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Alice's Adventures In Diaperland

This story has been flagged by the automated processing system as potentially being very hard to read. The main causes of this flag are that the story may be very badly formatted or where a NLP program was unable to intepret an unambigious and consistent plot in the story.

Alice was the type of girl all the boys wanted and all the other girls hated.

She had lovely brown hair, big brown eyes, and a perfect body. To make matters

worse, she knew she was beautiful, and used it to her advantage whenever she

could. She was used to getting her way, and it had made her rather spoiled.

This particular spring afternoon, she was relaxing in the park, in the shade of

a small oak tree. She removed her shoes and socks, and ran her feet through the

cool grass. She closed her eyes and breathed deep. She didn't care that she had

schoolwork to do. That was for later. Just then, she heard movement around her.

She opened her eyes in time to see a white rabbit dart out of the bushes, grab

her left shoe, and race back into the underbrush.

"Come back here!" Alice said, quickly getting to her feet. She ran after the rabbit,

following it into the bushes.

Alice was running as quick as she could, trying to follow the rabbit. Suddenly,

where there was once thick bushes, Alice saw a large clearing with a gaping hole

in the middle. She tried to stop but her momentum carried her forward and she

fell into the hole.

Alice screamed as she fell and she closed her eyes expecting to hit bottom at

any moment. When she realized she had stopped moving, she opened her eyes. She

was laying on her back in the middle of a large room. There was no sign of the

hole she had fallen through.

She got up and looked around. The only exit was a small door that Alice didn't

think she'd fit through. Alice peeked through the door and saw tall green grass on the other

side of the door. Beyond the tall grass was a deep, dark forest.

Alice was completely disoriented. She was trying very hard to quell the sinking

feeling in her stomach. She had no idea where she was or how she was going to get home.

She felt her eyes mist over and had to work very hard to keep from crying.

Alice took a deep breath, got down on all fours, and began to work her way to

what lay on the other side of the door. She was half way through when she got stuck. Hard

as she tried, Alice couldn't get through and she couldn't back up.

That was the last straw. Alice began to cry. She hadn't cried in a long time. She cried

great big tears of frustration, moaning as she did so. If she had been back home, she would've

been embarrassed to be seen crying so hard. The problem was, she wasn't back home. She

didn't know where she was. Just then, Alice heard footsteps. Out from the grass stepped an old

lady, who looked at Alice and said, "There, there, dear. Are you stuck?"

"Yes." Alice replied, wiping a tear from her eye.

The woman kneeled beside Alice and said, "I know just what will get you

unstuck." With that, the woman took a spoon and a bottle of liquid out of the

apron she was wearing, and tried to give Alice a spoonful.

"No, really, I- Umf!" Alice's protest was cut off as the woman forced the spoon into Alice‘s mouth. After

a couple of spoonfuls, Alice felt very woozy. Noticing this, the woman put the spoon away and began to feed Alice directly from the bottle. Alice took big, deep gulps, and felt even more lightheaded.

Then Alice realized she had to pee. Not fully aware of her situation, Alice let

herself go and peed her pants. Then she took a few more gulps from the old

lady's bottle, and realized she was growing smaller. Soon she could easily fit

through the door. When she crawled through, the old lady said, "My dear, you've

peed in your pants!" Alice just sat there in her sodden jeans and smiled.

"Does my baby have to poo poo?" The lady cooed.

Alice nodded yes, and the woman helped her to her feet. Alice was the size of a

ten year old, but she retained her shapely sixteen year old form. Alice grunted,

and the old lady watched as the butt of Alice's jeans expanded until they were

ready to burst.

"They always seem to do that when they first get a taste of my shrinking formula." The

old lady said to herself.

"Let's get my baby home and into some nice big diapers, where you belong." Said

the old woman.

Alice smiled and was led by the hand down a small path through the woods to an

old cottage. Once inside, Alice's dirty clothes were removed, she was bathed,

cleaned, and diapered. Then the old lady placed Alice in a big crib, in a small

room just off the main room. Alice fell right to sleep.

"There you are." The woman said with a gleam in her eye.

"I know just how to

care for babies like you."

When Alice awoke, she couldn't remember where she was. She sat up and looked around, then noticed she was in a large crib. When Alice realized this, she tried to scream, but the large pacifier that was in her mouth kept her from making a sound. Alice pulled back the covers and nearly fainted.

She was clad in nothing but three thick flannel diapers, fastened by two oversized safety pins.

The diapers were so thick she couldn't even touch her knees together.

Alice struggled to stand up, but the bulk around her waist made it impossible. She could barely get to her knees. She began to cry again.

The door opened, and in walked the old lady. She was carrying a bottle full of

milk, and she was smiling slyly.

"Oh, did my little girl finally wake up?" The

old woman wiped a tear off Alice's cheek.

"It's so nice to have some company, someone to care for." The old lady smiled. She was very lonely from living alone for so long, and looked forward to taking care of Alice.

"I bet my baby's hungry. Let's get you something to eat." The woman removed Alice's pacifier, and quickly shoved the bottle into Alice's open mouth.

Alice tried to speak, but the flow of liquid was so quick, all she could do was

drink. After the bottle was gone, Alice felt like she was going to burst.

The woman helped her out of the crib, and onto a nearby table. There, Alice was dressed in pink fluffy rumba pants, ankle socks, and Mary Jane shoes. Lastly, the old lady put a short pink dress on Alice. Alice was once again helped to her feet. When she looked down, Alice realized that the dress didn't even come close to covering her well padded rear end. There was no hiding the fact that Alice was well diapered.

Finally, Alice had the chance to speak.

"Who are you? What's going on, why am I dressed like this?" Tears began to well up in Alice's eyes.

"Don't cry, dearie. I'm Nanny. You're dressed like this because when I found you, you had completely soiled your jeans. That's unacceptable. If you're going to act like a baby, I shall treat you like one."

"But I'm not a baby..." Alice began.

"No excuses. What's your name, little girl?" Nanny asked.

"Alice." Alice replied.

"Well Alice, we're going to see the Queen. I've been invited to her tea party and it looks like you'll be joining me." Nanny took Alice by the hand, and began to lead her to the main room.

"Not like this! I can't go out like this!" Alice tried to pull away, but Nanny was strong for an older lady. She sat Alice down in a large stroller, and strapped her in tight.

"Off we go!" said Nanny, as she pushed Alice out the front door, and down a little wooded path.

They weren't far down the path when Alice realized she had to pee. She told Nanny, who just smiled and said, "That's what diapers are for, little girl."

Alice tried to hold it in. After a while, she was squirming in her stroller, pressing her hand against her crotch, and trying to avoid the inevitable. Finally, it was too much. Her bladder gave way, letting out a little at first, then slowly Alice soaked her diapers.

Nanny knew what had happened, but continued to push Alice along in the stroller.

"I don't want to be late. I'll change you when we get to the Queen's Palace."

As they moved slowly down the path, Alice moved around constantly, trying to get comfortable. She began to fiddle with the harness. Unbeknownst to Nanny, Alice worked the harness loose.

Further down the path, Nanny stopped to tie her shoe. Alice saw her chance to escape. She threw off her harness, jumped out of the stroller, and began to waddle away in to the bushes.

"Come back!" Nanny shouted, and began to run after Alice. Alice was slowed by the unusual bulk of her diapers, and Nanny was right on her heels until Nanny tripped over her shoelace, and Alice waddled deeper in to the woods. After a long time, Alice finally stopped to catch her breath. She didn't see any sign of Nanny. She smiled a faint smile and tried to think of what to do next.

Alice soon had to poop, and there was no way she was going to do that in her diapers. She tried to remove her panties, to get at her diapers, but found they were locked tight. She struggled a few more minutes, before deciding it was useless. She decided to walk, hoping to take her mind of the fact that she was about to take a giant step back into infancy.

She kept walking until the pain in her bowels forced her to stop. She was in a clearing in the forest. She looked around, and made sure she was alone. Alice figured this was as good a place as any to relieve herself. She stood with her legs spread, and her upper body bent over slightly. She rested her hands on her knees, let out a deep, anguished sigh, and prepared to let nature take its course.

Just as she began to go, a child's voice behind her said, "Watcha doin?"

Alice turned around slowly, having to keep her feet far apart. Her diapers began to sag with the weight of Alice's bowel movement. She didn't know what to say. She was looking down at a small flower, but it was unlike any flower Alice had ever seen. It had a face, with eyes and a mouth. It spoke again.

"Mom, come look what I found!" It shouted into the trees.

From all around her, Alice heard movement from the forest. Suddenly, dozens of flowers of all different sizes and colors appeared in the clearing around Alice. She was still pooping, and the panties began to balloon out as Alice continued to involuntarily fill her diapers.

"It's a baby. A big baby, but surely a baby none the less. Look at it!" Said the little flower's mother.

Finally, Alice was finished. Her diapers were completely full, and Alice finally found her voice.

"I.. am.. not a baby." Alice whimpered. She tried to walk normally, but her diapers wouldn't let her.

"She's a baby! A big baby!" The flowers began to laugh at her.

"I am not!" Alice fought back tears. She began to waddle away from the clearing, the laughing of the flowers following her. She tripped over a root, and landed on all fours. She started to crawl, just like a baby, crying out loud as she went. She turned to see if the flowers were following her, but all she could see was her huge rear end.

She got to her feet, and started to waddle forward again. She looked back over her shoulder, and saw nothing. She turned around and once again caught her foot on a big root. She tumbled forward, rolled, and landed on her butt. She slid down a muddy hill on her big backside, screaming as she went. At the bottom of the hill, she splashed in to a mud puddle.

Alice sat in shock for a few seconds. She looked down at herself, and was dismayed at what she saw. Her dress was dirty, her face and hands were streaked with mud, and worst of all she was sitting in soiled diapers, squishing the uncomfortable mess all around her backside.

"I wanna go home!" Alice cried. She didn't care if she was acting like a baby. She had pooped her diapers, peed in them, and was completely muddy. Alice didn't know what was going on, but she knew she didn't like it.

