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A Surprise Visit From Nanny Elisabeth.

A true story by Baby Jennie, involving infantilism, B&D, S&M and anal play. Read on if you dare!

Thurs 22nd Sept. 2005.

My life is so unbelievable sometimes, even I have trouble believing it! That's why I try to write this stuff down as quickly as possible, before I forget anything. This evening a friend of mine dropped in to see me at Kindy (work). Nanny Elisabeth is a stout buxom blonde from the Sydney B&D scene, and we have played together at quite a few fetish parties. She is a big friendly-faced woman in her 50's, and likes to receive as well as she gives. And boy, does she know how to give!

Imagine my delight when Nanny knocked on my private office door at Kindy and walked in to find me seated behind my desk. As soon as she had closed the door carefully behind her, she turned to me with a smile.

"Nanny!" I squealed in happiness at this unexpected treat.

"Hello Baby Jennie," Nanny greeted me warmly.

"Have you been a good little girl at Kindy today?" She smiled as I nodded earnestly, and motioned me to come to her. I stood and quickly trotted over, and Nanny gave me a warm hug, patting my bottom affectionately.

"Is your nappy still dry?" she asked solicitously, and my cheeks turned red as I hung my head in shame.

Without waiting for an answer, Nanny loosened my belt buckle and unbuttoned my white denim trousers. She slipped her hand down the front of my pants and discovered my silky pink nylon knickers underneath, but no nappy! "Where are your disposable diaper and plastic baby panties, little girl?" Nanny demanded accusingly.

"You know you have to wear your diapers to Kindy every day, Baby Jennie. You can't be trusted to keep your pants dry. You're a naughty little girl!" My chin dropped and my shoulders drooped in humiliation as she continued to scold me like a disobedient child.

"Nanny was going to change your wet diaper right here and now at Kindy, but since I've discovered you're not wearing your nappies like a good little girl... Well, I think Nanny is going to have to take Baby Jennie home tonight and give her a good hard bottom spanking. Don't you?"

I was so excited and fearful at the same time, I could only squeak out, "Yeth Nanny!" My lisping voice was so strained and high-pitched, I even sounded like a nervous little girl.

"How long till you finish here at Kindy?" Nanny quizzed me with a tight smile.

"In about twenty minutes," came my excited reply. She tried not to laugh at the naked hope shining in my eyes.

"Then I'll see you at home in about thirty minutes," Nanny informed me decisively, just before she turned to walk out.

"Don't you dare be late, Baby Jennie," she warned me, and without a backward glance, closed the door behind her.

Thirty minutes later I parked outside my block of apartments and jumped out of my car. Nanny had decided to do some quick shopping at the supermarket two blocks down the road, and she was walking towards me up the footpath carrying a small plastic bag of groceries. I was so excited to see her, I felt an unexpected hot spurt in my panties, and suddenly a forceful stream of wee-wee was gushing uncontrollably out of my clitty. My body twitched as I tried unsuccessfully to stem the flow, all to no avail. The warm wetness surrounded my genitals and crept around to my bum cheeks, before the amber rivulets began pouring down my legs. In the light of a nearby streetlamp, dark yellow pee stains were clearly visible trailing down the inside of my white pants' legs. Nanny grimaced as she approached me, shaking her head in disgust at the obvious puddle forming around my feet, ready evidence of my disgraceful lack of bladder control.

"Baby Jennie! You're a naughty little girl!" Nanny loudly berated me as she stepped closer. She held me by the hips and turned me this way and that, inspecting the damage to my pants front and back. She seemed oblivious to the half-dozen people who strolled past us on their way home from work. We attracted quite a few stares and the odd titter, but no one paused to ask why I was standing on the footpath wetting my pants like a helpless toddler. With a loud snort of disgust, Nanny grabbed my hand and turned me towards the pathway to our block, urging me on my way with a crisp smack on my warm wet bottom. I left a little trail of wee-wee all the way down the pebblecrete path to the front door, and Nanny made me wipe my feet on the mat for ages before she would let me step inside the apartment block's carpeted stairwell.

As soon as we were inside my flat and the front door safely locked behind us, Nanny released my hand and grabbed me by one ear. I cried out in pain as she dragged me over to the change table. There was a fresh cloth nappy already laid out ready and waiting for me as usual, and Nanny grabbed me by the scruff of the neck and thrust me face-down into the deep pile of soft terrycloth. She reached for the pink leather-covered wooden paddle hanging on the wall and when I tried to undo my pants, she casually smacked my hands away. Nanny knows a paddling always stings more through wet pants.

"Leave those," she commanded icily, tightening her grip on my neck with her left hand.

"You're a naughty little girl, Baby Jennie," she loudly scolded me. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! She began to spank me with quick hard strokes, and within moments my cooling wet bottom felt like it was on fire. I squealed into the fluffy bunched cloth nappies that surrounded my face with the fresh clean scents of laundry powder and fabric softener. My muffled cries rose in volume and pitch as the intensity of the blows increased.

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! "Bad baby!" Nanny snapped angrily.

"You're a dirty, bad little girl, Baby Jennie!" SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! "You know you can't be trusted to keep your pants dry, you disobedient baby!" SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! "That's why if Mummy or Nanny isn't there to look after you, you have to tape yourself into disposable diapers for Kindy every day!" SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! "You need your nappies and baby panties. You're a naughty, dirty little girl!" SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! "A silly useless baby!" SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

My feet started to dance from the pain as I ineffectually tried to wriggle out of her grip. That resulted in a flurry of even harsher blows as Nanny snarled, "Keep still, you bad baby! Stop that wriggling, Baby Jennie!" She delivered another dozen cruel hard swats to my bouncing, jiggling bottom, and I was shrieking in pain by the time she paused and released my neck from her iron grasp.

