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Amanda was a beautiful girl. She was petite with light brown hair. She was popular, smart, funny and had a wonderful mother and father. She had a wonderful boyfriend who was athletic and loved her for the all world. But then, her life changed for good.

Amanda and her boyfriend were on the verge of having relations with each other. She slowly slipped out of her pants and t-shirt. The unclasped her bra and threw off her panties. She wandered over to Adam, who was waiting. They both shared a passionate kiss. Then, Amanda's mother walked in.

"Just checking to see if you kids are..."

"MOM!" screamed Amanda, as she reached for the shirt, laying on the ground beside her bed.

"Adam, leave this house immediately. I thought I could trust you, but you proved me wrong tonight. I will keep this between the three of us, if you leave this minute." said Amanda's mother.

Adam quickly collected his things, kissed Amanda goodbye and hurried out the door.

"And now to deal with you, young lady."

Amanda started to get dressed.

"Not so fast." said Amanda's mother, "I want you to stay naked for the next little while as a punishment. Believe me, when I'm through with you, you'll wish this was all that I had done. Now get in the shower and get cleaned up.

"As she walked out the door of her bedroom she turned and said "I'm so disappointed in you."

Amanda sat there sobbing with her face in her hands. She dried her tears and got into the shower. While she was in there, she heard some movement in the attic and basement. She finished her shower and walked back into her room. Her mother was waiting.

"What did I say?" she said

"To take a shower." Amanda replied

"No. Drop the towel." Her mother ordered.

Amanda obeyed and let the towel go. Once again, the stood there, in front of her mother, filled with shame and embarrassment.

"Follow me." Her mother instructed.

Amanda followed her mother to the basement. She was shocked by what she saw. All the baby items they had in the house were now in the basement. Her crib, her changing table, her bottles and pacifiers, they were all there. Even her teddies were down there. Her mother pulled out a diaper, a mat and some baby powder from the change table.

"Lay down." She instructed.

"What?" she said in disbelief.

"Well, when you were about to have sex with your boyfriend, you made me realize something. I was lucky to catch you this time, but what will happen if you do something dumber? Like go to a party, get drunk, and have sex with some guy you don't know? And what if you get pregnant and can't recall who it was who got you pregnant? I won't be able to watch you all the time. But I will keep you under my watchful eye for the next year you are living here. At least then, if something goes wrong, I won't fell like I could've done something."

Amanda couldn't believe what she had just heard.

"...does this mean I'm going to be a baby?" she said nervously

"Oh! You are such a smart girl? Yes you are!" her mother said while pinching her cheek

Amanda slapped her hand away.

"Oooh... do we have a gwumpy baby?" she said mockingly

"What makes you think I would play along in this?" Amanda snapped back.

"Well, if you play along no pictures will get out." Her mother replied

"Pictures? What pictures?" Amanda asked

"There's none now," her mother explained, "but if you don't do exactly as I say, I could get your father to help with a couple of your cousins to force you, then I would take pictures, thin I will post them all over the internet. Heck, maybe I might make some home movies with our Baby Amanda. Wouldn't that be sweet?"

Amanda couldn't believe what she was hearing.

"O.k." she said "just don't let anything get out, please?"

"Alright, now lay down on the mat." Her mother instructed

Amanda knew that once she did this there was no going back the laid her naked body on the change mat and stared to sob. Her mother ignored it, gently rubbing powder on her and fastening the tapes on the diaper. She gave Amanda a little tap on the bum when she was finished.

Amanda got up and was still sobbing.

"We're not done yet." Amanda's mother said

Amanda lay back down. Her mother reached onto the change table and pulled off a large, bulky diaper and some locking panties. She quickly fastened the both of them. She instructed Amanda to get up.

She reached into one of the drawers and pulled out an adult sized diaper shirt. It was pink with a flower in the middle. It was exactly Amanda's size

"Wait a minute, how..." Amanda said before she was cut off.

