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All I Want For Christmas

Part 7

Chloe continued to think about the question that Mark had asked her, did she really want to wear a nappy to work the next day? Was she ready to do that?

'Mark I'm really not sure.'

'I thought you would be dubious about it.'

'I want to but what if somebody finds out?'

'Well you have been out all over the place this week and you have not been spotted, as long as you dress the right way you will be fine.'

'I suppose so. I'll have a think about it.'

Chloe continued to think about what she was going to do the next day, she thought about nothing else all evening. That night as Chloe lay in bed trying to sleep she came to the decision that she would go to work without a nappy the next day. Chloe had made her decision but she was still not able to sleep, eventually at about 4 am she fell asleep.

The loud beeping of the alarm clock told Mark and Chloe that it was time to wake up, they gave each other a kiss good morning and then Chloe removed her wet nappy and went to take a shower, she hadn't had a shower alone for almost 2 weeks now so it felt a little weird. Chloe was soon finished and wrapped a towel around herself, Mark was ironing a shirt in the living room as she came out of the bathroom.

'Good morning gorgeous. Can I iron you anything while I am here?'

'Morning, no it's ok my stuff should be fine.'

'So do you need me to get you ready or not?'

'No I've decided to go without.'

'Ok babe your decision.'

Chloe went back through to the bedroom and collected her make up, she went back to the bathroom and began applying it. As she stood at the bathroom mirror she realised that she hadn't worn any make up since before Christmas, she carried on making herself up when she felt the urge for her morning pee. Chloe went over and sat on the toilet, the cold porcelain felt very strange to her, she hadn't sat on a toilet since Christmas morning. Chloe sat on the toilet but she couldn't pee, it was like the urge had completely gone. Chloe stood back up and applied the finishing touches to her make up, once she was finished she went back to the bedroom to get dressed. Chloe looked at the huge stack of nappies in the wardrobe and re-thought her decision, no she had to stick to her original decision, she was 19 and she didn't need nappies. Chloe continued to get dressed and put on her trousers and shirt, Mark was in the shower and he was singing. Chloe was finished dressing and went through to the kitchen to have some breakfast, she made a bowl of cereal and then sat down in front of the TV. When Chloe had finished her cereal she returned to the kitchen and made herself a cup of tea, she had drunk half a cup when she felt the slight urge to pee again. Chloe wasn't desperate for the toilet so she drank the rest of the tea. Mark came through dressed in his suit a few minutes later, he had already eaten when Chloe was in the shower.

'Right then shall we get ourselves to work?'

'Yep all set.'

'Are you sure you don't want your nappy?'

'No I will have it tonight.'

Mark and Chloe left the flat and then got in the car, they got their journey underway. Chloe felt the urge to go to the toilet about halfway through the journey, she knew she could hold on and simply closed her legs a little. Mark stopped off at the shop along the way for a newspaper, he passed the paper to Chloe and she saw an interview article that she really wanted to read. Chloe began to read the interview and very quickly became engrossed in the article, she soon forgot about her urge to pee. Chloe was reading about this persons life when she felt her seat get very warm all of a sudden, she pushed her hand under her bottom and froze.

'Oh no!'

'What's up babe?'

Chloe began to cry. 'Mark I've wet myself.'

Mark looked at Chloes pants, he could see the huge wet patch. 'How did that happen?'

'I don't know. I felt like I needed the toilet before but it went away, I was just reading the paper when I felt my bum getting warm.'

Mark performed a U turn in the car and began to go back to the flat.

'Mark I'm really sorry. I didn't know it was happening.'

'Don't worry about it, you have just gotten used to the nappies.'

The fact suddenly dawned on Chloe, she was becoming used to wearing a nappy, it had only been a few weeks but every time she needed to go to the toilet she had just let go and wet her nappy, now she was just doing it instinctively.

Mark pulled up outside the flat, Chloe got out of the car and ran to the door.

'You are going to need these to get in.'

Mark held up the keys to the flat, Chloe ran back down the path and took the keys from him, Mark watched intently as she ran back up the path with the big wet patch on her grey skirt.

Chloe fumbled around with the keys, she needed to get inside and hide her shameful accident. Finally Chloe got the key in the lock and turned it giving her access to flat, as soon as she was in the living room she burst into tears, Mark came through the door not long after, he saw Chloe crying and wrapped his arms around her.

'Shhh, don't cry, let's get you cleaned up.'

Mark took Chloe by the hand and led her to the bedroom, he told her to lie down on the changing mat and then left the room. Mark headed for the telephone and phoned their office, he told them he was not going to be in that day and made the excuse that he had caught the flu, then he returned to Chloe who, by now, had calmed down a little.

'Ok baby let's get you all clean and into your nappy.'

Mark leant over and gave Chloe a quick kiss, he then slid her wet skirt down her legs and quickly followed by removing the wet knickers. Mark could see Chloes vagina still glistening with pee. Mark took out the baby wipes and made sure to wipe Chloe clean, he took out one of the nappies and placed it under Chloe, he then powdered her and tapped up the nappy.

'There now isn't that better.'

Chloe smiled at Mark and then stood up grateful for the bulk between her legs that she had become so accustomed and used to.