Before I had time to catch my breath, Nanny grabbed me by the same tender earlobe and dragged me whimpering to my feet. She tossed the paddle aside and hauled me off to the bathroom, with me rapidly rubbing my sore wet bottom every shuffling step of the way. There she briskly removed my wet shoes and socks, accompanied by an unrelenting stream of criticism for my embarrassing infantile behaviour. She proceeded to rip down my smelly wet pants and saturated pink knickers, and then I was made to kneel on the cool tiles before her towering frame.

"Even your top is wet," Nanny complained bitterly as she dragged the smelly pink t-shirt over my bowed head and obediently raised arms. As soon as I was completely naked, she made me crawl over to the empty bathtub and lean over the side with my tender red bottom facing her.

"Oh my! Look at that red bottom, Baby Jennie. And if you don't behave yourself for Nanny, you'll get much worse!" Despite the menacing warning, I could hear the thrill of anticipation in her voice.

"Open those botty cheeks wide for Nanny," she commanded sternly, as I heard her slip on some latex gloves from the box on the vanity.

I knew what was expected of me, and dragged my battered red cheeks shamefully far apart with both hands. My hot face rested on the bottom of cool enamel bath while my thickening clitty was pressed against the cold tiled side. I heard her open the jar of Vaseline, and then she was probing at my delicate exposed rosebud with one greasy gloved finger.

"Open up, Baby Jennie," she ordered sharply, as she poked one thick finger inside my slippery wrinkled bottom-hole.

"Nanny wants to make sure her little girl's bot-bot is nice and clean, before we pin you into your night nappies. Nanny doesn't want to have to clean up any disgusting pooey messes in your nappies later, does she?"

She didn't expect a reply, but I grunted incoherently as she forced another slippery digit inside me, twisting and turning her two fingers around to deeply probe the recesses of my bowels.

"Oh dear," she muttered in dismay.

"There's lots of poo-poos up here, little girl. Why didn't you tell Nanny you needed to sit on the potty?" she demanded.

"I didn't know, Nanny," I gasped in total honesty, as she shoved her two longest fingers in all the way in to the knuckles.

She snorted in apparent disbelief, and I moaned in pain when she mercilessly ripped her splayed fingers out of my tortured anus.

"Get in that tub," she snapped, pointing imperiously with her gloved hand. Without daring to protest I climbed into the empty bathtub, and lay on my left side when Nanny so ordered, with my right knee curled up to my bare chest. In our tub there is a two-metre long, one-centimetre diameter soft flexible hose attached to the faucet, and she greased the end of the hose before turning on the water. In a minute there was a strong warm flow surging out of the tubing, and Nanny took the lubricated end and pointed the forceful stream threateningly at my open greasy hole.

"Open up, baby," she sternly commanded, and then shoved the gurgling hose into my winking lubricated anus. The warm stream quickly filled my lower bowel and started to spray out of my relaxed dilated sphincter, until Nanny snapped angrily; "You squeeze that dirty bottom hole closed, you bad little girl. Go on, squeeze it tight! Like you're trying to stop from doing poo-poos in your panties. That's right, baby. Hold it... Hold it...."

I groaned as the water began to squirt uncontrollably out of my puckered anus, no matter how tightly I clenched my sphincter. Then Nanny ordered me to relax my botty-hole and push, and she ripped out the hose as a flood of brown water and lumps of poop practically exploded out of my bowels. There is no filter in our bath drain, so she simply directed the forceful stream from the hose to steer the dirty mess straight down the plug hole.

"What a dirty baby," she commented acidly as the disgusting brown mess continued to noisily fart out of me.

"A dirty, smelly little girl. Pooh!" she loudly exclaimed in disgust, as a particularly vile fart uncontrollably ripped out from my helplessly dilated botty hole.

Nanny viciously shoved the hose back inside me again, and this time forced it six or seven inches further into my colon. The strong stream of hot water blasted away the impacted stool adhering to the walls of my upper bowels, and she ordered me to clench and hold and clench again, until I whimpered I could take no more. In a few seconds the water was squirting from my constricted anal ring once again, but Nanny made me keep the swirling hose inside me for much longer this time. The spray of water was still brown when she finally allowed me to release it, and there were some tiny brown lumps at the end as well.

"I think we need to use the special tool to clean baby out," decided Nanny with a little leer. She took the seventeen-centimetre long, flexible green latex dildo from the top of the bathroom vanity. It has multiple ridges running the full length, and Nanny grinned lasciviously at me as she greased the floppy pale green tool. It is only about 13 cms in circumference, about the size of a good thick hard cock, so Nanny had no trouble shoving it deeply into my well lubricated, widely-dilated botty-hole.

"Take it, Baby Jennie. Take it all the way," she commanded ruthlessly, as she rammed the full seven inches up my arse, not stopping until the wide round base was pressed hard against my twitching back door.

"That's it. You take it for Nanny like a good baby girl. Ahhhh, that's better!" I grunted as she cruelly violated me, and then she began savagely fucking me with the latex tool. The strokes were hard and fast, and she wriggled and twisted it deep inside my bowels to help dislodge the sticky impacted excrement.

"Nanny has to make sure she gets all the poo-poos out, doesn't she, little girl? That's right, you take it all for Nanny like a good little girl, Baby Jennie," she encouraged me, as she mercilessly pounded my arsehole with the full length of the tool. She finally ripped it out and I groaned as I felt the awful stuff pour out of me, and as soon as the first gush dwindled to a trickle, she slid the streaming hot hose straight back inside my ravaged arsehole. Then she greased up and rammed the dildo inside my bottom as well, and I shuddered at the new sensations flooding my distended colon.

I was made to keep clenching my swollen anus shut even as Nanny relentlessly fucked me with the fat latex tool, but of course I failed to hold my water. As soon as I lost control she yanked the dildo and hose out simultaneously, and this time it felt like there were litres of smelly brown water exploding out of me, accompanied by more disgusting little lumps of poo-poo for Nanny to rinse down the drain. She repeated the procedure several times until I felt sure I was totally cleaned out, but then she insisted on checking for herself.

