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ADULT BABY UNIT - (Kidnappied for Babyhood)

Background: I am PJ. I am single, live alone and am in between jobs at present. I am currently in my second day of three in hospital having observations carried out on me, voluntarily, for medical research.

Part 1

I have had a tiring day being monitored; however the nurses here are very attractive so it does have its benefits. I am being paid reasonably well for my effortless contribution to medical research, which will come in handy when I go out on the town tomorrow night.

It is late and the cubical curtains have been closed around me for some time now. I can only assume that the nurses are dealing with the other volunteers and patients on the ward. After seeing those sexy nurses working today, I have become quite sexually frustrated and being that I have not cum for a few days now, that does not help. I keep looking at the tissue box located on my bedside table. I decide that I can quickly relieve myself into the tissues if I am quiet. I take a handful of the thick white tissues from the box and start to rub myself. I quickly become aroused and am close to ejaculating.

I start to ejaculate when suddenly the cubical curtain is pulled open and Nurse Nikki enters.

"You dirty young man," she says as I finish spurting my load into the waiting tissues. I can feel my face immediately turn bright red with embarrassment. Nurse Nikki closes the curtains and stands beside me. I am stunned and can not move as Nurse Nikki takes the tissues from my hand and wipes my penis dry and disposes of them in the waste bin.

"It's time for bed now naughty boy. Now lay down and we will deal with this in the morning." she whispers into my ear.

I do as I am told; she draws back the curtains and leaves the ward. It takes me some time to get to sleep, obviously because of the humiliation I have just exposed myself to, but eventually decide to put the experience behind me as I am leaving tomorrow.

The morning comes and I am served my breakfast. It is 9am and I am being released at 12 noon . I eat my breakfast, get washed and changed before reading the paper.

It is now 11:55am and I have not seen Nurse Nikki all morning, hopefully she is on a late shift, I only have a few minutes left before I leave anyway. I look up to see Nurse Nikki standing with a wheelchair in front of me with a smile.

"Ready for your release young man!" she says.

"Certainly," I say picking up my bag and I start to walk towards the door.

"Um excuse me PJ," Nurse Nikki says sternly.

"You have to be wheeled to Doctor Anderson's office to sign your discharge notes."

"Okay," I say as I sit down in the wheelchair.

Nurse Nikki pushes me to the lift and is silent. I decide not to start a conversation with her, as it could become quite embarrassing. We enter the lift and Nurse Nikki presses the button. When we leave the lift I notice that the corridor is a different colour from the rest of the hospital, I think that this is the basement but I am not sure. We arrive at a door with a plaque stating Dr Anderson. Nurse Nikki knocks on the door. I hear a female voice call enter. Nurse Nikki opens the door and enters the office pushing me to the desk in the centre of the room.

"Hello PJ," the Doctor says.

"Thank you for taking part in the research programme PJ, your be pleased to know that whilst carrying out your observations we found no problems, if you could just sign this paperwork to release you from the ward."

I thanked Doctor Anderson as I signed the papers that she passed to me and then gave them back.

"There is just one thing before you go PJ," Doctor Anderson says.

Nurse Nikki was still behind me and (without my knowledge) had prepared an injection whilst Doctor Anderson was talking with me. Nurse Nikki quickly grabbed, swabbed and injected my arm with the drug she had prepared.

"What the hell?" I shouted as I realised what had happened to me.

Doctor Anderson replied, "Nurse Nikki here tells me that she caught you playing with yourself last night."

The drug seemed to quickly enter my system; I found that as well as not being able to move my body I had no speech either.

"I am currently running another experiment, privately funded of course; I think that you will make a wonderful first subject. Nurse Nikki has given you a muscle relaxant to stop you from escaping. In with the releasing documents that you have just signed there is a form admitting you to the AB Unit. The ABU is a new ward that has been funded privately for my patents. I am going to turn you from a grown up young man into an Adult baby for one of the many clients that we have on our books. I will let Nurse Nikki admit you to the ward and I will come to see you later," Doctor Anderson stated to me whilst smiling.

