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Adult Daycare

James Connor saw the advertisement in the local newspaper. Adult Daycare and Assisted Living Center - specializing in difficult cases. James sadly thought about his father, widowed and moved in with him, his only son. Not only was he an early victim of Alzheimer's but he had just been diagnosed with terminal cancer. His father had less than a year to live. James wrestled with the tension between having his father die of cancer or live with the effects of Alzheimer's. Either way, it was a poor quality of life for his father and either way, he had a problem. James was single, an only child and despite a well paying job in accounting, couldn't afford live-in care for his father. James was hopeful that he could enroll his father in the daycare for the hours he was at work at least. He would worry about more extensive care when the cancer became more advanced.

The very next day, James set up an appointment to visit this new Adult Daycare center. When he arrived, he was shown around by the director, Ms. Joan Day. He was very pleased with what he saw and Ms. Day explained that in addition to the Assisted Living unit, they also had a subsidiary care unit which could accommodate Mr. Connor when Daycare was not enough. While there was a small government subsidy available, James was despondent when he realized there was no way he could afford this care. He was really stuck now, as he couldn't afford to give up his job to care for his father. He decided to lay it all on the line with Ms. Day. He asked if there wasn't some way they could take in his father.

"Well," Ms Day said, "this is unusual, but I think there is a way we can accommodate your needs. We happen to need an accountant here and your skills would be invaluable to us. Would you be willing to come work for us? We can't pay too much, but we could take your father into our Assisted Living and Day Care now. We will not only take good care of him for the remainder of his time, we can also put you up in our facility as well. That will relieve you of much of your living expense. I realize it sounds strange, but at least it will allow you to take good care of your father."

James asked for a day or two to think it over, but that evening his father wandered away from their apartment and it took James half the night to find him and get him back to the apartment. James simply couldn't live like this any more. First thing in the morning, he called Ms Day and agreed to whatever terms were necessary. James was to stop by after work to sign the necessary papers and his father could be admitted to their live-in facility the next morning. In return, James was to give notice at his job, terminate his lease and begin living and working at the Adult Daycare facility within one month.

James' boss was devastated by the loss of this hard working employee, but understood the situation. His landlord also was sorry to lose a good tenant, but his father had become a problem and there were plenty of names on a waiting list. Over the course of the next month James was incredibly pleased with the care his father received. The people at the Center were caring and attentive. James' father seemed to be better than he'd been in months, though the ravages of cancer were not to be denied. Even though his father no longer recognized James because of the Alzheimer's, James was able to spend several hours a day with his father.

Soon, the month was up and James packed up the few personal items he would need in his new accommodations, sold the remaining possessions of his father and put the rest of his household goods into storage. When he arrived at the Center to move in, he was asked to sign a myriad of forms. Ms Day explained they were mostly formalities related to regulations involving the barter of James' work for his and his father's living arrangements. James glanced at most of the forms, but like most people faced with a pile of forms to sign, did not bother reading any of them after the first few. Ms Day just shoved form after form in front of him with a quick verbal explanation and hardly gave him a chance to sign before placing the next form in front of him. She did it in a very nice way and he'd grown to trust Joan, so he barely listened to what she said.

James began his job and soon grew to enjoy working in the Center's office. His rooms at the Center were small and sparse, but he had a bedroom, kitchen area and a small living area. He ate most of his meals from the Center's dining room, but was able to fix his own meals in his apartment if he wished. He was happy in his work and was grateful for the exchange giving his father better care than he could have otherwise afforded. James continued to spend a great deal of time each day with his father and could even look in on him at times during the day.

This arrangement seemed almost too good to be true. And indeed it was. His father's condition slipped unexpectedly. The cancer was further advanced and had spread more than originally thought. Within a month, James' father died. James was crushed, but he was grateful his father's suffering had ended. After the funeral, he began plans to move out of the Center. He hadn't regretted his decision to take this job and move into the Center, but was eager to return to his former life.

"What do you mean?" said Joan.

"You can't do that! We need you here! Won't you reconsider?" Joan tried to explain how staying would be so much better for James.

James was adamant however, and proceeded to give Ms Day official notice of his plans to leave the Center. It was never to happen, though as Joan Day had different plans for this young man.

That night in his apartment, James was awoken out of a sound sleep by two intruders, but not for long. James felt two strong arms hold him down and before he knew what was happening, he felt a sharp sting in his arm. The needle which plunged into his arm delivered a warm glow to his which soon spread a deep, relaxed sleep throughout his body.

Later as James rose to consciousness, he at first thought he had simply had a bad dream. His eyes opened to a dim light from the hallway. He didn't think he'd left a light on. He tried to look around, and his mind sent signals to his body to sit up in bed, but it didn't respond. He tried to roll over, but again his body did not respond. He couldn't even roll his head to see the time on his alarm clock. He could move his eyes, but the rest of his body simply would not respond. Panic began setting in. Was this simply another bad dream? He was too young and healthy to have suffered a stroke, yet could it be?

He heard movement in the room and the voice of one of the orderlies at the Center.

"Ms Day? He's awake now. You said you wanted to be called. Yes, he is. No. No movement at all except for his eyes. Precisely. As you know, we only have a short time before the effects wear off. OK, we'll restrain him now."

James heard the click of the receiver being returned to the phone. He wanted to scream, but his lips wouldn't move to form the tormented words in his mind. Soon the orderly was standing over his bed speaking in the same soft tones James had heard him use with so many of the patients.

"Good morning, Mr. Connor. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but for your own safety and welfare, we're going to have to restrain you. The medication you were given just a little while ago will wear off quickly now and we don't want you to hurt yourself trying something foolish. Ms Day will be here soon to explain what has happened. Oh, do you remember Bill? He'll be helping as well."

The two orderlies had lots of experience and were quick and efficient in placing the hospital restraints on the bed and attaching James' wrists and ankles. James lay there listening to the idle conversation of the orderlies and as the minutes turned to what James thought was half an hour to forty-five minutes, he could feel the effects of the medication slowly retreat. Beginning with his extremities he began feeling pins and needles as when your foot has fallen asleep. Soon he could wiggle his fingers, toes; then his hands and feet. The restraints were in place though and he wasn't going anywhere.

Just as he was feeling his body again and could move his mouth and lips, he heard a knock on the door of his apartment. Then there were voices in his living room and suddenly the two orderlies and Ms Day were standing over him in his own bedroom.

Joan Day spoke gently but condescendingly to the young man tethered to the bed.

"James, it's too bad you wouldn't listen to me. You can't leave. I could have explained the details to you before, but I knew from the start you wouldn't understand. We really do need your accounting skills here and I just can't let you go. Besides, I'm almost positive you've accidentally stumbled onto our second set of books. While you may not know what you were looking at, we can't risk it."

Immediately James started fearing for his life. Yes, in looking through the computer files of the Center, he'd run across some files which looked a little suspicious. But Joan was right; he had no idea what it meant and he no inkling of what it was about.

At that moment James found his voice.

"I have no idea what you're talking about. I promise! Please don't kill me. You can't get away with it! Please!"

He alternated between begging for his life and insisting Joan would get caught if she killed him. He had reason to fear for his 'old' life, but Joan had no thoughts of doing him in. He was however, destined for a 'rebirth!

Joan just laughed and explained, "James Baby, don't worry. We're not going to kill you. Didn't you hear me say we need you? It's just that you belong to me now. You will continue to live in the Center, but in our special annex across town. You may not have learned enough about our secondary operation to harm us, but now you will become a part of us. You see, our secondary operation is entirely legal, but not what the general public wants to know about. In fact, just as a precaution we had you fill out very official and very legal documents. You are a good accountant, but you were very stupid to sign all those papers without reading them carefully. You see Baby, you signed legal documents acknowledging your 'medical problems' and signing all medical and legal authority over to us. You didn't realize it, but when you signed in here you signed away your rights and your life. You really are mine!

