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Monica entered the nursery room at 7:30 and announced, "Good morning, my precious little babies."

Chrissi was rubbing he sleep from her eyes with her mitten encased hands as Monica came over to her baby crib. Without saying a word, she removed Chrissi's restraints, and pulled off her Dr. Dentons, leaving her in her plastic pants and diapers. Then her plastic pants were pulled down and her diapers unpinned.


She spanked Chrissi eight times, four slaps on each cheek. When Monica finished spanking Chrissi, she inserted two suppositories and re-pinned the damp diaper back on her. Chrissi just laid in her baby crib, bawling.

"Me be good baby." wailed Chrissi.

"Pleeze Nursie, pleeze change baby."

"No." replied Monica.

"I may change you after breakfast. Now, behave yourself baby."

The other baby-women had their Dr. Dentons removed and their wet diapers changed. They knelt in their cribs clad only in diapers and plastic pants.

The nurses took the baby-women out of their cribs and had them crawl to the dinning area. Only Chrissi's diapers sagged as she crawled. By the time they reached the dinning area, Monica ad to pull her diapers up, they had sagged so much. Chrissi's diaper slid down half way down her bottom.

The baby-women were placed into their high chairs. Baby bibs were put on them as the waitresses served the breakfast. The baby-women looked at their meal. It was warm baby pabulum, topped with a baby bottle of Simulac. The nurses, taking tiny baby spoons, spoon-fed the baby-women their warm cereal.

When the baby-women were finished, they were forced to watched as the nurses were served their grown-up breakfast. The baby-women craved what the nurses were eating, but they were told that they were much too young for grown-up food. It would upset their "widdle, baby tummies". They all cried knowing that they were not allowed this type of grown-up food for a very long time to come.

As she ate hr pabulum, the suppositories that Monica gave Chrissi worked. She tried holding back without success. It happened as Monica shoved a spoonful of pabulum into her mouth. Sniffing, Monica knew that Chrissi had messed her diapers.

"That should make Baby Chrissi feel like a naughty little baby." Scolded Monica.

After breakfast, the baby-women told to crawled back to the nursery rooms where the nurses cleaned them up and changed their diapers if needed. All were put into thick diapers and plastic pants. Marie and Jennifer, being considered the youngest were put into "onesie" and booties. Baby bonnets covered their heads. Kate was put into a little baby top with angel wing sleeves, and the hem barely reached her navel. Rumba plastic pants covered her diapers. Ankle high socks covered her feet. Her hair was pulled up in the center and clipped with a plastic baby bow. Chrissi was put into a baby dress, with puffed sleeves. The hem flared at her breasts and barely covered her plastic pants. A short white pinafore covered the front of her baby dress. She too had ankle high socks put on her feet. Her hair was still braided and had plastic baby bows clipped on the ends. And her diapers still had not been changed since bedtime, while every else's had been.

Chrissi had been sobbing through out her dressing. She continued begging Monica to change her wet and messy diapers. Monica simply said for Chrissi to stop or she would get a bare bottom spanking.

When the dressing was completed, the baby-women looked at each other. They all thought that the other three looked adorable being dressed like babies. The forgot that too were dressed like babies.

The baby-women found themselves in a large nursery room, filled with play-pens. Jennifer and Marie were placed into the same playpen as were Chrissi and Katie.

The newest baby-women looked around the room. The large room was filled with at least a dozen other baby-women sitting in play-pens. These baby-women were all heavily diapered and had plastic pants covering the diapers. Some of the baby-women were dressed like Jennifer and Marie, some were dressed like Katie, and some were dressed like Chrissi. And some were dressed only in their diapers and plastic pants. If their hair if it was short, it was pulled up in the center and a plastic baby bow attached to it. If their hair was shoulder length, it was put into loose pigtails and if it was longer, the hair was braided and put into pigtails like Chrissi's. These baby-women were in wooden baby playpens. And they were playing with baby toys and acting like babies. But all of them had their baby bottles.

The nurses placed Marie, Chrissi, Jennifer and Katie in separate playpens. They felt so foolish sitting in them. Then the nurses handed each one a nipple baby bottle filled with a white fluid.

Looking at the baby-women, one of the nurses said, "You will drink these bottles. If you pretend to be drinking them, you'll be punished. And you must have them finished within an hour. Every hour you will be given a new bottle. When you wet your diaper, a nanny will change you. She will check your diapers every half hour. If you need a changing, she will change you. You are never allowed to touch your diapers."

