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Hiya I'm guardian and this is my first story. If you have any comments, send them to and I would be happy to continue it then.

Baby Alice I woke up in a panic. I didn't remember what happened before to cause my being here. I couldn't even see anything, my hands were each tied to something, I tried to feel but couldn't move. I was lying on a soft plastic mattress and my feet were also fastened to something rendering me completely immobile. After waking I quickly realised that I wasn't dressed, it was hot in the room so I was sticking to the mattress. I thrashed around, groaning, I wanted to scream but I also wanted to be on what I thought was on my own.

"Don't struggle dear." The calm voice hurtled me out my skin, as I gasped deeply to recover the man stroked my hand, I quickly moved it away, frightened.

"Who are you?" I spoke softly trying to remain calm. There was a pause.

"I am your Daddy,"he whispered creepily and it worked because I was definitely spooked, so much that I was stunned into silence but not for long.

"What the fuck do you mean by that?" I snapped.

"Shh Baby. Daddy doesn't like swearing."

"And you think I give a shit, you fucking twattified twat!" I screamed.

"Does Daddy have to warn you again." His tone was sarcastic.

"Not if he wants his fucking balls chopped off!" I spat as I shouted and my head was spinning from whatever made me sleep. He grabbed my arm and unbuckled it in hast and then continued with my other limbs. All the while detaching me he still had a firm grip. After my limbs were free he lifted me so I was standing. Then I received a hand to my backside so hard I leaped forward.

"FUCK!" I shrieked, it stung instantly and was defiant in going away. He hit me again causing more pain than the first. I'd never been hit like this and was extremely humiliated. He ripped the blind off to see my watery eyes, I quickly tried to hide how scared I was as he turned me round to see his cracked, stubbly face, he was smiling in a patronising, sympathetic way but his eyes showed cruelty and intent.

"Now say sorry to Daddy,"he demanded. My shock and bewilderment caused me to apologise quickly; however how much it hurt to do so. The man smiled.

"Good girl,"as he spoke I grimaced. He sat me down and refastened my left hand to what I can now say was I white crib decorated with restraints as well as flowers and rabbits. It's size was smaller than an average bed and it was one of the biggest things in the room. As I surveyed the room, shivering in fright, the man was taking things out of drawers and placing them on what can only be described as a changing table. The same painted wood and the crib with a thin padded mattress on top, much the same as a normal changing table but much larger as everything seemed to be in the room; all of it decorated horrifyingly splendidly. It scared to me to what degree this man was obsessed as he prepared the things on the mat meticulously, setting them all out. I watched with horror and amazement.

"Now Baby, let's get you covered up and fed!" He chirped happy all the things were in the right place. What did he mean by covered up? I had an idea. He unbuckled the strap and lifted me out.I would have struggled but he looked strong and I was small in comparison. He laid me down on the mat and put a strap across my waste.

"Don't want Baby falling off." I wanted for him to talk properly and I wanted to yell but didn't want to risk being hit again. He looked down at me studying my face and body, I did the same and guessed he was about forty or fifty years old by the greying sides of his crew cut. I knew what was happening now and didn't like it.

"Why are you doing this? I don't need diapers!" I stuttered.

"We don't want pee-pee everywhere do we Baby?" I didn't answer him but I kicked my legs and squirmed.

"No more warnings!" he raised his voice and lifted my leg up and spanked my bare bottom once but very hard. He put me down and put his face right up close to me.

"Naughty babies get punished. Do you understand?"


"You will say "Yes Daddy"." I didn't want another beating so obliged.


"Be a good girl and let Daddy diaper you." And so he did. He started by rubbing cream all over my backside, digging his fingers in deep all over my front. It hurt but I didn't flinch out of fear. He held my legs far apart and sprinkled powder all over. I tried to ignore all the feelings his diapering was causing me and it was making me nauseous. Next he lifted my legs and placed a disposable diaper underneath, dropping my bum onto the strange fabric. He then brought the front piece over my front and secured it in place.

"That's that bit done." He sounded pleased and lifted me under the arms so I was standing I considered running or fighting but knew it was futile. The man took some plastic pants and held them out for me to stand into, I did so gingerly and he pulled them up and tucked everything in. It was humiliating especially as the pant had a pattern and were frilly. I wondered what he was going to do next because I'd only predicted this far. I looked at him.

"Not finished yet Baby, can't have these out," he tapped my breasts and I was horrified, quickly bringing my arms up to cover myself. He tutted and picked up a t-shirt shoving it over my head and pulling my arms through, I tried to struggle but he raised his hand and I didn't think it was worth it. I guessed that was all I was going to wear because he picked me up.

"Dins-Dins and Mummy!" He grinned at me. I grimaced at the grin and the fact that a women was also involved in my torture, I was anxious to see what she looked like. He carried my down a simply decorated corridor into a living space. The women was the kitchen area and turned as we walked in.

"Baby!" She shrieked happily, running over and kissing my forehead. I batted her away therefore she took my hand and smacked it.

"Naughty girl!" She reprimanded.

"I've had to spank her a few times already today." The man complained. I bit my tongue so I wouldn't say anything I regretted.

"Say sorry to Mummy," he ordered.

I looked at her with feigned regret.