Within the next few hours you will be transferred via medical transport to our secondary facility where you will begin your new life. You will continue as our accountant when you are mentally and physically up to it again. You will receive indoctrination into your new life as a Diaper Slave. Yes, you will be made submissive and incontinent like all those in our ABC - that is our Adult Baby Center."

Joan smiled. She enjoyed the look on James' face as the realization of things to come began to sink in. His initial relief over his life being spared quickly turned to shock and horror as she had explained the ABC. She'd seen this so many times before - almost all her ABC clients reacted the same. James would fit in well, she thought, even though his role and training would be different.

James pled with her, but she silently looked down at him with a combination of pity and glee. He had fallen into a trap, trying to do the best possible for his father. The deal he'd made to care for his father would now and forever change his life. For this Joan felt a twinge of pity, yet she loved the thought of watching another grown person turned into a helpless Diaper Slave. Yes, it was legal; all the others at the ABC - now including James - had either signed over legal authority to the Center or signed over authority to others who had in turn signed it over to the Center. She stroked his cheek and turned to the orderlies.

"See to the transfer as soon as possible and get him settled at the ABC," she said, then strode out of the apartment.

Within fifteen minutes there was a knock at the door. Soon Andy and Bill, the two orderlies, wheeled an ambulance stretcher over to the bed where James was tethered.

James spoke, "Guys, I've got to go to the bathroom. Let me go pee before you drag me off."

Don was polite but firm in his reply, "Sorry, Mr. Connor, no can do. Don't worry though, the trip to the ABC only takes a short time and then you'll be able to take care of things there."

A locking leather belt was slipped around James waist and his wrists bound in attached leather cuffs at his sides. Leather ankle cuffs were attached and connected by a chain only inches long. James wasn't going to be walking anywhere in these. With the hospital restraints replaced by these shackles, James was placed onto the stretcher, covered with a blanket and strapped down. Bill warned him not to cry out during the transfer or face consequences.

It registered with James that the warning perhaps indicated his first, if not only, chance for escape. The orderlies wheeled James out of his apartment and down the hall. James knew the route they'd have to take within the building. Just as they reached an area where a lot of elderly clients were seated in a row of chairs along the wall, he screamed out, "Help! I'm being taken prisoner! Call the police! Someone..."

The clients' faces registered shock and concern as the orderlies swarmed James quickly but calmly as he continued to shout. Both orderlies gave a show of genuine concern.

"No, Mr. Connor, you heard the doctor explain your delusions as a result of the stress you've been under. Relax now," said Bill over the shouts.

Don stroked James arms through the blanket and looked down with seeming sincere pity. At the very same time, a nurse from the nursing station there came over and lifted a corner of the blanket, injecting James with a powerful sedative.

As James voice slurred to silence and his eyes glazed over, Don and Bill patted his arms and explained to the residents the necessity of sedation for this poor overwrought man who'd worked himself to a breakdown in trying to care for his father. The residents all shook their heads slowly in sympathy for this poor young man and gave him their best wishes as he was wheeled away.

Soon James was wheeled into a waiting ambulance and driven away. James was conscious, but in a complete fog throughout the trip and then as he was wheeled into the ABC. At the ABC, he was brought first to a reception area where he vaguely heard voices speaking in somewhat angry, hushed tones. Next he was wheeled down the hall and into a fairly large room where he was lifted off the stretcher and placed on some sort of exam table. He was then rolled over onto his stomach. His wrists were locked into restraints at his sides and the leather belt removed from his waist. Three straps were then secured tightly over his ankles, thighs and torso. He'd come out of his fog enough to feel some pain from the tightness of these bonds and started to complain. His bladder was now almost bursting and asked to go to the toilet to pee.

"You idiot!" said Don.

"You ignore our warning to be quiet back at the Center and now you're going to complain and ask favors? What part of SLAVE don't you understand? Well, while I'd like to beat you up one side and down the other, we have something else in mind. This will be kind of nice to watch and I think will be a great start for your training."

With that, the hum of motor was heard as the head of the table started tilting down.

"There. That ought to be enough. You said you had to go to the toilet? Well, for you there will no longer be any such thing. You need to pee? Go ahead! You'll be here for a while. A nurse will be in to hook up an IV giving you plenty to pee, along with a diuretic to help it flow. Think about this now...what's going to happen as you pee? Hahahahaha..."

The two orderlies continued laughing as they left James alone in his terror. The straps hurt and his bladder ached! Soon a nurse came in, silently inserted an IV into James' arm, attached it to a large bag of liquid, and just as silently retreated. She ignored the swearing and pleading of her captive patient.

Twenty minutes later, James felt his tortured bladder release the first drops of the inevitable flow. He squeezed hard as he felt the first initial dampness in his pajama bottoms. When he could squeeze no more, the slightly relaxed muscles allowed the deluge to follow. James groaned as he felt the flood surge out of his cock. The dampness in his pj's became a puddle. Soon a river began its flow following the diabolical incline of the table. The waist band of his pajamas was soaked and the moisture started to wick out from the course of the flood. The river slowed as his pajama shirt absorbed the current of urine. He felt the warmth of his own pee as it spread outward and downhill across his front.

James was humiliated. He couldn't help but think back to when he was six and playing with friends when a similar sudden surge of pee branded him as a pants wetting baby. His Mom had helped him through that trauma - who would help him now? As the thoughts of old and the humiliation of the present ran together, his clothing began to cool. James realized how cold this room was and gave a sudden shiver that only opened his bladder yet again! Another flood! And with his pj's already soaked, the river flowed further this time. The flow continued downhill until he felt it hit his cheek where it rested on the plastic covering of the table. Disgusted with the thought of urine running on his face, he jerked his head up. A combination of the tilt of the table, and a strange weakness (from a sedative in the IV) prevented him from keeping it away from the relentless river. His relief was momentary as his head flopped back onto the table and into the stream of pee. The splashes of the pee onto the tile floor and the trickling sound it made running into the waiting drain was only punctuation to the helpless, pathetic moans James made as lay in the river of his own pee.

The IV bottle was replaced at regular intervals over the next several hours and it did its job well. The liquid provided the ammunition, a strong diuretic was the trigger, a sedative kept James passive and another drug kept him awake and aware of his continuing agony. Soon his entire face was wet as he occasionally flopped his head from side to side trying to avoid the inevitable. His hair was wet and urine had run all over his face including his lips, nose and eyes in spite of his best efforts. His pajamas acted as a wick and drew the wet urine up the sides of his body as well. James had never been so miserable. Never so embarrassed and shamed. And since infancy, never so out of control of himself or his bodily functions...and he was only in his first hours at the ABC.

Eventually James heard footsteps, then the hum of the motor returning the table to a level position.

"My, what a pissy little Baby you are Jamie! Would you like to be cleaned up?" Don said.

It didn't even register that he'd been called Jamie - coincidentally the name he hated from his childhood days of wetting his pants! He blurted out, "YOU BASTARDS! YOU PRICKS! LET ME GO! YOU CAN'T DO THIS!..."

Don just laughed, "Oh Jamie, we certainly can do this and we've got plenty more in store for you. If you don't start cooperating, we'll just leave you here."

