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- The Baby Hotel -

The Beginning - Part I

By Robert

READERS: If you like this story, please let me know at RLCOLLIN73@AOL.COM All comments are welcome. And please read and send your comments to my other stories, "THE BABY HOTEL" series and "THE BABYING OF BARBARA LETO". Thank you, Robert

Robert Charleson was an average, middle-class man. He was a manager for an engineering/construction firm in the purchasing department. Very rarely did he purchase State Lottery tickets. But the state's winnings for that week was for 92 million dollars. He decided to take a chance. Going to the food store he bought a ticket. He never really thought of the numbers and just rambled out some.

The next morning at work, he heard that only one person had won the Lottery. He did not even bother looking at his ticket until lunch. Sitting at his desk, Bob opened his paper and looked for the winning numbers. Taking his ticket, he read off the numbers and compared them with his ticket.

He just sat at his desk in shock. His secretary, Stephanie Falborn, came in asking what was the matter.

Looking up from the paper, he stammered, "I...I...I...I just won 92 million dollars."

Bob left work and went to fill out the papers for the money he won. He knew what he was going to do with all of the money he had just won. It was a fantasy come true. He always wanted a facility to turn adult women into thinking that they were babies again. Now he can do it.

With money in hand, he decided to scout the suburban areas. After looking for three weeks, he found what he was looking for, a deserted seven story office building. There was a very small community nearby. A brick wall surrounded the building and ground (10 acres).

Bob convinced his secretary, Stephanie, to quit and work for him at double her present salary with 2% ownership in the company.

After 3 months of remodeling the building, it was ready. It had cost a small fortune, but Bob could afford it. Stephanie was invaluable in her help. She screened the applicants for nurses, candy strippers and administrative personnel. Her word was second only to Bob. Now, to get the patients.

One night Bob was talking to a friend of his, Larry Nelson. Larry had been married for 25 years and his wife was in her middle 40's, but looked ten years younger. She was a good looking woman, with long curly brown hair, tall, and just starting to get that middle age bulge.

Larry started complaining about how bossy his wife. Eileen was getting. He wanted a more submissive wife. When Bob suggest maybe he wanted a more childlike wife, Larry quickly agreed. That was when Bob told him about his clinic. Larry listened and said that he would have to think about it.

Two days later, Larry called stating he would agree to the contract. Bob informed him of the cost, the required amount of time needed and what Larry would have to do. It was agreed that Saturday they would start the treatment on Eileen.

On Saturday morning, a dark sedan entered the Nelson's driveway. Two women, dressed as nurses, exited the sedan and walked up to Eileen's front door. One of the nurses rang the door bell. When Eileen opened the door, a nurse quickly sprayed a mist into her face. Eileen inhaled out of reflex, but she was unconscious within seconds. She slumped into the nurse's arms.

Carefully, the women half-walked, half-carried Eileen to the waiting sedan. They sat Eileen in the back seat. One of the women got into the back with her and secured the seat belt around her. In moments, the sedan was going down the street, fleeing from her house.

Holding onto Eileen, the nurse inserted her thumb into her mouth. She was so groggy, that Eileen just let her thumb stay in her mouth. For an hour they drove. Eileen laid against the nurse's shoulder, half-awake, sucking on her thumb.

Finally they arrived at the facility, surrounded by a tall, brick wall, and locked by an iron gate. The guard allowed the car to pass though. The car drove up the driveway and stopped in front of the facility.

Two more nurses came out of the facility pushing a hospital gurney. Carefully, they removed Eileen from the car and laid her on the gurney and covered her with a sheet. Eileen started to struggle slightly, even though she still had no strength left.

One of the nurses inserted the pacifier into Eileen's mouth.

"There, baby," she cooed, "that will help soothe you.

Mumbling, she said in almost a whisper, "I'mmmm not a ba...babee." Eileen still felt the results of the gas, and was too groggy to resist.

Then she was pushed into the facility and down a long white corridor. They reached a door where the gurney was wheeled into. More women dressed as nurses were there. Without saying a word, they placed Eileen on an examination table and proceeded to undress her. The drugged gas prevent Eileen from reacting, she just laid there limp. Carefully, the nurses removed Eileen's shoes, blouse, skirt, and pantyhose. They were tagged with Eileen's name, folded neatly, and placed into a box. Eileen laid on the table dressed only in her bra and panties.