I was helpless to stop Nurse Nikki remove me from the office. As she pushed me down the long corridor she commented, "You will have so much fun whilst in my care my little baby!"

I was unable to respond to my captors taunts as we reached two double doors. As I was pushed through the doors into the ward I noticed several young nurses staring at me. The wheel chair came to a halt next to a bed. The young nurses had made their over beside me. Nurse Nikki ordered the nurses to lift me out of the wheel chair onto the bed.

"You know what to do girls," Nurse Nikki said.

With that me clothes were quickly cut from my body and removed leaving me completely naked. Nurse Nikki had a tube in her hand and applied the contents to my entire skin including my private area. I felt a strange burning sensation as the cream in the tube was rubbed in by Nurse Nikki. I was left alone for a minute or so, during this time I realised that I was starting to regain the use of my body.

Nurse Nikki returned on her own; she was pushing a nursing medical trolley. I could see a number of the items on the trolley including tissues, brown bottles, large baby's bottles and what looked like large diapers. Nurse Nikki took some tissues and proceeded to remove the cream from my body. To my complete horror as she wiped away the cream with the tissues, my body hair was also removed. I still could not speak of shout and was still too weak to stop this humiliation being inflicted on me. I thought that my humiliation was complete as Nurse Nikki disposed of the tissues along with my hair (how wrong I was).

Nurse Nikki took some tissues and packed them into my left hand, she then used surgical tape to secure my hand shut, effectively taking away the use of my hands, and she then did the same to my right hand and afterwards slipped a large pair of mittens over my hands.

Nurse Nikki smiled at me as she picked up one of the disposable diapers from the trolley and unfolded it. She expertly slipped it under my bottom. I managed to cry a weak, "No!" but it fell on deaf ears.

Nurse Nikki just smiled as she picked up a thick pile of paper handkerchiefs from the trolley. She again expertly spread them around my genitalia and stuffed them between my arse cheeks. As she secured the diaper in place using the securing tape on the nappy she patted my penis through the diaper, which sprung to attention.

"You naughty boy," she said with a smile as she turned to the trolley.

I was still weak but could now move, this was an ideal time to make my escape. I jumped up from the bed and pushed Nurse Nikki from behind knocking her off balance. I did not hang around to see her fall. As I staggered to the door I tried to release the thick tissue filled diaper from my waist but could not due to the fact my hands were useless. I found it awkward to move at speed with the diaper between my legs.

As I turned the corner I almost ran into the three nurses that had helped Nurse Nikki remove my clothes. The nurses reacted quickly; two of them grabbed me immediately, while one of them retrieved a wheelchair from the side of the corridor. They easily forced me to sit into the wheelchair and held me there as I struggled to free myself.

As I looked back up toward the door from which I had made my exit I saw Nurse Nikki walking in my direction. She was holding a wad of paper handkerchiefs in her left hand and applying something to them from a brown bottle which she held in her right. She continued to walk toward me as she put the bottle into her uniform pocket and put it tissue into her right hand. As she reached me I began to struggle even harder.

Nurse Nikki put her face in front of mine and said, "That was very naughty baby. You will be punished for that!" She held the tissues up for me to see, "Time for a little nap." she said as she thrust them into my face. She adjusted her grip on them so that they covered my mouth and nose.

"Mmmmppphhhh," I cried into the tissues.

"Just breathe the chloroform in Darling and it will be over very quickly," she said as I heard the other nurse's laugh.

I struggled to free myself as the tissues were held firmly over my mouth and nose. I took my first breath and was immediately hit by a sweet yet sickly odour. I continued to struggle as I looked at Nurse Nikki over the white tissues gagging me and trying to send me to sleep. With each breath I became weaker and weaker.

"Mmmmmpppphhhh!" I moaned again.

"Ssshhhhhhh, that's right Sweetheart go to sleep for me and I'll have you nice and tightly tucked in bed when you wake." Nurse Nikki cooed.

I was starting to feel dizzy and my eyes started to flutter.

"Mmmppphhhh," I moaned for the last time before I went under. Before it went black I heard Nurse Nikki say, "Good baby."

