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All I Want For Christmas

Part 4

The door opened and in front of the bright background stood Chloes mum.

'Hello dear.'

'Hello mum.' Chloe leaned forward and gave her mum a kiss on the cheek and then returned to her original position. 'Mum this is Mark.'

'Hello Mark, I'm Helen. I hope you are hungry.'

Mark smiled. 'Well I have to admit Helen I was not hungry until I smelt that delicious aroma coming from your house. Oh we brought wine.'

'That's nice of you dear, come through before you both freeze to death.'

Helen led the way into the living room. Chloes father was sitting in his chair by the fire place, he was reading a copy of the evening paper.

'Derek, put that thing down. Honestly you can pick your horses in the morning.'

Derek looked up from his paper, he removed his glasses and with a sigh folded the paper and put it on the arm of the chair.

'Derek this is Mark.'

Derek rose from his chair and extended his hand.

'Nice to meet you son.'

'Same here Derek.'

'Well then are we all going to have a drink? I've got tea and coffee or beer or wine or there are a few bottles of spirits on the side board.'

'I'll have a glass of that wine please mum.'

'And you Mark?'

'I'll take a beer please Helen.'

'Derek, what are you having?'

'I'll have a drop of whiskey thanks dear.'

Helen left the room to get some glasses. Mark and Chloe sat down on the sofa and Derek took up his position back in his chair.

'So Mark, what do you do for a living?'

'Well actually Derek I work in the same office as Chloe. I am a technical supervisor.'

'You may as well be speaking Dutch to me son.'

'Well it's not as complicated as it sounds, I just oversee the technical side of the company.'

'Here we go everybody, the dinner won't be long now.'

Helen came into the living room from the kitchen and handed everybody their drinks, they all continued to talk about work and Christmas. Helen declared the meal ready a little while later and they all sat down to beef stew and dumplings. They were all getting on well and they laughed and joked with each other, much more wine and beer was drunk. Once the meal was finished Chloe and Helen cleared the table and went to the kitchen to load the dishes into the dish washer, Mark and Derek retired back to the living room. Chloe and Helen began to load the dishwasher.

'I've got a trifle in the fridge for afters.'

'Bloody hell mum I think it will take a week for that beef stew to settle.'

'Well it's there for later if anybody wants some.'

'So what do you think of Mark then?'

'He seems like a nice boy.'

'He is wonderful mum, in fact I need to tell you something.'

'He hasn't proposed to you has he?'

'Don't be silly mum, no he has asked me to move in with him.'

'Has he, what did you say?'

'I said I would but not until next week. You don't mind do you?'

'Well Chloe you are old enough now to make your own choices, Mark seems a nice boy so I don't see a problem.'

'Thanks mum, I know I have to make my own choices but it's nice to have your blessing. What do you think dad will say?'

'He will probably be happy for you, it means he can get in the bathroom and use the phone.'

Chloe and Helen both laughed as they continued to clear away the dishes, once they were finished they rejoined the men in the living room. Chloe and Helen broke the news to Derek of Chloes impending move.

'Well we cannot stop you moving out sweetheart, it is a bit quick but you two look to be in love so you have my blessing.'

Mark and Chloe smiled at each other, Mark had been expecting Chloes parents to be dead against her moving in with somebody she had only just met. They spent the rest of the evening much the same as they had spent the first part. At 2 in the morning they all decided to retire to bed, Mark went out to his car to get the overnight bag he had packed for himself and then went to Chloes room. Mark closed the door and Chloe gave him a kiss.

'I told you it would be ok.'

Mark cuddled Chloe tight and then picked her up and put her on the bed.

'Let's get you ready for bed baby.'

Chloes mouth dropped. 'What do you mean?'

Mark opened his bag and revealed that not only did he pack something for himself but he had also packed a little something for Chloe. Mark pulled out the folded nappy and also a dummy.

'Mark I cant wear that here, there is no lock on the door, what if my mum finds out.'

'She wont, come on baby I know you want it.'

