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All I Want For Christmas

Chloe was 19 years old, she lived with her parents in a city called Fallfield in England, she was a very attractive woman and all the guys in her office wanted to ask her out. Chloe was a secretary for a local computer company, she had worked there for just over six months, she was enjoying the job and not least of all the attention she was getting off the male contingent of staff. Chloe did have strong feelings for one of the male staff but he was virtually the only one that had not asked her out, no matter how much she had fluttered her long black eyelashes and tried to make conversation with him he seemed to be uninterested. The man in question, Mark, had in fact wanted to ask Chloe out but had always been too nervous, he was by no means an ugly man but considered himself to be inferior to other potential suitors in the office. Many times Mark had sat at his desk pondering whether to ask Chloe to go with him for a drink, the few times she had spoken to him he had been overcome that he couldn't speak.

The office Christmas party was just around the corner, this year they were going to have it in a function room in the pub just down the road, The Dog and Duck. The whole office was looking forward to the big night it promised to be very entertaining with a DJ and a spot of Karaoke, every year they all bought their tickets with all the proceeds going to a local childrens charity. The date was set for December 18th and little did Chloe and Mark know it was going to change their lives forever.

The day of the party was a Friday, the boss of their office had allowed them all to leave half-day so as they could get ready for the night out. Chloe finished what she was doing and closed down her computer, she gathered her belongings together bade everybody goodbye before leaving the office, she walked out and hailed a taxi. Chloe had a bit of shopping to do before she went home to get ready. Chloe raced around the shops getting those few presents that she needed to complete her shopping for this year, she stopped off at the Starbucks for a quick coffee before getting another taxi home.

'Mum, Dad I'm home' Chloe called as she opened the front door, she dumped her bag in the hall and went to the kitchen, the house seemed empty. Chloe clicked the kettle on and got out her favourite mug, she opened a sachet of hot chocolate and emptied it in, she kicked off her shoes and poured the boiling water into the cup stirring the thick contents. Chloe went through to the living room and clicked on the TV sinking into the huge armchair, the house was silent so she presumed that she was alone, she turned onto the news and began to watch all the while thinking of what that night was going to be like. Chloe had made her mind up to make her move that night and try to speak with Mark, she began to mentally undress him as she had done so many times before, she closed her eyes and could see herself sliding her hands down his naked body; automatically her hand drifted under her skirt and into her dampened knickers, she was very wet and slowly played with herself, hot chocolate in the other hand. Chloe still had her eyes closed when she heard somebody moving around upstairs, she quickly dismissed it as the cat and continued pleasuring herself, she was rubbing herself very hard as she heard somebody coming downstairs. Chloe quickly pulled her hand out of her knickers just in time, her dad walked into the living room.

'Hi, honey. You are home early sweetheart.' Chloe was blushing almost crimson as she kissed her father hello.

'Tonight is the party dad, which is why I am home early.'

'Oh yes, I remember, well have fun sweetheart I'm just off to the bookies.'

'I will Dad thanks.'

With that Chloes dad left the room and she went back to her hot chocolate hearing the front door close a few minutes later. Chloe finished her chocolate and then took her bags upstairs, she had gotten her outfit for the party ready the night before. Chloe went into the bathroom and began to run herself a nice warm bath, she went back into her room and stripped down to her bra and knickers, she picked up her dressing gown and put it on. Chloe returned to the bathroom and turned off the taps, the smell of the bubble bath she had put in relaxed even before she got in, she removed the dressing gown letting it fall to the floor and then proceeded to remove her bra and knickers revealing her naked body to the bathroom mirror. Chloe looked herself up and down in the mirror she felt each of her breast assessing them with equal scrutiny, she was satisfied that they were ok and that she was happy with them, next came the waistline, she breathed in deeply and surveyed herself before letting her breath out slowly, she decided that she could stand to lose a few pounds and made a mental note to join the gym in the new year. Chloe finally happy with her inspection put one foot into the hot bath, the water seemed to relax her at first touch, she gently slid in the other foot and lowered herself into the water. Chloe took a deep breath and moaned softly as she lay back in the bath allowing the aroma of the bubbles to enter each nostril. Chloe slowly slid her head under the water and then back above the surface pushing her hair out of her face and closing her eyes. With her mind once again on Mark she began to see the pictures in her head again, she slowly moved her hand down her naked body and onto her throbbing vagina. Chloe began to rub herself just as she had done a few minutes ago, she was enjoying the sensation when the phone rang, she considered not answering it but then decided that she would. Chloe jumped out of the bath and put on her dressing gown before running to her room and answering the telephone.