"I have been planning this for a while, child." Her mother said "you see, i knew you were going to be getting 'intimate' with Adam soon enough. I just had to wait."

Amanda realized she had been played. She went to take off her diaper but she realized that she was locked in.

"Why didn't I realise something was up when she had the adult sized diapers?" She thought "You tricked me! How could you?"

Suddenly, she heard a click. And she saw her mother had a camera.

"You promised you wouldn't!" Amanda screamed

"No, said I wouldn't let anything get out." She teased "Now, come over here so I can get you dressed."

Amanda could barely walk with the bulk of the diaper. Her mother slid the Diaper shirt over her head and clipped it shut. Then, she instructed her to lift up her feet. She slipped two baby booties onto her feet. It made it extremely hard to walk in because they had no grip whatsoever.

"Now to do something about that hair." She grinned.

She walked over to the vanity and pulled out two elastics. They were pink with two yellow balls on them. She quickly brushed Amanda's hair into two cute pigtails. She finished it off by tying a big pink bow on the top of her head.

"Now, don't we look better?" Amanda's mother teased.

Amanda didn't say a word.

"Well, seeing as you're speechless, I might as well give you this."

She pulled a large dummy from a drawer and walked over to Amanda. Amanda held her lips very tight.

"Open wide for the soother express!" Her mother teased as she pinched Amanda's nose.

She quickly inserted the dummy as Amanda gasped for air. She held it in her mouth for a couple seconds to explain.

"Now, we can go two ways about this. Either you chose to suck on this dummy, or I can tie it down."

She lifted her hand from the dummy. Amanda spat it out immediately.

"O.k. then." Her mother groaned.

She pulled out two ribbons and fed them through the holes of the dummy. Amanda was trying to think of a way out of this. But as she was thinking her mother quickly tied the dummy to her mouth.

"Now how does that feel?" Her mother asked

"Mmmph! Mmmf! Mmm!" Amanda screamed through the dummy. She reached up to untie the bow.

"Ah ah ah!" her mother said, slapping her hands.

"Now, you can choose to leave the ribbons alone, or I can put your hands in mittens and post some of those lovely photos."

Amanda quickly dropped her hands down to her side.

"Let's see... diaper, dummy, bow, booties, shirt... I think we have it all" her mother smiled

Amanda stayed silent.

"Who's hungry?" her mother joked.

"Now stay put, baby. Mommy has to go make us some suppers!"

She led Amanda over to a high chair. She was instructed to sit down. She sat down and got strapped in. Her mother fastened her legs to the legs of the chair and her hand to the tray. Then, she left to go upstairs to make supper.

Amanda rocked side to side to make the chair fall. She looked to the ground. The chair was bolted in. She sat there, thinking to herself that this was her life for the next fourteen months.

Her mother returned with a tray with four plates. The first one had no cover; it was 'adult food' for her mother. The other three were covered. Her mother began by lifting the first one up. Beneath it there were eight jars of baby food, a bowl of Pablum and some cream of wheat. She removed Amanda's dummy and proceeded to fit her with a bib. Amanda squirmed, but it made it that much more enjoyable to her mother.

"This a language test," her mother said while opening the first jar of baby food.

"I want to hear you baby talk"

"Goo goo, ga ga" Amanda unenthusiastically replied.

"Wrong answer" Her mother said while spoon feeding her child, purposely smearing it over her face and chin.

She repeated this with the other jars of baby food. Still, Amanda refused to talk like a baby.

"Fine then, let's move onto the Pablum" she scooped up a spoonful of the mushy, bland baby food, squeezed Amanda's cheeks and force fed her.

"Mumma, no no. Icky poo." Amanda finally replied in a baby voice

"Good to see you've finally come around" her mother said as she started to mix up the cream of wheat to remove the lumps.

"I thought you said i could stop if i spoke in baby talk!" Amanda protested.

"I never said that." Her mother said, spooning more of the bland substance down Amanda's throat.

