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Amy's Diapering

Chapter 1

Amy was fifteen years of age. She was very good looking for her age and a lot of people secretly hated her for her great looks and perfect body. She was one of the most popular students in Drakeland High and used her popularity to get things. She had everything in her life to perfection, a gorgeous boyfriend, and lots of money as she came from a rich background, and many friends who respected her. The only thing wrong with Amy was that she had a big mouth on her and sometimes lost her temper with people over the slightest thing. She always seemed to get away from her mouthing offs due to her popularity that was until one day...

Amy had entered her geography class like any normal day, with the usual "Hello's" from all of her friends and the look of boys hoping to get into her panties. The only problem this day was that a new face was sitting in her seat at the back of her class; the cheek of someone daring to sit in her seat. Amy casually approached the girl, swinging her hips on the way so all the males looking at her could get a good look up her skirt to see her little white panties. Once she arrived at her usual desk she asked the girl what she was doing in her seat. The girls answer was nothing to do with the question Amy asked but instead a nice hello and an introduction to herself. The girl sitting in Amy's seat was named Sam. She was also very good looking, tall thin and had quite large breasts for a girl her age. Amy told the girl to move but was interrupted by her boyfriend who asked her to sit on the other side of him. Amy was not pleased that Sam had stolen her seat and as she turned away she gave her a long stare to show it.

Later on that day, after dinner Amy saw something that wasn't to her liking. She noticed that her boyfriend, Jake was talking to the new girl and seemed to be enjoying her company. Amy disliked this as she had been waiting all dinnertime for him as he said he would meet her at the bike sheds for a smoke. Amy approached them both and asked Jake where he had been, as she tried to keep calm. He told her he was showing Sam around and that he hoped that she didn't mind. Amy was angry but said it was okay. The three chatted for a bit and as they split apart for lessons Sam invited Amy over to hers after school had finished. Amy agreed as maybe she could find something that would embarrass Sam and tell everyone, leaving her on top.

Once school had finished Amy went to the meeting place where she had told Sam to meet her. Sam was already there and was talking to 2 very handsome guys who were 2 grades above Amy. Amy began to get worked up about this as she secretly fancied one of them whose name was Rob. As Amy approached Sam, the 2 guys left and Sam greeted her. They set on their way towards Sam's discussing and getting to know each other.

Once at Sam's house she stated that her parents were away for the week so Amy's company was appreciated, as she was alone. They went inside and Sam put the TV on and went into the kitchen for some drinks. When she returned she had sweets and biscuits as well as the 2 drinks she had left for. The girls chatted for about an hour and Amy began to change her views on Sam. She started to like her and found out that she shared a lot of interests with her.

Another hour passed and Amy needed to use the loo but didn't dare ask Sam. She thought that she would wait till she got home to relive herself. About half an hour later and Amy was busting to use the loo. She was just about to ask to use it when Sam butted in and asked if she would like to see the rest of the house. Amy agreed and tried asking again but Sam asked her if she would stop the night. Amy agreed again as they went about to view the large house.

By now Amy was really desperate to use the toilet and had to place her hands on her beautiful arse and her pussy to stop herself from embarrassing her self. Sam showed her most of the rooms in the house before Amy had the guts to ask her where the toilets were. Sam said that they were at the other end of the house and that they would go there now because she didn't want Amy to have an accident. Amy blushed at this remark as she began to follow Sam towards relief.

About half way towards the toilet Amy suddenly felt a bit of pee escape her and drizzle into her panties. She gasped and clutched her pussy even tighter so no more would come out. Sam looked at her but then continued towards showing the toilet. As they neared the toilet Amy sighed with relief. As her muscles relaxed she let out a loud wet fart that grabbed the attention of Sam. Was that you Amy? Amy blushed, as she couldn't believe that she farted in front of Sam. Surely Sam wouldn't tell anyone she did that otherwise she would have the mick taken out of her for the rest of the year. Sam announced that she better get Amy to the toilet quickly and upped her pace a little.

As they reached the corridor with the toilet on Sam let Amy know that the toilet was in sight. Amy let out another sigh of relief as they made their way to the toilet. But as they got near it Amy began to need to poop an pee urgently until she couldn't hold it anymore and began to release it all. Amy farted again even louder than the last one, which grabbed the attention of Sam and made her giggle to herself. Amy's face dropped at the sound of the fart as she clenched her cheeks together tightly. Sam asked her if she was ok but Amy let out another fat before she could reply. Sam giggled again as Amy began to lose control over her bladder. A bit of pee escaped from Amy's panties and wet them slightly as Amy grasped tightly to her pussy. Amy let out one more sweaty fart before she lost control of her bladder and started to pee fast.

