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Aunt Diane's Diaper Dossage

Everyone looked forward to Aunt Diane's visits. She was the oldest of mommy's sisters and had never been a mommy herself. In my limited thinking she was more fun than mommy. Mommy scolded when we had accidents in our pants, and my sister and I had lots of those. Mommy's answer was to put a diaper and vinyl baby pants on us. My sister was getting too big for the baby pants to fit. She was seven. Even though we were both small for our age, she was getting too big. I knew one day I would be too big too, and I hated that thought.

The day started out like many others. We were all excited about Aunt Diane coming to visit. Breakfast was simple oatmeal and apple juice. Then mom tried to clean up the house. To keep us out of the way she kept my baby brother with her and locked the two of us in our room. About mid morning I had an accident but I couldn't do anything about it because the door was locked. Then I had a messy accident.

Lois laughed at me and pushed me down. That made it worse and I started to cry. Mom unlocked the door and smelled the trouble right away. But Aunt Diane was there too, so mom didn't yell like she usually did. Aunt Diane looked at me and smiled and offered to take care of the trouble.

"Put him in diapers!" My mom snapped. I could tell she was angry and it made me afraid.

"I brought some things to help." Aunt Diane said with a strange smile on her face.

Aunt Diane cleaned up the mess and put my clothes in the hamper after rinsing them out. Then she put me in the bathtub already full of warm water and bubbles. She bathed me very carefully, washed my hair, then toweled me dry. She was very gentle and loving the whole time and I loved it. She made me giggle and laugh.

When I was dry she carried me into mom's bedroom to the changing table. Mom never changed me on the changing table anymore. Changing tables were for babies! But Aunt Diane put me down on the cold pad and began to put baby lotion on me. She turned me over and did my bottom just as carefully. She powdered my bottom first, before turning me over.

There were a stack of new diapers on the dresser I had never seen before. As she reached for them she looked down at me.

"I made these diapers just for you and your sister. They're bigger than baby diapers so they'll fit better." She put three of them together, grabbed my ankles, and lifting me up that way slid them under me. I could feel that they were very thick.

"I only wear one diaper during the day!" I said, feeling the material with my little hands. They were the same gauze material that mom used for my baby brother.

"Oh! You want one more? Okay!" Aunt Diane said, laughing. She slid another diaper under me.

"No! I didn't say that!" I said, laughing just the same.

"I said I only wear one diaper during the day!"

"One more? Okay!" She said, sliding another in underneath. She sprinkled powder between my legs and on my tummy region liberally. I liked baby powder. She used a lot of it and it felt good. Then she pulled the diapers up between my legs, pinned the left side away from her, and then pulled the right side up and pinned it tight.

I couldn't help it! It felt so good I just kicked my feet. The diapers came high up my back and over my belly button! They felt soooo good! She laughed delightedly as I kicked my feet. Then she opened a drawer and pulled out some vinyl baby pants.

"Those won't fit over this many diapers!" I said, still enjoying the feeling of clean, warm diapers.

"These will. I made them just for you little Turtlepins. She always called me Turtlepins. It was her nickname for me because I liked diaper pins with turtle shapes on them. I could see she had used four with blue turtle shapes. I work at the Gerber baby pants factory here in town, and I made these big enough to fit all these diapers!" She added.

"But they're yellow!" I said.

"Yellow baby pants are for girls!"

"Oh, I don't think so. I have yellow, blue, pink, white, and even rumba pants here. Let's put these rumba pants on you, with the yellow ruffles on the back. Won't those look cute?" She was holding them in her hands. Gently she rubbed them over my tummy and I could feel the silky material over the vinyl pants beneath. It felt good.

She carefully fed my left foot in the leg hole on that side, and then caught and put my right foot in and slid the pants up, holding my ankles as before, and making sure they covered all my diapers. They did! That silky material felt so good between my legs I just laid there and kicked for a while. I put my thumb in my mouth and closed my eyes.

"Here honey!" Aunt Diane said, gently pulling my thumb out and putting a yellow pacifier in my mouth. Mommy never let me suck on a pacifier! It felt good there, like it belonged, and I closed my eyes again, just enjoying feeling like a baby.

