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Aunt Christy

Part One

I never intended to become a baby again but some how that seems to be just what happened. I was 18 and had just graduated from high school. I was going to take a year off from school before going back to college. Mom and dad said that was fine with them. I guess I am one of the lucky ones who doesn't have to worry about working and money. Don't get me wrong though, I do know the value of hard work and earning what you get. Just being an only child I guess I was a little spoiled.

Anyway, Mom and dad were going to go away on vacation. Instead of staying alone, I decided to go stay with my Aunt Christy in the south. I never got to see much of her and she was pretty cool. Still single and no kids, I figured I would work for her for the summer then decide what I wanted to do.

There at Aunt Christy's, I had plenty of time to be alone if I wanted to be. I can't really explain why, but I had developed what I thought to be a weird interest in what it would be like to wear a diaper and wet my pants. Every now and then I would think about it but I would never dare to act on it. Since I had what I thought was plenty of privacy, after reading a story about adult babies and diapers I thought that I would go ahead and try it.

Not having any diapers, I gathered a couple towels together and went to my room. Folding the towels up like diapers, I stripped all my clothes off and tried to put my makeshift diaper on. The towels not being large enough I had to hold them at my sides to keep them on. I never thought that it would be so hard to pee my pants.

I sat there on the floor trying but it just wouldn't come out. I tried drinking a couple beers to help and it still wouldn't come. Finally I stood up, holding my diaper in place and after another ten minutes I finally started to wet my diaper. It felt like I peed gallons! My makeshift diaper quickly filled as the wetness spread across all my crotch and pee ran down my legs. Then my heart stopped! My bedroom door opened and there stood Aunt Christy as I stood there holding a dripping diaper on myself! "Michael!! What the hell are you doing!?" Aunt Christy was almost as startled as I was.

Chapter Two

"Aunt Christy!" I stood there dripping. "I.. um.. I... aa...." I didn't know what to say.

Embarrassed as I was, all I could do was to stand there holding my dripping diapers at my sides and turning about four shades of red all over. Aunt Christy stood there a minute just looking at me. I thought that she was just going to turn and leave but she came over to me and took me by the arm and kind of half turning me around and part walking around me she inspected me and my diaper and what I had done.

She seemed to tower over me. Even at 18 I was still kind of small I thought. Only 5'6", my aunt was almost 6'. I was not prepared for what happened next. Aunt Christy kind of smiled at me and then grabbed me by my left ear and pulled me hard. Instinctively, I followed where she led me on tip- toes and both my hands went to hers to try to save my ear dropping my diaper and leaving me now completely naked.

Aunt Christy pulled me over to the bed where she sat down and put me over her lap. With her left arm she held me firmly in place. She knew that as a little kid my parents never spanked me ever for anything. With her hand she really let me have it now! "<SPANK> Around <SPANK> here <SPANK> young <SPANK> man <SPANK> naughty <SPANK> <SPANK> boys <SPANK> <SPANK> get spanked!<SPANK> <SPANK> <SPANK> <SPANK> <SPANK> You <SPANK> are <SPANK> old <SPANK> enough <SPANK> to <SPANK> know <SPANK> better <SPANK> <SPANK> than to <SPANK> <SPANK> make <SPANK> such <SPANK> a mess!<SPANK> <SPANK> <SPANK> "

I was crying by then and begging her to stop but my aunt kept on spanking me until I stopped fighting her and just lied there over her knee crying and taking my punishment.

When my spanking ended Aunt Christy stood me up in front of her. I was instructed to clean up my mess and put the towels in the laundry. When I was done with that I was to stand in the corner just as I was in the living room. Little did I know thought that the spanking that Aunt Christy had given me was only the beginning. I stood in the corner pouting as I was told to do. My backside sore but not that bad. Aunt Christy was busy doing something. I din't know that I would soon find out what. On one of her trips past me standing there in the corner she slapped my bare red behind with her hand hard!

"No one told you that you could rub your bottom, Michael!" She slapped my hands away.

"You just stand still there."

Again I was left standing there. I wished that the drapes in the big picture window were closed. Anyone walking by out front, if they happened to look in would probably see me standing naked in the corner.

"Michael." Aunt Christy called me from the bathroom. "Get out of the corner and get in here."

I quickly followed her voice to the bathroom were she was waiting for me. My face was more red from blushing than my rear end was. I tried to cover a semi-hard erection with my hands and only wound up blushing a bit more.

