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All I Want For Christmas

Part 8

Mark stayed in his pose and looked longingly and lovingly into Chloes eyes.

Chloe could feel her heart beating nearly out of her chest, she knew that this moment was something out of a picture book, Mark had rendered her speechless. Chloe knew that there was only one word she could speak.

'Yes' Chloe gave Mark the biggest smile she could muster.

'Oh, that is great.' Mark leaned forward and kissed Chloe. 'You have made me the happiest man on earth'

Mark slid the ring onto Chloes finger and they fell into each others arms and kissed again passionately.

'Let's go and have a drink to celebrate.'

Mark took Chloes hand and they walked over to the pub both of them felt like they were walking on a cloud. The Bears Paw pub looked nice from the outside and as they entered the doors, Mark and Chloe felt the wave of warmth hit them from the heaters, Chloe felt a secondary wave as she was wetting her nappy. Mark led Chloe to a side table that was tucked away, it was more like a booth, they both took a seat opposite each other, Chloe was still shivering from the cold.

'Are you ok babe? You look cold.'

'I'm fine, I'll be better in a minute.'

Mark looked at the end of the table and saw a menu. 'Oh look they do food here, shall we get something to eat?'

'Er yes why not.'

Mark was trying his best to make sense of that mornings events, he stared blankly at the menu not reading it but thinking, so far today he had buried his gran, inherited a small fortune and had proposed to Chloe.

'Hello, Mark, are you with me?' Mark shook his head and saw Chloe waving a hand in his face.

'What, oh sorry babe, I'm just thinking.'

'It has been a busy day hasn't it.' Chloe looked down at the ring on her finger, it was nearly a perfect fit, just a little loose.

'Day, it is only just the afternoon.'

Mark and Chloe laughed.

'We will get that ring altered as soon as we get back.'

'I can't believe it, I never thought that I'd ever get married, this has been such a weird week.'

'Well things are not going to be the same anymore, I mean the money is going to change both of our lives.'

'What are you going to do with the money?'

Mark had some ideas, he had not had that long to think about it but his first instincts told him what to do.

'Well, I'm going to leave work for starts and buy a little house for us.'

'That will be great.'

'We will have to sit down properly and talk about it when we get home. Anyway, what are we going to eat?'

Chloe picked up the menu and looked through, she didn't know what to eat. Chloe was again looking at the ring on her finger, she hadn't told her mum where she was or what had happened yet.

'What are you having then princess?'

'Oh erm I think I'll have a lasagne with onion rings.'

'Ok then, remind me not to kiss you for the rest of the day. I'm going to order at the bar, would you like a drink?'

Chloe looked at Mark and gave him the puppy dog eyes. 'Can I have a vodka and coke please?'

'Oh ok then but only because it's a special occasion.'

Mark left the table and walked over to the bar leaving Chloe alone. Chloe routed around in her handbag and found her phone, she switched it on, seven missed calls, mum must be wondering if I am still on the planet she thought. Chloe dialled her parents' house and within three rings she got an answer.

'Hello mum it is me.'

Chloe regretted the phone call as soon as her mum answered.

'It's about time young lady, you have had me worried sick, you know it is not much to ask, a phone call.'

'Mum I'm fine will you calm down. Listen I have some bad news and some good news.'

Helen went quiet on the other end of the phone and let Chloe speak.

'The reason I haven't phoned is because I have been helping Mark with a few things, his gran died a week ago and he has been a little upset.'

'Oh my, I am so sorry, will you pass on mine and your dads sympathies.'

'I will mum thanks, the good news is that we should be home later today or tomorrow, we haven't decided yet.'

'Ok dear, will you stop by here on the way, I would like to see Mark.'

'Sure mum, I'll see you tomorrow. Love you loads.'

Chloe hung up her phone and placed it back into her bag, she saw her dummy in there and was very tempted to sneak a quick suck.

'Here you go babe.'

Mark was back at the table and had placed a large vodka and coke in front of Chloe.

'Where you on the phone to somebody?'

'Yes, I had to phone my mum and let her know I was ok, she went nuts that I hadn't phoned her sooner. She passes on her sympathies by the way and I told her that we will stop by on the way back.'

'Ok, did you tell her about us?'

'No not yet, I want us to tell them together.'