Alice sat awhile, not sure what to do. Finally, she slowly got to her feet, and began to waddle forward. She climbed back up through the brush, careful to avoid the slippery sections that would send her sliding back down into the puddle.

When she got to the top of the hill, she saw no sign of the flowers. She walked slowly, using little baby steps because her diapers were incredibly uncomfortable, being as they were so full. Alice had gone only a short distance, when a voice called out, "Why, hellooo there, little girl!"

Alice looked around, but couldn't tell where the voice had come from.

"Hello?" Alice asked, somewhat confused, somewhat scared.

"Up here, in the trees." The voice said again.

Alice looked up and saw a large cat, sitting in the branch of a nearby tree. It had purple fur, and its smile took up half of its face.

"What a lovely pink dress you've got, my dear." It said. Then, in the blink of an eye, it disappeared from the tree, and reappeared at Alice's side.

"Who are you?" Alice asked.

"I'm the cat. Who are you?" The cat cooed.

"I'm Alice. I don't usually dress like this. In fact, I've never dressed like this. You see, this weird old lady gave me something to drink. It made me smaller, then she put me in diapers, locked me in diapers, actually... I'm back to normal size now, but I'm still in diapers, and this dress is way too revealing." Alice said.

The cat looked her up and down, from her long lean legs, leading up to her well-padded rear, and up to her tight fitting baby dress.

"I dunno, I kinda like the dress." The cat said, and smiled his huge grin.

"Can you help me, please? I don't know what to do. I've got to find Nanny, and get out of these diapers. They're um, used, if you know what I mean." Alice said sheepishly.

"I could smell that from the treetop." Said the cat.

"I suppose I might be able to help you out. Nanny and I are on good terms..."

"You know her?" Alice blurted out.

"Little girls shouldn't interrupt." Said the cat. He stuck the pacifier that hung around Alice's neck into her mouth, and said, "Follow me."

As Alice followed the cat, she subconsciously began to suck on the pacifier. She realized what she was doing, and stopped herself, a little surprised by her own impulses. Then she decided it was actually pretty relaxing, so she began to suck on it again, this time on purpose.

Shortly thereafter, Alice felt she had to pee again. With little coaxing, her bladder let loose, and Alice wet her diapers once again. Alice tried not to think about it, and continued on through the woods.

Finally, the cat stopped. Alice realized they had made their way back to Nanny's house.

"We'll just peek inside, and see if we can't find the key for those panties, and some clean diapers, too.

"I need the key to unlock my panties." Alice showed the cat the lock on her frilly panties.

"After that, I can get my real clothes back, and then get out of here."

The cat led Alice to a window, and Alice saw they were right outside the room with the crib that Alice had been in just an hour earlier.

"Help me in there, so I can get changed." Alice said.

The cat helped her up, one leg first, to the windowsill. She pushed the window open and pulled herself through. She land on her rear, which would have normally hurt, but the intense padding kept her from feeling anything more than a little disgusted as the mess between her legs shifted. Moments later, the cat joined her, and together they set about looking for the key.

"I don't see it anywhere." Alice said dejectedly. The two had gone through every inch of the room, and found no sign of the key.

"I found something." The cat emerged from the closet carrying a stack of flannel diapers and a pink flannel sleeper.

"What are you doing with that? It doesn't help us." Alice was slightly angry, as she had hoped the cat had found the key.

"Well, without a key, you're not getting out of those diapers, but I thought maybe you'd like some clean ones you could stuff down there, you know, to prevent leaks and such. Then, maybe you'd like to get out of that muddy party dress and into something soft and warm."

He was right. Alice was itching to clean up as best she could, so she took the items from the cat and said, "Okay, give me a few minutes." The cat left Alice to her work.

She set about stuffing extra diapers down her tight locked panties, to keep herself as dry as possible. Then she stripped off the dirty dress, and zipped up the new sleeper. 'Much better' Alice thought as she felt warmer already.

She joined the cat in the main room, and said, "C'mon, let's keep looking. My clothes and the key to these panties have to be here somewhere."

The pair continued to search the house. Upstairs, downstairs, all to no avail. They found nothing of use.

While looking around, Alice found numerous baby bottles, rattles, toys, even a high chair and playpen. ‘Nanny must run a daycare.' Alice thought to herself. She was going to ask the cat about it when he called out "I've found something!"

Alice raced into the next room where the cat was waiting, tail twitching. In his paws were a set of keys.

"Oh please let one of those work!" Alice wished out loud.

On the very first try the key fit and the cat was able to undo the lock that held Alice's panties firmly around her waist. With a sigh of relief, Alice gave the cat a rib-bruising hug.

"Easy dear!" The cat gasped.

"Sorry. Now, where are my clothes?" Alice asked.

"You know, I didn't find your clothes anywhere." The cat said.


"Great. Just great. Now what am I supposed to do?" Alice fumed.

The cat smiled.

"As I see it, you have two options. One, stay in those filthy diapers, or two, let me change you into some nice fresh nappies and clothes. Your choice."

"Wait! What about Nanny's room?" Alice shot down the hall to the door leading to the main bedroom. When she got there, Alice found it locked.

"That's funny. It was open just a bit ago."

"Sorry, I must have closed it on accident." The cat said. In truth, the cat had closed it very much on purpose. He was just ensuring he'd have plenty of fun with the poor girl before she got back to her home.

"Well bring those keys here, let's see if one of them fit's the lock."

Alice tried every key on the key ring several times, but none of them fit.

"It's hopeless." She moaned.

"Sorry. I didn't think it would lock." The cat put on his best sad face, and tried to comfort the girl.

"C'mon, lets get you all cleaned up." He led Alice down the hall to the nursery.

Once there, the cat helped Alice get cleaned up and into a fresh new diaper. After that, he said, "We should probably try to find Nanny. I think she's the only one who knows where your clothes are."

Alice agreed.

"You know, I never thought I'd be talking to a cat. Then again, I never thought I'd be wearing diapers again." She said as she pinned the flannel diaper snugly into place.

"Oh well, I have to be dreaming this anyway." she continued.

"You and me both." Said the cat as he looked Alice up and down.

"Man this diaper is huge." Alice said as she surveyed herself in the full length mirror that hung behind the door. The cat smiled, as he had chosen the thickest diaper he could find- he just didn't tell Alice that.

"Okay, time to get you into some nice outdoor clothes, my dear!" The cat shouted as he headed for the closet. He disappeared into the back, and Alice was momentarily left alone with her thoughts.

‘I hope I get home soon. Actually, I hope this really is a dream and that I wake up soon.' She thought. ‘Oh no! What if I wet my pants while dreaming!' Alice could only imagine the horror of waking up in the middle of the park with a dark stain covering the seat of her pants. ‘Oh, and I hope that whatever it is the cat picks for me to wear, it will cover this diaper!

"Hurry up, I'm getting cold!" said Alice impatiently.

The cat emerged from the closet, holding a sailor's suit. Alice didn't believe her eyes.

"You don't expect me to wear that do you?"

"Of course. It will really... um, bring out the color of your eyes, or something." The cat stammered.

He pulled the top over Alice, noting how nicely it displayed her ample bosom. It was small, and didn't quite cover her belly button. Next came the white rubber pants, and finally, the navy blue skirt. The cat took a step back to admire his work. Alice stood before him in a sleeveless white vest, with blue trim. The pleated skirt didn't quite cover Alice's diapers, making her diapers visible to all. For the final touch, the cat placed the blue beret upon Alice's head.

"Perfect." He said. Alice just nodded compliantly.

"Can we get something to eat now? I'm starved." Whined Alice.

They went to the kitchen, and the cat said, "Have a seat. I'll fix you something."

Alice found the only comfortable seat near the table to be the high chair Alice had seen earlier. Alice boosted herself up and sat down, relieved to be off her feet for a short while. The back of the chair was higher than her head, and her feet were a good foot off the floor. Alice was starting to get used to sitting differently due to the thick diapers between her legs.

Before Alice realized what was going on, the cat slid the large tray over the arms of the chair. The tray was locked in place, pinning Alice's arms underneath. She was completely helpless. The cat tied a large bib around Alice's neck, and went back to look for food.

"Now let's see what we have here." The cat began digging through the cupboards. He found a large jar of strained carrots, and a big spoon.

"Here comes the airplane!" He giggled as he made his way toward Alice.

"No, come on. I can feed myself!" Alice protested.


Before she could say anymore, Alice's mouth was filled with strained carrots. She gagged twice, before swallowing the whole mess down. She continued to try and avoid the spoonfuls of baby food, but it was a losing battle. After smearing a good portion around her lips and cheeks, she gave in let the cat feed her the rest of the jar in peace. Alice felt totally humiliated.

"That wasn't so bad, was it?" Cooed the cat, as he cleaned up Alice's face.

"Now how about a bottle for my baby girl." The cat produced a quart-sized bottle, full of milk. He popped the nipple in Alice's mouth, and kept it there until she had finished. Alice gulped it down, the milk flowing from the bottle as fast as she could swallow. After she was through, she thought her stomach was going to burst. She had never drunk so much so quickly in her life.

"I'm tired. I wanna take a nap before we go find Nanny." Alice said.

The cat smiled. Everything was going just as he'd hoped.

"Sure thing. Let me help you sweetie."

The cat unlocked the tray, and led Alice to the bed. She lay on her back, and the cat tucked her in tight, so she couldn't move her body. Alice didn't seem to notice, because the sleeping medication in the bottle was starting to take effect. Soon, the laxatives would have their way with Alice, too. Then the cat would have to change his dirty little baby girl.

"Oh, I can't wait!" Said the cat, as he skipped out of the room.

When Alice woke up, she found she couldn't move her body from the neck down.

"Cat! Cat! Come here and help me up! You tucked me in too tight." Alice shouted. A few moments later the cat waltzed through the door, grinning from ear to ear.

"How is my dear baby Alice? All rested, I presume."

"I'm not a baby, alright. It's just weird circumstances that I'm dressed like this." Alice said as the cat pulled back the covers.

"Let's get packing. We've got to find Nanny and my normal clothes." In actuality, the cat had found Alice's "normal" clothes, but had thrown them in the bushes while Alice was asleep.

