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Alice on a Friday

I woke up with my diaper damp and bottom burning. What day was it, Friday. What time was it? 5:30. Where was I? My parents' home even if I was 29 years old. Why was I in a diaper? Because I peed during my weekly spanking. Why was I spanked? Because it was Thursday accounts night with Mother and Dad as it was every week. Why did they spank me? Because of all the debt I had that made the bank foreclose my condo and have me live with them again, when they were looking forward to a peaceful time together in their mid-life. I recalled the previous evening well as I tried to get into a position that wasn't too hard on my bottom or didn't have the diaper wet the bed. One drop of pee on the bed and I couldn't go to community service camp that weekend. I would have had to be in my room by myself harnessed to a post playing on the floor with children's games. I recalled the last thing that happened before I went to sleep, being with my knees up and feet on the bed lifting up my bottom so Mother could put on a clean thickly padded disposable diaper. Also I remember sucking on the pacifier I had to have in my mouth most of the time so I wouldn't talk to bother Dad and Mother. I had put it out of my mouth during the night and looked for it and put it back in. I took some long hard sucks then played with it sucking it in and out. Then I took another long suck thinking about my spanking. Dad told me to assume position one. That was where I leaned on the desk in his home office my head on the desk my hands spread to hold each side and my feet and legs spread out the two feet on the tape spots he put on the floor for that purpose. Position one involved spankings with a wood hair brush. Dad also had position two which required my lying on pillows on the couch in his office and for that position he spanked me with a wooden paddle. Position three, my least favorite, required my bending over and holding my ankles while he whipped me with his belt. I had to have one spank on each cheek for every thousands of dollars of debt I had. Even though Dad, a big executive at the largest company in our small rich suburban town, had managed a debt consolidation program that was a lot of spankings-twenty on each cheek at the current time. The deal when I lost the condo Dad gave me the down payment for was that I could live with him and Mother until I got back on my feet. However, since they really wanted this time alone without any kids around the conditions were dire. I had to take a low paying data entry job in Dad's company and apply what I earned to the debt. Of course this was minus any expenses I incurred with them for the diapers I had to wear, whatever food they would buy me and with the company for the meals I ate there that were more substantial-breakfast and lunch-and a monthly city bus pass so I could get to work. Then there was accounts night. I usually worked a lot of overtime to reduce the debt I owed but on Thursdays I had to be in Dad's home office by 8 dressed only in a diaper. They were sick of seeing me in all the crazy clothes I would buy with no thought of the debt I was getting into. The ritual was the same every Thursday night. At 8 sharp I would stand at Dad's office door where he and Mother would be sitting chatting. I would stand there quiet sucking on the pacifier until they told me I could come in. Because they were still so resentful it could be quite a while so they could drive home to me all the pain I had caused them by my financial irresponsibility. If they were watching TV, I had to stand with my back to them to not see it. I was not allowed to watch TV as it could make me want to buy something. And they felt I had bought enough already. Dad was well off so the office he built on to the already big house was big. When they finally allowed me to come in, I would go and stand at attention behind Dad's computer. He would bring up my accounts page so I could read off the numbers on the screen to his questions. First he would take the pacifier out of my mouth hold it and tell me to read off the amount of debt I owed from credit cards and department stores from the previous week. I would and last night it was twenty-thousand two hundred dollars. Then I would read off what expenses they had incurred on my behalf buying my diapers, albeit in bulk through the Internet and the only food they would buy me-cans of whatever nutritional drinks that were on sale and they had coupons for. I was given one of these for dinner to drink at work when I worked overtime which I always did. This would be added to the debt.

Then I had to read off the amount from my job that reduced the debt. Since the job was at Dad's company he arranged for it to go right to the debt consolidation loan company. The amount was for the ten dollars an hour I made inputting financial data into the company's system minus the reduced cost meals and bus pass the company supplied. I tried to have this amount be a lot by working a lot of time and a half overtime and eating inexpensively. Still it wasn't much, $350. This week even though I worked sixty hours and kept my company breakfast and lunch to a minimal amount, I had to buy my monthly city bus pass.

"Alice, so what do you owe now?" Mother said sternly.

"I owe nineteen thousand eight hundred and fifty dollars, ma'am."

"So how many spankings do you deserve for this mess you put us in?" Dad asked. Knowing they rounded up I said "I deserve twenty spankings, one on each cheek for the mess I put you in. Please sir, tell me the position you want me to be in for this accounts night and I will gladly assume it." I said to Dad. I hoped it wouldn't be position three with the belt as I usually lost my balance, moved and he started all over again and did not finish until I was still the whole time.

