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AB Time Out Day

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Veronica found a big colored gift box and went around her house to find all these things that anyone visiting would find 'weird' to put in it. First the pacifiers, then the coloring book and crayons then the baby bottle, last the bib. She thought to herself, 'well I am done with this baby stuff today and maybe, for a long time'. She arranged all her baby things in the box, tied it with a string and put it behind another box a closet shelf. Then she carefully folded her 2 thick cloth adult diapers and put them in their plastic bags with their big safety pins and put them in the back of the drawer. And while she always wore extra thick pant liners as she dribbled when she ran, she took off the extra ones that she wore when she was more like a baby when she dribbled even on purpose. In the kitchen she put away her pink baby bowl dish and little baby spoon.

'Yes, I am done with this. I read all those explanations online about why I need to be a three year old sometimes. I was toilet-trained way too early and their was always chaos in my house when my parents argued. But maybe with my new understanding I will not need to do this anymore. What if anyone found out? After all I am a successful writer, respected in my community. And here I spent a whole week in between jobs sucking on a pacifier, waddling in thick diapers, reading stories and looking at photos of other adults in diapers. Well, the new job started and I won't have time for such things.' though Veronica.

So Veronica got dressed just wearing her usual pad in her underwear and went to see the client about the new job. It was the kind she liked, with some time in the client's office and some time working at home. Veronica wondered if she would have any confidence problems feeling bad being in AB world for so long. However, as she went on the subway to the client's office she only thought about what the work would be and how she could do it well. All thoughts about her past week were behind her. Besides during that time she also gave generously to help Tsunami victims and did a lot of work to straighten out her computer files. It wasn't all a loss. Sue the main client who hired Veronica to write the report was glad to see her again. They had worked together when Veronica had a staff job. Sue was a bit younger so wasn't forced into 'early retirement.' They both laughed as they still needed Veronica to do the work and hired her for more money than Veronica made when she was on the payroll. Sue and Veronica agreed that Veronica would work at the company the first two days to get the feel of the new data and to do checks along the way so she wouldn't be wasting time. Veronica always used what became known as 'the retirees back at work office. ' Several people, mostly women, like Veronica who were hired back used this office so often that they even left coffee mugs there. Sue's assistant, Cara, kept a careful record of who was using the office when so no one would waste a day coming in to work then finding no computer available. Veronica knew the way to her office and wasn't surprised when the door was closed. However, she was surprised to find another 'retiree,' Wanda, sitting at the desk working the computer with a mouse. But since the desk was situated so one could see what was on the computer when entering the office (the company president's way of keeping her workers focused on their jobs, not playing on the computer or sending personal e-mails), Veronica was surprised at what she saw on the computer screen. A picture of a mature adult woman flipping pancakes over a griddle wearing a thick cloth diaper. Wanda turned around and looked at Veronica in surprise or fear.

"Couldn't you have knocked?" she said angrily as she quickly closed the computer screen window.

"This office hasn't had anyone else in it since I started using it two years ago" Veronica said.

"Cara has never made a mistake of scheduling two of us at the same time." Wanda and Veronica looked at the computer screen and to Wanda's dismay in her anxiety she closed the window of the diaper picture but not the home page of the AB site. Veronica went quickly to the desk, took the mouse from Wanda's hand and closed down the window for the site. Only the desktop showed to anyone else who walked in. Wanda sat quiet and Veronica was quiet too. She didn't know what to do. She didn't trust Wanda with her liking to go to that site as well. But she needed to help Wanda be less fearful and angry.

"Wanda, I am sorry about this mix up. I am just worried that you are looking at this at work. What if Sue had come in? Don't worry I will keep your secret. I read about that stuff in Anne Landers. She said it was a good way to relax."