Alice sat up, and immediately groaned.

"Gross!" She said. With some hesitation Alice added, "My diapers are full again." Alice started to worry. She hadn't remembered going to the bathroom. She must have pooped in her sleep. Alice felt a knot begin to form in her stomach. The longer she stayed in this weird place, the more like a baby she became. She had to get out, and soon, before she needed diapers forever.

The cat changed her and this time he picked out a nice blue rubber pair of panties that went with her sailor suit. He stepped back and admired his handy work.

"Not bad, little girl."

"Knock it off." Alice said, growing self-conscious.

"Let's get going."

The cat set about gathering a bag of spare diapers, powder, and several changes of clothes, after which the pair headed off through the woods. They followed the path that Nanny had taken Alice down just a few hours earlier. After much walking, the cat decided he needed a rest.

"You can't stop now. Come on, let's keep going!" Alice prodded.

The cat rubbed the pads on his feet and said, "Stop being so pushy! My poor paws need a rest."

"We can't rest. We have to find Nanny. I am not staying in these clothes any longer than I have to." Alice grabbed the cat by the arm, and tried to pull him to his feet from the log he was sitting on.

"Don't be so lazy! You have to help find Nanny!"

"Listen girl, I've about had it with your attitude. I don't need you messing up my fur!" The cat began to grow angry with Alice's bratty behavior.

"Then I don't need your help. I can find Nanny on my own!" Alice was fuming angry now, and she was letting her notorious temper get the best of her.

The cat, his smile long since disappeared from his face, leveled a steely gaze at the conspicuously dressed girl.

"Fine." He said.

"Fine!" Alice shouted.

"I'm leaving."

"Go ahead." Said the cat, still seated.

"I'm going." Alice turned and began to make her way down the path. She was more than just a little uncertain about her choice to go it alone, but she didn't want the cat to see her hesitate.

"I hope you find someone willing to change your diapers!" The cat yelled after her. Alice blushed and pulled the bottom of the sailor skirt down in a pointless attempt to hide her diapers. She walked back over to the cat and grabbed the diaper bag from him.

"Give me that!" She shouted. She stormed off, more determined than ever to find her own way out of her predicament. She looked back just once as she rounded the bend. The cat was still sitting on the log, grinning as usual. A few more steps, and he was gone from sight.

Alice kept walking until she was deep in the woods. She cursed herself for being so stupid and yelling at the cat, who really had been rather kind to her considering her condition. Still, she didn't appreciate him ogling her like he did. She considered turning around and making her way back to the cat, to apologize, when she realized she had to pee again.

She made her way off the beaten path and into the bushes. She lifted her skirt and prepared to loosen the panties and diapers. She wasn't going to use them if she didn't have to. Alice gave a gentle tug on the panties, but they stayed tight. She pulled harder, but the panties didn't budge.

"What's going on?" Alice said to herself. She inspected the panties closer, and only then realized the cat had used another pair of locking panties, the lock drawn tight.

"That little jerk!" Alice shouted, enraged with the cat's actions.

After ranting and shouting for several minutes, and after making several more futile attempts to remove the garment, Alice had tired herself out. She pulled her skirt back in to position, and sulked back over to her diaper bag.

She was about to give up all hope, when she thought about the diaper bag.

"Perhaps there's a key in here." She said. She tore through the contents of the bag, but found no key.

"I knew it." Alice sat dejectedly on the forest floor.

By now, the pressure on Alice's poor bladder was immense. She knew she'd soon be in a wet diaper, like it or not, so she decided to spare herself the pain and cramping of trying to fight it. She took a deep breath, and relaxed. Within moments, she was soaking the diaper. It seemed to go on forever until finally Alice's bladder was empty. She picked up her diaper bag and began back down the path.

After walking for what seemed like an eternity, Alice stopped to rest next to some giant mushrooms. By now, Alice was thought nothing of her strange surroundings. She was standing next to a huge fungus, but wasn't she also dressed as an oversized baby?

A voice came from atop the mushroom, and Alice jumped when she heard it say, "Who are you?"

Alice looked to the top of the mushroom, and could just barely make out the head of a rather large caterpillar, smoking away on a huka. He glared down at the diaper girl he saw before him.

"Are you slow? Must I repeat myself?" He questioned.

"I'm Alice. I'm trying to get back home." Alice curtsied for him, showing off her dandy blue rubber pants.

"Did you run away from your mummy? Hmmm..." The caterpillar grinned at this thought.

"No. I don't really belong in diapers, you see, I fell down this hole, and..." Alice began.

The caterpillar cut her off, saying, "Save your stories. I'll do the talking. You seem to like diapers though, don't you?"

"No! Diapers are for babies. I'm almost an adult. I haven't been in diapers for years until I came here." Alice blushed, partially out of anger, partially because of embarrassment.

"But if you hated diapers so much, why are you still in them?" The caterpillar slowly made his way off the mushroom, coming down to the ground where Alice could see him.

"I had no other clothes. My regular clothes were taken. I'm not about to just run around naked."

"Why not? You'd be no worse off than wearing diapers, if diapers are really as terrible as you say." He moved around Alice very slowly, his body behind her, but his face was always staring right into hers. He blew a puff of smoke in her face.

Alice choked on the smoke, but finally managed to cough out, "Besides, I'm locked in- see?" Alice showed the lock that trapped her inside her wet diapers. The caterpillar looked at the lock, and then lamely attempted to break it. After very little effort, he gave up.

"Seems to me your stuck as you are." He said.

"Thank you Captain Obvious." Alice said.

"If you have no more useful information, I'll be going." Alice started off again.

"You certainly are a mouthy little tart." Said the caterpillar.

"And to think, I was going to help you."

On hearing those words, Alice turned back around.

"You can help me? You can help me out of these wretched diapers?"

"Perhaps." The caterpillar took a long drag off the huka.

"If you ask nicely."

Alice swallowed hard. She'd never been very gracious.

"Please... help me out of these diapers." Alice finished quietly.

"Certainly." Smiled the caterpillar.

"By the way, what brings you all the way out here?"

"You see," began Alice, becoming a little more comfortable with the caterpillar.

"I was looking for Nanny. She's the one who put me in diapers in the first place-"

"That makes sense." Said the caterpillar.

"Would you stop interrupting?" Alice demanded. She was greeted with a glare from the caterpillar, and she immediately regretted snapping at him.

"Sorry." She said.

"Anyway, Nanny's got my clothes, hopefully she has the key to these panties, but she's gone to see the Queen, and I don't know where to find her!"

"The Queen. Yes, she may be able to help you get home. However, you have to be someone special to see the Queen. Nobody sees her without an invitation."

"Like the one Nanny has!" Shouted Alice.

"Exactly." Replied the caterpillar.

"Now, I have a plan to get you into the Queen's party. You can go with a friend of mine. She was going to bring her baby, but I'm sure if I babysat, she wouldn't mind taking you instead."

"Okay, I'm dressed like a baby, I wouldn't ever pass for a real one. I'm much to big."

"Not necessarily. I happen to know a potion that would allow you to shrink down to the size of a real baby." The caterpillar said.

Alice smiled.

"Like the one Nanny gave me that got me into this mess in the first place!" Alice said.

"Please! I make the best potions this side of Neverland." The caterpillar pointed up his nose.

"Whomever this Nanny is, she's got nothing on me."

"That may be, but before we can do any of that, I've just got to get out of these panties so I can change my diaper." Alice said.

"That brings me to the next part of my plan. To get you out of those things, as the lock won't break, we'll just have to break the chain." The caterpillar smiled.

"How?" Inquired Alice.

"With this." The caterpillar produced a small candy, on which was written, ‘Don't Eat Me.' "Eat this." He said.

"Um, it says not to." Alice pushed the offering away.

"Who are you going to trust, me or a piece of candy?" Asked the caterpillar. Alice didn't respond.

"Fine, stay trapped in your wet, smelly diapers which you hate so much." He waxed melodramatic.

Alice took a deep breath and conceded to the caterpillar's request. She swallowed it down, and then said, "So how is this going to help me break the chain?"

"Easy." said the caterpillar with a wicked grin.

"You're going to fill your diapers fuller than you ever have before."

"WHAT!" Cried Alice. A moment later, she felt a deep rumbling in her stomach.

"What do you mean fill?" Alice asked, trying not to sound to worried.

"I mean, it's a simple fact of physics. The force exerted on the lock hasn't been enough to break it, however, the chain is probably weaker. We just need to put enough pressure on it to break it. The best way to pressure it is to expand it. Expand those panties to their limit! The best way to do that? Well, Alice- that's where you come in." The caterpillar gave a hearty laugh.

"You're enjoying this too much- ouch! Owwww!" Alice grabbed her stomach.

The caterpillar put his arm on the girl's shoulder.

"Just relax, dear Alice. Let nature take it's course and soon you'll be out of those diapers and into to clean new ones. Just think about it." The caterpillar retreated to his mushroom and puffed contentedly on the huka.

Alice, meanwhile, was fighting the growing spasms in her bowels. ‘I will never trust anyone here ever again!' She thought. She worked her way to the bushes, trying to get away from the caterpillar before the inevitable happened.

"For your information..." Puffed Alice, clinching her teeth as her stomach bubbled and the gasses expanded inside her.

"I don't need more diapers- AAAAAAHHHHH!"

Alice screamed as her bowels let go. With a juicy wet fart, a liquid wave of waste shot forth into the seat of the diapers. Alice doubled over from the stomach cramps. She found herself on her hands and knees, her bowels still expelling waves diarrhea. She felt the panties grow tighter as more of the mess collected in her diapers. With another wet fart, Alice began to pee as well.

The only saving grace was the fact that Alice was down in the tall grass, away from the caterpillar. She was alone in her misery. She gritted her teeth as she continued to poop. The mess made its way up her backside and down between her legs, into the front of the diapers. Alice spread her legs slightly to accommodate the growing mess inside her pants. The blue panties grew tighter, and Alice was sure they'd give at any moment.

