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Baby Billie Goes To College

Billie had looked forward to graduating from high school. He figured that once school was over, his baby treatment would end. However, Billie still couldn't stay dry at night and still wet his pants or worse whenever something scared him or he got over excited. Billie would have been diagnosed with ADD today. His aunt just thought he was being lazy and seeking attention and she was going to make sure he got all the attention he could stand by publicly treating him as a baby.

Billie's aunt had planed on sending him to college with the girl next door that had baby-sat for him the past few years. However, Beth had gotten herself pregnant and ran off with her boyfriend just days before college was to start. His aunt was very upset with this incident, as the college she had enrolled him in had agreed to take him only as long as he had a caretaker to take care of him. Now that Beth was gone he no longer had anyone to care for him at college. Now both Billie and his aunt were trying to find a new school for him. He begged his aunt to just let him attend the college of his choice without the diapers and baby treatment. His aunt would not hear of this. She told him as long as he was to big a baby to keep from wetting and soiling his bed and clothes he would be treated like the baby he was in front of the entire world. Needless to say, both Billie and his aunt were very upset over these new developments. Billie was afraid he wouldn't be able to attend college and get away from his aunt. He knew that as long as he lived at home, he would never be able to get out of diapers. He had grown fond of wearing the diapers and enjoyed being babied by his aunt, but not in public.

Someone told Billie and his aunt about a small private college in West Memphis, Arkansas that catered to disabled students and had caretakers on staff. His aunt immediately called East Arkansas College for more information. She explained that Billie wasn't truly disabled, but that he still wet and soiled himself and therefore was still in diapers and treated like the baby he was. The staff of East Arkansas College assured her that they could easily accommodate Billie and provide him not only with the care he needed, but also give him the best education that was available any where. Billie wasn't to fond of these new arrangements, but was glad that he would at least be getting away from home.

Billie's aunt had to get busy to get everything ready in time for college to start. They had to go and get a transcript from Billie's high school with his grades and ACT score. This had to be sent to the college before Billie could be accepted at East Arkansas College. She also had to get plane tickets for Billie to fly from Honolulu to Memphis, Tennessee. The college had told her that they would have a car pick Billie up at the airport in Memphis and drive him to the school in West Memphis, Arkansas. Billie's aunt got the transcript sent airmail. She then proceeded to packing his things and took them to the airport and had them flown to the college. She didn't have any doubts that Billie would be accepted at East Arkansas College, as he had been an Honor Student all the way through school and had scored in the upper 90% on the ACT Test.

Within three days the President of East Arkansas College called Billie's aunt and told her that Billie had been accepted at the school and his clothing and property had arrived. He asked Billie's aunt to send him to the school as quickly as possible as classes would start the following Monday and it was now Wednesday. Billie's aunt immediately called the airlines and purchased tickets for Billie to leave Hawaii at 7:15am on Friday and would arrive in Memphis at Noon on Saturday.

Billie's aunt woke him at 5:30 Friday morning to get him ready for his trip to Arkansas. She first removed his plastic pants and then unpinned his soggy wet diaper. With discuss she asked him " Are you ever going to stop wetting like a baby?" Without waiting for an answer she took him to the bathroom and sat him on the potty. She always made him sit on the potty baby style, facing the wall. She told him he had better potty well as he wouldn't have another chance to potty or get his diaper changed until he arrived in West Memphis, Arkansas.

Billie's aunt filled the tub with hot bubbly water while he sat on the potty. She then told him to get in the tub. She washed his hair with baby shampoo; she then washed his face and neck using Ivory Baby Soap. She then washed his arms, chest, and back still using the baby soap. Then she lifted one leg at a time and washed each leg and rinsed him off. She then had him stand and face her and she washed up the front of his diaper area paying particular attention to his small penis and testicles. Billie never had much pubic hair and what little he did have she kept shaved off so it would be easier to clean him. After she washed the front of his diaper area and rinsed it well she had him to face the wall. She then told him to spread his legs out and bend over so she could really clean the rest of his diaper area. She washed both cheeks of his butt thoroughly. She then lathered up the washcloth and washed between his legs and the crack of his ass. She then wrapped the washcloth around two fingers and washed inside the opening of his ass hole.

After she had rinsed him off for the last time she told him to get out of the tub and lay on the large bath towel she had spread out for him. She then gently dried him off. She then took him to his room and had him lay in his crib so she could dress him. She put a heavy coat of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly all over his diaper area. She then placed a thick diaper under him. This was the thickest diaper that he had ever worn. She then had him hold his legs up over his head while she powdered his bottom. Then after he lowered his legs she powdered his private area. She then brought the thick diaper up between his legs and pinned the right side. Then she pulled the diaper as snug as she could and pinned the left side.

Billie's aunt then had him stand up so she could put his plastic pants on him. She was putting a pair of blue Gerber's pants on him. She pulled the pants up and made sure his diaper was all tucked inside of the plastic pants. She then put an oversize T-shirt on him and told him to sit on the edge of his crib. Then she got out a short-all outfit to put on him. She then started them up his legs and had him sit up so she could pulled them the rest of the way up on him. After she had them pulled up she brought the straps up over his T-shirt and buttoned them. The short- alls had a snap crotch so diapers could be changed without removing them.

When Billie started to walk he had great difficulty due to the thickness of the diaper. His aunt took him by the hand and helped him to the kitchen. She prepared a big breakfast for him, as she wasn't sure what or when he would be able to eat next. She fed him his scrambled eggs, cut up sausage, biscuits and gravy, and Cream of Wheat one spoonful at a time. She quickly cleared off the table and washed off Billie's face. She then packed a diaper bag full of diapers, plastic pants, and 2 full baby bottles and two empty bottles. She also took another bottle out of the icebox and warmed it. She told him he could drink it on the way to the airport.

Billie and his aunt then started out to the car. On the way to the car she told him that she had instructed the airlines that he was partially disabled and they would have to put his beverages in one of his bottles for him to be able to drink it. She also asked that they cut up his food in real small pieces or give him baby food to eat. She had also packed his bib in the diaper bag. She then told him that the airlines didn't have anyone to help him to use the potty or to change his diapers and that was the reason she had pinned such a thick one on him. She then told him that if it got to uncomfortable, maybe one of the passengers would change him. He told her he wasn't about to ask anyone to change him. She replied, "Suit yourself!" She helped him into the car as he was really having a hard time getting around in the thick diapers. She then drove to the airport. She told Billie to stay in the car and she would be back in a minute. She then went and rented an adult stroller and came back and got him. She picked up the diaper bag from the back seat and hooked it on the back of the stroller. She then rolled him to the check in counter. She gave the attendant his tickets and they told her they would take good care of him.

