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All I Want For Christmas

Part 6

Chloe woke up the next morning, her dummy had fallen out of her mouth, she searched the bed and eventually found it, she slipped it into her mouth and turned onto her side. Chloe reached down and touched her nappy, she was very wet, she had wet it in her sleep again. Chloe wasn't sure what to make of this new turn of events she was a little worried but also she felt very turned on. Chloe lay there for a few minutes when she felt Mark moving beside her, he rolled over and put his arm over her.

'What time is it?'

'Its 8am, too early to get up yet princess.'

Mark and Chloe cuddled up together and fell back asleep.

At 10am Chloes mobile phone woke them up, Helen was asking Chloe if she was returning home today or if she was staying at Marks. Chloe decided she would stay in Marks as her mum and dad were going out for the day. Chloe said her goodbyes to her mum and then placed her mobile phone back on the bedside table. Mark wrapped his arms around her and gave her a kiss, he reached down and checked her nappy.

'Looks like you need a change princess.'

'I think I do. I didn't even wake up to wet last night.'

'Looks like you are getting used to wearing your nappy, you probably did wake up but you don't remember.'

Mark got out of the bed and got the changing mat and the other supplies, he laid the mat down on the bed and rolled Chloe onto it. Chloe giggled as she felt the coldness of the mat on her back. Mark untapped the wet nappy and pulled it out from underneath Chloe, he wiped her crotch with the perfumed baby wipes and then threw then in the nappy bag along with the heavy Attends.

'Looks like you need another shave baby.'

Chloe blushed and moved her hand down to her crotch, she felt her pubic area and could feel the rough stubble that was growing. Mark got up and went to the bathroom, he got a bowl full of warm water and the washcloth, he then returned to the bedroom. Mark placed the bowl on the floor at the side of the bed and then got the razor and foam from the changing bag. Mark foamed Chloes pubic area up well and then began to shave it free from the newly grown stubble, once he was finished he washed away the excess foam. Chloe reached back down and felt how smooth she was now.

'Doesn't that feel better?'

'Much better.'

Mark then got out a fresh nappy and took note that there was only 5 left in the bag, and the way Chloe was going through them he would need to get some more that day. Mark continued to put on Chloes nappy and made sure he powdered her up well also applying more Sudocrem.

'I'm going to have to get you some more nappies today.'

'Where from? I didn't know you could get them anywhere.'

'There is a little medical shop on the outskirts we can get them from there.'

'But won't it be closed today?'

'What day is it?'

'Sunday I think.'

Mark had a look at the calendar hanging on the wall, Sunday 27th December.

'Oh yes, oh well you will just have to take it easy on them nappies, the place should be back open tomorrow.'

Mark figured that 5 nappies would be more than enough for Chloe today. Mark left the bedroom again taking the bowl with him and he emptied it away in the bathroom, he next went to the kitchen and switched on the kettle, he made himself a cup of tea and also one for Chloe which he cooled down with cold water before pouring it into a bottle. Mark went back to the bedroom.

'Here you go gorgeous.'

Mark passed Chloe the bottle of tea and she immediately began to drink its contents, Mark sat with his back against the headboard of the bed and Chloe was lying down sucking her bottle.

'Shall we go and get some of your stuff today?'

'Um yes I don't see why not. When do you want to go?'

'Well we can have some breakfast and then go if you like.'

'Ok then.'

'Right then I'll finish this cuppa and then I will cook us some bacon, sausage and eggs. We can eat our breakfast then we will get you dressed.'

'Okay daddy.'

Mark finished his cup of tea and told Chloe that she could watch some cartoons and play with her new toys whilst he cooked. Chloe switched on the TV and went straight for The Disney Channel, an old Mickey Mouse cartoon flickered onto the screen. Chloe sat on the floor close to the TV with her dummy in her mouth watching the cartoon and holding one of her new dolls. Mark cooked up a nice breakfast for he and Chloe, it didn't take too long and he was soon walking into the living room and placing the plates on the table.

'Come on now princess, come and eat your breakfast, you can watch cartoons later.'

