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A Traveling salesmen finds a home!

My name is Jeff, and after my parents died my freshmen year in college I threw myself into school and was able to finish a year early at the age of twenty. With my parent's house gone and some money from their estate (75K to be exact) I took a job as salesmen for a company that sells surgical instruments to family practice Doctors right after graduation. My company gave me New Hampshire , Maine & Vermont as a sales territory! Of course living the Midwest I had to move so I packed up my dad's Tahoe and headed for New Hampshire . I decided to stay at a motel that charged by the week until I decided as to where I would like to live.

That was a year and a half ago so, today is my first day back to work from a medical leave. I had to have gallbladder surgery and was out for over month because I have developed IBS (Irritable Bowel syndrome) which is causing me a lot of problems. My Boss just called and told me that he was flying in to see me and whenever I stress out, it means lots of trips to the potty! My IBS acts up when I eat fatty foods, if I don't drink a lot or when I'm stressed out! Like today! Yesterday I had all kinds of things to get done so, I stopped a McD's for lunch and within 10 minutes I needed to poop badly! I thought I would try to fart but, that only resulted in me soiling my underwear! My Doctors prescribed a pill but, it requires me to drink water excessively and I wet the bed that night! So, woe is me!

Today's meeting with my boss didn't go well at all! He let me go, saying: that I wasn't cut out to be in sales! He did give me a decent severance package surprisingly! They are going to pay me until the end of the year and since it is only the September 1st, I think it was a good deal. Well, tonight I was going to have dinner with a Doctor and his family who I have befriended over the past year and half. So, I called him and explained to him what happen and he almost forced me to come to dinner anyways because I needed to be cheered up! The Doctor lives in the middle of no where New Hampshire so, I packed up my motel room and thought I would get a place closer to his house for the night and over the weekend figure out what to do next. Of course, with my nerves all charge up, I must have pooped at least 11 times today and my butt is so sore that I only wipe once! This of course, leaves skid marks the size of a truck tire! I was down to my last clean pair as well! I hope I am not in accident or my mother will turn over in her grave!

Dinner went well, I met the Doc's wife she is very attractive for full figured women! She isn't fat just a little on the tall side, like the Doc. The Doc's daughter is my age but, she was in a real bad accident and has the mind of a 4 or 5 year old! The Doc (Which is what he likes to be called) and Mom (as his wife told me to call her) decide that treating their daughter as a 4 or 5 year old was the best thing as not to get their hopes up! Mom, from my point of view is that real motherly type. The one who would have babies around until she dies! She what I wished my mother was! Don't get me wrong I loved my mother but, she wanted me to grow-up as fast as I could and even pushed me too! I think that why they only had me! I have always had a thing for babies and diaper but, never acted on it or understood why but, seeing the way they treated Patty and they way she is dressed, her room and her toys made me feel kind of funny! Well, the night was getting late and after a conversation about my IBS (Which I wished I had talked about) I decided it was time to leave. The Doc asked where I was staying and I told him I was going to find a motel somewhere! Both he and mom insisted that I stay with them! This lead into another conversation as to my future as well, I decide to spend the night in their guest room and before I went to bed mom asked me if I had a pair of clean underwear because, she could see a poop stain on the seat of my pants! I told her, that I didn't because I need to do laundry! She told me to go get my laundry while she goes and gets me some clean panties (as she called them)!

When I got back to the room there was a pair of very childish thick cotton, no opening on the front and baby blue with bears on them panties sitting on the bed. As embarrassing as they were I wanted to wear them badly! Mom came up behind me and said; that they were Patty's panties as she still isn't fully potty trained and Doc's would be to big... Next, she gave a pair of Patty's pj's and told me that in her house children wear pj's. With that, she took my dirty cloths and left. When I climbed into bed I heard the distinct sounds of a plastic sheet and between the very childish panties and childish pj's I was beside myself with all kinds of feelings! I took me a while but, after a quick release I fell a sleep! Some were in the middle of the night I must have had an accident because when I woke - up I could feel it in the seat of my pants! Mom and Patty came knocking right about the same time and I was requested downstairs for breakfast. I got up and looked in the mirror and in my panties only to find out it wasn't too bad nor did it go through these really thick panties. I decided to just head down and ask mom for a clean pair after breakfast. After Breakfast thou, the Doc and Mom wanted to talk to me about my living arrangements. Stay tuned!

