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Baby Jennie's "Caught At Work"

A true story from my diary

Sept, 2004

I took Mummy (my girlfriend) to the local Target department store at Chatswood today (in Sydney , Australia ) at lunchtime, to buy her a new nursing bra. She wasn't too impressed with the available selection, but we finally found a pretty pink cotton one she liked. While she was trying it on, I bought some new panties and a skirt for myself, and then I paid for everything at the check-out. We dashed to the cheap make-up shop in the mall for a lightning visit, and then I had to return to the office to see my first client of the afternoon. Mummy went home to put away her purchases.

Imagine my surprise when two hours later, Mummy dropped in to my place of work for a visit. I had no clients to see for thirty minutes, and I was alone in my private office. I had been fantasising about her opening her new nursing bra to feed me, and was so turned on, I had started masturbating. Then my office door unlocked and in walked Mummy with her keys in her hand! "Well, well!" she laughed gaily at my guilty expression.

"What's going on here? I think Mummy caught her naughty little girl playing with herself?"

I feebly tried to cover my jutting erection with a towel, but she walked over to rip it away and inspect me more closely.

"That's a very hard clitty," she purred, reaching out to stroke me.

"Whatever could have made my little girl so excited?"

"I was thinking about you, Mummy," I confessed, as she held my throbbing stiffness in her soft warm hand.

"I was dreaming about you opening one of the flaps of your new nursing bra and feeding me..."

"Like this, you mean?" she interrupted, lifting her tight t-shirt to reveal our latest purchase. She unclipped one side and moved the cup out of the way, guiding her erect pink nipple to my open lips. She stroked the back of my head as I latched on to her luscious breast, drawing the sweet morsel of tender flesh deep into my mouth.

"Mmmm, that's it, baby. You suck on Mummy's titties and have a lovely feed. That's right.... Good girl!" she sighed with pleasure. She let me feed for about five minutes, then eased that nipple from my mouth and fed me the other one. I was in big baby heaven! "Mummy wants to watch her little girl play with her clitty," she decided, as she eased the second nipple from my greedily suctioning mouth about ten minutes later.

"Show Mummy, baby. Show me how my little girl likes to play with herself."

She took the bottle of lube from my desk drawer and poured a little on my palm. Immediately I went to work as she tucked her beautiful breasts back inside her pink lacy nursing bra. But with Mummy intently watching my every stroke, I found it difficult to concentrate.

"I know what my little girl needs," she crooned.

"Where's your dummy, baby?" I opened further the desk drawer where my baby things are usually concealed, and Mummy took the pink toddler's pacifier out. She pressed the extra-large latex soother into my mouth, cupping her palm across my chin and cheeks so there was no way I could spit it out.

"Suck your dum-dums, baby! Let Mummy hear you sucking now. Louder, baby!" she firmly commanded, and I willingly obeyed her, the small office filled with the familiar sound of a sucking big baby.

As I stroked my throbbing clitty she leaned closer to me and softly ordered, "Close your eyes, little girl. When I get you home tonight, I'm going to pin you in a lovely soft thick nappy, and put your prettiest wetproof baby panties over the top, with lots and lots of lovely powder to keep you smelling so sweet - just like a baby!" I groaned with excitement. She knew so well how to turn me on!

"And then Mummy is going to dress her little girl in her prettiest toddler frock - the pink gingham one Mummy made you last Xmas, and put some make-up on you. You are going to look so pretty! And then I'm going to buckle my baby in the pink leather toddler harness, clip the baby reins on, and take my sweet little Princess for a walk down the street. I can't have my beautiful baby girl hiding at home in her precious frilly dress. No, Mummy will take her Baby Jennie for a little walk, so she can show everyone how gorgeous her little girl really is! Yes you are," she cooed, "you're my gorgeous little baby girl, and Mummy loves you so much-"

"Oh Mummy!" I cried around my dum-dums.

"Yes Baby?" questioned Mummy sharply.

"What is it, darling? Tell Mummy at once!"

"Oh Mummy! I want to do a cummie, Mummy!"

"Alright darling, you do a great big cummie for Mummy. But if you make a mess, it's straight back into nappies for you when we return home." I cried out in relief as jolt after jolt of cum jetted from my clitty into the towel Mummy pressed around my twitching shaft.

"Good girl," Mummy purred, "that's Mummy's good little girl. Milk it all out, baby. Mummy doesn't want to find any nasty stains in those pretty new panties."

