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All I Want For Christmas

Part 5

Chloe slept right through until 7am on Christmas morning, she pulled her duvet tight around her neck but for some reason she still felt cold. Chloe reached down to pull her nightdress down her cold legs, she began to grab at the edge of it when she felt the wetness. Chloe threw the covers back and looked down, she was lying in the middle of a huge wet patch, she had wet the bed. Chloe couldn't believe what had happened, she remembered waking up and wetting but she had been convinced that she was wearing a nappy. Chloe needed to act quickly she jumped out of bed and took off her nightshirt, she surveyed the sheet once more before ripping it off and rolling it into a bundle. Chloe felt her duvet, it was dry luckily quite how it was dry she didn't know but she wasn't about to start caring. Chloe put on her nightdress and went to the bathroom, she ran the shower and jumped in, she frantically washed her body free of the stale urine. Chloe had just taken the quickest shower in her life, she got out and wrapped her hair in a towel turban and slipped her dressing gown back on. Chloe crept along to her bedroom and picked up her wet night clothes and then tip toed downstairs to the kitchen were she put the wet bundle into the washing machine and switched it on.

'Good morning dear. Merry Christmas.'

Chloes eyes widened, she spun around on the spot and nearly wet herself when she saw her mum standing across the kitchen to her.

'Oh mum, I didn't hear you get up, you gave me a fright.'

'I'm sorry dear.' Her mum pointed to the washing machine. 'Had an accident dear?'

Chloes heart skipped a beat and her brain went into overdrive, she needed to come up with an excuse pretty fast.

'Don't be silly mum, I spilt my drink on myself.'

'Oh right ok dear, what was it?'

'It was orange juice.'

'Ok well you had better take this.' Helen gave Chloe a tub of bicarbonate of soda and some washing up liquid. 'Rub the bicarbonate of soda into the stain and then use a washcloth with some washing up liquid and clean it off.'

'Thanks mum.'

'Well we can't have your room smelling of wee can we.'

Chloe blushed, she knew that her mum could tell straight away.

'Sorry mum I didn't mean it, I just, well.'

'Shhh no need to worry, it's just an accident.'

Chloe smiled at her mum and still blushing she left the kitchen and went upstairs to clean up her mattress. Chloe couldn't believe that she had wet the bed, how could she have been so stupid. Chloe continued to clean up the mess when she heard her phone buzz, it was a text message, she picked up her phone and read it.

'Good morning gorgeous. Merry Christmas. I miss you and I will see you later love Daddy xxxxx.'

Chloe wrote a reply to Mark and told him about the wet bed. A few minutes later she received a text back telling her that she would be punished for being a naughty girl. Chloe got a little excited reading the text and couldn't wait to see Mark again. It didn't take long for the clean up to be complete, Chloe left the pillows and blanket off her bed to ensure it would dry off. Chloe decided to get herself dressed and go back downstairs for present opening, she slipped on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and put her hair into a ponytail. Chloe walked downstairs into the living room, her mum and dad were sitting on the sofa drinking a cup of tea. The Christmas tree was standing proudly in the corner boasting an array of different sized presents under its branches, not to mention the numerous candy canes and Christmas crackers that had also taken pride of place. Chloe had always enjoyed Christmas even as a teenager when most of the girls she knew thought Christmas was another excuse to pester their parents for ridiculous presents or huge sums of money. Chloe enjoyed the magic of the festive season, she longed for the myth of Santa Claus to be real. Chloe went straight for the presents, she reached in for the biggest one and excitedly tore off the wrapping paper, the box became visible through the torn paper, it was the new mp3 player that she had told her mum she wanted. Chloe thought about the Christmases gone by when she had written Santa her list and was always genuinely surprised as she opened each present. Nowadays Chloe was 'grown up' and she and her parents sat round the tree and exchanged gifts with each other, where had all the excitement gone?

With all the unwrapping and pleasant thank yous exchanged Helen began to clear the waste wrapping paper away and retired to the kitchen to begin the days labour of Christmas dinner. The morning passed in much the same way as it would in millions of homes across the country, mums everywhere would be preparing the Christmas dinner while fathers would switch on the TV and take out the bottle of whiskey and have a few festive lubricating drinks. Chloe was texting Mark throughout the morning in between helping her mum with the cooking.