Aunt Diane sat me up and lifted my arm to put it in an armhole of a shirt. I lifted the other arm and she pulled the shirt down. It felt just like the material on the outside of my vinyl pants! I opened my eyes and saw that she had put a white dress on me! I didn't say anything because of the pacifier, and I didn't care at that point. It all felt so good. She put yellow socks on my feet but didn't put shoes on.

"Come on! I'll feed you lunch sweetie!" She said, lifting me and carrying me like I was a helpless baby. That felt good too. I laid my head on her shoulder as she carried me down the steps and she seemed to like that. My left hand held the ring of the pacifier and my right hand tapped lightly on her other shoulder.

She put me in a highchair that sat next to the baby's highchair. Aunt Diane must have brought it. We didn't usually have much for lunch. Sometimes I got a piece of bread with some peanut butter on it. Today she emptied four jars of baby food into a bowl, took a spoon, and began to feed me after pulling a vinyl bib over my head. It was much bigger than the other bibs we had. I was hungry, and I ate it all. She played with me as she fed me, making it fun.

Then she got out four more jars of baby food, pears this time, one of my favorites. Before feeding it to me she sprinkled some white powder into it, and stirred it carefully until it was all mixed in. I couldn't taste it when she fed me the pears. I began to feel warm and very happy and relaxed. When she finished feeding me she patted me until I burped!

She carried me to the living room where a new playpen had been set up. It was huge! It fit over a vinyl-covered mattress. Aunt Diane told me it was a queen-sized mattress. The wooden bars, painted a bright white, were much taller than me! Half of the front side of bars folded down and she lowered me to the mattress tenderly.

"Now I'm going to give my little Turtlepins a bottle!" She said happily. She filled a bottle with apple juice, but first poured something clear into the bottle. Just a little, about an inch, before adding the apple juice. She shook the bottle to mix the two liquids and then put the bottle in my mouth. I held the bottle with both hands and sucked happily at the juice. I couldn't taste whatever she put in the apple juice. I put my legs up in the air and kicked up and down, hitting my thick diapers with the bottoms of my feet each time.

She left me there and went up stairs. I heard the bath water running and thought that sissy was going to get a bath too. I didn't see mom at all. Eventually Aunt Diane came down with sissy, and fed her, and put her in the playpen with me. This time she mixed two bottles and gave us each one.

Sissy didn't like being in so many diapers, but I could tell she liked the feel too. She was laying there, kicking her feet like I was, drinking from the bottle. Her pupils were very big. I'd never seen them so big. I drank down my second bottle, and a third. Aunt Diane didn't seem to mind. She didn't put any more of the clear liquid in the third bottle.

Then she gave us each another bottle of warm milk. I hadn't had warm milk in a long time. She picked me up and sat in the rocking chair, holding the bottle with one hand, and patting my bottom with the other. I hiccupped twice, sighed deeply, and fell asleep. My tummy was full and I felt wonderful!

When I woke up later that afternoon Aunt Diane was there in the rocking chair, holding my baby brother. I still didn't see mom anywhere. Aunt Diane put Paulie in his crib and came over. She sat down outside the playpen, reached through the bars, and ticked my tummy. I giggled, kicked my feet, and turned over.

Pushing myself up to my knees I knew something was different. The diapers still felt wonderful, and so did the clothes. One of my socks had come off while I was sleeping. I stood up and immediately sat down hard. Giggling, because it felt so good, tried again. I couldn't stand! Every time I got to my feet I fell on my padded bottom! Using the bars I pulled myself up and managed to stay standing for a few seconds that time. My legs felt like rubber. They just didn't want to hold me up.

Aunt Diane laughed when I fell down again. She lifted me out of the playpen and put me on my feet. I felt so good I wanted to dance. My toes stretched out and touched the floor, and I danced my feet up and down, giggling like a baby. Aunt Diane laughed and held me close to her, patting my bottom. Then she put me on my feet again and let go. I fell down immediately.

"You'll have to do better than that!" She said, lifting me up again. This time I managed a step before I fell down on my bottom again. She lifted me up and I felt my bowels give way. It just came, I couldn't do anything about it. I pooped a long time feeling it fill my pants, pushing my diaper away. My feet wouldn't stop kicking as she held me there.