'Ok, we will stop by on our way back. The food will be 30 minutes by the way.'

Chloe and Mark chatted for a while waiting for their meals, they talked about how they would tell Chloes parents about their engagement.

'Maybe we could tell them at the house and then organise a meal in a restaurant to celebrate.'

'That is a great idea, my parents will be thrilled.'

Chloe once again looked down at the ring on her finger and twisted it a little, a smile spread across her face again.

'I can't believe this has happened.'

Mark smiled back at her.

'I know what you mean, it has been a wild ride.'

Mark and Chloe sat and talked a little more and ate their meals, they had a few more drinks and became quite inebriated. Chloe was allowed a few more vodkas and Mark had three pints of lager. They had been in the pub for a while when they decided to return to the hotel.

'Come on then babe, let's get you back.'

Mark got up and picked up Chloes coat, she slide off the seat and as she stood up Mark saw the huge wet patch.

'Erm, Chloe, I think you have leaked.'

Chloe went red and moved her hand to her bottom and felt the wetness.

'Oh no, what am I going to do?'

'Don't worry, I am just going to speak to the barmaid.'

Mark left Chloe at the table and he walked over to the bar.

'Excuse me.'

'Yes sir, what can I get you?'

'Well this is a little embarrassing but my fiancée has had a bit of a leak on your seat.'

'A leak sir?'

'Yes, her incontinence aid has leaked.'

The barmaid blushed. 'I am sorry sir, say no more, we will sort it out.'

'Thank you, I will pay for any cleaning.'

'Oh no sir don't worry, we have a baby change if she would like to freshen up.'

Mark heard the suggestion and became excited, he cursed himself for not bringing the nappy bag along with them.

'Thank you for the offer but she just wants to go home.'

Mark smiled at the barmaid and then returned to a visibly upset Chloe.

'Come on babe, let's go and get a taxi.'

Mark walked Chloe out of the pub, other patrons stopped and stirred at the sight of the girl with the huge wet patch on her bottom. Chloe was letting out machine gun sobs as she and Mark exited into the street, Mark was doing his best to comfort her.

'Don't worry princess it is my fault, I should have brought a fresh nappy with me.'

'I am such a baby.'

'Well of course you are, but that is nothing to be upset about.'

Chloe buried her head into Marks chest while he kept a look out for a passing taxi. Chloe began to calm a little and soon they were in a taxi where once again Mark had laid his coat on the seat.

The taxi driver pulled into the car park of the travel inn and Mark and Chloe alighted. Mark led Chloe to the room and proceeded to change her nappy. Chloes clothes were very wet as were her legs, Mark decided that a shower was in order for her. Mark got all the changing equipment ready and laid it at the side of the bed, he then went a turned on the shower before returning and undressing Chloe. Mark led Chloe to the shower where he then got undressed himself and they both got under the hot water. Barely a word was spoken as Mark efficiently began to wash Chloes curvy body, pretty soon they were locked in a passionate kiss. Marks hands were caressing Chloes body and she was doing likewise. Mark slid his hand down Chloes wet body and he began to rub her vagina, she moaned slightly and moved her hand down to join his, Mark casually inserted his finger into her and she once again moaned in pleasure. After a few minutes Chloe pushed Marks hands away, knelt down in front of him and took his penis in her mouth. Mark liked this new development and groaned accordingly, Chloe spent a few minutes sucking and licking before standing up. Mark kissed Chloe again and turned off the shower, they both stepped out and dried each other whilst still kissing and fondling. Mark led Chloe over to the bed where he laid her down and then joined her. Mark began to kiss her all over and gradually worked his way down to her vagina, he began to gently lick her. Chloe was moaning and grinding her hips, she felt like she wanted to explode, Mark stopped licking and moved back up, he kissed her deeply and moved his finger onto her clitoris. Mark rubbed Chloes clitoris and soon she was trembling and breathing shallower, with quite a loud moan she felt herself orgasm. Chloe could feel her whole body shaking and looked lovingly into Marks eyes, she reached down and took his penis in her hand and began to rub, Mark was soon on top of her. Mark inserted his penis into Chloes vagina and they made love, Mark climaxed a short time later and they laid in a euphoric daze.

After a while Mark picked up the changing equipment and proceeded to put Chloe back in her nappy, he fished out her dummy and popped it into her mouth. Chloe smiled at Mark and they both drifted off into sleep.

