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All I Want For Christmas

Part 2

The taxi pulled up outside Marks' house and he paid the driver, Chloe was still sobbing and got out of the taxi as soon as she could. Mark was soon joining her at the door to his ground floor flat.

'Mark I'll just clean up a little and leave, I'm so sorry, I feel like such a baby.'

'Don't be so silly, we will have you and your clothes all cleaned up in no time.'

Chloe sort of half smiled and Mark opened the door to his flat and they both stepped inside. Marks flat was nice, it was very clean and very spacious. Mark turned on the TV and went into the kitchen. Mark returned a few minutes later carrying a dressing gown.

'Here, you can use the shower and put this on, bring me your wet clothes and I will put them in the washing machine for you.'

Chloe took the dressing gown off Mark and smiled at him.

'Thanks Mark, you really are a nice guy you know.'

Mark smiled back at Chloe and she went to the bathroom. Marks' mind was racing a million miles a minute, here he was with the perfect opportunity to get a woman to wear a nappy for him, he didn't know if he should confess his deepest desires to this beautiful young woman who he had fallen for and was now getting a shower in his flat after wetting herself. Mark really couldn't decide what to do, he switched on his computer and brought up one of the diaper websites, he looked over the main page and smiled to himself, he began to imagine Chloe in a nappy and became hard again. In that moment of fantasy he came up with a plan, he would leave the page on the screen for Chloe to 'accidentally' see.

Mark routed around in his draws and pulled out a t-shirt and a pair of shorts that Chloe could wear, he heard the shower stop and knocked on the door.


'Are you decent Chloe? I have some clothes for you to wear.'

Chloe opened the bathroom door wearing Marks dressing gown she took the clothes and thanked Mark.

'Pass me out your wet clothes and I will put them on to wash now, just park yourself on the sofa when you are ready, I will put the kettle on.'

Chloe passed her wet clothes to Mark and then began to put on the t-shirt and shorts he had given her. Chloe opened the door to the bathroom and began to walk into the living room, her hair all wrapped up in a towel turban. She was just about to sit on the sofa when she spotted something on the computer screen, there were pictures of naked women on it, hang on they were not naked, the women were all wearing nappies and some of them were even sucking babies dummies. Chloe was a little shocked but was also very curious, she took hold of the mouse and began to navigate her way through the site.

Mark meanwhile had just turned on the washing machine and peeked into the living room, he saw Chloe sitting at the computer looking at what she had 'found'. Mark left her to peruse the site for a few more minutes before entering the room.

Chloe was starring at the screen still a little shocked at seeing this on Marks computer screen but she was also interested in what was there.

'Looks like you have found out my secret then.'

Chloe jumped, Mark was standing to her left looking rather nervous. Chloe looked at this man who she had deep feelings for and was looking for the right words to say.

'I. Well I. I just sort of saw what was on the screen. Is this what you are into?'

Mark looked at Chloe, the good thing was she was still sitting there, she had not run out of the place screaming and she didn't look disgusted.

'Well yes Chloe it is what I am into, what have you seen so far?'

'Just these pictures and this one post about a guy who wears nappies. Do you wear nappies Mark?'

'Oh no Chloe. I just like to see others wearing nappies. I am what they call a daddy. I look after or well rather I would like to look after a woman who wears nappies.'

'What do you mean look after?'

Mark pulled up another chair and sat next to Chloe and explained a lot of the adult baby world to her. He showed her loads more sites and slowly Chloe was starting to understand the whole thing. The talk lasted a few hours and Chloe had seen just about all Mark could show her. Mark got up to make a cup of tea, he went into the kitchen and switched on the kettle before returning to the living room.

'You know Chloe tonight when you had that accident outside the restaurant I nearly came in my pants.'

Chloe blushed shyly 'Shut up. Did you really?'

'Oh god yes, I got so turned on.'

Chloe smiled, she could see how excited Mark was, in fact hearing what he had just said made her get a little excited as well.

'You know what Mark?'


'I am getting a little desperate for the toilet again.'

Marks eyes lit up, was she suggesting what he thought?

'Well hadn't you better go to the toilet?'

Chloe just looked at Mark and stood up, she walked a few paces and then staggered backwards.

'Oh no silly me I can't seem to walk properly.'

Mark was stirring at Chloe open mouthed, he didn't know what to say or do, here he was with the girl he had fancied for ages in his office, she was in his flat about to have another accident. Chloe began to wobble forward again and then stopped suddenly, she bent over and began to press her hands to her crotch. Mark came to and snapped out of the trance he had been in.

'Chloe, do you need the toilet?'

'No. I am ok I will go after I finish this.'

Mark couldn't believe it Chloe was role playing with him.

'Are you sure young lady?'

'Yes daddy I will go in a minute.' Chloe began to dance on the spot now whilst looking over at the TV.

'No young lady you get to the toilet right now.'

Chloe looked at Mark and began to stand up straight, she was about to walk to the toilet when she doubled over again. Mark watched as Chloe tried to walk to the toilet in a crouching position, she got a few steps and then stopped again, this time she unclenched her hands, Mark could see the golden stream wind its way down her legs and onto the wooden floor.

