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Amanda's Adult baby Adventures

Hi, my name is Amanda and I am a 23 year old adult baby. My story however is quite interesting and it has some details that may seem unbelievable at times but just hear me out and hopefully you'll get to enjoy my story.

Well I have allways been an adult baby. What I mean is that I have actually never been potty trained. I grew up with a mother that is an adult baby also. I can already hear the critics saying that it is not fair and inhumane but I can actually say that I'm glad that it turned out the way it did. My mother had the idea to let me develope by myself. In other words if I was to be potty trained the it would happen by itself. Since I I was home schooled there was not much of a problem with all the potential problems that other adult babys could have. Ok onto my life as and adult baby.

My mother had inherited a lot of money when my dad ran off so my mom didn't have the obligations that many other mothers have. For instance, working. Since she didn't have to work then she could focus more time on me and she was able to home school me. She still had her nights out and stuff like that but I was lucky that I got to see a lot of my mother.

As long as I can remember my mother used to walk around all day in a diaper and most of that time she would have a pacifier in her mouth. She would have no shirt on or she would be in a baby jump suit of some kind. She seemed to always wear different colors too. The only one thing that seemed to bother her was that didn't always have someone to change her and let her feel like the adult baby she was. She used to tell me, and she even still does that she will always be there if I need a mommy to change me or feel love. I used to watch my mom always seem to get hurt by the people she would try to have as a mommy or a dady. Probably the one person that she did have that could help her out as an adult baby was her sister. From time to time my aunt would come over and take part in changing my mother. There was a two year period about when I was 6 or 7 that my aunt used to come over 5 times a week to help out my mother. Really, life as an adult baby is not that unique to me. I used to see my aunt come over and change my mom's diaper right in front of me. There was so many times that this happened but I was just glad to see mommy happy. My aunt would knock on the door and then my mom would answer and say I need your help sis. My aunt knew full well what she had to do... go and grab the diaper bag for my mom. Most of the time she would lay my mom on the coffe table and tell my mom how she was a good girl. My aunt would begin to unstrap tape that held the diaper together all the while my mom would be holding her legs in the air while she sucked on her binkie. Most of the time my aunt would come over in the moring and most of the time my mom had messed her diaper by then. My aunt would get out the baby wipes after taking the diaper off and then she woud begin to wipe my mom's bum off. With a few gentle strokes most of the time my mom would be all clean and then ready to be rediapered. My aunt would put on the baby powder and tape up the new and clean diaper. So as you can see I was not unfamiliar with adult babies. Heck, I just thought it was normal.

So now onto me. I have been peeing and messing my diapers as long as I can remember. My mom was always so gentle when changing me.I remember by time I was five that some other adults were questioning why I was still in diapers. That didn't stop my mom from treating me like a baby. Every moring I woud wake up and my mom woud change my wet diaper. Sometimes at night I would even mess my diaper. Either way my mom would alway take care of me in the morning. After talking to different people about being an adult baby I have come to realize that everyone seems to be able to hold their bodily funtions except for me. I can actually hold them but for some reason it just doesn't feel right for me to sit on a toilet and use it. so, on with my life.

I remember when I was 7 and I started hanging out with this girl. Tammy was her name. Tammy and I would always hang out. She obviouly had a lot of questions about me wearing diapers all the time. I just told her that it felt normal for me to wear diapers. She even tried one on and peed in it but she was like "eww" so she didn't have anymore diaper adventures. I remember we would be just playing barbies and almost not even knowing it, I would mess my diaper. Tammy would say to me, "hey could you do something about the stink?" I would get up and go fetch my mom and then she would change me. Everytime my mother changed me she would stick a pacifier in my mouth and talk really sweet to me. Sometimes Tammy would come in the room to talk to my mommy and I. My mom would be right there changing me while we were all talking about whatever. One time Tammy asked my mom about why I was still in diapers. My mom simply told her that being in diapers is a great way to feel secure. She told Tammy that she wore diapers also. Tammy was confused because her mommy did not wear diapers or at least she didn't think that she did. So after a couple years of being interupted in my play to get my diapers changed Tammy soon caught on that I was going to wear diapers for a long time. Well about the time I became ten years old some other things began to change in my life. Well it was not my life but the ones around me. My mom started to hang around this woman that just came out of nowhere. Now even though my mom had dated other guys and even brought them home she still wore her diapers. She just simply told them if they didn't like it then they didn't have to call her anymore. My mommy seemed very strong but at times I would catch her crying or moping around. I think that it was very hard for her to find someone to understand her need to wear diapers. Some guys were even jerks to her. Heck, one guy even made fun of me for wearing diapers and being ten years old. So needless to say my mommy's love life was not all that great. But I noticed that she started to hang out with this woman quite often. One time my mom came home real late and I was actually still up. I could hear some laughing outside on the porch. So I peeked through the blinds just in time to see my mom kissing this other woman. They smiled at each other and then my mom said goodbye and came in. I was just standing there and then realized I had to move quick. I hurried to the couch and pretended to be asleep. My mom came in quietly and then she came over and kissed my forhead and then began to feel and see if I had wet my diaper. She opened my legs and felt around the outer edge to find wetness. I had not gone yet so the report was negative. I began to say, "mommy." She told me to go back to sleep and she sat down and put me in her lap and began to rock me to sleep. I felt so comfortable I began to pee my diaper. I didn't tell my mom though since I just wanted to be in her arms. I fugured I will probably go again before morning and that I would wait until then.