'Hi, Chloe it's me.'

'Hi mum, where are you?'

'I'm just round at your nans house, I am helping her with some things so I won't be back before you go out, so you have a nice time and make sure you stay safe.'

'I will mum, don't worry I'll speak to you tomorrow, love you.'

'Love you sweetheart.'

Chloe put the phone down and went back to the nice hot bath she had just left, feeling a little dejected about not being able to get her moment back she began to wash her hair. Chloe finished her hair and then moved to wash her body with the sweet smelling body wash. After nearly an hour in the bath Chloe was feeling very relaxed she decided that she needed to get out before she fell asleep, she rose up and stepped out of the bath splashing water all over the soft bath mat, she pulled out the plug and slipped on her dressing gown and then wrapped her hair in a towel in a way only women seem to know how. With all that done she went to her bedroom to get herself ready.

Chloe got dried and then concentrated on her hair, a lot of time was spent drying it and messing around when finally after forty-five minutes she was done, surveying and approving it, Chloe then put on her bra and thong then slipped into her tight black dress. Chloe routed through her perfume draw and picked out one she thought would be good and gave herself a liberal spray, now for the make up. Just the same as any woman Chloe took an age to get her make up on and once she was Chloe was ready and went to the kitchen to pour herself a glass of wine, she sipped away at the wine once again in great anticipation of the evening ahead.

Chloe arrived at the party a little after eight, she found the girls table and sat with them all. Tequila Slammers were ordered and loads of vodka and Red Bull, they all laughed and joked. The boys table was loud and boisterous as usual, many drinking games were played and laughter seemed to billow out almost as often as the huge plumes of cigarette smoke. Chloe spotted Mark sitting in the middle, she was admiring his dress sense. Mark shot a glance over and for a brief moment they made eye contact, both of them looked away quickly in equal embarrassment.

As the night wore on Chloe was getting more and more anxious, she really wanted to speak to Mark but every time she had gone to get up to do it the pain in her stomach came back. Chloe cursed herself for being so cowardly. The night was quickly coming to a close and Chloe still had not managed to speak with Mark, she couldn't work up the courage.

The DJ played the evenings last record and Chloe, looking dejected, moved into the foyer of the club ready to leave, just then Dave, one of the men in the office approached her looking more than a bit drunk.

'Ah, Chloe. You know you look very nice tonight.'

Chloe looked at the drunken wreck in front of her, Dave was leering towards her and smiling.

'Thanks Dave.'

'You know I've always liked you Chloe, how about a kiss?'

Dave puckered up his lips and leaned in towards Chloe.

'No Dave I don't think so.' Chloe pushed Dave back.

'Oh come on you frigid bitch.' Dave once again leaned in on Chloe and was trying to kiss her as well as trying to grab at her breasts.

'Dave, get off.' Chloe was trying to push Dave away.

Dave would not let up and was still trying to get his kiss when the foyer door opened, it was Mark.

'HEY! Dave get off her you arse.'

Mark stepped forward and pulled Dave away, he threw him against the wall.

'What are you doing, you lanky streak of piss?' Dave had now turned his attentions to Mark.

'Dave just go home, you are drunk.'

Dave muttered something under his breath and walked out of the club swearing and shouting.

'Are you ok Chloe?'

Chloe fell into Marks arms. 'Mark thank you so much.'

'Hey, don't worry about it, he had no right to do that.'

Mark cuddled Chloe, she felt so very safe in his arms.

'You want to come for another drink with me?'

It had finally happened, Mark had asked Chloe out for a drink, true it wasn't the ideal situation but hey she was only to happy to accept. Mark and Chloe left the club virtually together and went to a local all night bistro, Mark was the perfect gentlemen he helped her into her seat and made good conversation. They laughed and joked into the small hours of the morning, both of them were really enjoying the conversation.

At 4 am they both decided to call it a night, Mark got Chloes coat for her and went outside with her to make sure she got into a taxi. They were waiting outside of the bistro and everything seemed so perfect.

'Chloe I've really enjoyed tonight, I'd love for it to happen again.'

'Oh definitely, thank you for tonight, you know with Dave and that.'

'Hey don't worry about it, you know you really are beautiful.'

Chloe smiled an embarrassed smile and blushed. She hid her face away, her stomach doing somersaults.