"Yes Mummy," I managed to gasp, as I milked the remaining drops of cum into the towel.

"That's Mummy's good little girl! Now you put that clitty away in your pretty pink panties, sweetheart, and don't you dare let it out again till Mummy has you home tonight. Understood?"

"Yes Mummy. I love you, Mummy," I panted, almost breathless.

"I know you do, baby." Mummy stroked my hair and wiped the sweat from my upper lip as I tucked my clitty away. Sometimes I think I am the luckiest little baby girl in the whole world!

When she arrived at my home, Mummy's favourite TV show was about to start. But first she ran me a bath and undressed me, and told me to climb in the tub and soak while she watched the beginning of her program.

"I'll come in and wash my little girl in a few minutes," she assured me, slapping my bare bottom in encouragement as I carefully stepped into the hot bath.

After a short while, Mummy wandered into the bathroom and knelt beside the tub.

"Time to wash my little girl all clean!" she sang, as she soaped up a warm wet washcloth and then started scrubbing my back. She firmly washed my face and I scrunched up my eyes and whimpered, but Mummy just clucked her tongue at me reprovingly as she moved down to my neck. I relaxed under her gentle ministrations and let the hot water soak away my cares and worries. Mummy pushed me back against the plastic inflatable bath pillow and washed my chest and under my arms, pleased that there was no yucky hair to spoil the infantile effect. I am in the process of having what little body hair I possess permanently lasered away.

"Spread your legs for Mummy, baby," she crooned, patting my thighs apart in encouragement so she could wash between my legs. Of course my clitty grew harder again when she touched me, and Mummy chuckled at my burgeoning excitement.

"My lazy little girl loves having her Mummy bathe her," she purred, carefully washing my hairless balls and thickening clitty. I giggled happily, and then lay back and lifted my legs and bottom when Mummy so ordered, so she could wash between my smooth botty cheeks.

"There you are!" she smiled triumphantly.

"My precious baby girl is all lovely and clean. Now you have a soak for a little while longer, until Mummy comes back and helps you out of the bath."

I nodded obediently and murmured, "Yeth Mummy." My whole body felt limp and relaxed - except for one outstanding part that refused to soften. Some time later Mummy returned and helped me to stand in the tub. She wrapped a huge fluffy pink bath sheet around my shoulders and assisted me to step out of the bath, then dried me completely like I was a helpless toddler, not permitting me to aid her in any way.

"Come on, my clean baby girl. Mummy has your fresh nappies laid out ready and waiting." She took my hand and led me waddling out to the change table, and helped me to climb up on the pink vinyl padded table. I lay comfortably on my back on top of the soft pile of waiting pastel-pink nappies. Mummy makes my nappies from double-sided terrycloth, two layers thick, with another two layers sewn in the crotch to help absorb my wetties. Then another nappy is placed on top of the first, with a toddler's extra-extra-large disposable diaper in between, to act as a soaker pad. (Mummy says I am a very heavy wetter.)

"Here's Baby Jennie's dum-dums!" she cooed, holding up my dummy on the pink plastic chain. She licked the guard of the soother and wet the latex teat well with her glistening pink tongue. Mummy smiled down at me as she pressed the drool-covered adult sized pacifier between my lips, and instantly I started sucking on the soft latex teat. She picked up the baby powder and poured a generous handful over my groin, rubbing it in thoroughly as she softly hummed a lullaby. She made sure every inch of my straining shaft was covered in powder, as well as my tight little ball sack. When she was satisfied my front was as white as snow, she lifted my ankles as she murmured, "Uppa-daise!" Like all mothers and toddlers, we have our own private language and verbal shorthand.

I repeated in turn, "Uppa-daise!" in my best little-girl voice, making Mummy smile indulgently at my childish response. My feet rose high into the air and I was rolled onto my back and shoulders, my bottom totally exposed and my nether cheeks spreading open for Mummy's careful attention. She powdered me thoroughly there as well, and then lowered my ankles to the table. Mummy picked up the four big nappy pins, and carefully scraped the point of each along her scalp, picking up some oil from her hair. She knows this makes it so much easier to insert the pins through the thick terrycloth.

The front section of the nappy was pulled up between my compliantly spread thighs, and then she tugged the right flap around from the back and pinned it over my hip. She then tugged the other flap around tightly, pinning the left side securely in place with two of the big pink nappy pins. Once that side was well secured, she unfastened the first side and tightened the cloth nappies again, before pinning the right side with two big pins as well. Mummy likes my nappies to be pinned very tightly, so they won't slip down when they are heavily drenched. The wad of bunched cloth between my legs was huge, forcing my knees apart. It was like a soft fluffy brick between my thighs, and I relished the fact that there was no way I could press my legs together, even if I had wanted.