Not wanting to be punished, the baby-women lifted their bottles up to their mouths and began sucking on the nipples. The fluid was warm, but had a sweet taste to it. They did not know it, but a very strong diuretic and a muscle relaxant was mixed in with the formula.

"You will play here in your playpens, my babies." instructed one of the nurses.

"The punishment for acting like a grown-up is the high chair punishment." Said the nanny pointing to four figures strapped to high chairs. Each of them had a plastic bag attached to their high chairs, with a tube running down into their mouths. And they were all wailing.

"They are forced-fed formula, been given an enema and won't be changed until bedtime." said the nurse in a very commanding voice.

Chrissi and Katie were told how much fun it is to play "patty-cake". The way it was said, it was considered an order. So Chrissi and Katie started to play patty-cake with each other. Without realizing it, Chrissi and Katie started enjoying playing it.

The baby-women played with the baby toys scattered about their playpens. After awhile, Katie and Chrissi, being bored playing patty-cake, started playing with some. Katie shook a rattle while Chrissi started building with the baby blocks. Jennifer and Marie rolled a baby ball around. Playing with the baby toys was fun for the baby-women. They were enjoying playing with these infantile things.

Every half hour, nurses checked the baby-women's diapers. While playing with her rattle, Katie felt pressure on her bladder. Instead of holding back, she just let go, and peed her diapers. Before, she tried to hold back until the pressure was too great, but this time, the least amount of pressure and she wet herself. Katie could feel the warmth of the liquid flood her into diapers. Katie stopped playing with her rattle. Tears developed and started running down her cheeks as she wailed, "Waaa!" just like a baby.

This display of infantile behavior did not startled Chrissi. She too had wet her diapers with the least amount of pressure, but did nothing because she was afraid that she was going to be spanked. She hoped that the nurse would not check her too.

Jennifer and Marie wet their diapers too, but Jennifer had messed hers. Soon, all the baby-women were sobbing, begging to have their diapers changed, even Chrissi. It felt so good when the nurses changed the wet diapers.

Before Chrissi's diapers were changed, she was given a bare bottom spanking. Then she was given an enema. She laid there crying as the nurse diapered her. As the nurse was changing her, Chrissi, without thinking, started sucking her thumb. Soon she was wearing dry diapers. Chrissi thought it felt wonderful being in dry diapers again. She was upset though, for the nurse said that she was getting a "didee" rash! But the nurse used diaperine on her diaper area to help with the rash.

As they were sucking on their bottles, a man came into the room. Karen addressed the baby-women, "Attention, my babies. This is Mr. Charleson. You will call him "Uncle Bob". He is in charge of this facility."

Bob Charleson started strolling around the room, coming up to the newest arrivals, Marie, Jennifer, Kate and Chrissi. Looking at them, he said, "Karen," she was dressed in a crisp, white nurse's outfit approached him "Karen, babies look very cute with pierced earring, but they have to go. The babies could easily put them into their mouths and swallow them. The baby could gag. Please check these new babies to see if they have any. If they do, please have them removed."

Karen quickly agreed and had a nurse check the baby-women and remove all of the ones who wore earrings."

Marie, Jennifer, Kate and Chrissi were extremely humiliated. How dare these people think that their mentality was that of a baby and would swallow earrings.! It was very indignant of them.

Bob stood in front of the room and looked at the baby-women.

"Hello, my little babies." He announced.

"Yesterday you babies were introduced to your first day of your baby treatment."

He strolled around the playpens, speaking as the baby-women tearfully watched.

"As babies, you will crawl and use your diapers. Right now, some of you have regained the power to speak like grown-ups, but in time that will disappear."

The baby-women in their playpens started sobbing. This was the usual result when the baby-women were confronted with this.

As Bob strolled round the playpens, he continued, "Besides your daily baby lessons, the majority of you will be bottle fed a formula of a high protein diet. Since many of you don't have any "baby fat", within a months times you will have regained your baby fat and the pear shape figure related with babyhood."

Many of the baby-women started crying loudly. They were young women who worked hard at keeping a healthy womanly figure of grace and beauty, now it was going to reduced to that of a baby figure.

Marie was one of the ones crying. Even though she was in her forties, she kept fit. Sobbing, she watched "Uncle" Bob walked around the room. Stopping at a playpen, Bob said into his cassette, "Subject: Sikorski, Francis. Has been under conditioning for the past four weeks. Frannie now has the mental capability of an eleven month old. She will be ready to be given to her daughter, or I should say her new Mommy, in two days." He continued reviewing the baby-women.

Marie studied Fran under tearful eyes. Fran was in her late forties, a round face and a double chin. Her chin was shinny from drooling. She had a tummy and looked like an overgrown baby.

