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One Monday morning, Marie Nardotti was on her way to the hospital where she worked as a nurse. Taking a key, she locked the door to her house and walked to her car. Selecting a key from her key ring, she unlocked the driver's door and climbed in. Strapping the safety belt on, she put the key into the ignition and turned the key. An explosion of white gas erupted into Marie's face, blinding her. She inhaled deeply out of reflex, and was unconscious within seconds.

Marie woke to find herself lying on a tile floor in brightly lite room. The room was exceptional bright due to the fact that the walls were mirrored, from floor to ceiling. Not only did this cause to brighten the room, it also made it look endless.

She was naked except that she was wearing a pair of plastic pants. The pants looked inflated to Marie and she was unable to close her legs. There was some kind of a thickness between her legs, indicating to her that she was wearing something else under the plastic pants. Pulling the elastic waistband away from her, she gazed down to see what was under the plastic pants and was shocked to discovered that someone had put a thick diaper on her!

Noticing a plastic I.D. bracelet strapped around her right ankle. Marie could see that her name was printed on the bracelet. It read "BABY GIRL - NARDOTTI"

Covering her breasts with her arms, she got up from the floor and looked around the room. Marie gazed at her reflection in the wall mirror. It was useless trying to cover herself, her reflection was everywhere and it was endless. Her shoulder length black hair was pulled up in a ponytail and tied with a pink bow. Pulling on the plastic pants Marie thought she looked ridicules dressed in them. As she moved about the room trying to measure it, her bladder felt very full and was ready to burst. She knew that she had to use the toilet soon.

Crying out, Marie said, "What is going on? Who did this to me?" She asked pulling on the plastic pants.

Suddenly, a stern female voice bellowed from the walls.


Marie's mouth dropped opened. Somebody wanted to turn her into a baby again?

"NO!" cried out Marie, "You can't make me a baby again."

She waited for a response, but none came. Marie continued to wait for a response. Seconds turned into minutes, and minutes turned into an hour. By then, Marie was starting to dance around the room. Her bladder was so full, it was ready to burst.

"Listen," she said, "I need to use the Ladies Room."

No answer.

Again she said, almost a yell, "I need to use the Ladies Room real bad."

Still, no response, but a mirror wall panel slid silently open and a woman dressed in a starched white nurse's uniform, entered the room. The nurse walked over to where Marie stood, hopping from one foot to the other.

"Yes?" questioned the nurse.

Squeezing her legs together, Marie blurted out, "Please, I need to go to the Ladies Room."

Smiling, the nurse replied, "You mean that you have to go potty?"

"YES!" Marie screamed. Then she was able to contain herself as she added, "Yes, please. I have to go potty. Please."

"You may call me, Nursie Karen." The nurse stated.

"Fine." Marie said.

"Now can you take me to the Ladies Room?" Karen gave her a look and Marie quickly said, "I need to go potty."

Karen then said, "You're in diapers and you should use them. But this time I'll take you potty."

Taking her over to one of the mirrored walls, Karen simply said, "Open."

A small panel opened, revealing a baby's potty chair.

Pointing her finger at the potty chair, Marie exclaimed, "I'm not sitting on that!"

"Then use your diaper." Said Karen flatly.

Marie had to pee so bad that she decide to use the baby potty chair. She pushed away Karen when tried to help lower Marie's plastic pants. Marie received a slap to her hand as Karen said that she will remove Marie's plastic pants and unpin her diapers. When that task was done, Marie ran over to the potty chair and sat on the tiny seat. She just made it, for as soon as she sat, Marie peed. As she sat on the potty chair, Marie felt so foolish with her knees up under her chin. Finally the ordeal was over.

She started to rise only to be pushed back down onto the potty chair's seat.

"I don't think you're done yet. Stay there until nursie so." Ordered Karen.

"I am done." Stated Marie. Karen looked down at Marie sitting there and folded her arms. Marie, all of sudden very young, quickly quieted herself. She remained sitting on the seat until Karen said she could get up. It was then that Marie noticed something was missing on her body. All of her pubic hair was gone. Somebody had shaved her.

"Whwhat happened?" she shuddered looking down at her now hairless pubic area.

Smiling, Karen replied, "Babies no have grown-up hair there like big girls do. Now let's get you diapered."