Chloe smiled and let Mark take of her dress, she felt very naughty and the excitement had gotten her wet. Mark slid his hands down to Chloes knickers, he felt the front of them and could feel Chloes warmth, Chloe was now dripping. Mark casually removed Chloes knickers and then laid her down on the bed, he unfolded the nappy and placed it under Chloes bottom. Mark had forgotten the talc so he just fastened up the nappy, he placed the dummy into Chloes mouth and then went back to his bag, he slipped off his clothes and then put on a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. Chloe was lying in her bed wearing just her nappy she began to wonder what her mother would think if she knew. Mark had finished getting ready for bed and slid under the covers and gave Chloe a cuddle.

'Goodnight baby.'

'Goodnight daddy.'

Chloe fell asleep in Marks arms, she still couldn't believe that she was lying in her bed wearing a nappy with her parents in the next room. Chloe felt the presence of Marks lips on her forehead just as she drifted to sleep.

Chloe woke up a few hours later, the urge to go to the toilet had woken her. Chloe didn't think twice about it and wet her nappy before cuddling back up to Mark and going back to sleep.

Chloe woke up at 10am the next morning, Mark was still lying next to her, he was awake and was watching her.

'Good morning gorgeous.'

Chloe smiled at Mark. 'Good morning.' Chloe gave Mark a hug and rested her head on his chest, a few minutes later she wet her nappy once more. They could hear Chloes mum and dad talking downstairs not long after they heard the front door open and the sound of Chloes mum hurrying her dad out of the door, the front door closed. Chloe and Mark now had the house to themselves.

'So what are we going to do today then?'

'I don't know, can we go back to yours later?'

'Of course we can princess.'

Chloe and Mark lay in bed together for a further 15 minutes.

'Well I think we had better get up. I'm going to need to get a shower.' Chloe began to move, she put one foot out of the bed and stood up, she took a few paces and winced in pain. 'Ow!'

'What's wrong babe?'

'My bum is burning as I walk, it's really painful.'

Mark looked at Chloe, he remembered not putting talc on her last night when he put her in night time nappies. 'Come here and lie down, how long have you been wet?'

'Well I wet last night and then again before.'

Mark undone the wet nappy and pulled down the front, he could instantly see the redness.

'Uh oh, you have a nappy rash.'

'A nappy rash? How did that happen?'

'Sorry babe it was my fault, I forgot to bring the talc with me last night and with you wetting through the night it has caused the rash. Do you have any Sudocrem cream here at all?'

'I think there is some in the bathroom cabinet, dad uses it on his face when it burns in the summer.'

'Ok well you go get your shower and bring the Sudocrem with you, whatever you do don't rub the rash with a towel, it will hurt.'

Chloe nodded that she understood and put on her dressing gown, she began to walk out of the room feeling the insatiable burning on her bottom. Chloe entered the bathroom and turned on the shower, she disrobed, the smell of stale urine hit her nostrils, she not only looked babyish these days but she also smelt the part. Chloe saw the steam in the shower cubicle and tested the water with her hand, satisfied it was just right she climbed in. Chloe took her washcloth and soaped it up, she began to wash her body and soon found out why Mark had warned her about rubbing over her rash, the pain was unbearable, tears formed in Chloes eyes and she began to sob. Chloe continued to sob as she finished off in the shower, she stepped out and wrapped her hair in the female only towel turban, and put on her dressing gown. Chloe slipped the small tub of Sudocrem into her pocket and took a towel from the rack and went back to her room, her bottom still burning as she went.

Mark looked up as the door opened, Chloe came walking into the room he could see the pain on her face with each step she took.

'Are you ok babe?'

Chloe looked at Mark with tears in her eyes again. 'It feels like my bum is on fire.'

'Come here babe and Daddy will make it all better.'

Chloe walked over to Mark and took off her robe as he asked, he took the towel she was holding and began to dry her, he was careful to dab the wetness off of the red raw skin. Mark picked another nappy out of his bag and unfolded it on the bed.