"All done?" She asked. I nodded and she put the pacifier in my mouth and put me on my feet. I plopped down on my full diaper and giggled, kicking my feet helplessly in front of me. My diaper was wet, I could tell, and I peed again, kicking my feet, the warm liquid spreading down through the mess I'd made. I giggled again.

Aunt Diane lifted me up and took me to a swing hanging in the doorway. That was new too. She put me in the swing. It was hanging on springs, and my feet went down. I pushed up and the swing went up and then down again. It felt wonderful! But it squished up all the mess in my diaper even more. I could feel it almost coming out of the back of my diaper. I tried to tell Aunt Diane that I needed a diaper change but when I opened my mouth the words were somehow all garbled.

"I messy!" I finally got out, the words feeling strange in my mouth.

"Shall we change baby Turtlepins?" Aunt Diane asked, as though I really were a baby.

"Peese!" I was trying to say please, but it just came out as baby talk!

"Okay! Come on, then!" She said, stopping the swing and pulling me out. She looked down the back of my diaper and saw and smelled the mess.

"Whew! You do need a change.

Again we went to the changing table, where she removed my messy soaked diaper and wiped me with baby wipes. I had the pacifier in my mouth and knew I couldn't stand up and it just didn't seem to matter. We went to the bathtub and I got washed down there thoroughly. Then we went back to the changing table.

Aunt Diane put me down on my tummy and put baby oil all over me, and then baby lotion on my bottom and down my legs. She rubbed it all in carefully. I fell asleep while she was doing it but she ticked me awake and turned me over to repeat the process on the front. She tickled my feet while she was putting the baby oil on. Then she applied baby lotion. When she was done she picked me up, almost asleep again, and pulled five diapers down from her stack of new diapers.

Sprinkling baby powder on the inside diaper liberally she laid me down, then sprinkled more on me. It felt wonderful. Again she pulled the diaper front through my legs and up over my tummy, pinned them tightly, and pulled another pair of rumba pants out of the drawer. These were bright yellow with white ruffles on the back. Like before she rubbed them gently along my belly, down over my diapers, and then put my feet in the holes and pulled them up, making sure they covered all of my diapers.

As before I closed my eyes and kicked my feet. She ticked my tummy and sides and put her lips down on my belly and blew a raspberry on my tummy. It made me laugh with delight and I heard myself sounding just like a baby. It felt right.

She picked me up and carried me down to the highchair, and fed me four jars of peach baby food with the white powder mixed in. Mom came in while she was mixing it and looked at me. She burst out laughing, kissed me on the head as she passed, and noticed the powder going into the food.

"What's that you're giving him?" She asked.

"It's a very mild sedative that will make him feel warm and safe and good." She said. I didn't know what sedative meant, but I remembered the warm feeling.

"And that?" Mom asked, pointing to the bottle of clear liquid.

"Doctors use it when they don't want patients trying to move around on their own. For him it makes it impossible for him to stand up and walk more than a step or two." She said, smiling at me and winking.

"Want to watch. I'll give him another bottle and you'll see." She said.

Mom sat down at the table and watched Aunt Diane feed me the peach baby food. I laughed and kicked my feet, like a baby does, not even knowing I was doing it. Mom's eyebrows went up and she smiled at me. Reaching out she tickled my tummy. Mom didn't smile at me that much anymore, and I liked that too.

Aunt Diane held me, as before, and fed me the bottle of apple juice with the clear liquid mixed in. I drank it down drowsily and hummed while she fed me. She and Mom sat down together and Aunt Diane put me down while mom held her arms out for me. I took two steps and fell on my well-padded bottom. Giggling I pushed up with my feet, fell back again three or four times until Mommy put out a hand to hold me up. She sat back with her arms open for me and I took two more steps. This time she caught me before I fell.

She held me in her lap, opened her top, and my lips closed around a nipple like it was something I always did. I closed my eyes and sucked, falling asleep after a while. Aunt Diane watched for a few minutes, then aroused Sissy, changed her, and put her back in the play pen.

When I woke up I was in the rocking chair, my lips still around one of Mommy's nipples. I could feel that my diapers were wet again, but not wet enough to worry about. I dozed off again and woke up when mom broke the suction, lovingly looked down into my eyes, and put the pacifier in my mouth. She put me in the play pen with Sissy and little Paulie and the three of us played there until supper time.