Chloe looked over at the table, she didn't want to walk over so she sat there on the floor and looked up at Mark and then held her arms out to be carried. Mark looked back at her and she gave him the puppy dog eyes, he walked over and picked Chloe up and carried her to the table. Chloe looked down at the meal in front of her, she had scrambled eggs, sausages which had been cut up into bite-sized pieces and bacon which had also been cut up. Next to her plate Chloe saw the plate of toast which had been cut up into soldiers and the bottle of orange juice.

'Ok now you eat all that up like a good girl.'

Chloe smiled at Mark. 'Ok daddy, can I have some sauce please?'

Mark reached over and picked up the tomato sauce, he squirted a blob of it on the side of Chloes plate.

'Thank you daddy. Where is my knife and fork?'

'Oh you don't need one sweetheart, you have a spoon there.'

Chloe looked down and saw the spoon she picked it up and began to chase a piece of sausage around her plate. Chloe found that she had to use her fingers to push the food onto the spoon, she found it difficult to put sauce on anything when it was on the spoon so she gave up and used her fingers instead. Chloe got more sauce around her mouth than in it.

'You are a messy baby.'

Chloe looked up at Mark, her face was covered in tomato sauce, she smiled imagining how babyish she must have looked.

'I like being messy daddy.'

Mark laughed, he left the table and went to the kitchen to get a cloth, he returned and wiped Chloes face and hands clean. Mark then picked up the spoon and began to feed Chloe the scrambled eggs. Chloe ate the scrambled eggs and then turned her attention to the toast soldiers whilst Mark took the empty plates out to the kitchen to wash them. Chloe felt the effects of the orange juice and earlier tea, she needed to go but decided she should hold back for a while as she was meant to be using her nappy sparingly today, she didn't want to run out for two reasons, firstly she loved being in her nappy and secondly she wasn't confident that she would be able to keep the bed dry. Mark came back through the door and into the living room, he walked over to the TV and switched it off.

'Come on then, let's get you dressed.'

Mark walked over to Chloe and picked her up, Chloe felt the pain in her bladder. Mark carried Chloe to the bedroom and put her on the bed.

'Ok what do you want to wear?'

Chloe looked through the small amount of clothes that she had already brought to her new home, she finally picked out a pair of combat trousers and a t-shirt with a jacket. Mark picked out some clean knickers and socks for Chloe and then began to get her dressed, he slid the knickers on over Chloes nappy and then the t-shirt, next the combat trousers and then finally Mark asked Chloe to lie down and he put on her socks. Mark then picked up Chloes trainers and put them on her then he picked her up and told her she could watch some more cartoons whilst he got dressed. Chloe went back to the living room, she could feel the pressure really starting to build in her bladder now, she saw her dummy on the table and retrieved it. Chloe went over and switched the TV back on, she sat on the sofa and put her dummy in her mouth, she tried to clamp her legs closed but the nappy wouldn't let her. Chloe had her hands on the front of the nappy and was trying really hard to hold on but a few minutes later she felt the liquid begin to trickle out of her. Chloe had lasted no longer than 15 minutes, she could normally hold on much longer. Chloe carried on watching cartoons and let the rest of the urine escape her bladder and into her nappy, she couldn't remember the last time she had actually used a toilet, in fact the thought of sitting on the cold porcelain contraption seemed alien to her now.

'Ok then are you ready to go?'

Mark was dressed and soon they were at Chloes parents house, Chloe used her key and informed Mark that her parent were not home. Chloe had text her mother earlier in the day to tell her that she would be back to move some stuff out. Mark and Chloe got to work and began to box Chloes possessions away, everything was happening so fast, neither of them could quite believe where fate had brought them.

'I can't believe I never found the courage to ask you out. I mean I think I fell in love you the day you came to the office for your interview. I remember hoping that Mr. Dawson would hire you.'

Chloe blushed. 'I think I first got the hots for you a couple of days after I started, I kept sneaking a quick peak over at you.'

'And it has taken what about a year for us to actually finally speak. I guess Dave played a big part in us getting together.'

'Dave, what a jerk. I'm glad you came to my rescue though. My knight in shining armour.'

Mark and Chloe both laughed as Mark swept Chloe into his arms and kissed her deeply.

'I'm so glad we found each other, and I can't believe you are my baby girl.'

'Well I like it, I'd never have thought I would like this so much but it feels great.'

'Well your little accident on our date and then you playing up to it back in the flat got me so turned on. I left them images on my computer to see what you would do.'