Billie's aunt then gave him one last Good-Bye kiss and told him she had to leave as her car was parked in the loading zone. It wasn't but about 15 minutes until his plane was loading. One of the attendants pushed him in the stroller up into the plane. He then helped Billie into a seat and fastened his seat belt. Shortly after take-off the flight attendant came back to check on Billie. Billie's aunt had told the airlines that he was a special needs child when she bought the ticket. Tim, the flight attendant asked Billie if he needed anything and Billie told him he was fine. Tim then unfastened Billie's seat belt. When lunchtime came around, Tim asked Billie if he was ready to eat. Billie said he was very hungry. Tim told Billie his lunch would soon be ready. Tim reached up overhead and got down Billie's diaper bag. He then removed Billie's bib and took out a baby bottle of milk. He then tied the bib on Billie and told him he would be back shortly.

Tim took the bottle back to the plane's gallery and warmed it. He also cut up all of Billie's food into very small bites. They were serving fried chicken, sweet peas, and mashed potatoes. Tim removed the bones from Billie's chicken as he cut it up. When he had Billie's lunch ready he checked the bottle and it was ready to. Most of the other passengers had almost finished eating by now. Tim sat in the empty chair next to Billie and fed him his lunch. He then washed off Billie's hands and face. He gave Billie his bottle and laid Billie's seat back. Billie was soon asleep.

Billie didn't wake up until the plane landed in Kansas City. After everyone else was off the plane Tim got the stroller out and helped Billie into it. Tim told Billie he would have to change planes here and that there would be about a six hour lay over. He then told Billie that he was now off duty, but would be flying on to Memphis with him, as that was his home.

Tim took Billie off the plane in the stroller. He had hung Billie's diaper bag on the stroller's handlebars. He left Billie sitting in the stroller next to the check in counter while he gathered up his reports to turn in on the flight. He then took Billie to the observation tower where they could watch the planes take off and land. They were the only ones there.

Tim asked Billie if he was thirsty and Billie said he was. Tim went and bought two cokes. When he came back he poured one of the cokes in one of the empty baby bottles that was in Billie's diaper bag. He then gave the bottle to Billie. Billie was thirsty and drank the coke fast as he could suck it out of the bottle.

Tim stayed with Billie in the observation tower until time for them to load on their plane to Memphis. Billie had taken a good 3-hour nap. When Billie woke from his nap, Tim asked if he needed anything and Billie replied that he was fine. Tim then asked if he needed to use the potty. Billie told Tim that he had already wet in his diapers several times so didn't need use the potty. Tim asked Billie if he would like his diapers changed. Billie said he would but that his aunt had told him that the flight attendants wouldn't be able to do this. Tim explained to Billie that because he was off duty now he could help him. He then took Billie out of the stroller and laid him down on a couch in the observation tower. He unsnapped Billie's short-alls. He lifted Billie up as he pulled down Billie's plastic pants and unpinned and then removed the thick, soaked diaper. He removed a damp washcloth from the diaper bag and gently washed of Billie's diaper area. He then took the baby lotion and baby powder out of the diaper bag and gently applied the lotion to Billie's diaper area. He then took out 4 diapers and placed then under Billie's bottom. He then gently powdered Billie's butt and privates. He then drew the diaper up snug between Billie's legs and pinned it. He got out a clean pair of plastic pants and put them on Billie. When he started to snap the short-alls he noticed that they were damp, so he removed them. He then told Billie he would just have to wear only the T-shirt over his diapers. He told him that with the T-shirt being so big on him that no one would probably even noticed.

Tim put Billie in the stroller and rolled him to the loading gate. Billie was the first to load with Tim pushing him into the plane with the stroller. He once again put Billie into his seat and fastened the seat belt. Soon the rest of the passengers had boarded also. Tim sat in the seat next to Billie and fastened his seat belt as well. Soon the plane was in the air and Tim unfastened both his and Billie's seat belts. He then pushed back Billie's seat so he could relax.

The flight from Kansas City to Memphis was very pleasant and Billie slept most of the way. Once again Billie waited until all the other passengers were off the plane. Tim then got the stroller down and put Billie in it. He then got the diaper bag and hooked it around the handlebars of the stroller. He then pushed Billie out of the plane and into the airport terminal.

The dormitory parents, Liz & Frank, from Billie's dorm at East Arkansas College were waiting at the gate. They spotted him as Tim pushed him to the gate. They came over and introduced themselves. Tim told them that Billie had been a good passenger and he had eaten well and was of no trouble at all. He also told them he had changed Billie's diaper at Kansas City, but his diaper probably needed changing again. Billie thanked Tim for being so nice to him and helping him. Frank went and collected Billie's luggage and then Liz pushed Billie out to the school's station wagon while Frank carried the luggage.

Frank tied the luggage down on top the station wagon while Liz helped Billie into the back of the car. The rear seat was folded down and they had made a bed for him to lie down on. Liz pulled up his T-shirt and put her fingers inside his diaper to check if he was wet. His diapers were damp, but not soaked so she told him she would change him when they got back to the school. It took almost as long to drive to the school as it did to fly to Memphis from Kansas City. When Billy finally got to the school they told him he would be in a dormitory with the physically disabled students. They told him several of the students wore diapers so this shouldn't create too much of a problem for him. However, volunteer nursing students were used in helping care for them. They told him he would share a room with another student whose only disability was that he was incontinent. Billy was surprised when he entered the dorm, as the walls were only 3 or 4 feet high and there weren't any doors, not even the bathroom. The only walls were around the Dorm parents' room and their private bathroom. The bathroom was made accessible for wheelchairs. The commodes had handrails around them and were taller than regular toilets. They didn't have any bathtubs, just showers. They had special shower chairs for the disabled students to sit in and roll into the shower without getting their wheelchairs wet.