"Thanks, Veronica. Don't worry, Sue, well knows about this. She told me about the site." Veronica was upset with Wanda's sharing of Sue's secret and was glad that she didn't tell her about her going to such sites herself. For sure, Wanda was not to be trusted. Wanda agreed that Veronica needed to work at the computer that week more than she did. She just needed to get out of her home office for a while being stressed with her brother's being sick. So Veronica worked the job for two weeks. After the first two days, she worked at home. Usually when she was working an assignment she did not go to her AB screen name or AB land sites or do any baby things. But since she read all the literature about trying to go 'full-stop' only to have 'binges' later she gave herself an hour every other day to keep balanced so she wouldn't go on another binge like before this job started. Binges were bummers. Then the job was done. Sue was pleased with Veronica's report and only made minor changes. She even added 20% to Veronica's hours as a bonus. But then Veronica was alone in her house with no work to do. Besides it was bitterly cold hard to go out about to stores or to the swimming pool at the health club. Most of her friends were busy working and couldn't get together. So Veronica did her housework and laundry and caught up with those friends she could on the phone. Then the weather report on the news was for a big snow storm the next day. So Veronica said to herself 'what the heck, I need a time out as a three year old again.' The next day Veronica woke up in her thick cloth diapers -- to add snugness and comfort when she slept she had put on all three of her cloth diapers and powdered herself well. She rolled about on the bed to feel the thickness and snugness of the warm gauze on her bottom and tummy. She read about other people getting turned out sexually, but she didn't. She wish she had a trusting friend, not a lover, to diaper her as it was difficult getting the two ends pinned right at the same time, she had to look in a mirror. Veronica did not totally wet her diapers so took them off when she went to the toilet. Then she reput two of them on pinning them so they could serve as pull up pants. She put them on over her underwear into which she had stuck several pads as today would be a definite dribbling day. She couldn't walk but only waddle. She would have liked to have worn just a diaper but it was a cold day. So she put on her long sleeved T-shirt. Veronica then found her colored gift box and opening it could not wait to put the pacifier in her mouth. She had all kinds of way to suck it that made her feel very satisfied deep inside. Sometimes she would stop everything she was doing, sit back in her chair and give the pacifier long long deep sucks. Sometimes she would play with it putting it partly out of her mouth with her tongue then sucking it back in. Sometimes she would just hold it still, then suck on it quickly. Today it would be in her mouth all day. Veronica then prepared her breakfast, baby cereal and chocolate milk in a bottle. She ate the baby cereal with her bib on using a little spoon. Then she laid on her couch and drank from the bottle. She wanted to cry it felt so comforting. And to think she was not alone as probably Wanda and Sue were doing the same things. She wondered if they got together to play at being babies. She didn't want to jeopardize her income source to find out. Veronica had a great day looking at AB pictures, chatting with AB's on her favorite site, coloring in her activity book, watching kids shows on PBS, reading kid stories on her Internet providers kids site, being careful not to accept e-mails or IM's from real kids, building towers with her blocks, waddling about in her comfy soft diaper. She would rock back and forth in her chair to feel the warmth of her diapers. She sucked and sucked all kinds of ways on the pacifier. All day long she had her favorite foods and more chocolate milk and juice in her bottle. She still wished she had someone to put her diaper on and feed her bottle. Maybe it could be Sue in time or someone Sue knew. She thought about how she could approach Sue to see if they could be AB friends. Wanda never as she could not be trusted to keep secrets. But then it was the next morning and Veronica's special AB time was over. She rolled around the bed to feel the warmth of her snug triple diapers. But she did not have time be a three year old any more except to keep in touch with her AB friends on her favorite site that only showed pictures of AB women, not paid models acting as ABs. She learned how to tell the real AB's from the models, they were usually older and not as posed into 'sexy' positions. They usually were doing 'normal' things in diapers. Veronica felt sad for the models, who seemed to be college students modeling to pay their high college costs. Veronica sadly put her AB things back in the colored box and her cloth diapers back in their plastic bags. She knew not to throw them away as being an AB was part of her, had been for years. She would only have to buy new ones later if she threw these out. Then she put on her business suit and went to a coffee shop to talk with another 'retiree' John about work they agreed to share from another company.

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