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All I Want For Christmas

Part 10

Chloes eyes shot open as she heard Marks voice, she felt her stomach churn and slowly looked up. Mark smiled down at Chloe.

'Hello princess'

Chloe smiled the biggest smile, sat up and promptly fell off the bed.

'Be careful princess.'

Chloes eyes filled up with tears, she stood up and kissed Mark on the lips. Chloe looked at her daddy and smiled again.

'I thought you had left me for a minute back there.'

Mark smiled back at Chloe. 'Never princess, never ever'

Mark again put his arms around Chloe and cuddled her tightly, he kissed her sweetly on the forehead and rocked her a little.

'What happened princess? I remember Dave wanting to fight and falling into me but I can't remember much after that.'

Chloe proceeded to tell Mark about all the events of that horrible night at the party, she told him how the barmaid had helped and that Dave had been arrested. Mark was surprised to hear how the lads from the office had been close to tears when they had visited.

Mark looked around the room and saw all the cards and flowers that had been contributed towards his get well effort. Chloe read some of the cards out to Mark and each time he commented on how clever his baby girl was. Chloe couldn't stop smiling as she picked out the best of the cards.

'Come here princess.' Mark was motioning for Chloe to sit beside him.

Chloe walked over and sat on the chair beside Marks bed, she rested her head on the soft padding and Mark began to speak.

'I'm sorry if I scared you princess. I was in darkness and all that I could hear was your voice, you were upset and calling for me. I wanted to drift away because it felt so comfortable and right but you kept calling. I saw my Nan, she wasn't happy with my being there and she told me off, she told me to get my lazy backside out of the bed and do some work. I still wanted to slide away but you kept calling me and it begun to feel wrong. I heard you talking and then crying, I knew I had to come back, when I opened my eyes I saw you crying and when I cuddled you it felt right again. You are the reason I am here and I won't be leaving you anytime soon, I promise. I love you.'

Chloe felt the tears in her eyes as she listened to Mark softly speaking.

'I love you too daddy.'

Mark continued to recover well over the next few days and was soon ready to leave the hospital and return home with Chloe. Chloe had decorated the flat with balloons and had made a big card welcoming her daddy home. Mark had a huge mound of letters to open, he sat at the table and began to open them.

After opening more than a few bills Mark came across a letter from the solicitors telling him that his inheritance money was now transferred into his bank account and that he could begin to spend it. Mark breathed a huge sigh and was reminded of the fact that his beloved gran had passed away.

'Are you ok daddy?'

Chloe had been watching Mark and had seen him ponder over the current letter far longer than the others, that coupled with the deep sigh told her that there was something wrong. Mark went on to explain about the letter and the sadness he felt for his lost gran. Chloe put her arms around Mark and cuddled him.

'I'll be fine princess.' Mark returned the cuddle and kissed Chloe on the forehead.

Mark opened the rest of his letters and then went online to pay his bills. Chloe sat in front of the TV watching the Disney Channel and clapping along to the music. Mark went into the kitchen and looked through the cupboards, they really needed to go shopping, he returned to the living room.

'We are going to have to go to the supermarket princess, let's get your bum changed and we can pop along.'

Chloe looked up from the TV and held her arms out, Mark walked over to her, picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. Mark laid Chloe down and then went to the wardrobe for the changing supplies. Once he had the supplies, Mark returned to the bed and slipped Chloes trousers down her legs, he saw the soaked nappy before him and begun to untape it, he lowered the front and used baby wipes to clean Chloes vagina and bottom. Mark lifted Chloes legs and pulled the wet nappy from under her replacing it with a fresh dry one. Mark powdered Chloe well and taped up the nappy, he bent over and blew a raspberry on Chloes tummy.

'There you go princess.'

Chloe smiled at Mark, she had missed his tenderness when he changed her nappy. Chloe replaced her trousers and as she was walking out of the room Mark swatted her nappied behind. Mark packed a nappy bag, just in case, he made a quick shopping list and then helped Chloe with her coat, they were now ready to go out into the cold February air. Mark opened up the car and made sure Chloe was strapped into the passenger seat safely before getting into the drivers side himself, off they went.