Tears started to run down Marie's cheeks as she started to pull up the plastic pants, Karen say "No. Nursie will diaper you."

Laying Marie on the floor, Karen re-diapered her. Marie started to say that she did not need diapers, but Karen ignored her. Laying on her stomach, Karen took her temperature. Rectally! Marie felt so childish having her temperature taken this way. She just laid there quietly until it was over. Then Karen surprised Marie by inserting a suppository.

Marie let out a cry.

"What are you doing to me. I don't need them!"

"Hush," replied Karen, "or nursie spank baby."

Marie bite her bottom lip as Karen inserted the second suppository. Then Marie had diaperine rubbed over her bottom and pubic area. With that done, Marie found herself wearing three thick diapers, covered by plastic pants again. Then Marie left the room.

The suppositories started working about 15 minutes later. Marie could feel rumbling in her stomach. Marie started to get cramps. Close to 45 minutes had passed and the cramps were more server. Marie strained trying not to humiliate herself by messing herself.

Finally, she cried out, "Please I have to use the Ladies Room. Please."

There was no response.

Marie though for a second and remembered something, "Please I haveta go potty! I'll even use the potty chair! Please!"

Again, no response. Then it happened, the suppositories erupted and Marie went in her diapers. She just stood there, in shock. She was unable to stop the flood. Then it was over and Marie crumpled to floor in tears. She could not stop the crying. Messing herself like a baby - it was so embarrassing.

Marie was still on the floor crying as the mirrored panel slid silently open and Karen came in pushing a cart.

"Nursie gonna check baby's didee." announced Karen.

Karen lifted Marie's bottom up and laid a large diaper pad under her. Karen slowly pulled the plastic pants down Marie's legs revealing her soggy diapers. Carefully, Karen unpinned the sides of the diaper and pulled it off her. Gently, Karen wiped Marie's pubic area with baby wipes, powdered her and smeared diaperine all over her pubic area. Lifting her bottom up, Karen laid three thick diapers under her. Next came the sweaty hot plastic pants to cover the bulky diapers.

Tears running down her cheeks, Marie sobbed, "Why are you doing this to me?"

Karen laid Marie's head on her lap. Stroking her hair and giving Marie an adult size baby's pacifier, Karen cooed, "Because you're just a baby. Suck your binkie and Nursie Karen will take of baby."

Marie was so exhausted from her experience, she fell asleep on Karen's lap, sucking the pacifier. She woke about a half hour later, still on Karen's lap and sucking the pacifier. She spat the pacifier out.

Lifting her head up and mumbling to herself, "I though this was a terrible dream."

Smiling, Karen cooed, "No sweetie. Now baby must be hungry."

Karen shoved a nipple baby bottle into Marie's mouth.

"I'm not removing it, baby, until you finished at least half of it."

Resigned to her fate, Marie started sucking on the nipple. The liquid was warm, and tasted sweet. The flavor tasted familiar. Then she remembered. It was Simulac, the baby formula that she use to feed her son years ago! She continued sucking on the bottle until it was almost gone. Marie felt bloated. To her surprise, Karen lift her up and laid her head over her shoulder. Using her hand, Karen started patting the middle of Marie's back. She was attempting to burp Marie! Before Marie could object, she let out a loud burp.

Karen stood up and cooed to Marie, "Time for your first baby lesson." Pointing her finger at Marie, she continued, "Baby better listen and do what told to her." Then she exited through the mirrored panel.

The stern female voice once again bellowed, "YOU ARE A BABY AND WILL BE TREATED AS A BABY." Her voice seemed to come from all around Marie.

Marie stood and looked around.


Marie just stood there. Suddenly, a bolt of electric shot up through the floor, through her feet and up her legs. She fell onto the floor, the nerves in her legs shaking. Because her bladder was full again, Marie lost control and soaked her diaper. She could feel the dampness on her skin as she sat on the floor.


Sobbing, 46 year old Marie cried, "Who's doing this? I'm not a baby, I'm a grown woman. I'm a wife and a mother."

The voice just laughed at Marie's statement.

Marie stood up. Suddenly, a bolt of electric shot up through the floor, through her feet and up her legs. She fell to the floor, the nerves in her legs shaking. Marie realized that she was being punished for standing.