'So what time will Mark be here?'

'He said that he is going to see his gran at 1pm. He should be here around 5pm.'

'Looks like a late Christmas dinner then.'

Chloe and Helen continued to slave over the hot stove, at 4:30pm the door bell rang, Derek got up out of his chair and stumbled to open it. Chloe heard muffled voices in the hallway, her dad was very loud as he usually was when he had been drinking. A few minutes later Mark walked into the kitchen.

'Merry Christmas gorgeous.'

Chloe turned around and broke out into a huge smile. 'Mark, you are early.'

Mark and Chloe locked into a long lasting embrace and kissed each other. Mark leaned over to Chloes ear and whispered. 'I want to see you upstairs.'

Chloe and Mark separated, Mark left the room and went upstairs, Chloe followed a few moments later, they both went into Chloes room and closed the door tight.

Mark was looking at Chloes mattress. 'I thought you said you were going to be a big girl.'

Chloe blushed. 'Sorry, I didn't mean to do it.'

'Well if you are going to wet the bed like a baby I suppose you need to wear your nappy. Come over here.'

Chloe walked over to the bed where Mark had sat down, he had brought a small gym bag with him and opened it to reveal the changing supplies. Mark unfastened Chloes jeans and pulled them down along with her knickers, he gave her a quick smack on the bum and then laid her down on the floor. Mark took out a nappy and unfolded it, he lifted Chloes legs and slipped the nappy under her bottom. Mark made sure to powder Chloe and then taped up the nappy securely into place.

'Ok now put on some clothes. It is your own fault for not being a big girl.'

'Ok daddy.'

Chloe got up and replaced her knickers and jeans, she realised how much she had missed having the nappy between her legs. Chloe and Mark returned downstairs just in time to see Helen laying the table. Everybody sat down at the table and they all enjoyed the delicious meal that Helen had prepared. Chloe felt a lot better sitting at the table with the security of the nappy between her legs, just after they had all started eating she wet her nappy. The evening was spent drinking and laughing, many of the Christmas specials were comedies and Mark, Chloe, Helen and Derek all sat around the TV. Chloe was curled up with Mark on the large sofa while Helen and Derek were sitting in chairs. They were all watching a movie when Mark casually slipped his hand under Chloes jeans and inserted his finger inside her nappy. Chloe looked up at her mum and dad, Derek was asleep and her mother was so engrossed in the film that she didn't notice.

Mark whispered into Chloes ear. 'You need to be changed before you leak, follow me upstairs in a minute.'

Mark rose from the sofa and left the room making his excuses, he went upstairs and straight into Chloes bedroom, he got out a fresh nappy and the rest of the changing supplies, Chloe entered the room a few minutes later.

'Come on baby, daddy will get you nice and dry.'

Chloe walked over to Mark and stood in front of him, Mark took care of the rest.

Mark unfastened Chloes jeans again and then pulled them down along with her knickers, he saw the front of the sodden nappy.

'Wow you really are wet.'

Chloe giggled as Mark undone the tapes on the nappy, he pulled the front of it down and the smell of the freshly wet nappy drifted to his nostrils. Mark took out a baby wipe and wiped Chloe clean, he slowed down over her vagina, Chloe groaned a little, Mark put down the baby wipe and then ran his finger along the lips of Chloes vagina. Chloe tilted her head back, she was feeling really horny and could also feel how wet she was. Mark began to rub Chloes lips, he made gentle up and down movements with his middle finger. Chloe was beginning to breathe shallower now. Mark inserted his finger into Chloes vagina, he rubbed and then pushed in a little deeper, he then brought his index finger inside Chloe. Mark continued to rub deep inside Chloe, she began to bring her hand down to join his but he slapped it away. Mark removed his fingers and slowly brought them up to her clitoris, Chloe moaned softly as Mark began to move his finger in a circular motion on her clitoris. Mark could see how much Chloe was enjoying this and began to rub a little faster, Chloe had her eyes closed and could feel that she was close to cumming already, she had missed Marks touch. Mark continued to rub and Chloe could feel the orgasm inside her building, Mark got faster and faster on her clitoris. Chloe couldn't hold back anymore, her back arched, she was close to exploding, she opened her eyes to look at Mark who smiled at her then winked and then cruelly stopped. Chloe nearly cried as Mark removed his hand from her crotch.