Monica came over to Marie's playpen and knelt down besides it.

"When Baby Frannie came here, she was as fit as you are." She cooed.

"Now she not only been regressed to a baby level, but looks like a baby too." Smiling, Monica continued, "And soon, you and Baby Jenni, and Baby Chrissi and the other babies will look like that too."

Marie started having an infantile reaction to that, she brought both fist up to her face and started bawling while kicking her legs and feet on the playpen's mat. Not only were they planning to reduce her mental capacity to that of a baby, but they were going to make her look like a baby too.

About a half hour later, a nurse came over to the playpens. Going behind Marie, the nurse pushed her forward and pulled back on the plastic pants and diaper. Feeling with her finger on Marie's diaper she announced that she was still dry. Marie felt very embarrassed about being treated this way.

Unfortunately for Jennifer, that was not the case. Jennifer had to pee when she was put into the playpen. Within the next twenty minutes, her bladder felt as if it was going to explode. Try as she might trying to hold her pee, she started to leak and then it was like a dam bursting. She flooded her diaper. She could feel the warmth of the pee on her skin and she wanted to cry. When the nurse came over and pushed her forward to check her diapers, Jennifer finally started to cry. The nurse announced that this baby was drenched. The nurse took Jennifer over to a changing table and pulled down the damp plastic pants. Within minutes, Jennifer's diaper was unpinned and removed, leaving Jennifer completely naked in front of the nurse and everyone else. She cried throughout the entire changing ordeal. The nurse inserted a pacifier into Jennifer's mouth. This only caused her to cry louder.

As Jennifer was having a diaper change, Marie, sucking on her bottle, started looking around the room. Besides Jennifer, Kate and Chrissi, Marie knew a few other baby-women there. There was Amy Shellhorn, Robin Miller, Ronni Brooks, and Sharon Fiestra. These women were nurses, just like her, and worked at the same hospital. They were all dressed like her, diapers covered over with a pair of plastic pants. Amy's black hair, Sharon's blonde hair, and Robin's light brown hair were put into loose pigtails. Ronni's long, thick, black hair was also in pigtails but braided. They sat in their playpens, sucking on their bottles while playing with the baby toys scattered about the playpen's mat. Ronni's playpen was right next to Marie's playpen.

Marie tried to get Ronni's attention. Ronni sat in her playpen, sucking on her bottle when suddenly, her bottom lip started to quiver. Then she cried, "Waaa!! Waaa!! Waaa!!" She was blubbering just like a baby that had wet diapers.

Karen stood by Marie's playpen. Folding her arms and looking at Ronni as a nurse began removing her diapers, she said to Marie, "Baby Ronnie has been with us a little over two weeks. Isn't she just adorable! Now that's what's in store you, Baby Rie."

Kneeling at the playpen's side watching, Marie saw the nurse rub baby wipes all over Ronnie's ebony bottom. Her skin glisten with the baby lotion that was applied. Shortly, Ronnie was in dry diapers and plastic panties. Ronnie resumed playing with the baby toys scattered about the playpen. Marie noticed that Ronni had put on some weight. The high protein diet was working. Karen said that soon she and the others would be just like Ronnie and the other baby-women. She wanted to cry at the thought.

A nurse put Jennifer into a "punishment" high chair. She was caught trying to talk like an adult to Marie. That was a No-No. But before Marie could respond, a nurse grabbed Jennifer's ear, pulling her out of the playpen and over her knee. The next thing Jennifer knew, the nurse had pulled down her diapers and was giving her a bare bottom spanking. Then, she was given an enema and strapped into a baby's punishment high chair. The feeding tray was secured to the high chair, covering Jennifer's arms, preventing her from raising them. There she remained, sucking on a nipple, crying. As she sat there, Jennifer could feel the effects of the enema working. With the lease amount of pressure, the enema erupted into Jennifer's damp diaper. Jennifer started wailing loudly as she was forced to remain in the high chair in her messy diapers.


Jennifer cringed at the thought of having a diaper rash. This humiliation would help further her regression back to babyhood.

At lunchtime, all the babies crawled to the dining area except for the baby-women strapped to the "punishment" high chairs. Jennifer and the other baby-women being punished, watched as nurses came up to their high chairs. Two nurses carried bowls and sat them on the feeding trays. Removing the strapped nipples, the nurses began spoon-feeding the baby-women. Jennifer gagged on what was being fed to her, Thick, sticky, warm pabulum! It tasted horrible. It was mixed with Metamucil.