Mark woke up to the ringing of the room phone.


'Hello sir this is the reception, I am just ringing to inform you that you are due to vacate the room in an hour.'

'Oh, I forgot about that, can I pay for an extra night?'

'Yes sure sir. You will need to come down to reception.'

'Ok, I will be right there.'

Mark looked over at the sleeping Chloe, she looked beautiful, she was still sucking her dummy and had a slight smile on her face. Mark slipped into his tracksuit trousers, put on a t-shirt and completed the ensemble with a pair of trainers, he picked up his wallet and the room keys before exiting the room. Mark made his way to the reception area and paid for the extra night, he looked at his watch it was 5pm. Mark decided to get some dinner for he and Chloe. He went outside and walked the few hundred yards to the Chinese takeaway, he ordered a banquet and also went into the newsagents and bought some chocolate pudding.

When Mark returned to the room Chloe was still sleeping, he put the chocolate pudding in the mini fridge and then walked over to the bed.

'Wake up princess.' Mark whispered in Chloes ear as he gently shook her shoulder.

Chloe moaned a little and rubbed her eyes. 'Mmmmmm, what?'

'It is time to wake up baby, daddy has some food for us.'

Chloe took a deep breath in and stretched the sound of her nappy crinkling could be heard. Chloe shifted herself and began to sit up, she smelt the food.

'mmm it smells nice daddy, what did you get?'

'Well I got us a banquet from the Chinese, just stuff we can eat with our hands as there is no cutlery here.'

Mark began opening wrappers and exposing the delicious foods beneath. Chloe had put on a t-shirt and was now sitting, legs crossed, opposite Mark. Chloe removed her dummy and Mark fed her spring rolls, sui mai, prawn toast and ribs, she had quite a messy face afterwards but she didn't mind in the slightest. Mark opened up the carton of chicken and sweet corn soup that he had left to cool.

'Will you be ok with this princess?'

Chloe smiled, she really liked chicken and sweet corn soup. 'Yes daddy.'

Mark handed Chloe the carton which she brought to her lips, she began to drink the soup but also allowed some to dribble down her chin, Mark smiled.

It didn't take long for all the food to be eaten, Chloes white t-shirt now had soup and barbeque sauce on it and her face wasn't much cleaner.

'What a messy baby we have, let's get you cleaned up.'

Mark stood up and was about to pick Chloe up when he remembered the chocolate pudding.

'Actually princess, I have a treat for you.'

Chloe looked at Mark wide eyed and excited. 'What is it daddy?'

Mark walked over to the fridge and took out the pudding, he explained to Chloe that there wasn't anything to eat it with so she had to use her hands. Chloe didn't mind in the slightest about getting a little messier and accepted the pot from Mark. Chloe put her hand into the tub and loaded it with pudding, then she placed her hand into her mouth. Mark laughed as the pudding smeared on Chloes face and dropped onto her t-shirt, he took out his mobile phone and began to take pictures. After Chloe was finished it was back to the bathroom for yet another clean up operation, her nappy was also changed, afterwards she and Mark spent the night watching TV in bed and fell asleep pretty early.

The next day Mark and Chloe were to return home, the office had phoned Chloes mobile a few times enquiring as to when or if she was coming back. Mark packed up all their things and loaded the car, a little while later they were on their way.

Chloe fell asleep not long after they had gotten onto the motorway she had her dummy in her mouth and a teddy bear in her arms she had crawled into the back seat and was lying across it. Mark turned on the radio and began contemplating what he was going to do with his inheritance. One thing was for sure, he was going to hand in his notice at work and he wanted Chloe to as well, it was time he had his own business.

It was early afternoon by the time Mark and Chloe arrived back at the flat, there was a mound of mail to get through and a few answer machine messages mainly from Mr. Frost. Mark checked through his mail and found a card from Royal Mail telling him that they couldn't deliver packages to him, he remembered that the baby clothes he had ordered for Chloe had been due for delivery. Mark looked over at Chloe who was watching cartoons.

'Shall we go round to your mum and dads?'

'Yes, I can't wait to tell them.'

'Ok well let me just put these clothes in the washing machine and then we will check your bum before we go.'