Mummy took a pair of my frosty plastic panties from the top drawer under the change table, and noisily shook them out.

"Point your toes for Mummy like a pretty ballerina," Mummy cooed. She rolled the crackling baby panties up to thread my submissively pointed toes through the tight elastic leg bands, and then worked them up my raised legs.

"Uppa-daise!" she commanded again, and I giggled happily as child-like I repeated the phrase, and then lifted my bottom so Mummy could draw the tight protective panties over my bulky rear. As soon as they were tugged into place, she forced my knees even further apart to more easily tuck the panties in around the crotch of my thirsty nappy.

"We don't want baby's nappies to leak," she commented, as she rolled me from side to side without any assistance from me, making sure every bit of absorbent pink cloth was carefully tucked into my wetproof baby panties. She then rolled the high elastic waistband under the nappy as well, and I didn't have to be told to lift up again so she could tuck in the panties at the back. When she was satisfied, Mummy selected another pair of rustling baby panties from the second drawer.

These thicker baby knickers were made from heavier pink vinyl, with wider, more secure leg and waist elastics. Again I was ordered to point my toes like a ballerina and lift my legs and then my bottom, until Mummy had rucked the second pair of panties over my huge diaper load.

"To be sure, to be sure," she chuckled, as she patted the huge bulky nappy between my thighs. Her palm on the taut double layer of plastic panties made that familiar 'thwack-thwack-thwack' sound, so familiar to all mothers with heavily diapered toddlers.

With a tender indulgent smile, Mummy held up a short, pale pink singlet, and then helped me to sit up. She hugged me warmly first, and I held her tightly as I mumbled how much I loved her.

"I know you do, baby," she purred, as she patted my back.

"Now lift up your arms for Mummy like a good little girl. That's right, sweetie." She eased the stretchy cotton singlet over my head and raised arms, tugging it down till it reached my waistline. This was followed by a brushed cotton, pastel-pink babydoll nightgown that matched my pink vinyl panties, and it was short enough that the crotch of my shiny panties just peeked out from underneath. Mummy carefully attached the clip dangling from the pink dummy chain to the front collar of my nightie.

"Now it's still a little cool, so let's choose some pretty socks and some shoes for my baby, too," Mummy cooed, and helped me unsteadily to my feet. She took my hand and led me waddling slowly to the bedroom, still noisily sucking on my pacifier.

Mummy made me sit on the floor as she dressed me in some frilly dark pink anklet socks and my baby-pink Maryjane shoes, then she helped me to my feet.

"Now you toddle off to the kitchen and get to work, Baby Jennie," she ordered, giving me a few loud swats on my bulky bottom to encourage me on my way. I obediently waddled ahead of her, and she continued smacking my protruding plastic-sheathed bottom every step of the way. She stopped just before we reached the kitchen, and after two unaccompanied steps, I turned back inquisitively.

Mummy was standing there watching me with a little smile on her pretty face, and it widened as I turned to face her.

"You look so pretty tonight," she complimented me, and chuckled when I held my nightie hem out with the thumb and forefinger of each hand, and swayed from side to side like a bashful little girl.

"You really do look like a sweet overgrown toddler girl!" I love my Mummy so much when she says things like that.

Hanging beside the fridge was a green bibbed vinyl apron with pictures of Pooh Bear eating from a jar of honey all over it, and Mummy took it down and eased the top loop over my bowed head.

"Let's just put this apron on first, honey," Mummy suggested.

"We don't want you to splash food on that pretty nightie of yours, do we?"

"No Mummy," I softly replied around my dummy, staring up in adoration at her beautiful smiling face, my eyes shining with love.

She twirled me around and tied the waist sash in back for me, and then gave me a lovely warm cuddle, patting my big padded bottom affectionately through the noisy plastic panties. I turned around so I could hug her in return.

"I love you so much, Mummy," I sighed into the warm soft cushions of her bosom.

"Of course you do, baby," she softly replied, squeezing me tighter.

"All babies love their Mummies."