At the supermarket Mark made Chloe hold onto the sides of the trolley, she did as she was told and even got some of the items on the list for Daddy. Mark made sure to pick up some chocolate for his well behaved princess, he even took her down the toy aisle and let her pick out a new teddy bear. Mark restocked on changing supplies, Chloe wanted the Pampers nappies that had nursery prints on the waistbands.

'No princess, they don't have them in your size.'

Chloe didn't like that and began to sulk, she wanted the Pampers.

'Come on princess let's get to the checkout.'

Chloe refused to move and stood in the middle of the aisle with the Pampers in hand. Mark strode up to Chloe, removed the Pampers and grabbed her by the hand. Chloe pulled back with all her might, she squatted back as toddler would and refused to move. Mark began to get angry.

'Chloe Lewis, on your feet this instant and stop acting like a spoiled brat.'

Chloe was mortified, she had been shouted at in the middle of the supermarket like a common toddler, she quickly got back to her feet and refilled her position flanking the trolley. Mark manoeuvred the shopping trolley around to the checkouts and Chloe helped place everything on the belt. Mark noticed an extra packet of sweets mysteriously appear. It didn't take long to pack all the shopping, they were soon back in the car on their way home. Mark drove carefully on the icy roads, the drive took a little longer than usual but eventually they arrived back at the flat and carted all the bags into the kitchen where Mark unpacked and put away the shopping. Chloe carefully unpacked her sweets and put them on the surface, Mark smiled to himself watching his princess.

'Is my princess hungry?'

Chloe looked away from her sweets and nodded. 'Yes Daddy.'

'What do you want then princess?'


'No princess, you can't have sweets for lunch. How about a nice sandwich?'


Mark began to laugh and walked over to Chloe, he tickled her. 'You can't have sweets princess.'

Chloe squirmed and laughed trying to get away from Mark, she dodged her way out of the room and ran into the bedroom slamming the door on the way.

'You can't hide from me.' Mark chased after her, he opened the door to the bedroom and saw the lump underneath the duvet. 'Where is she?'

Mark could hear the sniggering coming from beneath the duvet, he continued the charade of looking around the room lifting even the smallest item up and looking under it, the sniggering getting louder each time. Mark eventually came to the bed and sat down.

'Oh I don't know where she is. What am I going to do?'

'BOO!' Chloe threw back the covers and jumped on Marks back, Mark threw her off him and onto the bed, then he continued the tickle assault. Chloe struggled and squirmed but she couldn't get away from Mark, her sides were hurting and she was sure that she had drenched her nappy. The giggling and laughing soon turned to kissing and pretty soon Mark was touching her body and undressing her. Chloe returned the favour by removing Marks clothes, they were rubbing each others bodies and kissing deeply. Chloe still had her nappy intact and Mark reached down and pressed the thick padding hard against her crotch, Chloe moaned with anticipation and longed for daddies hand inside. Mark gradually slid his hand inside her nappy and touched her throbbing, wet vagina, he rubbed her clitoris and kissed her passionately. Chloe pushed her hips closer to Marks touch, she longed to feel him inside her. Mark removed his hand from Chloes nappy and unfastened the four tapes, he pulled back the wet padding and then pulled the nappy from underneath his princess, the nappy ended up in a wet pile on the floor as Mark slid his penis inside Chloe. For the first time in a while they made love, both of them savouring the moment. The euphoria afterwards was only interrupted by the telephone ringing, the answer phone was left to pick up the call. Mark looked across at Chloe and smiled, he leaned over and kissed her.

'Shall we get a shower princess?'

Chloe sat up and followed Mark to the bathroom where he had switched on the shower, they both got in and enjoyed the hot jets of water on their bodies. Chloe looked down at Marks stomach where the cut was still clearly visible from that fateful night. Mark washed Chloe and then himself before reaching for the razor and shaving foam. Mark carefully shaved away the pubic stubble forming on Chloes crotch before switching off the shower and stepping out onto the mat. Mark first dried himself and then turned his attention to Chloe, he wrapped her in the big fluffy towel and carried her back to the bedroom where he nappied her and placed the discarded wet nappy into a nappy bag. Mark got himself dressed before picking out some nice warm clothes for Chloe, he dressed her and then they returned to the living room. Chloe switched on the TV while Mark went to make the sandwiches for lunch. Chloe and Mark ate their sandwiches and Chloe got her sweets. In the evening Mark treated Chloe to a trip out to the cinema, he also took her for a meal out. It was during the meal that Mark told Chloe what he wanted to do with the money he had from his Nan. Mark had decided that he wanted to set himself up as a computer repair shop as well as selling all the latest computer gear.