About fifteen minutes later, a panel slid open and two women, dressed as nurses, entered. One of the nurses pushed a cart, while the other one carried long metal rod. She was holding a cattle pod! She walked over to where Marie sat. Without saying a word, one of the nurses pushed Marie down to a laying position.

Marie started to struggle, but a touch of the metal rod shooting electricity stopped her. The nurse pulled Marie over her knee and gave her a spanking, humiliating her into submission. Pulling off the damp plastic pants, the nurse quickly unpinned the diapers and removed them. Marie was completely naked in front of these two grown women. Then she rolled Marie over onto her stomach. The nurse cleaned her using baby wipes. Then she rubbed baby oil and baby powder all over Marie's bottom and then her hairless pubic area. Marie was to upset to resist. Taking three thick, white clothes, the nurse slid them under Marie's bottom, spread her legs apart and pulled them up. Taking safety pins, the nurse attached the ends together. The nurse had put Marie into clean diapers. To help humiliate Marie more, the nurse pulled a pair of plastic pants up and covered the diapers.

"Baby Marie can do her wetties and messies in her didees now." cooed the nurse.

Like Karen, the nurse took the cart and disappeared through the mirrored panel.


Marie sat next to one of the walls and tried to think back on what had happened to her. She remembered getting up, showering, dressing and having a cup of coffee for breakfast. Then locking the door to her house, getting into her car. And then all of that gas and blacking out. After that, she remembered segments, like a dream you can almost remember.

She remembered two women, dressed like nurses, taking her to a car that was parked in her driveway. She half-walked, half-carried by the nurses to the waiting sedan. Being sat in the back seat. one of the women sitting in the back with her and securing the seat belt around her. The sedan moving down the street, away from Marie's house. The nurse inserting her thumb into her mouth. Riding for a long time while lying against the nurse's shoulder, half-awake, sucking on her thumb.

Then arriving at a house, surrounded by a tall, brick wall, and iron gate. The drive up the driveway and stopping in front of a house.

Laying on a hospital gurney and being covered with a sheet. Trying to struggle slightly, but having no strength left and the nurse easily pushing her back down.

Having one of the nurses inserted the pacifier into her mouth, saying "There, baby, that will help soothe you.

She still felt the results of the gas, and was too weak to resist. Being pushed into the house and down a long white corridor to a white vacant room. Then laid on a table and being undressed. And just laying there limp.

A nurse clipping away her pubic hair, leaving a stubble. She remember that. Then shaving cream being smeared over the stubble and shaved away, leaving her pubic area hairless. She remembered starting to sob when they had done this.

The more she thought, a bit more she remembered, though it was cloudy. Having her temperature taken - rectally.

Having a white ointment smeared over her now hairless pubic area and her bottom. It felt cool to her skin. Then a heavy dose of baby powder being applied. Then having a nurse lifted her bottom up off the table and laying three cloth-like items under her. Then she was laid on it. Spreading her legs apart, the nurse pulled the cloth up and pinned the ends together - they had put her into an adult-size diaper!

Marie remember crying out in a weak voice, "Don't do this to me." She whimpering, "I'm not a baby!"

A nurse cooing to her, "Hush now, baby."

Having all of her make-up off washed off and her nails clipped short.

The last thing she remembered was being rolled onto her stomach and a needle inserted into her bottom. Then waking up in the mirrored room, diapered.


A half hour after the nurses left, the harsh female voice returned. It bellowed, "YOU ARE A BABY. YOU WILL BEHAVE LIKE A BABY." It continued, "BABIES WET THEIR DIAPERS. WHEN YOU ARE WET, YOU WILL CRY. WHEN YOU ARE HUNGRY, YOU WILL CRY."

The voice continued speaking. For hours the voice lingered on. Marie could slowly feel herself swaying to the suggestions.

, "YOU ARE A BABY. YOU WILL BEHAVE LIKE A BABY. BABIES WET THEIR DIAPERS. WHEN YOU ARE WET, YOU WILL CRY. WHEN YOU ARE HUNGRY, YOU WILL CRY." the voice commanded. This statement was repeated for the next hour.

The following hour another statement kept repeating: "YOU WANT TO BE A BABY AGAIN. YOU WANT SOMEONE TO BABY YOU AGAIN. YOU WANT TO WEAR DIAPERS AGAIN. YOU NEED TO WEAR DIAPERS AGAIN. YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE POTTY TRAINED ANYMORE." The voice became very soft and cooed very gently.