Mummy left me in the kitchen and returned to watching her television show, and I started preparing our dinner as I sucked happily on my dum-dums. Within minutes a hot stream of wee-wees poured into my nappies, warming them delightfully at the front and between my legs. It seemed that usually within minutes of Mummy diapering me, my bladder would automatically cut loose. It wasn't something I consciously controlled - it just happened. It took over an hour to cook the curry, and frequently Mummy would walk in to check my nappy and see how I was doing. I don't know why, but I love it when Mummy checks my nappy for wetness. She usually crooks her finger at me and commands from the kitchen doorway, "Come here, little girl! Mummy needs to check to see if you've wet your nappies."

I obediently waddled over to her and held my nightie up under my chin when she ordered me. Mummy pulled the waistband of my baby panties away from my tummy and slipped two fingers inside the top of my nappy. After feeling around for wetness, she then sniffed her fingers to double-check, shaking her head and grimacing in disgust when she can smell urine, and making me blush with shame. At the same time I could feel my thickening clitty pressing against the warm wet folds of my nappy, exciting me even more.

"Wet already, I see," she snorted disdainfully, and shook her head in bemused wonder. She pushed her fingers into my damp diaper again, and then decided; "But that nappy should last until after dinner." I don't know why it thrills me so to be humiliated in this infantile fashion, but my stiffie was rapidly tenting out the front of my baby panties, and Mummy knew it.

"What's this, little girl? Baby girls aren't supposed to have big hard clitties like this in their diapers," she pointed out with a teasing grin, as she grabbed my erection through the bulky damp cloth nappies.

"I couldn't help it," I whined like a toddler around my pacifier.

"Mummy made me do it." She laughed at my childish response and turning me around, smacked my bottom crisply and sent me tottering back to the stove. I put on a pot of water for the rice, and sliced up a ripe avocado to eat with our curry.

When dinner was ready, I carefully carried out our heavily laden plates to the lounge room, where Mummy lavished praise on me.

"What a sweet baby girl I have!" she exclaimed a she inspected her plate.

"Such a good little helper for Mummy." She insisted I fetch one of my big lace-trimmed bibs before eating, and I joyfully skipped back to kitchen to select one from the drawer. She covered my face with tiny kisses as she removed my Pooh bear apron, and I giggled and gurgled with happiness. As she clipped my favourite frilly bibby in place around my neck, she cautioned me to be careful and not make a mess, or I would be eating all my meals locked in the highchair for the next week.

I was a good little girl for Mummy and hardly spilled any food on my bib, for which I was soundly praised. She also made up two bottles of juice for me to drink with dinner, and I sucked them down gratefully. As I was suckling thirstily from the first teat, a fresh burst of almost scalding-hot wee-wee surged into my damp nappies, warming them delightfully around my crotch. I could feel the wonderful clinging warm wetness rising up the front of my nappy and slowly soaking into the thirsty cloth under my bottom. Whenever I wet while simultaneously drinking from a baby bottle, I truly feel like a real baby!

After Mummy and I had finished eating, I took our empty plates to kitchen, and more wetties trickled into my nappies as I gaily waddled along. There were ice-creams for dessert and as usual, I had to eat mine out of a pink plastic Barbie bowl. After I had finished eating and drained my bottles, Mummy wiped my face with the bib and then removed it, handing it to me with instructions to drop in the laundry basket. Mummy enjoyed a cup of tea and a smoke while I did the washing up and cleaned up the kitchen, and then I waddled over slowly to join her on the lounge. Before she would let me sit, she insisted on checking my sagging nappy, and she frowned when she discovered how drenched I was already.

"Don't you dare sit on the lounge in that saturated nappy, you naughty little girl!" she warned me firmly.

"Bring me your nappy bucket and stand in front of the heater, baby. I don't want you catching cold when I take off that wet diaper."

I waddled off quickly to do her bidding, and when I returned, Mummy was waiting for me in front of the radiator. First she removed my Maryjanes and frilly socks, and then she made me stand on the vinyl change mat spread out on the floor. She ordered me to hold up my shortie nightgown as she knelt in front of me and pulled down my baby panties. The pink ones were dry, but Mummy frowned and snorted in disgust when she tugged down the inner pair of frosty panties. Amber beads of urine glistened inside the crotch and the nappies beneath sagged heavily.

Mummy clucked her tongue in annoyance as she growled, "Pooh! You smell, baby! These nappies stink of wee-wees, and these plastic pilchers need to be washed as well. Why didn't you tell Mummy your nappy needed changing? What a naughty baby girl you are!" She tossed the damp panties into the nappy bucket and then unpinned my drooping diapers. As soon as one side was unfastened, the saturated cloth slid down my legs to land between my feet with a loud wet 'splat!