"Don't try to hide yourself" I was told as my hands were slapped away from in front of me. " I used to change you diapers and you don't have a thing that I haven't seen a hundred times before."

I must have turned a lot redder and could feel myself blushing even over my chest.

"you're so easy to embarrass!" Aunt Christy told me. "Such a lovely shade of red! By the time I am through with you, your butt is going to be a lot redder for a long time and you'll be lucky if you can sit down at all!"

"Aunt Christy. I'm sorry for what I did."

"You may be sorry, but you are still going to be punished. I told you before when you were here that the legal drinking age in this state is 21. I don't know what the hell you were doing drinking beer in my house without my permission, butt you are never going to do that again when I am through with you."

All I could do was stand there. Scolded. She had placed a chair in the middle of the bathroom floor and sat down on it.

"Get yourself over my lap again right now!" I was ordered.

I was really going to get spanked now. I did as I was told and Aunt Christy positioned me as she wanted me laying over her lap. Her hand slowly rubbing over my slightly sore bottom. I was a little surprised as her fingers pulled the cheeks of my butt apart. I couldn't believe what was happening to me as she inserted the lubricated tube of an enema into me. I jumped slightly and was promptly smacked with a hand on the side of my bottom.

"Since you drank all that illegal alcohol we have to get it out of you."

With that I could feel as the warm water ran out f the bag and into me filling me. Filled up now with warm soapy water, Aunt Christy slowly remover the tube from my bottom and squeezed my cheeks together. Holding me over her lap, she made me hold it in as she scolded and lectured me on the legal drinking age and how bad I had behaved.

As uncomfortable as I was, I also had a very hard erection that was being held between my aunts' bare legs and driving me crazy. I wasn't sure where I was going to start leaking first. My butt, my hard cock, or my eyes! I was told after I was allowed to relieve myself and get cleaned up. I would then be spanked with the strap 25 times for drinking the two beers without permission.

Aunt Christy let me up from over her lap and just looked at me for a minute as I stood there holding my butt together and with my penis as hard as can be sticking out at her. She turned and left and told me to do what I had to do and then get cleaned up. Cleaned up I left the bathroom and found aunt Christy waiting patiently for me in the living room. It was a little embarrassing to be walking around the house naked and even worse yet because my erection had not subsided and as I stood next to her it was almost pointed straight at he face.

I was taken by the arm and led back to my bedroom. There on the bed laid the strap that Aunt Christy had promised that I was going to be spanked with now. It was thick black leather and I guessed about 18 inches long and about three inches wide. I had to wonder though, What was a woman without any children doing with a strap that obviously served no purpose other than inflicting punishment? I was led to the side of the bed and pushed back about two feet from it.

"Put your hands on the edge of the bed." I was ordered.

I did as I was told and bent over slightly to accomplish this instruction.

"Now, keeping your feet planted where they are, bend over and put your head on the edge of the bed." Again I did as I was told to.

"That's right. Now spread your feet apart so they are about two feet apart..... Perfect! Now stay like that and don't move!"

Aunt Christy picked up the strap and swung it throughout the air taking a couple of practice swings. Standing beside me she laid the strap across my bare backside.

"I told you that you are getting 25 with the strap. That's 10 for each can of beer you drank and 5 as a reminder not to ever do that again."

With that she swung the strap and not lightly brought it into contact with my skin.

"OOOWWWW!" I cried out, but stay in place.

Bye the time the strap landed against my bottom for the fifth time I was crying freely and felt like I was on fire. I jumped up and grabbed my bottom with both my hands.

"PLEASE Aunt Christy??!! I'm SORRY! I'll never do it again!" I turned and begged her.

"I am only going to give you this one warning Michael! Get back in position and stay there! If you get up again or put your hands back, I will give you extra for interrupting your punishment!"

"Please Aunt Christy! I'm sorry! PLEASE don't spank me anymore!"

"Now Michael!!"

I turned and bent back over the bed as I was before. The strap swung through the air. When it landed for the 16th time thought I stood up and grabbed my butt. I couldn't ever remember crying harder than I was then!

Aunt Christy pushed me over the edge of the bed so that I was laying down with my knees to the floor. With my arms trapped under me and My aunt now leaning on my back to hold me down she applied the last 5 with the strap harder than the first 15.

Pulling me up off the bed she stood me in the corner by the door so she could see me standing there and put my hands on top my head.

"If you move your hands or rub your bottom I will give you another 25 and we will try this again!"