'Chloe, I phoned the office and took the day off, you give them a ring from your mobile and do the same. We will go back tomorrow and try again.'

'Ok, I don't really feel like going in anyway.'

Chloe took out her mobile phone and made the call to the office, she told them that she had food poisoning and would be back in as soon as she felt better. Chloe then went and lay down on the bed and removed her shirt and bra, Mark sat beside her and placed her dummy in her mouth, Chloe received it gratefully and immediately began to suck on the soothing teat. Chloe began to think about the events of that morning she thought back to the moment that she had felt the seat become warm beneath her, she remembered not having any feeling at all. Chloe became a little concerned about her lack of control, she had been wearing nappies for little more than a few weeks and she was already wetting through the night again and now she was wetting during the day as well.

'Are you ok there?' Mark had noticed the thoughtful expression on Chloes face.

'Hmm. Oh sorry I was just thinking.'

'Thinking about what?'

'Oh just about this morning, you know my accident in the car.'

'Don't worry about it, the seat can be cleaned and nobody saw.'

'No it is not that, I am just a little worried about it.'


'Well I felt nothing at all until it had happened and that was only because of the seat getting warm.'

'I'm sure you are ok, it is just that you have been using the nappies 24 hours a day for the last few weeks, you are getting used to being able to wet at the slightest urge.'

'What so I NEED nappies now?'

'Well, yes, I suppose you do. I'm sure you would be ok if you concentrated really hard on being dry.'

Chloe didn't like what she had just heard, she began to sob. Mark saw the tears in Chloes eyes and laid down next to her, he placed an arm across her chest and pulled her close to him.

'Aww don't cry babe, it is not a forever thing. We can always potty train you again.'

Chloe looked at Mark, she felt helpless.

'It has all happened so fast Mark, I didn't think that I would lose control.'

'You haven't, you just need to concentrate. You can stop wearing nappies all together if you want, just wear them from time to time.'

Chloe looked at Mark, he was so understanding to her feelings, and she loved him dearly. Chloe thought about Marks offer, she tried to weigh up the pros and cons, on one hand she wasn't sure if she could cope with really needing the nappies but on the other that very thought made something inside her tingle and not least of which made her vagina throb and moisten. Chloe lay in silence for a few minutes the thoughts of pleasure running through her head, she was still trying to make up her mind as she felt her nappy become warm accompanied by the steady hissing sound, Mark looked at her.

'Have you just wet?'

Chloe gave him her best innocent look complete with the watery puppy dog eyes that had a fire burning behind them. Chloe nodded her head and grinned.

'I take it you are enjoying yourself then?'

'Why don't you see for yourself?' Chloe took Marks hand and moved it towards the waist band of her now soaked nappy, she gently slid it inside and manoeuvred his hand to her aching vagina. Mark felt the wetness and knew that this was not urine he felt, he placed a finger inside Chloes vagina and gave a quick tickle before removing his hand.

'What are you doing?' The disappointment in Chloes face was clearly visible.

Mark chuckled to himself as he wiped her juices onto her stomach.

'I'm tired babe so you will have to see to yourself.'

Chloe scowled at Mark and he just laughed.

'Come on I'm quite sure you know how to do it.'

Chloe slid her hand to the front of her nappy and began to rub, she pressed it a little and moaned, Mark lay beside her observing. Chloe continued to rub and press, she felt the wet thick padding of the nappy on her dripping vagina, she felt it was time to go inside. Chloe flattened her hand and slid it into the nappy, the first thing she felt was the heat inside and then the wetness, she casually ran her hand down her vagina slowly, on the return stroke she probed herself with her middle finger. Mark was enjoying the sight before him and had pulled down his own trousers exposing his rock hard manhood to the cool air. Chloe had teased herself for long enough and decided to move to her clitoris, she placed her middle finger on it and arching her hand began to rub. Chloe began to moan and she could feel the waves of pleasure pulse through her, she rubbed a little faster, the tapes that held the nappy in place became unstuck, the front of it flopped open exposing her very wet vagina. Mark saw the nappy come open and immediately moved down the bed and positioned himself at Chloes legs, he grabbed each side of the nappy, Chloe continued to rub, he looked as if he was going to tape the nappy back in place but instead moved his head down to Chloes groin. Chloe looked down at Mark but continued rubbing, she was nearing a climax, Mark felt Chloes legs tense, he knocked her hand clear.

'NO.' Chloe nearly burst into tears, she needed to climax.

Mark gave Chloe a quick smile before bowing his head and kissing her vagina. Mark felt Chloes legs tense again, he moved his tongue up her vagina and planted a kiss on the hard clitoris. Chloes arms where now at her sides and she had grabbed the sheets in two bunches, one either side of her body, she could felt each tongue stroke and gentle kiss. Chloe began to shake, her hands clenched in a vice like grip of the sheets, her back arched and she felt the orgasm take her away.

'Oh Mark, stop please, stop.'