"Yuck-spuck!" Mummy complained bitterly.

"You can put your own smelly nappies in the nappy bucket, you bad girl. Mummy doesn't want to touch those stinky wet things." I hastened to obey her, and then placed the lid on the big pink bucket to help contain the yucky odour. Then Mummy took my hand and made me toddle over to the change table.

"No, no!" She stopped me when I started to climb up. She reached for the wooden punishment paddle hanging on the hook over the change table, and grabbing the back of my neck, forced me to bend over the end of the table. My bare damp bottom was thrust out prominently, begging for her attention.

The spanking paddle is fifteen inches long and six inches wide, with a black leather cord-bound handle. It is covered with pink leather, and on one side there are metal studs arranged to form the message, 'Bad B.J.' Mummy let the paddle rest against my trembling bottom cheeks for a moment, rubbing in small circles as she continued to admonish me.

"I think my dirty, bad little girl needs to be disciplined, don't you? Baby should have told Mummy that her nappy was saturated and in danger of leaking. Maybe my wicked little girl needs a firm reminder..." SMACK! I jumped as the paddle came slamming down on my outthrust rear, and gave a little squeal around my dummy. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

"Bad baby!" Mummy scolded me as she smacked my bottom harder. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! "Little girls must learn to do as they are told!" SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! "And Mummy will smack this naughty smelly bottom until I think Baby Jennie has learned her lesson!" SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! The blows grew louder and harder until I was jolted with the force of each smack, my torso creeping up the table as I rose up on tippy-toes in a futile effort to escape my punishment. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! My squeals and cries grew louder until I was wailing almost continuously, and then all of a sudden the spanking ceased.

Mummy released my neck and helped me upright, stroking my sore red bottom with her soft hand as she hung up the paddle. But I saw her eyebrows climb her forehead when she noticed how hard the spanking had made me.

"I was worried I might have gone too far," she muttered almost to herself.

"But from the look of that, maybe I didn't spank you hard enough!" Mummy grabbed my stiff clitty and used it to help me to climb up on the table and lie on my back.

When she noticed my sulky expression, she hastened to reassure me, giving my throbbing clitty a few comforting squeezes.

"It's alright, honey. Your punishment is over, and Mummy forgives you. Mummy still loves you, little girl. Now you just lie back and relax, and let Mummy pin you into some lovely fresh nappies." She carefully cleansed every inch of my diaper area with moist scented baby wipes, making sure all traces of urine-stained powder were wiped away.

"Uppa-daise!" she sang, and I repeated the phrase in more subdued tones this time. Mummy closely inspected my sore botty as she wiped me clean, commenting on the colour.

"That's quite a red bottom, baby! I hope you've learned your lesson?" She smiled when I nodded apprehensively, and gave my tender rear a few reassuring pats on with her soft palm. She then dried my crotch and bottom well, before applying more talcum powder till I was once again white as snow. As usual my peenie remained hard the entire time, especially when Mummy rubbed the sweetly perfumed talc into my bobbing stiffie for several wonderful minutes.

"Who's Mummy's precious little baby girl? Hmmm? Who's my darling little Princess?" she babbled at me in honeyed baby talk, giggling as I grew even harder at her murmured words of endearment.

"Mummy loves her little girl so much!" Mummy crooned at me with love shining in her wide blue eyes, and then she blew raspberries on my powdery tummy. I squealed with laughter and then gurgled happily around my pacifier, sucking noisily on my soother as Mummy continued to tease and stroke me between my legs, till I was quivering with the need to release.

But naughty little baby girls who still need their nappies don't have sex, as Mummy often reminds me. So I had to wait in frustration as she arranged some fresh nappies under my raised bottom, my hard clitty poking up in the air and throbbing with desire. In a few minutes I was snugly pinned into some lovely soft thick nappies, and Mummy covered them with some clean frosty plastic pilchers.

"These outer panties are still dry, so we can use these ones again," she decided, as she worked the crackling thick pink vinyl panties up my raised legs.

When I was safely diapered and dressed in my baby panties, Mummy made me climb down onto my hands and knees.

"Little babies who can't stop soaking their nappies aren't allowed to walk around like the grown-ups," Mummy informed me with a tight smile.

"Seeing as you like wetting your nappies like a baby, you can crawl like a baby, too! Go on, Baby Jennie! Crawl over to the lounge and climb up there." She smacked my bulging padded bottom loudly and repeatedly as I submissively crawled ahead of her, and then she sat down on one end of the three-seater lounge, and indicated I should lie down with my head cradled on her lap.