"Open up, Baby Jennie. Open up so Nanny can check that there's no more nasty smelly poo-poos hiding inside that naughty bottom." I felt her greasy gloved fingers probing my ravaged arsehole again, and I lay there whimpering in limp defeat as she violated me afresh.

"Open wider, little girl. Ahhh, that's better!" This time she shoved four greasy fingers inside my slippery open rosebud, and I grunted as she probed as deeply as she could with the palm of her hand, all the way to the base of her thumb.

I shuddered uncontrollably as she twisted her whole hand around inside me, checking every nook and cranny she could reach. Finally she decided I was sufficiently cleaned out, and ripped her hand out before helping me to shakily stand. I was assisted out of the tub and pushed under a wonderful hot shower, and ordered to wash myself all over while Nanny stood by and closely supervised. In a few short minutes she dragged me from the relaxing hot stream and brusquely towelled me dry.

"Out to the change table, little girl," Nanny ordered sharply, sending me on my way with a crisp smack on my damp red bottom. I quickly toddled out to the change table and lay on my back on the soft cloth nappies waiting for me there. Nanny pushed my ankles high into the air and placed two disposable lint liners in the crotch of my nappy.

"Just in case, baby," she muttered cautiously, accompanied by a look full of dire warning. She powdered my raised bottom and between my legs, and smoothed it in over my sensitive hairless skin before lowering my ankles to the padded table. She then poured a handful of talc over my baby-smooth crotch and thickening erection.

She smiled at this ready evidence of my arousal as she rubbed in the powder, and then drew the front flap of my nappy firmly over my growing stiffy.

"Oh look!" she exclaimed with a pleased smile, pointing to the adorable picture of Pooh Bear embroidered on the front of my terrycloth nappy.

"How cute!" Pulling one side flap around to the front, she pinned my nappy once on that side first, then double-pinned the other side. Nanny makes sure there are two big pink pins securing each flap of my tight nappy before sliding the frosty plastic pilchers up my silky-smooth legs, and then she carefully tucked them in. She covered these with some thicker transparent yellow vinyl baby panties, (from 'Diaper Connection') but even through both pairs, you could still see the distinct shape of the Pooh Bear embroidery on the front of my bulging nappies.

Nanny dressed me in my slinky pastel-yellow nylon babydoll nightie to match my pretty baby panties, and then slipped some lacy white anklet socks on my feet. She instructed me to buckle on my white leather Maryjanes, and then clipped my new white terry bib around my neck. Mummy made it for me only last week, and it is large enough to cover my whole nightie front in case of accidents. It also has an elaborate pink lace frill edging, and the words; 'Mummy's Little Nappy Wetter' embroidered across the breast in big pink silk letters 4 cm high. Then Nanny clipped the plastic chain holding my pacifier to the narrower white Broderie Anglaise lace frill adorning the collar of my bib.

Nanny made me crawl over to the lounge where she sat down, and ordered me to sit on my pink toddler's stool with my back to her. She brushed back my shoulder-length hair for about five luxurious minutes, and then parted it in the middle. She gathered each side into a high floppy pigtail she bound first with a yellow elastic hair tie, and then some frilly ribbons ties festooned with pink and yellow chiffon strips. Nanny made sure my pigtails were even and my hair ribbons fluffed out attractively, before she carefully licked the nipple and guard of my baby soother, making sure my dum-dums was positively dripping with her saliva. She pressed the drool-covered Nuk no. 4 dummy between my pouting lips, already open in greedy expectation, and I gratefully sucked on the sloppy adult-sized pacifier. Then I was instructed to waddle into the kitchen and start preparing our dinner.

I had a Thai stir-fry ready in less than half an hour, and Nanny prepared several delicious baby bottles for me to drink. I happily guzzled the first two - a weak mixture of Southern Comfort and diet coke - before I finished serving our meals. When I brought out our plates, Nanny had my white wooden highchair set up ready and waiting. I love my big baby highchair, as it has cute pictures of Barbie all over it. I smiled with joy as Nanny helped me clamber up onto the high pink padded seat and then buckled me in with the pink leather crotch and waist belts. As she fussed with the buckle behind the chair and pulled the waist belt tighter, my compressed bladder suddenly released. I relaxed completely and enjoyed the hot stream surging uncontrollably out of my clitty, filling my thirsty nappies with comforting warmth.

When I was securely buckled in, Nanny inserted the highchair tray and locked it in place. She began to mix up the hot rice and chicken concoction in my baby bowl, and I spat out my dummy and opened my mouth wide in expectation, dribbling a stream of warm drool down my chin and all over my bib in anticipation. Nanny chuckled at my infantile ways as she checked the temperature of the food on her lips, and then wiped the excess saliva from my lips and chin with my bib.

"What a dribble-puss," she chortled, as she shovelled a heaped spoonful into my grinning gaping mouth.

Sometimes Nanny doesn't quite manage to get the spoon all the way in my mouth properly. After a few minutes, she was laughing as she scraped bits of chicken and rice from my grubby chin with the spoon.

"What a messy baby girl you are, Baby Jennie," she chuckled derisively.

"It's a good thing that new bib is so big," she commented cheerily, as she watched morsels of food slide unheeded down my chest, some bits bouncing off my frilly bib to spill onto the shiny wooden tray.

Nanny spoon-fed me most of my delicious meal, before handing me the pink spoon and telling me to try feeding myself. She carefully observed my first few clumsy attempts and encouraged me to continue in syrupy baby talk, laughing at the fresh smears of food I accidentally spilled over my face and bib. When I seemed to get the hang of it, she left me to attend to her own repast. We sat there in companionable silence for a few minutes as we enjoyed our dinner, and I contentedly washed down my meal with the fresh bottle Nanny handed me.

