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All I Want For Christmas

Part 9

The steady beep of the machines seemed to mark each passing second, Chloe was sitting on a hard plastic chair clutching Marks hand with her head resting next to it. Nurses were passing by the door every few minutes on their way to other places in the hospital.

It had been six hours since Mark had been stabbed with the broken bottle and he was now in a serious but stable condition induced into a coma. The lads at the party had all been in to see Mark and each one had left close to tears. Chloe sat in her vigil at Marks bedside wishing that her mum was with her and not thousands of miles away in Florida. Chloe was still in a daze quite not able to believe the events that had transpired, her nappy had long since leaked onto the plastic chair but she didn't notice or care. Marks chest was rising and falling slowly, the ventilator keeping him in a steady rhythm.

Chloe didn't hear the door open nor did she see the nurse come in.

'Are you ok dear?'

Red eyed and pale Chloe lifted her head, she wiped away the wetness from her cheeks and looked at the nurse.

'I'm sorry, what did you say?'

'You look like you could use some sleep dear, why don't you settle yourself into the comfortable chair in the corner and I will get a blanket for you.'

Chloe liked the idea of sitting somewhere a little more comfortable and stood up. The nurse looked at Chloe and saw the drips coming from her crotch.

'Oh my, it looks like you have had an accident.'

Chloe looked down and finally noticed how wet she was, her face turned red and she felt her eyes fill up again.

'I'm sorry, my nappy must have leaked.'

The nurse saw how upset Chloe was and couldn't help but feel sorry for her, she walked over to her and put her arms around the sobbing girl.

'It's ok sweetie, you don't have to be upset. I can get you a fresh pad if you like.'

Chloe thanked the nurse and wiped her face again. The nurse left the room and came back within a minute with a fresh nappy for Chloe, it was the first time that she was not going to be changed by Mark. Chloe took the nappy from the nurse who also handed her a hospital gown to put on, she then left Chloe in privacy to get herself changed.

Chloe was not quite sure where to begin, she looked at Mark wishing that it was him that was going to change her nappy and cuddle her. Chloe finally started to remove her sodden dress, she placed it in the sink that was in the corner of the room and filled it with water. Chloe saw the medical wipes in a box on the wall and removed a few, they smelt nothing like the Pampers baby wipes that Mark usually wiped her clean with. Chloe untapped her nappy and let it fall to the floor with a dull thud, she used her foot to push it to one side and then began to wipe herself clean. Chloe used about ten wipes in all and made sure that she was free of urine, she was unable to find any powder to put on. Chloe unfolded the nappy that the nurse had given her, it was plain and boring and nowhere near as thick as her usual Attends. Chloe had never put a nappy on herself before and she was unsure of the best way to do it. Chloe put the nappy between her legs and squeezed them together, she reached around and grabbed the tape, she pulled it around to the front and stuck it into place. Chloe repeated the process with the other three tapes and assessed her work, it was nowhere near as good as Mark but at least it stayed on. Chloe put on the hospital gown and went to the sink to wash her dress. Chloe also took some of the wipes and cleaned the chair that she had leaked onto, after wringing the dress she placed it over the back of the chair to let it dry.

'Is everything ok my dear?'

The nurse had returned to the room and was carrying a blanket.

'Oh yes thank you.'

'Right well here is your blanket dear, I am just going to check on the patient.'

The nurse looked at the various monitors that surrounded Marks bed and made some notes on the clipboard. Chloe watches attentively waiting for news on any improvement, the nurse continues to take the notes when she spots Chloe watching her.

'Is there any change nurse?'

'I'm afraid not dear, Mark is still stable. You should try and get some sleep.'

Chloe wished the nurse goodnight and curled up on the armchair in the corner of the room, she wrapped herself in the fluffy blanket and closed her eyes. The steady beeps seemed to be saying sleep, sleep, sleep. Pretty soon Chloe was asleep.

*Chloe was back in her bed, her dummy was in her mouth and she could feel her body encased in the pink fluffy Piglet sleeper, she could feel Mark lying next to her. Mark was awake and whispering into Chloes ear.

'Good morning my princess, did you have a nice sleep?'

Chloe put her arms around Mark and cuddled him tightly burying her head deep into his chest, she felt the wetness of her nappy against her shaven vagina and feeling the warmth, knew she was wetting again. Chloe could hear the birds singing outside, she felt so safe and secure in her sleeper and nappy. Mark whispered into Chloes ear again but she couldn't hear him. An annoying beep was drowning out his words, beep, beep, beep.*

Chloe woke with a start, she had been sleeping for only a few hours, she got up out of the chair and walked over to Marks bedside. Chloe sat down with the now familiar crinkle of the nappy around her waist, she took Marks hand and began to stroke it.