Sam started laughing at Amy, who was now starting to sob as she battled to stop her bladder from peeing. Amy squatted and lifted her skirt as she continued to piss herself in shame. She was crying now and her face had gone red from embarrassment. Sam pointed at her and laughed but all Amy could do was to continue to piss herself. As her bladder emptied, Amy tried to force out the rest of the pee, but instead let out a huge fart, which started the poor girl pooping herself. Sam pointed to the bulge that was forming at the back of her panties and let out a huge cry of laughter. Amy was now crying with shame, as she was sure that Sam wouldn't keep quite about this. How could she do this, wet her panties and poop them? She couldn't remember the last time she had done this and felt so small over Sam.

Amy grunted as she let the last of the large poop escape into her white cotton panties and was still red faced from her embarrassment. She clutched her hands to her face as she continued to cry but instead of Sam laughing she now comforted her. She went up close to Amy and told her it would be okay. She grabbed Amy's arm and pulled her up as her crying began to stop. She told her that she had some clean panties that she could borrow and that she should follow her.

She led Amy to a large wooden door that was locked. She had waddled all the way there because of the poop in her panties and was feeling cold because the pee had now turned cold. Sam pulled out a large worn down key and placed in the metal lock. The lock clicked as she turned the key meaning the door was now unlocked. She placed the key in her blouse pocket and opened the door.

Sam's bedroom was huge! Amy couldn't believe it. It had a large four poster bed with pink material draping down over it; there was a very large mirror on one of the walls, which Amy could see her face in it. Her eyeliner had run down her face leaving two black marks across her beautiful cheeks. There were also a lot of cupboards and wardrobes and two more doors which looked exactly the same as the door they had just come through. Sam asked Amy if she liked the bedroom to which Amy replied yes. It looked just like a typical girl's room, with dolls all over the place and beauty products scattered on some chest of drawers. The only problem was that Sam's room was massive. Amy could not get over the size of the room. The room held a lot of windows but they were all so high and all Amy could see out of them was the sky. Why did she have windows so high?

Before she could think anymore Sam asked her to undress. Amy waited for a minute for Sam to leave the room, she didn't. Instead she asked her what was taking so long to which Amy replied that she needed a bit of privacy. Sam explained that it wasn't a problem for her to be in the room and that she should stop being stupid and get out of her dirty panties. Amy blushed at what Sam said and began to get undressed reluctantly. She could see the reflection of Sam watching her in the mirror, which made her feel more uncomfortable than she already was.

Once she had taken her skirt off, her blouse, shoes and socks she was left standing in her underwear. She felt so uncomfortable as Sam continued to watch and commented on her taking her time again. Amy assessed the damage to her panties in the mirror and felt ashamed of herself. She was a 15 year old girl who shouldn't have to change her panties because she messed them. She could see the huge bulge that was sticking out of her damp panties and looked down in shame. Her nipples had become erect with the coldness of the room, and because of the size of her breasts they stuck out. She removed her white lacy bra and let it drop to the floor before quickly covering her breasts. Sam told her it was okay and that she had nothing to worry about.

Amy slowly lowered her hands to the comforting words of Sam as she began to prepare to take her panties off. She grabbed both sides of the white panties and pulled them down slowly, looking all the time at Sam and making sure that the huge log that she had produced wasn't going to fall out from her knickers. Once the panties were around her ankles she noticed how wet the panties were and how stained they were. She felt like a little kid standing there naked in front of someone who she had only met today. Sam told her to put the panties in a white bag and throw it in the bin in the corner as they were ruined now. Amy did as she was told and then returned to Sam who was holding something in her hand.

Sam told Amy that she couldn't take any more risks with her and that for the rest of the time she was here she would have to wear the panties she was holding in her hand. Sam held up the panties to Amy's horror. They were training pants! They were a very girlish pink, with characters from Disney on them, such as Mickey Mouse and Minnie, but they were all wearing diapers. They had a pink ribbon in the middle of the panties and had whit frills on the legs and waist of them.

Amy told Sam that she wasn't a little girl and that she wanted some proper panties to wear. Sam told her that these were the only panties she would give her because if she had another accident she wasn't wrecking Sam's best knickers. Amy told Sam she didn't mess her panties all the time and that this time it was an accident. Sam said that she couldn't take any chances and that it was these or nothing.

Amy angrily agreed and snatched the babyish panties from Sam. Sam asked her if she wanted to have a bath but Amy declined, as she was too angry with Sam. Amy slid the babyish panties up her legs, as she looked at Sam.