'No, please don't stop.'

'No you will have to wait now.'

Chloe nearly began to cry, Mark had brought her so close to cumming and now he had stopped, she needed to cum. Chloe began to move her hand down towards her crotch to finish off what Mark had started but he again slapped her hand away.

'What did I just tell you?'

'Oh please, don't leave me like this.'

'I've told you, you will have to wait. Now let's get your nappy on.'

Mark reached down and picked up the fresh nappy, he unfolded it and then picked Chloes legs up and slid the nappy beneath her bottom. Mark took out the talc and dusted Chloes crotch liberally with the sweet smelling white powder, to continue the torture Mark didn't rub the talc in he just fastened up the nappy and then pulled Chloes knickers and jeans back into place. Chloe had her face in a horrible scowl, her bottom lip was hanging really low, any lower and she would have tripped over it. Mark laughed to himself, he knew exactly what he was doing.

'Straighten that face young lady.'

Chloe continued to scowl, she folded her arms and turned her face away.

'Look at me, young lady, wipe that scowl off your face. If the wind changes it will stay like that.'

Chloe unfolded her arms and straightened up her face.

'You're not fair.'

'That's better, and don't let me catch you touching the front of that nappy otherwise you will wear it for 2 days, WITHOUT a change.'

Chloe opened her mouth in shock, did Mark really mean what he said? She didn't want to find out.

'Now come on let's get back downstairs.'

Chloe did as she was told and followed Mark back to the living room, Helens gaze hadn't strayed from the film she was watching, she didn't even notice Mark and Chloe re-enter the room.

The rest of the evening was taken up with watching films and drinking. A little after midnight Mark and Chloe retired to bed, Derek was left sleeping in the chair and Helen was cleaning yet again. Chloe and Mark entered the bedroom and closed the door tightly, Mark placed a chair against the handle to make sure the door was more or less locked in place.

'Right let's get you ready for bed.'

Mark walked over to Chloe and removed her top, he slipped of her bra and then unfastened her jeans. Mark removed Chloes jeans and knickers leaving her standing naked except for the wet nappy around her waist. Mark un-fastened the nappy and let it drop to the floor with a thud, he took out a baby wipe and rubbed the left over talc off Chloes vagina. Mark kissed Chloe passionately on the lips and slowly moved his hand over her vagina and again he rubbed her wet lips. Chloe began to move her hands to Marks trousers, she undid his belt and then unfastened the clasp and let the trousers fall to the floor. Chloe reached down and could feel how hard Mark was, she took hold of his erect penis and began to rub. Mark picked Chloe up and laid her on the bed, he gave her a long kiss and then began to move his head down her body kissing all the way until he ended up at her dripping wet vagina. Mark kissed Chloes vagina and then thrust his tongue inside, he began to lick her inside and then he would move up to her clitoris and lick and suck. Chloe had never experienced oral sex before and couldn't believe how good it felt. Mark could feel Chloe getting wetter, he continued to lick her and felt her tense once more, he diverted his eyes to her face and saw her eyes were closed and her mouth was open in a silent scream. In that moment he knew she was about to cum, then for the second time in the evening he stopped.

Chloe was devastated. 'Oh no, not again. Why are you doing this to me?'

Mark just laughed and picked up a fresh nappy out of his bag, again he went about putting Chloe in a nappy without saying a word and again without rubbing in the talc. Chloe lay on the bed with a terrifying look of annoyance on her face, how could Mark do this, he was being cruel.

Mark finished putting Chloes nappy on and then gave her a dummy which he had produced from the bag. 'Ok there you go baby, now I think it is time to sleep.'

Chloe looked at Mark, her eyes were burning a hole right into him. 'I hate you.'

Mark looked at Chloe amazed. 'How dare you. You say you are sorry right now or I will smack you bum so hard.'

'Well you are being nasty to me.'

'No I am not, you will just have to wait until we get back to the flat tomorrow.'

'But why? You got me all wound up and excited and then stopped.'

'It is always better to be in suspense. Now let's go to sleep.'

Chloe gave a little huff and turned onto her side, she folded her arms and fell asleep. Mark thought to himself how the next day would be superb, Chloe didn't know it but he had a little surprise up his sleeve for her. Thinking of putting his plan into action Mark soon joined Chloe in slumber land.