After Nanny took my empty plate away, she returned with a warm wet wash cloth. She wiped the bigger lumps from my messy face with the soiled bib first, and then unclipped it from around my neck. I whimpered in discomfort as she firmly scrubbed my face clean with the warm washer, but Nanny just told me, "Stop sooking, Baby Jennie! Don't be such a silly cry-baby!" she chastised me, and then she scoured my grubby hands, too. It took her ages to wipe the highchair tray completely clean, and she scolded me afresh for being such a messy eater. When she was satisfied both the tray and I were shining clean, she clipped my dummy chain to my nightie collar. After wetting it thoroughly with her glistening pink tongue, she forced the dripping latex teat between my lips to silence my whinging.

I had to sit locked in my highchair for quite a while 'to let my tummy settle' before Nanny would agree to let me out. I enthusiastically held up my arms when Nanny cooed, "Reach for the sky, Baby Jennie," as she unlocked and carefully removed the tray. Then she unbuckled the seat belt and removed it, and then gave me a loving cuddle. She pressed my pink, freshly-scrubbed face to her full bosom, and rubbed and patted my back until I produced a lusty burp.

"Good girl, good baby girl!" Nanny soundly praised me as I belched uncontrollably, before she helped me to clamber down to my knees.

She left me kneeling beside the highchair and walked into the kitchen to prepare a fresh bottle for me. In a minute she returned and beckoned to me from the doorway with a wave of her hand.

"Crawl over here, baby," she ordered, crooking her finger at me, and I obediently scuttled over to Nanny on all fours. As I crawled like a baby I began to pee-pee again, the fresh hot stream warming my wet nappies delightfully around my genitals.

Before I could reach for the pink baby bottle she was holding, she shoved the nipple between my lips. I was made to remain there crouched submissively on my hands and knees as Nanny held my bottle for me. I suckled noisily as I continued to wet my nappy, and Nanny tilted the bottle higher until I was forced to raise my head and peer up at her imperious domineering gaze.

"I love this!" She cried, and chortled at my timid submissive expression.

"I feel so dominant feeding you your bottle like this!"

I couldn't reply with the dripping nipple still filling my mouth, and continued to meekly suckle down my drink as Nanny held my bottle for me as though I really was a helpless infant. She made me stay like that until I had drained most of the bottle, and then there was an unexpected muffled rippling noise from inside my baby panties.

"Baby Jennie!" Nanny exclaimed in mock-alarm.

"What was that noise? I hope you haven't poo-pooed your nappies, little girl."

I thought it was just wind and a trickle of water escaping from my slackened anal sphincter, but it felt... slippery. Not like a poo-poo exactly, more like a sloppy fart. But then there was another uncontrollable hot rush from my ravaged lubricated botty-hole, and some big firm lumps pressed my tender cheeks apart. I was wetting and pooping my nappy while I knelt there on all fours in front of Nanny, drinking from the baby bottle she held for me. I felt like an absolute baby!

I blushed bright red with embarrassment and knelt up to take my bottle when Nanny icily commanded, "Hold your own bottle, little girl, and keep sucking. Nanny better have a look inside that nappy." She stepped behind me and raised the back of my slinky yellow nightie, then pulled away the tight elastic waistband of my baby panties so she could peer down the back of my damp soiled nappy.

"Pooh! It certainly smells like you've dirtied your diaper, but Nanny better take it off and check for sure," she decided. My only reply was the sound of air sucking back in through the teat as I drained the bottle, so Nanny took it from my hands and tossed the empty bottle on the highchair seat. She popped my dummy back in my mouth and I sucked on it for comfort, the soothing rhythm an opiate for my anxiety.

Nanny Elisabeth ordered me to crawl over to the change table, and she helped me to climb up and lie on my back. The cool padded vinyl surface was covered with a big pale pink towel, and I stared up at the slender red nylon straps dangling from the ceiling above my feet as Nanny took her position at the foot of the change table.

"Lift your nightie up out of the way, baby." She smiled grimly as I obediently pulled the lace-edged hem of my slinky yellow babydoll gown up under my chin and lifted my bottom without being asked, and she rucked the back of my nightie up out of harm's way.

"Good girl," she praised me, before pulling down my crackling yellow baby panties. She slipped my white Maryjanes from my feet but left my lacy anklet socks in place, and the thick vinyl panties slithered easily over my obediently pointed toes.

Nanny drew the waistband of the inner plastic panties down a few centimetres and paused. She turned her stern gaze on me and I cowered and quaked as she loudly scolded me.

"You're wet, too, Baby Jennie! Very wet! You naughty girl, you should have told Nanny you badly needed a nappy change. Bad baby! Bad little girl!" I quaked under her harsh rebukes as she ripped the thin frosty pilchers down my legs and away, dumping them in the nappy bucket under the change table. She clucked her tongue reprovingly as she unpinned my wet nappy, and she placed the big pink pins on the handy shelf above the change table, before lowering the soggy front of my diaper with a flourish.

"Oh Baby Jennie!" Nanny loudly exclaimed in horror, the disgust clearly evident in her voice.

"And after all that trouble Nanny went to, trying to help Baby Jennie be a clean little girl. And what does she do?" she asked rhetorically, as she picked up the pink leather ankle cuffs from the plastic tub under the table, and slipped them under my legs.

"Poops in her nappies like a great big baby straight away!" she declared theatrically, as I turned my face away in shame.

"You're a naughty, bad little girl! And Nanny is going to have to punish you, baby."

Even as she was chastising me she was fastening the Velcro seals of the cuffs around my ankles, securing the buckles, and in a few seconds she was hauling on the red straps looped through the carabineers. The pink aluminium carabineers were attached to two ringbolts bolted to the ceiling a metre apart above the foot of the table. I whimpered around my dum-dums as both feet suddenly shot into the air, and my torso inexorably slid down the change table towards her, the higher she raised my ankles.