'I have seen a nice little shop for sale by the flat which I think would be perfect. We can have it up and running by this time next month. What do you think?'

Chloe listened intently to Marks idea for his new business, she liked it very much and she was excited. 'I think it is a wonderful idea.'

Mark was happy that Chloe thought his idea was a good one, hey chatted some more over dinner about what the shop should look like and what each of them would do. Chloe would answer the phones and deal with quotes while Mark would fix the machines, in time they would take on another member of staff to help. That night they both went to sleep excited and dreaming of the future.

The weeks passed by and the shop project was in full swing, both Mark and Chloe were dedicating a lot of time and effort into getting the shop ready, baby time seemed to get less and less although Chloe was still wearing nappies. February was fast ending and the spring month of March was about to begin, for Chloe that meant one thing, birthday. March the 5th was Chloes 20th birthday, it would be her first with Mark and also her first as her new personae as baby Chloe. Chloe had been invited out for dinner with her mum and dad for the night of her birthday, they were all due to meet at 9pm. Mark had special plans for the afternoon before the dinner. As the day approached Mark got his things ready, put Chloe to bed early on the night before and then put his plan into action. Finally at 4am Mark crept to bed.

The next morning Chloe woke up bright and early, wet as usual but also very excited, it was the morning of her birthday, Mark was still snoring next to her.

'Daddy, daddy wake up.' Chloe shook Mark until he woke from his short sleep.

Mark yawned and then stretched. 'Good morning princess.' Mark looked at the clock, it was 7:30am. 'What do you want to get up so early for?'

'It's my birthday daddy.'

'Is it? Nobody told me.'

Chloe looked at Mark with a scowl. 'Yes, yes, yes I told you last week and last night.'

'Well I must have forgotten princess, sorry.'

Mark rolled over and pretended to go back to sleep. Chloe didn't like this turn of events one bit and jumped onto her sleeping daddy.

'Come on daddy, get up. Stop playing.'

Mark got out of bed and put on his dressing gown. 'Oh ok then, but I don't know what you want to get up for, I haven't got you anything.'

Chloe picked up her teddy bear by the arm and followed Mark to the lounge. The room was decorated all over with balloons and banners wishing Chloe a very happy birthday. Chloe looked around in awe at the decorations before she spotted the small pile of presents on the table. Chloe ran over to the table where and picked up the smallest present from the top of the pile. Mark made ready with his camera. Chloe tore at the bright wrapping paper and revealed a small box, inside was an adult sized Disney dummy. Mark took photographs at each stage of the present massacre, when it was over, injured boxes lay spilling their contents onto what used to look like a table. Chloe looked at the rewards for her tearing, the final list stood at: 10 tubs of Play Doh!, 3 new colouring books, a doll, some new story books, some tigger slipper socks and tickets to the stage musical of Chitty, Chitty Bang Bang. Chloe threw her arms around Mark.

'Thank you daddy.'

'You are welcome princess.' Mark hugged Chloe back and then begun to tidy up the mess that had been left in the wake of the present opening frenzy.

Chloe took her new doll (which wore a nappy just like her) over to the sofa and sat watching cartoons. Mark filled up a bin bag with the rubbish, piled the presents on one of the chairs and then went to the kitchen to make some breakfast. Mark cooked a breakfast of sausage, bacon, eggs, tomatoes and of course completed it all with toast. Chloes food was cut up into smaller pieces and had the customary dollop of tomato ketchup. Mark carried two cups of tea into the living room and then went back for the breakfasts, Chloe was still on the sofa engrossed in the latest adventures of The Hoobs.

'Breakfast princess.'

Chloe switched off the TV, picked up her doll and walked over to the table. Mark placed a bib around her neck and pushed her chair properly into the table. Chloe looked down at the breakfast and licked her lips she used her fingers to pick up the pieces of sausage and dipped it into the tomato sauce then raising the food to her mouth. In went the sausage but not before a drip of ketchup ended up running down her chin and onto the waiting bib. Chloe ate all of her breakfast and drunk her tea, which by the end had more breakfast in it than the hot brew it had started out as.