'Mark what are you doing?'

'I'm getting my babies nappy ready.'

'I can't wear a nappy here.'

'Why not?'

'I'm in my mum and dads, I can't walk around this house wearing a nappy.'

'They won't notice, just put some knickers on over it and a pair of loose jeans.'

'They are bound to notice, I couldn't.'

'Well you have no choice. You have to wear your nappy or daddy will smack your bum.'

'You wouldn't.'

Mark looked up at Chloe with a cock sure look on his face, he grabbed her arm and pulled her over his knee, he then gave Chloe a sharp slap on the backside. Chloe felt the burning intensify on her bottom, she instantly began to cry.

'No Mark don't it hurts.'

'Are you going to do as I say and be a good girl.'

Chloe was sobbing and thought about what Mark was saying, she couldn't wear a nappy around her parents house.

'I can't wear a nappy here.'

Mark slapped Chloe again.

'You will do as I say young lady.'

Mark was not slapping Chloe hard, he was just giving her short swats on her bottom right where the nappy rash had broken out.

'Please don't. I will wear my nappy just don't slap me again.'

Mark released his grip, he told Chloe to stand in front of him, he could see how red the rash was and opened the tub of Sudocrem, he took a liberal amount and applied it to the infected area, Chloes relief was instant. Mark continued to rub the Sudocrem into the skin and could see the relief on Chloes face.

'There isn't that better?'

'Oh yes daddy, it feels so much better.'

Mark then guided Chloe down onto the waiting unfolded nappy, he applied some more Sudocrem and then taped the nappy closed.

'Ok now go and find yourself a pair of knickers and put them on over the nappy and then a nice pair of jeans.'

'Ok. I'll give it a try.'

Chloe got up and crinkled her way over to her wardrobe she took out a pair of knickers from the draw and put them on, then she found a pair of jeans hanging up that she hadn't worn for a long time. Chloe slipped on the jeans and then added a jumper and belt to the ensemble. Chloe looked at herself in the full length mirror she had on the wardrobe, she couldn't tell that she had a nappy on underneath her attire.

'See, I told you that you wouldn't be able to see it.'

'Ok so you were right, I bet it makes loads of noise though.'

'Well why don't you test it out?'

Chloe turned on the spot and then walked from the wardrobe to the door, the noise was inaudible, unless you were specifically listening for it.

'Ok Mr. Smarty pants, so you were right.'

'I told you so. Right that is you sorted, I'm going to get my shower now.'

'Ok, there are towels on the side.'

Mark got up and exited the room he went to get his shower smiling to himself at how his plan was progressing.

A little while later Mark was finished in the shower and getting himself dressed in Chloes room, it was nearly midday and both of them were a little hungry.

'I'm starving, we should get some breakfast.'

'Ok we will in a minute, you finish getting dressed and we will go downstairs.'

Mark finished dressing and they both walked downstairs, Mark kept swatting Chloes padded behind. As they reached the bottom of the stairs the front door opened.

'Oh hello mum.'

'Hello dear, we've just been for a little bit of shopping. Who is for bacon on toast?'

Mark and Chloe both jumped at the opportunity for the tasty breakfast and were soon waiting in the living room watching TV. To everyones surprise Derek offered to make the breakfast and so it was just Mark, Chloe and Helen sitting together in the living room.

'Thanks for last night mum, it was lovely.'

'Oh it's quite alright dear, I really enjoyed the evening. What are your plans for today?'

'Well we haven't quite decided yet Helen, I think we are going back to my place later to watch a movie.'

'Oh that'll be nice. It's nice to have time alone.'

The three of them sat there discussing the impending move.

'Anyway Mark, what are your plans for Christmas?'

'Well Helen, I will probably go and visit my Gran, she is in a nursing home in Brompton.'

'That's nice, what about your parents?'

'Well I will visit them in some respect, I lay flowers at the graves every Christmas, birthday, anniversary well you get the idea.'

'Oh Mark I am so sorry, I didn't know.'