"Excellent fit," said Sam. Amy gave Sam an evil stare, the same one she had given her earlier in the day. Her new panties fit her perfectly because of her slim figure and as she pulled them up over her small line of pubic hair she realised this. They were snug in fitting her but felt a bit bulky around the crotch area. She felt the area and realised that they were actually children's training pants as the bulk was a pad to soak up any urine that escaped her bladder. She had thought that Sam was only messing about but now realised that Sam had been serious in her saying. Amy blushed when she realised that she was wearing training pants and felt like she had been transformed into a three year old girl.

It was the second shock that really annoyed her. While she had been pondering about her new panties Sam had gone and gotten a new set of clothes for her to wear as her skirt was soaked with urine and the bottom of her blouse had also been too. Sam was stood there with a ballerina outfit! Amy asked her what she was doing with it and Sam announced that Amy was going to wear it.

Amy looked at her open mouthed. Okay it was only a ballerina outfit, she had worn one when she used to dance but that was years ago! The problem that bothered her was that Sam hadn't given her any normal clothes to wear. She could have easily have given her a tight top so she could have showed off her breasts and some tight jeans so the shape of her bottom could be perfected further. But instead she ended up with a ballerina outfit that made her look even more childish!

Amy asked her why she couldn't have a different set of clothing and Sam replied that she only had the clothes she was wearing in her house because they were being washed at a launderette. Sam moaned in displeasure, which got a negative reaction from Sam. She said it was either the ballerina outfit or nothing!

This shocked Amy who soon took the outfit from Sam's hands and put it on. The leotard fit perfectly and made her breasts look bigger and more firm. Again her nipples stuck out which grabbed the attention of Sam's eyes. She lifted up the tutu to her waist and snapped it around her. The outfit made her look just like a young girl and the fact that she was wearing training pants showed as the made her bottom look bigger and left an outline on the front of her crotch. Sam said she looked cute but Amy felt like a fool.

Sam asked her if she wanted to watch a bit of TV as it was only 6 o'clock to which Amy agreed. Sam brought in a lot of food including popcorn, potato chips and some Haribo sweets. A lot of drinks were also brought in with the food making it look like they were going to pig out all night. Sam decided to play a film and about half way through Amy thought she needed to go to the loo but the urge went after a minute or so she just carried on watching the film. With about ten minutes to go Amy suddenly really needed to pee. She thought that it must have been all the coca-cola that she had drunken and asked Sam if she could go to the toilet. Sam asked her if she could wait till the end of the film, but then she changed her mind when she saw that Amy was stood cross legged and had her hand on her crotch.

As they headed towards the toilet a huge fart escaped from Amy's arse and made Sam look at her in a weird way. Before they got to the toilet it was too late, Amy had already started peeing herself in her training panties but didn't let Sam know. Amy farted again as she ran and pissed herself at the same time wondering what Sam would say once she got to the toilet and found out she hadn't been a good girl. They continued to make their way to the toilet as Amy wet herself and as they neared Amy let out one final fart before suddenly stopping and grabbing her behind. She had begun to poop herself too! Amy started squatting as Sam stopped and turned to look at Amy. She could see the wet patch on Amy and knew it was too late to do anything so she just let Amy finish her humiliating poop.

Amy looked at Sam and began to cry while turning a beetroot red with shame. She wasn't a baby so why did she mess herself? Amy was confused and as she forced the last of her poop out Sam told her to follow her. Amy stood back up in her messy outfit to see Sam grab her hand and walk away. Amy could do nothing so she walked with Sam. She could feel the warm poop in the back of the training panties and felt uneasy.

Sam said nothing as she led Amy to her bedroom. Once there she unlocked the door and took her into her room for the second time tonight. She told Amy to turn around while she blindfolded her as she had a surprise for her. Amy did so not thinking that it was such an unusual request as she was too traumatised by the fact that she had messed herself twice tonight. She heard Sam routing about in cupboards and then leaving the room by one of the other locked doors.

About 15 minutes later she heard Sam returning. Sam told her that her surprise was almost ready and in a minute she could take off the blindfold.

Amy then felt her hands being clamped by something and struggled to move them. They were behind her back and stuck in one place. She screamed to Sam asking her what was going on and Sam said it was part of the surprise. Amy began to cry as she stood there in a childish outfit with messed panties and without the ability of her hands.