Those that could walk could still use the showers, they just had to adjust the shower hose higher up and remember to put them back down for the others to be able to use them. Billy was told that most of the students bathed themselves and dressed with little assistance. Some of the students that were in diapers needed assistance with them and both the dorm parents and the volunteer nursing students would help with that.

They told Billy that his aunt had told them he couldn't diaper himself and that if he didn't have assistance with bathing, he wouldn't get himself clean. She also told them that whenever he fed himself he made a mess. She told him that she always made him drink from either a baby bottle or a training cup and that she had sent both along with him.

The beds were hospital beds with side rails and they made sure the side rails were up whenever anyone was in bed. Billy was happy that at lease they weren't baby cribs. He also found out that they were going to work with him as they did all the disabled students to teach him to care for himself as much as possible. Billy was glad that at last maybe he would be able to grow up.

The first thing the dorm mother did was to undress Billy while the dorm father unpacked his belongings and put them away. His diaper was soaked and wet and he was glad to get it off. Once he was completely undressed she took him to the toilet and told him to just sit there and relax and see if his bowels would move. She left him there for about 30 minutes and when she came back he hadn't done anything. She said that was all right and maybe next time they would have better results.

His dorm mother, Liz, then took him to the showers. She had Billy sit in one of the shower chairs as she explained to him it would make it easier for her to assist him with his shower. She then adjusted the water to where it was hot, but not to hot. She then hosed him off from head to toe. Then she hung the shower hose back on the wall hook.

She next used baby shampoo and gently washed his curly blond hair. She then took the shower hose and rinsed his hair making sure to get all the shampoo out of his hair. Once again she hung the shower hose back on its hook. Liz then took a clean washcloth and lathered it up with a bar of Ivory soap. She then handed it to Billy and told him to wash his face with it. Billy washed his face with the washcloth and then handed it back to Liz. Liz then washed behind Billy's ears and his neck before she rinsed Billy's face with the shower hose. Liz lathered the washcloth again with more soap and washed Billy's arms and underarms and rinsed them off. She then washed and rinsed his back. Next she washed his chest and rinsed it. Liz then lathered the washcloth again and lifted Billy's legs one at a time and washed them off. She then rinsed both legs off. Liz now had Billy stand up and face her. She then gently washed off his penis, testicles, and between his legs. Next she rinsed out the washcloth and had Billy turn around and face the wall. Now she lathered the washcloth once again and washed his butt. She spread his cheeks and thoroughly washed the crack of his ass, sticking the soaped washcloth into the opening of his ass hole with her finger and rotating it around inside his ass. Liz now took the shower hose and rinsed thoroughly from head to toe.

Liz then had Billy sit in the shower chair once again. She now gently dried his hair commenting on what beautiful curly locks he had. She handed Billy a towel to dry his face with. While Billy was drying his face, Liz dried his arms, back and chest. Then once again she lifted his legs one at a time to dry them. She gently dried between each toe as she dried the feet. Now she rolled Billy out of the shower and to the side of his bed. Here she dried off Billy's entire diaper area as he stood up to get out of the shower chair.

Liz now had Billy lay down on his bed. She then had him lift his legs up in the air as she rubbed baby lotion into the crack of his ass and on both buttocks. Next she gently rubbed lotion between his legs. Now Liz rubbed his testicles and sac with the lotion. She had saved the best for last as she rubbed his little penis with the lotion stroking it up and down as she rubbed the lotion in.

Liz was now ready to diaper her little baby boy. Once again she had Billy lift his legs into the air as she helped him lift his butt off the bed so she could slide a thick diaper under him and powdered his butt. She then helped him as he lowered his butt onto the diaper and spread out his legs. Liz now powdered Billy's pubic area and brought the diaper up snugly between his legs. She first pinned the left side of the diaper and then pulled the diaper tightly together on the right side and pinned it.

Liz then started putting Billy's plastic pants on. She put one foot at a time through the leg openings. She then pulled the plastic pants up his legs. She pulled them up over Billy's butt as he lifted it off the bed. Next she put a school T-shirt on him. She told him all students there wore either the school's T-shirts in warm weather or the school's sweat shirts in cool weather. The students were required to purchase at least 3 of each at the start of the school year. Billy's aunt had already purchased 6 of each for him.

Billie was now totally worn out. He felt nice after his bath and getting a fresh diaper on, but now he was ready to rest. It was now around 3:30 in the afternoon and Liz told him his supper meal would be at 5:30 every evening. She told him to go ahead and take a nap and she would get him up in time to get ready to eat.

Liz's husband Frank, Billie's dorm father, came to wake Billie at 5:10 that evening to get him ready for supper. He told Billie that Liz was busy with another student and that a student nurse would be coming to assist in getting Billie ready. Frank then checked Billie's diaper and found him to be wet, but that he hadn't messed in his diaper.

Angie, one of the student nurses, came in and introduced herself to Billie. While Frank was removing Billie's wet diaper, Angie went to get a warm damp washcloth and a towel to wash and dry his diaper area. When Angie got back she very gently washed him off. She then left to put the dirty linen in the wet clothes hamper. While she was gone Frank put lotion and powder on Billie's bottom. Frank then put some more lotion on his hands and very gently rubbed Billie's testicles with the lotion. Next Frank lotioned in between Billie's legs making sure he got into all the creases. Angie was back now and while she got out fresh diapers and plastic pants for Billie, Frank put some more lotion in his hand and now rubbed Billie's small penis with it. He stoked the penis up and now and rubbed the head of the penis as well.

When Frank was finished with rubbing the lotion onto Billie, Angie took over. She first lifted his bottom up off the bed and placed a thick diaper under him. Next she sprinkled some baby powder over his pubic area. Then she brought the diaper up through his legs, pulling it very snug. She first pinned the left side, and then she again pulled the diaper tight and pinned the right side. Frank had left to go help with some other students and Angie finished dressing Billie. First she put Billie's feet into the leg openings of the plastic pants. Then she slowly worked them up to his bottom. Now she raised him up off the bed, holding him with just one hand she pulled the plastic pants up over his thick diaper.