'You naughty girl. I told you to go to the toilet. Why didn't you?'

'I'm sorry daddy, I didn't mean to.'

Chloe stood in the centre of the room emptying her bladder into her clothes for the second time that evening.

'Get to the bathroom right now and get yourself cleaned up. I will be in, in a few minutes'

Chloe did as she was told and trudged off to the bathroom, as soon as the door was closed Mark ran to the kitchen and returned with the mop, he mopped up the puddle of urine on his living room floor and then ran to his bedroom. Mark routed through his wardrobe for the box of baby stuff he had there, he found it and pulled out an Attends slip and some talc. Mark ran back to the living room and threw the nappy and talc on the sofa before going to the bathroom.

Mark walked in to see Chloe in the shower, her naked body looked fantastic. He began to take off his top.

'You had better be getting cleaned up in there.'

'Well why don't you come in and make sure?'

Mark needed no second invitation and slipped off all his clothes before climbing in to join Chloe in the shower. They looked at each other and locked into another deep kiss, Marks erection was pressing up against Chloes leg.

'Chloe you are so gorgeous, I can't believe you have done this for me.'

Chloe didn't say a word but just carried on kissing Mark, she took hold of Marks erect penis and began to rub, and he returned the favour by moving his fingers into her vagina. They continued to kiss, rubbing each other. Mark had his fingers deep inside Chloe.

'I want you inside me Mark.'

Chloe stopped rubbing Marks penis and began to guide him into her throbbing vagina. Mark went with the flow and began to thrust his hips gently, the both of them were rocking gently in the shower cubicle. The sex didn't last long but they both came virtually together, the whole situation had gotten them so turned on.

They both got out of the shower and dried up, Chloe put on the dressing gown again and Mark put on a pair of tracksuit pants that were hanging up on the back of the door. They both exited the bathroom and Chloe was heading for the bedroom so she could get some sleep.

'Where do you think you are going young lady?'

'I'm going to bed.'

'Oh no, you are not ready yet.'

'What do you mean?'

'Well I can't have you wetting my bed can I? Come over here and I will get you ready.'

Chloe wondered what Mark meant for a minute but soon realised when she saw the nappy lying on the sofa.

'But I don't need a nappy.'

'Oh you don't think so? You have wet yourself twice tonight so I hardly think you are capable of keeping a bed dry.'

'I can keep a bed dry, I will show you.'

'Get here now before I get angry with you.'

Chloe walked over to Mark.

'Now lie down.'

Chloe lay down on the floor and Mark opened up the nappy, he asked Chloe to lift up her hips, she did and Mark slid the nappy under her bottom. Chloe lowered her hips and Mark began to apply a liberal dusting of talc. Next mark rubbed in the talc and then closed the front of the nappy sealing Chloe in with the four tapes.

'Right now you can go to bed. I will be along in a minute.'

Chloe got up off the floor, the nappy between her legs felt weird to her, she waddled down the hall and into Marks bedroom, she fell onto the bed and took off the dressing gown, she was now lying in Marks bed in nothing but a nappy. Mark came into the room a few minutes later, he got into the bed and Chloe cuddled up to him.

'How do you like the nappy?'

'It's actually quite nice.'

Mark gave Chloe a kiss and they both drifted off to sleep.

Chloe woke from the dream she was having desperate for the toilet, she looked around the darkened room, it took her a minute to realise where she was. Chloe saw Mark asleep next to her and smiled to herself, she was just getting up when she heard the crinkle, she remembered the nappy between her legs. Chloe lay back down on the bed and began to think about what it had been like all those years ago when she really was a baby, her thumb drifted towards her mouth and she began to suck it. A few minutes later Chloe felt the first trickle of urine enter the thirsty padding of her nappy, the trickle soon turned to a steady stream and she flooded her nappy. Chloe finished wetting a minute or so later and took some time to adjust to her wet nappy, she felt the front of it, it was warm and it has bulged. Chloe pressed it to her skin, it felt so good she pressed some more, how could this feel so good? Mark opened his eyes and looked over at Chloe, the picture he was greeted with was that of Chloe thumb in her mouth and free hand pressing the front of her very wet nappy.

'Looks like somebody is enjoying themselves.'

Chloe jumped, she hadn't realised that Mark had woken, she removed her thumb from her mouth and pulled her hand away from the front of her nappy.

'I was just feeling how wet my nappy was.'

'Oh I see, so you have wet yourself then.'

Mark moved his hand towards the front of Chloes nappy, he could feel the warmth of a fresh wetting and slid his finger inside.

'Wow you certainly are wet aren't you?'

Chloe just smiled and giggled. Mark got up out of bed and went over to his open wardrobe he routed around in there again and found the nappies. Mark pulled out a nappy and something else Chloe couldn't see, he then walked back over to the bed.

'Right then I suppose we had better get you changed hadn't we?'

Mark pulled back the quilt and looked at Chloe in all her nappied glory, he smiled at her.

'Right close your eyes and open your mouth because I have a surprise for you.'