While Sleeping I was wheeled back to the bed on the ward by the nurses. My punishment was to be effective of immediately. Nurse Nikki ordered the three nurses to administer an enema and to insert a butt plug into me before the fluid was released. The Nurses had no difficulty in complying with this request as I was in bye, bye land and could raise no objection to it. They tied a cord to the butt plug and left trailing from my diaper as they secured it in place. An extra measure of plastic pants was adopted before securing me to the bed with restraint straps.

I awoke to severe pains in my stomach; I cried out in pain and was greeted by a female voice, "Is baby in pain? Maybe next time he thinks of escaping he will think again." It was Nurse Nikki. Again I cry in pain. Nurse Nikki goes to the treatment trolley and removes a feeding gag. She holds my nose so that I have no choice but to open my mouth, she ten pushes it in and secures it with the straps around my head.

"There, that's better; babies can't talk and now neither can you!"

"Mmmppppphhhh," I mumble into my gag.

I am told that I have been given an enema and that soon it will be released. My punishment is not only the enema but I will be required to spend the night in the diaper filled with its contents. Nurse Nikki picks up the cord and pulls on it. I moan into my gag as the plug is pulled out. It is not long before the contents are entering my diaper.

"Mmmmppphhhh," I cry as I start to fill the diaper.

Part 2

Nurse Nikki takes great delight in seeing me struggle and squirm against my bonds as the enema fills my diaper.

"You have a big day tomorrow baby," she says as I empty the last of my bowels into my now full diaper. She connects a feeding tube to the gag and starts the flow. I am helpless and can do nothing but keep swallowing as the liquid flows through the gag and into my mouth.

"You are going for some training with Nanny Beth tomorrow and will spend a few days with her before rejoining us."

I took this information on board as I was force fed the liquid which was very sweet tasting. I felt drowsy after finishing the feed and drifted off to sleep. Throughout the rest of the day and evening I was force-fed my formula and took many naps - I had no idea how long I was asleep for each time.

Morning came and I was woken by the nurses changing my diaper and again force-feeding me through the tube. Although I was pissed that I had been treated in such a way, I was pleased to be out of the wet diaper.

Nurse Nikki stood in front of me as I was forced to swallow the formula.

"Nanny Beth will be here to collect you soon, so be a good baby and drink up all of your formula for Nursie!"

I threw an angry look at Nurse Nikki before she left me to finish the feed.

An hour or so passed before I heard lots of footsteps approaching from the corridor. Eventually I was greeted by three faces; Nurse Nikki, Dr Anderson, and another female also dressed in a nurse's uniform.

"This is Nanny Beth," announced Dr Anderson.

"She will be training you for a few days and you will be under her complete control."

The Brunette sat on the bed next to me and smiled, "I will diaper and feed you, and put you to sleep, and even give you little bed baths. You'll be such a happy little baby boy. You won't want for anything. Let's take you home, shall we baby?"

I was very weak due to the formula that I had been forced to drink and it was easy for the three women to transfer me from the bed and re-strap me into the wheelchair beside the bed. Nurse Nikki and Dr Anderson escorted us through the corridors to the doors where a people carrier was parked outside. It was unlocked by Nanny Beth and a ramp was connected to the floor. I was pushed up into the vehicle and the wheelchair was strapped in place. Nurse Nikki and Dr Anderson waved at me and re-entered the hospital while Nanny Beth closed the door behind her.

The people carrier had tinted windows so that nobody could see in. Nanny Beth said that it would be sometime before we arrived at "The Nursery" so I should get some rest. Nanny moved behind me and unstrapped my gag. I heard her open a draw behind me.

I pushed the gag from my mouth using my tongue.

"Let me go! I'm not a baby. This is kidnap!" I shouted.

Nanny Beth had opened the draw and picked up a pile of paper handkerchiefs and poured some chloroform on them from a waiting bottle. She quickly silenced me by clamping the wad of tissues over my mouth and nose.

"Mmmmppppphhh!" I cried into her hankie filled palm as I realised what was happening.

"Shush Baby. Go to sleep for Nanny. There's a good boy," she said as I struggled to free myself.

I moaned into the tissues as I struggled against my new captor but could do nothing.

