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Project for my 'Auntie'

My 'Auntie' has been encouraging me to write up this experience for a couple of months now. I hope I did it justice - I had so very much fun, and I really want to share that fun with others. This is my first attempt at writing down one of my AB experiences - please let me know if I should write more. I can be reached at: [email protected] This is loosely-based on a real-life experience. No names are used, to protect the not-so-innocent.

This story is based on the activities of consenting adults. If role-playing and alternative lifestyles are at all offensive to you, then please read no further. A better place online for you might be: The Baby Class My favorite 'Auntie' had decided that I was the perfect candidate for a class she was teaching at a local private club. My 'Auntie' is a professional Dominatrix, and she makes a point of providing the local fetish/kink community with educational classes. I really admire her for her contributions to the local community! I have seen (and taken) her classes before, and had often wished I could be a part of them some day. When she finally asked me to take part, though, I found myself both excited and nervous. I was worried I would disappoint my 'Auntie' and I wasn't sure that I was ready to share such deeply personal play with others.

I have been playing Adult Baby for a very long time, but it was always a relatively private, fun, and comforting part of my life. If my 'Auntie' wasn't so adept at making me feel safe, I never would have agreed to engage in my favorite form of play in front of a room filled with strangers.

My 'Auntie' and I are lovers in real life, and we are professional fetish/kink workers at a house in San Francisco's East Bay. I was lucky to find her - she is extremely kink and fetish friendly, and she is an enthusiastic supporter of my use of diapers and infantilist play. She keeps her house well stocked with baby toys, diapers and lacy, crinkly plastic panties just for me! Despite my trepidation regarding the class, I knew my 'Auntie' would take great care of me, and I would be safe in her class no matter what. The preparations for class were really fun! She sewed me a pink baby girl dress, and she knows my tastes well - there was more pink lace on that dress than one can find in the average fabric store. Plus, she had selected the lace to match the lace already on my favorite pair of plastic panties. 'Auntie' also added enough matching pink ribbon to my dress and accessories to make me feel extra feminine and loved. She even added the ribbon to my 4++ size pacifier, as well as a special clip (so I wouldn't lose my pacifier when I was in baby space).

'Auntie' takes a lot of time preparing for her classes. We had so much fun measuring me for the dress she made, and picking out stickers for my diapers. If everyone was going to see me in diapers, then I was going to be wearing the prettiest ones I possibly could! Finding baby shoes was fun, too, especially in size 9! The adventures we had in getting to know my baby tastes would make for a nice little story in and of itself! When the day of the class finally came, she picked me up in my Noe Valley apartment. I was dressed in 'big girl' clothes, because she wanted to transform me from 'big girl' to 'baby girl' in front of her class. She wasn't dressed in the usual clothes she wears to take care of me. I was worried about this, because sometimes 'baby' needs 'Auntie' to comfort her, and 'Auntie' needs to look maternal. 'Auntie' looked a little more dykish than I thought I could respond to.

"Honey, the class is about different types of feminization, and I am going to feminize myself from dyke to vamp, to 'Auntie' as a part of the class," she explained.

I nodded that I understood.

"Honey, be a big girl. Use your voice and be a big girl. Don't go into baby space until you are transformed into baby in the class, okay?"

"Okay," I responded.

We drove to the club where the class was to be taught. It was in the Tenderloin, which is not a place where I had ever expected to play baby.

Still, 'Auntie's' judgment is better than 'baby's' so I stayed relaxed as we wandered down the street, carrying the diaper bag (with adult-sized diapers sticking out of it) and a giant stuffed purple bunny past the local thugs and pan handlers. The Tenderloin is a strange place - a dyke and a transsexual woman meandering through the district carrying myriad adult-sized baby toys didn't cause anyone to bat an eye.

The club was located in an innocuous looking building - from the outside it could have been a warehouse of some sort. Once inside, though, it was clearly some sort of a club, and there was the sound of students already patiently awaiting the ministrations of 'Auntie.' At her behest I sat down in the classroom (at the back - I can be shy in public sometimes).

The other models were already there. She transformed a leather dyke into a feminine Goth boi, complete with a large, yet realistic package. Then she transformed a bearded man into a parody of femininity, complete with garish makeup and gigantic fake breasts that I doubt I could have stood upright with. Next she transformed a man who is a professional at the fetish space where 'Auntie' and I work. He is a cross-dresser in his personal life, and he makes quite a convincing woman. After this last transformation, I knew that my turn would be next, and I felt the rumbling of what I hoped were butterflies in my stomach. 'Auntie' had specified time and again that she would tolerate no BMs, and I can't imagine anyone more adept at punishing a bad 'baby' (which is why I made sure I was never a bad 'baby'). Gulp - she motioned for me to approach the front of the class! "Everyone, this is Cristine. We have covered a variety of different kinds of feminization, all of which have been fun. One type of feminization often overlooked is the transformation of and adult into a little feminine girl." She began taking my clothes off, starting with my shirt and bra. I use silicon breast forms, because I am only an 'A' cup, and I felt so small when she removed the forms. Then my skirt came off, and my slip and sandals. The next step - removing my underwear, had me a little worried.

I am a partially post-operative transsexual. I have had a bilateral orchiectomy, but I have been unable to afford SRS. This means that this crowd of people, who had taken me to be an average young woman, would find out that I was an average young woman with a penis. My worst nightmare would be if I had an erection in front of a crowd made up of complete strangers.

These occurrences are increasingly rare, but the possibility was in the back of mind as my lover was disrobing me. I could feel a lot of tension as she removed my panties and - nothing happened. There was no dreaded erection, and a few raised eyebrows in the crowd seemed to be the only reaction to my unwanted piece of anatomy. Whew! Now 'Auntie' laid me down on a bench she had set up earlier. She got out a diaper - it had pastel colored hearts on it! I heard her describing how important scents and sensations were for 'babies' but my mind was growing fuzzy. She moved my hips up and slid the diaper she had just powdered underneath me, and gently lowered me into its comfortable embrace. She rubbed baby oil and powder on my genitals, and taped the diaper snuggly in place.

"Honey, lift your legs for 'Auntie'" I did, and there was the crinkling sound that meant my frilly, lacey plastic panties were being slid snugly into place. Even if I had an accident, I would be just fine now. Auntie was taking care of baby. I felt a little warmth, and wondered what it was, and then realized I had peed without thinking about it.

Auntie put the cutest pink dress on me! It wasn't long enough to cover my behind, and everyone could see that I had lacy plastic panties and diapers on. She had trouble putting my lacy socks and shoes on me because I was wiggling, but Auntie always manages. Then she clipped my pacifier to my dress (so baby wouldn't lose it) and spread out my favorite pink blanket (the one with Barbie on it!) and my favorite toys. There was even the group of colored plastic rings. I sat on the blanket, and after Auntie said she didn't want to share the drool-covered pacifier I kept offering her, I settled down and played quietly with my toys. I was a good baby.

I felt content and safe and secure. Occasionally, Auntie would pause in her teaching and make sure I had juice in my bottle and was still having fun. I eventually fell asleep for a little nap.

Auntie taught her class for a while more, and when she was done, she gently woke me up and we went home, saggy diaper and all. Auntie loves me!

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