Eileen had let the pacifier drop from her mouth and it laid on the table. Picking up the baby pacifier off the table, one of he nurses put it back into Eileen's mouth. Without resisting the nurses, Eileen allowed them to continued to remove her clothes, finally leaving her totally naked.

Taking a pair of scissors, a nurse proceeded to clip away her pubic hair, leaving a stubble. Then shaving cream was applied and smeared over the stubble and shaved away, leaving her completely hairless.

The nurses continued working on Eileen. They washed all of her make-up off and clipped her nails short.

Turning her onto her stomach, the nurse took a rectal thermonitor, the largest one Eileen ever saw, and inserted it into her bottom, which caused her to let out a yip. After her temperature was taken, Eileen had a white ointment smeared over her hairless pubic area and her bottom. Then a heavy dose of baby powder was applied. Before Eileen knew it, a nurse lifted her bottom up off the table and laid three cloth-like items under her. Then she was laid on it. Spreading her legs apart, the nurse pulled the cloth up and pinned the ends together - they had put Eileen into an adult-size diaper!

Eileen started to cried out, "Don't do this to me" she whimpered.

"I'm not a baby!" as the pacifier fell out of her mouth again.

"Hush now, baby." cooed one of the nurses as she put the pacifier back into Eileen's mouth.

The next thing was a plastic I.D. bracelet was strapped around her right ankle. Eileen could see that her name was printed on the bracelet. It read "BABY GIRL - NELSON". This was used as identification of the "baby", in case she was mis-placed.

A nurse laid a pile of clothing under Eileen's bottom. Straightening the material, Eileen noticed that it was clothing with pant leggings. The nurse lifted one of Eileen's legs and inserted into one of the leggings and then did the same to the other. Sitting Eileen up, the nurse pulled the material up her back and inserted Eileen's arms into the sleeves. Looking down at her hands, Eileen noticed that the sleeves had mittens attached to them, very thick mittens at that. The nurse pulled the zipper from the crotch to her neck up, securing Eileen in an adult size Dr. Dentons.

A nurse entered the room pushing a gurney. Two nurses lifted Eileen off the table and laid her down on the gurney's soft, pink blanket. Conscientiously, the nurses strapped her down, preventing her from moving and falling off the gurney.

Eileen drifted off to sleep, feeling that the entire event was only a dreadful dream or nightmare.

Eileen woke to find herself laying on a soft mattress. There was an long object in her mouth. Spitting it out, Eileen opened her eyes. She had an adult size baby pacifier in her mouth! Turning her head from side to side, she saw that there were horizontal bars on both sides. Eileen was in an adult-size baby's crib. And to make matters worst, she was strapped down and was unable to get up. Lifting her head, Eileen noticed that she was wearing a baby-style sleeper with thick mittens covering her hands.

Eileen could move her arms and feet so she started banging them on the mattress, screaming, but to no avail.

The last thing she remembered was being at home, answering the door bell to find two nurses standing there. Then one of the nurses grabbing her while the other nurse sprayed her in the face with something. Then she blacked out.

Rubbing the sleep from her eyes with her mitten hands, Eileen started looking around the room. From what she could see, there were three other baby cribs, large enough for an adult, in the room with her. And there was a familiar smell in the room. It smelled sweet, like baby powder.

"Why is someone treating me like a baby? I'm a 50 year old woman!" Eileen thought.

Eileen found the room very comfortable and warm. After laying in the crib for 15 minutes, she found herself growing tired. Stretching, she drifted off to sleep in seconds. What Eileen did not know was that a gas was being emitted into the room, enough to make her drowsy.

Eileen woke to the calling of her name. Focusing on the person in front of her, Eileen saw a woman dressed in a nurse's dress, complete with cap, white stockings and white shoes. She was holding a metal rod.

"What's going on?" she stammered.

"Why am I being treated like I was a baby?"

"It's been decide that you are really a baby." answered the woman.

"Now you are going to learn to be a baby again."

Eileen's mouth dropped opened. They wanted her to act like a baby?

"Get me outta here!" Eileen demanded.