Mark picked up the bags and walked through to the washing machine in the kitchen, he sorted through the clothes before loading them in. Mark then took the changing bag into the bedroom and got the supplies ready he then went and brought Chloe from the living room and changed her nappy.

'Right then let's get going.'

Mark packed up the supplies and then they got underway.

As they pulled up outside Chloes parents house Helen was waiting at the door, she ran down the path and gave Chloe a hug.

'It's nice to see you dear.'

'Thanks mum, it is nice to see you.'

Helen let her grip loose and then hugged Mark. 'I'm so sorry about your gran dear.'

'Thanks Helen.'

They all followed in a line into the house where Derek was sitting in the lounge, he greeted them both and went to make a pot of tea. They all sat down and caught up with each other.

'Oh my dear, we have some good news.'

'You do? What is it mum?'

'Well your father had a nice win on the horses last week, he won five thousand pounds.'

'Oh mum that is brilliant. Well done dad.'

'Yes and he is going to take me on holiday with his winnings.'

'Are you going anywhere nice?'

'We are going to Florida for a few weeks.'

'Aww that is brilliant mum. We actually have some good news of our own, don't we Mark.'

Mark smiled and nodded.

'Well come on then, spit it out.'

Chloe grabbed Marks hand and they held each other, Chloes eyes welled up with tears she looked into Marks eyes and then into each of her parents eyes.

'Mum, dad.......we are getting married.'

Helen burst into tears. 'Oh my, that is wonderful news.' She jumped up and hugged Chloe, she then kissed Mark and hugged him tightly. Derek was also emotional which shocked Chloe, he shook Mark by the hand and kissed his daughter.

'I can't think of a better man for my daughter.'

'Well I think this is cause to open that bottle of bubbly.'

Helen went to the kitchen and found the bottle of champagne she had been saving, she retrieved four glasses from the cabinet and they all toasted the happy couple and the betting win. Mark invited Helen and Derek to join he and Chloe for a meal that evening to celebrate, Helen insisted on cooking for them but was forced to retreat when everybody else decided that it was a special night. Chloe and Mark left Helen and Derek an hour later so they could all get ready.

Mark and Chloe returned to the flat to get themselves ready, Mark done some more washing and also paid a few bills. Chloe was picking out something that she could wear that would hide her nappy, she found a black dress that looked ok. Mark came into the bedroom.

'That is a pretty dress.'

'Aww you really think so?'

'Yes, you look even more beautiful in it. Are you ready to get a shower?'

Chloe nodded. Mark walked over to her and removed Chloes dress, she was now naked except her nappy which was wet. Mark led Chloe to the bed and then laid her down and removed her wet nappy. They showered together before getting dressed.

Mark and Chloe arrived at the restaurant where Chloe had had her wetting accident on their first proper date, Helen and Derek were waiting in the foyer. They all greeted each other before being shown to a table. They all laughed and joked and talked about the wedding. Mark spoke about his inheritance and what his plans were, he told them all that he wanted to open up his own business preferably working from home.

'Have you set a date for the wedding yet?'

'Well mum, we were thinking of the summer.'

'That sounds lovely dear.'

The rest of the evening passed a little too quickly as it often does when it is enjoyable, they all parted company a little after midnight. Mark and Chloe flagged down a passing taxi and returned to the flat. Chloe was rather drunk and was very close to leaking, Mark changed her as soon as they got in and she fell asleep. Mark decided to stay up and looked on the internet for some ideas of what sort of business he could open, he browsed for a while but nothing really caught his attention. Mark glanced over at the card that was sitting on the coffee table, it was the Royal Mail card, he saw that he could pick up the parcel at the Post Office the next day so he decided he would go out early and surprise Chloe. Mark switched off his computer and went to bed.

The next morning the alarm clock on Marks phone woke him, he switched off quickly and looked at Chloe. Chloe was still sleeping and from the look of her she would be for quite a while yet. Mark got out of bed and got dressed, he leant over the bed and kissed Chloe on the forehead then he picked up his car keys and went to get the parcel.