James continued to rant and Don just laughed some more, shrugged and left the room. The nurse returned with another bottle of IV fluid and James' own little Hell continued another several hours. The next time Don returned, James was just as soaked, just as humiliated and just as helpless. This time, in spite of the drugs keeping him aware, exhaustion had set in to the point where he could only moan. Don continued to chide him for being such a "pissy Baby" and a "helpless little Panty-wetter" as he called in Bill to assist. The two of them worked on him, cutting away the soaked clothing from the slack, motionless body. Through the exhaustion, James was clearly aware of the feeling of the medical shears tearing away at his clothing as well as any remnants of self respect.

The straps over him were released and his cold, wet and very limp body was lifted off the table onto a stretcher. He was carried into another, smaller room and placed into a bathtub of warm water. His body shivered reflexively from the difference in temperature. Bill soaped a wash cloth and gently washed his patient's body head to foot. Bill shampooed James' hair and rinsed his entire body with a warm gentle spray from a hose attachment of the tub. As much as it felt good to be cleaned of his own urine, James was painfully aware of his nakedness in front of these men and that he was in fact being washed by one of them. While physically he was exhausted and unable to act, his mind registered every bit of this humiliation.

With the bath drained, the orderlies set to drying their patient as best they could with soft fluffy white towels. They lifted him and carried him back into the other room and laid him gently on another table. When they were finished drying him, James felt Don lift his bottom off the table. As Don set it back down, James felt a deep cushion of cloth. He then felt Bill's hand rubbing his skin with oil. Firmly, but gently Bill's hand smoothed oil all around James' crotch area - his butt, balls, and penis were given special attention. James tried to jerk away, but realized he'd been strapped down again at some point in this process. He really had no energy to resist anyway. The next sensation was the strange tickle of powder showering down onto the oiled area of his body. He suddenly caught a whiff of the memory of his own infancy as he realized the powder being put on him was Baby Powder. He wanted to scream objection, but only an irritated mumbling issued from his lips. Soon he felt the soft padding beneath him being drawn up between his legs. It was as if he was going to be covered over entirely. Instead the soft pressure of cloth wrapped tightly only around his middle. He sensed more than felt the bulk of material around his waist and sighed a helpless, resigned sigh as the Diaper Pins were fastened, two on each side. James was falling asleep and he didn't realize fully what was happening.

He barely registered any recognition with the new sense of pressure around him or the slight crinkling sounds, but when he heard the subsequent SNAP sound, his eyes opened wide. The sound had sliced through his exhausted stupor and now cut an opening into his consciousness! Suddenly he rose with a second wind of consciousness and realized that the SNAPs he heard were snap-on Diaper Pants being fastened over a very thick padding of Diapers! His heart pounded as his sluggish mind tried to process. In his renewed state, he unsuccessfully thrashed his body against the restraints and found his voice, "YOU SONS OF BITCHES! YOU MORONS!! WHEN I GET OUT OF THIS, I'LL GET YOU!"

His cries were again greeted by laughter. Don spoke, "Oh Jamie, you won't be getting anybody. Relax now and rest. You need your sleep. Your Diapers will keep you relatively dry - you'll peepee in them all night, but your cute little Diapers and Panties will hold it all. We'll be back in the morning to check in on you."

The calmness with which Don spoke cut James as much as what he said, but as the two orderlies walked away chuckling over their patient's humiliation there was nothing he could do. Again a nurse appeared and reinserted an IV. He settled down and actually slept until pressure within his bladder woke him. At first he struggled to resist the urge to pee, but the futility of it and the memory of pee running down his body and into his face made this situation seem not so bad. He sensed a continuing helplessness against the onslaught of drugs. He relaxed and tried to let it come. He didn't realize how hard it would be to pee while lying on his back. After quite some time, the first drops off pee seeped out of his penis and were anxiously sucked up by the waiting cloth. Time elapsed, the pressure built and built until his penis ached. Finally with the right combination of relaxing and pushing, the flow began - slow, then a rush of pee. James couldn't believe he was actually struggling to make himself pee into a Diaper. Even as he felt the warm absorption on the front of the Diaper, his pee also ran down on either side of his balls to be absorbed immediately in the thirsty fabric at the rear of the Diaper. It seemed so strange to feel the warmth of his own pee; it was still horribly embarrassing and only a little less disgusting than his last experience of wetting. Soon the pleasure of relief was overcome by disgust and self loathing for allowing himself to pee himself.

He lay there in the warmth of his own urine and bemoaned his condition. What was to come of him? He had to maintain hope in spite of what he'd been told. He couldn't even plan, though, as he had no idea what was to come next. He could only hope he'd be released or that a chance for escape would develop. As the warmth of his wet Diaper cooled, he gradually faded back into a sleepy haze picturing his present condition as only a bad dream. He woke two - or was it three - more times that night and repeated this same process. Each time he had to struggle to force the release of pressure from his bladder. Each time he felt shame at wetting himself in spite of the realization he really had no control of the situation.

When James woke again, he had a sense of others in the room. With no windows in this room, James had no sense of time. A faint light around the door to the hallway slightly illuminated the room. As he rose to awareness, the realization of his plight returned. He could not roll over or even move his tired and achy limbs. His body temperature was uneven - his body was cool except where the efficient, heat and moisture trapping Panties covered the now soaked Diapers sagged around his middle. As he visually surveyed the room, he noticed the tilting table where he'd first been tethered, counters and shelves on one side of the room well stocked with what James now realized to be Diapers and Plastic Pants as well as various jars, bottles and other containers. Against another wall, stood two pieces of equipment which just didn't make any sense to James. They were the size of a twin bed, looked like a crib with metal bars, but seemed to have a set of bars on top as well. As he pondered what these might be, he shifted his gaze and his eyes met those of Don standing nearby.

"Well, Jamie, you are awake! And you've been looking around your new accommodations. At least for now. As your training progresses, you may be moved into the nursery and eventually into your own Baby room. But it's too soon to worry about that. Are you ready to begin your first full day of training?"

James reacted again out of old habits, forgetting for a moment how helpless and dependent he now was.


Don just laughed as he went over to a cabinet and returned with a piece of equipment. Even as James tried to turn his head to avoid the inevitable, Don jammed into James mouth a large rubber plug. It was attached to a strap which he then quickly fastened and locked around James head. James would not be yelling - or talking - again anytime soon!

With this gag in place, Don smiled and said calmly, "There you go, little Baby. This is your pacifier. You are not going to be let go. You should let that begin to sink in. You are not going anywhere we don't take you. These - at least for now - ARE your clothes. You will be wearing Diapers and Plastic Panties as a permanent part of your wardrobe. WE will decide everything for you - you are OURS and you are on your way to being nothing but a peeing, pooping Diaper Slave. We're going to give you your breakfast now, your IV will be removed, and then we'll begin getting you cleaned up."

Soon after he left the room, a nurse appeared, removed the IV needle and hung a huge bag from the IV stand, attaching a tube to the outside of the gag in James mouth. Soon a soft paste began filling his mouth. It had some consistency, but entered his mouth with enough urgency that James had little choice but to swallow. It had been a long time since he'd eaten anyway, and his stomach had been growling. Though it made him feel even more helpless and humiliated, James continued to swallow. Soon after this vile tasting mush stopped its flow, the nurse returned and replaced the bag with another. This time, the flow tasted like bad apple juice. The aftertaste was bitter and even though he had little choice, James soon realized he could avoid the aftertaste if he just continued swallowing. When this bag was finished another of the same replaced it. Twice in the midst of this 'feeding,' James bladder screamed out to him and he was forced to allow himself release into the already very wet Diaper.

As James lay there with a full stomach and full Diapers, Don and Bill approached him.