Mark raised his head to see a beaming Chloe, the waves of pleasure had become as unbearable as a severe case of pins and needles, her breathing became shorter and shallower and her body glistened with a light sheen of sweat. Mark moved up the bed and kissed Chloe, she could taste her own juices, Mark then inserted his manhood inside her. Chloe couldn't believe how good the sex was, she was at a totally new height of pleasure with every thrust that Mark made she could feel the nappy still under her bottom, this only made her feel more excited. It was not long before Mark climaxed and they both collapsed into a passionate kiss, they then lay there listening to each others breathing slow back to a normal pace.

'That was incredible.' Chloe was first to break the silence.

Mark smiled at Chloe and gave her another kiss.

'It is you, I see how turned on you are and I know what I have to do.'

Chloe smiled at the remark and then sighed, her breathing had slowed back down now and the waves of pleasure were gone.

'I think we had better get a shower.'

Chloe looked at Mark and had to agree, she began to move, the tapes of the nappy had stuck to her legs, she pulled them away and rolled the nappy into a ball. Mark took the wet nappy off Chloe and placed it in a nappy bag, he then picked her up and carried her to the bathroom, she wrapped her legs around his waist as they moved down the hallway. Mark placed Chloe in the bath and turned on the shower, she jumped as the initial blast of cold water hit her body, Mark then climbed in to join her. Standing in the warm water cascading over them Mark and Chloe washed each other, inevitably this lead to more 'fun' to which there was no complaints.

With the shower complete and both of them feeling great it was time for Chloe to be the baby again. Mark got himself out of the shower early and dried himself and got dressed, he then came back for Chloe. Mark switched off the water and wrapped Chloe in a towel he picked her up out of the bath and carried her to the bedroom, Mark sat on the bed and Chloe stood between his legs, he then took the towel from around Chloe and proceeded to dry her. Pretty quickly Chloe was dry and she then sat on the floor between Marks legs and he dried her hair. It took a little longer for Mark to dry Chloes hair as it was so long and thick, once he was done Mark pulled out the changing mat and placed it on the floor, Chloe crawled onto it and then Mark pulled out a fresh nappy and lifted Chloes legs in the air he placed it beneath her bum. Next Mark took out the talc and sprinkled on a generous coating he then rubbed it in well. Chloe liked the feeling of the talc on her skin and especially enjoyed the smell, her thumb had found its way into her mouth, Mark spotted it and pulled it away replacing it with a dummy. Mark tickled Chloes belly as he moved his hands back down to finish putting her nappy on, he grabbed the nappy and pulled up the front and then taped it securely into place.

'There you go little one, now let's get you a nice t-shirt to wear.'

Chloe stood up and was reacquainted with the padded feeling again which she embraced, she rustled over to the wardrobe where Mark joined her and she picked out a white t-shirt for herself.

'Ok then baby you go and watch some cartoons, I just need to make a phone call.'

Chloe took one of the teddy bears Mark had gotten her for Christmas and walked along the hallway, she entered the living room and switched on the TV.

Mark lifted up the receiver of the phone and dialled the number for the nursing home that his gran was in, she had not been in the best of health when he had seen her at Christmas but was assured by the staff that it was nothing more than a cold.

'Oh yes hello, this is Mark Trimble, I am just phoning to see how my gran is doing.'

Mark listened intently on the phone and was not happy with the news he received, it seemed that his gran had taken a turn for the worse and things were not looking good. Mark thanked the staff for taking care of her and said that he would be up by the next day. Mark had feared this day for a while now, his Gran was the only family he had left. Marks other gran and granddad on his mothers side had passed before he was born and his last remaining gran had lost her husband 5 years previously. Mark did have an uncle but he had emigrated to Australia many years before, he didn't even know how to contact him. Mark telephoned the office yet again and passed on the news that he had just received, he told them that he was going to Bromford to be with his gran. Mark was granted a fortnights compassionate leave, now he had to tell Chloe.

Chloe was lying on the couch contently sucking on her dummy and cuddling up to her teddy bear, she was watching Nickelodeon.

'Are you enjoying your cartoons princess?'

Chloe removed her dummy from her mouth and looked up at Mark.

'Yes thank you daddy. Can we go to McDonalds for lunch?'

'We'll see baby. I need to talk to you first though baby.'

'What is wrong daddy?'

Mark proceeded to tell Chloe about the situation he found himself in, he gave her the option to go back to her mum and dads or to accompany him during the journey.

'Of course I am going to come with you, when do we have to leave?'

'As soon as possible babe, I don't know how long she has got.'

Ok well let me pack a few things and we will be ready to go.'

'What about work babe? What are you going to do?'

'Oh well I suppose I can just carry on ringing in sick, I'll get a doctors note.'

Mark smiled at Chloe. 'Thanks for coming with me baby, I promise I'll make it up to you.'

'Don't be silly, I am your girlfriend, it is my job.'

With that Chloe went to the bedroom and began to put some clothes into a suitcase, she didn't know what to pack but she thought that she had better put in a formal suit. Mark had joined her in the room and was also packing his clothes into a suitcase. Chloe then remembered that she would need some clothes on now as she was only in her nappy and t-shirt. Chloe slipped into a pair of jeans and put on her socks and ankle boots. Mark then remembered that they would probably need some changing supplies.