Mark returned a short while later, he carried in a big box and also a bag full of shopping. Mark went straight through to the bedroom and saw Chloe still sleeping, her dummy was lying next to her and she was drooling on the pillow. Mark walked over to the bed and slipped the dummy back into Chloes mouth which she began to suck immediately, satisfied that she was ok Mark went back to the living room. Mark began to unpack the clothes he had ordered and looked at each item, he particularly liked the onesies he had purchased. Mark took the clothes to the kitchen and put them in the washing machine then he set about making breakfast for Chloe. Mark made Chloe pancakes with fresh strawberries and maple syrup, he also made her a bottle of orange juice and then took it through to the bedroom.

'Wake up sleepy head.' Mark placed the tray on the bed and shook Chloe. 'Chloe, daddy has something for you.'

Chloe began to wake but she was still feeling a little hazy after drinking the previous night, she sat up and felt her head.

'Ow, my head hurts.'

'Don't worry baby, I've got you some tablets.'

Mark placed a pillow against the headboard of the bed and shifted Chloe into position, he popped two aspirin into her mouth and put the teat of the bottle between her lips. Chloe swallowed the tablets and forced a smile.

'Right then, I have made you some pancakes and strawberries, do you think you can handle it?'

'I'll try.'

Mark picked up the plate and cut the pancakes with the spoon, he then loaded it up and fed it to Chloe. Chloe managed to eat half of what was on the plate before she could handle no more.

'I'm not feeling very well, I think I had something last night that didn't agree with me.'

Mark looked at Chloe, she was sweating and she didn't look good.

'I'll go and fetch you a bowl.'

Mark got back to the bedroom just in time, Chloe grabbed the bowl off him and vomited. Mark held Chloes hair back and kept reassuring her, she heaved once more. As Chloe was vomiting for the forth time she let out a loud wet fart, then she started crying.

'What's the matter?' Mark found out a few seconds later as the smell of a messy nappy hit his nostrils.

'I'm sorry, I didn't mean it.'

Mark cuddled Chloe. 'Don't worry, it isn't your fault. I'll get you changed.'

Mark gathered the items he required and placed the changing mat beneath Chloe, he then proceeded to change her very messy nappy. Mark decided that he would place Chloe into double nappies as a precaution. Chloe fell back asleep as she was getting her nappy changed. Mark finished the change and then tucked Chloe in and left her to sleep.

Chloe woke up a few hours later her head was hurting still and she felt really hot, she kicked off the blankets and could feel the much thicker that usual nappy between her legs. Chloe felt her tummy churn again and within a few seconds she has messed her nappy, she tried to call for Mark but she felt too groggy and she fell back to sleep. When Chloe next came around she still had a headache but this time she wasn't hot, her nappy had expanded a lot and she could close her legs. Chloe felt the need to be sick and leant over the side of the bed and found the bowl. Chloe began to vomit and felt more mess escape her into her nappy, again she passed out. Chloe could feel her legs being moved and cold air on her crotch, she opened her eyes to see Mark, he was changing her nappy.

'Hello princess, how are you feeling?'

Chloe looked at Mark and smiled. 'I'm feeling a little better.'

'Good, now you just stay in bed and let me take care of you.'

'What time is it?'

'It is 1am baby.'

Chloe was confused. 'How long have I been here?'

'Well you have only been in bed 24 hours, you fell asleep drunk at 1am on Friday morning and it is 1 am on Saturday morning now. You have not been a well baby.'

'How many times have you changed me?'

'Oh about nine or ten times, you have been quite a messy baby.'

'I don't remember any of it.'

'Well don't worry, I will take good care of you. Here is a bottle of warm milk.'

Chloe took the bottle and drank its contents, she felt a little better and she soon drifted back off to sleep. Chloe slept until 7am Saturday morning, Mark was not in the bed with her. Chloe was feeling a lot better now and her headache had gone but she felt different. Chloe kicked back the covers and looked at herself, she was dressed in a big pink fluffy all in one sleeper. Chloe lifted her leg and could see her feet encased in the sleeper and also her hands. Chloe looked at her front and saw a large picture of piglet on the sleeper. Chloe got out of the bed and waddled down the hall to where Mark was sleeping on the sofa.

'Daddy, daddy wake up.' Chloe pushed Mark in the shoulder. 'Daddy'

Mark woke up with a start. 'What!' he then spotted Chloe. 'Oh I'm sorry baby, you gave daddy a bit of a fright then.'

Chloe was smiling.

'What are you smiling about gorgeous?'

Chloe jumped on Mark and hugged him tight. 'I like my pyjamas daddy.'