When she had both feet about a metre or so above the table, she easily drew the dirty wet nappy from under my conveniently raised bottom. The soiled nappy liners she folded inside the soggy toddler's disposable diaper which is used as a soaker pad between the two layers of my thick nappies. The cloth nappy underneath was only slightly poop-stained, but Nanny muttered threateningly as she dumped them in the nappy bucket and loudly slammed the lid closed.

While I anxiously waited with my ankles aloft and my knees flopping apart, Nanny placed the carefully folded and taped used disposable diaper into a plastic deodorised nappy sack, and then tossed that in the lined bin beside the change table. She grabbed my hips and dragged me further down towards the end of the change table, so my damp dirty bottom was actually hanging out over the edge.

She spread out the washable vinyl-backed pink bathmat on the floor below my dangling posterior, muttering, "Just in case there are any more nasty 'accidents,' little girl." Nanny shook her head and clucked her tongue in annoyance as she scrubbed my poopy bottom with the cool moist baby wipes, and when she was sure I was clean back there, she attended to my front. She carefully wiped away every trace of urine-stained powder until I smelled all fresh and clean again, and she gave me a grim smile as I began to fully erect under her gentle caresses.

"There! All fresh and clean like a good little girl should be." She paused and reached for the gloves on the shelf, and slowly slipped a lurid purple latex glove on each hand, to the accompaniment of many menacing popping and snapping sounds. Then she unrolled and ripped free a few sheets of paper towels from the dispenser hanging from the shelf, and carefully placed the folded sheets on top of the towel under my elevated rear.

"But you're not a good little girl, are you Baby Jennie?" She didn't seem to expect an answer, so I sucked harder on my dummy and watched her warily as she reached for the tub of Vaseline on the shelf.

She greased up all the fingers of her gloved left hand as she reprimanded me like a disappointed mother.

"No, Baby Jennie is a naughty little girl who likes to wet her pants in public," she sighed regretfully, answering her own question and shaking her head in sorrow.

"She's a naughty little girl who refuses to grow up. Baby Jennie is a bad little baby who still likes to wee and poo-poo in her nappies!" I whimpered as she shoved two thick slippery fingers all the way inside my flaccid sphincter, not stopping till her knuckles were relentlessly pressing against my ravaged rosebud.

"Is there any more poo-poos up here, little girl?" she demanded, sliding her wriggling fat fingers almost all the way out, and then adding a third as she rammed them back home.

I grunted at the forceful invasion and shook my head mutely in denial, but Nanny ignored me and kept probing, adding a fourth digit in her diligent search for more poo-poos.

"What a dirty little girl you are!" Nanny roundly chastised me as she mercilessly frigged my dilated hole with all her fingers and then her whole palm, watching with interest as my stiff clitty began to twitch and throb from the effects of this perverted onslaught. I unconsciously let out a moan of disappointment when Nanny pulled her hand from my bowels, and she gave a hollow laugh at my sluttish wanton display. She reached for the bottle of lubricant on the shelf, and thankfully poured a couple of drops on the pulsating shaft of my clitty. Then she used a handful of lube to coat the whole of her left glove, all the way to her shiny purple wrist.

"You can have a little play with your clitty while Nanny checks inside your bot-bot for poo-poos, baby," she instructed me with an indulgent grin.

"I know how much it excites my little girl to have Nanny inside her like this." This time she slammed four slippery fingers straight inside me, and I groaned with pleasure/pain as I gratefully reached for my throbbing clitty.

"That's right, baby," she purred, as I stroked myself in time to her slow savage thrusts.

"My little girl loves it so much..."

I moaned with arousal and excitedly thrust my greedy bottom back against her pleasuring fingers as much as the ankle restraints would allow me.

"Open up, baby girl. Open up wide for Nanny, Baby Jennie. Open up!," she commanded forcefully, and then I felt her thumb pressing against my tender dilated hole. She wiggled the tip of her thumb inside me and I gasped as she stretched my rosebud painfully wide, forcing me to open myself to her like the dirty little slut I truly am.

"Open up! Open up wide, Baby Jennie!" My wonderful domineering Nanny snarled at me from between my wide-splayed thighs, and she leaned her considerable weight forward and shoved the widest part of her hand inside my writhing red hole.

"Open up and take it, you dirty bad baby!" I shrieked around my dummy as her whole hand slipped inside my greasy back door, until my anal sphincter was clutching desperately for the minor relative relief of her thinner wrist.

"Oh yes, Baby Jennie!" she gloated, grinning maniacally as she dominated me.

"It's all the way in, baby. All the way up to Nanny's wrist." She clenched her hand inside my bowels and then tugged her arm back, till the widest part of her fist pressed against my sphincter from the inside. It was like the biggest poo in the world was trapped inside me trying desperately to come out.

I pressed down with my tummy muscles and tried to poo out her fist, but my wonderful sadistic Nanny had other ideas.

"Ah-ah-ah!" she admonished me, and I moaned as she simply shoved her fist in a little deeper.

"This isn't coming out until Nanny says so, baby," she informed me with a wicked grin, and then she began to slide and twist her thick forearm in and out of my hopelessly dilated arsehole.

"That's right. Oh yes, take it... You just take it, baby. Take it like the dirty little girl I know you are," she cajoled me in soothing motherly tones.

"Open up that naughty hole wider for Nanny, Baby Jennie," she commanded softly, and I spread my knees wider and lifted my greedy bottom in anticipation.