"Time for the Baby's Bath," Bill said. They speedily replaced the bonds holding James down with wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs attached with short chains. With the strong arms of each of either side of him, James realized the futility of resistance. They guided him off the table and into the bathroom where he was placed into the tub again. He was quickly washed and cleaned, again with much attention paid to what they graphically spoke of as his Diaper Area. They kept up a constant chatter about 'Baby Jamie's Diapers, Panties, little pee-pee' and every conceivable way of referring to him as a helpless Baby, dependent on them for all his needs. With the pacifier gag in place, he could only suffer in silence.

With the bath completed, he was brought to his feet and roughly dried with big fluffy towels and led back to the other room. Two sets of strong arms guided him onto one of the tables where his wrists were secured at his sides again. He heard a ratcheting sound as the top section of the table was raised, putting him into a reclined but somewhat sitting position. This gave him a full view of his naked, outstretched body. Next, the bottom of the table dropped away and stirrups brought out and put into position. His legs were stretched into place and tethered by strong straps. Strapped down firmly, James thought his naked humiliation was complete until the next step began.

Don returned from the cabinets with a can of shaving cream and a razor.

"Look at all this hair! We've got to do something about that, don't we? And we want you to be able to watch as much as you can! You didn't have all this hair as a Baby, did you Jamie? Since you are to be a Baby again, you don't need it now. Watch!"

Don took great pleasure in shaving James face, removing James large mustache and every bit of stubble. Then, slowly and torturously, he spread lather on James' right arm. James watched in agony as the razor made slow trips up and down his arm collecting the thick growth of hair whose initial growth had signaled the start of his adulthood. Slowly and methodically Don lathered, shaved, and then wiped clean first James right arm, then his left arm, then his chest. All the while his two captors kept a steady stream of conversation about Jamie's Babyhood. How much he would now look like a little Baby. How cute he'd be. The shaving cream and the gentle touch of the razor were almost sensual to Jamie in spite of the humiliation of it. Next Bill took over and using the same slow, careful procedure shaved every bit of hair from the 'New Baby's' legs. Up to this point, James had been humiliated, but accepted his fate. When Bill began applying the shaving cream around James balls and shaft, James eyes bulged and he began screaming into the pacifier bulb.

"Oh Baby Jamie! What were you thinking? Of course this nasty hair has to go too! Now don't wiggle - I don't want to cut you down there!" Bill deliberately took more time than necessary and made as much show as possible as every remnant of pubic hair was carefully shaved from James. With each slow swipe of the razor, terror and helplessness crept over James.

Since the initial intrusion into his quarters, James situation seemed to get worse with each passing moment. Just when he thought the humiliation and hopelessness had reached a peak, it continued beyond what he thought possible. With his front now complete bare, the table was adjusted flat and James was rolled over to have his back shaved as well. With not a hair remaining anywhere but on the top of his head, Jamie felt soft cream being rubbed all over his exposed skin. With his back done, he was rolled over and his legs place back into the stirrups. The cream was applied to his front, except that a bottle of Baby Oil was retrieved from the cupboard and rubbed tenderly all around his "Diaper Area." In spite of his continuing embarrassment, James began to realize what this stimulation was doing to him.

Bill noticed as well.

"Look at Baby! Is your little prick looking forward to your Diapers and Panties?" Not even the continued humiliation slowed the swelling of James organ. It rose to full attention, even as Don helped Bill raise James bottom to place three very thick Diapers underneath.

"You sure look cute like this, Baby Jamie! I wonder how cute you'll be when you fill those Diapers with shit!" These words cut through quickly to Jamie and his erection immediately sagged.

"Yes, Jamie, you haven't pooped since you arrived, so we are going to help you with a few suppositories. Ever used a suppository, Baby?" Again Jamie's eyes bulged as he shook his head, both in answer to the question and in a silent plea to be spared now.

Jamie felt a cold jell against his private little hole as Don's fingers spread the lubricant around and then violating Jamie's practically virgin rosette. Jamie had seldom visited a doctor and had only once or twice been entered in any way. As first one then two fingers explored the opening, Jamie grunted into his pacifier in shame and agony. Bill explained, "Now we get to put in the suppositories. I think two ought to do, don't you Don?" The two smiled as they showed Jamie the silver bullet shaped packaging and slowly opened them right in front of him so he couldn't help but see the waxy bullets. They smiled and explained to Jamie about the cramping he would soon experience and how his colon would react in spite of any resistance Jamie might try to offer. Jamie moaned as first one, and then the other suppository was rammed firmly far up into his insides.

Bill then quickly brought up the front of Jamie's Diapers and fastened them tightly with two Diaper pins on each side. Don brought over a Baby blue pair of side-snap Plastic Pants and slid them under Jamie, quickly bringing up the front and snapping them into place.

Already Jamie could feel the two tiny torpedoes within him begin to melt and do their work. Even as the straps of the table were being released, Jamie had begun to rock his hips in answer to the growing painful cramping deep within. So focused on his discomfort he was that he easily allowed himself to be walked from the table over to one of the beds against the far wall. So worried about what was to come that he didn't notice how far the Diapers spread his legs and how he had to waddle between his two captors. So anxious to relieve the growing cramps within him that he didn't even think of resistance as the top and side of the waiting crib cage were swung away. Jamie couldn't wait to lie down and just kept rocking his hips in the throes of his cramping, as his wrists were strapped to cuffs on a canvass band around the crib mattress and his legs were cuffed, spread-eagle at the foot of the crib. He continued this slow rhythmic dance even as he heard the clank of the side and top being replaced and locked. The click of the lock brought a temporary realization of his current position, but the agony of the cramping returned his thoughts to the more immediate concern.

The waves of cramping rose and fell and it wasn't until the enforced pressure finally began the downward movement of the first wave of poop that Jamie realized he had been left alone in his misery. Jamie tried and tried to hold the poop, but the pressure was too great and he sensed the inexorable movement of poop exit his bottom into the waiting Diaper. He felt the lump develop, growing and spreading around his bottom. The feeling of the hot flow from his bottom reminded him of seeing the slow flow of molten lava from volcanoes. As much as the flow eased the cramping deep within him, he couldn't help but start to cry as the mound of poop grew and spread forcing its way now into his crotch. Tears stained his face and ran down his cheeks as his bottom cheeks became more and more coated with the wave upon wave of hot mush being forced out of his insides. Yes, Babies shit in their Diapers, but he was an adult. This didn't happen to adults and he shouldn't have to endure this. Then, almost as if in answer to this train of thought, Joan's voice came to him.

"Ah, Baby Jamie, you are doing well I see. All that nasty hair is gone, you are in your very own little Crib and you are using your Diapers for what they are intended! See, in spite of what I imagine is running through your mind, you are becoming a Baby! A Diaper Baby! A Diaper Slave! Yes, just look at yourself. What do you see?" More tears appeared; Jamie groaned and shuddered as Joan continued.

"Baby, don't worry. You'll get used to it soon. And it isn't as bad as you think now. Just relax and let it happen. Inside you were never anything but a Baby. You spent years denying it, trying to be adult, but now you can just relax and let it happen."

As she said this, one last wave of poop hit the Diaper and a wave of pee spilled out of Jamie almost without him realizing it. Look at him. Dressed in only Diapers and Plastic Diaper Pants. His prized mustache was gone and his body was as hairless and smooth as a newborn. He lay in a Crib. He'd been Peeing and Pooping into the Diapers. My God, he thought. How repulsive. For years he'd looked forward to meeting the right woman, marrying and having a little baby of his own. Instead, he'd met Joan and now he was becoming the Baby! He was horrified, but he couldn't yet give up hope. He had to have hope.