Amanda ate and ate the mushy substance until she was full. She had never felt so full. She was ready to explode.

"What's behind door number two, baby?" her mother said as she lifted the lid to reveal three full baby bottles , one with formula, one with milk and one with water. She wasted no time shoving the bottles into Amanda's mouth and pushing on the bags at the bottom, to Amanda was forced to drink it. Amanda sobbed and let the formula leak out of her mouth and onto her bib.

"Messy baby!" her mother exclaimed while wiping off her mouth and forcing the next two bottles into Amanda's mouth.

"Last stop of the yum-yum train!" Amanda's mother excitedly exclaimed while revealing a heaping pile of chocolate pudding.

She forced every last puddle of pudding into her mouth. Amanda had to use the bathroom very badly at this point. Her bladder was ready to explode.

"Mumma, I gotta go pee-pee" she said.

"Why do you think you're wearing a diaper?"Her mother answered as she attached the Dummy on Amanda's mouth and removed her bib.

"Mmmph! Mmmm!" Amanda shrieked in protest.

Her mother untied her from her highchair and led her to her crib. She lowered the gate and instructed her to get in. Once she was in, her mother attached her arms and legs to the restraints on the four corners, leaving her knees bent into her stomach, encouraging her to pee herself. Her mother grabbed a needless syringe and pushed a small amount of warm water ito the front of her diaper.

"I know what you are thinking: 'that bitch may make me piss myself, but I will never make a poo-poo in my pants.', right?"

Amanda nodded yes.

"Well then, let me remind you that you will be in diapers for the next year. So as a little encouragement, i laced that chocolate pudding with laxatives."

"Mmmph! Mmmf! Mmmph!"

"Yes. Well, good night, baby Amanda" she said as she flicked off the light and turned on the aquarium themed night light.

Amanda screamed in hoped that her father could hear her. But, nothing came out. She felt the strange sensation overtake her and she let out a little pee. But then, she emptied her bladder into the diaper. It swelled up and squished with every motion. But that wasn't the end. She began to feel her bowels loosening up. She could feel her poo squash around the back of the diaper and rub all over her backside. Though it was humiliating to mess herself like a baby, it was incredibly relieving. Then she drifted off to sleep.

She woke up the next morning to a warm bottle and a clean diaper. The same thing happened every day. The laxatives, spoon feeding, messing herself. She now had no control over her bowel and had to get homeschooled from her mother. Now that she had spent three months in diapers, it felt like an eternity. And now, her father knew and he agreed with her mother on the subject.

"I organized a play date for you today" her mother said calmly

"WHAT?!?" Amanda replied

"why do you think I dressed you so fancy today? Don't worry, baby, you won't be seen."

Amanda was dressed oddly today. Instead of a t or diaper shirt, she was wearing a pink dress with puffed sleeves that went to the elbow, white gloves, white pantyhose over her legs, ruffled panties over the pantyhose, Mary Jane shoes and a big pink bow in her head, but without the pigtails.

She led Amanda to the garage and strapped her into her car seat in the back where there were tinted windows and a veil.

"NO! I won't go!" Amanda yelled in protest as her mother tied her dummy back into her mouth. Now all she could protest was "Mmmph!"

"If you don't quiet down, you'll be sitting in the front seat of your father's convertible" her mother ordered. Amanda immediately went quiet.

She started up the car and drove down the side streets to avoid the public.

"Now are you happy?" Amanda's mother snapped.

"I swear one more outburst like that and I'm taking you to the beach. Wouldn't that be fun? Or how about the park or maybe a big walk all around town in a stroller, hmm? Any of those sound good?"

Amanda looked at the floor. She had no clue where she was going. But this neighbourhood did look familiar. No, she thought, it couldn't be.