Jennifer was so glad when she saw the other baby-women crawling back into the nursery room. She did not feel so alone. She saw that Marie, Chrissi and Kate wore only diapers and plastic pants. Kate and Chrissi were put on the changing table, being given a diaper change.

Ronnie was on a changing table too, but her diaper was off and her temperature was being taken rectally.

Marie was over the knee of a nurse being given a bare bottom spanking. Then Marie was given an enema and then the nurse grabbed her ear. Dragging Marie over to the punishment area, where one of the baby-women were removed. Marie took her place and was seated in one of the high chairs. After having a feeding tube secured to her, Jennifer could hear the suckling sounds Marie made as she sucked on the nipple.


Marie's bottom lip began to quiver as tears started to roll down her cheeks. She could feel the effects of the enema begin to rumble in her stomach. Marie knew that soon the enema would flood her diapers and then she would want to be changed.

Marie cried, for she had wet diapers and none of the nurses would change her. She continued to be forced on sucking on the warm formula, finding herself continuously wetting and messing her diapers. Her diapers were so wet; they were starting drooping on her. The other baby-women being punished were just like her, miserable!

As the day progressed, Marie and the others felt the effects of being babied all day long. None of them no longer held back on wetting their diapers. The nurses would check them every half hour saying what naughty babies they were. But none of the nurses would change them.

By the end of the day, not only was Jennifer and Marie strapped to the punishment high chairs, but Chrissi and Kate soon found themselves being punished too. At last the baby-women's day was over and they were released from the high chairs. Slowly crawling on all fours, the baby-women followed the nurses down the hall to their nursery room.

All four baby-women were so glad to be in their cribs. They knew that soon they would be bathed and have fresh diapers on them.

Karen came over to Marie's crib, leaned over the rail and inserted a baby's pacifier into her mouth Slowly, Karen removed the stinky, soggy diapers, leaving Marie naked in the baby crib. Karen pulled the rail up and went over to Kate's crib and did the same thing to her.

While Karen was doing that to her charges, Monica was doing the same to Chrissi and Jennifer.

Karen removed her "babies" out of their cribs and led them to the bathroom. Marie and Kate sat on the carpet as Karen filled the large tub up with soapy warm water. Like the night before the two adult women were seated in the tub and bathed like babies. Marie and Kate did not seem to mind. They were both relieved to be out the messy diapers and the punishment high chairs. They were cleaned.

After being bathed, Karen led them back to the nursery room. They passed Monica leading Chrissi and Jennifer crawling into the bathroom.

Karen sat the baby-women in the same crib and began dressing them. One of the baby-women would sit in the corner of the crib, while the other was being diapered and having her Dr. Denton's put on. Then it was the other bay-woman's turn. By the time Karen finished dressing her charges for bed, Monica was bringing her "babies" out to get diapered and ready for bed.

This night, Marie and the other baby-women were in for a "treat". Karen and Monica took one of the babies, took them over to rocker. Sitting the child on their laps, the nurses began to bottle-fed their charges. After the day that the baby-women had, each one sucked on the nipple hungrily. The baby-women enjoyed their bottles as their burse rocked hem, patting their diapered bottoms.

Shortly all of the baby-women were strapped into their cribs with their "binkies" and a stuffed animal to hug. Karen and Monica left the room, leaving it encased only by a nightlight. Yawning, the baby-women were soon sound asleep. They did not mind being treated like babies, they were just happy to be clean and out of the confined high chairs.

The high chair punishment was used on at least ninety percent of the new baby-women. By the end of the day, they were so gratified to be bathed and placed into cleaned diapers that being treated like babies was grateful.

Tonight, a new lessons was given to the baby-women. As they slept, speakers hidden in their cribs were giving them more lessons. They were being taught sleep learning baby lessons.

A female voice emulated from the speakers, softly cooing, "YOU WANT TO BE A BABY. YOU LIKE BEING TREATED LIKE A BABY. YOU ARE A BABY." This statement was repeated over and over throughout the night.

Two in the morning, nurses entered the nursery room and gently woke the sleeping babies. The baby-women were rubbing the sleep from their eyes with their mitten hands as the nurses inserted the nipples of baby bottles into their yawning mouths.

As the babies were having their diapers checked and changed, Chrissi was fearful of a spanking. Every time she had a diaper change that day, the nurse would give her a bare bottom spanking.

Seeing fear in Chrissi's eyes, the nurse cooed, "No worries Baby Chrissi. Nursie non gonna spank baby. Her punishment time is over."