'Don't worry it happened a long time ago. I was brought up by my gran after my parents died when I was 12. My gran is a wonderful woman but she is getting worse and worse with the old dementia nowadays,'

'I'm so sorry Mark, there I go again putting my foot in it.'

'No seriously Helen don't worry about it, as I say it was a long time ago.'

Thankfully for Helen, Derek came through the door carrying a tray of bacon on toast, tomato sauce and brown sauce.

'Oh brilliant, I'm absolutely starving.' Mark took a round and covered his bacon in brown sauce before devouring the lot in about three bites. As they all sat there eating their bacon on toast and drinking fresh tea which Helen had made the snow began to fall outside again. Chloe was sitting eating her breakfast when she felt the urge to pee, she finished eating her toast and sat back with her cup of tea, they were all talking again as Chloe wet her nappy in front of her parents. Chloe became super horny at what she had just done, she felt very naughty and could feel herself get wet with excitement, she longed to touch herself or even better for Mark to tough her. Mark noticed the fidgeting in Chloe and knew all too well what she had just done. Chloe could feel now the heat inside her nappy, her juices were flowing and she was aching. Derek got up and took out the tray and Helen followed him with the empty cups in her hand. As soon as the coast was clear Mark looked over to Chloe.

'What are you up to?'


'You little liar, so what happens if I do this?'

Mark reached forward and placed his hand on Chloes crotch, he could feel the warmth of her freshly wet nappy through her jeans, he gave a sharp push. Chloe had to try very hard not to moan out loud as she felt the thick wet padding of the inside of her nappy touch her throbbing vagina. Mark removed his hand and laughed a dirty laugh.

'Oh well I suppose you will have to wait until later.'

Chloe looked like she was about to cry but she knew he was right, she reached across and felt the front of Marks trousers. Mark was rock hard yet again.

'Looks like daddy has some waiting to do as well.'

They both smiled at each other as Derek and Helen came back into the room, with Mark and Chloe both in a state of arousal the conversations continued.

Later on in the afternoon Mark and Chloe left the house of Derek and Helen with a few of Chloes possessions, Helen extended an invitation to Mark to join them for Christmas dinner, it didn't take much persuading for Mark to accept. Mark opened up his car and put the bags into the boot before opening the passenger door for Chloe. They all waved goodbye to each other as Mark drove away.

'So what did you think of my parents then?'

'They are really nice. Not as nice as you though.'

Chloe laughed, they carried on driving down the road. Chloe again felt the urge to pee and without hesitation let it go and flooded her waiting nappy.

'Daddy, I'm wet.'

'Ok sweetheart we will get you changed when we get home.'

Chloe drew her legs up onto the seat with her and slipped her thumb into her mouth. Mark continued to drive and little more than five minutes later they were outside Marks flat.

'Ok little one you wait here while daddy takes the boxes in and then I will come back for you.'

'Okay daddy.'

Mark got our of the car and opened the boot, he took a few boxes out and walked up the path, he opened the door and plonked the boxes in the living room before returning to the car to collect Chloe. Mark opened the passenger door and unbuckled Chloes seatbelt, he reached in and picked her out of the car with the greatest of ease, he locked the car up and carried Chloe into the flat and put her on the sofa. Mark removed Chloes shoes and put them in the corner of the room.

'Ok baby, daddy is just going to run you a bath and then we can settle down to watch Toy Story and we can have pizza.'

'Yeah, thank you daddy.'