'Did you really? Well I am so glad you did.'

Mark and Chloe continued to talk as they packed, Chloe felt her stomach beginning to churn, she needed to poop.

'Um Mark, I need to go number two.'

'So, you have your nappy on don't you?'

'Yes but I don't really want to fill my nappy in my parents house you know.'

'Well I am sorry babe but we don't have a change here so you will just have to go in your nappy.'

'Can't I just take the nappy off and leave it off till we get back to the flat?'

'I don't think that it would be a good idea do you? I mean you have had a few night time accidents so maybe you might have a daytime one.'

'But I haven't had any daytime accidents yet have I.'

'Well I don't think you should risk it, we will be back soon anyway.'

Chloe looked defeated and told Mark she would leave the nappy on and try to hold it for a while. Mark and Chloe continued to pack, the pain in Chloes stomach kept stabbing at her in short bursts. The packing finished Mark and Chloe began to take bags and boxes downstairs and into the boot of Marks car. On the forth trip upstairs Chloes stomach really started to get very painful, she went into her room and bent down to pick up the box of books she had, as she took the strain of the weight she stopped. Chloe was frozen in a bent over position, she felt the warm mush make its way into her nappy.

'What's up babe?' Mark was standing in the door way. 'Have you hurt your back?'

'No my back is fine, I've just had a little bit of an accident that's all.'

Mark looked at Chloe and didn't need to ask anymore questions. 'Don't worry babe we will be back soon then we can get you changed.'

Chloe finally stood up, she felt the mess in the seat of her nappy move with her, she asked Mark to take the last box to the car and then she would follow him. Mark walked over and picked up the box he turned to go out of the room but Helen was standing in the doorway.

'Hello you two. Phew it smells like dirty nappies in here.'

Chloe blushed a crimson red, luckily her mum didn't notice, she was just about to open her mouth when Mark came to her rescue.

'Yes sorry Helen, that is me, had a bad pint last night you know.'

Helen laughed. 'Say no more, Derek is the same. Are you two going straight away?'

'Yes sorry Helen we need to do a few things. We are going to have a bust few days sorting this lot out at the flat.'

'Oh ok then, well you are both going to be here for the New Year aren't you?'

'Of course we are, I couldn't think of a better place to be.'

Chloe was grateful that Mark was a quick thinker he had gotten them out of a potentially very embarrassing situation.

'Right well I think we'd better make a move babe.'

Chloe snapped out of her shame induced trance. 'Yes ok.' Chloe walked over to her mum and gave her a hug, she kissed her and said goodbye.'

Helen saw Mark and Chloe out. Chloe got into the car and felt the mess squish up the back of her nappy as she sat down. Helen waved them both goodbye as Mark drove out of the street.

'That was a close one, I thought she was going to find out then.'

'Don't worry, it is not something that would have crossed her mind, anyway I quite enjoyed it, you went bright red.'

'To tell you the truth I am getting a bit excited about it now but I hated it back then.'

Mark and Chloe both laughed. Mark wound the window down. 'We need to get you home soon, you are a very stinky baby.'

Chloe blushed again. 'If only my mum knew about all this, I can't remember the last time I was stood in a messy nappy in front of my mum.'

'Well you will probably be doing it more often from now on.'

Mark pulled up outside the flat a little while later, he got Chloe inside and told her to wait in the bedroom for him, meanwhile he got the stuff out of the car and brought it into the flat. Chloe sat waiting for Mark on the bed, she could feel the mush in her nappy, it was now thoroughly spread around and she could feel it coating her skin. Chloe began to think of the situation in her mums and began to get horny, she could feel her pussy get wet and wanted so much to put her hand inside her nappy. Chloe moved her hand down underneath her trouser and placed it firmly on the front of her nappy, she pushed the thick padding hard up between her legs, and the waves of pleasure engulfed her body. Chloe began to push a little more this time moving her nappy up and down, she began to moan in pleasure, her eyes closed and she lay back still rubbing the front of her nappy.

'What have I told you about that?'

Chloe removed her hand fast and looked at Mark who was standing at the doorway holding a bowl of water.

'I'm sorry I just got so horny.'

'Don't let me catch you doing it again.'

'Ok daddy.'