Joan did her best to dash the hope she read so accurately in his tear stained eyes.

"Oh Baby. Just think. You are never going to be released. This is just the beginning. We've turned many, many adults into Babies. Usually its parents who bring wayward young adults like you here because of addictions, or immorality and actual crimes. We step in to provide a way for the parents to help their children reform. The young people sign themselves into our program and while we don't reveal the exact nature of our program at the outset, our control of them is perfectly legal and binding. We regress our Babies to infancy in body, mind and behavior. Some parents take their children home in that state and keep their Babies at this stage of regression. They are much more easily managed and cause none of the heartache and damage of their previous lives. Sometimes we retrain these young people and gradually let them grow back to adulthood, though few ever successfully regain full continence. In our training, we've had tremendous success, though we've had some stubborn cases who have had to return two or three times.

Often in these and other serious cases, the parents simply sign over lifetime control to us and we care for them in their infant state indefinitely. Although we've only been in existence for ten years, we've already placed some of our Babies with adoptive parents who have been unable to have children otherwise. I have special plans for you though Jamie. I want you to become a Baby physically. We will train you to total incontinence; you'll wear and use Diapers from now till the day you die. You'll get used to it and will maintain an uncomfortable balance between loving them and being humiliated by them.

You will eventually be returned to your job as accountant, however. We need your skills in our operation and as my personal Diaper Slave; you will take care of the books for this operation. As I've said, it's all strictly legal, but the media would have a field day with our unorthodox practices. You wouldn't accept this now, but it would be a disaster if our operation were to be stopped and our Babies released on their own. They've all been trained - as you will be too - to be dependent on others for their every need. Although you will maintain your adult mind, the others have been brought back to total infancy and could no more get along on their own than a 6 month old baby!"

Jamie's hope faded with every word Joan said. If this covert business had been existence for ten years now, there was little hope that he'd succeed in escaping or bringing it to light. He sank into despondency as Joan left him. He lay there in His Crib, with his own shit drying and caking to his skin in His Diapers and His Plastic Panties. His Pee continued to seep into His Diaper, mixing with His Poop around His Hairless Diaper Area. Strapped and locked in, he wasn't going anywhere. Out of despair, he unconsciously began sucking on His Pacifier. Exhausted from his experience with the suppositories, aided by the drugs given him in the juice earlier and soothed by his pacifier, 'Baby Jamie' slipped into a foggy dream state.

He saw himself at his old job - at his old desk - but he saw himself as he was dressed now. Hairless and in Diapers and Panties. He worked at his desk and wondered why no one around him seemed to notice. His old coworkers came over and discussed what they were working on as well as their plans for the evening. It all seemed so natural and still no one commented on his 'clothes.' Then his old boss approached his desk and asked, "Baby Jamie, are you wet? Do you need a change?" It wasn't that they didn't notice; it was that they took it all for granted! Jamie awoke with a start and realized he was peeing in His Diapers again. Gradually the foggy sleep returned and he was back at his old desk once again. More work, more talk and again no one seemed to notice his Baby attire. But as Jamie mentioned the traditional office trip to a bar for Friday's happy hour, everyone looked at him funny and someone spoke up, "But Babies aren't allowed in the bar! You know that! Baby Jamie doesn't go to the bar; Baby Jamie goes home to his Crib and his Ba-Ba!"

Everyone chuckled to think of Baby Jamie at the bar! Someone else spoke up and said, "Baby, it's your break time. Speaking of your Ba-Ba, here it is." The coworker produced an adult sized Baby bottle and placed it in Jamie's mouth. Jamie woke to realize a bag of juice had been hung over his Crib and connected to his pacifier. He was thirsty and didn't fight the flow of juice into his mouth.

It seemed that every square inch of his skin beneath the Diaper was raw and irritated. The more he tried to shift his body in his Crib to relieve the feeling, the worse it became. Finally, Don and Bill came and brought him to the bathroom. He was made to stand in the tub as cuffs, suspended from the ceiling, were attached to his wrists. With his hands fastened above his head, his Diaper Panties were removed. Yet another flow of pee began, but the Diapers were far beyond their limit and the pee flowed through the sodden Diaper and dripped down each of his legs. Chalk up one more humiliation, he thought, as Bill unpinned his Diaper and let it plop heavily into the tub! Bill picked up the Diaper and disposed of it into a pail nearby as Don wiped away as much of the caked on poop as he could. Next came the warm gentle spray of a hose attached to the bath faucet. Don used a soft, soapy washcloth to finish cleaning Jamie from the waist down. Jamie was rinsed, dried and brought back to one of the tables where he was again thickly Diapered in 3 cloth Diapers. As usual, Don and Bill kept up a chatter about 'the Baby.' Jamie was getting used to being referred to as Baby Jamie and while still humiliated, was getting used to the Diapering procedure.

He knew it was just human nature and not a sign of Babyhood, as Don and Bill insisted, but he actually appreciated being fastened into his soft, dry Diapers. Wait! Had he just thought of the Diapers as HIS?? Oh no! He fretted about this as he felt His light yellow Pull-on Plastic Panties pulled up his legs. He unconsciously raised his bottom as they were drawn up to smother His Diapers. Equally without thought, he rocked to allow Don to work his hands around the elastic of the Panties to tuck in the stray pieces of Diaper cloth. Then he was led back to his Crib, fastened in at the wrists and ankles and listened as the bars of his Crib were locked. Jamie was hungry and dreamed of beef and sea-food, but was greeted by a steady flow of pabulum through this feeding pacifier. As much as he craved real food, the Baby food filled him to capacity, especially when followed by two large bags of juice.

The drugs and chemicals in the pabulum and juice relaxed Jamie's muscles letting him slide into a gentle slumber at the same time acting to allow free, unconscious release of his bladder. Again Jamie dreamed. Sitting at his desk in just his Diaper and Panties, he worked at his computer and wet without even thinking about it. He felt a pressure in his backsides and stood up, bending slightly at the waist, and forced a big poop out. He sighed, sucked on his pacifier and sat back down to work. He felt the poop squish outward inside his Diaper and was glad to be wearing it. Later, Jamie woke and remembered the dream as he sensed the fullness of his Diaper. He'd peed and pooped in His Diaper and didn't even wake up! Tears welled up in his eyes and he sucked hard on His Pacifier. They were winning! They were turning him into a Baby.

Downstairs in her office, Joan spoke with Bill and Don about Jamie's progress. They were pleased, as he seemed to be right on or maybe even a little ahead of schedule. They would continue his regimen for a full week before moving on. While Jamie felt the battle had been lost, his caregivers realized they had more to do, since they could not continue drugging him indefinitely. For Jamie, the next week floated by in tides of poop and waves of pee. Except for bath time once a day and changes three or four times a day depending on his 'needs,' Jamie was kept strapped and locked in his Crib. He was fed pabulum and juice through His Pacifier. Occasionally he was put into a disposable Diaper covered by a layer of cloth Diaper when a poop was expected and Jamie felt the flow of his pee vary slightly. At times it would just soak in, spreading warmth across his front. Other times he'd feel a pool form on his lower abdomen before it was absorbed or ran down the inside or outside of his legs. Sometimes the warm flow almost tickled as it waited to be sucked up by the waiting Diapers. At times his poop came in tiny pellets; at other times almost liquid mush. But it came. It flowed right into his Diapers, just as it was supposed to. He didn't like it, but he got used to it. Day followed day; night followed night and by the end of that first week, Jamie thought this was his future.