'Daddy, the nurses said you can hear me, can you? I miss you so much, you had better not leave me. I don't want to be on my own, I don't want another daddy. I want you, I want to be your wife. I never told you how happy I am that we are together, I have always fancied you, from the minute that I saw you on my very first day in the office. I wanted to ask you out for months but I could never find the courage. Then the Christmas party came and you stopped Dave from pestering me, you were so heroic, my heart melted right there. I was so excited when you asked me out that night, it was like I was fourteen again. I was on cloud nine all night. That first proper date we had when I ended up wetting myself was the best night of my life. I remember how gentle and comforting you were, you made me feel so safe and so little. You took me back to your flat and cleaned me up, I was shocked when you showed me the adult baby websites but the more you explained the more appealing it all seemed to become. The first night you put me in a nappy I felt like I was going to explode, you made me feel so little and so precious.'

Chloe was beginning to sob, she continued to stroke Marks hand she began to fiddle with the ring on her finger.

'I never thought I could meet anybody as nice as you, I thought it was all too good to be true. I remember when you asked me to move in with you, I was so excited I think I wet my nappy. Mum and Dad loved you and they could see that I did too, they gave me their blessings instantly. I love you Mark and you make me happier than I have ever been, I didn't have to think twice when you asked me to marry you. I want to be yours forever, your wife, your baby girl, your princess. I want you to be with me forever, so please Mark, please wake up and cuddle me, tell me you are ok, please Mark. I want my daddy, I want my Mark back. Please, please, please.'

Chloe broke down and was sobbing uncontrollably, her tears were falling fast onto the bed. The beeps of the machine grew faster and Chloe looked up, Mark was still asleep but his heart-beat was getting stronger. The beeps grew faster again. BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPP!

Chloe felt sick.

'Oh God no, MARK.'

The door flew open and in rushed the nurse from earlier, she slammed the emergency button on the wall and pressed the button that made the bed flatten out. A team of people bounded through the door, they were all shouting and quickly crowded around Mark. Chloe was crying uncontrollably, her eyes wouldn't wander from the site of the nurses and doctors around Mark.

'Mark, please don't go, please.'

A strong pair of arms grabbed Chloe from behind, they pulled her away from the bed and out of the room.

'Miss Lewis let the doctors work, you have to stay out here.'

Chloe didn't even look to see who had grabbed her she had her head in her hands and was running down the corridor bawling.

Inside the room the doctors fought to bring Mark back, he had been flat lined for only a minute.

Chloe ran and ran, she didn't know what to do. She saw the door that led to the roof.

Back in the room the doctors carried on fighting.

The nurse that had pulled Chloe out of the room slipped as she was doing so and had been helpless to stop her run off down the corridor. The nurse gathered herself and gave chase to the grief stricken girl.

The doctors fought on.

The nurse was half running and half limping down the corridor in hot pursuit of Chloe. The nurse came to the roof door just in time to see it slam shut, horrified the nurse began to climb the stairs to the hospital roof.

The doctors continued their fight.

The nurse burst through the door that led out onto the flat roof.

'CHLOE, are you here?'

The nurse looked left and right but couldn't see Chloe anywhere, she limped to the east side of the roof, no Chloe. As the nurse was approaching the west side of the roof she heard a gang of girls scream, fearing the worst she slowly made her way to the west edge of the roof, she peered over.

The doctors continued their battle.

The nurse looked over the edge of the roof and saw the group of girls, they were all running from the local drunk who again had his coat open exposing himself to them. The nurse breathed a huge sigh of relief and after scouring the rooftop found no sign of Chloe. The nurse slowly made her way down the stairs and back into the corridor, she was about to go back to her desk to telephone security when she eyed the chapel door; she opened the door slowly.

Chloe was kneeling in the front pew, her hands clasped together and her lips moving rapidly. The nurse smiled and scolded herself for thinking the worst of the young girl.

'There you are.'

Chloe turned to see the nurse.

'Is he ok?'

'I don't know hun, I came to find you. Let's say a prayer.'

The nurse took her place next to Chloe in the front pew and the both said a prayer.

The doctors decided to give it one last try, they pumped in more adrenaline and shocked Mark again.


'He's back with us, let's get him comfortable again people.'

Chloe and the nurse finished praying.

'Let's go back hun and we will see how he is doing.'