'We'd better take the changing supplies as well don't you think?'

Chloe laughed. 'I don't think this nappy is going to last the entire time we are there.'

Mark laughed as well and then began to fill up a sports bag with nappies, talc, Sudocrem and baby wipes. Mark also packed a few bottles and Chloes selection of dummies.

'Do you want to pack a few cuddly toys as well gorgeous?'

'Yep definitely.'

Mark placed in a few stuffed bears and zipped the bag closed.

'Are you nearly ready?'

Chloe put the last few things into her suitcase and closed it up, she then went to the bathroom and grabbed the toiletries they would need. Mark made sure that the boiler was switched off and poured the milk down the sink, he then tied up the bin-bag and put it out.

'Ok, I'm ready to go now.'

'Right then, let's go. Have you let your mum know you are coming with me?'

'No it is ok, I'll phone her on the road.'

'Ok, do you need a change at all before we go?'

'I don't think so.'

Mark walked over and slipped his hand into Chloes jeans and then into her nappy, she was wet but not by much.

'I think you will be ok for a while yet.'

Mark got Chloes coat out of the cupboard and helped her into it, he then took his own jacket and put it on.

'Ok then time to go.'

Mark and Chloe exited the flat, the air was cold and there was a feint breeze blowing down the street, they both got into the car after Mark had loaded the suitcases and bags into the boot. Mark started the car and soon they were on the way. Chloe took out her mobile phone and phoned her mum, she told her about the unexpected trip she and Mark we undertaking and that they would both be out of town for a week or so. As always her mum told her to be careful and to ring her regularly to assure her of Chloes safety. The telephone call lasted a good fifteen minutes and it left Mark wondering exactly how women can make a short simple conversation last so long. Finally Chloe said her goodbyes and she put her phone away.

'Wow you two can talk.'

Chloe laughed. 'She passes on her wishes and hopes everything will be ok.'

'I like your mum, she is a nice person, and your dad too he is great.'

'He is down the betting office again, mum said he has had a hot few tips for today and he has promised to bring her home some money.'

Mark laughed. 'A red hot tip eh. Well I hope they win for him.'

Mark turned on the radio hoping to hear the traffic reports, Brompton was a good four hour drive and it was boring, there was nothing of interest to pass, the only civilisation encountered was in service stations and even then it was primitive life.

Mark and Chloe had been driving for a little over an hour, Chloe had long since fallen asleep in the back of the car and Mark could hear her mumbling to herself. Mark decided that he would pull in at the next service station, he needed to eat something and he knew Chloe would also be hungry and probably ready for a nappy change.

Mark saw the sign for the next service station at Fullbrook, it was only fifteen miles away, he glanced over his shoulder to check Chloe she was still sleeping.

'Chloe........Chloe........Chloe. Wake up Chloe.' Mark reached into the back seat and shook Chloe.

Chloe began to wake. 'What, what is it?'

'We are going to pull in soon for something to eat and I will check your nappy.'

'Ok, can we have McDonalds?'

'If there is one then we will have some.'

A few minutes later Mark pulled the car into the services lane and soon they were parking up. Mark made sure to park in a quieter area, he then got out and stretched his legs, then he went to the boot and got out the supplies he would need for a nappy change. Mark opened the rear door and crouched inside, he laid the supplies on the floor and then set about pulling down Chloes jeans. Chloes nappy was visibly very wet, Mark unfastened the tapes and pulled the front down, the smell of stale urine filled the small space of the car.

'Wow, we have a very wet baby here.'

Chloe blushed and hid her face behind the teddy bear she had with her. Mark took out the baby wipes and proceeded to wipe Chloe clean, she giggled as the cold wipes touched her skin. Mark then pulled the wet nappy from beneath Chloe, he rolled it up and placed it into a nappy bag, next her opened the new nappy and slid it under Chloes bum. Mark talced Chloe up well and then fastened the nappy securely around her waist, he then slid her jeans back into place.

'There you go babe, shall we go and get something to eat now.'

Chloe sat up and slid herself out of the car and stood up, the cold air hit her and she immediately began to shiver, Mark placed his arm around her and they began to walk to the service station. Chloe spotted the McDonalds sign and became excited, they both entered the restaurant and sat at a table.

'Ok then what are you having?'

'Happy Meal.' Chloe was very excited.

Mark went to the counter and ordered Chloe a chicken nuggets Happy Meal and for himself he got a Big Mac meal. The food was ready quickly and Mark took the tray to the table, Chloe grabbed the box and excitedly began searching for the toy.

'What did you get?'

Chloe held up the toy she got, it was a moving figure from some new kids film that Mark knew nothing about.

'That is nice, now you eat up your meal nicely now.'

Mark and Chloe were the only two customers in the restaurant but the sight was one to behold. Chloe sat on the moulded plastic bench with her legs folded under her, she was eating her French fries one at a time and with her free hand she was 'walking' the toy across the table, although the girl looked in her late teens she had all the airs and mannerisms of a three year old. The staff behind the counter looked on in amazement at the behaviour of the woman, she didn't seem to care that she was being watched. There was a young lad mopping the floor in the public area and he to had noticed Chloes behaviour, he looked on in awe, he wondered if he should ask them the question. The young lad was a prominent member of the AB/DL community, he had read about sightings online but never had he seen anything quite like this.