While he had lost track of the days, it was on the seventh day of his Diaper Captivity when Jamie realized something was going to be different. When he was returned to the changing table, Joan was there. She watched the preparations, but the Diapers weren't drawn up when Jamie expected they would be. Joan spoke, "Jamie, you've done well. You seem to realize this is going to be your life. But we've been drugging you right along as I'm sure you are aware. We can't keep doing that, so we've got to take some action to help you along with your incontinence. You will gradually just become urinary incontinent on your own, but we need to help your bowel movements become more automatic without drugs. This little apparatus will help."

Don held up what looked like a large dildo. Without any further talk, Don proceeded to lube up Jamie's little rosebud inside and out. Next, Jamie felt a pressure there as Don began pressing the apparatus into Jamie's hole. As his opening was forced wider than it had ever been before, Jamie cried out into his pacifier and his eyes grew larger than they'd ever been as well. Tears flowed down Jamie's face as the enormous intruder was gently, but firmly rammed home. Jamie thought he'd split in two, as his Diapers were pinned on and nice bright blue Plastic Panties snapped on him. The internal pain was unbearable as he was forced to waddle back to his Crib. As he lay down, it seemed the plug rammed itself even deeper into his passage. Then, after being strapped and locked in, in spite of what he thought possible, he felt the apparatus begin to swell in size!

"There," said Joan.

"We'll leave it at that for now, but each hour you will feel it grow slightly. That will continue till dinner time. We'll leave it in until your nighttime Diaper and take it out so you can relieve yourself between then and your morning bath. It will be replaced then and again will be increased in size hourly as we feel you can physically endure it, through the rest of the day. This will continue for several days until your muscles are totally and completely beyond your control. As this occurs, you will soon get to the point where you will feel a build up of your poop, but even if you try to hold it back, it'll just slide out of its own accord. As that happens, your urinary incontinence will be taking hold, also of its own accord along with the continuing post-hypnotic suggestion you've been subjected to nightly without your even knowing it! You are almost to complete and total BABYHOOD! Isn't that wonderful?!!"

As much as Jamie thought it not possible, each hour this apparatus within him indeed spread him further apart and closer to losing all control. He spent most of his time sobbing into his pacifier, aching in his bottom and realizing the inevitability of its effectiveness. Each night he gasped in pain as the device shrank to its original size and was withdrawn. Each night, the poop flowed - at first very consciously and only with Jamie's submissive permission, but with each passing day he sensed less warning and less ability to control it. When three consecutive nights passed during which Jamie didn't wake up, but poop flowed without his knowledge or permission, he was greeted cheerily by Joan, "Oh Baby Jamie, I'm just so proud of you! We don't need that nasty thing inside you any more! Your muscles are back to Babyhood! We could always go back surgically if you lapse back into control, though, so don't even try. Just let yourself be the Baby you know you are!"

Jamie was thrilled to know that the dreadful expanding apparatus would no longer violate his body - no longer would he feel the agonizing pain as this equipment grew inside him. At the same time he was ashamed by the thought that this meant he would now - and probably forever - poop without control. And if he did regain control, Joan was ready to perform surgery on him! He rationalized. He had long ago given up hope of any escape. If an opportunity ever came and he did escape, he'd still be dressed in only His Diapers and Panties. If he was to be incontinent, he really did need to be in Diapers. He was being well cared for, though he still missed adult food. He didn't miss the stresses of adult life - worry about a job, bills, keeping up with everything. He didn't miss all the botched relationships with women he'd had. When he thought about it, there wasn't much he missed. Maybe this wasn't so bad after all! This was all on only one level of his thinking. Deep down he knew he was being held against his will. He knew he was an adult, dressed like a Baby in Diapers and Plastic Panties. He knew he'd been forced to incontinence and was horribly embarrassed each time he peed or pooped. He knew with the greatest of certainty that he was indeed a Baby Diaper Slave.

As a symbol of Jamie's progress, after his bath and re-Diapering, he was put in a nice new Baby shirt which was emblazoned across the front, "I'm a BABY and I'm PROUD of it!" This was the first clothing other than Diapers and Panties which Jamie had been given since he arrived at the ABC. He was excited about it, until he realized what the shirt said and that it was so short it barely came to the top of his Diaper Panties. His excitement turned to tears. He'd come to terms with his incontinence. He'd come to terms with his captivity, but he still couldn't accept himself as a Baby.

Over the next several days, more clothing was introduced. Other Tee shirts - always short enough to reveal all of his Diaper Panties. His Diaper Panties had more Babyish patterns now, instead of solid colors. Once in a while, he'd be put in a 'onesie' with snaps in the crotch for easier Diaper changes. The onesies always had a Babyish design on them. Sometimes he was dressed in Rompers, with puffy little bottoms to cover his Diaper Panties and sometimes in shorts outfits - the shorts were always so short his Diaper Panties peaked out the bottom of the shorts. Having other clothes than just His Diaper and Diaper Panties was a welcomed step for Jamie, but again he felt within him the conflict of feeling that one step forward was at the same time one step (at least!) backward.

Days turned to weeks and finally a month and a half of total "Babyhood" had passed. Jamie had made much 'progress.' He was wetting and messing his Diapers with no control and little thought. He could usually feel the buildup of poop within him, but he'd gotten to the point of not even thinking about it until it actually began its final move into his Diaper. There was no sense thinking about it, because after all he had no control. Fresh, dry Diapers were a welcomed sight and feel for him. He felt somewhat insecure when he didn't have his Diapers on. He was now embarrassed when he'd pee while being dried off from his bath and at least once he'd actually pooped in the water of his bath.

He spent a lot of his day without the pacifier in his mouth, but he frequently asked for it, since it had become a source of comfort for him. Even then, he'd been given just a simple adult sized pacifier - no locking strap. With this, he was able to speak, but usually had little to say. He was no longer fed through the pacifier gag. Through stages, he'd been fed in a high chair - at first pabulum, then gradually Baby foods and now also some very basic adult foods cut in tiny pieces which he was allowed to feed himself. Liquids came from a large 32 oz Baby bottle. He could hold it in one hand, but preferred to use both hands as a baby would. He was no longer strapped to his Crib, and because he actually felt a little insecure when he was first allowed to be free in his Crib, had been given a stuffed teddy to sleep with.

During the days, he was allowed in a playroom where there were others from the ABC dressed in Diapers and Baby Panties. He didn't get much enjoyment from this though as they had also been regressed totally to Babies; they spoke Baby talk, crawled on the floor and played with Baby toys. Sometimes he would play with them, but as an adult would play with a Baby. Jamie might be a Baby in many senses, but he still had an adult mind, with predominantly adult thoughts and he spoke as an adult.

Joan was amazed with the results of this experiment. Jamie had been the perfect subject. Her plans for his incontinence training had actually progressed ahead of the schedule she'd planned. She knew it worked when total regression was the goal, but she wanted to save Jamie's adult mind. She continued her plan, by gradually leading Jamie around to many areas of the ABC. She showed him the Baby nursery and he was a regular visitor to the playroom. She brought him to an 'adoption' where a happy childless couple was united with their 'Baby' and brought her home with them. She was careful not to traumatize him by showing him any of the initial phases of training, but allowed him to view some carefully selected punishments. She explained them to him as necessary, just as any Baby must occasionally be punished for developmental and safety reasons. It all made sense to him. Joan gradually led him to think of the ABC as being good for everyone involved. What had initially been a shock and horror to Jamie was transformed in his mind to something helpful, desirable and even necessary. Joan still realized, though, that there were landmines of adult thought left in Jamie's brain. She knew well the risks involved and so planned carefully for the eventual triggering of one of those land mines.