Aunt Diane fed me, six jars of baby food this time, and four more jars of bananas after. She mixed the white powder into the baby food and I didn't mind. I knew how it made me feel. I had three more bottles of apple juice, some with the clear juice in it, some without. Drinking out of a bottle was so relaxing.

We sat on the porch, Sissy in Mommy's lap, me in Aunt Diane's lap, the porch swing squeaking gently as they rocked back and forth. Aunt Diane took me up and changed me, this time putting six diapers on me, and plain vinyl baby pants over them. She brought me back to the porch swing in nothing but the diapers and baby pants.

We both slept in the playpen that night, covered with thick warm baby soft blankets. Mine was green, Sissy's was yellow. Paulie slept in his crib beside the rocking chair. I didn't wake up until late the next morning and when I got to my knees knew I had a messy diaper again. It was very messy! I tried to stand, forgetting I couldn't and sat down hard. I felt the goo slide up the back of my diaper, kicked my feet, and leaned forward to crawl to the side.

Monday was a school day. Sissy was already gone. I didn't go to kindergarten until noon. Aunt Diane heard me giggling and came in from the kitchen. She gave me a big hug and carried me upstairs to change my diapers. They were really wet.

She put three diapers on, and yellow vinyl pants. Over this she put a onesie she'd made, with nursery prints of teddy bears and ducks on it. She used pins with green turtle designs on the head. Then she put a pair of shorts she'd obviously made for me. They had snaps on the legs and crotch so diaper changes would be easier. I knew that because she told me so while putting them on.

Where she found the shoes, I don't know, but they looked just like baby shoes. They were white, in my size, and went over socks that matched my onesie. I had breakfast in my highchair, oatmeal with the white powder added, and four jars of banana baby food afterwards. I also had three bottles of apple juice, but no clear liquid this time. By noon I was able to stand and walk, though not with any confidence.

Just before taking me to kindergarten Aunt Diane gave me one more bottle of apple juice, with just a little of the clear liquid in the bottle. I could walk, but if I did, I looked and felt like a toddler. I fell often. It didn't matter. I had four jars of baby food for an early lunch, and four jars of pear baby food afterward. Aunt Diane changed my diapers, staying with three of them again, and using the same color vinyl pants.

When I bent over, sitting down, I could see the yellow peeking out from between the snaps on my shorts. I kicked my feet in delight, sitting in the playpen, waiting for when Aunt Diane would take me to Kindergarten. The time came and we walked there, me holding her hand, walking like a toddler, loving every minute of it.

I cried when she tried to leave me and clung to her. My teacher pulled me away gently and held me while Aunt Diane left. She could feel the thick diapers under my shorts and she peeked inside. She smiled at me and put me down and I fell on my bottom. But I got up and waddled over to the play area to play with the other kids.

I pooped during naptime, filling my diapers as before, and could tell I was very wet when we woke up. If any of the kids noticed my diapers or the smell none said anything. I played and colored and Aunt Diane came to get me. She held me, peeked down my vinyl pants and laughed.

"You're a messy little Turtlepins!" She said. She patted my bottom as she carried me out, then put me down and we walked home.

After cleaning me up and changing me into five diapers, white rumba pants with green ruffles, and a green silky frilly dress that barely covered half my rumba pants Aunt Diane put green socks on my feet and carried me down to supper.

"I like him this way." Mommy said, as she fed me.

"He's so happy and so cute. I think I'm going to keep him this way for a while." She said. Those were the best words I'd heard in a long time. I bounced up and down with glee to tell her how much I liked it.

"There's my little Turtlepins!" She said. It was the first time she'd ever called me that.

That evening she breastfed me again until I fell asleep in her arms. Aunt Diane put Paulie in his crib, and Sissy was already asleep. I lay on my back, my feet kicking gently, while they watched me. My eyes opened just a little and they smiled at me. Aunt Diane sat down and put my pacifier in my mouth, then turned me on my tummy and began to pat my diapers gently until I fell asleep again. Mommy's hand gently stroking the back of my head and Aunt Diane's patting made it quick and sweet.

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