I stood there crying, my butt on fire, knowing that I didn't want to do this again, so I kept my hands where she had put them. I slowly stopped crying and got my breathing back to normal. Curiously though it ran through my mind that I no longer had an erection. About forty minutes later Aunt Christy came back. She took me by the arm and told me I could put my hands down. She pulled me back over to the bed where she sat down and pulled me back over across her knee.

"Aunt Christy. Please don't spank me anymore! I'm sorry that I was so naughty!"

"Michael," she rubbed my beet red bottom with her hand. "I warned you that you would get extra if you stood up again. You knew what would happen yet you decided to disobey me anyway. Now you are just going to get what I promised you."

Her hand left my burning skin and I prepared for it to come back down hard and spank me some more. Held firmly over her knee I could not have prepared for what she gave me. 5 smacks with the strap just as hard as the first ones were, only all five were delivered within ten seconds! Very fast and hard! Again I was crying just like the little baby I had been behaving like.

Aunt Christy tossed the strap aside and spanked me with her hand for what seemed like forever. The hand spanks were not that hard but my blistered bottom burned with each slap or her hand. When the spanking ended I was just laying over her knee crying and no longer trying to avoid or prevent the spanking that was being given to me.

When it was over, Aunt Christy stood me crying, back in the corner in the living room, still naked.

Luckily, for me, she only made me stand there like that for a few minutes, till I stopped crying, before she told me to go put a pair of shorts on. Just as I left the room the doorbell rang. A saleswoman. My aunt wasn't interested in what she was selling but with the door open she would have seen me standing there in the corner naked and well spanked!

Aunt Christy and I had a long talk that afternoon. She told me that she always wanted to have a child and a baby to care for but was a little afraid of the lifelong commitment that it would take. With me there for a while she could kind of try it out. We talked about me wetting my diaper and other things too. In the end, for a while she was going to take care of me as if I were a baby. She would do everything for me. Feed me, bathe me, diaper me.

I would get to act like a baby and be taken care of for a while and she would get to try it out without really having the responsibility that a real baby would create. I would have to mind her and obey what she told me or I would be punished with a spanking severe enough to make be behave. I would not be allowed to change my own diapers. I would eat what I was fed, and be put to bed when she decided I needed to be.

That very afternoon I was turned into a baby. Aunt Christy went out for a while and got some supplies. When she returned she took me to my room and took my clothes off of me. Laying me on the edge of my bed naked, I watched as she folded the new cloth diapers to put on me. As I watched her, she reached into a bag and pulled out something that I didn't expect. Attached to a ribbon which she placed around my neck was a pacifier that she stuck in my mouth. I started to complain about it and was quickly turned over and given a good smack on my still sore bottom.

"Thank You Auntie!" I whimpered.

Laying there on the bed naked there was nothing I could do now. With a pacifier stuck in my mouth I watched as my aunt prepared to diaper me like a little baby. She had me lift my legs so that she could slide the diaper under my bottom. As she did, my penis came back to life and pointed up at her.

"We're going to have to do something about that this time I think." She told me.

Looking up at her, I said nothing and smiled some. My hand automatically stroked my erect member. She promptly smacked it away.

Her fingers wrapped around my cock with one hand and with her other she gave my balls a light squeeze. I thought I was going to explode with just her touch. Aunt Christy dripped some baby oil over her fingers and hand wrapped around my cock and start slowly pulling up and down while squeezing and releasing her grip. I pumped my hip up and down in motion with her hand. Like 20 seconds later I shot a load of cum up into the air and all over her hand and me.

My dick went limp and Aunt Christy just smiled. She cleaned me and her up and then went on with what she had started. First she rolled me over on my stomach and rubbed baby oil over my bottom and into the crack of my butt. Rolling me back over she rubbed baby oil over and into my upper legs, balls, and penis.

"We don't want you to get a diaper rash." She told me.

She pulled the diaper up between my legs and pinned it tightly in place.

"If I ever catch you taking your diaper off or playing with it young man, I will spank you 50 times with the strap and then I will spank you with my hand until you can't sit down for a month!"

"I won't!" I promised still remembering how much the strap hurt. Aunt Christy then took me out to the living room and told me to sit on the sofa and watch TV. Actually, since nothing was on we put in a tape to watch. It was late afternoon already and I watched the movie as Aunt Christy made Dinner.

What I did not yet know was that my dinner was a lot different from hers. While she was out she had stocked up on some baby food! Instead of calling me to eat, she brought it to me and sat next to me as she spoon fed me! Remembering her warning about getting my hands in the way, I put them behind my back to remind me and let her feed me. The baby food had almost no taste to it at all. Not much of an eater anyway, she still fed me two larger jars of the stuff and then fed me some applesauce for dessert.