Jamie had given little thought back to his first days at the ABC. He'd forgotten about being a Diaper Slave. If this was slavery, he didn't mind it at all. One day, Joan came to him and said, "Jamie, I've got a nice surprise for you! It's time for you to go back to your accounting. Let me bring you to your work place."

Jamie didn't know what to think. He'd missed accounting, but had gotten used to being in Diapers and having nothing to do all day. He had become basically passive though and said nothing, at least for now. As Joan led the way, Jamie thought it strange that Don and Bill trailed behind them. They had continued to be a part of his life here, but they had seldom gone with Joan and him in other excursions in the ABC. She led him down a hallway he'd never seen and finally came to a door labeled simply, "Office." As Joan took out a key, the two aides approached Jamie one on each side. Jamie's face dropped when Joan opened the door and he saw what looked to be a typical large business office. Desks were arranged around the room, each with computers, paperwork and everything else you'd expect. People were busy at their desks looking over paperwork, working at their computers or bustling around. This was a typical, business office and Jamie had been jolted out of his new Baby world back into the old adult world.

Jamie hadn't known what to expect as he'd been led down the hall. He thought he'd be in a private office or perhaps among those he'd been around already in the ABC. He didn't know any of these people. Suddenly he became painfully aware that he was standing there dressed as a Baby. He had on a onesie with an embroidered Baby holding a rattle. Pink Diaper Panties peeked out around the elastic of the bottom of the onesie. And he felt himself wet. All the humiliation of the past two months crashed down on him at that instant and he wanted to run. That's when he felt the strong firm arms of Don and Bill at his side.

"Everyone let me have your attention for just a moment. This is your new coworker, Baby Jamie. Please treat him just as we've already discussed. I'm sure he'll fit in well. As you can see, he's a little apprehensive about starting this job just as anyone would be, so please give him your full support and cooperation."

Joan proceeded to lead Jamie around the office and introduce him personally to each of the other workers. Bill and Don held him by the arms just enough to keep him from bolting, should he decide to. Jamie was totally humiliated and his face burned a deep red in embarrassment. In this state, he didn't hear a word that was said. Finally he was led to a desk near the center of the room. Joan spoke to him, but he really didn't hear what she was saying. He felt himself being seated in a comfortable chair at the desk and suddenly realized he had been tethered to the legs of the desk by locked ankle chains. His wrists were bound and linked together with a twelve inch chain and to one arm of his chair by a longer chain. Jamie cried. He lowered his head into his chained hands and cried.

He didn't hear Joan wish him well and say goodbye. He sat and cried until he had no tears left. It was however as Joan had expected. The sudden jolt back to a totally adult setting was certainly going to be traumatic. She'd prepared her office staff well, though, and they went about their business. Gradually, Jamie dared short glances around the room. No one was staring at him. No one had laughed, giggled or reacted in any way to him, other than to smile pleasantly if they caught his glance. He looked at this desk. It was set up as any office desk. Computer, trays of papers, pens and pencils in a container, paper clips - nothing out of the ordinary. He had no idea what he was meant to do though and thought perhaps he'd be in trouble for not working. He worried about that, but still just sat.

Soon a woman approached.

"Hi Jamie. I'm not sure you'd remember our introduction earlier. I'm Susan, the office manager." She reached out her hand to shake his, just as if he were sitting there in a business suit instead of Diapers and a Baby Suit. Not knowing what to do, Jamie reached out his hand to hers and they shook hands.

"I know this transition is hard for you. As Joan said, you'll only be here today for a few hours and we don't expect you to do anything other than get used to the office and your desk. In a while, I'll show you how to log onto your computer and a few other basics. For now, though, I want you to just get comfortable." Speaking across the office to a man standing at what looked like a small break area, she said loudly, "Joe, would you mind getting Jamie's bottle for him? It's right there in the fridge."

Jamie's face burned red once again, but faded as no one even looked up and this man casually brought out the big Baby bottle and strode across the room, casually handing it to him.

"Hi, Baby Jamie. Don't be afraid to ask for anything. You're one of us now and we're all here to help you adjust to your new job. It'll take awhile for you to adjust to us, I'm sure, but we've heard a lot about your skills and are looking forward to working with you."

Again Jamie was in a strange state - dressed as a peeing, pooping little Baby, handed his Baby bottle, but spoken to with the respect given a valuable, intelligent adult. His thirst overcame his consternation, though, and as Joe and Susan walked away, the nipple of the bottle slipped between his lips and he began sucking at the contents. As much as Jamie had become accustomed to his incontinence and his Baby bottle, the experience of sitting in this office chair sucking his Bottle and feeling pee drip out of his stem down into his crotch and into his Diaper had a whole new feel and meaning to it. Soon he felt a familiar pressure within and while he could not control the flow of it, stood to the extent his chains would allow. A large turd crept its way into his Diaper and he felt the usual spread of it as he sat back down. Pee trickled down to greet it and soon Jamie was sitting in a swamp of pee and poop. This didn't bother Jamie, as he had become accustomed to it, but he was also self conscious of his new surroundings.

What Jamie didn't realize was that the odor from his poop had wafted to nearby desks. Without any fuss, the woman at a nearby desk had picked up her phone and summoned help. A woman in the familiar dress of a nursery aide approached and said, "Hi Jamie. Do you need a change? Come with me and we'll take care of you." Stunned that she had known just when to come, Jamie weakly complied. She unlocked his cuffs and led him to a door at the side of the office.

"This is your changing room. Anytime you need a change, simply call #123 on your phone." Jamie was led into a small room outfitted with changing table and a full stock of Diapering supplies. He allowed himself to be changed, but a strange feeling was welling within him. Perhaps it was seeing the adult world again. Perhaps it was the renewed sense of humiliation and shame he'd felt or perhaps it was being chained to the desk.

As the aide was leading Jamie back to his desk in his fresh Diapers and Panties, something snapped. He saw the door nearby which seemed to lead out of the office into the outer adult world. Almost without thought, Jamie suddenly pushed this aide out of his way and started running toward the door. A man had just gotten up from his desk into Jamie's path and Jamie just pushed him aside. He crashed into a woman crossing the aisle and though it slowed him, he just pushed past. It was as if he was in slow motion. The door loomed ahead, but seemed to shrink and fade into the distance. His vision faded to a tunnel of light focused on the door. He didn't hear the shocked sounds of the others in the room - only the pounding of his heart as he raced in slow motion, step after step, toward the door. He didn't see the others, purposely moving away from his route. He thought he'd never reach the door, but he was suddenly there. Freedom seemed to be at hand. His lungs, his heart, his mind almost bursting, he flung the door open. He raced through into an outer hallway and could see the outdoors through the large, glass exterior doors. His hopes soared. Exhilarated he continued his push to freedom. As he continued toward the outer doors, he never saw Bill or Don. He never saw the waiting hypodermic needle.

His mind was so focused, he barely felt the strong arms grabbing him, but he felt himself sliding to the floor somehow. The gentle prick of the hypodermic finding its way into his arm burst the bubble of his Freedom and all hope of escape faded with him into an inescapable darkness. One of the landmines Joan knew was there in Baby Jamie's mind had been triggered. It had exploded, but with Joan's insight and planning, no harm had come. Yes, Joan would have to pick up the pieces, but the plans were firmly in place.