'I thought you might like them princess. Have you had a look in your wardrobe yet?'

Chloes eyes widened. 'There is more?' Chloe jumped up and ran back to the bedroom, she flung open the wardrobe and stood in shock. Chloes wardrobe was like a toddlers on one side, there was onesies, sleepers, t-shirts and even a baby dress. Chloe felt her knees go weak, she looked down to see a new shelving unit packed full of nappies.

'What do you think then?'

Chloe was speechless, she just ran to Mark and threw her arms around him.

'The draws in there have some dummies, bottles and bibs for you as well.'

Chloe hugged Mark even tighter and whispered a thank you into his ear.

'Shall we check your nappy then princess?'

Mark carried Chloe to the bed and unzipped the sleeper, he pulled it off her and saw a very wet nappy. Mark changed Chloe and replaced the sleeper.

'You know I think we will have to go back into work on Monday.'

'Aww no, but I don't want to.'

'I know baby but we have to go back sometime. I'm only going in to hand in my notice.'

'Why? Have you found a business to start?'

'Not yet but I need time to work on it. I can use the inheritance for now.'

'What about me?'

'Well I want you to work with me, you can leave as well.'

'I can? That is great.'

Chloe hugged Mark and they chatted for quite a while about some options open to them, they talked about many different business ideas.

The rest of that weekend was spent in the usual way and on Sunday Mark and Chloe visited Chloes parents before they went on their holiday. Finally it was Monday morning and both Mark and Chloe had their notices written and ready to hand in. Chloe wore a onesie beneath her usual office attire and of course her nappy. Chloe and Mark announced their engagement to the rest of the office on Monday afternoon and then also announced their impending departures. Mark had a meeting with the manager and was required to work two weeks notice whiles Chloe had only been required to work one weeks notice as her length of service was still under a year. The girls in the office were crowded around Chloe all day they were all gossiping and asking how long she and Mark had been going out. Inevitably the talk turned to a leaving party, Marie, one of Chloes friends suggested that they have a joint leaving/engagement party on Friday. Chloe agreed that it sounded like a good idea and went to speak to Mark.

Mark was sitting at his desk when Chloe approached him.

'Hello gorgeous, what are you after?'

Chloe bent over the desk and kissed Mark, the cat calls rang around the office. Mark shouted for them all to grow up and he and Chloe spoke about Friday night, they both agreed that it would be a great idea and Mark left Chloe to plan it with her friends.

'Don't forget to come and see me at lunchtime for you know what.'

Chloe blushed crimson as Mark reminded her of the lunchtime nappy change.

'Ok, I'll see you at the car.'

Chloe didn't do much work for the rest of the morning she was planning the party with the rest of the girls. Mark was also getting very little work done as the lads were very interested in him and Chloes relationship. There was one person in the office that was not at all happy with the engagement of Mark and Chloe and that was Dave. Dave had always fancied Chloe and had even tried to grope her at the last Christmas party but Mark had stepped in. Dave didn't like Mark in the slightest and was really jealous of him.

'So what is she like in bed?'

Mark looked at Jason who had asked the question that was on all the lads lips.

'Piss off, I don't ask you how Kath is in bed do I?'

Mark looked across the office and seeing Chloe he gave her a little smile and a wink, she returned the gesture and stuck out her backside a little.

Mark met Chloe at the car at lunchtime where he changed her on the backseat, the talked for a bit before going to get their lunch. The afternoon was back to normal and people had drifted back to doing their jobs. Mark was viewing some technical information when he received a new e-mail from Chloe.

'Wearing this wet nappy here is making me so horny.'

Mark could see Chloe at her desk from his own and smiled over at her, he opened up his email and typed back.

'Why don't you do something about it then?'

Mark hit send and then watched for Chloes reaction he saw her smile and blush as she was reading. Mark could feel himself getting turned on, then another email popped up.

'I think I will!!!!!XXXXXXXXX'

Mark looked over at Chloes desk and saw her stand up, she smiled at him and then walked down the corridor. Mark felt himself get excited and he wondered if he should follow her. Mark scrolled down the email.

'Are you coming or not x x ;-)'

Mark nearly jumped out of his seat, he then realised that he had to look normal. Mark straightened his jacket and began to walk down the hall toward the toilets. As he passed the store cupboard he heard the door open.