After breakfast Patty was sent into the family room to watch TV while the Daddy & Mommy talked with me. The Doc started off by saying that a great deal of my IBS is because of stress and that I need to learn how to deal with stress other than through my system or, my IBS will only get worse. Therefore, both mom and him think that I should live with them for while so, that I don't have to worry about anything! They both knew about my money situation and that it would only get better when I turned twenty five. That's when I inherit my parent's insurance money (about 500k)! My father thought that it was best that I get a job and learn how to manage life on my own for while before I got a large sum of money. The Doc said; that I could stay free as long as I understood that I was to listen to them as if I was their child and that I would be treated like theirs. At first, I objected thinking it was asking too much of them both emotionally and financially. But, the Doc and his wife both stated that money wasn't an issue for them and me saying no wasn't an option!

This was the first time since my parent's death, that I felt cared for! So, it was to be, I would stay with them until my IBS was under complete control or I turn twenty five! With that agreed, mom now spoke! Mom wanted there to be some rules:

Rule 1: I was to behave as there son and Patty's brother!

Rule 2: I would be taken care of as a child! To relieve my Stress!

Rule 3: I would only be able to play & Sleep! No driving, no computer, no adult responsibilities.

Rule 4: I would be punished when bad!

The next few rules threw me for a loop but, on the inside I wanted to scream with joy especially after the feeling I felt last night.

Rule5: I would wear the training panties during the day from know on! No more big boy panties (As mom put it). She said, the condition of my under wear was so bad that she wouldn't put them on a dirt monkey! Then she called me over to her. When I got to her she spun me around and checked the back of my pants only to find what she thought she would! Poopies!

Rule 6, was the biggest shocker! I would wear diapers to bed and during the day if mom thought that we would be gone from the house too long.

Rule 7: I would be treated like Patty with the same bed time and share her bedroom. After all a guest room is for guest not for someone who live here! The last of the major rules was that I would have to report to mom when I needed to go to the potty and she was to help me!

I was a little taken back by all of these rules and it must have shown on my face! Mom started to explain why she felt these rules where necessary! Mom felt that the only way to fight my problems was make me feel loved again which, in her opinion I haven't felt in a while. She also thought without the worry of responsibilities off my shoulders I wouldn't be able to control my IBS. Finally, she said; that she wouldn't allow Patty to walk around her house in poopy pants, she wasn't going to allow me. Because, if Patty thought it was alright to do so, mom would never get her completely potty trained. With that all said, it was to be I would stay as long as I needed. Doc thought that he would have something written up by his lawyer just in case of an emergency and that I would have to sign them. The Doc then said it was time that he went and did his round at the hospital and got up and said good bye to everyone!

After the Doc left, mom said that I would only wear diapers to bed until I can go one month straight with wetting or pooping in them. I thought that wouldn't be to hard if I wasn't going to be stressed and for the fact that I only wet the bed because of the medicine. Mom then told me, that if she wasn't able to get my daytime pooping accidents under control. She would put me back into diapers full time. She also said if that happens II shouldn't worry about it, sometime you have to take two steps backwards before you take one step forwards. Then she said at no time should I feel embarrassed or am I to change or dress myself. I should learn to let myself feel like a child. With that all said, Mom then stood up and announced that it was time to get her wet princess and poopy prince cleaned up for the day. Both Patty and I took mom hands and followed her up to her bedroom.

Mom and the Doc had a big bedroom with huge bathroom as well. The tub looked like it was a small swimming pool. Mom started the water and then added some liquid (probably bubble bath). Next, she started to undress Patty. Patty, I found out was wearing diapers under her pj's. they where the plastic pants and cloth type, pink plastic pants to be exact.

When she pulled the plastic pants down and unpinned the diapers they hit the floor hard and Patty was completely naked and hairless. I tried to look away and mom noticed and said that there wasn't a need to look away because little boy and girls haven't the need to be embarrass about there bodies. Then she asked me if I thought Patty was embarrassed? Which clearly she didn't look! She then helped patty into the tub and turned her focus on me! Soon, I was standing there in only my training pants! That's when Patty stated that I wear panties like her and when mom pulled them down and I stepped out of them Patty saw the poop stains.

Patty said in a very loud voice that she doesn't do poopies in her pants anymore, did she mommy? Mom answered no! That she is a big girl. Patty then asked mom if she a big girl, then I must be a baby because babies do poopies in there pants!