By the end of the fourth hour of this training, the mirror panel opened and in walked Karen. She found Marie curled up in a fetal position, sucking her thumb, crying.

Walking over to her, Karen knelt and held out her arms. Looking up through tear filled eyes, Marie lunged for Karen, hugging her, sobbing.

Marie cried to her, "Me no wanta be baby. Me grown-up!"

Karen smiled. Marie was regressing nicely. Marie was in a fetal position and sucking her thumb when she came in. Feeling her diaper, Karen found that she had wet herself. As a matter of fact, she was soaked. And now, Marie had regressed her speaking to baby-talk.

Stroking Marie's hair, Karen cooed, "Baby has enough baby learning for today. Baby tired," Taking a pacifier out of her pocket and inserting it into Marie's mouth, she continued, "Nursie take baby and clean her ups and then fed baby. Now come along."

Karen walked through the mirror panel door with Marie crawling behind. Marie learned that to walk she would be punished. She had to crawl, which she did. Marie crawled behind Karen on a soft carpet. The walls were painted a light beige. They entered a room that had about ten adult size baby changing tables. Lifting Marie under her arms, Karen laid her down on one of the patted pads on the table. Looking around the room, Marie noticed that Nursery Rhyme figures adorn the room. Above her was Little Bo Peep and her Sheep. The room was painted a light pink, very restful.

Very gently, Karen removed the damp plastic pants and then unpinned the diapers. Lifting Marie's bottom up, Karen pulled the wet diaper away and deposited it into the diaper pail next to the changing table. Turning Marie over onto her stomach, Karen decided to take her temperature. Taking a thermonitor, she inserted it into Marie - rectally! Marie let out a little yipe and a cry. Then it was over. Opening the table's cabinet doors, Karen removed diapers, plastic pants, powder, lotion, and diaperine.

Being a very good pediatrician nurse, Karen had the diapering procedure down pat. Taking the diaperine, she rubbed it all over Marie's bottom and turning her over, rubbed it all over her hairless pubic area. She did the same with the baby lotion. Finally she sprinkled the powder all over Marie, making her smell baby sweet.

Lifting Marie's bottom off the mat, she slid three thick diapers under her. Spreading her legs apart, Karen pulled the cloth up and using large baby safety pins, secured the ends together, snuggly. Shaking the plastic pants, Karen pulled them up Marie's legs and covered the bulky diapers. The diapers were so thick between her legs, Marie was unable to close them. After fixing the bow in Marie's ponytail and giving her a pacifier, Karen helped her off of the changing table.

Once more following Karen, Marie was led into the dining room. It was like going into a very nice restaurant. All of the tables were round with white linen tablecloths and in the center flowers. But Marie noticed something else at every table There were setting for eight people, and every other chair was a high chair.

Karen took her charge over to one of the table and sat her in a high chair. The seat was wide enough for an adult to sit in. She was secured in it when karen attached the feeding try in place. There were two other "babies" already there in their high chair. Both were dressed in diapers and plastic pants, topless and a large plastic bib tied around their necks. One of the baby-women had her blonde hair tied up in loose pigtails while the other had her hair pulled up in the center and tied with a bow. She had the Pebbles Flintstone look.

Marie was surprise to find the baby-woman with the bow was someone she knew. Her name was Suzanne Humpheries. Doctor Suzanne Humpheries. Dr. Humpheries and she worked at the same hospital for a few years before Marie transferred to another one. Now Suzanne was on the other side of the table, being spoon-fed baby-food.

The other woman, who Marie found out that her name was Sharon Fiestra and who's nurse called her Baby Shari, was taller than her nurse. She too sat there as her nurse spoon-fed her baby food.

"How can these grown women just sit there so docile?" thought Marie.

A waitress came over and placed a bowl of pabulum on Marie's tray. Karen picked up a tiny spoon and began feeding her. Marie tried to avoid being fed, only to have the sticky substance messing her face.

Marie cried out, "No-no, me do dis. Me fed me."

Karen ignored Marie's cries and continued feeding her. She was able to get about half the pabulum into Marie's mouth and the other half around her mouth. As the baby-women were being fed, another nurse came with her charge, Robin Miller. Robin was seated between Marie and Suzanne.