"Sorry Mommy," I tried to sound it right, but the nausea wouldn't let me so it came out funny, like with gagging.

"Tell Mommy you love her," he pushed.

"I...." I made a noise "you."

"Say it properly." It didn't work.

"I love you alright!"

"Baby Ali needs a time out," he said with intent, also my new name came as a surprise. Next thing I knew I was standing in the corner of the lounge, shackled to the wall, feeling sorry for myself; as it dawned on me that this may be my faite. I even cried a bit. After an hour or so I was retrieved and sat in an adult sized high chair and strapped in, it was deadly embarrassing and I tried to think of it as normal which was extremely difficult. I also needed the bathroom but definitely was not going in the diaper no matter what, I shifted myself to a more comfortable position. This women was preparing something at the sink but had her back turned so I couldn't make out what it was. The man had disappeared after changing into overalls. I guess he was working. I worked up the courage to ask a question.

"Are you going to tell me what's going on and don't give me any bull." She stopped what she was doing and turned round.

"We own you Ali, and no one is going to come looking because you don't exist," I guess she was taking me seriously.

"What do you mean?"

"You are dead."

"I'm here aren't I. What are you talking about?!"

"Don't get angry Ali." She paused.

"You're dead on paper and now you belong with us and this is how we are going to treat you." She explained. But I had friends back home, I'm sure they would have noticed.

"People care about me!" I wailed.

"Obviously not, they're not going to get you," she was sinister. I didn't know how to answer because I couldn't think of an answer for a while.

"Isn't it a bit odd having an adult baby?"

"You're only 18, that's hardly an adult. We're in the middle of nowhere anyway, and the town just thinks you're a relative we're looking after."

"Not when I tell them the truth!"

"A deluded relative." They had it all sorted and it was sickening. It didn't mean I wasn't going to try and escape but I kept quiet in a sulk.

"Right munchies for Baby," she sang. It looked disgusting even if I was starving I kept my mouth firmly shut.

"We don't want Baby Ali to starve", as she said it she held my nose together in order to open my mouth and it worked, I wasn't about to suffocate myself. I was more of a fighter than that so allowed her to feed me the revolting substance ever so cautious of what things she had put in it. All the way through she smiling saying silly thinks that really hacked me off, I retained my sultry look. After the mush was gone she handed me a litre bottle with a teat like would be on baby bottles. It was full of water.

"You're going to sit here until all of it's gone," the women said and then went off cleaning. I decided that I would have to drink all of it eventually and might as well do it whilst it was cold. I studied her like I did the same and she was also bigger than by at least a foot and a half and I was pretty tall myself.

"Are you done?" She asked.

"Yes," and I burped uncontrollably to which she laughed.

"That diaper will be wet soon!" She said it as if she relished the moment and the look on her face to know how embarrassed I would be, was frightening. She then without saying much, just muttering nursery rhymes, lifted me out of the high chair and led me outside holding my hand. They truly were in the middle of nowhere. The edge of a forest to be exact, there truly was nowhere to run, even if I could have got out of the vice grip she had on my wrist.

"See you're going nowhere." I looked at her in disgust.

"You're sick," I held back the spitting that should have accompanied the phrase, it would have just landed me in trouble.

"No now, no unpleasantries, we don't want to go back inside," she cautioned. I didn't want to go inside, it was stuffy and at least there was a breeze outside. I was also confident of not being seen by passer's by, this wasn't exactly a huge town suburb. She sat me down in a play pen which was wooden and the size of the bedroom. My wrist was attached to the bars but instead of being stationed to the one spot, there was cord so I could make my way around the pen. The women sat by the pen and read. I fiddled with the bar and it rattle a bit, it made me optimistic.

The pressure on my bladder soon became great and then the pressure changed into pain. I couldn't damage my body out of pride and tried to release. It took about ten minutes to get going seeing as I wasn't accustomed to pissing myself. Even if it was extremely humiliating it felt good after hours of discomfort and I let out a sigh. A bit too loud.

"Do you need changing?" the women asked looking up from her book.

"No." She gave me a funny look and got up placing her book on the ground.

"Stand up."

"I'm fine."

"Stand up!" she urged so I did to reveal the yellow of the diaper.

"Now you do need a change, turn round so I can see if you've done a doodie." I was even more embarrassed when I turned round and she yanked at the back of the diaper and peered down.

"No you're alright, but that diaper is soaked. Sit down." I did as I was told and she disappeared inside.

Now what my chance. I yanked with all my might to the pole I was attached and nothing happened, just the rattling. I tried again and to my disbelief it snapped in half. I didn't care what I looked like but I wasn't staying where I was. With the adrenalin pumping I jumped the rails and ran into the forest the ground scratching my legs, I turned round to see the women coming after arms flailing but I was too far ahead and she stopped. I was moving more swiftly than I had ever done so before, manoeuvring around logs and branches. Before I knew it I made it to a road and stopped to catch my breath. My hearing was tuned up and I heard a truck approaching. I didn't know who it would be but I wasn't going to wait for another car to pass, that might be too late. I quickly ran into the middle of the road and yelled my heart out, the truck stopped and a man wearing a red t-shirt and overalls got out. Was this to be my saviour? I didn't know...

To be continued.

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