Mom told that I was trying to learn how to do poopies in the potty like she had done and that sometime I have accidents like she did. Then mom asked her if she remembered when she had accidents like me. Patty answered her with a head down and with a low yes. Mom recognizing that but, shot back, not anymore because you are big girl right! Patty shout, yah I'm a big girl. By this time I was completely red face and mom helped me into the tub. When I was settled into the tub mom told us to play while she cleans up and gets us some clothes for the day. After a while mom returned with a pile of things which she put down on a counter. Next, she came over to the tub and started to wash Patty with a Minnie mouse glove type wash cloth! When, she was finished with Patty's hair and all. She then started on me with close attention to my bum and penis area. When, I was all done she helped Patty out of the tub and rapped her in a big towel. Then she did the same to me! Patty was then helped into a pair of Barbie panties (Little girl style, not trainers) mom then held out another pair of trainers for me (Yellow with more teddy bears) to step into. Next for me came a pink t-shirt. I asked why I had to wear this and mom said that she isn't finished with my clothes and that I wasn't going to walk around her naked. Next, mom held out a pair of red stretchy pants for me to step into. Finally, mom put a red turtle neck on me, and then she tucked my shirt into my pants. Patty was then dressed in an almost identical outfit. Once we where downstairs mom helped both of us put on our sneakers.

Mom then told Patty to take me outside and show me around the yard (Which had to be over 2 acres fenced in) and play nicely until lunch. On the way out to the door I saw my reflection in the stove glass door and that's when I realized just how thick my training pants were! I also saw just how childish I looked and I like it but, I hopefully didn't show it! Once, outside Patty leads me around the yard holding my hand and talking down to me as a big sister would talk to her younger sibling. Patty must have shown me just about every blade of grass there was in the back yard. At the furthest point away from the house, was when I got the first spasm. The erg to just let out a fart was so great that it took all I had just to ask Patty to take me to mom. By the time we reached the house I was in tears because I could take the cramps anymore and I released some poop into my trainers. Mom must have seen us from the kitchen window because she met us at the door! When mom open the door she saw my tears and kneeled down and hugged me and asked Patty what happen. Patty told; mom that she thinks I did poopies in my pants!

That made mom stand up and lean over me and bam! She was pulling the back of my pants out so she could look! Mom then announced Jeffrey did poopies in his panties and that she didn't think I am ready for big girl training panties yet.

I was still shaken or embarrassed and not sure of what was happening, when mom told Patty to go play while she changes my poopie pants. Upstairs mom continued to talk to me if I was a 2 year old, even when I tried to apologize for pooping my pants. Mom told me that I wasn't to worry and she was putting me in diapers full time and I was to just go when I needed too, so that I didn't have to deal with those awful cramps. I told her; that I was a big boy and didn't want to wear diapers (who was I kidding I did! I just didn't want to think I did and where did the "I'm a big boy come from). Mom told me to just hush she knew what was best and that was part of the deal we made this morning.

Well, by now I was laying on the floor of mine and patty's bedroom with my legs up in the air! Mom was cleaning up my running poops with some cold wipes. When she was done with that, she rubbed some diaper rash cream on me then place disposable diaper under me! Next, she brought it up and taped the first of several tabs. The diaper was thicker than my trainers and felt incredible. Mom then helped me up to a standing position and that's when I noticed the "ABC's and Winnie the Pooh's on the front of my diaper. Once downstairs, we walked passed the stove and again I saw my reflex ion and how much more visible my diaper was compared to my trainers. If someone stopped by the house they could surely tell that I was diapered. Patty met us at the door and started talking down to me by asking if I felt better in my nice and clean diaper! Embarrassed, I just looked down shaking my head and in very low tune said; yes! Again, we were off on my grand tour of Mom and Doc's yard. When we reach the front yard Patty took me to the fence line and said; that no matter what!

We are not to go past this fence or we would be in big trouble. If any of our toys or anything falls on the other side we must ask mommy or daddy to get it!

By lunch time I had another spasm/cramp and this time I didn't fight it and mom was right. I just let the poop flow and they went away! Mom called us for lunch and by this time I was on my own exploring when patty came up to me, insistently declared that I was stinky and needed my diaper changed. Patty took charge of me and lead me to the house, telling mom at the door that I did poopie in my pants. Mom told, Patty that it was ok that's why I wear diapers because I'm not a big girl like her. Again, mom gave the back of my pants a quick look and said; I would be fine until after lunch. Mom showed me to the table and Patty went to her spot. Once I was seated mom place a bib around me! I complained that I didn't need a bib and mom told that when I can sit at her table without wet or poopie diapers, then I can sit at the table like my big sister with no bib. With that mom handed me a sippy cup and I took it with a word.

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