While the baby-women were being fed, Sharon's bottom lip began to quiver and she burst into tears.

"What's da matter, Baby Shari?" as her nurse.

"Did baby go pee-pee in her didees?"

Sharon only began to cry louder at this statement. The nurse felt her diapers and said that she was indeed wet, very wet. She removed the feeding tray and led Sharon over to the changing table in the other room. They retuned about five minutes later with Sharon waddling behind her nurse.

Suzanne also started crying, her nurse allowed her to feed herself. But soon, Suzanne realized that she was just like a baby. She had made a mess of trying to feed herself. Pabulum was all over her face and bib. Her nurse took the baby spoon and started feeding Suzanne once more.

Marie could not believe that a grown woman like Suzanne was unable to feed herself. Was she this way too?

The nurses were able to fed their charges and themselves, finishing at the same time. During dinner, the nurses spoke to each other and baby-talked to their charges. Robin's nurse said, "Ladies, after dinner, do you want to take the babies to the playroom?"

Karen replied, "No I don't think so. Baby Marie had a very busy day. I want to give her her bath and get her ready for bed."

Marie shook her head, crying, "No, no. Me take bathy. Me no need help. Me am big girl."

The nurses smiled at Marie's regressed baby-talk.


Karen removed the feeding tray and helped Marie down. She had her crawl, following out of the dining area and down the hallway.

She took Marie to an elevator. Using a series of numbers on a wall pad, Karen placed her hand on a white screen and the elevator doors opened. Marie crawled in followed by Karen. Again, Karen used a series a numbers on the wall and then placed the palm of her hand on a screen and the elevator doors closed.

Looking at Marie, Karen cooed, "See what we big girls hasta do just to get the elevator? We do this so you babies can not accidentally get on the elevator by yourselves without adult supervision."

Marie started to sweat. From the looks of the controls, it was going to be very hard to use the elevator. Maybe she could escape using the Emergency Exit Stairwell.

Marie could feel the elevator ascended. They stopped on the 9th floor.

Leaving the elevator, she crawled down the hall to a room and entered. The room was painted a light pink, with gloss white woodwork and a soft, thick, beige rug. Looking around, Marie noticed that there were four adult size metal baby cribs. Glancing up, she saw that that three of the cribs were occupied with baby-women.

Karen walked over to the vacant crib, lowered the side rail. Motioning Marie over, she lifted her up and laid her in the crib. Handing her a stuffed Elmo animal, Karen cooed, "Nursie Karen will bath you and Baby Jenni just as soon as Nanny Monica has given Baby Chriisi and Baby Katie there bathes."

Kneeling up in the crib and holding onto the rail, Marie watched as the redheaded nanny lowered the rail to a crib and helped a young woman, about 23 - 24 years old out, while another young woman sat on the carpet. Both of these naked women crawled behind Monica, following her into the bathroom.

Marie sat down in the crib, holding Elmo tightly against her chest. Karen inserted a pacifier into her mouth, which she began to suck on. Her baby training told her suck on her "binkie", thumb, or a nipple of her bottle. She waited until it was her time for a bath. Knowing that her charges had recently wet their diapers. Karen removed them, leaving Marie and Jennifer naked in their cribs.

Shortly, Monica came out followed by two scrubbed-clean babies. Chrissi, she had long black hair, her hair was now braided into pigtails. Kate had short light brown hair, she had a plastic baby bow clipped to the center. Both were still naked as they crawled over to their cribs. Monica lifted them into their cribs and pulled the side rail up.

Karen helped Jennifer and Marie to the carpet and had them crawl to the bathroom. Like Chrissi and Kate, they both crawled to the bathroom naked.

Marie and Jennifer sat on the tile floor watching as Karen filled the bathtub with warm soapy water. Marie thought which one Karen would put into the tub first. To her surprise and horror, Karen sat both women in the tub, facing each other.

Marie felt so foolish sitting in a bathtub with another grown woman. Looking at Jennifer, Marie knew that she felt the same way. Handing each of the baby-women a rubber duck, Karen began washing them. She started with Jennifer using baby soap, started washing her face, neck arms, chest, legs and then washing her virginal. Turning around, Karen washed her back, and then her bottom. As she was washing her babies, Karen spoke baby talk to them. After washing their bodies, Karen using baby shampoo, washed their hair.