By the time I was settled over Mummy's lap she had removed her bra, and she raised her fleecy sweater under her chin and let her beautiful C-cup breasts bounce free. Her skin was tanned a golden brown and was soft as silk, and she smelled delicious as usual. Grunting with excitement, I greedily opened my mouth as Mummy fed her right nipple between my pouting lips. In moments I had drawn the pinky-brown bud into my mouth, and teased it to full tumescence with my tongue.

I lay back as she cradled my head with one arm, and I contentedly suckled on Mummy's breast for many minutes. I drew the nipple deeper into my mouth and tongued the erect flesh firmly against my soft palate, pressing out her milk and swallowing noisily. She lovingly stroked my eyebrows, nose and cheeks as she whispered gentle words of encouragement to me, and I gazed up adoringly at her beautiful face. Her blue eyes glowed as she watched me closely, smiling down with maternal pride as she crooned to me in honeyed baby tones. When I pressed her softening breast flesh with my fingers to pump out the last remaining drops, she slid her index finger alongside her nipple and into my mouth, breaking my suction.

Like a frustrated baby I grumbled and whined wordlessly in irritation, but Mummy simply whispered, "Shh! Shh, little one! Here you are. Mummy knows what her little girl needs." She used her finger in my mouth to guide my pouting lips to her other teat, and with her free hand, pressed the left nipple between my greedily searching lips. In moments I was latched on again, and my whimpers quietened almost immediately as I drew the thickening nipple deeper into my mouth. Mummy let me feed for quite a while, but I have no real idea of how much time had passed. All I know is that as usual, I fell asleep on her breast, only to awaken when Mummy unlatched me from her nipple with her finger.

When I started to moan and complain, Mummy firmly pressed the teat of my pacifier between my lips, and I sucked on that for comfort as she helped me to groggily sit up.

"Its way past your bedtime, little one," Mummy whispered, as she helped me to clamber down onto my hands and knees. Still groggy and half asleep, I crawled into the bedroom and into my bed, where Mummy lovingly tucked me in.

"Sleep tight, little girl," she whispered to me as she tenderly kissed my cheek.

"Ni-night Mumma." My drowsy reply was muffled by the fat dummy in my mouth. I rolled onto my tummy and I felt the first surge of warmth spreading through my thick nappies, as I heavily wet myself for the first time that night. Warm, wet and content, I drifted off to sleep.

The following day was Saturday, and Mummy drove over to my place again later in the morning. When Mummy arrived, I was wearing a pair of my new silky bikini panties under my tight little baby-pink shorts, with a matching t-shirt over the top. I cooked a delicious breakfast of bacon and eggs on toast for both of us while the washing machine churned noisily in the background. I had been a bad little girl the night before and completely saturated my nappy, wetting so heavily in my sleep that my double layer of plastic panties couldn't cope with the excess pee-pee. I had left a dinner plate-sized wet spot on my bottom sheet by the time I awoke in the morning, and Mummy gets very cranky with me if I wet the bed. So I threw the saturated nappy, plastic panties and sheets in the wash first thing. Fortunately she just thought I was doing the normal weekend wash, and didn't ask about the still-unmade bed.

After finishing her breakfast, she enjoyed a cup of tea and lit a joint to go with it. She told me to clean up the kitchen like a good little girl, and I scurried off to do her bidding. As my reward, Mummy removed her top to reveal the new nursing bra we had purchased the previous day. After unfastening one of the lacy pink cups, she urged me to lie on the couch with my head on a pillow over her lap. I didn't need to be asked twice!

As soon as Mummy had my head positioned over her thighs to her satisfaction, she took her exposed nipple between her cupped fingers, and fed the pink bud between my eagerly pursed lips. She crooned to me in the tender tones a mother usually reserves for her feeding infant, and I squirmed in unabashed delight as she stroked my hair as I busily sucked her nipple.

After ten minutes of being latched onto that breast, Mummy slipped her finger into the corner of my mouth to break the seal. I distractedly sucked on the fingertip she forced into my mouth, as she steered my pursed lips to her other breast. I whimpered and fretted when she removed her finger to unsnap the other bra cup, but in seconds her warm erect nipple was directed into my mouth, and I suckled immediately and ceased complaining.

"Suck baby," she commanded me in a voice thick with passion.