Her mother pulled up into the three door garage. There were already two other cars in there which looked familiar. Her mother unclipped her from the car seat and pulled her inside. It was just as Amanda had suspected. Her best friends, Julie and Alyssa were sitting in the middle of the living room floor, dressed like her, but in white and yellow, respectively. The all greeted each other with muffled screams of help

"Mmmph!" screamed Amanda

"Mmmf! Mmmm!" cried Julie and Alyssa.

Their mothers giggled with delight.

"Martha, you had such a good idea with this. My little Julie has changed so much. She's doing better in school now that she isn't out all the time" said Mrs. Stevenson.

"I know what you mean, my baby Alyssa has become a different person. She may not like it now, but she'll thank me when she's a responsible adult. Right honey?" Mrs. Clayton turned to her daughter who gave her an angry glare.

All the mothers burst out laughing again.

"We haven't seen you daughter at all, Martha, why is that." Asked Mrs. Clayton

"Well," responded Martha, "I have, shall I say, 'untrained' her bowel and bladder. She is now almost totally dependent on me and her diapers."

The other mothers looked at her in disbelief.

"Really? How did you do it?"

"Oh, she was really into it when we started. Isn't that right honey?" Martha answered

"Mmmph! Mmmf!" Amanda screamed through tears

"You know what, why don't we let them have a conversation? You know, remove their dummies and let them talk. What do you gals think?" Mrs. Stevenson said, looking at the girls who were shouting in appreciation.

"That is a great idea Maureen!" said Martha, "it'll give them a chance to catch up. But after lunch"

The girls ate as quickly as they could so they could get to talking. Mrs. Stevenson spoon fed them the last of the pudding before sending them to the playroom with a bottle of milk in case they got thirsty

"So," said Amanda, "my mom convinced your moms to dress you like babies?"

"Yeah, It totally sucks. She feeds me those laxatives like they were diet pills. I can't even remember what it feels like to wear proper panties." Said Alyssa.

"My mom is constantly giving me bottles. I swear, I have to pee 24/7" said Julie.

"This is ridiculous," protested Amanda "why do we let them treat us like this? Why---"

Amanda paused and grabbed her stomach as her bowels gave loose. She felt it on her backside as she turned bright red in the face.

"It's okay." Said Julie, "It happens to all of us."

"But it shouldn't!" said Amanda behind tears "it shouldn't!"

After she had finished crying, she started up another conversation.

"so, I've been like this for a couple months, how long has it been for you girls?"

"Month, month and a half" replied Julie

"Me? Probably a week shy of two months." answered Alyssa.

Just then, the mothers came into the room to check their babies.

"Oooh! Amanda made a stinky poo!" Martha said as she slid Amanda's dummy back into her mouth.

"But we weren't done our conver---" Julie was cut off in mid sentence by her mother inserting a bottle into her mouth.

"Just a couple m---"Alyssa was cut off by her dummy being reattached.

Once all the babies were changed and dummied up, it was time to say goodbye. Amanda knew that this would become a regular thing. The mother's meeting and laughing at the girl's misfortune, the humiliating changes in front of her friends, the whole lot of it.

The months went slowly by. It was coming up to Amanda's 18th birthday party. Her mother planned the whole thing. By now, almost all of her friends were being babied, thanks to Amanda's mother. The party was to be held at a day care centre her mother had rented out. It was the most degrading point of her life. All the staff ridiculed them behind their back. This was not how she wanted her birthday to go at all.

When she got home, she stared at her mother.

"What? Did baby make a pee-pee?" her mother asked

"Mmmpf!"Amanda said pointing to her dummy

"Ah. You want to talk." She replied

Amanda nodded her head

"Well," her mother thought.


Amanda was shocked.

"What? You didn't think I'd let you out of babyhood just because you're eighteen, did you?"

Amanda could not believe what she was hearing

"No, I think I'll keep you for, oh, let's say another five years. Besides" she paused "Who's going to keep baby Julie and baby Alyssa company? After all, they will be staying here in 'Mama Martha's baby nursery'"

The End?

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