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At school in Diapers.

Pam was always getting picked on at school, she was very thin and plain looking and painfully other words an easy target. Mary Beth was the ringleader and decided it was time to pick on Pam once again.

"Here she is Miss Weedy herself!" she taunted as Pam walked past. Mary Beth pushed her and sent her flying to the floor, and with the shock Pam had an accident...the girls watched as the pee spread all over the floor.

"Eeeeeeeeee" screeched Mary Beth "Pammy is leaking!" some of the other students stopped what they were doing and came over to see what the fuss was.

"Pammy has wet herself" said Mary Beth and the girls started chanting "wet girl, wet girl" Pam burst into tears and stood there not knowing whether to run or stay where she was.

One of the tutors walked by and saw Pam's "accident" He was not amused.

"Pamela Smith you are 18 years of age how come you have wet yourself?" he yelled. She just cried further and so he marched her off down the corridor to the sick bay. He opened the door and ushered her inside.

"Care to tell me what all this is about?" She just looked up at him with pleading eyes and remained silent "OK have it your way!" he said as he fumbled with her school skirt, she pulled away from him, but he warned her to be a good girl and not give him any trouble. He removed her wet skirt, shoes and socks then he looked at her wet panties and said "Do you want to remove them, or shall I? She asked him could she take them off in private but he got angry.."No child you cant, come here I will remove them" and with that he jerked them down to her ankles. He smacked her legs and as she lifted them he took the panties away.

"Now I think we have some diapers in your size, let's see then, ah yes here we are super absorbent, for naughty girls who wet their panties"

"Please Mr. Thomas, don't make me wear them" she pleaded with him.

"Nonsense you need your diapers girl, now come here" He pulled her over his knee and pinched her ass cheeks together, Pam started crying again, her sobs getting louder as the diaper went on. He taped it snugly around her waist and then found a pair of plastic panties, which were clearly for the younger students that had teddy bears on them. He smirked as he pulled them up over her thick diaper and then handed her another school skirt and pair of socks. Of course the skirt was a lot shorter than hers and the socks had a lacy frill around them, to top it all of he handed her a pair of Mary Jane shoes. She knew it was no use crying and stepped into the skirt fastening it but realizing that the diaper and panties could clearly be seen. Thoughts went around in her head as Mr. Thomas helped her on with her socks and shoes, with every move she made it was obvious that she wore a diaper because of the tell tale sound it made.

Mr. Thomas started to brush her hair and made it into two bunches, which really made her look about 5. Finally he opened the door, Pam looked at him with tear filled eyes but didn't say a word. He motioned her to go through and she slowly walked into the corridor her diapers crinkling loudly with ever step. Mary Beth stood at the top of the corridor and started to walk toward Pam. Mr. Thomas stood behind her so she could not run away. As Mary Beth got closer a wide grin turned into a howl of laughter "Well Pammy you do look sweet" she retorted, the others gathered around her and noticed the teddy bears on her plastic panties.

Mr. Thomas addressed the girls "Well if you have any accidents this is what will happen to you, now run along to class all of you, go on you to Pammy" he said patting her diapered behind. Mary Beth took hold of her wrist and dragged her into the classroom, and everyone stared. Mrs. Price, the English Tutor stared at her up and down...then aid "The nursery is second on the left..Mary Beth take her to the nursery, with that she carried on tutoring.

"Come on Pammykins let's get you to the nursery" said Mary Beth. As Mary Beth opened the door she realized that Mr. Thomas had arranged the nursery visit. Mrs. Peters held a bottle out for Pam and pulled her onto her knee.

"OK Mary Beth tell Mr. Thomas she is in the nursery now thank you!" Mrs.

Peters spoke down to Pam an treated her like a little girl. She checked her diaper constantly and made her sit in a high chair. She gave her lots to drink and even put baby reins on her which locked to the high chair.

As the bell sounded to let everyone know it was time to go home, Mrs. Peters spoke to will stay here in the nursery Pammy, but don't worry Mr.

Thomas is on duty ALL NIGHT, with that she pushed a pacifier in the girls mouth and waited for Mr. Thomas to walk through the door...


After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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