Finishing the bath, Karen took Marie and then Jennifer out of the tub and laid them on the bath mat. Taking a large fluffy towel, she dried them both off. After blow drying their hair, Karen put their hair into loose pigtails. Then she had them go back into the nursery room.

Lifting Marie up, Karen sat her in her crib. Marie was then oiled, and then diaperine was rubbed all over her bottom and pubic area. Karen then pinned three thick diapers on Marie, pulling up plastic pants to cover the diapers. A white tee shirt was pulled over head covering her chest and just reaching her navel. Finally, Karen put a pink pair of Dr. Denton's on her, complete with feet.

Marie looked at the cotton outfit she was wearing. Not only was it a typical baby style jammies, but was decorated with little baby building blocks. She was feeling so infantile.

Karen was no0t done. She put on Marie a special vest. It was one solid piece of plastic with a hole in the center. Once Karen pulled it over Marie's head. It covered Marie from her crotch up her chest, down he back to her bottom. The sides were slit open with two sets of metals rings attached at the waist and the chest heights. Taking a long plastic strap, Karen inserted it through the rings, pinning Marie down to the crib's mattress. Then it was Jennifer's turn. Soon all four of the baby-women were strapped down in their cribs.

The baby-women were covered with a light blanket, given a baby bottle of formula to drink, and a stuffed animal to sleep with. None of them were allowed to be given pillows. Babies did not sleep with pillows.

Karen spoke, "For the next month you'll be here to be regressed back to being babies again."

The baby-women eyes began to swell up with tears, they did not want to become babies again.

The nanny continued, "Each one of you have been brought here for different reasons." Looking at Chrissy, she said, "Now your Mommy and Daddy think you're to young to marry Steve. As a matter of fact, they wanted their precious little baby again, so they are getting it. Your Mommy wants to dress you in little cute baby outfits and baby you completely. When they pick you up in a month's time, you will be their precious baby again, a diaper wearing baby. You'll be calling them Ma-Ma and Da-Da."

Chrissy started wailing at this. She was to become a permanent baby again. She was going to get married, but now it looks like she'll be going to a baby nursery instead on a honeymoon. The other baby-women looked at the head nanny, wanting to know their fates.

To Jennifer, she cooed, "Your husband says you act babyish at home, so he is going to become your Da-Da. He even arranged for a woman to take care of you while he's at work during the day. He going to have you wear diapers all the time. And he has a woman to baby-sit you while he's working. We cannot leave a widdle baby unattended now, can we? The woman he hired is now being trained in handling big babies like you. And if you behave differently than a baby, she will punish you severely."

Smiling, she turned to Marie, "And your ex-husband signed papers for your conditioning. At the end of the month, you'll have the mentality of a 12-month-old baby. Did you know that there are young people who unfortunately cannot have a baby? Either they are unable to or just don't have the time. They want one so badly though, that they'll accept any, even an adult-size one." Realization formed in Marie's eyes. She knew her fate.

"You're going to be adopted by a very nice young couple. They are in their early twenties. They will be your Ma-Ma and Da-Da, your legal guardians. And like Baby Jenni, a woman has been hired to baby-sit you while they are at work."

Kate knew it was her turn. The nanny cooed, "And that's going to be your fate too." She started laughing.

"You too will be adopted by a young couple in their early twenties. They will be your legal guardians."

Still smiling, she said, "Our organization will furnish all your new baby clothes and even your baby crib and high chair to your mommies and daddies."

The baby-women were sobbing about their fates. None of them wanted to become babies again, at least permanently. Being the head nurse, Karen checked each of the baby-women before leaving. A nursery music box was put on as well as the baby monitor. Karen and Monica said their good nights, turning off the lights. The nursery room only had a night light on to illuminate the room.

Sobbing, Jennifer asked, "Why me being treated like baby? Me big girl. Me married, a wife, me got kiddies!" What Jennifer thought she said was, "Why are we being treating like babies? We're grown women. I'm married, a wife, with children!"

Marie asked Jennifer, "Why Jenny talk wike baby?' And Marie thought she was saying, "Why are you speaking like a baby?"