Mark got up and walked towards the gentlemen's toilets, the young lad saw this and decided that this was his chance to ask in some privacy. Mark entered the toilets and had just unfastened his zip when he heard the door open behind him.

'Erm, excuse me mate. Do the words AB or DL mean anything to you?'

Mark was taken aback at this question, he never thought that anything like this would happen.

'Well if you are referring to the same thing I think you are then yes, and this must be about my girlfriend.'

The young lads eyes lit up. 'So she is a baby then?'

'Yes, she is.' Mark finished and zipped himself up before washing his hands.

'Listen mate we have to get going in a minute but if you want you can meet us outside and walk back with us to my car and you can talk to my baby.'

'You're kidding, seriously.'

'Yes sure just don't go shouting it anywhere.' With that Mark left the toilets leaving the young lad behind.

Mark got back to the table and Chloe was just finishing the last of her fries.

'Come on babe, you can drink your Coke in the car.'

Chloe got up and Mark picked up the toy she had got and put it into his pocket, they then left the restaurant and began to walk back to the car. A second later the young lad rushed over and tapped Mark on the shoulder, Mark told Chloe about him and the three of them walked over to the car.

The young lad was full of questions for Chloe, there was no hiding his excitement. Mark and Chloe got into the car and the young lad leaned at the window.

'Can I ask just one more question?'


'Can I please see you nappy and touch it.'

Chloe was shocked at the young mans abruptness, she looked at Mark who was smiling, he gave Chloe a nod.

'Go on let him see, I think it will make his day.'

Chloe laughed as she looked at the young man, she slipped her jeans down revealing her nappy, the young mans eyes bulged.

'Can I touch it?'

'Go on then.'

The young man lowered his hand into the car, he moved it towards Chloes crotch as he cupped the front of the nappy in his hands his finger brushed Chloes thigh, his hands were cold and it caused Chloe to wet a little. The young man felt the wetness and he lost his breath.

'Here, this is my email address, you can contact me one time.' Mark handed the young man the business card he had and then he wound up the window and drove off. Chloe burst into a fit of laughter.

'Did you see his face when he touched my nappy?'

Mark laughed. 'Do you think he enjoyed that?'

'I think he shot his load into his pants.'

Mark and Chloe laughed about what they had just done.

'I bet we will have a ton of emails from him when we get back.'

'Probably, he will want pictures of you next.'

Mark and Chloe chatted for a while and then Chloe climbed into the back seat and lay down, pretty soon afterwards she was fast asleep. Mark had welcomed the distraction that the service station had presented but he was soon thinking about his gran again. The drive to Brompton was as boring as ever and Mark envied the fact that Chloe could sleep through it, he turned the radio on low and listened to the football talk show that was taking place. Mark could smell the freshly wet nappy emanating from the back seat, he knew Chloe would need a change when they got there.

A few hours later they finally edged into the small city that was Brompton, Mark decided to drive to the travel inn which was just down the road from the nursing home that his gram lived in and also the one he used whenever he visited her. Mark parked the car up and shook Chloe awake.

'There you are sleepy head. I am just going into the reception to see if they have a room for us, I won't be long.'

Chloe looked sleepily at Mark and nodded in agreement, she sat up and felt the wetness of her nappy. Mark exited the car and then went to the inns reception, Chloe watched him go in and then began to look around her. Attached to the Inn was a pub/restaurant, she could smell steak, the buildings themselves were tastefully painted and there was a small beer garden, the main road outside was a little less audible as the perimeter of the grounds was bordered with huge conifer trees that swayed a little in the cool breeze. Chloe needed to stretch her legs and decided to get out of the car, she slid across the seat and opened the door, the coldness of the air bit into her cheeks immediately and shivered. Chloe climbed out of the car and drew a deep breath in through her nose, the cold air felt good in her nostrils, as Chloe began to walk around she could feel her nappy sagging away from her body a little, she knew she was a wet little girl.

Mark exited the reception area and came over and informed Chloe that they had a room and that he would take her there now. Mark opened the boot and somehow managed to carry all the bags across to the entrance, they went down a hallway and stopped outside room seven. Mark took out the key from his pocket and opened the door.

The room was a typical Inn room complete with a TV and a kettle in the corner. Mark placed the bags at the foot of the double bed and then turned to Chloe.

'Right, I am going to go and see my gran, you stay here for now and I will be back soon.'

'Ok, how long will you be?'

'Not long, why?'

'Well I think I might need to be changed.'

Mark slipped his hand inside Chloes jeans and then into her nappy, she was close to leaking point.

'Dear me, we have a very wet baby girl here don't we.'

Chloe blushed and nodded, she was cuddling her teddy bear and had just found her dummy.

'Ok then let's get you changed.'

Mark took out the changing supplies and then proceeded to give Chloe a quick nappy change, he didn't replace her jeans and told her that she could watch cartoons on the TV until he got back. Chloe settled herself in the cosy bed and cuddled her bear tight, she was handed the TV remote control and began flicking through the channels, Mark brought her over a bottle of tea and kissed her forehead before leaving the room. Chloe lay on the bed and watched the afternoons children's TV.