"Oh yes! That's it, baby. Ohh, you love it! Look at you, you dirty bitch! You love taking it up the arse, don't you? You bad little girl. Such a dirty bad baby you are... Open up! Show Nanny how much you want it... How much you need it... Open upppp....." I felt myself relaxing and opening under the spell of her hypnotic commands, and her hand slid another centimetre inside my bowels. I felt so helpless and open and vulnerable and... feminine, as she took me this way!

"Oh yes, baby. You love it! You love it up the arse so much..." She began to slide her whole forearm in and out, probing deeper inside me than she had ever gone before, and then drawing back till her thick fist was pressing against my tortured sphincter. She slowly began to increase the pace, crooning to me that I was her helpless little girl as I writhed and bucked with pleasure in my restraints.

Soon her arm was ramming in and out of me like a piston as she assured me; "I'm fucking you, Baby Jennie. Nanny is fist-fucking her little girl, and you're taking it so well! Just like a dirty little girl should. You love it up the arse so much, don't you, little girl? You love it when Nanny fists you, don't you?"

"Oh Nanny! Yeth Nanny! Ohhh Nanny!" I squealed around my dummy, my hand a blur on my clitty as I furiously stroked myself.


"Yes Baby Jennie? What is it, my dirty, bad little girl?" Nanny demanded sharply.

"Oh Nanny! Nanny! I have to do a cummie!" I shrieked like an excited little girl, my whole body a mass of pleasurable sensations focused around my clitty and my anus.

But to my alarm Nanny warned me; "Not yet! Don't you do a cummie yet- Oh Baby Jennie!" Her tone was reproachful as spurt after spurt of cum jetted uncontrollably out of my twitching clitty, spraying over my tummy and crotch. My anal sphincter contracted spastically around her forearm as the orgasm washed over me, but she resolutely held her fist in place as my bowels forcefully contracted with each pulsating jet, trying to simultaneously expel the embedded anal intruder.

My efforts to reject her arm were in vain however, and when the mind-bending climax began to subside, I became acutely aware of how deeply Nanny's fist was buried inside my tortured bowels. I whimpered in pain as she began to slowly withdraw her arm, but she reassured me with calm soothing words.

"It's alright, Baby Jennie," she crooned, "Nanny is right here, baby. Nanny will help her poor helpless baby to do a big poo-poo. This is how Nanny teaches her special little girls to use the potty. Now I want you to try and push my arm out, baby. Push down with your tummy muscles for Nanny, baby girl. Just like when you do a lovely big poo-poo in your nappies. You love to do great big hot squishy poo-poos in your nappies, don't you Baby Jennie?" She grinned knowingly at my guilty expression as I began to grunt band bear down. But no matter how urgently I wanted her out of me, Nanny was definitely in charge.

"No, no, baby," she cautioned me, "don't push too hard. Just let it flow out naturally, like a lovely big poo-poo in your nappy." I relaxed my tortured bowel muscles and she slid her arm out a little at a time, till my anal sphincter desperately clutched at the more slender section of her wrist.

"See? This is how big girls are supposed to do poo-poos on the potty," Nanny chattily informed me, as her clenched fist rested immovably against the inside of my ravaged sphincter. I was panting with the unnatural effort of trying to control my bowel movement like a big girl.

"Now I want you to give a great big push with your botty hole, baby girl. Like you're doing hot smelly poo-poos in your nappy, the way you love to do it. Only this time I want you to pretend you're on the potty, trying to do a big poo-poo for Nanny on the potty like a big girl. Push, Baby Jennie. That's right.... Good girl! Oh what a good little girl for Nanny!"

I moaned and shuddered in ecstasy as her greasy gloved hand flopped noisily out of my violated hole, trickles of lubricant dribbling unheeded from my helplessly dilated anus. I lay there moaning incoherently and trembling uncontrollably as Nanny peeled off the soiled glove, wiped her forearm clean, and disposed of the stained paper towels under my twitching bottom. I didn't notice her replacing the glove, and was only dimly aware as she wiped away the sticky traces of cum from my tummy and around my shrivelling clitty.

But her soft touch was wonderfully arousing as she stroked the length of my shrinking shaft with the cool moist baby wipes. I found my clitty starting to thicken again and moaned with pleasure, despite the harsh words that followed as she wiped my chest and tummy.

"Just look at all this mess that Nanny has to clean up." Her strokes with the baby wipes became firmer as she wiped me more vigorously, but my clitty continued to harden regardless.

"Nanny warned you not to make a mess, Baby Jennie, and look what you did! What a naughty, bad little girl!" I thought she was going to clean my messy rosebud as well, so when she parted my botty cheeks with her fingers, I spread my thighs as wide as I could and raised and opened my bottom to assist her. It was quite easy with my ankles still suspended wide apart from the ceiling.

But Nanny took advantage of my childish gullibility, and used the opportunity to ram home one of the big butt-plugs she found sitting on the shelf above the change table. She had greased the thick latex plug in readiness, and after having almost her whole forearm inside my bot-bot, it was easy for Nanny to slam the fat plug all the way home. I squealed in alarm around my dum-dums as my tortured anus clenched around the narrower bottle neck, effectively drawing the fifteen-centimetre plug all the way inside me, until the flat base rested against my raw red hole.

"You keep that inside your bottom!" she thundered in warning, as she reached for the punishment paddle.

"Yes, it's a poo-poo plug, you bad girl. After the way you messed your nappies tonight, you dirty disgraceful child, Nanny doesn't trust you." SMACK! She slammed the hard paddle against my upturned bottom, right over the base of the poo-poo plug, and I squealed in pleasure/pain as the blow rammed the long thick plug even deeper. SMACK! SMACK! "Keep it up there, Baby Jennie. You're a dirty, bad baby." SMACK! SMACK! "Wetting your pants like a two-year-old..." SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! "Pooping in your nappies like a great big baby..." SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! "Making messes all over the place when Nanny tells you not to do cummies..."