"Well, the leader of the community service weekend camp said you were doing well with the five other spoiled brats my colleagues and friends are also stuck with. So assume position one." Dad turned around from the computer and put the pacifier in my mouth but I could not suck it just hold it there. Then he took a harness with a long leash out of his top drawer and I stood still as he put it on me. Then he led me by the leash to the front of the desk and gave the end of the leash to Mother to hold. I stood at attention as he put a plastic pad on the front of the desk and another on the floor. Then I moved closer to the desk near the pads and stood still holding the pacifier in my mouth and assumed position one. I bent over with my head on the desk, my hands stretched to hold each side and my feet on the tape on the floor. Dad took off my diaper which Mother inspected for too much wetting and I stood on my tiptoes so my bottom was higher in the air.

"Let's hear you count to twenty for my turn" he said.

"One" I said with my pacifier in my mouth. And Dad brought the hairbrush down hard on my my right cheek. The spank was so hard that my bottom move forward a bit. But it did not move enough that Dad thought I deliberately tried to avoid the hairbrush. I stuck it up higher again to accept Dad's next spank. Dad then took the harness leash from Mother so she had a turn on the other. Since it was position one when I was making progress in the church group, they didn't continue with an additional sets on my thighs. That only happened if I had to assume position three. I only assumed position three once and that was enough. That was after the first week of work when the supervisor complained to Dad I was not getting all the work in my quota done. I was talking too much to the others in the special data entry work room set up for disgraced children of company executives like myself who had to come back home because they got in trouble with debts. I will never forget how terrible position three was. I guess Dad made it so awful so I would learn a lesson. As I said I had to bend over in the middle of the big room and hold my ankles while Dad applied his belt. Since it was my first spanking bending over like that naked with my feet and legs spread out and my bare bottom up in the air was humiliating. And I had three thousand dollars more of debt so there were more lashes on each cheek to burn me. Then to top it all off I kept losing my balance so Dad then Mother would start over with the count. Then for good measure they each did the twenty-three lashes to my thighs and middle of my bottom. So I kept still and they got finished with the hairbrush. As usual I had dribbled pee on the pads and Mother also put them in the plastic bag. Then Dad told Mother to take me to bed and went back to his computer. I looked at the computer longingly as they wouldn't let me near one. They were afraid I was going to make some more online purchases. Also during this time I wasn't allowed to go to any store, read any catalog or have any money on me except two quarters for a pay phone. They long since cut up my credit cards and I lost my bank account due to too many bounced checks. Mother took me from the room walking in front of me holding the leash and walking fast so it was hard to keep up. She took me to the end of the hall to the downstairs bedroom that had been for guests. It was important not to pee as I did not have a diaper on. Mother took off the harness let me go to the bathroom and wash. Then I got on the bed my feet flat of the bed with my knees up in the air. Mother applied creme to my burned bottom told me to lift up so she could slip the diaper under my bottom. Then she powdered me so I would get a rash and taped on the diapers. All this time I couldn't talk with the pacifier in my mouth. She did not talk either as she had on a Walkman and was listening to her favorite music. I didn't have any nightgowns despite all my shopping sprees so I just slept in a diaper with blankets over me. Though it was just 8:30 I went to sleep as I was tired from all the work I was doing. I couldn't get out of bed until Mother came to get me changed and dressed so I held in my pee and had a lot of deep sucks on my pacifier until she did. She would get up early so I could go to work early to have breakfast and earn overtime pay. Again she was wearing a Walkman listening to music to let me know how she hated this whole thing. She was happy, almost dancing to the music she was enjoying despite what she had to do about my plight and punishment. She looked at me and gave me the get up sign and waited with a diaper and outfit in her hand until I went to the bathroom, took a shower and dried my hair which they had me cut short to save them time. Then I went to the bed to be diapered again with one that was very thick. It did not matter if anyone at work could see I was in a diaper as everyone knew that I was part of the executive's bratty adult children program and all of us were in diapers. Also since we all lived in the same fancy neighborhood and traveled together on the city bus to work I wouldn't stand out with a thick diaper walking to and from the bus or riding on the bus any more than the other five in the program would. I just did not like how awkward it was to walk in the extra thick diaper. I no longer walked, I waddled. Then when the diaper was on, I had a more humiliating time. Mother and Dad got all my clothes from the condo and put them in a special room. That was because I went on so many shopping sprees that led to my debt that I had so many clothes. Some I had not even taken the tags off.