Suddenly the blindfold was removed and Amy squinted as her eyes took in the light. She looked around to see Sam in a maid's outfit! What was she wearing that for? It was really short and you could see up her skirt with ease. Her black lacy panties were on show as Sam began to move towards Amy. The outfit was probably one from an Ann Summers shop as it was very appealing and made Sam look a lot older. She was also wearing black heels that made her a lot taller than Amy was. Her breasts looked bigger as the outfit pushed them upwards and the frills around the top were obviously for sex appeal.

Once she got over she stood in front of Amy. She then asked Amy if she had messed herself. Amy replied with a comment that wasn't to Sam's liking. Sam said she would be punished for that comment and wished she wouldn't have said it. Amy wondered what she meant by this but didn't have long as Sam pulled a chair over towards her. She then sat on it and asked Amy to come over to her, to which Amy reluctantly agreed. As she walked towards Sam she looked in the mirror to see that she had been handcuffed. She looked at Sam who gave her a stare back to hurry up.

Once she got there Sam wasted no time in performing the surprise that she had in store for Amy. She pulled Amy towards her and pulled her up to her knee and over it. Amy screamed with all she had in her and shouted for her to get off. Sam then pulled off the tutu and raised her hand in the air and brought it down onto Amy's messy covered bottom. Since she was still wearing the training panties and leotard she didn't feel as much pain as she should have done but it was still enough to make her cry and plead to Sam to stop.

After a good 5 minutes of spanking Sam stopped and told Amy to stand up. Amy stood up while still crying and asked Sam why she did that. Sam told her that she was sick of Amy acting like a baby and was going to treat her like one from now on. Amy screamed at her to not do it but Sam told her she was going to be transformed whether she liked it or not. Sam then told Amy to follow her for her first phase of babyhood.

Chapter 2

Sam took Amy to one of the doors that Amy had seen earlier. She took the same key out her only pocket and placed it in the keyhole. Amy wondered if the key was a skeleton key, as it seemed to unlock all of the doors. Once Sam had unlocked the door she opened the door to Amy's amazement.

The room was just like a nursery. It had pink walls with baby patterns on them, and a boarder of babyish scribbles. There was a changing table in the corner of the room complete with a diaper pail and restraints. A playpen was situated in the centre of the room and rested on the pink coloured carpet. To top the room off there was a crib in a corner of the room. It had a mobile above it and a top to it with a padlock in place. Soft toys were placed around the room and some other baby toys.

The reason that Amy was so mystified by this room was that everything was adult size. She couldn't believe her eyes and continued to stare around the room randomly gazing at objects that were oversized. Sam told her to come in and to lie on the changing table. Amy tried to run away but Sam had been prepared for this and had already locked the door. All Amy could do was to obey Sam until she had a chance to escape, so with hesitation she climbed onto the clean changing table.

She looked down at the diaper pail and noticed that a few messed diapers were in there but took more notice of Sam once she started to strip her. Amy fought to stop her as her pride had already been hurt deeply enough for one day but within a moment she found herself strapped to the table unable to do anything except lay there and take what was coming.

The poop that had already spread around her bottom from the spanking had now started to go up her back and leave the training pants. Sam was quick to take off the leotard and threw it in the diaper pail, leaving the wet and stain marks that Amy had done in it, in view. She then looked at the training panties and proceeded to pull them down Amy's legs. Amy tried to stop her but couldn't even flinch. Once the panties were off they too ended up in the diaper pail.

Sam then assessed Amy for a minute before carrying on with her operation. She pulled a bucket of water from underneath the table and pulled out a brand new yellow sponge from it. Amy guessed that it must have contained water because Sam found it hard to pick up. Sam dipped the yellow sponge into the water and started to rub Amy clean on the changing table. Amy and Sam could both smell the foul smell coming from Amy as the sponge touched Amy for the first time. The water was warm.

Sam spent 20 minutes cleaning Amy and making sure she wasn't messy before she rinsed her clean. Then she began to dry Amy. Amy felt cleaner now but was mortified once she Sam had stopped. She had raised her head to see that her pubic hair had gone! What was Sam playing at? She began to cry about her proudly missing pubic hair but got no response from Sam.

Sam again searched under the table and came back up with something else this time. She had a large disposable diaper in her left hand! Amy continued to cry as Sam told her that she would be diapered 24/7 until she returned home next week. Sam told her that she had dialled 1471 once Amy had phoned home to let her parents know that she was stopping and told them that Amy and her were doing an experiment with school and Amy needed to stay at her place for the week. Amy's mum agreed saying that she thought that a little time away from home would do her good. Amy really began to cry hearing this news, as this meant that Sam could do what she wanted with her.