Chloe nodded and stood up, she accepted the nurses arm around her shoulders and together they walked back to Marks room.

The doctors were all coming out as Chloe and the nurse approached, Chloe immediately thought of the worst.

'What's happened? Is he ok?'

A doctor approached Chloe. 'He is ok now Miss. Lewis, it was just a scare, he is stable again now.'

Chloe smiled for the first time in hours.

'Thank you'

The doctors all smiled reassuring smiles at Chloe then they went back to their various rooms. Chloe hugged the nurse and went back into the room. Mark was pretty much the same as he had been for most of the night, his drip had been changed and his bed made up again. Chloe went and sat back on the plastic chair and held Marks hand, she was soon asleep.

Chloe woke up as the sunlight was streaming into the room, she glanced up at the clock and saw that it was a little after 8am, her back was stiff and her nappy was drenched. Chloe stood up and stretched, she bent over and kissed Mark on the forehead.

'Good morning daddy.'

The nurse came into the room and bid Chloe a good morning.

'Sorry to bother you nurse but do you think I could have another nappy, this one is a little soaked.'

'Of course dear, why don't you get cleaned up and then go home for a few hours, have a freshen up and pick up a few things for Mark.'

'Yes I might just do that, thank you.'

The nurse made her checks and once she was satisfied that all was well she went off to get a fresh nappy for Chloe. Chloe couldn't believe how easily she had accepted the nurse knowing about her nappies, she didn't think twice about asking for fresh nappies although she yearned for her Attends. The nurse came back with the nappy and handed it to Chloe.

'Thank you. I will change and then I will pop home for a few hours.'

'Ok dear, you take your time and we will take care of Mark.'

Chloe thanked the nurse again and was soon left with her privacy to change. Chloe put her clean nappy on and feeling that the dress was dry she slipped it back on. Chloe picked up Marks belongings at the desk and using the money in his wallet she took a taxi back to the flat.

Chloe got out of the taxi and walked up the path to the front door of the flat, she took out Marks keys and inserted them into the lock. The flat was cold and eerily quiet. Chloe closed the door behind her and walked into the living room, her toys were in the corner and her dummy was still on the coffee table. Chloe put the bag of Marks things on the chair and sat on the sofa, she picked up her dummy and put it in her mouth. Chloe saw her teddy bear lying next to her and picked it up, she cuddled it tightly as she lay down.

Chloe woke a few hours later to hear the phone ringing, she sat bolt upright and looked over to the corner where the phone was kept. Chloe slowly walked over to the phone and picked it up.


'Hello Chloe it's me.'

'Oh hello mum, how are you doing?'

Chloe and her mum chatted on the phone for a while, Chloe decided not to tell her mum what had happened, she just didn't want to spoil the much deserved holiday.

'Well you take care dear and say hello to Mark for me.'

Chloe felt the lump in her throat. 'Ok mum, love you.'

Chloe placed the receiver back down and burst into tears, she couldn't help herself. After a few minutes Chloe decided that she needed to get back to the hospital, she stood up and feeling the fullness in her tummy she squatted a little and gave a little push, the seat of her nappy was soon full. Chloe walked to the bathroom and untapped her wet and messy nappy, she cleaned herself with the baby wipes and then switched on the shower.

Chloe stepped into the nice warm jets of water and washed the smell of the stale urine from herself and made sure to clean her bum. During her shower Chloe realised that this was the first time she had washed herself in a while, Mark had taken care of her personal hygiene since she became a baby. Rinsing the soap from her body Chloe switched off the shower and stepped out onto the fluffy bathmat. Chloe dried herself before walking through to the bedroom and getting the changing supplies ready, she laid out the changing mat and unfolded a nice thick Attends nappy before positioning herself on it. Chloe powdered herself heavily and rubbed it in before taping herself snugly into her nappy, she stood up and went to the wardrobe where she took out a onesie, a pair of jeans and a jumper.

Chloe had finished dressing herself and felt much better, she picked up some of Marks toiletries and put them into a bag. Chloe then prepared herself a nappy bag and made sure to put in her Pampers baby wipes and a tub of baby powder, she picked up a few items of clothing for both her and Mark and packed them all in. Chloe telephoned for a taxi and then sat on the sofa and waited, she thought about putting her dummy in the bag also but decided against it. A few minutes later the taxi cab honked its horn and Chloe left to return to the hospital.

The journey didn't take long and soon Chloe was walking down the corridor towards the side room that Mark was in. Chloe opened the door and walked in. Mark was still in the same condition as when she had left. Chloe put the bag she had brought in the corner and then folded up the blanket she had used the night before. Chloe was tidying around when the nurse came in.