"You know Mummy likes you to suck on her titties nice and hard." I drew the whole nipple into my mouth, until I could press the delectable nub against the roof of my mouth with my tongue, keeping a continuous hard suctioning pressure at the same time. I made Mummy moan with pleasure before she cooed, "Good girl! That's my good little baby. Suck it darling. Suck out the milk from Mummy's breast. Mmmm, that's it. You have a lovely feed from Mummy. Good baby!"

She reached down and tapped my thighs apart with her palm, till I spread my legs compliantly wide. She then stroked me through my little shorts and silky nylon panties, holding my throbbing erection tightly through the slippery slinky material.

"Oh! What's this in your panties, little girl? Have you got something in there for Mummy?" She removed her nipple from my mouth and before I could protest, made me stand and led me waddling into the bedroom, where she pulled down my shorts and panties.

"You're such a good little sucking girl, you've made Mummy's pussy all tingly and wet!"

In minutes there were clean sheets on the bed, and then Mummy was lying back and raising her filmy cotton miniskirt.

"On your knees, baby," she ordered in a throaty whisper, and instantly I obeyed, eagerly pressing my face between her silky-smooth tanned thighs. Her slender ankles hooked around my shoulders and drew my face closer to the crotch of her tiny pink nylon panties. The knickers were so sheer, I could see for the first time that she had shaved her beautiful kitten completely bare! Ordering her little girl to remove Mummy's panties very carefully, she lifted her beautiful bottom and closed her knees so I could slip the sheer wispy knickers out of the way. Once they were cast aside, I returned to my assigned place, my mouth an inch from Mummy's delightfully bare cleft.

"I shaved it just for you, baby," she purred, as my hot breath caused her delicate pink lips to part slightly.

"Just so you could enjoy the look of Mummy's bare hairless pussy like when she was a little girl, too." Her legs were splayed wide as I teased her with my lips and tongue, circling around but never quite touching her darkening outer labia. Then with a tongue wet with saliva, I licked the whole length of one side, barely touching the pink inner flesh with the tip. She moaned and her outer lips retracted further, her vagina opening like some beautiful exotic flower, a hint of moisture now visible within.

I continued to tease her by limiting my caresses to her engorging outer lips, until she groaned with desire and insistently pressed my face firmly between her legs. I was enveloped by her suffocating warm wetness; the fragrant juices flowing freely from her open tunnel as I voraciously tongued and licked her.

"Suck, baby! Suck Mummy's clitty into your mouth. Ohhh! That's it! Good girl! Ohhh!" As I drew her sensitive clitoris between my pursed lips, I thrummed it sideways with the tip of my tongue, like speed-strumming a guitar. She cried out in ecstasy and clenched my head between her thighs as she exploded in orgasm, her hips bouncing off the bed the throes of her passion.

I rested my face on her flat brown tummy as she lovingly stroked my damp cheek and caught her breath.

"Mmm! That was yummy, baby. Now come up here to Mummy," she commanded. I slithered up her slender frame, and she opened her legs wider to welcome me. When I couldn't enter her immediately, I whined in frustration.

"Shhh! Shush baby!" she scolded me in annoyance.

"Stop that complaining! Let Mummy do it."

"Mummy do it," I readily agreed in toddler tones, and she took firm hold of me in one hand and steered me straight into her dripping opening. I moaned with pleasure as my cock head slipped inside her tight wet pussy, and she held me there with her hand until she was ready. Then she began to thrust me in and out, her fist around the base of my shaft completely controlling the action. She held me like that until I was almost all the way in, then released her grip as she rammed her heels against my buttocks, driving me all the way home.

I moaned with pleasure as I sank to the hilt inside my Mummy, then I began to gently thrust in and out. After about five minutes Mummy started groaning again, and I picked up the pace. Her moans intensified and inspired, I slammed into her with all my force, as hard and as fast as possible. Mummy started trembling and suddenly a film of perspiration appeared all over her body.

"Yes baby. Yes, my darling. Fuck me! Fuck Mummy!" she exclaimed, as she climaxed for the second time in twenty minutes.

I lay still in her arms and kissed her deeply. I love my Mummy so much! "Oh baby!" she sighed, and I reached for a handy towel to wipe her face, neck and breasts.

"That was wonderful!" she murmured with satisfaction.

"Now let's take care of my little girl. Where's your dum-dums, baby?" She followed my eyes to the bedside table, then reached out and grabbed the extra-large pink toddler's pacifier.

"I know what my little girl needs," she crooned.