I was expecting another flurry of blows, but there was a pause as Nanny hung up the paddle. She smiled with sadistic glee as she reached for the sixty-centimetre long pink leather strap hanging from the wall. She grasped the wooden handle and stepped back to give herself room to swing. I sucked harder on my dummy as she slid the tip of the leather strap across one red cheek, lining up her target. WHACK! I squealed in pain and bucked my hips in agony as a 5 cm wide band of fire was branded across my bottom. The fat poo-poo plug blasted uncontrollably from my greasy anus as my bowels spastically contracted in shock.

"Oh you dirty, disobedient baby! I thought I warned you to keep that poo-poo plug inside you?" Nanny shrilly demanded. She carefully picked up the expelled butt plug lying on the mat at the foot of the change table, and dropped it in the nappy bucket with a grimace of distaste.

"It looks like Nanny will have to use the retention belt," she decided grimly. 'The Retention Belt' is a five-centimetre wide clear thick plastic waist belt that buckles in the back. It has five metal loops riveted to the front about ten centimetres apart, and from the back buckle dangles a long thin leather strap with a big red rubber ball hanging in the middle.

With my back and bottom conveniently raised, it was easy for Nanny to fasten the belt around my waist. She pulled it as tight as she could before securing the buckle in the small of my back, and then wriggled it around with difficulty until the dangling leather strap was lying on the table exactly in the middle between my bound raised legs.

"There," she grunted in satisfaction as she gave it a last tug into place.

She took the pink leather wrist cuffs and buckled them on me, too, and then locked the cuffs to the outside rings on my waist belt.

"Nanny doesn't want her little girl getting her hands in the way, now does she?" she asked with a sly grin. The restraints kept my hands far enough apart that I could not touch my fingers together, and there was no way I could reach down to protect my sore red bottom. I could however, reach my stiffening clitty, which was snaking up my tummy towards my greasy grip even as Nanny stepped threateningly between my legs again.

"Since you didn't seem to like that poo-poo plug, Nanny will just have to use a bigger one," she said conversationally, as if she were talking about the weather. She held up the massive green butt-plug as she smeared first Vaseline then lubricant on the glistening fat tool. This plug is a monster! Fully twenty centimetres long and with a narrow rounded tip, it has three indentations between increasingly thicker bulges, the widest being almost 22 cm in circumference, before narrowing (!) to a 15 cm round bottle neck, with a wider flat, rounded concave base flaring out below.

Nanny grinned lasciviously at me as she pointed the tip of the huge latex plug at my ravaged rosebud.

"Now you open up wide for Nanny, you naughty little girl," she cautioned me, and then eased the greasy tip inside me. The first two bulges were smaller than the widest part of the previous plug, but when she reached the fatter third bulge, my abused sphincter tried to refuse her entrance.

"Open up baby," she grunted, and I felt my anus being stretched mercilessly wide as she relentlessly forced her way in. With my wrists bound at my waist and my ankles shackled to the ceiling, there was no way I could resist her evil advances. I squealed around my dum-dums like a terrified schoolgirl as she rammed the poo-poo plug all the way inside me, my anal muscles wrapping tightly around the slightly narrower bottle neck in a desperate search for relief.

Nanny ran her slippery open palm over the round base of the plug and between my wide spread botty cheeks, making sure it was deeply entrenched in my colon.

"Ah, that's better," she cooed happily, as she gave the round base a couple of playful swats with her gloved hand, making me jiggle and squeal delightfully.

"And just to make sure this poo-poo plug doesn't come out, Nanny is going to strap it in." The dangling leather strap of the T-belt was raised between my gaping botty cheeks, and Nanny centred the big rubber ball right over the concave base of the butt-plug. The bottom part of the strap is divided in two, and each piece was drawn up either side of my scrotum. The straps attach to two of the remaining metal loops on the front of my plastic restraining belt with little brass locks, so there was no way I could remove them.

Nanny pulled each strap through one of the metal loops in turn and drew it tight, till the rubber ball pressed the huge poo-poo plug even deeper inside my bottom. She smiled down at my tortured expression with sadistic delight as she clicked the tiny brass locks into place, then gave the big rubber ball a playful wiggle and pressed it hard against the base of the green plug. I shrieked around my dummy as the wide base of the plug tried to slide inside me too, making Nanny grin with pleasure. Then she stepped back and took up the leather strap again with relish. WHACK! I squealed in pain around my pacifier and tried to wriggle away, but there was no escape. WHACK! WHACK! "Now you'll keep that poo-poo plug in," she declared with finality, and then lashed me across the bottom with renewed vigour. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!

"Bad baby!" WHACK! "What a dirty, pooey baby!" WHACK! "Nanny might leave that plug in all night tonight, just to teach Baby Jennie a lesson." WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! She delivered about a dozen harsh blows to my already punished bottom, each one a fresh burning brand of pain 5 cm wide. Despite the pain - or perhaps because of it - my clitty was fully erect again, and the swollen sensitive head seemed to slide naturally into my slippery hand as I writhed and cried out. I thought my punishment was over when Nanny halted, but she merely paused to swap sides. A few moments later a fresh hail of blows rained down on my perfectly presented rear, my red cheeks slowly turning purple under the vicious assault.

Some of the blows landed directly on the big rubber ball poking out from between my helplessly spread cheeks, and these simply slammed the plug in further. My bowels contracted desperately in an effort to repel the anal invader, but the restraining belt was too secure. I could only manage to force the butt-plug out a centimetre, before Nanny belted it back in with the hard black strap. It was like she was fucking me as she punished me with the vicious leather instrument! I rubbed my clitty even as I shrieked in pain and wriggled fruitlessly to avoid the blows.

There was a sudden deafening silence as the punishment ceased, and then Nanny loomed threateningly over me between my wide spread knees.

"Still playing with yourself, I see," she fumed, as she pushed the rubber ball along the strap up under my ball sack, to give herself an unobstructed shot at my bottom.