Mark picked Chloe off the bed and began to undress her, he disrobed her and then went about cleaning up the very messy nappy. Mark used the washcloth to get the majority of the mess off Chloes skin then he switched to baby wipes, he cleaned Chloe up well.

'I think we should get a shower, I think you would like that.'

Chloe agreed with Mark and soon they were both naked in the shower, as usual it wasn't just a shower soon they were fondling each other and pretty soon they were out of the shower and having sex again.

'I love having a shower at your house.'

Mark burst out laughing at Chloes statement as the both lay on the bed in the post sex buzz.

'Well I think we had better get you back in your nappy before we end up with a wet bed.'

Chloe nodded in agreement and Mark was soon putting her back into the nappies that she had come to love so much.

'You know I was thinking. Tomorrow when I go and get some more nappies for you I think you should come with me.'

'Well I'm not going to stay here alone am I?'

'No I mean I will park the car up and we can go and get your nappies and then go for something to eat. It can be your first proper public outing in nappies.'

'Yeah sounds good, I'd like that.'

Mark and Chloe spent the rest of the day unpacking and putting things away, Chloe needed one more nappy change in the early evening when it had started to leak. In the evening time Mark and Chloe settled down to watch some TV before deciding to get an early night. It was 11pm and Mark got Chloe ready for bed, he left her in the nappy she had been wearing all evening as surprisingly she was dry. Mark and Chloe were both asleep by midnight.

Mark woke first the next morning he looked over at the sleeping Chloe and smiled to himself, he was thinking what a lucky man he was. Mark reached under the covers and felt the front of Chloes nappy, she was wet.

'Wakey wakey princess, time to get up.'

Mark shook Chloe by the shoulders and a few shakes later she began to stir.

'What time is it?'

'It is 9am princess, we need to get you out of that wet nappy and into a nice dry one then we need to go and buy you some more.'

'Oh ok, just a few more minutes please.'

Mark laughed, Chloe was not the quickest morning person, he pulled back the covers and turned Chloe onto her back, he picked up the changing mat and placed it beneath the still sleepy Chloe. Mark took out the last nappy from the bag and replaced it with the one Chloe was wearing, he leant over his sleeping princess and kissed her on the lips.

'Come on lazy baby, get up now and let's get you dressed.'

Chloe opened one eye and pouted, she didn't want to get up at all, and in the end Mark grabbed her wrists and pulled her out of the bed.

'Ohhhhhhh leave me in bed.'

'No, lazy, we have to go out.'

'But I don't want to.'

'Tough, we need to go and get you some more nappies otherwise you will have to wear nothing.'

Chloe eventually came round and Mark managed to get her dressed, she was wearing a semi-tight pair of jeans just enough to see her nappy bulge if you really looked hard. Chloe also wore a t-shirt and a jumper. Mark got himself ready and they were soon on the way to medical shop, as a treat Mark took Chloe for a McDonald's breakfast on the way. The medical shop was on the other side of the city and it would be a good hours drive, Chloe used this time to catch up on some sleep and as she slept Mark casually slipped her dummy into her mouth laughing at some of the stirs from other drivers when they saw her. Chloe was enjoying her belated lie in and was pretty much in a deep sleep as the car ploughed on through the cold December air.

'Ok we are here. Wake up sleepy head.'

Chloe woke up and took a little time to figure out where she was, the orange juice from her breakfast had found its way into her nappy as she slept.

'Ok let's get in there and get you your nappies sorted.'

Mark opened his door and stepped out, Chloe felt the cold air enter the car and reluctantly stepped out into the freezing conditions. Mark began to walk up the steps to the medical store closely followed by Chloe, they had to buzz to get into the shop.

'Come right on in.' the voice behind the telecom ordered.

'Hello young man, what can I do for you today?'

'Hi, I need a couple of cases of Attend slip10s please.'

'Sure thing dear, what size will you be needing?'

'Oh er medium seems to be fine so ill stick with them.'

'For you are they dear?'

'Oh no, not me, my girlfriend here has a bit of a medical problem.'

Chloe elbowed Mark sharply in the ribs and glared at him, the woman behind the counter saw this.

'Oh now there is no need to be embarrassed dear we see many young women in here that need protection. It is a lot more common than people think.'

Chloe smiled at the woman. 'Thanks, I'm just still a little embarrassed by it all really.'