The next part was hard. Aunt Christy had me sit in her lap facing her as she sat in a dining room chair. I put my head on her shoulder as she rubbed and patted my back to try to burp me. It didn't work. She put me back on the sofa and had her dinner. One of the steaks that I had gotten out of the freezer that morning!

About 630 she came into the living room to get me.

"Okay my little one. I think that it is bath time now for my baby."

I got up and went with her to the bathroom where she took my diaper off, still dry and had me climb into the tub. She scrubbed me from head to toe and played with me some like a little baby would in the bath. After she dried me off, she led me to my room to put a clean diaper on me. Instead of baby oil this time, Aunt Christy sprinkled baby powder all over me and rubbed it on. I have to admit that I really like being given a bath and having the powder put on me. She securely pinned the diaper on and we went back out to watch TV. Just before we did though, she pulled a pair of plastic, oversized baby pants over my diaper. They fit snugly to my legs and waist so in case I peed it would not leak all over the furniture.

I sat back on the sofa and watched TV. There was some good stuff coming on tonight.

About 730 Aunt Christy comes back in and sits down on the sofa.

"I think it's about bed time for my baby boy." She told me as she turned me and pulled me down in her lap so that I was laying in her arms facing her.

"Aunt Christy! It's too early to go to bed!" I protested.

"Michael, I told you that I will decide when you go to bed. Now drink you bottle so I can put you to bed like a good little baby."

Holding my head in her left arm she stuck a warm bottle of milk into my mouth. Tears were coming out of my eyes and I pushed the bottle away.

"Aunt Christy! Please. Not milk!" I begged her. "I hate Milk! I don't know why but I just cant stand it please!" I cried.

"Michael, my baby needs his bottle before going to bed. Now behave yourself. Or do you want another spanking?"

"Aunt Christy, Please. I know I'll throw up if you make me drink that milk. If you can make it chocolate milk I can stand it and will drink it. But like this... go ahead and spank me as hard and as long as you want to. I don't want to throw up."

Aunt Christy looked down at me and saw that I was serious. She said okay and made the milk chocolate before holding me in her arms and feeding me the entire bottle. She must have put something in the milk because I have not been to bed so early in years and years! I remember finishing the bottle and her telling me that I was a good boy and her holding me.

The next thing I remember was waking up on the sofa. I was just laying the and had kicked off the blanket onto the floor that my aunt had put over me in the night. My feet were together, pulled up and my knees where spread far apart. I could feel that I had wet my diaper while I was asleep. My pacifier was stuck in my mouth and I was sucking on it some.

In the kitchen I could hear my aunt and two other ladies talking. I looked over at the clock and it was eight o'clock in the morning! Had my Aunts friend come in and seen me like this??

Chapter Three

My diaper was just soaked! I was wet and cold. I must have been laying like this for hours. I was stiff and couldn't hardly move. Just then one of my Aunts friends came in and looked at me as she headed for the door.

"Christy" She called out to her. " It looks like your baby here is awake now. He definitely needs changing." My eyes widened. I'm not going to be changed in front of these women! "Do you want me to get you a diaper?"

"Oh, would you please. They're back in the nursery." My aunt called from the kitchen.

Boy, I could sure use a cup of coffee I thought to myself. I still had not found my voice. Wait a minute. The nursery? My Aunt didn't have a nursery. I needed some hot black coffee to wake up. Aunt Christy and her other friend came from the kitchen as the lady who had gone to fetch the diaper returned.

"Good morning Sweety." My aunt leaned down and kissed me on the cheek. " Did my baby boy sleep well last night?"

I stretched some and surveyed my situation. "Yes Aunt Christy. I must have been real tired. I have never slept so soundly!' I didn't know that I had been given a couple sleeping pills in my milk.

"Oh Christy, let me change him this morning." One of my aunt's friends asked her. Aunt Christy must have seen the horror in my eyes at that.

"No, not this morning. You'll get plenty of chances to change his diapers when you two babysit for me."

"Aunt Christy!?" I was going to complain. "I won't have any arguing from you my little one. These ladies are my friends and you will behave in front of them and for them. They will babysit you when I need them to. I can't go out and leave my baby all alone. This is Beth and this is Mary." She introduced them. :

You may call them Miss Beth and Miss Mary. You show them the proper respect or I'll teach you some with the paddle!"