'Did you enjoy that princess?'

Chloe looked up at Mark with a face covered in sauce and even a small piece of egg. 'Yes Daddy, it was yummy.'

Mark finished his own breakfast and then managed to get Chloe still enough to wipe her face clean. Chloe was not the least bit impressed about having the yucky baby wipe all over her face but she was quickly free of it and released from the table to play with her new toys. Mark went to the kitchen and washed up the dishes. Chloe was enjoying colouring in her new books when she was interrupted by Mark.

'Bath time princess.'

'But daddy. I want to play.'

'No princess, bath now or we will be late.'

'Late for what daddy?'

'You will find out princess.'

Chloe reluctantly followed Mark through to the bedroom, she was stripped of her sleeper and nappy before being led in to the bathroom and a nice hot bubble bath. Mark gently lowered her into the hot water and left her to play with the bath toys and the bubbles. Mark got some clothes ready for Chloe and brought out the changing supplies, he then returned to a very wet bathroom.

'Wow it looks like somebody has been having fun.'

Chloe looked at Mark and gave him a cheeky grin. Mark retrieved a towel from the dirty washing bin and proceeded to mop up all the water on the floor. Once the floor was relatively dry Mark knelt down beside the bath and washed Chloe, he shampooed her hair and washed her all over, once he had finished Mark left Chloe to play for a little longer.

When Mark returned Chloe was still playing with her bath toys. 'Time to get out now princess, pull out the plug.' Chloe did as she was told and Mark lifted her out of the bath, he dried her delicately and then carried her through to the bedroom. Chloe was placed on the bed and the towel was removed from her body. Mark picked up the bottle of baby lotion that was on the bedside table and poured a slow drip onto Chloes bare skin, she shuddered as the coldness of the lotion registered. Mark slowly rubbed the lotion into Chloes skin, he made sure he got every inch of her body, Chloe closed her eyes and enjoyed the relaxing massage. Chloe was nearly asleep by the time Mark had finished. Mark wiped his hands clean and then took out a fresh nappy, he flipped Chloe onto her back and taped the clean nappy around her. Mark dressed Chloe in her jeans and her jumper.

'Are you ready for your trip out princess?'

'Where are we going daddy?'

'It is a surprise princess, you will have to wait and see.'

Mark then took Chloe into the living room and told her to play with her toys while he got showered and dressed. Chloe did as she was told and enjoyed playing with her new doll and looking through her new story books. Mark reappeared ten minutes later, he put on his coat and then proceeded to help Chloe put hers on.

'Are you ready princess?'

Chloe nodded and was really excited to find out were her daddy was taking her. Mark led her to the car and buckled her in. Chloe sat anxiously awaiting their journey ahead so she could try and work out where they were going, Mark got in the car and then blind folded Chloe.

'I want this to be a total surprise.'

Chloe didn't like this new development. 'But daddy.'

Mark laughed away her protests and then started the car. To Chloe the car journey seemed to last forever, but in reality it was only twenty minutes long. Mark was soon removing the blindfold from Chloes eyes and she could see the sign above the gateway, it read Thirlwell Park Cat Sanctuary. Chloe looked at Mark.

'Are we getting a cat daddy?'

'Yes princess we are going to get a nice new cat for you.'

Mark led Chloe into the sanctuary and met with the owner whom Mark had made an appointment with. Chloe was told she could have a look around all the cages and take as much time as she liked, Mark thanked the owner and then went to join Chloe as the owner went into the small office. Chloe didn't know where to start, she was surrounded by cages that all housed poor abandoned cats and kittens.

'Can we have them all Daddy?'

'No princess, I'm afraid we can't. You can pick out two.'

Chloe held up two fingers to show Mark. 'Two daddy?'

'That is right princess, clever girl but you shouldn't put your fingers up like that, you need to show them the other way around, that way is naughty.'

Chloe immediately retracted the offensive gesture and returned to her search for the perfect two cats. There were so many cats that choosing was going to be a difficult task. Some cats were easy to dismiss as they seemed too fierce to have in the flat, others looked too poorly. Chloe came to a cage where there was a ginger cat rubbing himself up against the wire, he was a very friendly cat. Chloe loved him, she put her finger through the gap and the cat licked her. Chloe giggled as the cat continued to lick her finger tip.

