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It was usual that the baby-women be waken every morning at 7:30. Like babies, these baby-women had to be put on a schedule. To be awake at the same time every morning, be fed breakfast, lunch and dinner all at the same time, be given their baths and put into their cribs at the same time every night.

This morning was going to be a treat for the baby-women. After changing their diapers and having their breakfast, the baby-women were returned to their nursery rooms. Putting each of the baby-women in their cribs, Karen and Monica, along with 2 "candy-strippers" proceeded in dressing the baby-women. Karen dressed Marie starting with a pair of white plastic pants with ruffles across her bottom and a white tee-shirt. Next came a white and pink checked dress that flared at the breast and the hem ended at her crotch. The dress had white peter pan collar and puffed sleeves. White anklet socks with pink lace and white Mary-Jane shoes came next. To complete her baby outfit, a white baby bonnet encased er head. The rest of the baby-women were dressed similarly. Jennifer even had a white pinafore covering her dress.

Kate was dressed different from the other three. She was put into a cotton, light pink onesie. As she was being dressed, a nurse came in pushing a bassinet, followed by another nurse and Suzanne. Suzanne was dressed in a baby dress and a baby bonnet. The nurse came over to Kate, lifted her out of her crib and laid her in the bassinet.

"We're taking Baby Katie to the infant' section." Announced a nurse.

Kate's parents wanted a baby again, as a matter of fact, they wanted her to start life from the beginning and that's what they were going to get.

The nurses had the baby-women crawl out to the main entrance where 4 large baby carriages waited for them. Karen laid Marie in one of the carriages, while Monica laid Chrissi in another. Two candy-strippers, Amy and Julie, did the same to Jennifer and Suzanne. The baby-women were strapped in and covered with a light pink baby blanket. Adult-size pacifiers were strapped to their mouths and secured to the back of their ends. This was normal for the first two weeks. The second two weeks, the baby-women were pushed around in adult size baby strollers.

The next thing the baby-women knew, they were being pushed down the walkway and off the grounds. They were heading towards town! It was not a town really, more like a village where almost everyone either worked at the Baby Hotel or had a relative who does. They knew what was going on in there. Then there were some who only thought that the patients there were baby-like only because of a mental handicap, such as at birth or due to an accident. The women were horrified at being wheeled around in public dressed as babies. It did not bother the people who strolled by. Some of the women stopped to admire the "babies" and tickle the "babies" under their chins. The village was use to seeing adult babies.

Karen and one of the candy strippers, Julie, strolled around the village, stopping. Julie was pushing the baby carriage that Jennifer was in. Soon, it was lunch time and they stopped at the Village Diner. Sitting down at one of the tables, with the carriages on each side of the table, they ordered lunch.

The waitress, Midge, came over and said, "Hi Karen, I see we have 2 new widdle babies." Karen and Julie smiled as Midge continued, "Ah, they're sooo cute!" Smiling, Karen said, "Yes Midge. This is Baby Marie and this one is Baby Suzie." Midge made a fuss over the two baby-women.

Midge took Karen and Julie's order of a chief salad and a diet coke. Midge, being a good waitress said, "Do you want me to warm up the babies' formula and food?" Karen and Julie gave Midge the bottles of formula and baby food. Midge took them and left to warm them.

As they were waiting for their lunch, Suzanne started to sob, then cry, and finally she was bawling. Julie got up and leaned over the carriage's side.

"What's the matter, Baby Suzie?" she cooed. Lifting up Suzanne's dress and feeling her diaper, Julie said, "Ah, poor baby. Her diaper's all wet. I'm gonna to haveta change Baby Suzie's diaper." Julie got up from the table and pushing Suzanne's carriage, went into the Ladies Room. Suzanne laid in her carriage sobbing. She spoke baby-talk to Julie as she began changing her. Suzanne knew that if she tried hard enough, she could speak as an adult, but she found that hard. It was easier to speak as a baby instead. Suzanne knew that she was not a baby, but an adult, but she no longer cared. She enjoyed the pampering and being taken care of. She did not miss working or any other adult function she use to do. Everything was being done for her. She did feel strange being given a diaper change in a public rest room like a baby, but even that did not bother her much.

Suzanne laid in her carriage as Julie removed the soaking wet diapers. Using diaperine, her nurse smeared the white ointment all over her pubic area. Lifting her legs up so that Suzanne's bottom was off the carriage's mattress, Julie washed her bottom and rubbed the ointment over her bottom too. The hotel insisted that the nurses use diaperine on all the charges to help prevent diaper rash.

Taking three thick diapers, Julie laid them under Suzanne's bottom. Spreading her legs apart, the nurse pulled them up and pinned them together. A pair of plastic pants were pulled up her legs and covered the bulky diapers. Giving Suzanne a pacifier, the nurse pushed the carriage out of the Ladies Room and returned to the table.