Mark arrived at the nursing home which was only a few minutes walk from the Travel Inn, he had bought some flowers and went in to see his ailing gran. Mark was informed by the carers that she was still quite bad but at the moment she was comfortable, Mark entered his grans room unsure of what to expect.

'Hello Gran, it is me Mark.'

Marks gran looked up and removed the oxygen mask that she was wearing. 'Hello dear, nice to see you again.'

'How are you feeling?'

'I've been better son, got me a bit of a cold they reckon.'

'Well I've brought you some flowers and I'm here for a little while, I'm staying at the Travel Inn down the road.'

'Oh you didn't have to race her to see me dear.'

'I wanted to. And, tomorrow I am going to bring a visitor to see you.'

'That'll be nice dear, anybody I know?'

'No, it is my new girlfriend, she has come with me.'

Mark and his gran chatted for a while and Mark told her all about Chloe, leaving out the AB bits of course, Mark could see that his gran was not at all well she looked gaunt and grey. Mark made his gran a cup of tea and saw to it that she had the evening newspaper then he said his goodbyes.

'Well gran, I had better go and check on Chloe, she will be wondering where I have gotten to.'

'Ok dear, I shall be looking forward to meeting this young lady tomorrow.'

Mark leant over the bed and gave his gran a kiss on the cheek, he walked over to the door and had a quick glance, she had already closed her eyes to go back to sleep. Mark thanked the carers once again for their help and had a short conversation with them.

'The doctor has been coming in daily for the last few days to keep and eye on her, he thinks it will be pointless taking her to the hospital.'

'Well thank you for all you have done, here is my number if there is any change.' Mark handed the carer his card and wrote on the back of it the number to the Travel Inn and his room number. Mark then left the nursing home to return to Chloe.

Chloe in the meantime had been enjoying her cartoons, she was lying on the bed when she felt that familiar fullness in her tummy, she knew that a messy nappy would be on the cards soon enough. Chloe didn't like sitting in a messy nappy and Mark had only been gone for half an hour, she sat up to asses the situation. Chloe felt a pain in her tummy as she sat up, she didn't have long, she began to hold her tummy and began to rub it, this made the urge worse. Chloe let out a loud fart and she blushed deeply even though there was not another person in the room. Chloe picked up the magazine that was on the bedside table and began to read it to take her mind of her urge to poop, she was reading the agony aunt page when a stronger urge hit her. Chloe threw the magazine to the floor and rolled over to lie on her tummy, she knew she wouldn't be able to hold on for much longer. A much stronger urge hit her now and she clenched her bum cheeks tightly, she felt the front of her nappy grow warm as her bladder expelled its contents, it was going to happen now. Chloe unclenched her bum and the pain returned, this time she didn't try to stop it and felt the mush fill the back of her nappy, she felt the warm mess move its way into the front of her nappy. Chloe felt dirty, her nappy was full and to make matters worse her bladder had decided to empty more of its contents into it. Chloe slowly got out of the bed and stood up, the nappy sagged under the weight of its contents, the room was filled with a horrible smell. Chloe knew that she couldn't deal with this magnitude of mess on her own so she had no choice but to wait for Mark, he had been gone for just over an hour and he did say that he wouldn't be long. Chloe decided to stay standing until Mark returned as the mess she had made would not be nice to sit in. Chloe stood watching the TV for a little while, the mess in her nappy was now cold and she could feel it stuck to her skin, she was not enjoying it at all. Chloe began to sob.

Mark walked down the hallway of the Travel Inn, he came to the room and opened the door, the smell hit his nostrils immediately.

'Phwoar, smells like I have some work to do.'

Mark saw Chloe standing at the foot of the bed, she was sobbing and he could see her nappy was clearly close to bursting.

'Oh baby sorry I have been so long, come here.'

Chloe waddled over to Mark and he embraced her. 'I'm all cold and wet.'

'I know baby, daddy will sort it all out.'

Mark took out the changing mat from the bag, he was thankful now that he packed it, he placed it on the floor. Chloe lay down on it, Mark proceeded to clean up the huge mess that she was in, and it took a few trips to the en-suite bathroom to finally get Chloe clean. The bathroom had a decent sized bath in it so Mark drew one for Chloe, he found some free sachets of bubble bath and poured them in.

'I'm running you a nice hot bath babe, we will get you smelling nice again then we will go and get a meal at the restaurant.'

Chloe had stopped sobbing now and was sucking on her dummy still lying on the changing mat. Mark finished running the bath and came in and picked up Chloe, he placed her into the warm bubbly water. Mark tenderly washed Chloe.

'How was your gran?'

'She's not too good but she was not as bad as I was expecting. I am going in again tomorrow and I want you to come with me.'

'Are you sure you want me there?'

'Of course I do, my gran is eager to meet you. Unless you don't want to of course.'

'Well if she wants to meet me I suppose I better had.'