All that Eileen got for her defiance was the tip of the metal pole touching her legs. A shot of electricity went up her legs and she quickly found herself in a fetal position. Not only that, Eileen discovered that she had wet herself!

"Babies speak baby-talk." Replied the nurse.

"Say something."

"I'm not a baby!" answered Eileen.

"WRONG!" yelled the nurse.

Once again, she touched the metal rod to Eileen's leg, causing electricity to shot up and down her legs. Again, Eileen felt herself pee and soak her diapers.

"Say something baby." Said the nurse in a commanding voice.

Looking directly into the nurse's eyes, Eileen spat out, "Go to hell."

"WRONG BABY!" yelled the nurse.

Again, she touched the metal rod to Eileen's leg, causing electricity to shot up and down her legs. Again, Eileen felt herself peeing, emptying her bladder into her already soaked diapers.

Looking down at Eileen, the nurse again commanded, "Let's try it again, baby. Speak like the baby you are."

Eileen was about to refuse, but changed her mind. Her legs still felt tingly and she could feel the warmth of her urine that was clinging to her waist in the wet diaper.

With tears in her eyes, Eileen said in a soft voice, "Goo-goo, gaa-gaa."

Smiling, the nurse cooed, "Good baby" as she patted the top of Eileen's head.

"Talk to nursie again, like a good widdle baby." Cooed the nurse.

Tears running down her cheeks, Eileen replied in her earlier talk, "Goo-goo."

"Such a good baby you are." Cooed the nurse, "Yes you are, Baby Eileen."

The nurse inserted the large pacifier into Eileen's mouth.

"Babies love to suck on their binkie's, don't they baby." As she touched the tip of the rod to the crib's rail.

Eileen knew what she meant. If she did not start sucking on the nipple, the nurse was going to touch the rod to her legs again. Closing her eyes, Eileen started doing what she was told to do, she started sucking on the nipple.

Eileen thought that she would be able to get rid of the wet diaper and clean herself up when the nurse announced, "Have a nice sleepy byes, baby. Nursie will be back in two hours to check on you." With that, the nurse left the room leaving Eileen alone. And Eileen was still strapped down unable to move.

As soon as the nurse left, a very soft, soothing voice was emitted from the headboard of the crib.

The voice cooed to Eileen as the disembodied voice said,


The voice repeated over and over again. Eileen tried not listening, humming, thinking about anything to avoid listening to that hypnotic voice. After awhile, Eileen's eye lids started to droop and she was feeling very tired. Once again, the gas hissed into the nursery room, causing her to get drowsy. Soon, she was fast asleep, listening to the voice tell her how much she wanted to be a baby again.

Two hours later, the nurse was softly calling Eileen wake. Her eye lids fluttered opened and focused on the nurse bending over her. While Eileen slept, her pacifier dropped out of her mouth. When Eileen woke up, and she realized that the pacifier was missing, she quickly looked around, found it laying on the mattress. Using both her mitten hands, Eileen picked it up and shoved it into her mouth. She started sucking on her "binkie", enjoying the sensation. Eileen did not know why she wanted the infantile toy, only that she did.

The nurse smiled at her charge and cooed, "Does baby wike her binkie?"

Through her pacifier, Eileen smiled back. She knew that she was an adult and that she was 50 years old. But she was enjoying being taken care of, being babied.

Then she felt the cold dampness around her waist. It felt so uncomfortable. Her bottom lip started to quiver and Eileen let out a loud "Waaa!". She knew she should do something else, but the only thing she could think of was to cry. For some strange reason, Eileen knew that the nurse would change her and she would not have to do anything. Using her mitten hands as fists, she tried to stop the flow of her tears.

"Ah," cooed the nurse, "does baby havea wet didee? Does baby wantum nursie to change baby's didee?"

Through her tears, Eileen shook her head. She hated wearing those wet diapers and if the nurse was going to change her, she would be grateful.

Lowering the side rail of the crib, the nurse leaned over and pulled the zipper of the Dr. Dentons down. Carefully, she removed Eileen's arms and then her legs. Eileen laid in the crib dressed in a tee shirt, plastic pants and a soaked diaper. Lifting Eileen into a sitting position, the nurse removed the tee shirt. Laying Eileen back down, the nurse lifted her legs up until Eileen's bottom was off the mattress, she pulled the damp plastic pants up off the diaper and down her legs. Finally, the nurse unpinned the diaper pins and pulled the diaper off Eileen. The cool breeze felt good circulating around her waist. She laid in the crib naked.