"Yes Ma'am " There would be no way out of this for now. Aunt Christy had me lay down right there on the living room floor to change me. As she took my soaked Diaper off, Miss Mary brought her a warm washcloth to wash my diaper area off. Aunt Christy, turned me over to powder my bottom. A few marks remained from the spanking that I had been given.

"I had to give this child such a severe spanking yesterday." she told her friends.

I turned red all over again from this explanation. As Miss Mary and Miss Beth examined my bottom with Aunt Christy. Aunt Christy washed off my balls and penis rather slowly Explaining that you had to be careful so to prevent a bad diaper rash. Powdered in front, a clean dry diaper was at last secured around my waist.

"How about some breakfast Mikey?" Aunt Christy asked.

"Please, I'm starved this morning for some reason."

We got up off the floor and I was given a hug by my aunt. Going into the kitchen I noticed that there was an oversized highchair now in the room. Where did that come from I wondered. I was being led over to it.

"I'm not sitting in that thing." I told my Aunt.

Aunt Christy startled me as she slammed her hand down on the table making a loud noise. She waved her finger in my face.

"I will not put up with any of this I AM NOT talk today from you!" I was scolded. " You will do as you are told without question, or you will get you bottom bared, you will be turned over a knee, And you will be spanked herder than you can imagine! Now sit down in that high chair."

I sat down not wanting to argue with her. "That my little one is the only warning that you get today."

"I understand Aunt Christy." I told her. I guess the look n my eyes told her that I was sorry for the way I had spoken.

I was strapped into the chair and the tray was put on the front just like a high chair for a little baby.

Miss Mary sat down near me and set a bowl of oatmeal on the tray. I started to reach for the spoon and had my hands slapped away. Miss Mary was going to feed me my breakfast! Well, at least it wasn't baby food. Miss Beth brought me a cup of orange juice that I was allowed to drink without help.

"Aunt Christy?"

"What Mikey?"

"May I please have a cup of coffee?"

"Little babies don't drink coffee Mikey. I don't think so."

"Aunt Christy, I'm not trying to argue with you. I just need some coffee. I have been drinking it for the past ten years every morning. Plleeezzze?"

After a bit more conversation about it, Aunt Christy relented and allowed me one cup of coffee. After I was finished eating, or should I say, being fed. Miss Beth washed my face and hands off. We all sat there talking for a while before I was taken to the nursery to be changed and dressed.

Chapter Four - THE NURSERY

As I finished my coffee I started to pee in my diaper. It was warm and kind of squishy. It felt strangely good and not cold like It did earlier. I was taken out of the high chair and led down the hall to what was now called the nursery. While I saw asleep on the sofa, large baby furniture had been moved into the room complete with a big crib that looked like a cage and a big table stacked with diapers.

I was guided over to the table and told to lay down on it. Though I could have managed this by myself, I had two pairs of strong arms help me up and lay me down. Quickly, my wet diaper was taken off of me and I was again being washed off. This time with something that looked like baby wipes instead of a washcloth. Miss Mary and Miss Beth watched as Aunt Christy cleaned and prepared to diaper me. Aunt Christy stopped as the doorbell rang. Miss Mary went to see who it was and soon came back followed by another lady!

"Just in time!" Aunt Christy told the new lady. "I guess there is no need to put this diaper on right now."

"No, that can wait until I am through." The new lady said.

"Michael." Aunt Christy explained. "This is Doctor Jodi. She is a pediatrician and a friend of mine. I asked her to take a look at my new baby."

I was a little speechless. All I could manage was "Hi."

"Hello Michael." Dr. Jodi started to examine me. "This won't hurt a bit. I just want to make sure that you are in good health."

She started my checking my eyes and ears, my throat and my nose. She felt my neck and checked my arms and reflexes. Dr Jodi listened to my breathing and my heart, and pushed and felt my stomach. All the while, Miss Mary, Miss Beth, and Aunt Jodi watched and chatted with each other. Dr. Jodi Felt my legs and lifted them and bent them and pushed them about.

I started to blush and turn red as she felt and squeezed my balls and pulled at my penis and examined it. I couldn't help but to start to get a hard on. The ladies said nothing about this. Next, I was turned over and examined.

"Looks like somebody has been a naughty boy recently?" I heard Dr. Jodi comment. as she massaged and spread my cheeks apart examining it.

"Yes ma'am I was!" I told her. "It's still a little sore too. Aunt Christy knows how to spank real good that's for sure!"