Chloe was dreaming about being a baby through the night, she could see herself lying in a cot in a huge room surrounded by cuddly toys and bright objects. Chloe could see the oversized changing table in the corner and massive playpen, she could even smell the baby smell. Chloe could feel the pressure building up in her bladder and soon the nursery scene vanished and she could see the dark silhouettes of her room, she had woken up needing the toilet, she closed her eyes again and released the stream of urine into her nappy. Chloe then tried to return to the nursery dream but found nothing but deep dark sleep.

The next morning Mark woke Chloe up, he told her to get dressed as they had to go to his straight away.

'But what about mum?'

'Don't worry she is already up, I've told her that I'm going to take you to mine.'

'Ok, but why do we have to leave right away?'

'Oh my god, too many questions young lady, now just get dressed and I'll sort out that nappy when we get back.'

Chloe sat up and felt the cold wetness of the nappy squish against her vagina, she looked on the floor and found the clothes she had been wearing the previous day. Chloe stepped into the jeans and put on the t-shirt, with her eyes still stuck together with sleep she went through to the bathroom and brushed her teeth.

'Come on Chloe hurry up.'

Chloe staggered along the landing and then slowly descended the stairs, Mark was waiting for her at the bottom.

'Right all set, let's go.'

'Oh ok stop rushing me. Bye mum I'll see you soon.'

Chloe kissed her mum goodbye and asked her to tell her dad goodbye. Helen saw her daughter and her man out of the door and into the car. Mark started the ignition.

'Ok so why the rush?'

'Well you will see when we get to the flat. I think we had a visitor.'

Chloe didn't know what Mark meant and she didn't care as she was already closing her eyes to go back to sleep in the passenger seat. Chloe didn't like being rushed as soon as she woke up, she was dozing in the passenger seat and feeling the need for her morning toilet trip she simply wet her nappy with very little thought about it. Chloe was still in a doze as Mark pulled up outside his flat.

'Ok then princess lets get you inside.'

Mark got out of the car and went around to the passenger side, he unbuckled Chloes seatbelt and picked her up out of the seat. Mark put his hand under Chloes bum and felt wetness, her nappy had leaked. Mark held Chloe in his arms and used his leg to close the car door, he then walked up the path and when he got to the door he placed her down.

'Ok babe you stay there and daddy will open the door. I think you are going to like this.'

Chloe was now more or less awake, she was aware of the wetness of her nappy and also that her jeans were wet. Mark turned the key in the lock and then opened the door wide.

'Ok go on in.'

Chloe looked into the dullness of the flat, she could hear the Jingle Bells tune playing in the living room. Chloe was a little apprehensive, she stepped in and then opened the door to the living room, what Chloe saw made her feel like she was a child again.

The living room was in semi-darkness as the blinds were still drawn, the only light was coming from the Christmas tree in the corner of the room. All around the room there was decorations and cuddly teddy bear Santas, in the red glow of the Christmas lights Chloe could see the mass of presents at the foot of the tree. Chloe began to step toward the tree very slowly, she bent over and looked at all the presents, they were all for her. Chloe could feel tears forming in her eyes, she began to cry.

Mark, who had been watching Chloe from behind went over to her and put his arms around her.

'Oh dear, what is the matter?'

Chloe spoke to Mark through broken sobs. 'I'm sorry *sniff* I don't mean to cry *sniff* it's just *sniff* nobody has ever done anything like this *sniff* for me before.'

Mark felt his heart melt. 'Well you must have been a very good little girl for Santa to go to all this trouble. Now come on wipe away those tears and let's get opening.'

Chloe took the sleeve of her jacket and wiped her eyes, Mark got out a Kleenex and wiped Chloes nose, the both of them then sat on the floor together and Chloe began to open her presents. Chloe excitedly began to rip wrapping paper of the various sized boxes, she had been expecting CDs and make-up off Mark but every present was a toy. Chloe got herself all excited when she saw all toys revealing themselves, she ripped off the paper of one present to reveal Play Doh! Chloe squealed with delight when she saw a doll and she loved the new colouring books. After more than 45 minutes Chloe was finally finished unwrapping presents, she looked at all the things she had, all the dolls, the colouring books, the jigsaw and the Play Doh. Chloe hadn't been this excited about presents in years.