As she made "Sssshhhh" noises as the drug took effect. I gave one last moan into the tissues before darkness filled my mind and I fell into unconsciousness. Nanny secured the tissues over my mouth and nose using a leather adapted gag and then drove off.

I had no idea how long I had been asleep as I groggily came too. It was now dark and I was aware of some large metal gates opening for the vehicle I was travelling in, to pass through. Nanny pulled into a garage that also closed once we were inside. Nanny exited the vehicle and opened a door at the rear of the garage before placing the ramp for her to wheel me from the people carrier.

I grunted into the tissue filled gag (which was now dry) as Nanny pushed me from the vehicle through the garage, into the corridor of the building. We reached a door which was clearly marked "Nursery". As the door opened I was amazed at what greeted my eyes.

There was a large cot, highchair, bed with straps and a trolley was clearly visible with bottles, bibs, tissues, and a chemical bottle labelled chloroform. I was wheeled over next to the cot and left while nanny exited the room.

She returned holding a bowl and spoon, "I am going to feed you now baby before your change and bedtime. I expect that you are hungry, so I hope that we won't have any problems with your feed will we?"

I had to admit that I was extremely hungry and needed some food. I shook my head. Nanny released my gag before starting to feed me the food. It had been mixed together and tasted like chicken, potatoes and veg. Nanny took great delight in causing the food (on many occasions) to run onto my chin and wiping it with a bib that she had in her hand. Once finished, Nanny placed the bowl onto the side of the trolley.

"Let me go, please Beth?" I said.

Only to be slapped across the face.

"I am your Nanny and when spoken to you will call me such, DO YOU UNDERSTAND?" she said as she gripped my chin.

I nodded.

"I'm going to move you to your cot now Darling. It's no use struggling as the formula you had earlier has relaxed your muscles and you are still very weak."

Nanny Beth said as she released the straps securing me to the wheelchair. She laid me on the cot and secured my wrists to it with the straps that were connected to the frame.

"You will enjoy your time here with me Darling, but you'll have to learn to be good. And you can start right now by wetting your diaper for Nanny."

"I'm not going to pee in a diaper! I'm not a child!" I said.

Nanny laughed at me, saying, "Not a child? I think I know better than that." She sat beside me and touched my diaper, "Well, well, I understand why you can't pee right now. Your little wee wee is too hard. Don't worry Sweetheart, Nanny is here."

She released the straps of my diaper and pulled the front of it down exposing my hard member. She picked up two piles of tissues and placed one pile over my erection.

"Looks like a tent Sweetie, doesn't it?"

She cooed into my ear before forcing the other pile over my mouth to gag me. Nanny then started to rub me using the tissues.

"Be a good boy for Nanny and show me how much you love being my baby," she said as she used the tissues to stimulate me.

I moaned into the gag as I realised that I could do nothing to stop this women from doing this to me.

"Ssshhhh," she said.

"Just think how nice it'll feel once you've finished."

It wasn't long before I spurted into the tissues. Nanny wiped me dry before sealing my diaper once more.

"Now," she said as she stuffed a feeder gag into my mouth and connected a tube, "Let's give you another feed while you wet for Nanny."

She started the flow of liquid; I had no choice but to swallow. After about five minutes or so I begun to wriggle as I knew the inevitable would happen. So did my Nanny as she smiled at me, "Let it go baby, be a good boy."

I had no choice as I wet the diaper. It filled quickly as I finished the last of my feed.

Nanny got to work and quickly cleaned, powdered and re-diapered me, before securing my feet to the cot as she had done with my hands.

Nanny went to the trolley and picked up another pile of tissues and dosed them with chloroform, "Nanny will change you, wipe up all of your little messes, powder your asshole and dick, and put you in a nice clean diaper every time you fill your diaper. But now it is time for bed time Sweetheart."

She released the feeder gag and quickly applied the tissues to my mouth and nose giving me no time to air my frustration.

"Mmppppphhhhh," was all I could muster against my kidnapper's tissues.

"Ssssshhhhh Sweetie. Just breathe for Nanny," was the last thing I can recall.

To be continued ...

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