As Jamie had faded into unconsciousness, so he faded back to consciousness. His awareness came slowly. His mind a haze, he realized he was sucking his pacifier. It was the old one. He felt the loose pressure of the band around his head holding it in. He was aware of the paste oozing into his mouth from it. It was the old Baby formula and he faintly sensed the chemical aftertaste of drugs. As he went to roll, he realized he was bound down on his back. He opened his eyes, but could see only in tunnel vision much as he'd seen during his ill-fated escape attempt. This however, was drug induced. He peered out through the bars of his locked crib cage and again felt the twisting of his feelings and emotions. On the one hand, he felt totally lost and totally defeated. He felt as low as he'd ever felt in his life, including his initial capture and placement here. On the other hand, he felt somehow safe, somehow secure. Somehow he felt things were as they should be. He knew deep down in his heart he was HOME.

Jamie's treatment was very methodical for the next week. Much to his amazement, punishment as such never came. At least not in any form he would recognize. His treatment was kind, gentle and loving. Each morning he was released from his bound and locked condition in his Crib, given a bath and put in the first Diapers of the day. He was not dressed other than in Diapers and Panties, but this wasn't a significant punishment. He was spoon and bottle fed his breakfast in his high chair, and then led to a small dark room containing only a high chair. He was strapped into the chair, injected with drugs to keep him relaxed but awake, and then left alone. When the door closed, the room was entirely dark until a screen in front of him showed videos. He saw Cribs and Babies - small babies and adult babies. He saw them laugh and coo and play. Music and a soft gentle voice accompanied the videos.

"See how happy they are. They have all their needs met. They are perfectly content."

The scene changed to a crowded city street. There was a huge traffic jam. Horns beeped, people struggled along the tide of other people, all the signs of stressed city life. The accompanying music was jarring as well, but the soft voice consoled, "You don't need this. You no longer have to cope with this stress. Why would you want to?" Back to the nursery scenes - "Why would you want to do anything but be here with us? We take care of your every need. We love you. Why would you want to leave?" Over and over, the alternating scenes of jarring, unpleasant life in the outside world juxtaposed with the calm scenes of the ABC. Even different office scenes were shown - a loud, clamoring office scene where people yelled at each other and quiet scenes in the ABC office.

"Baby Jamie, your place is with us. Why would you want to leave us?" Scenes of other offices - and an adult dressed in Diapers and Plastic Pants sitting at a desk. Others walked by, laughing and taunting the Diapered one. The adult Baby sat and cried. Flash to a scene in the ABC office. Wait. Jamie recognized himself sitting there at the moment he was brought the bottle. This video had been made when he was really in the office. He knew that inside himself at that time he'd been unsure and afraid, but now he saw the compassion and understanding in the faces of those around him. The voice of the video pointed out the love that each worker had for the other.

"Jamie, you are a Baby. You've really never been any more than that, but now we've allowed you to become what you are. You have Diapers and Plastic Panties and you need them. You use them all the time as you should. People outside don't understand. We love you here. We understand and we take care of you. Outside you would be picked on and singled out as different. To us you are special. Baby Jamie, this is your home."

After a few hours of this, Jamie was changed and given a bottle and allowed 'freedom' within the locked changing room just down the hall. He was led back, given another injection and watched more video. After lunch, Jamie was locked back in his crib for an afternoon nap and later allowed to play in the Babies playroom. Even though he still felt adult, he found himself slipping more into the play of the Babies as an active Baby rather than as an observer. Jamie's day concluded with dinner, the playroom for Babyish videos and more free play, then being cleaned up and Diapered for the night. He was strapped down and locked into his Crib each night.

At the end of a week, Jamie was dressed back in Baby clothes - a cute shorts outfit with suspender straps leading up over a little puffy short sleeved Baby blue shirt. Of course the shorts snapped in the crotch and displaced the edges of his translucent blue Diaper Panties. Joan came to get him and led him to an office. An older man got up from behind a desk and introduced himself.

"Hi Baby Jamie, I'm Dr. Atherton. I'm a psychologist and Joan has asked me to meet with you. Is that OK with you?"

Jamie nodded and Dr. Atherton continued, "Won't you please sit down over here on this sofa. I think you'll find it very comfortable and don't worry, it's treated so even if your Diaper leaks, it will do no harm." The strangely mixed adult and Baby message that would have jarred Jamie previously didn't faze him a bit as he settled into the comfortable seat. He hugged his stuffed bear he'd unconsciously carried with him.

Jamie and the doctor talked for well over an hour before Joan returned and led Jamie back to lunch. Later that afternoon Joan returned to Dr. Atherton's office.

"Joan, you've done a great job! I don't think you'll have any more trouble with Baby Jamie. We spoke at great length and he truly seems happy here now. I could detect absolutely no residual thoughts of being anything but a happy contented Baby. We were obviously right in planning for at least one escape attempt, but the treatment has done its job. He is now positively terrified of the thought of being anywhere else but the ABC. As an experiment, I suggest you actually stage taking him outside a few times over the next month of so. I know, though, that he'll cry and beg to stay in the ABC. He'll never again want to go into the outside world even for five minutes!"

The next day Jamie was re-introduced to the office. He was again chained to his desk, but he was bright, cheery and happy to be there. Those in the office came over and greeted him cheerily and complimented him on his pretty Baby clothes. It seemed just right to Jamie and he thanked them for their comments. Susan and the others in the office helped him acclimate to his work and soon he loved his routine.

Each morning, he'd be gotten up from his Crib (it was still locked, but the straps had even been removed from the Crib), given a bath and dressed. He'd be brought to the ABC cafe and put in a highchair for breakfast. Some mornings it would be oatmeal or other Baby cereal. Sometimes he'd be given dry cheerios and toast squares and sometimes some soft boiled egg. Always, he'd have his Bottle. When breakfast was over, he'd be led to the office and chained to his desk - he was after all a Diaper Slave and Joan still worried some about escape attempts. Dr. Atherton was right though. On several occasions over the next three months Joan offered to take Jamie out shopping or to the movies or even for a ride. Each time a true look of horror appeared on Jamie's face and he'd cry out, "Please let me stay here! Don't make me go out to the adult world! I'm a Baby and I NEED to be here! If you really love me, let me stay here where I belong!"

Joan always relented quickly and let Jamie sob himself back to calm as Joan held him and cuddled him.

Realizing the success of her plan, Joan gradually introduced more Babies into the ABC office. She made all the workers perfectly aware of her plans. No one would lose their job, and no one was to feel threatened, but through normal job attrition as one adult left a position they would be replaced by a Baby. What only Joan and a few select others knew was that no one really left ABC. Those who worked in the office and decided to move on to other jobs were somehow spirited away. Explanations varied, but family and friends were convinced of one set of circumstances while in reality, each adult was placed into secluded Baby training. At first, each one was reduced to complete babyhood and many were placed with needy families. ABC had quietly grown so that it now made placements worldwide and Joan had no fear that her Babies would be recognized and her operation exposed. After all, anyone adopting an adult Baby would be very guarded in their own disclosures. As always, legal documents were always at the ready should questions arise - the office workers had signed away their rights without knowing it, but by the time their training was complete were totally incapable of remembering or explaining what had happened to them.

Eventually there were enough Babies in the office so the outer office doors were kept locked and the Babies allowed freedom within the office. Jamie did exceptionally well as accountant and took on more and more responsibility. Within a year, all the adults had been replaced and Jamie was made Baby Office Manager. There was a big party to celebrate the exit of the last office adult and Jamie's promotion. A big cake was brought in, decorated with Babies in their Diapers and brightly colored Diaper Panties. This coincided with the anniversary of Jamie's full Babyhood and a candle was placed in the middle of the cake in honor of this. Jamie made a wish and blew out the candle. His wish was to live here with the other Babies forever. All the Babies raised their Baby bottles in a toast and Jamie's wish came true.


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