to Susan explaining what the Fetware site was about.

"Well Sissy, since it appears that the panties you order and the ones you are wearing are much too tight to go over diapers; I will accept your answer as true. Now last one; do you want to become a true sissy and slave for our pleasure and submit to all our rules and punishment?"

Without thinking I found myself nodding, "yes."

Good girl and with that she leaned forward and kissed me very gently on my cheek.

To be continued ...

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