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My diaper fetish began long long ago. Right now i am 19 years old, Male and stright. It all started when i was about 3 or 4 years old this is the most earliest memory i can remember.

Part 1 of my life

I was at home with my dad playing with my toys and my mom was out at the store and they were trying to potty train me at the time. mom came home with a few bags of things. so i followed mommy after she put some of the bags down she told me to follow her to the bath room. They told me that i never wanted to use the potty when i was young i loved my diapers. After following her to the bathroom she let me look in the bag she was holding and it was full of Hot Wheels cars, and i loved Hot Wheels and i still do to this day. she told me everytime i used the potty i would get 1 car. Of corse i was happy but sad at the same time cause i loved my diapers. After she said this i went stright for the potty and tryed to potty. and couldnt but she gave me a Hot Wheel for trying.

Part 2 of my life

When i was about 5 or 6 years old another memory i can remember is a very interesting one. I was spending the night at my cousins house we were haveing fun all day and it got late and her mom put us down for bed around 9 pm that night. In the middle of the night "i dont know what time it was but" I woke up and she was changeing my cousins diaper cause she still was not potty trained and about a year younger than i was. I looked over at her and said "can i please wear a diaper to" she looked back at me and said.

" ok one sec let me put hers on then i will put one on you if you want"

I was so happy because my memory of being younger and not wanting to be potty trained came into my mind again so i couldnt wait to get a diaper on. After she got done puting a diaper on my cousin she came over to me and said "its a girls diaper do you still want it on" i looked right in her eyes and yelled YES!! she wanted me to be quite not to wake anyone else in the house so she took off my pants and big boy pants cause by this time i was potty trained and rarely ever bed wet. after she put me in a diaper i said thanks and fell back asleep.

That morning when i woke up i was soak and wet and when my cousins mom came into the room after only me being awake for a few mins she noticed i was very wet and changed me into another diaper and kept me diapered the whole weekend i was over at her house.

this was one of the best times of my life.

Part 3 of my life.

Part 3 starts off when i was in middle school. there was a handicap room where the kids that had "problems" were and would stay in these rooms to learn there studies. well during lunch one day i got bored and went into there room while they were eating and made a new friend and his name was jason. he was Incon and had to use a wheelchair to get around and could hardly talk.

for a few weeks i went back there everyday just to try to talk with him cause back then i liked pokemon and so did he. me and him both collected the cards and traded them. Well one day while i was there i had to use the restroom and the closest one was at the other end of the hall way about 100 feet away and i knew i wouldnt make it and they had a bathroom there. so i said to them i will be right back i really have to use the restroom. thats when 1 of the teachers said use the one in the other room. so i went to the other room and there was the big restroom it had a changeing table in it and a thing to help the kids get out of the wheel chairs to get on the potty. but under the changeing table was alot of adult size diapers. and it came to my mind again. how much i liked diapers. After i used the potty i looked down at them and thought "what if i get cought with 1 in my bag." i took the risk and threw one in my bookbag and then left for my next class.

The next cupple of months i went there everyday and took 1 diaper a week so that they wouldnt really notice. but one day one of the teachers asked me about it and i said i had no idea what she was talking about and she beleived me and thats when i stoped takeing them cause i thought they would catch on.

Part 4 of my life

This part of my life starts when i am in high school and am 16 years old. this school also had a room with a changeing table in it and had adult diapers on a rack. but the only problem with geting diapers again was that every hall way of the school had cameras in it so someone that was watching the cams could easyly see me if i went into the room.

About a week later. i was in the office cause i got in troble for being in a fight. so while i was there i had to stay there till school was over and parents had to pick me up. i looked over at a montor and it showed and cams switching to different areas off the halls on a timer and i saw when and how long it would be on the cam that showed the room with the diapers and i had about a 2min time to get in take it and get out. So about antoher week later i went for it. i asked my teacher at the end of the day near the time where the camera would not be on that room. if i could use the restroom and she let me go. i ran with my bookbag to the room and waited till the right time then i went in to grab a few diapers. after geting 2 or 3 diapers i left put them in my bookbag and went back to class. this went on about everyother week for about 3 months then i stoped cause i almost got caught one day.

Part 5 of my life.

This part of my life starts when i turn 18 and get my drivers licence. i went out one night cause i had cash and really wanted to get me some diapers. so i went to the local WalGreens to buy some. I WAS SOOOO NERVOUS. but i finaly grabed a bag of depends "which i still use to this day" and went to the counter to pay. A ladie came up and asked me if the diapers were for my grandma or somethign and a light went over my head. YES! i said they are i am jsut picking them up for her cause they are not dressed and i was sent here to get for her.

I was so happy she gave me this idea. so ever since i have been going there normaly when that ladie is there and she knows i am there to get for my "grandma" but there really for me lol.

Well thats my story. I hope you liked it and i hope you all had a easyer time geting diapers then i did!


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