'So did Santa bring you everything you wanted?'

Mark had been stood watching Chloe open every present, he was grinning from ear to ear just as Chloe was as she spoke back to him. 'This is brilliant.'

Chloe walked over to Mark and wrapped her arms around him, Mark leaned forward and kissed her passionately, his hands drifted down to her bum where he felt the wetness of her jeans.

'We'd better get you in a fresh nappy.'

Chloe jumped up and wrapped her legs around Marks waist, he then proceeded to carry her to the bedroom. Mark placed Chloe on the floor and told her to remain standing up, he pulled off her shirt and then her bra, then he unfastened her jeans much in the same way as he had done the previous night. Mark lowered the jeans and knickers around Chloes ankles and she kicked off her shoes, Mark then un-taped the nappy and it fell to the floor with a thud. Mark picked the baby wipes up and cleaned off Chloes glistening vagina, he threw the used wipes to the floor and still locked in a kiss he moved his hands back to her crotch. Chloe returned the favour by unbuttoning Marks trousers and pulling them and his boxer shorts down over his erect penis and off his legs. On her way back up Chloe removed Marks shirt and finally found his lips with hers again. Mark and Chloe were locked in the passion and Mark was paying close attention to Chloes hard clitoris, Chloe in turn was stroking Marks penis.

'It's time for your big girl present now.'

Mark picked up Chloe and threw her onto the bed, he began to kiss her again like he had done the previous night, and he slowly moved his way down to her dripping wet vagina and kissed the lips softly. Chloe moaned as Mark began to thrust his tongue deep inside her, his nose pushing into her clitoris. Mark kept licking Chloe and then sucking in her clitoris it didn't take long for Chloe to succomb to the shuddering orgasm that had begun to build in her body. Chloe screamed out in ecstasy as she felt her self cum hard. Mark hadn't finished yet, he removed his head from between her legs and then thrust his penis deep inside her. Chloe had never experienced anything like this before, this was surely making love, not just having sex.

A little while later after the passion had subsided, Mark and Chloe took a shower together, and once they were finished it was time for Chloe to return to baby mode. Mark put Chloe back into her nappy and got her dressed in just a t-shirt and socks.

'Ok baby, you can go and play with your toys now.'

Chloe had forgotten about the toys during the passionate love making but was now excited to play with them all. Chloe spent the afternoon playing with all the new toys she had received she particularly enjoyed the Play Doh. Mark and Chloe spent the rest of the day as daddy baby, Chloe jokingly renamed Boxing Day, Christmas 2- the baby Christmas. That night Chloe went to bed with one of the new dolls she had received, sucking on her dummy and thought to herself how much of a baby she had really become and not only that how much she loved it. Chloe slept like a baby on that night she had drunk a fair amount of milk from her bottles through the night and didn't expect to sleep long before the urge for the toilet would hit her.

Mark had stayed up after he put Chloe to bed, he wanted to order her some nice baby clothes as a further surprise and also like most babies, Chloe had made a mess of the place with all her toys. Mark went onto some adult baby clothing sites and ordered a few nice garments to complete Chloes transformation. In the early hours of the morning Mark decided he would join Chloe in bed, he switched all the electrical items off and retired to his bedroom after brushing his teeth. Chloe was fast asleep still and Mark could see the dummy still in her mouth, he reached under the covers and deftly slipped his finger inside her nappy, Chloe was soaked.

Mark shook Chloe. 'Come on princess, wake up, daddy needs to change you.'

Chloe began to stir after a few minutes. 'Wha....wha...what time is it?'

'It's a little after 2 in the morning princess, I'm just going to have to change your nappy otherwise you will leak.'

'But I haven't wet it.'

'Are you sure?'

Mark took Chloes hand and put one of her fingers inside the nappy, Chloe was shocked at what she felt.

'But I didn't wet it, I didn't wake up.'

'Well it looks like you have wet your nappy in your sleep then.'

Chloe panicked at the news, she hadn't wet the bed for years, did this mean she was a fully fledged bed wetter again?

Mark got the changing mat from the floor and placed it on the bed, he changed Chloes wet nappy with speed before putting her back to sleep. Mark was pleased with how Chloe was progressing or rather regressing, the next stage of the plan should be in place by the time they both go back to work on January 4th.

Things were going to be interesting.

To Be Continued.

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