Without realizing it, when the nurse removed the baby style jammies and her hands were free, Eileen spat the pacifier out and started sucking her thumb.

The nurse took baby wipes and gently wiped Eileen's pubic area and then lifted her bottom and wiped that clean too.

"That feel good, nursie." lisped Eileen. She did not why she spoke babyish, especially when he knew that she could speak as an adult, but again she din not care.

The nurse smiled at Eileen as she started rubbing diaperine all over Eileen's diaper area. Again, lifting Eileen's legs until her bottom was off the mattress, the nurse slid three thick cloth diapers under and gently laid her bottom on the soft material. Spreading Eileen's legs apart, the nurse pulled the material up and pinned the cloth together at the sides. A pair of plastic pants were pulled up her legs and over her thick diapers. Sitting Eileen up, she pulled a white tee shirt down over her head. Eileen continued sucking her thumb and the nurse had to forcibly remove it. Once the shirt was on Eileen, she immediately started sucking her thumb. The nurse went to get the new pair of Dr. Denton's, she found Eileen laying on her side in a fetal position, sucking her thumb.

As Eileen laid on her side, she was thinking to herself, "Why am I sucking my thumb? Why is it giving me so much pleasure? I know that I am not a baby, but I feel like one. I feel so small and helpless. Why?"

The nurse started putting Eileen's legs into the leggings of the pajamas. Sitting her up, Eileen's arms were placed into the sleeves. Then the zipper was pulled up to the neck. Once again, Eileen was secured in her baby style "jammies".

Before the nurse could secure her to the mattress, Eileen started to struggle, her mentality of being an adult slightly restored, crying out, "I'm not a baby! I'm a grown woman!"

Another nurse helped secure Eileen down and shortly she was crib bound once again. Eileen laid there immobilized, sobbing. In the short period of time that she was there, she was reacting like a baby.

The head nurse arrived. Standing by Eileen's crib, she said in a commanding voice, "Still think you are a grown-up, babykins? We'll fix that."

Turning to the nurses, she ordered, "Give her a two quart enema, then plug her. She'll learn that she is nothing but a helpless, little baby and needs her nursie to take care of her." With that, the head nurse left.

The other two nurses started to work. They lowered the side rail and removed the straps holding Eileen down. Quickly, and not to gentle, they remove all of her clothing until she laid there in just her diapers.

Eileen was scared. She did not know hat the nurses were going to do. She cried out, "Please stop. I'll be good. I promise. Please!" she sobbed.

The nurses ignored her pleas and continued their work. Eileen was strapped down again, this time on her stomach. She was helpless again. Removing the diaper pins, the nurse pulled back the diaper exposing Eileen's bottom. Hanging an 2 quart enema bag on an IV pole, the nurse inserted the tube into Eileen's rectum. She let out a cry, begging the nurse to stop. Eileen could feel the solution flowing inside her as her stomach expanded. Finally, the nurse stopped the flow and removed the tube, but quickly inserted a balloon in her rectum and inflated it. The enema solution was "corked" inside of her. Removing the restraints, the nurse turned Eileen over and re-diapered her and pulled the plastic pants over them. She laid there sobbing, as the nurse placed the restraints back on her.

Eileen was getting cramps and started begging the nurse, "Please, let me use the bathroom."

Shaking her finger in Eileen's face, "You're much to young to be potty trained. You'll just have to use your diapers like every other baby does."

Taking a pacifier, the nurse inserted it into Eileen's mouth.

"Nursie will remove the balloon in a little while baby. Now suck your binkie."

Eileen continued her wailing and begging. The cramps were getting worst. After a half hour, the nurse deflate the balloon. Within seconds, Eileen could feel the enema erupt into her waiting diapers. It just kept coming and Eileen thought that it would never stop. Finally, it ended. She smelled horrible and it felt like she was sitting in mud.

Looking up at the nurse, Eileen figured that the nurse would change her. She was wrong. The nurse simply pulled the side rail up and said, "Think about what a little baby you really are." Then she left, leaving Eileen alone.