'Hey don't go all shy on me, listen here is my number give me a ring tomorrow when you get up.'

Chloe took the piece of paper from Mark as he hailed a cab, he helped her in and gave her a smile.

'I mean it, you had better call me or you will be in big trouble.'

'Ok I will.'

The taxi pulled away and Chloe sank into the seat smiling to herself, what a great night it turned out to be. Chloe was tingling all over as the taxi journey edged closer to its end at her house. The taxi pulled into her street.

'Where about love?'

Chloe snapped out of the trance she was in. 'Oh sorry just here on the right please mate'

The taxi driver pulled over outside Chloes house and she paid the driver before entering the dark quiet house. Chloe got through the door, closed if behind her and fell back onto it smiling. She must have been there for a 5 minutes when she came to her senses and walked through to the kitchen. Chloe poured herself a glass of water and went to bed.

Chloe woke the next day to knocking on her bedroom door, she looked at the clock, it was 3pm. With her eyes still half closed she got out of bed and put on her dressing gown, finding her way to the door she opened it a crack.

'Hello sleepy head' Chloes mum was standing outside with a steaming hot cup of tea. 'Here you go, I though you might need this'

Chloes mum handed her the mug.

'Thanks mum, I'll have this then I'll come down and talk.'

Chloes mum nodded and made her way downstairs, Chloe went back into her room, closing the door behind her. The smell of tea filled Chloes nostrils as she took a sip, the sweet liquid felt so good on her raw throat. Chloe began recounting the previous nights events in her head, she got to the part about Mark and nearly dropped the tea on the floor, her whole body tingled with excitement. She remembered her promise to phone Mark and rummaged around in her handbag to find the piece of paper he had written his number on. After much panicking and searching Chloe eventually found Marks number, he had put three kisses on it and her heart skipped a beat. She moved over towards her phone and picked up the receiver, she pressed the first button, her heart beat faster and faster, she pressed in the other numbers and then heard the ring.

'Hello' The voice on the other end of the phone said.

'Um, um is err Mark there please?' Chloe felt so excited.

'This is Mark, is that you Chloe?'

'Yes it's me. I thought I'd better, you know, phone you like you asked.'

'I'm glad you did, how are you feeling after last night?'

'I'm ok, how about you?'

'I'm good, even better now you have called.'

Chloe and Mark chatted for a while on the phone, both of them were really enjoying the conversation when Chloes mum shouted up for her.

'I'm sorry Mark I have to go, my mother is after something, I'll speak to you later on tonight.'

'Oh, ok Chloe, I suppose I will speak to you later. Have a good day.'

'Bye Mark, you too.'

With that the conversation was over, Chloe went downstairs to see what her mum wanted and they both ended up chatting for a while about the previous night. Chloe told her mum all about her fantastic night with Mark and how she hoped she would see him again. Whenever Chloe spoke Marks name her eyes lit up and she became tingly all over her body.

'You really like this Mark guy don't you sweetie?'

'Yes mum I do, he is so nice and he is really funny, he is such a nice guy.'

'Well then darling I hope you get to see him some more.'

'Oh I will mum, I think he feels the same way about me.'

Chloe finished the conversation with her mum and went upstairs to get a shower, she had Mark on her mind virtually all the time. Chloe spent the rest of the afternoon wrapping up some of the presents she had bought, she was wrapping up her mums present when the phone rang, she picked it up.


'Hello is that you Chloe?' Mark was on the other end of the phone.

'Yes Mark it is me, what you up to?'

'Oh, nothing I was just sitting here thinking and wondered if you fancied coming out tonight?'

Chloe thought for a moment before accepting Marks invitation, they made arrangements to meet up in a quiet little restaurant not far from Chloes house. No sooner had Chloe put down the phone than she started to worry about what she was going to wear. For this she was going to need the help of another woman, her mum.

'MUM' Chloe shouted downstairs. 'MUM'

'Yes dear, what is it?'

'Can you come here and help me please?'

Chloes mum came up the stairs and into her daughters' room to come face to face with a heap of clothes on the bed.

'Are you having a jumble sale dear?'

Chloe laughed and explained to her mum the contents of the phone call she had just taken.

'You see mum I just don't have a clue what to wear.'

'Not to worry dear I'm sure you have something fantastic in all this mess.'