Sam wasted no time in using the diaper and before Amy knew it she had been diapered. Sam had applied talcum powder and diaper rash prevention cream with the diaper as well to make sure Amy didn't get diaper rash and smelled sweet. Amy could smell the talcum powder as the aroma of it drifted around the room. Sam had placed a night-time diaper on Amy that was thick and bulky between the legs. Amy began to cry even more now as the humiliation kicked in. She hadn't cried long before she felt something being forced to her mouth. It was a pacifier. It wasn't a child's one but instead was three times the normal size, pink and tasted funny.

Sam unstrapped Amy and told her to stand up. Amy got down off the changing table and tried to stand up but found it very hard to do so. The diaper was so thick that Amy stood just like a 2 year old. It spread her legs apart so far that she couldn't close her legs. Sam told her to follow her as she headed to a dresser, but Amy struggled to walk. She waddled badly and felt like a baby learning how to walk. She fell over 3 times, but the padding of the diaper stopped her from hurting herself. It took her nearly 5 minutes to walk about 5 metres and in the end Sam told her to crawl towards her. Amy continued to try to walk like an adult but gave up in the end and crawled over to Sam. Even crawling was hard because of the diaper, but not as hard as walking.

She reached Sam and stopped right besides her, being able to see the lacy panties up her small skirt. She stared at the panties and thought about them, how she would love to wear them or even touch them. She knew she was in for a hard week and began to sob to herself, but wasn't too loud because of the pacifier that filled her mouth.

Sam noticed that Amy was staring up her skirt and pointed it out to her. She told her to come closer to her skirt, to which Amy did. Sam then reached up her skirt and pulled down her lacy panties, as Amy's eyes followed them down her legs. She then hoisted her skirt up to her waist to reveal her moist pussy. She ordered Amy to eat her pussy out for being such a bad baby. Amy reluctantly moved closer to her pussy as she began to prepare for her humiliation to be taken further. Sam thrust her wet pussy towards Amy as she began to eat her out. It wasn't long before Sam had reached her climax and came all over Amy's face. She screamed with pleasure, as her body became limp and struggled to keep quiet. Once Sam's orgasm was over with she pulled up her panties and dropped her skirt. She told Amy that that was her last chance for sexual activity as babies didn't do that sort of thing.

She put the pacifier back into Amy's mouth and turned towards the dresser. Sam then opened the dresser to reveal a load of baby outfits. She hunted about in them for a bit, obviously looking for a suitable, but embarrassing outfit for Baby Amy to wear. Sam continued to look for a further minute and then pulled out a pink dress. The dress was shiny, it had white frilly bits on the arms and at the bottom of the dress and also had a big pink ribbon tied round the waist of the dress that was a brighter shade of pink. It had 5 petticoats underneath it that made it sprout out and a pair of matching babyish panties with ruffles on the back of them and other babyish things provided with it.

Sam told Amy to put her arms in the air as she took the dress from the coat hanger. Amy did so as Sam pulled the dress up high and brought it down over Amy. She fitted Amy with the dress as Amy stood there knowing that there was more to come. Once the dress had been fitted Sam told Amy to lay on the ground. She fitted Amy with the panties that had come with the dress.

Once Amy had the dress and matching panties on, she was told to crawl over to the mirror that was displayed on the floor. She felt the urge to pee but ignored it, as she didn't want to upset Sam and end up on the receiving end of one of her spankings. She crawled over to the mirror as the pressure in her bladder got greater and looked in the mirror at herself. She looked like a two year old girl! The dress that she had been forced to wear was far too small for her which meant that the panties that she was wearing were on show. She could see the large bulge hidden behind the panties and knew that her diaper was the cause of this.

She looked up at Sam who began to speak to her, "Right, now that I have you dressed like a baby I want to make a few things clear, okay?" Her voice was stern and demanding so Amy nodded quickly showing that she understood.

"Right, since you think that it's funny to mess yourself like a 2 year old, ruining your panties and embarrassing yourself in front of me, you will wear diapers 24/7 until you return home. You will use your diapers like any other baby, filling them with your pee-pee and poop and having the shame of me cleaning them up for you because you are helpless. The toilet is out of bounds, so do not come up to me asking if you can use it, because I will not let you."

Amy's bladder was now full and she needed to pee real badly, but wasn't prepared to wet herself for the third time in front of Sam so she held it in. Sam could see that she was fidgeting around and knew she must need to pee, but kept quiet and carried on with her talk.

"Another thing that babies cannot do is talk, so I do not want you to be talking to me as an adult, but as a baby. So baby Amy why don't you give me a demonstration of your baby talk?"