Eileen laid in her crib, crying, feeling so uncomfortable. She started screaming, demanding the nurse change her. This continued for 2 hours. At last, the nurse returned. And she was not smiling.

"We gave you a chance to return to a baby stage on your own, but you did not take advantage of this." Stated the nurse.

"So you will start from the beginning. Not as an infant, but as a newborn. We'll see how you do there."

Taking a syringe, the nurse gave Eileen a shot in the arm. Things started spinning around and Eileen had trouble staying awake. In less than a minute, she was fast asleep.

Nurses came into the room and proceeded in cleaning Eileen up. Shortly, her messy diapers were removed and Eileen was washed. She laid in her crib naked, as a nurse entered pushing a gurney. Eileen was transferred from the crib to the gurney and wheeled out of the room.

They traveled own the corridor to a examination room. Surrounding the gurney, the nurses started a new procedure. Prying her lids opened, the nurse placed several drops into Eileen's eyes. This would cause her vision to be a complete blur. Then, they sprayed her throat, causing her vocal cords to be semi-paralyzed. Eileen would be unable to speak, just mumble like a baby. Another shot was given to her to make her weak, helpless like a newborn baby. Lastly, she was taken to another room and placed in the fetal position into a small, dark box. Now the nurses had to wait for her to wake up.

Half and hour later, Eileen woke up. She knew she was in a cramp place, very soft, but confining. It was so dark that she could not see her hand in front of her face. She could hear voices, but they were muffled. She tried to speak, but nothing came out. Then it felt as if she was being pushed down and out of a small opening and the muffled voices became clearer.

Eileen heard a woman's voice say, "I can see the head. The baby's coming!" as she heard these word, Eileen's head was emerging from the confining space. Her eyes had trouble adjusting to the bright light and everything was a blur. She heard the female voice say "Push." Eileen could feel her body sliding out of the confined space. Shortly, she was completely out and the same female voice saying "It's a girl. A fine healthy baby girl." Though she was unable to see, the room was a little chilly.

Eileen could feel that she was being rushed, a nozzle was shoved up her nose, like it was trying to clean something out of it. The tube was quickly removed and her entire body was vigorously rubbed down with soft towels. Her bottom was lifted and she could feel something placed under, her legs pulled apart and a thing pulled up and taped at her sides. She was placed into a pamper. A tee shirt was put on her, with the sleeves sewed shut, forcing her hands into fists. She could feel the hem of the shirt barely above her navel. A soft cap covered her head. A piece of plastic was wrapped around her right ankle. Then she was lifted and placed on a soft blanket. The blanket was wrapped around her and she was completely secured in it. And she was completely helpless too, for she was unable to move. Once again, she was lifted up and laid in a clear basket type container. Even though her vision was blurred, Eileen could feel the container moving.

Eileen was moved to another room where the lights were subdued. Looking through the sides, Eileen could tell she was put in between two other plastic containers.

"Here's the new baby's chart." Eileen heard a female voice say.

"Did the mother pick out a name for her baby?" another female voice asked.

"Eileen." Replied the first voice.

"Alright," said the second voice, "I'll put that on her card, 'BABY GIRL - EILEEN NELSON'."

Looking at the foot of her container, Eileen could see a blurred figure put a large card attached to the container.

As she laid there, Eileen could hear babies crying. Several of them as a matter of fact. Then it dawned on her, she had just experienced her "birth". And she was in a incubator in the nursery room of a hospital. She was a "newborn baby". And she was with the other newborn babies.

As she laid there, Eileen started to feel very sleepy. Her "birth experience" was so tiresome for her and she fell asleep. When she woke, she could feel that she was being held in giant arms. Everything was still blurred, but her head was being pushed towards a large pinkest object. The object was forced into her mouth, it was soft. Of sudden, warm liquid squirted into her mouth and Eileen found herself swallowing the liquid.

A voice cooed to Eileen, "That's right baby, drink-up all of mommy's milk."

Eileen realized that she was being breastfed! When she tried to pull away, her head was just forced back to the giant nipple. As she laid there drinking the breast milk, Eileen could feel a giant hand patting her bottom. Did they really make her an infant again she wondered.