Gripped by stomach cramps, Alice couldn't move. She released wave after wave of poop into her diapers, and winced as the diapers continued to fill out. Her stomach grumbled and Alice began to have a long solid bowel movement along with the diarrhea. Through it all she kept peeing. The mess began to seep out of the leg holes of the diaper, and around the top as well. Alice watched helplessly as the leg holes of the panties began to discolor as the feces pressed tight against the rubber lining.

Then, with one last attack of gas, Alice stopped pooping. The panties were expanded to their limits, but still very much in tact and holding the entire mess tightly against Alice's nether regions.

Alice stood up. She looked down at herself and gasped at the huge blue balloon that extended beyond her waist. As she slowly made her way back to the caterpillar, moving slower than ever due to the bulbous mass of the diapers, she thought she would cry.

"How did that work out?" The caterpillar said as Alice appeared in the clearing.

Alice was speechless. She looked up at the caterpillar with a defeated look in her eyes. Alice's skirt was sticking up farther than ever, pushed up by the diapers. The middle of the panties sagged almost to Alice's knees, and her gait was severely hindered by the overall bulk. She took a few more steps towards the mushrooms, her diapers sloshing as she moved.

The caterpillar looked at her with genuine pity.

"I see. Not so well, eh?"

"You could say that." Alice said. She braced herself on a nearby mushroom cluster, and continued, "So now what?"

"I don't know." Came the response.

"Would you like to come have a seat with me? Perhaps we can put our heads together and think of something."

With nothing else to do, Alice agreed. She made her way to the base of the large mushroom upon which the caterpillar sat. There were two smaller mushrooms nearby, and Alice put her left foot up on the smallest, preparing to use them as stepping stools. She boosted herself up, and stretched out to put her right foot on the next mushroom.

"Oh!" Cried Alice as she nearly fell. She was able to catch herself, but not before her legs spread farther apart. The panties and shifted, and Alice was disgusted by the feeling of the mess oozing around inside her diapers. Alice tried to move her left leg to the second mushroom, she'd managed to spread her legs too far to be able to move.

"Let me help you." The caterpillar said as he made his way to aid Alice.

As he took hold of Alice's hand to help her right herself, Alice gasped. Already strained from the mass of Alice's bowel movement, and stretched out due to her current position, the chain could hold no more. With a slight pop the chain broke and the seams of the panties split up the sides. The panties fell to the ground, useless and broken.

The caterpillar helped Alice put both feet on the mushroom, and she stood on her own, happy to be free of the panties.

"I did it! Oh, thank you, caterpillar!" She exclaimed. She surveyed the diapers. They were, of course, completely soiled. Alice excused herself, and hopped down from the mushroom. She lost her footing as she landed, and had to endure landing on her backside and squishing the mess around in her diapers. She paid little attention, though, as she was on her feet again immediately. She made her way to her diaper bag.

"I'll be right back." She shouted to the caterpillar as she waddled off to the grass again, this time to change out of her soiled nappies.

"Take your time." Chuckled the caterpillar.

"I'll be here."

Many minutes later, Alice emerged, clean and happy. She was clad in a white t-shirt and a diaper, held on by two pink safety pins. She once again made her way to the top of the mushroom, this time with much more ease. She sat alongside the caterpillar and breathed a deep sigh of relief.

"Thanks again." She said.

"No problem. Now we need to set about making the formula to shrink you down to baby size. After that, it's off to see the Queen with my friend, the Duchess."

"How do I know the Duchess will take me with her? What if she's already left?" Alice was worried.

"Trust me. Her child is a terror. She never gets time away from him, and she wouldn't dare bring such a rude brat to the palace. The Queen hates whiney children. The Duchess would love to go to one of the Queen's parties, and with me taking care of the kid, and you traveling with her, she'll finally get to attend. It will work. I give you my word." The caterpillar smiled, then added, "What's wrong?"

"I don't feel so good all of a sudden. My stomach hurts again."

This was followed immediately by another loud fart, and Alice once again set to soiling her diapers. With more force than ever another round of poop forced its way into Alice's diapers. She could only look on in anguish as the fresh diaper began to fill out with the weight of another wet mess. Luckily, this little accident wasn't nearly as big as Alice's last, and the diaper was able to contain it.

"So, you're sure you don't need diapers?" The caterpillar joked.

Alice once again made her way to the tall grass. She removed the dirty diaper and cleaned up. She removed the baby powder from the diaper bag and spread a liberal amount in the midsection of a thick flannel diaper. She pinned it on, and pinned a second diaper on "just in case". Alice hoped it wouldn't be necessary, but after her last accident, she wasn't taking any chances.

Over her diapers she pulled on a pair of rubber pants (she was careful to ensure there was no lock), and then lastly she pulled on a beautiful pink party dress, much like the one she‘d had on earlier. She checked herself, and was aware that her diapers were painfully obvious, but Alice liked it better than the sailor's outfit. She headed back to the caterpillar who was still smoking away on his huka.

"Well, my dear. All cleaned up? Good. Now let's get to gathering the materials necessary for the shrinking potion." The caterpillar proceeded to give her instructions.

"Go down to the creek bed just a short walk from here." He pointed in the direction of a clearing.

"Once there, you should find some glowing green weeds. Pick a nice handful and bring them back to me."

Alice nodded and went about gathering the weeds. As the caterpillar had said, she located the creek and the weeds with no problems. She made her way carefully over to where the plants were growing. It was then that Alice heard the faint sound of someone crying. She looked around, but didn't see anyone. She grabbed a good handful of the weeds and turned to head back to the caterpillar when she saw the source of the crying.

Sitting on the other side of the creek was a creature unlike any Alice had ever seen. It had the head of a cow, the body of a turtle, and the tail of a lion. It was sobbing uncontrollably, and Alice immediately felt sorry for it. She abandoned the weeds and set out across the creek. Upon reaching the other side, she walked up to the creature and addressed it.

"Excuse me, why are you crying?"

The creature looked up at Alice with tear stained eyes and said in a gruff voice, "Go home to your mommy!"

"That's not necessary. I'm just trying to be friendly." Alice was rather upset at being shooed by the animal.

"I'm sorry. I'm just so upset." It said between sobs.

"Why?" Asked Alice. She moved to the foot of the rock on which the creature was sitting and took a seat on the cool grass, her legs tucked beneath her.

"Because I just don't know." Replied the creature.

Alice was confused.

"Don't know what?"

"Who I am. What I am. I'm so mixed-up."

"Oh." Remarked Alice.

"Well, do you have a name?"

"No. Everybody just calls me Mock Turtle."

"Well Mr. Mock Turtle, it's nice to meet you. I'm Alice." Alice smiled at him.

"You're awfully talkative. Then again, I suppose most babies are."

"I am not a baby." Said Alice, getting to her feet.

"Sure, I am dressed like one, but I am a sixteen year old girl and I can assure you I do not need diapers."

"Are you sure?" Asked Mock Turtle.

"Of course I'm sure. I should know who I am, shouldn't I." Said Alice indignantly. She continued, "At least, I used to know for sure. You see, ever since I came here, I've been less and less sure. That's what worries me. You see, I look like a big girl, but lately, I've acted more and more like a little girl."

"And you don't enjoy it?"

"No. It's disgusting. I've had accidents in my pants, er, diapers, to be honest. It's terrible! And everyone treats me like I can't do anything for myself. I've been fed, clothed, even bathed."

Mock Turtle raised is eyebrow in amusement.

"And that's a bad thing? I'd think you'd enjoy it. You don't have to worry about anything, and people love babies. They're always getting all sorts of attention. And, you have your entire life ahead of you. Unlimited possibilities."

"I never thought of it that way." Alice said.

"Unlimited possibilities. Unlike me. I'm just a nobody. Nobody pays me any attention, and I've no one to take care of me. I'm old, and I've already wasted so much time trying to be what I'm not."

"What are you, exactly?" Alice wondered out loud.

"I don't know! That's the problem. Nobody knows! I'm not a turtle, not a cow, I'm just a mixed up collection of everything. At least when you're a baby, you don't have to worry about being anything. You can just sit back and take it as it comes. I'm telling you kid, enjoy it while it lasts." With that, Mock Turtle continued to cry.

Alice smiled to herself. He was right.

"Thank you, Mock Turtle. You've opened my eyes to new possibilities." Alice left the turtle, still crying, and headed back across the creek. She gathered up the weeds and skipped back to the caterpillar.

Upon entering the clearing, Alice greeted the caterpillar.

"Hello! I have the weeds. What next?"

"My aren't we cheery." Commented the caterpillar.

"Just a change in the frame of mind." Replied Alice.

"Whatever. The next task is to get some nice warm tea to boil the weeds in. I happen to know of a tea party going on not far from here, but I don't know if I really want to send you..."

"Why not?" Asked Alice. She sounded hurt be the caterpillar's remark.

"It's unlike any tea party you've ever encountered. It's hosted by the Mad Hatter. Believe me, they don't call him ‘Mad Hatter' for nothing."

"Is he mean?"

"No, just crazy. But it is the best place to get tea, so I think you'll have to brave it." The caterpillar pointed to a narrow path leading into some thick woods.

"Just stay on the path and you'll be there in no time. You'll know it when you see it." He smiled slyly.

"Have fun."

Alice went on her way through the woods. She was getting used to the bulk of her diapers, and had they not been showing so obviously beneath the hem of her dress, one would never know she was wearing them. She made good time, and sure enough, she arrived at a small house nestled in the woods. Alice heard a great commotion coming from behind the house, and suddenly had second thoughts about presenting herself in such babyish attire to what Alice was sure must be a horde of people. However, she knew she couldn't go back to the caterpillar empty handed, so she swallowed her pride and headed around to the back of the house.

She was surprised to see only two people at a large table. Upon further inspection, Alice saw a small mouse sitting in a teacup on the table. A white rabbit was seated beside the mouse, and at the head of the table sat a wiry man whom Alice assumed must be the Hatter. They were banging dishes and shouting at each other so much that they didn't hear her approach.

"Excuse me." Said Alice, trying to get their attention. No one paid her any mind.

"Excuse me!" Shouted Alice. Again, nobody took notice.

Alice screamed at the top of her lungs, "EXCUSE ME!" All activity stopped.