'Where are you going sexy?'

Chloe was in the store cupboard and reached out and grabbed Marks tie, once the door was shut behind them they started to kiss each other. Mark reached down and placed his hand up Chloes skirt and then unsnapped her onesie, he felt the front of her nappy which was wet. Mark pushed the front of Chloes nappy into her vagina and she took a sharp breath in. Mark then began to rub the front of the nappy whilst kissing Chloe, he then slid his hand into the nappy and began to rub her clitoris. Chloe was very wet and turned on, she found herself pushing her hips toward Mark and pushing his hand. Mark concentrated solely on Chloes clitoris and soon she was climaxing, her face was frozen in a silent scream. Mark felt Chloe trembling as he refastened her onesie and straightened her skirt.

'We will finish this later.'

Chloe, still trembling, kissed Mark and left the cupboard. Mark felt like relieving himself right there in the cupboard but thought better of it and summarised that he would probably enjoy it better later on. Mark left the cupboard and went back to her desk to find another email waiting.

'I'm still shaking.'

Mark glanced at Chloe and winked, she held out her hand to demonstrate how shaky she was, Mark put his finger into his mouth and tasted Chloe. Chloe just shook her head and felt herself tingle again.

The rest of the week passed pretty much uneventfully and apart for the odd detour to the cupboard it was mainly boring. Friday had finally arrived and there was the usual air of excitement around the office that always fell when a party was imminent. The time was set for 8pm to start the party and it was going to be held in the same place as their Christmas party. The girls decorated the hall after work and had made banners whilst the lads had pinned blown up condoms to the wall. It was only going to be a small gathering of about 30 people and it promised to be a good night.

The guests of honour didn't arrive until 9pm and the party was well underway. Chloe joined the girls whilst Mark went to get a drink.

At the bar Mark ordered a drink for him and Chloe, he looked down to the end of the bar and saw Dave sitting on a stool. Dave was drinking Whisky straight and had already been drinking for a good few hours and was well under the influence. Mark sighed to himself he didn't need any of this right now, he knew Dave was a nasty man when he was drunk.

'Hey Trimble.' Dave stood up and began to walk towards Mark. 'Hey Trimble, I'm talking to you.'

Mark turned to face Dave. 'Listen Dave just leave me alone, I really can't be arsed with you tonight.'

'She is too good for the likes of you Trimble.' Dave was slurring his words and was leering toward Mark. 'She should be with a real man.'

Mark looked at Dave, he wanted to punch him so bad. 'Listen you arsehole, just keep your mouth shut or leave, I am not in the mood for you.

'What are you going to do about it you lanky streak of piss?'

Mark had heard enough and stepped forward to grab Dave, as he put his arms out Dave through a punch that landed square on Marks jaw. Mark staggered backwards and Dave grabbed the bottle of beer that Mark had just ordered, he smashed it on the edge of the bar and held it out in front of him. Further down the bar Jason and Greg saw what was about to happen and ran to help. Mark, still reeling from the punch, found his feet again and brought himself up to his full height. Dave was still wielding the broken bottle in front of him and was thrusting forwards with it. Mark could see the two lads approaching from Daves rear, they were nearly upon him.

'I'll fucking kill you.' Dave was drooling and had turned red with anger.

Chloe had heard the commotion and began to make her way across the room towards the fracas.

Mark stood ready to punch Dave as soon as help was there.

Jason and Greg were now right behind Dave, Jason made a grab for Dave but tripped on a bar stool and ploughed into the back of Dave.

Dave was knocked forward and straight into Mark who fell backwards and hit his head on the edge of the bar.

Chloe got there just as Mark fell, Jason and Greg had now grabbed Dave and they were holding him to the ground.

Chloe knelt beside Mark and lifted his head.

'Oh my god MARK!'

Mark was only just conscious. 'He got me, the bastard got me.'

'No babe you just fell.'

Mark put his hand to his stomach, Chloe followed his hand and froze. Marks white t-shirt was turning crimson as the blood seeped from the gash in his stomach.


Chloe burst into tears as the barmaid came running round and pushed her out of the way.

'I know first aid. Somebody phone for an ambulance quickly.'

Chloe watched as the blood kept pouring out of Mark and he slipped into unconsciousness.


To be continued

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