'I want this one daddy.'

Mark agreed that this was indeed a friendly cat and that Chloe could definitely have it.

'Are you going to choose another?'

'No daddy, I want this one and that is it.'

Mark went to the small office and knocked on the door, he told the woman that Chloe had made her choice and that they would be taking the ginger cat.

'Oh that is wonderful, we have been looking for a home for Garfield for quite a while, he is an affectionate cat but people want kittens more now.'

Mark worked out the payment with the owner and Chloe had her cat. They were soon back in the flat and settling Garfield into his new home. Chloe set up a nice bed for Garfield in the living room and she made sure that he had food and water. Chloe spent the afternoon playing with her new toys, she had opened her Play Doh! and made a likeness of Garfield with it. Mark took many photographs and was pleased that his plans had worked out well. The day moved along quickly as it often does when you are having fun, Mark had made a few phone calls about some stock he had been expecting and also took a few appointments for people to have their computers fixed on Monday. The shop was to have its grand opening on Monday morning and Mark already had customers to serve. It was now 7pm and time to get ready for the dinner with Chloes parents. Chloe was allowed to get herself showered and after Mark had put her nappy on she dressed herself.

Mark and Chloe arrived at the restaurant at around about the same time as Helen and Derek, they all had a drink at the bar while they waited for their table. Mark was updating Helen and Derek about the shop and they were delighted to hear that he had customers on the very first day he opened. Helen was keener to get around to the subject of the wedding now that the shop had been completed.

'So have you both set a date yet?'

'Mum, we have only just finished the shop. The wedding is the next thing on the list.'

Derek laughed. 'She won't let it go about this you know, she has been waiting to plan this wedding for 20 years.'

Throughout the dinner more and more wedding things were discussed and by dessert a date had been set. Helen was pleased and was even more delighted when she was asked to plan the wedding. The date that was decided was June twelfth a lot of work was going to be required in the coming months to give Mark and Chloe the perfect wedding they deserved.

'Leave it to me.' Helen said. 'This is going to be the best wedding ever.'

Everybody around the table looked at each other. The race was on.

Over the next few months Helen made plans, she had everything so perfectly organised.

With the day of the wedding approaching rapidly, all the organisation was paying off and even some of the setbacks had worked out quite nicely. Helen was busy talking with caterers, florist and of course the guests themselves. Chloe was anxiously waiting for the day when she could finally become Marks wife, it was the first thing she thought of each morning and the last thing she thought of each night. Mark was calmly awaiting the big day with his own hidden sense of excitement, the business was going well and his future looked more secure than ever. It was to be a church wedding complete with a big reception in a massive hotel. Mark used some more of his inheritance to pay for the endless stream of bills that seemed to go with what was planned. Chloe was enjoying her time with Helen planning the big day, she loved shopping for dresses and was thankful that there were styles that hid the bulge of her nappy. Mark had planned his stag night for the weekend before the wedding, he was going into the city centre with his mates to crawl around the pub circuit. Chloe decided that she would have her hen night on the very night before the wedding day, she had only a few friends in Fallfield so it was to be a quiet occasion.

Chloe could feel the nerves starting to build up inside as the wedding day countdown reached its final seven days, she had not been feeling well and was worried that she would still feel the same on the wedding day. Mark was looking forward to all the fuss being over and settling down to married life with his princess. On the day of Marks stag night Chloe became more anxious, she knew that they were now getting onto the final straight and that it was exactly a week away. Chloe was spending the night in the flat alone while Mark was out, she was worried about the fact that the last time Mark had been on a night out it had ended so tragically. Mark had reassured Chloe that he would be fine, Dave was not going to be there as he was in prison but Chloe still felt uneasy as he walked out of the door. Garfield rubbed up against Chloes legs as she stood watching Mark get into the taxi from the window, she waved him goodbye and blew him a kiss. Chloe heard her phone buzz as she closed the curtain, she picked it up and read the message.