"My, my, have you lost your way little girl?" Said the Hatter. Alice noticed that the mouse had fallen asleep in his glass, and was bobbing around in the tea.

"No, I haven't. I was hoping you could help me. I need some of your tea." Alice smiled her sweetest smile, hoping to get the tea quickly and then get back to the caterpillar.

"Well, you've come to the right place. The Hatter's party is certainly the only place you'll find his tea." Commented the rabbit.

"Thank you Mr. Rabbit, yes I know that-"

"I am the March Hare, my dear. No rabbit." Snubbed the March Hare.

"It's rude to interrupt people." Snapped Alice.

"And it's rude to tell people their rude!" Retorted the March Hare.

The Hatter intervened, saying, "Children, children, let's not fight. Come my dear, sit down." He beckoned to Alice to sit next to him. She took a place in a large wooden chair to the left of the Hatter.

"You want my tea, and my tea you shall have." The Hatter placed a large tea cup in front of Alice. It looked more like a bowl than any tea cup, and Alice was glad to have two handles, one on either side, to hoist the dish to her mouth.

"Drink up, baby." stated the March Hare.

"I am not a..." Alice started. She realized it was a useless argument, and decided to just keep quiet. She started sipping the tea, which she found to be quite tasty. Before long Alice was taking large gulps of the hot liquid. It warmed her insides, and Alice believed it was just about the tastiest liquid she'd ever had.

"Slow down!" Cried the Hatter.

"There's more where that came from."

Alice finished the first glass and immediately demanded more. After the second large helping, Alice was feeling very fine indeed. She was still very aware of her fingers and toes, but they seemed to tingle in a relaxing, somewhat amusing sort of way. Alice giggled in spite of herself. She continued to giggle, until she broke into an all-out laugh attack.

"Isn't that just the cutest thing." Said the Hatter. He took a large bit out of the side of his tea cup and chewed it slowly, all the while watching Alice. She was staring intently at her hands, constantly counting each one.

"What are you doing?" Asked the March Hare.

"Counting my finger." Alice said.

"Why?" Came the reply.

"To ensure they don't run away. I can barely feel them." While she was talking, she was swinging her legs back and forth, enjoying the feeling of her limbs, which seemed much heavier than usual.

"Do you fingers often run away from you?" Asked the Hatter, genuinely interested.

"I haven't ever seen anybody's fingers run away. I once saw a man's head run away from his body, but that wasn't by his choice. It was the Queen's doing."

Alice smiled dumbly and responded, "I've never had a finger run away, although in this place, it wouldn't surprise me if they did. Nothing is strange here. Not like where I come from, where everything‘s all so boring and plain."

"It's all a matter of perspective my dear." Said the Hatter as he poured her a third cup.

"What seems unusual and out of place where you come from is very common here. Much the same way that I'm sure we'd find those things you say are ‘boring' to be quite interesting and different. It just depends on how you look at it."

"I agree." Said the mouse in the tea cup, recently awakened.

"Although I'm not sure what was said." His head bobbed below the tea's surface and he began to drink the liquid down until his face reappeared on the surface.

This set Alice off on another fit of laughter, as she was enjoying herself for the first time since she'd gotten to this strange place. Her body rocked with laughter and she almost didn't notice as her bladder began to let loose and her diapers began to get wet. It started as a slow trickle, but before Alice knew it, she was peeing at full force. There was nothing she could do to ebb the rush of fluid. She stopped mid-laugh and looked down. This, of course, caused all eyes to focus on Alice, and all other conversation and activity to cease. Above the silence could be heard the sounds of her bladder releasing a steady stream into the once-clean diaper.

"Are you quite alright dear?" Asked the Hatter.

Alice, obviously embarrassed, tried to stay cool.

"I'm fine. Just a little wet, that's all."

The Hatter tried to comfort his crestfallen guest.

"Remember dear, that it's all a matter of perspective." He patted her on the shoulder.

"Yes, that' right." Agreed Alice, trying to regain some of her composure.

"I just didn't want good diapers to go unused." She forced a smile.

"That's right! Now you're getting it!" Smiled the Hatter.

"How about another cup of tea, to warm the spirits?" He poured Alice another cup, which Alice drank in spite of herself.

"Or warm your diapers!" Chortled the March Hare. Everyone laughed with the exception of Alice, who was still trying to get comfortable in her damp undergarments. She shifted in her seat, unable to get relief. Her diapers clung to her skin and no matter which way Alice moved, they continued to irritate.

"Please, could I have something to take with me to hold the tea?" Said Alice.

"What's the matter? Not having fun anymore?" Cried the March Hare. He was still chuckling at Alice's discomfort.

"No, no, it's not that. I just need to be on my way. You see, I need to get back to my friend..."

"Nonsense." Remarked the Hatter.

"We'll be your friends. You needn't go anywhere. Finish your tea." He gestured to her unfinished cup of tea.

Alice smiled politely, and took a drink of her tea just for show.

"Please," she said, growing rather impatient, "I really need to be going. Can I please just borrow one of your tea pots? I'll bring it back, I promise."

"I'll lend you a tea pot, but first- you must have some cake." Said the Hatter, presenting a large round cake. It was glazed and frosted, and under most circumstances Alice would have delighted in partaking of such a treat, but her head was still spinning from the Hatter's tea and she was sitting in soiled diapers.

"No really, I couldn't."

"Yes, cake. Everyone must have cake." Clapped the March Hare.

"Wake up, little Dor Mouse, it's time for cake."

"What's this?" The Dor Mouse opened his sleepy eyes and climbed to the top of the tea cup. He smiled as the Hatter placed a small plate full of crumbs near the cup of tea.

The March Hare was already half way through his slice of the cake, and the Hatter was dealing Alice her piece. It was a large slice, but no larger than the ones the Hatter and March Hare were enjoying. The Hatter set it at Alice's place and then began to eat his own slice.

Alice looked around for silverware, and found none.

"What's the matter? Don't tell me you don't like cake." Said the Hatter. He looked hurt.

"No cake, no tea." He finished matter-of-factly.

"Where are the forks?" Asked Alice.

"No need. That's why you've got fingers." Said the March Hare, his mouth full of spongy cake.

"You've still got all ten of them, right? None have run away have they?"

Alice smiled at the thought of her earlier remarks. She took a deep breath and grabbed a large handful of the frosted dessert. She was already very full from the tea, but if this was the only way she'd get the tea, she'd have to make the most of the cake.

She took a big bite, and marveled at the taste. It was a very familiar taste, but not one that Alice could place. It was sweet, but not too sweet, and Alice savored it as best she could. She washed it down with a final swallow from her tea cup, then she continued eating. By the time she was done, she felt like she would explode. She was stuffed, and her hands were covered with sponge cake and frosting. She licked the excess of her fingers, trying at first to be as grown-up as possible. By the time she was finished with the last little bit, however, she was smacking her lips and taking great pleasure in being as loud about it as the rest of the party guests.

"The cake was delicious, but I really, really must be going." Alice reached for the teapot, but the Hatter slapped her hand.

"Not yet! We have to finish the cake." He scolded.

"I'm full. Stuffed. There is no more room for cake." Pleaded Alice.

"Please! You've been a wonderful host, but I must get going."

"Nonsense. You must stay and eat cake." Prodded the March Hare.

"I agree." Said the Dor Mouse.

Alice knew she could stomach no more cake, and no more Hatter. She pointed off to the bushes.

"Look! It's the Queen!"

In the melee that ensued, the Hatter dashed from his chair and tripped over his own two feet. The March Hare threw the tea cup he was holding high into the air, after which he dove beneath the table, and the Dor Mouse took a huge swallow of air and tried to hide in his tea cup. It would have worked, however he'd drank almost all of the tea, and the cup was nearly dry.

Alice, knowing the Queen was nowhere in sight, grabbed the nearest teapot and made a break for it. She raced past the house and didn't look back. Behind her she heard the angry voices of the Hatter and his friends, but they were too far behind to catch up.

She reached the caterpillar and had to stop to catch her breath before she could say anything. She was winded from having run the entire way back, but she had managed to keep control of the tea pot and hadn't lost a single drop.

Finally, she announced, "I have the tea."

The caterpillar smiled. He took the pot from Alice and said, "Let's get going. I'll take you to the Duchess' house, and there we'll make your shrinking potion. After that, you and the Duchess will be off to see the Queen. Oh, she'll be so excited!"

"First things first." Alice said. She collected her diaper bag and once again changed her diapers. She was glad she'd decided to use the powder, as it had helped prevent Alice from getting diaper rash. After she was powdered and diapered in a fresh set of warm flannel diapers, she and the caterpillar set out for the Duchess' house.

They headed off towards the creek bed where Alice had collected the green weeds, but just before they arrived at the creek, they veered off onto a path Alice hadn't noticed before. They wound their way through dense forest and thick underbrush, and before long they made it to a small cottage bordered by a picket fence. Even from outside the fence, Alice could hear the sound of a baby wailing away.

"You weren't kidding about the baby." She commented.

They let themselves through the gate and Alice was about to knock on the door when a plate came flying through the open window just beside them. It landed with a crash and broke into a dozen pieces. Alice looked at the caterpillar. He seemed unfazed by the incident, and that's when Alice remembered what the Hatter had said.

"It's all a matter of perspective." She told herself.

"What's that?" Asked the caterpillar.

"Nothing. Just talking to myself."

"Well then, let's get inside. Time stands still for no one."

Once inside, Alice hid behind the caterpillar, who was still carrying the pot and weeds, while she watched for more flying dishes. Plates, cups, and even silverware whizzed past, but none so close that Alice thought they might hit her.

"Good afternoon, my dear." The caterpillar announced in a pleasant tone.

"Why, Cassius, I didn't even hear you come in." Replied a pleasant looking woman. Her hair was long and brown, and up in a bun on the back of her head. She was short and rather plump, and she wore a white dress and apron. The buttons of her dress strained and looked as though the might pop off at any moment.

"I can see why. Still trying to get that baby of yours to be quiet?" The caterpillar asked.

"Cassius? You're name is Cassius?" Alice almost laughed.