Chloe did as she was told and waited patiently for her surprise. Chloe felt something enter her mouth, she closed it. Chloes lips came into contact with what felt like a lollipop, she opened her eyes and put her hand to her mouth, it was a dummy.

'I thought you might like to have that seems as how you liked sucking your thumb before.'

'It's brilliant Mark, thanks.'

Chloe smiled a huge smile behind her new dummy and continued to cooperate during the nappy change. Mark changed Chloe with ease and soon they were ready to go back off to sleep. Mark kissed Chloe goodnight yet again and for the second time that night they fell asleep cuddled up to each other.

'This is John Evans in the morning, you're listening to radio Fallfield 102.5 FM. Only 5 days till Christmas so let's keep with the mood, this is Christmas Time by the legendary Cliff Richard'

Chloe heard the strains of the song coming from a distant radio, she looked around the room, Mark was not there, she began to get a little teary eyed. The cold December morning air that seemed to freeze everything it touched filled the room, there was a door open somewhere. Chloe was going to get out of bed but decided not to when the air hit her naked legs. Shivering Chloe pulled the duvet close and found her dummy before slipping it between her lips. Chloe could now hear the movement coming from the kitchen, cups rattled and spoons stirred. Mark entered the room a minute later holding a cup of tea and had something in his dressing gown pocket.

'Good morning sleepy head, how are you feeling?'

'I'm good thank you.'

Mark moved over toward the bed putting his cup of tea on the bedside table.

'I've got something for you.'

Mark reached into his dressing gown pocket and pulled out a babies bottle. The bottle itself had pictures of cartoon characters on it and was filled with what Chloe assumed was warm milk. Mark removed Chloes dummy from her mouth and inserted the nipple of the bottle between her lips, she began to suck the warm milk. Chloe couldn't quite understand why she was enjoying this so much, she had seemed to take to acting like a baby so easily, she was thinking about this when she felt the urge to pee. The bottle was half empty as she released her bladder into the waiting nappy, she thought very little of it and it seemed the natural thing to do. Mark continued to hold the bottle to Chloes lips until she had drained its contents, that done he replaced the dummy.

'Did you enjoy that baby?'

'Yes daddy, it was nice. Can I go back to sleep?'

'Of course darling, you have another few hours.'

Chloe turned onto her side, dribbled the last few drops of urine into her nappy and dozed into a sleep.

Mark looked at Chloe lying there sucking on her dummy and dozing, she looked so cute, Mark smiled to himself and went to the living room to watch some TV.

Mark had been watching TV for a few hours, he was watching yet another repeat when Chloe came into the living room wearing just her nappy and a t-shirt, the nappy was sagging between her legs and you didn't have to be a genius to realise that is was extremely wet and not far from a leak.

'Hello sleepy head, looks like you had a nice sleep.'

Chloe smiled at Mark and walked over to the settee, she remove her dummy from her mouth and gave him a kiss.

'Erm, I think I might need a change.'

'Now is that anyway to ask your daddy?'

'Sowwy, daddy can you pwease change my nappy?'

The sound of Chloe speaking in this way melted Marks heart, he stood up and gave her a quick hug.

'You wait there baby and daddy will go and get you a nice dry nappy.'

'Otay daddy.'

Mark left the living room and went back into his bedroom, he got out the nappies from his wardrobe and picked up the other changing supplies, he then walked back to the living room.

'Ok baby you lie down on the floor and daddy will get you changed.'

Mark sat on the sofa and Chloe lay on the floor, he reached down and untapped the nappy, he pulled down the front of the very wet nappy and took out a baby wipe, carefully he wiped Chloe clean and removed the used nappy from underneath her, next he unfolded the fresh nappy and placed it under Chloes bum, he took the talc and doused her liberally with the white, sweet smelling powder, he made sure to rub it in well. Chloe was enjoying this experience and giggled as Mark rubbed in the powder, next Mark brought up the front of the nappy between her legs and fastened it snugly into place.

'There you go baby all done now.'

Chloe got up off the floor and joined Mark on the sofa, she cuddled up to him to watch some TV.

'So then, does this mean we are a couple then?' Mark asked.

'Well I don't do one night stands and I don't fancy changing my own nappy so I guess you could say we are.'

'Well then it sounds good to me.'

Mark and Chloe both smiled, they were both very happy with being together. Both of them were thinking the same things about how silly they had been about not getting together sooner.

'Well then do you want something to eat?'

Mark and Chloe sat and ate some sandwiches together, a little later on from that Chloe got herself changed and dressed to go back home, things had moved so fast over the past few days but it had ultimately been great. It was 8pm Sunday night, it had been the weirdest weekend ever for both Mark and Chloe, they both agreed not to broadcast their newfound love to all those in the office just yet and made a promise to see each other as often as possible. Chloe left Marks house that night feeling so happy, she returned home to tell her mum about her night out leaving out the bits about how her 18 year old daughter had been little more than a baby for the most part. Chloe went to bed that night missing Mark, her dummy and especially her nappy. Chloe began to think of what had taken place over the last few days and couldn't wait to see were it was all going, little did she know it, but the ride was going to be wild, exciting and unpredictable.

To be continued.

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