Chrissi was relieved and enjoyed the diaper change. That was part of the reasoning behind the spankings. Everything that the nurses did had a purpose. It worked on Chrissi.

Shortly, all of the baby-women had their diapers changed, were bottle fed and burped and re-strapped into their crib. The nurses left, and the baby-women were asleep in their cribs.


At seven-thirty the next morning, the nurses entered the nursery room carrying baby bottles. As the baby-women nursed on their bottles, the nurses checked their diapers. They were changed and their Dr. Dentons were replaced. Lifting their charges out of the cribs, the nurses had them crawl to the dining room.

Like the other meals, the baby-women were seated in high chairs, as their nurses and "candy-strippers" sat next to them. Marie and the others feasted on warm Simulac and warm baby rice cereal, and drooled as the nurses ate eggs, toast, bacon and coffee, along with a cold glass of orange juice.

After breakfast, the new arrivals received a new surprise. Along with the other baby-women, Marie, Jennifer, Chrissi and Kate were herded down to the Pediatrician's Office. Every Wednesday morning, the baby-women were given a medical examination. One by one, the baby-women were taken into the doctor's office.

When Karen had taken Marie into the office, Karen sat in the chair while she had Marie sit on the tile floor. The female doctor, Dr. Rosemary, came in and started the examination. Sitting Marie on the examination table, she started the preliminaries. The doctor had instructed Karen to remove her Dr. Dentons, leaving her dressed only in her diapers and plastic pants. Laying Marie on her stomach, the doctor laid her on a baby scale.

Turning to her medical assistant, Dr. Rose said, "Her weight is 12 lbs., 3 ozs." Then she measured her height, which she stated, "54 inches."

What the doctor's was doing was converting their weight and height to baby scale. When she stated Marie's weight was 12 lbs., 3 ozs, she meant Marie weighed 123 lbs., and her height was 5 foot 4 inches.

As she was being examined, Marie dreaded one thing and it finally came.

"Time to take the baby's temperature." announced the medical assistant.

Marie started to sweat. Taking a rectal thermonitor that would be the equivalent to a baby, the medical assistant inserted the greased tip into Marie's bottom. She let out a yip and began sobbing. Marie knew that part of an examination was the taking of her temperature. Since she was being treated like a baby, she knew that it would be rectally.

After Marie medical examination, it was Jennifer's, then Chrissi's, and then Katie's. Their height and weight taken and recorded as was their temperature.

Soon, all four baby-women were back in the playroom. Katie and Jennifer were put into one playpen. The nurse insisted that the 2 baby-women play "patty-cakes". Marie and Chrissi were placed into adult size baby swings. After cranking up the swings, Marie and Chrissi found themselves swaying back and forth. After a while, the babies exchanged positions, Marie and Chrissi were placed into the playpen while Jennifer and Katie were placed into the baby swings.

The rest of the day when the same as the day before, only Jennifer and Katie were confined to the high chair punishments. After their afternoon naps, they talked as adults, a No-No. Jennifer threw a baby block at Katie to catch and it hit her knee. Katie without thinking, cried out, "Damn, that hurt." And Jennifer quickly replied, "Sorry, Kate."

A nurse was in hearing distance and quickly pulled the naughty babies out of the playpen and dragged them over to the high chairs. Kate and Jennifer were strapped in and the feeding tube attached. Only with Kate, before she got her feeding tube, the nurse washed her mouth out with soap for saying a naughty word.

Then the day was over and the bay-women were taken back to their nursery rooms. But tonight was different. Marie and Chrissi were given baths and a change of diapers, while Jennifer and Kate were put into their Dr. Denton's with no bath and no change of diapers. Marie and Chrissi were rocked wile being fed their bottles. And they were cuddled and cooed to. While Kate and Jennifer were put into their cribs and given a bottle. They were barely talked to. By the time the nurses left, Marie and Chrissi were yawning and drifting off to sleep, while Jennifer and Kate were sobbing. They wanted to have their diapers changed and they missed being talked to, even if they were being baby-talked to. Soon, they cried themselves to sleep.

Once again, while they slept a female voice emulated from the speakers, softly cooing a new statement, "YOU ARE A BABY. BABIES WET. YOU ARE A BABY. BABIES WET." Again, it was repeated over and over again.

Like the night before, at 2 in the morning, nurses entered carrying baby bottles. Marie and the other babies were changed and bottle-fed. Even Jennifer and Kate were changed, only that they had developed a diaper rash! Diaperine was rubbed on it to help stop the itching and the burning sensation. Before the baby-women knew it, morning would return to start their baby lessons again.


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