Chloe smiled to herself and tried to take her mind of things, she made herself some popcorn, opened a bottle of wine and settled down on the settee to watch a film. Chloe eventually managed to get her mind of Marks safety and she started enjoying her film, when it was finished she changed her nappy and ordered herself a pizza. Chloe watched another film and fell asleep on the settee.

Chloe was woken up by the sound of knocking, she sat up and looked around the room, the DVD menu was playing on the TV and Garfield had stretched himself out across the rug. The knocking grew louder. Chloe got herself off the settee and sleepily walked to the front door, she peered through the spy hole and saw Mark leaning against the wall. Chloe opened the door just in time to see Mark vomiting in the garden. Mark finished being sick and looked up, seeing Chloe at the door.

'Hello princess.'

Chloe looked at Mark, he looked very drunk. Mark staggered through the front door and into the flat. Chloe closed and locked the door before following Mark into the living room. Mark was sat on the settee with his head bowed, he looked as if he was asleep.

Chloe shook Mark awake, he looked at her and then went into the bathroom, standing on Garfields tail as he went. Chloe switched off the lights and tidied up before heading for the bedroom she checked in on Mark on the way. Mark was lying in the bath fast asleep, Chloe left on the light and went to bed.

The next morning Chloe woke up early, she was alone in bed, she got up and walked into the bathroom, Mark was still asleep in the bath. Chloe went through to the kitchen and switched on the kettle, then she went back to the bathroom. Chloe managed to shake Mark out of his sleep and he groggily got out of the bath and went into the living room, Chloe brought him a cup of tea.

'Did you have a nice time last night then?'

Mark took a sip of the tea and looked at Chloe. 'It was good, what time did I get in and how did I end up in the bath tub?'

Chloe explained to Mark what had happened, he had no recollection of getting home and he certainly couldn't remember going to sleep in the bath. Mark apologised for the state he was in, he told Chloe about all the pubs that he had been in and how much fun he had. Mark had another cup of tea and then went back to bed after taking a couple of painkillers. Chloe showered, dressed and went to her mums for the day to carry on with the planning.

The days rolled on and as is so often the case leading up to a big occasion they seemed to get shorter and shorter. Helen had everything perfectly timed and was finished with the organising by Thursday afternoon. Chloes nerves were getting worse and as the days had progressed she felt worse and worse. Friday came and Chloe felt awful, she was sick and even passed out in the kitchen at her mums. Helen suggested that Chloe went to the doctors just to be on the safe side but Chloe insisted that she was fine and that it was just nerves.

'Are you sure that you are not pregnant Chloe?'

'Don't be silly mum.'

'Ok dear, I just thought I'd ask.'

Chloe felt a lot better after having some lunch and pretty soon they were back into the swing of things and checking all the details of the next day. Chloe cancelled her hen night in the wake of how she was feeling and opted to have a few friends around at her mums for a quiet drink. Helen went out to get some drinks and snacks for the evening and Chloe went to get a bath. Mark telephoned Chloe while she was in the bath to check she was ok. Chloe didn't mention that she had passed out and told him how much she loved him and that she couldn't wait to marry him. Mark told Chloe how much he loved her and that he felt like the luckiest man alive, they both hung up the phone eager to cement their relationship and become man and wife. Chloe finished her bath and after drying herself she assessed her body in the mirror, she was happy with the way she looked and laughing at her mothers suggestion that she might be pregnant she stuck out her tummy. Chloe again dismissed the idea and slipped on her dressing gown.

Helen had returned by the time Chloe was dressed and back in the lounge.

'Did you manage to get everything mum?'

'Oh yes dear I got everything we need for a good night in. How are you feeling?'

'I'm fine mum, I have had a bath and spoken to Mark on the phone.'

'Oh good. I bet he is as excited as you dear.'

Chloe and Helen got everything ready for the evening and also had things ready for the following morning. Everything was now set for the big day.

Chloe didn't drink much that evening as she was still feeling a little sick, her friends more than made up for that fact though as it seemed each of them had drunken Chloes share of the alcohol. Helen had even gotten quite squiffy and cried as she was telling tales from Chloes childhood. Finally at 1am everybody left and Chloe could retire to her old room, she kissed her mother goodnight and climbed the stairs . Chloe went into her room and closed the door behind her, she undressed and changed her nappy. Chloe spotted a box on the bedside table, it was a pregnancy test kit and a note of her mum.