Chloe had a little over 3 hours before she was due to meet Mark, she and her mother went through nearly every outfit in the wardrobe before settling on a tight white dress. Chloe applied her make-up and but in her shoes and surveyed herself in the mirror, satisfied that she looked ok she made her way downstairs. Chloe entered the living room to show her mum the finished article.

'Oh Chloe you look beautiful'

'Thanks mum, I'm really excited.'

Chloe had already booked her taxi to take her to meet Mark it was due to arrive in a few minutes time. Chloe made one last check of herself in the hallway mirror when she heard the taxi pull up out side.

'Right mum that's my cab, I'll see you later.'

'Ok honey have fun.'

Chloe went out of the front door and climbed into the waiting taxi, she told the driver where she needed to go and they were soon on their way.

Mark was waiting outside the restaurant as Chloe arrived, he smiled a she pulled up in the taxi, she paid the driver and got out to greet Mark.

'Hello Chloe' Mark kissed Chloe on the cheek.

'Hi Mark' Chloe returned the kiss.

They both went inside the restaurant and Mark sorted them out a table. Mark was a gentlemen he helped Chloe into her seat before taking his. They both perused the menu and ordered their meals. The conversation quickly turned to work and they laughed and joked about some of the singing in the previous nights karaoke. They were getting on really well and had gotten through a few bottles of wine. After finishing their dinner they went through to the bar and had a few more drinks, the chemistry between them was unbelievable, they were getting on really well with each other. The night was going really well and passed by all too quickly, it seemed to sneak up on them but it was soon time for them to call it a night. Chloe was becoming quite desperate for the toilet after all the wine, she decided that she would pay a visit to the ladies room on the way out. Mark asked Chloe if she would like one more drink but she politely declined.

'Well Chloe, would you like to, erm well, would you like to come back to my flat for a coffee?'

Chloes heart skipped a beat. 'Well, I'm not sure really Mark.'

'Hey it's ok if you don't want to, I just thought you might like to you know.'

Chloe looked at Mark 'Ok Mark, I will come with you.'

'Great well let's get out of here and get a taxi back to my place.'

Chloe and Mark left the bar and went to the cloakroom to get their coats, Chloe told Mark she was going to the toilet and she went off to the ladies room, she was just about to open the door when there was a voice behind her.

'Sorry madam the ladies is out of order at this time, we have a bit of a flood.'

'Oh right ok, is there no other toilets?'

'No sorry madam.'

Chloe looked defeated, she was getting a little more desperate for the toilet now, she got back out to the front of the restaurant where Mark was waiting.

'The taxi should be here in a minute.'

'Mark how far is it to your house? I am a little desperate for the toilet.'

'It's only down the road, I thought you just went anyway.'

Chloe was now bouncing a little on the spot, the cold December air had made her desperation a little worse. 'The toilets were out of order.'

Mark was secretly getting a little aroused at this desperation scene in front of him, he was very much into this sort of thing, Chloe looked really desperate for the toilet now, she was concentrating really hard on holding herself back.

'You know you really are beautiful.' Mark leaned in closer to Chloe and they looked into each others eyes, there lips touched each others and the locked in a passionate kiss. Chloe was really enjoying the kiss, Mark was a great kisser, after a few minutes locked in the kiss Chloe heard a dripping it was slow at first but then it got faster it sounded like someone was pouring something onto the floor. Chloe stopped kissing Mark and recoiled in horror, she looked down at the floor where she had been standing. The huge wet patch on the floor told Mark and Chloe everything they needed to know.

Chloe began to cry.

'Oh Mark, I'm so, so sorry.'

Mark who by now had nearly exploded into his pants managed to stifle the huge smile that was trying to break across his face, he looked at Chloe who looked distraught at what had just happened.

'Oh Chloe don't worry about it, come here.' Mark motioned for Chloe to get a hug.

Chloe fell into Marks arms and sobbed her heart out, she was apologising all the time for her accident. Mark comforted her and kept telling her it was ok. The taxi pulled up a few minutes later.

'Come on Chloe let's get you back to mine, you can clean up there.'

Chloe was too embarrassed to say anything and climbed into the back of the taxi, luckily her dress was not too wet, her knickers had absorbed most of the accident. Mark laid his coat on the seat so as to protect it and the journey got underway.

Mark was rock hard, he had dreamt of something like this happening for years, he was involved in the adult baby scene and had set himself up as a daddy. Mark had searched the net for years for a baby of his own, he had supplies at home if he ever found the right one. Mark had never even thought of Chloe being a baby girl but now the possibilities seemed endless.

To be continued

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