Billie was still wearing his school T-shirt so he was now ready for supper. The students all went to the cafeteria for their meals. Some of the students were in wheelchairs and the dorm parents and cafeteria aides would attach a tray, like a high chair tray, to their wheelchairs. The rest of them sat in regular seats or on some higher stools. Billie was told to sit at the table in a regular seat. This made him very happy. However, his happiness didn't last long as they soon put an oversize baby bib on him and brought him out his supper on a divider plate like you use for toddlers. His supper consisted of ground turkey; mashed potatoes & gravy and a baby food jar of mixed vegetables. They also brought out his warm milk in a baby bottle instead of his training cup he had expected. When he started to protest Angie asked him if he would like for her to remove his diaper and plastic pants and give him a spanking right then and there. Billie became a very quiet and well-behaved baby.

When Billie finished his supper Angie took him back to the dorm. She first got a wet washcloth and washed off his face and hands. Then she had Billie lay down on his bed as she checked his diaper. She decided that although he was a little damp, he didn't need to be changed yet. It was time for Angie to leave and she told Billie he could watch some TV and that either Liz or Frank would be back soon. Just as Angie started out the door, Frank came in with two of the other students. Soon everyone was back from supper and both Liz and Frank were there with them. Most all the students sat and watched the TV.

Billie fell asleep while watching TV. Frank picked him up and carried him to bed. Frank checked Billie's diaper and found him wet. He removed Billie's T-shirt, shoes, and socks. The he took the plastic pants off Billie. Frank next removed Billie's soaked diaper. Billie slept through all of this. Nest Frank went and got a warm wet washcloth and washed Billie's diaper area off. Next he put a thick diaper under Billie and rubbed baby lotion on his bottom and then sprinkled baby powder on his butt.

He now let Billie's butt rest on the diaper. Next he spread Billie's legs apart and he poured a little baby lotion into his hand and rubbed it between Billie's legs, making sure he got it in all the creases. Next he poured more lotion into his hands and gently rubbed Billie's testicles and penis. Billie just continued sleeping through all of this. Frank now pulled the diaper snug between Billie's legs and pinned both sides, making sure the diaper was drawn tight on both sides.

Billie was so tired that he slept through the night without waking. Liz woke him at 7 o'clock in the morning. She checked his diaper and it was soaked. Liz removed his plastic pants and then his diaper. She then took him to the showers and let him wash himself with her watching. She told him to wash well behind his ears. Then when he was washing his arms and legs she told him to scrub good around his elbows, knees, and underarms. After he finish washing his chest and what he could reach of his back he washed between his legs and his private area. Liz washed off the part of Billie's back that he wasn't able to reach.

After Billie had showered and cleaned himself good, Liz washed his hair for him. She told Billie that she was surprised at what a good job he had done as his aunt had told her that he never got himself clean. Billie felt good about Liz bragging on him. In the past all they ever did was tell him how he couldn't do anything right.

Liz dried Billie's hair for him and then dried off his back. She then gave the towel to Billie and told him to finish drying off. Billie dried his face and neck first. Billie then dried his chest, arms and legs. Billie next dried off his diaper area. He then dried his feet last. Liz told him to take the towel and dry between his toes real good. She told him he could get athletes feet by not washing and drying between his toes good.

Liz gave him a clean towel. She told him not to use the towel he tried his feet with when he was finish with trying his toes. She told him to use the clean towel to dry anywhere he felt damp. She then followed him back to his bed. She told him to lie down on the bed as she got out a clean diaper and a pair of plastic pants for him. Angie came in with another student nurse, Susie, and asked Liz if they could assist any. Liz asked if they would finish getting Billie dressed.

Susie got the baby lotion down from the night table and poured some into her hands. She then had Billie roll onto his side and she spread the lotion well all over his bottom. She then had him roll back over onto his back. She got some more lotion in her hands and rubbed it well between his legs and onto his penis and testicles. She made sure she got some into all the creases of his skin.

Angie now lifted Billie up by his legs as Susie placed a thick diaper under him and powdered his bottom. Susie sprinkled some powder over the front of his diaper area. Angie now brought the diaper up snugly between his legs and pinned both sides. She now started the plastic pants up his legs. She now had Billie stand up and she pulled the plastic pants up over his diaper making sure the diaper was all tucked inside the plastic pants.

Susie brought over one of his school T-shirts and a pair of his shorts. She started to put them on Billie, but Liz came and said she wanted to see if Billie could put them on himself. She then told Billie to go ahead and dress himself. Billie enjoyed being allowed to dress himself. He had no problem getting dressed. Liz then handed Billie his socks and shoes and told him to put them on. She told him to ask for help if he needed it. Susie and Angie watched as Billie put on his socks and shoes with no problem. Billie then tied his shoes without any help. Liz, Susie, and Angie were all amazed.

Billie told them he could do a lot for himself, but was never allowed to. He explained to Liz, Angie, and Susie that the only problem he had was that he wet the bed and sometimes had accidents in the daytime, especially when he exerted himself by, crying, laughing, or running. He explained that his aunt got tired of wet clothing and furniture and thought he could help it if he really wanted to. She had taken him to several doctors and they all told her that nothing was physically wrong with him. His aunt took this to mean he was wetting himself on purpose. She then told him if he wanted to wet like a baby she would treat him like a baby.

Liz called Frank over and told him what Billie had just told them. Frank and Liz told Billie that they would let him help himself as much as he wanted to try. Susie and Angie told Billie that they would buy him some special pants to wear in the daytime instead of diapers and plastic pants. They told him he could probably help with some of the disabled students. They explained how all the other students were in that dormitory because they suffered from physical or mental disabilities that required extra care. She said the students would love to have a peer that can relate to their situation and be able to assist them. Angie told Billie that the new pants would be like a large pair of waterproof training pants. They explained that he could use the bathroom by himself whenever he needed to and if he had an accident he could just go to his clothes closet and get a clean pair out. They told him to take the clean pair and go to the shower room and clean himself off and put on the clean pair and then redress himself. They also told him that if he needed any assistance all he had to do was ask.

Billie was glad that he was going to get a chance to be himself and take care of himself instead of being treated as a baby. He looked forward to getting the new pants. Angie then told him it was time for breakfast and he needed to go with them to the cafeteria. Liz, Frank, Angie, and Susie helped the students that needed help and they all went to the cafeteria together.

Billie was surprised to see his high chair set up in the cafeteria. Liz told him that his aunt had sent it, but now that they know his full story and that he really didn't need to be fed like a baby, they wouldn't make him use the chair. They asked him if it would be all right to use it for one of the disabled students that had trouble sitting on one of the stools and would be more comfortable in the high chair. Billie was so glad he wasn't going to have to use it that he told Liz she could give it to whoever she wanted to.