"Here baby. You suck on your dummy like a good little baby girl for Mummy." So saying, she eased the fat latex soother between my lips and gratefully I drew it into my mouth. She clipped the attached pink plastic chain to my top so it was out of her way, then wrapped her loving arms around my head and drew my face into the soft nape of her neck. I lay there breathing in Mummy's perfume as she commanded, "Let me hear you suck your dum-dums, baby. Suck it hard so Mummy can hear you." I obeyed immediately, sucking noisily on the soother with delight as she continued to stimulate my mind.

"After my baby has a big cummie, Mummy is going to take her little girl into the shower with her and wash her all over. Wash all her smelly bits," she explained helpfully," so she is a clean and fresh little girl. And then Mummy will dry you off, and lead you to the change table. We'll have to pin a nice thick nappy on my little one, and dress her in some tight wetproof panties so she doesn't make any messes."

"Oh Mummy!" I mumbled around the dummy clenched between my teeth.

"Oh Mummy!"

"Yes baby? What is it, little girl? Tell Mummy. Quickly now!"

"Oh Mummy! I think I need to do a cummie!" I whimpered.

"Alright darling, you do a great big cummie for Mummy inside of Mummy's pussy. Go on! It's all right, baby. Mummy's got you. You're safe in Mummy's arms. Come on, baby. Come on, do it for Mummy." she sang, and helpless under her firm maternal guidance, I exploded inside her, moaning and gasping and twitching spastically. Mummy held me close, crooning to me the whole time that I was her beautiful little baby girl and how much she loved me. My orgasm seemed to last for several wonderful minutes, and by the time I regained my senses, she was lovingly stroking my hair and pressing my face against her full breasts.

"Good girl!" she praised me like I was a clever toddler.

"What a good little girl you are for Mummy!" She pushed downwards and I slid down her parted legs, until my shrivelling cock popped free of her snug embrace. She urged me into the bathroom with some crisp smacks on my bare sweaty bottom, and after setting the shower temperature, pushed me in ahead of her while she used the toilet. I watched carefully as she did her wee-wee in the toilet, as I was supposed to be potty-trained soon. Or so Mummy keeps threatening.

Mummy stepped into the shower with me and ensured I was a clean little girl, and then she dried me off and ordered me to crawl out to the change table. She helped me to clamber up on the high pink padded surface, and proceeded to pour a handful of baby powder over my crotch. She smoothed in the scented powder around my tiny sac and in the crease of my buttocks, before telling me to lower my legs. Then she pinned me in some lovely soft thick terry nappies, with an extra-extra large toddler's disposable between the two layers of double thickness terrycloth, to act as an additional soaker pad. With two huge pink pins on each side holding my nappy tightly closed, Mummy ordered me to lift my feet and point my toes.

The plain frosty plastic pilchers always come first, and in no time she was tucking every stray piece of nappy under the tight elastic waist and leg bands. These were covered by a pair of my wetproof pink vinyl panties, just in case. Mummy hates it when my nappies leak. She says the smell of my stale wee-wee is disgusting, but I don't even notice it anymore. Then she selected my outfit for the day - a plain pink t-shirt with a hint of lace around the collar, and some baggy baby-pink cotton shorts over my diapers. I was grateful they at least concealed my diapered state somewhat, because I knew Mummy intended taking me out that afternoon. No socks, she decreed, just my sequinned sandals. So then she decided she had to paint my toenails.

That took over an hour - a base coat, two coats of colour (candy pink) on both toe and fingernails, and a clear top coat she insisted would protect them and keep them looking pretty for days. When my nails were finally dry, Mummy told me to go and make up my face.

"Not too much make-up though, baby. You're only a little toddler girl after all, and it is the middle of the afternoon."

I obeyed her, thankfully just putting on mascara, a hint of blusher and some lipstick. I came out to present myself to Mummy for her approval, and I was pleased when she smiled and nodded happily.

"You look very pretty, baby. That's a very good make-up job for daytime. Not too much, but enough colour in your sweet face to make you look more attractive. Just like a real girl!" I wriggled like an excited puppy under her lavish praise, and she laughed at my unconscious child-like response.

"Now," she continued, I have to go and run some errands, and you have to take your highchair over to Uncle George to repair the restraining straps. Do you need any help carrying that heavy highchair downstairs?" I indicated I didn't, and once I had packed my diaper bag and tossed it over my shoulder, I grabbed the wooden highchair and waddled slowly down the stairs to my car.

But that is another story. If you liked this, or want to read more, please let me know. Hugs from Baby Jennie

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