They all giggled some at that and Dr. Jodi smacked my bottom with her hand lightly yet firmly. She pulled at my legs again and bent them to their limits. Next I felt My butt cheeks being spread again as a thermometer was inserted to check my temperature. With that done, I was pulled around on my stomach so my legs were over the edge of the table and dropped to the floor. Half expecting to get spanked some more I was surprised as I felt a rubber gloved finger stuck into my butt hole and probe around. It felt weird and yet made me get a really hard erection. What I didn't realize was that she had also inserted a suppository laxative into me as well to make me poop in my diapers as well as wet them.

I was pushed back up onto the table and turned over again.

"My, my! I have never seen a baby get so excited by and exam before!" Dr Jodi said.

That embarrassed me some, but what she said next I couldn't believe!

"Well, there is no way to get a urine sample for the lab with this penis like this. It looks like we are just going to have to get a sperm sample first!"

Putting on a clean glove she lubricated my erect member and tightly ran her fingers up and down my shaft! As Dr. Jodi worked my cock up and down, I didn't cum as fast as I did the day before for Aunt Christy. Miss Beth decided to help out some.

"Does the baby need something to suck on to help him out?" She opened her blouse and uncovered one of her breasts and started to bring it closer to my waiting mouth. With my tongue straining to reach the offered nipple I came and shot my entire load of sperm into the waiting specimen jar. "I guess not." Miss Beth looked at me and covered herself up.

"Looks like the pluming is working adequately." Dr. Jodi stated. Looking at the specimen I had given her.

I was turned over on my stomach again and before I realized what was happening I had been given a shot in my bottom.

"We have to make sure that baby stays healthy. That was just some vitamins."

I was sat up on the edge of the table and Aunt Christy held my penis as I peed into a jar for the doctor. I was then laid back down and Had my diaper put on me.

" I think it is time for baby's morning nap." Aunt Christy told me as I was put into my crib with the rails up and locked. After being threatened with a good spanking if I didn't take my nap and stop fussing, I took the bottle I was given and laid down.

Chapter Five - BABY'S MESS

I couldn't believe that I was that tired. I did fall asleep and take a nap. When I woke up I was still locked in my new crib. I kind of looked around to see if anyone was watching me. I mean, after this morning, A dozen people must have been in and out and watched me sleeping on the sofa in diapers with me legs spread the way I was left laying there.

No one was just sitting and watching. I couldn't hear any voices. Miss Beth was sitting in the chair but she had fallen asleep. I rolled over and my diaper kind of squished. It felt strange. Kind of sticky and the smell... OH MY GOSH! I filled my pants!!! NO! I was locked in and this needed attention right now!

"WHAAAAAAA!!!" I let out a blood curdling cry. I couldn't help but laugh as I saw Miss Beth jump straight up out of the chair just like a frightened cat. I swear, two feet straight up in the air!

"What wrong??" Miss Beth woke quickly.

Aunt Christy came running down the hall and into the room.

"What's wrong Michael?"

I just lied there and did my fake crying. Aunt Christy and Miss Beth talked.

"Well, Beth, It looks like my baby has waken from his nap."

"Sure does! He scared the hell out of me too!"

"MICHAEL!" Aunt Christy scolded. "That's enough of that crying! Or do you want me to give you something to cry about?"

I quieted down to a slight whimper. I still needed to be changed.

Miss Beth changed my diaper, cleaning me up good and powdering me. As she powdered my bottom she also gave it a good hard slap with her hand.

"If you ever scare my like that again, Michael," She warned me. "It will be a long time before you will be able to sit down or lay on your back by the time I get through spanking you!" She knew I cried out

As it turned out, I was only supposed to be Aunt Christy's baby for a short time to try it out. It turned into me being her baby for the entire summer! The first week went pretty much that same as that first morning. I was fed only baby food and bottles. We quickly came to an understanding though after that. In trade for some solid food and hamburgers, I was quickly potty trained to go poop in the potty. There were a few accidents that I was spanked good for. It seemed that not a day went by that I wasn't getting spanked for something and it seemed that some days all I did was get turned over one knee or another all day long.

My diapers were changed quite often when they needed to be and even with all the prevention taken, at one point I developed a really bad diaper rash. That was real painful and burned. That summer with Aunt Christy turned into a year with a lot more stories about what happened that I have written down so far. This was just about how it started. More will be coming but right now, Aunt Christy says that I have to get a spanking and I need to have my diaper changed! See Ya!

To Be Continued.....if response warrants

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