Mark got Chloe clean and let her sit in the bath as he let the plug out, he then got her dried and into a fresh nappy. Chloe got herself something to wear and they went to the restaurant for their evening meal.

Mark ordered himself a steak and chips whilst Chloe got a beef burger and chips.

'Listen Chloe, thanks for being with me, you keep me happy.'

'I'm here because I love you.'

Mark smiled at Chloe he knew he was a very lucky man, they both ate their meals and had a few drinks at the bar. What should have been the day Mark and Chloe both returned to the monotony of their office had turned into a much more interesting day, they left the bar at 11pm and returned to the room, Mark changed Chloes nappy and then they both went to bed.

Mark was first to wake the next morning, he looked at the clock it was 9am. Mark got up and went to the bathroom, he had a quick shower and then got himself dressed, he then woke Chloe up.

'Good morning princess, it's time to get up.'

Chloe rubbed her eyes and smiled. 'Good morning daddy.'

Mark reached over and gave Chloe a kiss he slid his finger inside her nappy and checked her.

'Right then let's get you changed and dressed and we can go and see nanny.'

Chloe laughed at Mark saying that, she got up and Mark had soon gotten her changed into a fresh nappy and she got herself dressed. Mark made the bed and they left to go and see Marks gran. Chloe was a little nervous about meeting Marks gran, she hoped that they got along.

Mark and Chloe entered the nursing home and Mark signed them both in, the update on his gran revealed that she was pretty much in the same state as the previous day. Mark knocked on the door and they both entered.

'Good morning gran.'

Marks gran looked up at them. 'Good morning dear.'

'Gran, this is Chloe.'

'Hello pumpkin, I have heard so much about you.'

'Hello Mrs. Trimble.'

'Oh there is no need for formal names dear, call me Irene.'

'Ok then, Irene.'

'How are you feeling today Gran?'

'Oh you know dear, still here. Same old, same old.'

'I'm just going to speak to the staff, I'll leave you two to get acquainted.'

With that Mark left the room and went to speak to the manager on duty.

'So tell me dear where did you and Mark meet?'

Chloe told Irene about how it was an office romance and that they had fell for each other long before they had the courage to ask each other out. Chloe and Irene began to chat about everything as is often the case between two women regardless of any age gap.

'You know dear I don't have very long left, my time is almost up, will you do something for me?'

'Well yes of course Irene what is it?'

'Can you please look after Mark when I have gone, I have long prayed that he would meet a special girl and by the way he talks of you I can tell he is very fond and I think you are rather fond of him.'

'I am very fond of Mark, he is a wonderful man and of course I will take care of him.'

Just then the door opened and Mark walked in.

'Are you two getting on?'

'Well of course we are silly. Here, your Gran needs a few things from the shop.' Chloe handed Mark a list of items. 'Well don't just stand there.'

'Right then I can take a hint, I'll be back soon.'

Mark went out of the room and both women laughed.

'Right then Irene would you like to go for a spin in this rather fetching wheelchair?'

'I don't mind if I do dear.'

Chloe helped Irene out of the bed and into the waiting chair.

'Where shall we go then?'

'Well I think the pub is out of the question so how about we go to the conservatory.'

Under Irenes directions Chloe pushed her through the hallways until they reached the conservatory, once they were settled Chloe made the tea and they both talked again.

Mark returned from the shops and found his grans room empty, he asked the staff if they had seen her and they told him where she had gone. Mark went to the conservatory and as he approached he saw Chloe and his gran laughing and joking, his gran looked so happy and for a minute he forgot that she was dying.

'I hope you two are not talking about me.'

Chloe just looked at Irene and smiled.

'Ok what has she been saying?'

'Oh nothing, we were just talking about the weather.'

'Yeah right and I am queen of Spain.'

The three of them laughed and slowly they began to take Irene back to her room. Mark helped his gran into bed and he and Chloe said their goodbyes, on the way out of the room Irene called Mark back.

'I'll wait outside.' Said Chloe

Mark went back over to his gran.

'What is it gran?'

'You keep hold of that girl she is one in a million,'

'I know that gran and I don't plan to ever let her go.'

'You treat her well, she will be your wife.'

Mark smiled at his gran, she had always made predictions about Mark and most of time she was right. 'Ok gran, I will see you tomorrow, take care.'

'Good bye Mark.'

Mark kissed his gran and then he collected Chloe and they went back to the Travel Inn.

'Thank you for today, she looked like she was having a really nice time.'

'I liked your gran she was fun.'

'Well I can tell you that you have really made a good impression on her.'

'She was telling me about you as a child.'

'She always does that.'

'Can we go out to the pictures tonight?'

'I don't see why not.'

Mark checked Chloes nappy, he was not surprised that she was wet, after a quick nappy change they got underway to the cinema. Chloe picked the cartoon film that he happy meal toy was about and they both went into watch it. Chloe was enjoying the film and also the experience of not having to worry about getting up to go to the toilet during the film, in fact she knew that the toilet was not something that was going to worry her for a very long time. Mark fell asleep during the film, he had not gotten much sleep the previous night, at the end Chloe had to wake him up.

'I'm sorry I fell asleep baby, I was just so tired.'