About a year later my mom was still hanging out with that woman and she sat me down one day and said that she had to tell me something. She told me that she was in love with Angie and that she would be moving in with us and wanted to know what I thought. I asked her, "what about all the guys she had dated before." She responded by tellting me that this was the one person for her that would actually support her in her being an adult baby. She said that all the other guys would be mean about it and that things just never worked out with one of them. So now this woman(Angie) was the one that was meant for her. Later I found out that angie did not participate with wearing diapers herself but was ready to be a helping hand to anyone that did. My mom was beautiful and actually so was Angie. although I did not trust her much at first. You see being only 12 and needing constant care with my diapering I did not know what to think of the situation.

Well my mom and Angie hit it off great. Angie moved in and life began to change. I remember saying something to my mommy that I didn't want to have two mommys but she assured me that she was the only mommy that I had. Now she did say that Angie would help out in diaper changing of both her and me.

Well after about a year I finally accepted the concept of Angie changing me. My mom and I could actually be ourselves around Angie. All three of us would be sitting on the couch watching a movie and I would just pee in my diaper while watching the movie. Now my mom really liked to watch movies with Angie and somehome I noticed that she really liked to mess her diaper while we were watching a movie. I seemed like it happened every time. Now me, I was just at random. Heck I was barely aware when I was messing or peeing my diaper. But my mom, when we sat watching movies I could tell that she really liked messing her diaper. She would sit on the couch with no shirt on, binkie in her mouth and when everyone started to get focussed on the movie then whe would start to let go. Obviously we could tell when she would start. Most of the time Angie would put her arm around my mom and start whispering something in her ear and then my mom would get a glazed look in her eyes. After my mom was finished Angie would take my mom by that hand and set her on the floor, put a blanket under her and start to change her right there while the movie was going. Slowly she would take off the diaper while she raised my mom's butt by holding her two legs up in the air. Then Angie would take out some wipes and start to clean my mom off. After about five minutes my mom would be all clean and ready to be rediapered. Angie would put on the powder and then put another diaper on my mom. Angie would blow into her belly and then kiss her on the lips and walk her back to the couch. At this time Angie's method was kill two birds with one stone so she would come over and start to check me out. First she would tell me to lean forward and began to check for any mess and then she would put her hand between my leg and feel for wetness. If anything was found then she would go through the same routine as she did with my mom. So my mommy really enjoyed movie time.

When I was about 14 I met a new friend. Since Tammy had moved away it only made room for my new friend Clare. Clare and I where inseperable. Of course there was this three month period where she would always ask about me being diapered. Finally she too came to realize that I would be in diapers for a long time. She too had some curiosity about wearing diapers. She even tried some of mine on and she was not like "gross" but she wasn't going to alter her lifestyle either. I told her that one great advantage was that I didn't have to stand in lines for the restroom. So once in a while she would wear a diaper when she thought that the situation would come up. She even messed her diaper one time. We were with these girls that were a little bit older that us that could drive and we were just running around and got caught in traffic. Well low and behold Clare had to poop and we were stuck in the car with no where to pull off. The older girls did not know that we wore diapers. Clare just kept saying that she had to go to the bathroom. The older girls would just say that there was nothing that they could do. So I moved over and wispered in Clare's ear that she had a diaper on and could use that. She was like "eww" but the envitable happened... she messed her diaper and the older girls found out that we both wore diapers. So they really never hung out with us much after that. As soon as we got home I told Clare that I woud help her change if she wanted but she was so disgusted that she really never wore diapers again.