Sam then reached over and pulled the pacifier out of her mouth giving Amy the chance to talk. Amy began to talk like a baby with 'goo goos' and 'gaa gaas' in her reply. Sam told her she was a good baby girl as she put the pacifier back in her mouth and carried on with her speech.

"You will only answer me with that talk; any other language will result in a spanking or a worse punishment. You will not change your own diaper as you are only a helpless baby and you cannot feed yourself so I will spoon feed you. If someone asks to check your diaper then you do not have to be offended baby. You will let them check you and change you if need be."

Amy's bladder had almost reached its capacity as Amy struggled to control the ever-increasing pressure on it. She wiggled about with her hand on her crotch as she desperately tried to keep herself from wetting herself. Sam told her that she could use her own diapers and that she wouldn't be angry because babies use their diapers all the time.

Amy felt just like a 2 year old with all her adult privileges taken from her. The diaper had spread her legs apart that far that it made it too hard for her to keep her pee inside her any more. She attempted to stop her body from releasing it but it was too late. The warm pee gushed out from her bladder as she moaned in relief. It filled her diaper and spread around it as she forced it out into her diaper.

Once she was done she looked up at Sam who asked her if she had wet herself. She shook her head trying to deny that she had but the big wet patch on her panties gave her away. Sam asked if she could check her diaper to see if she had wet but Amy wouldn't let her. Sam told her that it was okay and she wouldn't get punished for wetting herself.

Amy let Sam check her diaper knowing that she was soaked. Sam's index finger disappeared down the front of Amy's diaper, and it wasn't too long before Sam's face lit up with the satisfaction that she had her school's most popular girl, in her house wearing diapers, that she had just wet.

She removed her index finger and carried on with what she was saying, "You will not be going to school tomorrow as babies do not go to school. You will of course be staying at home with me and be carrying on with your new life. Your bedtime will be at 8pm in a night and you will have a nap every day as babies don't have enough strength to last the day. You will sleep in that cot over there and will not attempt to escape this house at all. If you want your diaper changed then you will have to do what every other baby does, cry until their mommy comes to change them out of their messy diaper. You will address me as Mommy and nothing else. Do I make my self clear?"

Amy agreed to the rules and was more worried about getting out of her wet diaper than anything else.

Sam then explained that if she broke any of these rules then she would be punished in a way that would cause her lots of embarrassment and humiliation. She told Amy that it was time for bed and that she would be staying in the wet diaper till the morning for lying to her.

Amy began to cry as she was placed in the cot. Sam went away and returned a few minutes later with a bottle of milk. She gave it to Amy and told her to drink it all as she wouldn't get anymore till tomorrow. Amy drank the bottle quickly and was pleased that the milk was warm. Once she had finished the bottle Sam took it and gave her a kiss on the forehead, while saying goodnight. She left the room after locking the roof of the cot, leaving Amy to sleep in her own mess.

Amy fell asleep straight away as the day had worn her out more than she had thought it had.

She awoke at about 3am with cramps in her stomach. She put both hands up the dress that Sam had left her in and clutched her stomach. Her bladder was also full but she concentrated on the pain in her stomach. After 5 minutes it disappeared but returned almost straight away even stronger. She began to sob through the pain and wet herself in shock. Her diaper was now warm and soaked again.

20 minutes later and the pain was still around, getting stronger all the time. Then to Amy's amazement she released a huge baby fart. It was wet and made her feel like she needed to poop. She released a few more and even though the room was empty she turned crimson red through the un-lady-like action. She clenched her cheeks together hoping that she wouldn't poop herself again, as she wanted to show Sam how much of a big girl she was.

This dream was soon shattered as she released another gassy fart that made her wince because of the smell, because her bowel decided it was time to release the poop it had inside her. Amy remembered that she hadn't pooped for 3 days and knew it was going to be a strain. The long poop began to make its way out of her rectum as she grunted and groaned to get the poop from out of her body. She sat up and got on all fours so that the poop didn't spread in her diaper.

It took her around 15 minutes to finish her poop and started crying once she had done. Her head was dripping with sweat, as her 15-minute ordeal had been hard. It ran down her face and dropped on to the dress that she had on. Amy slowly began to lower herself onto the mattress so she could try to sleep but slipped and landed on her back. The poop in her diaper spread all around in her diaper and made her cry with even more shame. How could she do this?

She wondered how long it would be before she was allowed to wear panties and was actually looking forward to wearing them. She couldn't think how she had gotten herself into this mess and had always been a good girl. The last time she had messed her panties had only been a year ago but that wasn't her fault. Her sister Jennie had taken too long in the shower and Amy badly needed the toilet and ended up messing her panties outside the bathroom because of this. Her sister happened to open the door as she was doing this and helped change her and had apologised for her taking too long. But she had never done it since.