Liz told Billie that his aunt had also sent his crib and all his baby clothing, but they were just going to store all the stuff and if Billie showed them he didn't need it then they would get rid of it all. Billie was really happy. When his breakfast got there he was surprised to see he had a regular plate and he had both orange juice and milk in regular glasses. Billie told Liz he was afraid he would spill the milk and juice as he always had trouble with them. He asked if she would put them into his toddler glass. Liz said she would if he wanted her to, but she wanted him to try using a regular glass when he felt more confident.

Billie ate his fried eggs, oatmeal, and pancakes all without any help. He drank his juice first from the toddler glass and then had Susie rinse it out for him and put his milk in it. Billie was real proud of himself, as this was the first time in years he ate a meal without someone feeding him like a baby. Billie waited for the rest of the students in his dormitory to finish eating and they all went back to the dorm together.

Two of the boys from his dorm that used wheelchairs, Pete and Bobby, asked him if he would like them to show him around the campus. Billie said he sure would like that. He asked them if they could show him where his councilor's office was. They said sure thing and took off. Billie was surprised how quick they got about in their wheelchairs, as he had to almost run to keep up with them. They were showing off and giving him a workout at the same time. He asked them what the hurry was and they replied, "No hurry, do you want us to show you hurry?" Billie said, "No, that will be right." It wasn't long until they went up a steep hill. Billie asked if they needed any assistance and they told him they would let him know if they did. At the top of the hill they pointed to a large brick building. Billie could see a sign over the doorway that said, "East Arkansas College Administration Building." Billie could also see that there were 5 steps to get up to the doorway. He asked Pete and Bobby if they wanted to go in with him. They told him that they couldn't climb the steps and there wasn't a ramp. Billie asked how they talked to their councilors and got their schedules. They told him that their councilors came to the dorm and brought their schedules to them.

Billie asked if they had ever been in this building and they told him they hadn't. He then said he wanted them with him when he talked with his councilor. He said he was scared and needed their moral support. He said he could help them in one at a time. They at last agreed.

Billie first told Pete to roll his wheelchair to the steps and then turn it around. Billie then grabbed the handles with his hands and stepped on the bar by the wheels. This way, could tilt the wheelchair backwards, and pull the chair up over the steps, one step at a time. After Billie had Pete up the steps, Pete rolled into the building and Billie went back to get Bobby. Billie just repeated the same routine he had used with Pete. Soon all three boys were up the steps and in the building. It didn't take them long to find Mr. Garrison's, Billie's Councilor, office.

Mr. Garrison was surprised when Billie, Pete, and Bobby all came into his office together. Mr. Garrison was also Pete & Bobby's Councilor. Pete introduced Billie to Mr. Garrison. Mr. Garrison asked Pete how he and Bobby got into the building. Pete said, "Our friend Billie pulled us up the steps." Billie told him the chairs rolled easily up the steps when they were tilted back as neither of the boys was very heavy.

Mr. Garrison got out Billie's schedule and went over it with him. He asked Billie if he wanted him to show him where his classes were. Billie, Pete, and Bobby all answered together, "We won't need you to." Billie then helped Pete and Bobby down the steps. Pete took Billie's schedule and led the way to the different classes and Billie and Bobby followed. It didn't take the boys long to find all Billie's classes. Billie noticed that the only building that they had gone to that Pete and Bobby couldn't get in was the Administration Building. Billie asked Bobby and Pete if they had trouble getting in any of the other buildings. They told him that the school had made everything else accessible to wheelchairs and that they had a lift ordered for the Administration building so it would be accessible to wheelchair users soon. Billie was glad to hear that. It was close to noon before the boys got back to the dorm. Most of the other students had already gone to the cafeteria . Liz, the dorm mother, had stayed behind to wait for them. She first asked Billy if he needed a diaper change. Billie was embarrassed by her asking him in front of Pete and Bobby. Billie's face turned red from the embarrassment. Liz apologized and told Billie she didn't mean to embarrass him. She said Pete and Bobby were used to different students needing diapers. She explained that while Pete had a catheter in him, Bobby wore diapers also. Both Bobby and Pete told him there wasn't anything to be embarrassed by.

Billie explained that he didn't have any type of physical disability, his aunt had just put him in them because she was tired of him wetting like a baby. Both boys told Billie that they didn't think he was a baby. Billie told Liz he wasn't wet, but he needed to use the bathroom. Liz asked him if he could get the diaper and plastic pants off by himself. He said he didn't know but would try to. Billie went to the bathroom while Liz changed Bobby's diapers.

Billie didn't have any trouble getting his diapers off to use the toilet, but couldn't get them back on. He went ahead and pulled up his plastic pants and his shorts and carried his diapers and pins back over to where Liz was. Liz was just finishing up changing Bobby when Billie got there. He told her he didn't have any problem using the bathroom, but couldn't get the diaper back on. Liz told him not to worry about it as she had a surprise for him, but first she had to empty Pete's catheter bag. Her and Pete went to the toilet and she empty his bag and washed her hands.

When Liz and Pete got back she told Billie to go look in the top drawer of his chest of drawers. When Billie opened the drawer he found the new pants that Susie and Angie had bought him. Liz told him to take off his shorts and plastic pants and put on a pair of the new pants. Billie did as he was told. Liz asked him if they fit right and if they were comfortable. He told her that they both fit right and were comfortable. She then told him to put his shorts back on and for him, Bobby, and Pete all to go to lunch. She told Billie to put his plastic pants in the laundry. Billie, Pete, and Bobby all got the same lunch. They had salad, chicken fried steak, mash potatoes with gravy on both the meat and potatoes, corn on the cob, and a piece of cherry pie. Billie cut up his own meat for the first time. He even helped cut up Pete and Bobby's meat as Frank, Susan, and Angie had gone back to the Dorm with the other students and Liz hadn't came to the cafeteria yet. Then all three had a carton of milk to drink. Billie opened all three of them and he really was proud of himself.