"Don't start, little one. I can still take you over my knee, and you can just imagine the spankings I can give with these." He held up his many arms, and Alice stopped laughing.

"I've given up trying to get her to be quiet. Now I'm just trying to drown her out so I don't have to listen to her all day." The Duchess flung another kitchen utensil across the room. It landed with a loud clang! against the bedroom door.

"Well. I've got a proposition for you." The caterpillar said. He grabbed Alice by the shoulders and presented her to the Duchess.

"My dear, meet Alice. Alice, the Duchess. Alice here is your ticket to the Queen's party."

"How do you do." Alice said. She curtsied for effect, and the Duchess snorted when she saw Alice's diapers.

"A little old for those, aren't you dearie?"

Alice sighed.

"It's a long story."

"Who cares. Tell me more about how this girl will help me get to see the Queen." Smiled the Duchess.

The Duchess listened intently as the caterpillar laid out the plan. He began mixing the potion as he spoke, adding to the weeds and tea some herbs and mushrooms from a small pouch he carried with him. Alice couldn't wait to finally be on her way to see the Queen. The Duchess in turn gave the caterpillar some notes on taking care of her baby, named Megan. Throughout it all, Megan was as noisy as ever. Finally, the caterpillar was done mixing, and let the potion sit.

"Let it cool." He said.

"How long will it last?" Alice asked. She couldn't remember when she'd grown back to full size following Nanny's potion, so she wanted to make sure she wouldn't get bigger at an inconvenient time.

"You'll be toddler-sized for about two or three hours." The caterpillar said.

"But then I'll grow back to my regular size, right?" Asked Alice.

"Of course. You'll grow back gradually, though, and you'll want a change of clothes."


"Because the clothes don't grow with you. You'll have to use some of Megan's clothes and diapers while you're small, and as you grow, you can use the clothes you've already packed."

Alice groaned.

"I thought you said you knew how to mix this! My clothes grew and shrank with Nanny's potion."

The Duchess raised an eyebrow.

"Are you sure?"

Alice nodded, then stopped.

"I think so. Yes, I'm almost certain of it."

"Oh well, it's a mute point now, isn't it? She's not here to make you a shrinking potion, so you'll just have to settle for mine." The caterpillar offered forth a steaming brew, moss green in color. Alice accepted the glass and moved it to her lips.

"All at once?" She said.

"The faster the better." Confirmed the caterpillar.

Alice drank as fast as she could, at first because the caterpillar suggested it, but as soon as the liquid hit her tongue, she realized it tasted awful. She stomached as much as she could, and nearly gagged from the smell and taste. She took her mouth away from the cup to catch her breath.

"This is awful!" Alice complained. She took another breath and choked down the rest.

"How do you feel? Is it working?" Asked the Duchess.

"I feel... strange." Alice's head began to get cloudy, just as it had before. She smiled, the room dancing around her. She lost her balance and collapsed on the floor. The Duchess and caterpillar helped her to her feet, and Alice heard one of them (she couldn't concentrate long enough to figure out who it was) ask if she'd hurt herself.

"I'm fine." She giggled. Alice could sense a need to pee, far off in the back of her brain. Already relaxed, Alice was barely aware as she began to relieve herself in her diapers.

"Uh oh! Looks like this baby already needs a change." Said the Duchess, noting the growing stain spreading across the middle of the diaper.

"Good. That means it's working." Replied the caterpillar. Sure enough, Alice's clothes were becoming more slack.

The Duchess smiled.

"Let's get her to the nursery. Once she's all done, I can fit her with a new outfit."

The pair led Alice down the hall. It got more and more difficult, as Alice's motor skills were definitely impaired and she was getting smaller by the minute, making it a challenge to keep a firm grip on her. By the end of the hall, Alice was down to the size of a six-year old, and her party dress lay useless at her feet. The Duchess opened the nursery door and the caterpillar, holding Alice by the hands, led her inside. He had three hands holding the diaper around Alice's waist, as Alice had also soiled herself during the transformation.

Once in the room, the Duchess directed the caterpillar to the changing table. He set Alice on the table and made sure she wouldn't fall. Then he turned to the Duchess and said, "The rest is your department. I'll see to Megan." He left Alice in the Duchess' care.

The Duchess cleaned and diapered Alice, who was now the size of an infant, and then picked out a short all and tee shirt. The short all (like overalls but with shorts instead of long pants) had snaps up the crotch and was baby blue in color. The tee shirt was white. It looked rather odd, as Alice was still a perfectly-shaped sixteen-year old, she was just very little.

"Let's get you a pacifier and then we'll be all ready to go to the party." The Duchess was thrilled. Alice was very quiet, obviously tired from the regression. The Duchess placed a pacifier in the girl's mouth and set her in the carriage. She tucked Alice in beneath several blankets, and soon Alice was fast asleep. The Duchess stocked Alice's diaper bag with two larger outfits, more diapers, powder, and several bottles of formula.

"I'm ready to go." Announced the Duchess as she wheeled Alice out to the front door.

The caterpillar looked in on the sleeping girl. He caressed her face with his hand and said, "Farewell, little Alice. I hope you get to where you belong." He kissed her forehead and took one last look, then turned to the Duchess and remarked, "Have a good time. Tell the Queen I say hello."

The Duchess left the house, Alice in tow, and headed off on the path to the Queen's party. She had her invitation, her ‘baby', and most importantly, she had piece and quiet. She left the sounds of Megan, still screaming like a banshee, far behind.

Alice woke with a start, and sat up. Her head felt like lead, and the bright sunshine hurt her eyes. She rubbed her eyes to remove the sleep, and looked around. She was shocked at her size, but quickly remembered the potion the caterpillar had given her. She was indeed baby-sized. Alice turned to look at the Duchess, who was behind her pushing the carriage. This proved a daunting task, as the canopy of the carriage made it impossible to see the Duchess. Alice tried to stand up, and found this more difficult than usual because of the bulk of the diapers she was wearing. Gripping the side of the carriage, Alice got to her feet and turned to face the Duchess.

The Duchess greeted her with a smile.

"Well good morning, little one. Did you have a good sleep?"

"Fine." Alice said. She was surprised at herself, and the sound of her high-pitched voice.

"What happened? My voice is so tiny!"

"You're tiny. Your vocal chords shrank too, you know." Reminded the Duchess.

Alice shuddered, but realized it all made sense. If babies could talk, this is what they‘d sound like.

"Where are we?" She asked.

"We are just a short ways from the Queen's palace. Soon, we'll make our way to the gate, and after that it's on to the Queen."

"Good." Said Alice.

"Once we're there, I'll have a chance to talk to the Queen. From what the caterpillar said, she'll be able to help me get back to my home."

"What? Not enjoying your time here with us? You know, I'd love to have such a quiet baby like yourself. You can stay with me for a little while longer if you like."

"Thanks for the invite, but the sooner I'm out of diapers, the better." Alice smiled.

After a few more minutes of polite conversation, they reached the palace gates. The duo was greeted by three armed guards, each one a living playing card from the house of spades. Alice was intimidated having never seen such an odd character, even in this land. The Duchess, however, wasn't the least bit concerned.

"State your business." Said a guard in an official-sounding voice.

The Duchess held forth an invitation to the party.

"We're here for tea, my baby and me." She said.

After looking it over, the guard looked the Duchess up and down, and then studied Alice. He smiled at her, and she smiled back, trying to look as cute and innocent as possible.

"How cute!" Said another guard as he pinched Alice's cheek.

"Knock it off." Alice said, knocking his hand away.

"Feisty little one, aint'cha?" Said the guard.

"Smart though. Already a talker. How old is she?"

"She's two. But she acts much older." Said the Duchess, trying to cover for Alice's un-baby like actions.

They moved past the guards, and the Duchess leaned over and whispered in Alice's ear, "You're a baby, remember. Act like one or you won't make it to see the Queen."

"What's with all the security for the party? Is someone out to get the Queen?" Asked Alice.

"Not really. Nobody really likes her, but no one wants her job either. Not enough to harm her. She's just paranoid."

They headed down a long corridor, and Alice lay back and watched the ceiling. It was dark, and lit by way of torches in the wall. The firelight played across the stones overhead, casting strange shadows as they went. A growing light appeared ahead, and Alice realized they were headed out of the corridor and into a large room. The vaulted ceiling looked even larger to Alice because of her diminutive size, and she sat up to look around the room. Huge paintings and sculptures were placed around the room, and two spiral staircases led from the main floor up to an expansive top floor.

Another pair of guards stood ready at a door in between the two stairwells, and as the Duchess approached, one of them said sternly, "Sorry ma'am, no babies at the party."

The Duchess spoke, "Please, she really is a well-behaved child. I promise." Alice tried to act cool, and pretended not to understand what was being said, but this conversation made her nervous.

"That may be, but the Queen's ordered no children at the party. We'll take her upstairs to the babysitter. Just leave the carriage and diaper bag with me." The guard stepped forward.

The Duchess faked a smile and said, "Of course. Where exactly is this babysitter anyway?" She handed the diaper bag to the guard as she spoke.

"Just upstairs, third door on the right. We can take you there when you're ready to leave. Don't worry." Said the guard, looking at Alice's frightened face.

"You're in good hands."

The Duchess bent down and whispered in Alice‘s ear, "Don‘t worry, little one. I‘ll be back for you as soon as possible."

Alice nodded, but this put a terrible crimp in her plan to see the Queen. No matter, it would just take a little more effort on her part. She was willing to do what was necessary to return home.

"Take care of her!" The Duchess called as the guard wheeled Alice upstairs and down the hall. Sure enough, three doors down, he turned the carriage and Alice found herself in a huge converted nursery, complete with changing table, cribs, and plenty of toys. Five babies were already in the care of the babysitter, who was an angry-looking old woman with pitch black hair. She glared at the guard as he approached, and she grudgingly took the diaper bag from him. Alice tried to hear the conversation, but the noise made by the other babies was too loud. The guard left, and the mean woman came over to Alice.

"Don't even think about misbehaving." She wagged her finger at Alice. Alice looked longingly at the door.

"And don't even dream of leaving. You're here until your mommy comes to get you."