'It doesn't matter, let's go back to the hotel and get some rest.'

Mark had to agree with Chloe, it was only 9pm but they were both tired. Mark drove them back to hotel and they both got ready for bed, Chloes wet nappy was changed and they both climbed beneath the covers. Mark had Chloe in his arms and was thinking about what his gran had said about Chloe as his wife, he soon fell asleep.

At 7am Mark woke to the sound of his mobile phone ringing, he jumped out of bed and picked it up.


It was the nurse at the nursing home on the phone she informed Mark that his gran had passed away during the night, she had been found a few minutes ago. Chloe woke up and saw Mark on the phone, she saw the look on his face and didn't need many guesses to know what the call was about.

'Ok thanks, I'll be there soon.'

'Mark are you ok?'

'She's gone Chloe, my gran has gone.' Mark buried his head in his hands and sobbed quietly to himself.

Chloe got out of bed and crinkled over to him, she put her arms around him.

'I am so sorry babe.'

Mark kissed Chloe on the forehead and hugged her tightly. 'I am going to have to go over there and sort things out.'

'I know babe, I'll come with you.'

Mark slowly got dressed, he changed Chloes nappy for her and then got himself together. Mark and Chloe arrived at the nursing home 5 minutes later, the nurses had prepared his gran and the undertakers were on the way to take her body.

'Thank you for everything.' Mark was again thanking the staff that had taken care of his gran. 'What do I have to do now?'

The nurses explained to him that his gran had already made arrangements some time ago for this day, her funeral had been paid for and her friends were to be informed by her solicitor.

'What about her room?'

'Don't worry Mr. Trimble we will sort it and pass on to you her personal effects.'

Mark was grateful that he didn't have to do anything, it was typical of his gran to have everything in order.

Mark spent the next few days in a daze, he was passed the funeral arrangements by the director and he prepared himself for the sad day which was to take place less than a week after her death. Chloe remained true to her word and looked after Mark at his time of need, she took on her grown up personae but still needed the nappies. Mark felt so grateful that Chloe was there for him she had been a rock.

The day before the funeral Mark received a telephone call from his grans solicitor.

'Hello Mr. Trimble this is George Frost, I am the solicitor of your late grandmother. I am ringing to tell you that your grandmothers last will and testament will be read after the funeral.'

Mark didn't know his gran had made a will, as far as he knew he had all her personal effects.

'Thank you Mr. Frost, I will see you then.'

The day of the funeral Mark was understandably upset and Chloe was feeling more than a little emotional herself. The funeral was short and simple just as Irene had wanted it, Mark knew a few of her friends and thanked them for attending. Mark and Chloe were last at the graveside.

'Chloe I really can't thank you enough for this past week, you have been fantastic and I am sorry that I have not paid you much attention.'

'Don't be so silly, you have every right to be upset.'

Mark kissed Chloe and the both of them said goodbye to Irene, Mark also laid some of the flowers at his parents' grave, Irene had been buried next to them.

'Well I suppose I'd better get to the solicitors.'

Mark got into the funeral car with Chloe and they were dropped off at the solicitors, they were greeted at the door by Mr. Frost. Mark shook hands with him and they were led inside.

'Thank you for attending Mr. Trimble. Now, your grandmother made this will in my presence a few months ago.'

Mr. Frost went on and read the formal part before coming to the inheritance.

'I don't know if you are aware Mr. Trimble but your grandmother had amassed a small fortune over the years.'

Mark looked confused.

'I wasn't aware she had any savings.'

'Well she did. To my grandson, Mark Joseph Trimble, I leave my life savings, the balance of which can be obtained from my bank. Mr. Trimble I have closed out the account and you now inherit two hundred thousand, one hundred and sixty three pounds and forty four pence.'

Mark nearly fell off his chair. 'You are kidding right.'

'No Mr. Trimble, your grandmother amassed quite a good nest egg, she also leaves you her wedding ring, to give to the girl you are to marry it says.'

Mark was flabbergasted, he had no idea that his little old gran had a fortune in the bank. Mark thanked Mr. Frost and he and Chloe left the solicitors office.

'Wow, I think I need a drink.'

Mark was still struggling to grasp what had just happened.

'There is a pub over the road we can go there.' Chloe suggested.

As they turned to walk away Mr. Frost came running out after them.

'Mr. Trimble sir, you forgot the ring.'

Mr. Frost handed Mark the wedding ring and then returned to his office. Mark and Chloe again began to walk to the pub by cutting through the public gardens opposite. Chloe was walking ahead of Mark marvelling at the flowers, Mark was looking at the ring, it was almost as if his gran was speaking to him.

'Chloe.' She turned. 'Sit here for a minute.' Mark sat down on the bench and Chloe joined him. The bench was cold, it had a feint dusting of frost on it, Mark took Chloes hands in his.

'Chloe you have been absolutely brilliant these past few days, in fact you have been fantastic since we began to go out. I have loved you from the first day I saw you 6 months ago. I love you so much.'

Mark got off the bench and knelt on one knee, he held up the ring that he had just inherited. Chloes eyes filled up, her heart skipped a beat.

'Chloe Lewis, will you marry me?'


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