Billie even drank his milk from the carton and spilled only a couple of drops. When Liz got there all three boys were over half way through eating their lunch. She asked them who cut up their meat and opened their milk carton. She was surprised when Bobby and Pete told her that Billie had. She looked over at Billie and said, "I'm very proud of you, and see, you can drink without using the toddler cup." When the boys finished their lunches and returned to the dormitory, Pete and Bobby asked Billie if he wanted to play some basketball. Billie didn't know how they could play basketball from their wheelchair, but agreed to. Billie was in for a surprise as the boys beat him in basketball. They explained to him that just because they had some physical problems, it didn't mean that they couldn't still enjoy the same things in life that he did.

Billie rushed to the boy's rest room there in the gym. He had felt his new pants getting damp while he was playing basketball. He both emptied his bladder and had a bowel movement while he was on the toilet. He was ashamed he had wet his new pants and afraid that they would put him back in diapers. It was almost dinnertime when they got back to the dorm. Frank took Pete to empty his catheter. Liz took Bobby to change him and help him wash up for dinner. Susie was helping some of the other students and Angie asked Billie how he liked his new pants.

Billie's faced turned bright red from shame. Angie knew something was wrong so she asked Billie what was the matter. Billie explained to her that he had wet the pants some while playing basketball. She said that they knew he might have some accidents and that was why they bought him the pants. She told him he didn't do anything to be ashamed of and that he wasn't going to be punished or be put back in diapers.

Angie told Billie to get a clean pair of his new underpants out and go to the shower room. She told him to take a quick shower, washing his diaper area real good. She told him to then get dressed and meet the rest of them in the cafeteria for dinner. Billie did as he was told and after showering he dried himself off as good as he could and then dressed himself. He felt good; as this was the first time in years he had showered and dressed himself all without anyone helping him.

Billie went to the cafeteria and joined the others for dinner. He got a chair and pulled it up between Pete and Bobby. Tonight they had spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread. They also had a piece of carrot cake for desert. Billie asked Liz if she had another bib like Bobby and Pete were wearing. He told her that he really couldn't eat spaghetti without making a mess. Liz asked him if he wouldn't like to at least try. He said he would really prefer having a bib to wear. So Liz took a bib out of the sack she had bought with her and tied it around Billie.

Liz then told Billie to eat as if he didn't have a bib. She wanted to see if he could eat without making a mess. Billie ate as carefully as he could, but still spilled a lot all over the bib. He was glad he had the bib. Alice was busy helping Pete to clean up after dinner and Frank was helping some of the other disabled students. Susie was helping Bobby and Angie asked Billie if she could help him. Billie said he would like for her to help him clean up.

Angie carefully removed Billie's bib, as it was full of spaghetti. She asked Billie in a joking way if he had gotten any in his mouth. She said, "I doubt if you got any of this in your mouth. Are you still hungry? Billie laughed and replied, " Believe it or not I'm full." Angie washed off Billie's face and hands with a damp washcloth she got out of Liz's bag.

The three boys all headed back to the dorm with their dorm parents. Angie and Susie had to go study, but said they would be back to help get them to bed. Billie was so happy that he had become friends with Bobby and Pete. Bobby and Pete felt the same way about him. In one days time the three boys had become really close.

When they got back to the dorm they watched some TV. The boys didn't really like anything that was on. They decided to play a game. Bobby asked the others if they knew how to play LIFE. The other two boys told him they knew how to play. The three boys played the game of LIFE for the next three hours. Liz came and told them it was time to get ready for bed. They told her that the game wasn't finished yet. Liz told them they would just have to see who was ahead now and that person would be the winner. The boys cashed in all their assets and counted their money. Billie had won by several thousand dollars.

Billie told Pete and Bobby good night as he saw Liz, Angie, and Susie heading towards them. Billie said, "Here comes the three stooges!" Pete and Bobby both laughed and the three of them were still laughing as Liz, Susie, and Angie got to them. Liz asked the boys, " Do you think we're three stooges?" The boys still laughing replied, "No!" while still laughing. Susie and Angie looked at Billie and told him, "We'll show you how we're stooges when we get your little butt ready for bed. Billie said, "Don't get uptight, I was only joking," Susie then said, "We're not upset. We're glad to see you three have made such good friends and were even more glad to see the three of you laughing." Angie then said, "Laughter is something we all could use more of in this dorm. Then Liz said, "Just remember that laughter is the best medicine.

Liz then took Bobby and started getting him ready for bed. Sue took Pete and Angie took Billie. Angie asked Billie how he liked his first full day at the school. Billie told her he had the best day he could remember in his life. Angie then told him to sit on his bed. While Angie was removing Billie's socks and shoes she told him she was happy he was doing so well.

Angie then told him he was sure good medicine for both Pete and Bobby. She told him she hadn't seen them so happy and enjoying themselves since they had been there. She helped Bobby out of his shirt and then told him to lie down. She told him he could remove his own shorts and underpants {his waterproof pants). Billie took them both off.

Angie picked up Billie's underpants and felt them and was both surprised and happy to find they were dry. She then asked Billie if he thought he could stay dry at night. Billie said he didn't think he could. She then asked if he thought the underpants would provide him with enough protection or if he needed to wear a thick diaper at night. Billie told her he needed the diaper.

Angie then got the baby lotion and rubbed it into Billie's diaper area. She told Billie to lift his bottom of the bed as she placed the thick diaper under him and powdered his bottom. Then after he put his legs and bottom back down she sprinkled baby powder on his penis and testicles. She then bought the diaper up snugly between his legs and pinned it.

Angie now told Billie goodnight. She then told him she would see him in the morning. Angie then joined Susie and they returned to their own dorm. The two girls talked about how happy the three boys had been today. They also talked about how Billie could really take care of himself and didn't need diapers except at bedtime. The girls still had to study more as they prepared for the first day of nursing school. Both girls had to take tests that would allow them credit for some courses without having to take them.

Liz and Frank told the all the boys in the dorm goodnight. Then they went to their quarters and retired. Liz would wake at 1 o'clock in the morning and check each student to make sure they were sleeping fine. If they were wet she would change them. She would also check the boys with catheters and empty their bags and straighten their hoses as needed. Frank would get up at 4 o'clock in the morning and do the same.

When Liz made her 1 o'clock rounds she found Billie wide-awake and rumbling around in his bed restless. Liz asked Billie what was wrong and he said he didn't know. She asked if there was anything she could do. Billie said he had always taken a bottle of warm milk to bed and maybe that would help. Liz asked him if he was sure he wanted his warm milk in a baby bottle or if he would prefer it in a glass.