She fell asleep with more thoughts in her head, without realising that all her questions would be answered in the next few days.

Chapter 3

Amy awoke hoping that yesterday's events were all a dream, and that she wasn't being regressed to a baby. Reality soon hit her as she moved and felt the cold mushy poop move in her sagged diaper. Amy did not know what time it was, but guessed it must have been quite early because a few birds were attempting to sing outside. Small rays of sunlight shine in through the high windows, lighting up the new infant's room. Amy began to sit up when it hit her that her bladder was full. She was used to going to the toilet in the morning to relive herself of her pee, but knew it was impossible now. She slowly relaxed her muscles so that the pee could be released into her diaper, and felt comforted by the warmness once the pee entered the diaper. A couple of moans of relief later, Amy had finished wetting herself. She still felt embarrassed about her incontinent state but not as bad as she had done yesterday. She began to familiarise herself with her new bedroom, but didn't have long as she heard the lock of the door click, and saw Sam enter the room.

"Phewee! Who's made a poopie?" Sam asked to Amy knowing that Amy could not help what she was going through.

"We'd better get you cleaned up baby, we don't want you to get diaper rash do we?" said Sam in a way a mother would talk to her baby.

Sam began to walk over to Amy's cot and had a large baby's bottle in her right hand, which looked to be full of milk. As she neared the cot, Amy began to feel waves of embarrassment run through her as her dress was hitched half way up her body, exposing the stinking, wet diaper to her mommy. She turned away not wanting to look at Sam, even though she knew it wouldn't be long before she had to look at her.

Sam unlocked the top of the crib and told Amy to drink the bottle. She wasn't in last night's attire, but instead in a pink dressing gown with the name Sammy embroidered across the left-hand side. Amy began to drink the bottle sat up, but was told to lie down like a baby and wiggle her feet in the air. Amy felt more humiliated as she agreed to Sam's orders and began to lie down and drink. She finished the bottle quickly as Sam began to prepare things for her to change Amy into. Once she had finished the bottle, Sam took it off Amy and placed it on a dresser carelessly, knocking over the talcum powder. It spread everywhere and immediately took the smell of Amy's contents out of the room and replaced it with a sweet smell.

"Damn! Okay Baby I will be back in a minute. I just have to go get something to clean this mess up, okay?"

After Sam said this she walked out of the room, leaving the door unlocked. Amy immediately thought of what she was going to do and before she knew it, she had left the cot and was heading towards the wide open, wooden door. As she made her way through the door she desperately tried to remember the way to Sam's front living room, and paused to think. After realising that she couldn't remember the way, she began to run down the corridor to her right. As she made her way down the corridor, she felt the already full diaper, sag even more and start to make its way down her legs. Upon realising this she attempted to pull it back up with her left hand while trying to pull up the dress with her right. With a bit of pulling she managed to get the diaper back into place and continued to run in the direction she was heading. She could feel the poop that she had struggled to release into her diaper, fill every space in it.

She came to another junction of corridors and couldn't believe how big Sam's house was. She noticed an open door and ran towards it. As she neared it she felt a tingling sensation in her legs, but ignored it and kept running. As she reached the door she fell over and tried to get back up, but couldn't. Amy began to wonder why she couldn't stand on her legs and then felt why. Her arms began to tingle now and gave way, leaving Amy to fall to the ground. She knew what had happened but before she had time to react she blacked out.

Amy awoke but felt different. She opened her eyes but couldn't see out of them. She wondered what was going on and thought she wasn't alive, but then heard Sam's voice faintly. She could feel something in her mouth that was preventing her from talking, but knew it wasn't a pacifier. Amy could feel saliva running from her mouth and dripping onto her neck, but when she attempted to wipe it away, she couldn't. She thought that she had been restrained as she couldn't move her legs either, but didn't have any more time to familiarise herself with her surroundings as suddenly her eyes squinted to the light that was in the room. She had been blindfolded, and now that Sam had realised that Amy was awake she had removed it so that she could explain what had happened.

"So Amy," Sam paused for a short amount of time to let the famous silence kick in.

"You thought you were smarter than me? Did you not?"

Amy knew that Sam wasn't expecting an answer, and as much as she would have liked to speak she was unable to do so.