"You disgusting, disgraceful little girl!" She made sure the huge poo-poo plug was still solidly lodged inside me and the retention strap was pressed deeply into the crease between my bruised botty cheeks. Nanny hung the leather strap on the hook provided on the wall, and reached for one of the long willow canes sticking out of the tall wicker basket in the corner.

"I'll teach you to disobey me," she growled, as she took a few experimental swings with the cane. The menacing 'swish-swish-swish!' was music to my masochistic ears.

"This is for cumming without permission," she calmly informed me as she took aim at my purple bruised bottom. WHICK! I cried out in alarm as the thin supple cane cut deeply across my raised rear end, wrapping around both cheeks from the strength of the blow. Suddenly the purple expanse of tender flesh was marked by a narrow red stripe that traversed both cheeks. Pain exploded in my head and I threw myself around like a man possessed, trying to thrash away from the intense pain in my rear. But Nanny simply held one of my legs to better secure me, and began to assault my bottom in earnest.

"Dirty girl!" WHICK! "Bad Baby Jennie!" WHICK! "What a naughty, disobedient girl!" WHICK! WHICK! "Can't keep her hands out of her nappies," WHICK! WHICK! WHICK! "so Nanny has to teach her a lesson." WHICK! WHICK! WHICK!

"You're a dirty bad baby, Baby Jennie. What are you?" she demanded. Like a truculent toddler I refused to answer her and continued to furiously masturbate. So Nanny simply strode to the other side of the change table and took aim with the cane again.

"You're a dirty bad baby." WHICK! WHICK! Tell Nanny what you are, little girl," she ruthlessly insisted. WHICK! WHICK! WHICK! When I refused to respond, the willow cane struck again and again and again. WHICK! WHICK! WHICK! WHICK! WHICK! WHICK! I screamed as I began to climax again, and Nanny sliced into my thrashing bottom with renewed passion.

Finally my will was broken and like a penitent child, I sobbed, "I'm a dirty bad baby, Nanny. Ow! I'm a dirty bad baby!" She gave me a solid thrashing, continuing to cane my rear until she was sure I had learned my lesson.

"Ow! Oh Nanny! Ow! Ow! Oh Nanny, I'm sorry! I'm sorry I was a bad girl. Oh Nanny...Aieee!" I was sobbing around the dummy clenched between my teeth by the time Nanny discarded the cane and lowered my ankles almost to the table.

She slid the ball down the strap under the base of the plug again, and gave it a vicious shove to make sure it was centred properly. But the only response I could muster was a muted whimper of pain around my dummy. She left my ankles dangling from the straps while she wiped up the remains of my cum, and then she scrubbed away the remaining traces of lubricant from around my beaten bottom. After she finished wiping my hot striped bottom cheeks with the soothing cool baby wipes, she held one up to show me the drops of blood. Her caning had been so vicious, she had broken the skin.

"That's a very sore looking bottom, Baby Jennie," she commented with a pleased smile.

"Purple bruising all over both cheeks, and dozens of lovely red welts that are sure to last for several days, at least. Maybe even for a week," she decided professionally, gently fingering the tender raised welts.

"Is Mummy or one of your Aunties looking after you this week or next weekend?" she asked, and gave a shark-like smile when I nodded.

"Well you make sure you fully explain to them why you have all those nasty bruises and marks on your bottom, little girl. You tell them exactly what you did to require such a harsh punishment, Baby Jennie. I'll be talking to Aunty Maria and Mummy and Nanny Penne later, you know, and I'll ask all of them," she cautioned me.

My eyes widened in alarm as I realised I would have to confess my misdeeds to whomever changed my nappies in the next seven days. I would have to tell them that I had wet my pants on the way home from Kindy, and I had pooped in my nappies in front of Nanny Elisabeth like a helpless baby My cheeks grew warm as I thought of the potential embarrassment that might entail.

It took only a few moments to slide a clean nappy under my glowing purple bottom, and after Nanny finished powdering me front and back, she unfastened the Velcro cuffs from my ankles. My wrists were released from the waist belt and then Nanny pushed my body up along the table so I could rest my feet. She pinned a soft fresh nappy tightly around me and covered that with some clean frosty pilchers, followed by my yellow vinyl baby panties over the top.

"Nanny has to go soon, little girl," she informed me as she helped me to sit up. That action caused the huge plug to wedge itself just a little deeper inside my tortured anus, and I grunted and grimaced in pain. She eyed me speculatively and straightened the hem of my babydoll nightie as she warned me; "That poo-poo plug had better stay in all night, little girl. If Nanny hears you have taken it out before morning, you'll be in big trouble! Understand, Baby Jennie?" She smiled thinly as I rapidly nodded my head, sucking earnestly on my dum-dums. All too soon Nanny had her handbag packed and collected her shopping, ready to depart.

I threw my arms around her waist and hugged her tightly, and thanked her profusely for taking such good care of me and disciplining me so well.

"That's alright, Baby Jennie," she smiled in return.

"I had a lovely time tonight, too. I'd stay longer if I didn't have to work so early in the morning." I gave a disappointed moue and she laughed.

"Perhaps Baby Jennie would like me to come and babysit her again next week. Would you like that, little girl"

"Oh yeth pleathe, Nanny," I enthusiastically agreed, and we made plans to meet the following Thursday evening. I gave Nanny Elisabeth a kiss and another hug, and she was on her way.

As soon as my wonderful Nanny departed I sat down and started writing, wincing at the pain coming from my bruised welted bottom cheeks. I only managed to endure the poo-poo plug for another hour, before I unbuckled the restraint belt and allowed the huge monster to thankfully slide out of my ravaged anus, before I could sit down and resume typing. I hope Nanny Elisabeth doesn't find out! Um-arrrrr!

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