'Oh as I say dear, don't be. Now will you be needing anything else?'

'No thank you that will be fine. How much please?'

The woman began searching the computer and came back with the price.

'It's saying here my love that if you buy 3 cases you get a 4th for free. Three cases work out at £102 with VAT.'

'Well ok I think I will take them. Do you accept credit cards?'

'Yes dear we do.'

Mark took out his credit card and paid for the huge supply of nappies, he had purchased around 200 nappies which he hoped would last a while.

'You know if you are going to order that amount on a regular basis we can deliver them free of charge and I think we could also work out some sort of discount.'

'That sounds great, what can you do for me?'

The lady behind the counter typed into the computer again and went through some alternative brands, in the end they decided that Attends were the best and a deal was struck. Mark was going to but 5 cases of Attends slip 10s every 3 months, they would be costing £116.97 with free delivery. Mark took a case away with him then and it was organised that the other 4 cases would be delivered the next week. Mark thanked the lady for her kind help and assistance and wishing her a happy New Year he and Chloe left the shop.

'That was a great deal wasn't it?'

'Well princess I think you are going to be in nappies for quite some time so it's best to stock up.'

Mark and Chloe got back in the car and after a short discussion the decided to go to the pub they had passed for some lunch. Mark drove back down the road where the pub was and entered the car park.

'Um before we go in I think I might need to be changed.'

Mark slipped his hand into Chloes jeans and then into her nappy, she did indeed require a change.

'Ok then let's get you changed. Hop into the back.'

Chloe got out of the car and then got back in but this time at the rear, Mark went to the boot and opened up one of the new packages, he got out a nappy and then opened the door to the back sit where Chloe was now lying. Mark performed the nappy change right there on the back seat of the car in the middle of the car park, anybody passing within ten feet of the car would know what they were doing. Mark felt Chloes excitement as her vagina was glistening in the sunlight. Unfortunately Mark had not packed any cream or powder so Chloe had to make do with just a dry nappy. With Chloe now in a dry nappy they both exited the car and walked across the car park and entered the pub. As soon as the doors opened the smell of steak being cooked filled their nostrils, the heat was the next thing to hit them. Mark and Chloe went to find a table and Chloe removed her jumper, Mark excused himself and went to the toilet. On the way back to the table Mark bought some drinks and was taking them back to the table when he spotted Chloe leaning forward reading her menu. Chloes t-shirt had ridden up her back and she was now exposing the top of her nappy to the entire pub. Mark smiled to himself and wondered whether Chloe secretly knew that her nappy was on show. Mark approached the table and placed the drinks down.

'You're showing'

'What do you mean?'

'Your nappy, it is sticking out of your jeans and everybody can see it.'

Just then a group of young boys walked past them and sniggered to each other, Chloe blushed and quickly fixed her t-shirt and sat back in her seat.

'Hey don't worry about it, nobody here knows us.'

'True. What are we going to get to eat?'

Mark and Chloe looked through the menu, there was certainly some appetising meals listed, in the end they both went for the steak dinner. Mark and Chloe sat and enjoyed their meals, when they were finished they decided to return home and spend an evening curled up together on the sofa.

Things were going great for Mark and Chloe, their relationship continued to go from strength to strength, they spent the rest of the week at the flat enjoying each others company. Chloe remained in nappies 24 hours a day and was wet every single morning without fail, she has begun to regress in her behaviour drastically when she was playing with her toys.

New Years Eve was spent with Chloes parents and they ended up staying the night, Chloe wore her nappy for the entire evening.

With the shadow of retuning to work looming ever closer Mark and Chloe were relishing all the time they could spend together, they went on numerous daytrips to various places. Chloe had dragged Mark to see a new chick flick and they had enjoyed bowling together. On the evening of their return to work they had some serious issues to discuss.

'Chloe, are we going to tell people in work about us?'

'Of course we are, I am going out with you and I want the world to know it.'

'Good. Are you going to wear your nappies in work?'

Chloe hadn't thought about returning to work in her new regressed toileting techniques, it was not something that she had considered. Chloe thought long and hard about her answer to the question, it was a difficult decision to make. Chloe really enjoyed wearing her nappy but she wasn't sure if she could wear it in work.

'Well Chloe what is the answer going to be?'

To be continued.

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