Billie didn't want his dorm mother thinking of him as a baby after she had bragged on him earlier, but he didn't want to spill milk in his bed either. He told Liz how he felt and she told him not to worry about anything. She warmed him some milk and poured it into one of Billie's baby bottles. She took it to him and Billie thanked her. Liz made the rest of her rounds.

Liz thought she'd check back on Billie before she went back to bed after she had finished her rounds. She was very surprised to find Billie fast asleep with the nipple of the baby bottle still in his mouth. She was happy that he was now sleeping and went to bed.

When Frank got up at 4 o'clock in the morning, he made his rounds the same as Liz had earlier. He found a couple of boys that needed their diapers changed. Frank like changing the boy's diapers, as he liked rubbing baby lotion on their penises. He changed their diapers and emptied some catheters before he got to Billie. He was surprised to see the baby bottle in Billie's mouth. The bottle was almost empty and Billie wasn't sucking it, but still held it in his mouth. When Frank checked Billie's diaper he was even more surprised to find it only barely damp and not needing changed.

When Frank finished his round he gently woke Liz up when he returned to their quarters. Frank asked her "Did you give Billie a baby bottle?" Liz told him, "Yes, he wasn't able to sleep and asked for it. I checked back on him at the end of my round and the bottle was still mostly full, but he was asleep. Frank told her he had found the bottle mostly empty and the boy sleeping well. He also told Liz that Billie's diaper was just barely damp and didn't need changing. He asked her if she had changed it. Liz told him, "No, it was dry when I checked it." They both were beginning to think maybe this boy didn't even need a diaper at night.

When Liz and Frank got up at 6:30 in the morning they fixed themselves some coffee as they waited for Angie and Susie to come help with the morning rounds and getting all the students up, bathed, and dressed. Today would be the first full day of classes.

Susie and Angie got there about 6:45 that morning. Liz invited them to sit down and join them for a cup of coffee. Both girls sat down as Liz poured them some coffee. Frank told the girls about how Billie had asked for a bottle of warm milk in order to sleep. He then told them how Billie's diaper had been only damp when he checked it at 4 o'clock that morning.

Both Susie and Liz were surprised at what Frank had told them. Liz then told them that whichever one checked Billie to save him for last, as he would need the least amount of help. The four of them then started getting all the kids up and ready for Breakfast. They were dressing them for their classes now, as some of them wouldn't have time after breakfast to get ready.

This morning Susie was the one to check on Billie. She thought how cute he looked lying there in his diaper and plastic pants and with the baby bottle still in his mouth. The baby bottle was now empty so he must of sucked on it off and on all night. She called out his name and he woke up. He seemed to be surprised and embarrassed by the empty bottle in his mouth as he woke up.

Susie didn't say anything about the bottle and asked him how he felt this morning. Billie told her, "I'm ashamed of being a big baby still needing diapers and baby bottles." Susie told him, "Don't be ashamed. You've made a lot of progress the past 2 days. With your past I'm surprised at the progressed you've made. Don't ever put yourself down anymore." This made Billie feel much better.

Susie reached inside of Billie's plastic pants to check his diaper and found him soaked. She didn't say a word and just removed his plastic pants and diaper and told him to go shower. Susie followed him to the shower and washed his hair for him first. She then watched as he washed himself. She had him go back over a couple of places and then washed his back for him. She said he had done well and would soon be able to shower by himself.

Susie dried Billie's hair off and then handed Billie a clean dry towel to dry off his body. When he was finished drying himself off, Susie dried off his back that he couldn't reach. She then told Billie to go get dressed. When Billie got to his bed he found that Liz had laid out this clothes for the day. He first put on his waterproof underpants, and then he put on his school T-shirt. Billie sat on the edge of the bed and put on his socks, he then started his shorts up his legs and then put on and tied his shoes. Billie then stood up and pulled his shorts up over his waterproof underpants.

Billie had intended to major in Accounting. He had planned on being a Certified Public Accountant, but both Pete and Bobby were taking Pre-Law with accounting as a minor. They told Billie a lot of lawyers were also CPAs. Billie went to see Mr. Garrison after breakfast to see if he could change his schedule. Mr. Garrison told Billie he would approve the changes. He then gave Billie his new schedule and Billie went back to the dorm to tell Pete and Bobby the news.

Bobby and Pete showed Billie where his new classes were and told him all he had to do was stay with them. The boys became the best of friends and were always seen doing everything together. Even through Billie no longer needed the care of the Disabled Dormitory, he was kept there and his aunt was never told of his progress.

Billie was taking total care of himself by the end of the first semester with the exception of his night diapers. Billie never could learn to pin his own diaper on and didn't trust himself enough to not wear the night diapers. Every night one of the student nurses would diaper him for bed and then remove his diaper in the morning. Liz and Frank continued to check Billie's diaper during the night and changing him according to how wet he was.

Billie, Bobby, and Pete all graduated from East Arkansas College at the top of their class and received many honors. The boys all received offer of scholarships from several law schools. Billie's aunt came to the graduation ceremony and was surprised at his progress at this small school. She was also surprised that he had changed his course of study. She asked Mr. Garrison why she wasn't consulted. He told her that Billie had made the request on the first day of classes and that he held the Accounting as a Minor, so she didn't need notification.

Mr. Garrison also told her Billie wasn't her little baby anymore. He explained that Billie still wet the bed and wore diapers to bed to keep both him and the bedding dry. He also said that Billie still had occasional daytime accidents when he exerted himself, but they were not that frequent. He told her Billie hadn't worn day diapers since the First Semester of school.

He then told her that Billie took total care of himself with the exception of his night diapers. He said, "Billie not only takes care of himself, but helps with the disabled students." All this surprised Billie's aunt and she asked Billie what made him progress so fast. Billie replied, "The people here trusted in me and let me try to make it alone." He then told her he was spending the summer with Bobby and Pete before starting Law School. She told him if he didn't come home with her, she wouldn't pay his way anymore.

Billie then told her that with the scholarship offers he had received, he wouldn't need her help. He told her the he, Bobby, and Pete had been hired by a Law Firm next to the Law School they were going to. They would work in the accounting sections and also been given opportunity to help prepare law cases. They would be given the chance to work on the research for the different law cases. The money they earned there would be more than enough to pay for any expenses they had that wasn't covered by their scholarships.