Karen and Julie's lunch had not arrived yet, but Marie and Suzanne's bottles and food were. Karen had taken Marie out of the carriage and sitting her on her lap, was feeding her the mushy baby foods. Julie followed Karen's example. Sitting Suzanne on her lap, she began spoon-feeding Suzanne the warm mushy baby food. Neither baby liked eating the sticky baby food, they would much rather have adult food instead. They knew that the nurses would never allow them to have it though. In between spoon feeding the babies their food, the nurses had them nurse on the bottles too.

Several customers stopped and watch. They were use to see adult babies around the village, but it still amazed them seeing grown adults being treated like babies.

When Marie and Suzanne were done their lunch, the nurses burped them, laid them back in the carriages and gave them their pacifiers. The babies laid there watching as the adults ate. As filling as their baby food was, Marie and Suzanne were dying for grown up foods. They were drooling as they watched Karen and Julie ate.

When lunch was over, the nurses took their "babies" to the village park. There a few people there with their young children. Marie and Suzanne were sat in the sandbox with the other babies. For half hour, the two baby-women played in the sandbox, carefully watched by Karen and Julie. The nurses took their charges to adult-size baby swings. The village community park service installed the swings and other adult-size baby items in the park after the hotel had given a large donation to the village. It was close to 2:30 when Karen decided that it was time to return to the hotel.

By the time they had returned to the hotel, Marie and Suzanne were yawning and rubbing their eyes. Being out in the fresh air tired them. The nurses took the baby-women to their nursery room and washed their faces and hands. Removing their play clothes and leaving them just in their diapers, Marie and Suzanne were laid down in their cribs. Locking the safety lids, the nurses left the room as the baby-women were drifting off to sleep.

The babies slept until 4, when the nurses came in to wake them. Marie and Suzanne had wet diapers, while Jennifer was not only wet, but messy too. Only Chrissi had dry diapers on. The nurses cleaned up the baby-women, put tee shirts and romper suits on them and led them to the play room. Once in the playroom, the baby-women were put into their playpens where they started playing with the infantile toys.

Only Chrissi did not play. Kneeling up in her playpen and holding onto the rail, Chrissi said in a weak voice, "Me, er...I'm not a baby." The other baby-women around Chrissi's playpen stopped their playing and looked at her in amazement.

Monica stood in front of her playpen with her arms folded and said in a commanding voice, "What did Baby Chrissi say?" Chrissi was scared, but she said in a whisper, "I I I'm a grown-up." The other baby-women watched and waited, thinking if Chrissi got away with it, why can they? "Uh, uh," Replied Monica, "we'll see about that." She grabbed Chrissi's ear and dragged her over to one of the punishment high chairs. Sitting in a straight back chair, Monica pulled the disobedient baby over her lap. Yanking at the pampers' tabs, Monica pulled the back flap of the pamper away from Chrissi's bottom. Chrissi started to wail, for she knew what was coming.

Regretting what she had done, Chrissi reverted quickly back to baby-talk, "Pleeze, nursie, me be good baby. Me no be bad no more, pleeze nursie, no spank baby!!" Her pleading fell on deaf ears. Taking a wooden paddle, Monica started spanking Chrissi's bare, defenseless bottom. In seconds her bottom was bright red and Chrissi was crying uncontrollably. After the spanking, the punishment continued. Another candy-stripper brought over an full enema bag - a 2 quart bag! Monica inserted the greased nozzle into Chrissi's bottom and let the warm liquid flow. When the bag was empty, Monica re-taped the pamper back on Chrissi. She was crying profusely. The nurse took a feeding tube and inserted it into the crying woman's mouth. Taking the straps, Monica locked it in place behind Chrissi's head. Taking Chrissi off her lap, Monica sat her in the high chair. Her arms were on her lap as Monica secured the feeding tray over them. Chrissi was locked in the high chair now. She struggled back and forth, kicking her feet on the foot rest. But to no avail, she was helplessly secured to the chair.

Monica took a bag of formula and hung it from the pole attached to the high chair. The long tube was attached from the bag to Chrissi's feeding nipple. Taking the nozzle in her hand, Monica turned the valve, opening the flow. In seconds, the warm baby formula was flowing into Chrissi's mouth. But instead on a slowly pace, it was racing. Chrissi had to swallow quickly or she would start gagging.

Monica said, "Since you were so naughty this time, we are feeding you your formula faster than last time. Also there is a very strong diuretic in the formula, so you'll have very wet and messy pampers by bedtime." Chrissi lowered her head as the tears began running down her cheeks. She knew it was a mistake speaking like she was an adult.

"And," Monica continued, "don't think you be given a diaper change and a bath tonight. You'll be sleeping in those diapers all night. Maybe then you'll realize that you are only a tiny, helpless baby." Chrissi sat in the high chair, shaking her head. She hate her fate. She knew that she would never disobey a grown-up again. Chrissi now knew tat she was a baby, a helpless baby and had to do what the grown-ups wanted.