"I knew you would take the first opportunity of escape Amy, so that's why I tested you. I made that talcum powder fall so I could see if you would attempt an escape, and what a surprise you did. But you thought you had escaped me didn't you? You thought you wouldn't have to wear a diaper any more and show me what a little baby you are did you? Well you were wrong. You see that milk that I brought you contained a tranquilliser so it would knock you out baby Amy. So when you thought that you had escaped infantilism you hadn't, you were just falling into a great big trap. And because you attempted to escape, you have broken one of the rules.

So baby I have decided to take action against you rebelling and have placed a device around your waist. This device looks just like a belt, but in fact operates quite differently. You see I told you that if you broke the rules then you would be humiliated badly. And since you broke the most important rule then I think that this is a suitable punishment. The device that I have installed around your waist will make it so that you cannot control your bowels or your bladder. In other words you are incontinent. But that wouldn't be that bad now would it, because you already wear a diaper and wet and mess yourself of your own free will? No that wouldn't be bad enough, that's why this device lets ME control your bowels and bladder. So no matter if you feel like peeing or not, you will pee when I say. The same will apply to pooping as well. But doing it in a diaper wouldn't be embarrassing would it? That's why I'm going to have to change our arrangement a little. Instead of wearing baby clothing today, I will let you wear adult clothing."

Amy began to get excited about being able to wear adult's clothes again. She could already feel panties touching her slightly tanned legs and making their way up them, towards her crotch. She also imagined been able to wear a bra and pants and other things that adult girls wear. God she thought to herself. She had only been in a diaper for one day and already she was fantasising about adult clothing. She began to think that it would be great to get out of bulky diapers and into some nice clean panties, and even the thought of her having to clean her messed panties for today seemed better than not being able to do adult things and having to wear diapers.

Sam then continued her speech, "But baby, we are not staying in, we are going to the mall!"

Amy's face dropped from exciting to worrying after Sam announced the trip to the mall. All of a sudden adult clothing didn't seem like a good idea and she wanted to stay here instead of a trip to the mall.

"Now you don't have a say in the matter because this is your punishment. I think not being able to keep your panties clean in public is a fine example of your punishment. Right, let's not waste any more time, let's get you ready!"

Amy hadn't even noticed that she was in a different room from her own and looked around to see what was in it. It looked just like an adult's bedroom, nothing too wacky or out of the ordinary. The walls were a pale green and looked like they hadn't been painted for years. The room had an old feel to it, a feel that Amy didn't like.

Sam unstrapped her and let her sit up. She could now see the room properly. A large fire was behind her, roasting away and producing a lot of heat. The crackling of the wood on the fire made Amy jump as Sam helped her down from the restraint table. It was only then that she also realised she was naked. Her nipples were erect to which Sam looked at. Amy felt a breeze coming from somewhere and felt it hit her on her freshly shaved genitals. She noticed a window in the room was open slightly. These windows were high up too, but why?

She followed Sam over to a wardrobe and felt relieved to be able to walk and not have the bulk of a diaper in-between her legs. Sam opened the wardrobe and told Amy that she would be choosing a suitable outfit for her. Amy dreaded to think what Sam would make her wear but was surprised once she chose out some tight black pants and a tight white T-shirt. Amy was a bit disappointed with her panties though, as they were childish. They were plain white but had frilly pink bits all over and a ribbon on the front making them look like they were made for five year olds. She also realised that with wearing these panties and tight black pants that she would have a visible panty line (VPL) but didn't dare say anything to Sam as it was a privilege to wear these clothes.

Sam didn't give Amy a bra, which meant her nipples were going to be on show through the T-shirt but remembered that it would be the least of her problems. She quickly put the clothes on and was told by Sam to assess herself in the mirror. She looked in the mirror to see that the pants were really tight, and that a VPL could be seen. It wasn't all that bad she thought as the pants made her bottom look even sexier than it already was. She noticed that her nipples weren't sticking out and hoped it would be a hot day.

Sam quickly got changed and packed a bag full of things that Amy couldn't see. She then applied Amy with make up, to make her look even more beautiful and attractive as Amy figured out that it was so people would look at her and see her in her embarrassed state. Sam applied some make up to herself and popped off to the toilet before they started out towards the mall.

Sam told Amy that they were going to get to the mall by bus and that they were heading for the bus station now. Amy didn't have a clue where she was and knew that now wasn't the time to escape. As Sam walked in front of Amy, Amy took a great deal of attention to Sam's butt. Sam had also chosen to wear tight black pants and obviously not a thong because her VPL could also be clearly seen. Sam was swaying her hips and obviously trying to attract as much attention as possible by wiggling her perfect butt.

Amy dreaded to think what the experience at the mall for her would be like, but had no idea just how bad it would be.

To be continued ...

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