Alice swallowed hard. ‘This doesn't look good.' She thought to herself. Alice realized she needed to pee, and looked around for a bathroom. There was none, of course, and Alice knew she wouldn't be able to escape from the room in time. Once again, she was placed in the uncomfortable position of having to use her diapers, just like a real baby.

She relaxed her bladder, and shortly thereafter was sitting in a wet diaper. She was suddenly aware of the fact that unlike other changes, she wasn't big enough to change herself and she certainly couldn't just ask for the nursery attendant to change her diapers. Alice decided she would have to cry to get the babysitter's attention, just like any of the other brats toddling around the nursery.

Alice took a deep breath, and tried to scream, but she just couldn't come up with a convincing cry. Finally, having sat in her uncomfortable wet diaper for awhile, she channeled all of her frustration and began to sob. Soon, her body was rocking with each moan and the tears ran like rivers down her face. Alice grabbed the nearest toy and threw it across the room. She was smiling on the inside though, because besides being helpless and in a soiled diaper, she was actually enjoying getting to throw a tantrum.

The babysitter, now very aware of Alice, walked over to the crying girl and glared at her sternly. Alice stopped sobbing in spite of herself, taken aback by the woman's harsh gaze. After a few minutes of awkward silence, Alice opened her mouth to carry on with the waterworks, but the babysitter shoved a pacifier into Alice's mouth and said gruffly, "You just be quiet, or I'll really give you something to cry about." With that, she stalked back across the room and resumed her place in the comfy-looking easy chair.

‘Looks like things just got worse.' Thought Alice as she sucked on the pacifier. She looked around the room once again, this time surveying for a method of escape.

Alice surveyed her surroundings, looking for a way to escape. She noticed that her clothing was already getting tighter, as the caterpillar's formula was beginning to wear off. Alice quietly made her way to the corner of the room where her stroller was kept, keeping an eye on the nursery attendant at all times. Once there, she tried to peer into the stroller, but found she was still to short.

Alice realized she'd have to bide her time until she was a little taller, and could reach the bag inside the stroller that had a fresh diaper and larger clothes. She waddled over to the toy box and began to dig through the play items. Her limbs and stomach ached slightly, no doubt due to her unnatural growth spurt. She found set of blocks, some dolls, and some other toys, but nothing that would hold the interest of a teenage girl stuck in a baby's body. Then, her eyes fell upon a large teddy bear. It lay against the wall, and walking up to it, Alice realized it was almost as big as she was. This gave her an idea.

She grabbed hold of the bear, and began to drag it over to the stroller. This was hard work, as Alice's stubby fingers and small legs made the bear difficult to hold on the long journey across the room. All at once, a wave of cramping gripped her tiny tummy, and Alice let go of the bear. Looking down at her feet, Alice could literally see the ground get farther away as her legs grew longer.

Another feeling interrupted Alice's sense of awe. Slowly, Alice realized there was a growing weight in the back of her diaper. She groaned as she realized she was pooping in her diapers. A rather embarrassing noise accompanied the release of her bowels, and Alice's face grew red. None of the other babies seemed to notice, though, and the nanny was nearly asleep in the rocking chair. Alice felt another wave of cramps sweep through her system, and nearly doubled over in pain. When it was all over, Alice's diapers were full, her cramps had subsided, and her clothes and diaper were nearly splitting at the seams. She'd grown to the size of a small toddler, and she desperately needed a change of clothing.

Alice looked around for the teddy bear, but found it had gone missing. Another child had toddled off with it while Alice had been soiling herself, and was now playing happily with it, nibbling on it's nose and drooling on it. Alice took a step forward and cringed as the still-warm mess between her legs oozed against her skin.

"As many times as I've pooped myself lately," Alice said to herself, "it's a wonder I'm not used to this by now." She marched over to the child, and grabbed the bear.

"This is mine!" She said, her voice still helium-high. She marched off to the stroller, leaving the poor child from whom she'd taken it sitting glassy eyed with shock.

Alice put the bear down, stepped on top of the stomach, and found she could reach the side of the stroller. She gripped it with her fingers, just barely able to get hold of it. It was then that the child whose bear had been stolen let out a howling cry. Alice looked frightfully at the nanny, who woke with a start. The nanny spotted the crying child and moments later saw Alice, who was still trying to pull herself up on the stroller. Alice pulled hard, boosted herself up on the edge, and saw victory within her grasp. However, before she could complete her mission, the nanny began to move.

"You stay out of there!" She accosted Alice from the other side of the room. She was on the move now, and Alice knew she had precious little time before the nanny would interfere with her plans. Alice leaned in and grabbed hold of the diaper bag, but as she did so the crib, rocked by Alice's sudden movements, began to tip over.

Alice fell backwards, diaper bag still in hand, and landed with a thump on her backside. The diaper's contents oozed to the front and back of the diaper, working their way around Alice's anatomy. The diaper, already strained from Alice's growing, could take no more. Alice heard a slight pop, but couldn't place the sound. She tried to stand, but the nanny had her under either arm.

"You come with me." The nanny said, angrily.

"Little girls like you shouldn't be allowed to run around. You might hurt yourself." Alice could feel herself being picked up off the floor, and felt a chill and cool breeze move along her backside. Looking down, she saw her diaper, the tapes undone, still sitting on the floor.

"Oh my!" Remarked the nanny.

"You're diaper has come off."

Alice realized she was naked from the waist down, and let out a cry. One cry became many, as Alice again launched into a crying fit, this time enjoying no part of her tantrum.

"C'mon, let's get you cleaned up." The nursery attendant said begrudgingly. She laid Alice on the changing table and took the diaper bag from her.

"At least I don't have to make an extra trip." Said the nanny. She opened the bag and took out a diaper.

As Alice was cleaned and felt the cool powder being applied to her loins, she blushed bright red. 'This is so embarrassing!' Alice thought. She tried to not think about the fact that a perfect stranger was changing her diaper.

"You're awfully big to still be in diapers, dear." Said the nanny, unaware that Alice could understand everything that she had said. She fastened the diaper snugly around Alice's waist, then turned to dispose of the dirty one still on the floor. While she was gone, Alice felt another wave of cramps and could feel herself get bigger. The snug diaper, which was the same size as the one she'd just been in, became unfastened.

"How'd that happen?" Said the nanny when she returned. She tried three times unsuccessfully to reattach the tapes, but Alice was just too big. Digging through the bag, the nanny spotted a larger, cloth diaper.

"Very well." She said. She lifted Alice's behind in the air and slid the cloth one beneath her. She pulled it between Alice's legs and wrapped it over the loose disposable diaper. Pinning it into place, the nanny said, "That should hold you. Now let's see if we can't get you into some new clothes. Those don't look like they fit you anymore, either." She pulled out a fuzzy pink sleeper, and held it up to Alice.

"This should do." She said.

Alice suffered the humiliation of having her clothes changed, too, but at least she was now in a clean diaper.

"Now, it's nap time." The nanny picked her up, grunting slightly as she hefted Alice's increasing weight, and deposited her in a large crib.

"You wait here until mommy gets back, okay." The nanny said. She turned and headed back to the rest of the babies.

"The hell I will." Said Alice.

"What was that?" The nanny said, stopping in her tracks. She walked back over to the crib and stared at Alice.

"Did you say something?"

Panicking, Alice did the only thing she could think of. She opened her mouth and said, "Goo goo, ga ga." Then she drooled on herself. The nanny shook her head and walked away, convinced she was hearing things. Alice, on the other hand, was more embarrassed than ever.

'This just keeps getting better.' She thought to herself. Then, another wave of cramps set in...

Alice lay in the crib, the cramps on muscle spasms coming faster and more frequently than ever. 'I've got to do something soon.' Thought Alice. 'Or I'll end up being back to normal size with nothing to wear.' Alice stretched out, and banged her foot on the post of the crib. She had to fight to keep from yelling out in pain. 'That's it, I'm out of here.

Alice peeked out from behind the bars of the crib. The nanny was sitting in her chair, bed back, apparently asleep. 'Perfect.' Alice thought. It was time to make her move. She stood up, not able to fully stand erect because the sleeper was too small and constricting. The bulge of the extra diaper was painfully obvious around the waist of the sleeper, but by now, Alice wasn't bothered by it. She boosted herself up over the top of the crib, and straddled the bar. She let herself down gently, inching her way down the side of the crib. Soon, her padded feet came to land on soft carpet, and Alice was on her way.

She walked over to the door, hunched over slightly, and tried to reach the knob. Her reach was just short, even when jumping. Another wave of cramps set in, and Alice was sure that in just a few minutes, she'd be able to reach the handle. A stirring from behind her caught her attention, and Alice turned to see the nanny fidgeting in her chair.

"Better make sure I don't have any problems." She said to herself. She waddled back towards the nanny. It was becoming increasingly difficult to move in the tight sleeper, and half way there Alice tripped and landed on her stomach. She found it much more comfortable to move on her hands and knees, so she crawled the rest of the way to nanny's chair.

Alice looked up at the sleeping adult from the foot of the chair. Most of the other children weren't really paying attention to her, and it was just as well, because they would have only gotten in the way. Carefully, Alice untied the woman's shoes, and then tied the laces from both shoes together. It was slow going, as Alice was getting larger, but still had to contend with rather short and stubby fingers. When Alice was done she giggled to herself and admired her handy work.

"Now to get out of here." She said. She crawled back to the door, and was almost there when her arms and legs were gripped with a particularly painful set of muscle contractions. Alice lost her control, and fell to the floor, yelping in surprise. She watched as her fingers grew bigger and longer, and her arms stretched out like vines reaching for the sunlight. Her cry had awakened the baby sitter. She looked around and saw Alice out of her crib.

"Come here, you!" She stood up and stepped towards Alice. Her feet jerked forward, but not in the full range of motion she'd expected, and the nanny ended up falling to the ground. Alice, in the meanwhile, was back on her hands and knees and crawling for all she was worth. She reached the door and stood up, ready to bolt from the room. She stopped short, however, as a loud tearing sound captured her attention.

Alice looked down and was surprised to see that the seams on the side of the sleeper had ripped. A tear of almost three inches showed on either side, starting just above Alice's diapers.