Well now I was 16 and ready to drive. I started seeing less and less of my mom and Angie so I actually began to change my own diapers. But when I was home my mom or Angie changed me. Once I started getting used to driving I found out that I like to take long drives. I would be in the car for two maybe even three hours at a time. This totally went against Clare since there was no need for me to stop. I would tell Clare to just wear a diaper on the trips so we didn't have to stop. By this time guys started to notice Clare and I more. Funny thing was a couple of times some guys would pull up next to us at a stop light and all the while I would be peeing my diaper. We would whistle back and yell and so forth. I only dated one guy throughout high school though. Even still people would get real weird if some girl was wearing diapers. One time I told a guy and he really never recovered. I even told him that I was never actually potty trained. Oh, I forgot to tell you. Startin high school day I was not home schooled anymore. I actually went to public school. It was different but really no one ever gave me a hard time about the diapers but not to many guys wanted to date me either. I knew I was not an ugly duckling because I got compliments and whistles all the time. It was just that when the diaper thing came up there was always this distance.

Well college came and I ended up moving away. My mom was sad and so was Angie but hey I had to go get a career. Plus on the time off I would always come back home for some diaper changings. Now here in college is where I really started to appreciate what my mom had done for me all these years. And that was not potty train me. I actually began to enjoy, I mean really enjoy, wearing diapers. My first two years in college was hard and I was grateful that I could devote more time to studies by not having to plan my evenings near a toilet. I really did not party a whole lot. Well about my third year in college I started to settle down and could relax more. With all my extra money I had I began to buy baby things for myself. I got a bottle, binkie, even a crib to sleep in at night. It seemed like all the things that my mommy did seemed to kick in right at this time. My whole apartment looked like a nursery. From PJ's to nothing but bottles instead of glasses or cups. I was having the time of my life until I noticed something. I had no mommy. So now was my quest to find a mommy here to change me and feed me and heck I'll even nurse too. Finding someone like that is not easy. But one day luckily I actual found someone that I was interested in. Her name was Lisa. I realized just like my mom that men were not really for me and that the only one who could understand me was another woman. Lisa and I began to talk more and more. We met in one of our classes. Now Lisa did not know about me wearing diapers yet so I did not know how to ever break it to her since I liked her so much. I mean would she ever want to be with someone like me? Well after a couple of months of talking and flirting things started to heat up. I found myself kissing her and caressing her more and more. Now up till this time I had never been with anyone sexually. I was hoping that Lisa could show me the ropes though. So now things started to get more intimate and she asked to come over to my place. Well I did not want to lose her but I also knew that if this was going to last then I better get all secrets out of the way. So I decided to have her over for dinner one night and just let her see my place the way that it is. I knew she would ask questions and then I could just tell her the answers. She came over on a Friday night and the doorbell rang. My heart jumped. I was so nervous that when I answered the door my speech was even off. Lisa came in and immediately started to look around and ask questions. Things like, "why is there a crib and no glasses and the fact that my place looked like a nursery." I told her that I will answer all her questions while we at dinner. While sitting at dinner she just blurted out that she didn't care if I hade a child. That she would still love me no matter what. I looked up at her as to say "LOVE."

"That's right," Lisa said, "I love you Angie." With that I began to get teary eyed and said that it was not that I have a child.

"Well, what is all the baby stuff for?" she said. So I began to tell her that I was an Adult Baby and that I had actually never been potty trained. At first she didn't know what to think but then she told me that her word was as good as gold in that she would love me no matter what. So like everyone else Lisa over the next three month asked a lot of questions. At first she seemed cautious but later began to get more involved. She even told me that she would start changing me if I wanted. I told her that was wonderful and I accept. Lisa moved in to my place and we both finished school. Now we are on our careers and making some money. Lisa wakes up every morning to change her baby girl. We even got a bigger sized crib so she could lay next to me all night long. Lisa is now my mommy and I love her very much.

Lisa and I went back to my mothers for a week visit. My mother and Angie greeted us at the door and told us to come in. I introduced the two of them to Lisa (my new mommy and partner). While we were there of course my mother had to watch movies and of course my mother and I were in nothing but diapers and a binkie. Only this time I too made sure that I messed in my diaper. There we were on the floor Angie Changing my mother and Lisa changing me. Later that night Lisa and I had probably the best sex yet. I'm really glad that my mother never potty trained me because I got to experience what a most don't. An adventurous life of being an Adult Baby.


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