Billie felt good as this was the first time in his life he would be independent of anyone. Billie, Pete, and Bobby had gone together and rented a 3-bedroom house that was wheelchair accessible and close to the college. The school made arrangements with a nearby nursing school to provide the boys with a student nurse to help with their personal care around the clock.

The boys spent the summer at Bobby's parent's vacation home on the beach at Orlando, Florida. Bobby's parents were very wealthy and they went all out to make the three boys were as comfortable as they could be for the summer. They also made sure the boys had lots of fun during this summer. Bobby's mother took care of most of Pete and Bobby's personal care, but the housekeepers also assisted. Bobby's mother diapered Billie every night and checked on him during the night. She also was the one to remove his wet diapers and plastic pants in the morning. She seemed to enjoy having these big boys in diapers and changing them. She would often go in and wash Billie's hair and back as he bathed. She offered to assist him with his bath.

She was surprised the first time she saw Billie in his waterproof underwear, as she wasn't aware of his daytime wetting. Billie told her it didn't happen that often, but he preferred to be protected instead of embarrassed by wetting his clothes. She told Billie she understood and he didn't need to be embarrassed by anything there. She also told him if he would prefer diapers, she would be glad to diaper him and keep him clean and dry all the time.

The three boys studied for at least 3 hours everyday even while on their summer vacation. They knew they were lucky to have the opportunities that had opened up for them and they weren't going to do anything to chance losing them.

The boys really looked forward to going back to school, but sure did miss Bobby's parents and all the care and attention they had received. However when they returned to school and moved into the house they had rented, they found that they wouldn't lack for attention. They found that they not only had one student nurse, but a whole class of them that had volunteered to help take care of them. They were getting some college credits for it plus the school was buying their books and paying part of their tuition.

The nurses divided into shifts working around their schedule. They would bring their books and study at the boy's house. However, they didn't let that interfere with the care they would give the boys. They even volunteered to do more than needed. It seems like anytime of the day or night at least six of the girls were there at the house, even while the boys were in class. One or two of the girls would go to the boy's classes with them to help if they needed assistance, and would take Pete out to empty his catheter or find a place to change Bobby's diaper if he messed in them.

The student nurses would bathe all three boys at night and rub them down with baby lotion and powder. They told Pete to try wearing a diaper to bed instead of his catheter bag, as this would make him more comfortable. Pete decided that with both Billie and Bobby in diapers that he might as well to. They would just leave his catheter open and let the diapers absorb the pee and then hook the bag back up to the catheter in the morning.

The nurses soon had Billie back in daytime diapers as well, explaining they were better protection than his training pants were. They would go with him to the bathroom whenever he asked. Billie soon was asking to go to the bathroom only when he needed to have a BM. He was enjoying the special care they would give him whenever he needed changing.

Through the next four years of Law School this was the routine. The boys spent every summer with Bobby's parents. Bobby's mother now kept Billie in diapers around the clock just as the student nurses did. She also kept Pete in night diapers with the catheter bag removed. Pete enjoyed this as it was much more comfortable to sleep this way.

Bobby's mother would also put the boy's in diapers and plastic pants whenever they went swimming in their pool. She tried to get them in the pool at least once a day, as it was good exercise for them. Both Pete and Bobby had physical limitations but had lots more movement in the water. The boys were not allowed to swim unless at least two other persons were in the pool with them. Billie was an excellent swimmer and she would count him as one of the other persons. Often it would be just Billie and Bobby's mother in the pool with them. The boys really liked this.

When the boys graduated from Law School they were the three top students in their classes. The student nurses held a great big party for them the night before graduation and told them how much they would miss them. The boys thanked them for the party and told them they would be missed also.

When the Graduation Ceremonies were over, the boys left with Bobby's parents for their summer home. When they arrived there, they were in for a big surprise. There was a great big banner strung across the front of the house welcoming them home. When they got inside they were greeted by about a hundred people all shouting congratulations. One of them was Pete's mother. The boys were really surprised and excited. They felt very proud of themselves and knew that Bobby's parents and Pete's mother were proud of them to.

The boys had to wait a couple of months before they could take their State Law Board Exams. They studied every chance they got and went to Bobby's father's Law firm every time he went in to learn as much as they could. They assisted with research on some of the cases and helped prepare some of the other cases. When it came time to take the Law Exams to be admitted to the State Law Board, the boys were well prepared. Bobby's dad drove them to take their Exams. They had to wait about two weeks to get the results, but all three had scored extremely high. They were now admitted to the Law Board and could now start practicing law in Florida.

Bobby's parents also had a home in Montana and his Dad practiced Law in both states. So the boys now applied to be admitted to the Law Board in Montana. They sent copies of their transcripts from Law School along with a copy of their scores from the Florida Law Boards Exam. The boys were invited up within two weeks to take the Law Exam in Montana. Bobby's parents flew them there in their private jet. The boys again scored extremely high and were admitted to the Montana Law Board.

When they received the noticed that they had passed the Montana Law Exam, Bobby's Dad had yet another surprise for them. He gave them a big party with a lot of his clients and some of the Junior members of his law firm. When everyone had arrived and were getting their refreshments, Bobby's dad announced that he was retiring and he was turning the law firm over equally to Bobby, Pete, and Billie.

The boys were more stunned than the clients and Junior Members of the firm. The Junior Members didn't own any portion of the firm; they just practiced there on a commission. Everyone there congratulated the boys and no one seemed opposed to the move. Bobby's dad told them how high the boys scored on both exams and that no one should doubt the boys' capabilities. He also said he would be there to give them any help they might need.

The boys all thanked him, but still couldn't believe he just gave them such a successful law firm. The boys lived with Bobby's parents still and traveled between the two states staying in their homes in whichever state they were in. The boys hired special secretaries. Their job descriptions listed all the normal duties of a secretary plus they had to change the boys ' diapers and empty Pete's catheter as needed. This was told to all applicants up front and the boys didn't have any trouble-hiring secretaries to meet their needs.

Over the years the boys had a lot of girls that wanted to marry them. They went out on a lot of dates, but weren't interested in marriage as they felt the girls just wanted their money.

The End

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