"It's too late to worry about that now." Said Alice. She ran from the room, with the now-shoeless nanny close behind.

Alice made her way down the hall, and she could feel the tears growing larger with each kick of her legs. The nanny was coming up very quickly, as Alice's legs were shorter, and the ill-fitting garment was hampering her mobility. As Alice began to descend the stairs, she saw the seams had split almost completely down the sides, making her diapers readily apparent to anyone who looked. The crotch had also begun to tear, as well as the sleeves. As she got to the bottom of the stairs, Alice tripped, and landed on all fours. A loud sound from behind her told Alice that the inseam had given way, and Alice decided to cut her losses on the sleeper now. She quickly tore the split sleeper in half, her now nine-year old muscles too much for the weakened fabric. The result was that the sleeper now began just above Alice's ever- growing navel, covering her chest and her shoulders. Alice was bare from the waist down, save the cloth diaper with the disposable beneath, and that, too was beginning to get uncomfortably tight.

Alice headed in the direction she'd seen her Nanny go, down a long hallway towards some palace guards.

"Outta the way!" She yelled, holding on to the waist of the diaper for fear that it would let go and expose more than Alice wished to show.

"I'm sorry ma'am, you- can't... go in there." The guard started off in an authoritative tone, but lost his train of thought as Alice approached. Almost right before his eyes she aged nearly a year, her breasts beginning to return to her, her arms and legs growing as he watched in awe. Alice blew right past him, through the double doors, and into the sunlight.

"Did you just see..." The guard stammered to his companion.

"I think so. C'mon let's go!" The two guardsmen joined the screaming nanny in pursuit of Alice.

Alice found herself in a garden. All around her were the Queen's underlings. Guards stood watch over everything, and court jesters and performers entertained the crowd. There were loud conversations and the clinking of teacups, but all that died as soon as Alice burst through the door. She found herself the center of attention; a thirteen-year old girl dressed in a diaper and the remains of a pink baby sleeper. Alice was suddenly very aware of a cold draft blowing across her exposed midriff.

"Stop that child- stop that little... baby?" The nanny yelled as she entered the courtyard, flanked on either side by a guard. She stood dumb founded as she looked Alice up and down. Alice just stood there, unsure of what to do.

"What happened to you?" The nanny asked.

"What is the meaning of this? What is going on?" The Queen demanded.

All at once, Alice, the Duchess, the nanny, and both guards started in on their stories.

"Hold it!" Shouted the Queen.

"One at a time. Let's start with you." She pointed to Alice.

"Hello your majesty. I'd bow, but, I'd... um." Alice gestured to her clothes, the pins on the diaper threatening to bust at any moment, and the Queen smiled. Some of her guests let out a chuckle.

"You see, I'm really sixteen, but I fell down a hole, and I ended up here, and this old lady gave me a potion, which turned me into a baby, but I grew out of it. Then, I found a talking caterpillar, and he said he knew of a way to get me back home but that I'd have to go with his friend the Duchess to see you, and in order to do so I'd have to return to being a baby- but only for a little while, as his potion wears off and then I'd return to my normal size, and- Ohhh!" With one last spasm, Alice grew back to her full-figured, sixteen-year old self. In front of all the partygoers, Alice's breasts returned to their full size. This, in conjunction with the spontaneous growth of her upper body and shoulders, split the sleeper straight down the middle, leaving her chest exposed. Startled, Alice used her left arm to cover herself. At the same time, the diaper pins on the right side of her diaper busted, and Alice had to quickly use her right hand to hold the diaper on. It was then that Alice realized she was peeing. To her extreme embarrassment, everyone at the party noticed it too, as the diaper grew dark and heavy.

"You... see?" Alice finished weakly.

"Get this girl a robe!" Called the Queen. In just a few moments, one of the guards threw a long thick robe over Alice's shoulders. With some careful maneuvering, Alice was able to put her arms down the sleeves and tie it securely around her waist, keeping the soaking garment in check. Luckily, nobody saw anything they weren't supposed to, and at least a shred of Alice's dignity remained in tact.

"Now then, uh, child. Walk with me." The Queen said. Alice did as she was told, and followed the Queen through the palace gardens. There, she elaborated on her story, and at the end of it all, the Queen asked.

"Now- how can I help you?"

"I want to go back home." Alice said.

"Yes, after being treated as you were I can see why." The Queen said.

"It wasn't horrible." Alice said.

"I made a lot of friends. I met a talking cat, and a helpful caterpillar, and the Duchess." Alice smiled as she thought of the Duchess.

"Still... I can't forget my home, and my friends and family there."

The Queen looked thoughtfully at Alice, and then said, "I'm sorry. I can't help you."

Alice was shocked.

"What do you mean, you have to help me."

"I can't." The Queen reiterated.

"But I know who can. I'll take you there." The Queen led Alice out of the garden, through a well-hidden door in the castle wall, and down a short path overgrown with ivy. At the end of the path there was another door, but it was unlike any door Alice had ever seen. It moved, and flowed, like the surface of a body of water, but it was dark purple in color. Beside the door waited the Duchess.

"Hello dear." Said the Duchess.

"Hello." Replied Alice.

"Beyond this door is the answer you seek. You need only make up your mind, and step through it." Said the Queen.

"What do you mean?" Said Alice.

"Concentrate on what you really want. If you want to go home, if you want to stay here as you are, or become a child all over again, with no memory of your past life in the mundane world you've come from. It's all up to you."

"I'm here for you Alice, if you need me." Said the Duchess.

"In any way." She smiled lovingly.

"Thank you." Said Alice.

"Thank you both." She took a long look at them both, took a deep breath, and stepped through the door.

Alice opened her sleepy eyes and sat up, stretching her arms and legs. She'd been asleep for awhile, judging by the setting sun. She was seated beneath a large tree, her book bag beside her. It wasn't until she stood up that she realized she needed to pee. Without thinking about it, Alice let loose. Before she fully realized the consequences of her actions, a dark stain was creeping down Alice's inner thighs. When it was all over, Alice's pants were soaked from the crotch to the knees. Alice looked at her pants in disbelief. What was going on?

Looking around, Alice was relieved that no one else had witnessed what had happened. She shook her head, trying to clear the cobwebs. Her dream came back to her in vivid detail. Alice would've laughed about it were it not for her soiled condition. She quietly picked up her book bag and held it in front of the wet spot on her pants. She headed off towards home, praying that nobody would notice her accident.

To her relief, the house was empty when Alice arrived. She quickly headed for her room. Throwing her backpack on the bed, Alice peeled off her wet jeans and underwear, and headed for her underwear drawer. Opening it up, she was shocked to find her cotton panties replaced by-

"Diapers?" Alice wondered out loud. Thinking it was some sort of cruel prank, Alice looked around the room for a camera or microphone. It was then she noticed the note on her mirror.

Dear Alice-

Hope you are happy with your choice. I've left you a few 'supplies'- just in case. I am glad for our time together, and you are welcome to visit me anytime you want.

With love,

The Duchess

Alice couldn't believe it. Was everything she dreamed about real? She walked back to her drawer and found the disposable diapers still laying where her underwear had been just hours earlier. Alice reached out for the diaper, extending a trembling hand to inspect the items. She picked up a diaper and turned it over. The soft plastic crinkled in her hands, and she could smell the unmistakable scent the diaper carried with it. She inhaled deeply, remembering her trip through Wonderland. She inhaled deeply, and immediately decided what she would do.

"Well, no need to have these go to waste." Alice said. She unfolded the diaper and brought it up around her waist. Carefully, she taped it in place. When she was done, Alice inspected herself in the mirror.

"Beautiful." She said. She grabbed an old pair of track pants and pulled them on. She checked herself again. The diaper was nearly invisible under the noisy pants.

"Perfect." Alice smiled.

She picked up her wet jeans and underwear and headed to the washroom. She was in the process of putting them in the washer when her mother surprised her.

"Hello Alice." She said.

Alice jumped.

"MOM! I didn't hear you come in."

Her mother didn't respond. Instead, she inspected the jeans Alice had in her hand.

"What is this? Did you pee your pants?"

Alice pulled away.

"No! They're just, um, stained. That's why I was going to wash them."

It was no use. Her mother had seen the evidence.

"I can't believe this! My teenage daughter, wetting her pants. Maybe I should pick you up some diapers next time I'm out." The words stung Alice, and she was glad her pants hid the diaper she was already wearing.

"I don't need diapers." Alice said.

"Save it. Go shower up, and then come see me. We need to talk. Your teacher called me today. Do you know how embarrassing it is to be pulled out of a meeting to be told your daughter is failing?" With that, Alice's mother disappeared.

Alice finished her task and walked slowly back to her room. She sat on the bed, near tears. She pushed the book bag to the floor, then stretched out on the bed. It was soft and Alice was tired, and before long, she was drifting off to sleep. She thought about the places she'd been, and all that had happened recently. Soon, Alice was asleep.


Alice woke to the sound of a familiar voice.

"Alice, honey. Wake up. Time for breakfast."

Alice sat up and looked around. She was in a room she didn't recognize. Suddenly, Alice felt a familiar feeling around her middle. She sat up, gripping the side of her crib for support.

"Crib?" Alice said, startled. She looked down at herself and realized she was glad in baby clothes and disposable diapers. She looked up and saw a familiar face.

"Duchess!" She said. What she heard was her voice, only much higher pitched. The noises coming out of her were complete gibberish. Alice was beginning to get worried.

"Hello baby Alice. How are you?" The Duchess bent down and picked little Alice up. She carried her to the high chair and proceeded to feed Alice a jar of strained carrots. Alice finished her meal with a bottle full of juice. Shortly thereafter, the contents of her meal made their way to Alice's diapers. Alice cried, uncomfortable in dirty diapers.

"There, there. Let's get you changed." The Duchess said. She changed Alice into some fresh diapers and then rocked her gently in her arms. Alice was soon asleep, content and warm in her clean diapers and flannel sleeper. She remained the Duchess' baby for many years to come. Alice was content with a life of diapers, baby bottles and no responsibilities.

The End

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