I thought you might need this.

Mum x.

Chloe rolled her eyes and threw the box back on the table, she switched off the light and ended her last day as a single girl.

Chloe didn't get much sleep that night, she finally settled at 5am and was woken at 7am by the sound of the letterbox and a car door slamming shut. Chloe got out of bed, took off her wet nappy and then put on her dressing gown. On her way downstairs Chloe saw the letter lying in the hallway, she bent down and picked it up. The envelope was addressed to her and inside was a card, Chloe opened it up and read it.

To my dearest Chloe,

I wanted to write this to you to tell you how much I love you and that I cant believe that this day is finally here. In a few hours time you will be my wife and for that I feel like the luckiest man who ever lived. You are my whole world and I can't imagine living my life without you. I want you to know that you are amazing, you make me so very happy. I always wished at Christmas to find love and settle down so you are all I want for Christmas and all I want forever more. I love you more than life itself and when you are standing in the church at the alter with me today you will make me the happiest man on earth. I love you.


Chloe felt the first teardrop roll down her cheek, she went back upstairs and into her room. Helen knocked on the door a few minutes later and checked that everything was alright, Chloe showed her the card and soon they were both sat sobbing on the bed. Helen went to make some tea and brought it back to Chloes room, they sat and drunk their tea before they both had showers and waited for the hairdresser to arrive. Chloe didn't feel as nervous for some reason but was still vomiting, she had her hair done and made an excuse to be alone while she got on her dress. Chloe was able to nappy herself and put on the dress in privacy. Helen came back into the room and stood in awe of her little girl, she started to cry.

'You look stunning Chloe, absolutely stunning.'

Chloe hugged her mum and thanked her for everything.

There was a beeping from outside and Chloe looked out of the window.

'Oh my god, it is the cars already.'

Helen went downstairs and spoke to the driver, she shouted up to Chloe that it was time to go.

'I'll be right there mum, just give me 10 minutes.' Chloe felt sick again, she went into the bathroom and locked the door behind her. Chloe quickly took off her dress and ran over to the toilet. Helen knocked on the door.

'Are you ok in there honey?'

'Yeah mum I am fine just a little ill, can you give me some more time?'

'Ok dear but you need to hurry up, we have to get going.'

Chloe looked at herself in the mirror, she would need to reapply some make up but nothing major, she opened the bathroom cabinet looking for some pills when she saw the pregnancy kit on the middle shelf. Chloe began to wonder if maybe her mother had been right, she took the kit, slip her nappy down her legs and sat on the toilet waiting to urinate on the stick. It took a few minutes but at last a short stream flowed from Chloe and she placed the strip on the sink before replacing her nappy and putting her dress back on.

'Chloe come on. We can't wait any longer.' Helen was shouting from the bottom of the stairs. Chloe was staring intently at the strip, finally she had her result, she left the bathroom and went downstairs.

'Is everything ok dear?'

'Yes mum it is fine.' Chloe took the drink of water her mum had for her and then left the house to get into the car. Derek was already waiting inside for her.

'You look beautiful sweetheart.'

'Thanks dad.'

The car sped off to the church, Chloe was running fifteen minutes late.

Mark was stood at the front of the church fidgeting with his hat, he hoped everything was ok, he had gotten the message that Chloe was running late but it didn't settle his nerves. To Mark it felt like an eternity but fifteen minutes later than expected the organ piped up and 'Here comes the bride' was blasting out.

Chloe made her way down the aisle and came to stand next to Mark, he smiled at her and felt relieved. Chloe handed Mark a small piece of paper. Mark unfolded it and read the two words that made up the reason for her late arrival.

'I'm Pregnant.'

Mark broke into a huge smile he nodded at Chloe as if looking for confirmation of what his eyes had just read, Chloe smiled and nodded back.

'We are gathered here today......' Mark and Chloe turned to face the vicar.

'Do you Chloe Lewis take Mark Joseph Trimble..........' Chloe looked deep into Marks eyes, this was truly the happiest moment of her life, she didn't hear the rest of the words but knew what she had to say when it went silent.

'I do.' Chloe committed herself to Mark, her daddy, she gave herself to him as she slowly wet her nappy.


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