'Hello dear, when did you get back?'

'Just now. How is he? Any change?'

'Well the doctor has been round this morning and he was pleased with the progress, last night was just a scare. The doctor also thinks that Mark maybe able to come off the ventilator in the next few days.'

'Really? Isn't that a bit quick?'

'Well you see dear Mark seems to be coping quite well, his body is recovering quite fast from the shock of losing all that blood, the coma was medically induced to let this happen. It is a bit like being under anaesthetic.'

'I see, so he is going to be ok?'

'Well it is early to say, we are going to bring him off the ventilator in a few days and see how he does, he wont wake up straight away though. By the way a police officer was here to see you earlier, he wants you to make a statement, he said he will be back later.'

'Ok thank you.'

The nurse left the room and Chloe went back to the plastic chair beside Marks bed, she held his hand again and kissed it.

'Hello daddy.'

Chloe began to stroke Marks hand again and laid her head next to it.

A few minutes later there was a knock on the door.

'Hello, Miss. Lewis?'

Chloe looked up to see a man in a suit looking at her. 'Yes, that is me.'

'Hi, my name is Detective Reid, is it ok to ask you a few questions about last night?'

'Erm, yes ok.'

The detective smiled and asked Chloe to join him in the relatives room, the walked down the corridor and into a small cosy room that was well heated. Chloe took a seat on the sofa and the detective switched on the kettle, he went on to explain that they had Dave in custody and had taken statements from a lot of the people at the party. Chloe was asked about what she saw which of course wasn't all that much, she told the detective all about her previous dealings with Dave and how he was jealous that Mark was marrying her. The detective said that Dave would not be charged at the moment until they knew how Mark was going to be.

'If Mr. Trimble dies then he will be charged with manslaughter, if Mr. Trimble pulls through then he will be charged with GBH.'

Chloe was glad the Dave had been arrested, she felt the rage boil up inside her when she thought about him. The detective thanked Chloe for her time and after he had her signed statement he let her go back to Mark.

For the next few days Chloe kept her 24 hour vigil at Marks bedside, she visited the hospital chapel a few more times and prayed hard for her daddy.

The doctors were very happy with Marks progress and more talk about him coming off the ventilator took place. People from the office visited sporadically and brought flowers and cards, the room was looking more and more like a florist with each visit.

By the Thursday, the doctors were ready to take Mark off the ventilator. Chloe was asked to wait in the relatives room as they performed the task.

Inside the relatives room it was warm and cosy but Chloe couldn't get comfortable, she was sitting on the edge of the sofa her hands between her legs and she was rocking back and forth. The nurse said she would be in as soon as she knew what was going on, it had already been fifteen minutes and still no word. Chloe walked over to the window and looked outside; the rain had been falling for most of the day, she could see people fighting against the wind as they were walking down the road. Chloe turned as she heard the door open, the nurse had come in.

'Is he ok?'

'Yes, he is fine. Mark is still asleep but he is breathing alone, the doctors are very happy with him and they said that it looks good.'

Chloe smiled, she was walking over to the nurse when a doctor walked in.

'Hello Miss. Lewis, my name is Dr. Blaine.'

Chloe shook the doctors hand. 'What is the matter doctor?'

'Nothing, everything is fine. Mr. Trimble is breathing unaided now and it shouldn't be long before he wakes.'

'That is brilliant news doctor, thank you.'

The doctor shook Chloes hand again and left the room.

'See' said the nurse 'I told you it was ok.'

Chloe smiled again and left the relatives room, she went straight back to Marks bedside and once again took her seat. Mark looked a lot better, there were no tubes around him and he looked as if he was sleeping. Chloe once again took Marks hand and began to stroke it. Chloe rested her head on Marks hand and began to speak.

'I'm back daddy, the doctor said you are going to be ok, you just need to wake up now. I need you now daddy.'

Chloe began to sob to herself again she kissed Marks hand again.

'I know you can hear me daddy, please wake up. I miss you daddy.'

Chloe was squeezing Marks hand, she looked up at his face, his eyes were still closed. Chloe got up and kissed Mark on the forehead then she lay next to him and put her head on his chest.

'Please daddy wake up, I love you.'

Chloe closed her eyes and quietly sobbed, she hugged Mark tightly.

Chloe pulled Marks left arm over her and held it close, then out of nowhere she felt his right arm over her as well. Chloe was confused, she was still sobbing when she heard a voice.

'Don't cry princess. Daddy is here.'

To be continued.

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