Mark left the room and went to run Chloe a bath, he made sure that all the changing supplies were ready in the bedroom before slipping into his shorts and t-shirt. Chloe meanwhile was sitting on the sofa and had switched the TV on, she was watching cartoons when she felt her stomach gurgle. Chloe knew that she needed to poop and stood up, she squatted and felt her stomach gurgle once more. Chloe was not sure if she should mess herself but she knew that Mark would be changing her in a few minutes, and she had not really experienced a messy nappy properly before. Chloe stayed in her squatting position and gave a little push, it didn't take all that much and within seconds her nappy was full of warm poop. Chloe stood up straight again feeling the mess on her behind, she walked around the room, she felt the mess spreading. Chloe felt her stomach gurgle again and squatted to push more poop into her nappy, her bladder also wanted some of the action and she was again wetting her nappy, she could feel the nappy getting bulkier. Chloe hadn't noticed but her nappy had leaked and there was a small puddle on the floor, as she stood up to walk around some more she slipped on the wet floor and landed flat on her backside. Chloe was shocked at first, she felt the warm mess push its way up the back and front of her nappy, then the smell entered her nostrils. Chloe brought herself to her feet and looked down at her jeans, they were soaked, she was pretty sure that some poop had also made its way into her jeans.

'Smells like we have a stinky baby in here.'

Chloe turned around to see Mark standing there. 'I had a leak daddy, sorry.'

'Don't be sorry baby, daddy should have changed you sooner. Come on lets get you cleaned up.'

Mark lead Chloe to the bedroom and laid her down on the changing mat, he carefully removed her jeans and placed them in a carrier bag, Chloes nappy was bursting, the poop had come over the top of the nappy at the back and had made its way halfway up the front. Mark untapped the nappy and pulled the front down, he took one look and decided that this would be a bowl of water and a cloth occasion as well as baby wipes. Mark left the room and quickly returned with a bowl of soapy water and a cloth, he slipped a dummy into Chloes mouth.

'This is going to take a few minutes.'

Chloe blushed. ' Sorry daddy.'

'Don't be baby, we will have you all clean in a few minutes.'

Mark slipped on a pair of latex gloves and took out some baby wipes, he carefully wiped away the worst of the mess, he had Chloe lying on her side so he could clean up more effectively. Mark finished the cleaning off with the cloth and soapy water, he then took the bowl of water and tipped it down the toilet before returning to collect Chloe.

'See princess I told you that I would get you all clean, now you can have your bath.'

Mark picked Chloe up and carried her to the bathroom and lowered her into the warm water, he washed her as he had done before and left her to play while he prepared her nappy and clothes. Mark returned to the bathroom and pulled out the plug he bent down to get Chloe out.

'No daddy I want to stay in until all the water has gone.'

Mark laughed at the request and let Chloe remain in the bath while the water slowly drained away. Once Chloe was satisfied that all the water had gone Mark picked her up and dried her, he then carried her into the bedroom and laid her on the changing mat once more. Mark unfolded the Attends 10 nappy and slid it under Chloes bottom, he applied a liberal amount of Sudocrem to the nappy rash and also a light dusting of talc. Mark fastened up the nappy and then put a pair of thick woollen socks on Chloe followed by a night shirt from her boxes.

'Ok baby shall we sit down and watch the film?'

'Yes daddy.'

Mark carried Chloe into the living room and placed her on the sofa, he went into the kitchen and poured some milk into 4 baby bottles, he placed them into a pan of water. Mark turned on the gas ring and while he waited for the water to heat up he picked up the telephone and ordered the pizza for him and Chloe. Mark waited for the bottles to be warm enough before returning to Chloe.

'Here you go gorgeous, some nice warm milk for you.'

Chloe took the bottle and immediately began to suck on it. Mark sat next to Chloe and they watched some festive cartoons while they waited for the pizza to arrive. Forty-five minutes later there was a knock on the door Mark got up and answered it. Chloe saw Mark bring in the biggest pizza she had ever seen.

'Oh my god where did you get that?'

'Oh I know this little pizza place just up the road, they do 24" pizzas.'

Mark and Chloe sat down and worked their way through the pizza or well as much as they could manage. Once they were finished Mark put on Toy Story and Chloe sat in Marks lap as they watched the film. Chloe worked her way thorough the remaining 3 bottles during the film. Chloe felt the need to pee a number of times throughout the film but thought nothing of letting go in her nappy, she no sooner felt the urge than she just let it go. By the time Woody and Buzz had found out Andy had gotten a dog for Christmas, Chloes nappy was nearing leaking point again. Mark casually slid his hand under Chloes nightshirt and inserted a finger underneath the leg band of the nappy.