So part of this lesson period was to wear each outfit at least once. If Mother thought an outfit looked especially good on me and would last several seasons without being too out of fashion I could keep it. If it was a style that was faddy only in fashion for a particular year, I had to wear it again before it went to Goodwill. If it was a sensible outfit that didn't look especially good on me, it would go to a program that helped poor people get office clothes. Today there would not be a surprise as I had to wear for a second time a crazy pink plaid skirt suit with a short skirt I bought a few years ago because it was on sale. Mother showed me the tag still on it the first time she had me wear it.

"Even on sale it was five hundred dollars, half of a spank" she said. I shrugged my shoulders agreeing with her. I knew I only had to wear it until I came home at 9 after working late to get overtime. Then I would be undressed as soon as I walked in the door to be just in a diaper and the outfit would go to Goodwill, probably for a Halloween costume mother had said of such clothes. So I stood still helping Mother dress me. I knew that if I bent over in the short skirt everyone could see my diaper so I had to be careful not to that day. Then she gave me a clear plastic that had two diapers for changes that day and a can of nutritional drink in a cooler put a lanyard with my bus pass and ID around my neck and told me to hurry for the bus to be there at work in time for the company breakfast hours. At the door she took the pacifier from my mouth and put it in a glass of water ready for me to put back in as soon as I came home. Another would be put in my mouth in the spoiled brats workroom if I talked to any of the others while working. Sometimes I wanted to talk to get a pacifier to such on. But then they would tell Dad and that meant another position three with his belt on accounts night. I was glad we lived in a neighborhood where there were sidewalks and a busline. Otherwise I would have had to drive to work with Dad who would have made me keep the pacifier in my mouth sitting strapped in the back seat like a baby to not bother him like I did if he had to take me to the dentist or doctor. This way I could walk to where I would meet up with another of my fellow yuppie gone wrong spoil brat workroom sufferers, Danny.

I had it a little easier than Danny though who also lost his condo to a foreclosure and had to move back home. His folks not only put him in diapers, but they also kept him in a chastity belt as he got a girl pregnant. The expenses for her and the baby were part of his debt. Danny also was reduced to starting over again for ten dollars an hour in the data entry department. Like me he had to eat at work with the meals deducted from his pay and like me he took the earliest bus possible to get in as much overtime.

"Hi Danny" I said waddling over to where he was waiting for me.

"How was your accounts night."

"Terrible as my folks felt really angry at their plight having me around and made me assume position three. Does my bottom burn. Also I have more debt than you with the baby and all. Forty lashes with the belt each cheek and the thighs." Our parents had teamed up to put together this program for all six of us so I know what he meant. I said "Yes, mine burns even though I just had position one. I hope that the supervisor doesn't strap us to those wooden computer chairs today, though he always does on Fridays knowing we have had our accounts night spankings."

"I wish we weren't strapped to the chairs at all. Like where are we going to go except to the bathroom during bio breaks? We don't have the money to go to the canteen for coffee and bagels any more. Our parents set up the canteen accounts for us just to have breakfast and lunch. But then we got ourselves into this mess. Well, I am just glad the weekend for community service camp is coming. I wonder what they will have us do this week to be "useful to the community." Last week going to the nursing home and reading to the people there wasn't so bad. I just felt bad being in diapers as they really have to be in diapers. Well, we will see when the bus comes to pick us up for camp. I just hope I get a better cabin bunk than last week. I had to sleep on top. Also I hope what we do meets with their approval so we get to eat hot dogs, see a movie and play basketball again on Saturday night"

"Yes, that was fun wasn't it. We really were great with those poor old ladies not only reading to them but acting out the parts in the books." I stopped a minute as pee dribbled onto my diaper. Danny knew what the matter was and smiled sadly at me and waited until I could move on. Then Danny and I walked or rather waddled to the bus fantasizing about what our lives would be after we paid back our debt and got enough money saved to start over. All of our parents promised to set us up in new condos then even giving us the down payments. They kept the furniture we bought in their big houses for this purpose. Also they promised that in six months we would have higher paying jobs at the company, jobs more similar to those we had before we lost our condos. With those jobs we could pay our debt off sooner. Danny was a lawyer and I was an accountant so there was promise-as long as we were accepted well the punishments for all the trouble and shame we brought upon our families. <em>To be continued.</em>

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