Jennifer said, "I'm speaking like I usually do." But it came out, "Me talk wike big girl."

It seemed that when they spoke, it came out baby-talk, even though they though the were speaking normally.

Chrissy said angrily, "We aren't babies!"

"I wanta go home!" wailed Katie.

Trying to remain calm, Marie, said, "They want to make us believe that we're babies again. And it's working. Look at us. In a short period of time, we're starting to act like babies again."

Sniffling, Jennifer asked, "What do you mean, Marie?"

"Well first off," she said, "look how easy it was for us to learn to wet and mess our diapers. We're grown women, yet it took little effort for them to teach us to lose control of our bladders. And look how easy it is for us to cry. And how we are speaking. We're speaking baby-talk. We got to remember that we're grown-ups, I mean adults, not little babies."

The women started to yawn.

"I'm so tired." said Kate.

This is ridiculous." replied Jennifer.

"Why are we so tired at 8 at night? It's like we are babies again with our bedtime being at 8 because babies get tired at that time." Yawning, Jennifer started to close her eyes.

In minutes, the baby-women were sound asleep. As they slept, a nurse came and stood over each of the sleeping babies. Very gently, the nanny lifted their thumbs and inserted them into their mouths. Marie and Katie started to suck on them right away, but Chrissi and Jennifer took awhile. The nanny made sure that each sleeping baby-woman was hugging their stuffed animal.

At 2 A.M., 2 nannies entered carrying baby bottles. Softly, the nannies removed their thumbs from the baby-women's mouths and inserted the nipple of the baby bottle. The baby-women woke with a startled look, and then started sucking on the nipples. Then the nannies unlocked the restraints that held the baby-women down.

The baby-women were shocked; they had wakened to soggy, wet diapers. Only Chrissy woke with not only wet diapers, but also messy ones. Jennifer and Marie started to sob. Chrissy started banging her fists against the baby crib's mattress in frustration.

Without thinking and her new lessons forgotten, Chrissi spoke.

"I'm not a baby! We are not babies. Stop treating us like babies!" She was angry enough that she spoke like an adult.

Chrissi, not being secured anymore, sat up and tried to get out of her baby crib. Before she knew it, a nanny had her laying flat on her stomach in her crib. The Dr. Dentons was pealed off and her plastic pants were pulled down her legs. She was turned around and forced to lay flat on her stomach. Chrissi felt a cool breeze on her bottom as the nanny unpinned the diaper and pulled the back panel down, exposing her bottom. Using the palm of her hand, the nanny started spanking Chrissi. Her bottom turned bright red in moments.

"Stop!" pleaded a tearful Chrissi.

"Stop spanking me! I'll be good! I promise!"

The nanny continued spanking Chrissi for a full minute.

"How does a baby talk?" finally asked the nanny.

Crying, Chrissi remembered her lessons from earlier that day. She wailed, trying to sound as babyish as possible, "Me be good baby. Pleeze stop spanking baby!"

Finally the nanny stopped the spanking. The head nanny was summoned.

The other baby-women looked at Chrissi, amazed that she had reverted to speaking like a baby.

Karen entered and surveyed the situation. She saw Jennifer and Katie sucking on their pacifiers, Marie laid in her baby crib, hugging a teddy bear and Chrissi was wailing, while rubbing her bottom. She knew right away who got punished.

Walking over to Chrissi's baby crib, she said, "Baby Chrissi, you have been a very naughty baby. From now until I say, you'll have a bare bottom spanking, 4 slaps on each cheek, with each diaper change and an enema twice a day until I believe you have learned to behave like a baby again."

Turning to a nurse, she said, "Tag Baby Chrissi's chart to reflect this change." With that, she turned and left the room.

Chrissi was re-diapered in her wet diapers and her Dr. Dentons place on her again. The diapers itched her skin and she wanted to be changed.

"Pleeze Nursie, pleeze change baby." she wailed.

Shaking her finger at Chrissi, the nurse replied, "No. Maybe next time you'll think twice before thinking you talk like a grown-up. You just might get a diaper rash."

Chrissi started to cry harder thinking that she might get such an infantile rash.

The other baby-women were changed and strapped down once more. All were bottle-fed and burped. The nurses left, leaving the baby-women sobbing. Before long, the baby-women were feeling tried and cried themselves to sleep.

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