'Wow somebody is a wet little girl.'

Chloe just smiled at Mark and he picked her up and carried her to the bedroom for another nappy change. As Mark ran the cool baby wipe over Chloes vagina he felt how wet she was, he inserted his finger and Chloe moaned. Mark pulled Chloe onto the bed and continued to rub her wet vagina. Chloe was enjoying the moment and slid her hands into Marks shorts and began to rub his penis, one thing led to another and pretty soon they were both hard at it. Mark and Chloe enjoyed yet more hot passionate sex after which Chloe quickly reverted back to the baby girl she was so quickly becoming.

Mark put Chloe back in her nappy and being as both of them were quite tired Mark made Chloe a bedtime bottle and turned all the appliances off before they both settled down to sleep. Yet again Chloe woke up in the early hours needing to pee and she barley opened her eyes as she wet her thirsty nappy.

'Wakey, wakey sleepy head.'

Chloe heard Marks voice but she didn't want to open her eyes, she could hear the radio on in the background telling the city that it was Christmas Eve.

'Come on lazy baby, time to get up, it's 11am.'

Chloe tossed over and opened her eyes, Mark was fully dressed and he had a bottle of milk in his hand, he walked over and sat on the bed. Mark inserted the nipple of the bottle into Chloes mouth and she began to gulp the sweet milk down. Chloe lay in the bed drinking the milk and released her morning pee into the already wet nappy.

'So what have you got to do today sleepy head?'

Chloe removed the bottle from her mouth. 'Well I'm going to have to go home, got to be in mine by 2pm.'

'Right then I suppose that you better get up and have a shower. I will run you home afterwards.'

'Ok babe.'

'I'm going to head on down to Brompton later on tonight. I will stay in a hotel there and see my gran tomorrow.'

'Will you be coming for Christmas dinner in mine tomorrow?'

'Oh yes probably, it will only take me about 3 hours to get back, I just like to have a Christmas Eve drink, which is why I will go there tonight.'

'Ok cool. I suppose we had better make a move then.'

Chloe got up out of bed and Mark removed the sodden nappy, she then got her shower. Chloe was dressed and ready by 1230.

'So you are going to have to be a big girl until Boxing Day and keep yourself dry, can you do that?'

'Of course I can, I'm not a complete baby you know.'

Chloe got her bag together and she and Mark left the flat. Mark dropped Chloe off at her house and they shared a kiss worthy of a week apart not a day, with an air of sadness they parted ways until Christmas dinner. Chloe watched as Mark drove away, she saw his car turn the corner and then walked up her path and into her house.

'Mum I'm home'

Chloe went through to the kitchen and was greeted with the same sight as every Christmas, her mum was bust preparing the ingredients for the following days festive food delights. Just the same as every year Chloe was drafted into help, she would spend the rest of the afternoon making pastry and cutting vegetables. Chloe enjoyed this time with her mother and really liked making the festive treats, she was making the jelly for a trifle when she felt the need to pee, with no second thought she began to let it go. Oh no she remembered, she was not wearing her nappy. Chloe clamped her legs shut and managed to stop the stream, she excused herself and ran to the toilet. Chloe surveyed the damage to her pants and knickers, they were quite wet, she would have to concentrate more. Chloe finished peeing in the toilet and changed her trousers, she then went back to help her mum.

The rest of the day Chloe kept reminding herself that she was not wearing the nappies she had become so accustomed to and managed to avoid anymore accidents. Chloe and her parents spent the evening watching the Christmas comedies and drinking champagne, Chloe was sending a lot of texts to Mark to tell him how much she was missing him. Chloe retired to bed at 11pm and sent Mark a goodnight text message before she fell asleep.

Chloe woke up a little after 2am, the familiar feeling in her bladder told her the reason for her arousal. Chloe didn't even open her eyes as she expelled the contents of her bladder, she turned over and went back to sleep.

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