Around 5, the nurse were herding the other baby-women out of the playroom to the dining area. Chrissi knew it time for dinner and she was soon alone in the large room. Gazing up at the transparent bag, Chrissi aw that it was almost empty. She was relieved, for her stomach was quite bloated and she did not know if she could swallow any more. Her relief was short lived, for in came Monica with another full bag. Chrissi was shaking her head as Monica replaced the bag. Chrissi found herself swallowing more baby formula.

As she was swallowing the formula, she discovered that she was getting cramps, not painful ones, just annoying ones. The enema was working. Her stomach was gurgling and she knew that soon the enema would erupt into her pampers. And she was helpless to prevent it from happening. She tried crossing her legs and holding her cheek muscles, anything to prevent the inevitable. What seemed like hours, but was really only minutes, the enema erupted into Chrissi's pamper. It felt awful and tears streamed down her cheeks, Chrissi felt so infantile.

Just then, the nurses came back into the playroom with the baby-women. Soon, the baby-women were in their playpens, playing with the toys, as Chrissi continued sobbing. She watched and wished that she was in her playpen playing with her toys.

Standing in front of the room was Karen as she clapped her hands for attention.

"Little ones, little ones. Tomorrow is going to be a treat or you. We are going to be taking you to our hospital's nursery room." Looking around at the bay-women, Karen continued, "This is where our new-born babies are." Chrissi looked at Jennifer in her playpen. If Chrissi did not know that Jennifer was an adult, she could swear that she was a baby. She sat there, sucking on a pacifier, playing with a rattle. Then she looked around the room, all of the women were nothing but overgrown babies! Finally, the day was over. It was the baby-women's bedtime. The nurses and candy strippers came around, herding the baby-women to their nursery rooms.

Monica came over to Chrissi and held her nose. Smiling, Monica said, "Baby Chrissi poo-stinky. Don't think nursie goin' to change baby. Baby Chrissi is stayin' in her stinky diapers until morning." Chrissi's bottom lip began to quiver and she started bawling. She hated being in wet and messy diapers and wanted to be changed.

"Pleeze nursie, pleeze change baby." She cried.

Monica ignored her and had her crawl to her nursery room. When they arrived, Karen was already giving Marie and Jennifer their bath and Suzanne was having her play clothes removed by Julie. Suzanne was soon dressed in her pampers.

Taking her baby, Monica laid her in the crib. She pulled the side rail up and ask Julie to watch her for a few minutes. Monica walked into the bathroom and saw Karen kneeling by the tub washing Jennifer. Marie was holding a rubber duck. The baby-women skin glisten from being wet. Monica went over to the sink, retrieved a bowl of warm water, a wash cloth and a towel and quietly left.

Retuning to Chrissi, Monica sat the bowl on a small table next to the crib.

"Nursie may not be changing your messy pampers tonight, but you are not going to sleep being dirty." Monica gave Chrissi a sponge bath from her head to her feet, except for her diaper area. Chrissi was disappointed, she really wanted to be change and she expressed her feelings by crying. She had learned her lesson, she was a baby. The nurse still ignored the crying and started to put Chrissi into a long cotton, baby nightgown. The hem of the nightgown was zippered shut. Giving Chrissi her bottle, Chrissi barely drank a quarter of it. She was full from all the formula given to her earlier.

Shortly, all the baby-women were tucked into their cribs, with their stuffed animals and their "binkies". The lids to the cribs closed and locked.

As the nurses were leaving, Karen looked at her watch and said, "Good, it's 8 p.m. and the babies are I their cribs for the night. Well done ladies." Karen emphasized the point as much as possible of who were the babies and who were the adults.

Marie and the other were soon cast into darkness, the only light emitted from a night light. Marie laid in her crib drifting off to sleep, listening to the baby-women sucking on their pacifiers and one baby-woman sobbing. Marie had no idea who was crying and was too tired to care. Like the others, in minutes all of the baby-women were asleep except one dirty baby-woman.

Like clock work, 2 a.m. came and the night nurses entered. Carefully inserting the nipple of a bottle into each of the baby-women's mouths, they began checking their diapers. All of them had wet.

When a nurse checking Chrissi started to change her, another nurse said, "Didn't you read the chart, Baby Chrissi doesn't get a diaper change tonight." Of course the nurses knew which baby-woman was being punished, again it was emphasize who were the babies and who were the adults. It was part of the treatment. Once again, Marie, Jennifer, and Suzanne were in dry diapers, drifting off to sleep, while Chrissi started crying herself to sleep. Soon, she'll be changed, for Monica said that she would change her in the morning. Chrissi could hardly wait as she cried herself to sleep.

- To Be Continued -

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