What Eileen did not know was that she was being held in a replica of a woman, a large mechanical woman. This was used to give the "newborn babies" a feeling of being tiny. It was always a success. This process was tried on several volunteers from their "births" to a total of several days in the nursery room. Afterwards, they all said the same, they felt small and helpless, and felt as if they were newborns.

Eileen fell asleep in her "mommy's" arms, only to wake up in the nursery room.

This continued for the next few days. She would wake up in her mommy's arms, drink the breast milk, fall asleep only to wake up to the crying of the babies in the nursery room. The only feedings Eileen received was from the breast feedings. It was sweet and warm, and it was filling.

Her vision was still blurred and she was unable to speak, except for the gurgles that she emitted like a baby. Her bladder became weaker and she would soak her pamper. Like the other "newborns", Eileen learn to cry when she need a diaper change. Not really learned, but she knew that if she did not cry , she would not be fed or changed. Crying, Eileen figured was more for survival than anything else.

Once a day, as Eileen slept, eye drops were use to ensure her vision continued to be blurred, her throat sprayed to ensure that she could only make gurgling sounds, and a shot to ensure that she was as weak as a newborn. Speakers in the incubator help Eileen except her conditioning.

After a few days, it was decide that Eileen should be moved to a nursery room. Taking her incubator, Eileen was wheeled out and taken to her new nursery room. Lifting her out of the incubator, Eileen was laid in a adult size bassinet, complete with a hood. The blanket was removed, as well as the long sleeve tee shirt. Eileen laid in the bassinet dressed only in her pamper. Feeling the inside of the pamper, the nurse un-taped it and removed that as well. Eileen was completely naked. At first this bothered her, but after a few days of this treatment, it no longer did. She laid there sucking on her "binkie".

Eileen still confused about why she was responding like a baby. She knew that she was an adult, but she enjoyed being babied, enjoyed sucking on her binkie. And she hated being in wet diapers and could not wait until a nurse changed her.

The nurse lifted her bottom up and slid three thick cloth diapers under her and gently laid her bottom on the soft material. Spreading Eileen's legs apart, the nurse pulled the material up and pinned the cloth together at the sides. A pair of plastic pants were pulled up her legs and over her thick diapers. Lifting her legs up, the nurse inserted them into an adult size baby sleeper. Once her legs were in, the nurse sat Eileen up and put her arms into the sleeves. The hands went into thick mittens attached to the ends of the sleeves. The front of the sleep er was zippered shut. Eileen could not get out of it even if she wanted to. A baby bonnet was tied on, making Eileen look quite infantile.

She was strapped down in the bassinet to ensure she was unable to move. Taking a nursing bottle, the nurse bottle-feed Eileen her first bottle in days. Eileen suck hungrily on the nipple. Then the nurse sat Eileen up and started patting her back until she let out a burp - a loud one at that. Milk dribbled from her mouth and the nurse wiped the milk away. Laying Eileen down for her nap, the nurse covered her charge and left the room.

Eileen laid in the bassinet feeling so helpless. She wished she could escape. She was starting to feel as if she could rebel. Fight these nurses against making her more of baby. Noticing that the strap was loose, Eileen was able to lift it and slid under it. She was free. Climbing out of the bassinet was difficult being dressed in a baby gown, but she managed.

Walking in a floor length baby gown was another matter. Eileen found herself falling several times before reaching the door of the nursery. As humiliating as it would be, Eileen figured the best course of action would be to crawl. Getting down on all fours, Eileen crawled on the tile floor towards the elevators. Eileen notice that the hallway was empty of nurses and or personnel. Slowly and carefully, she crawled down the hallway to where the elevators were. Glass doors barred the entrance to the elevator chambers. Looking at the wall, Eileen saw a metal pad that would open the glass doors automatically. Using both of her mitten hands, she pushed with all her might. The glass doors slid apart silently. Eileen quickly crawled into the elevator chamber and look up at the buzzers. Above the up/down buttons there was a sign that read "9th Floor". Kneeling, Eileen pushed the down button. She watched as the floor indicators lite up the floors, "1-2-3-4-5...etc." until it reached 9. When he elevator stopped at the 9th floor, the door panels did not open. Frustrated, Eileen started to bang on the panels.

"You need a combination to opened the doors, baby." Stated a voice behind Eileen.

Eileen turned around and saw 2 nurses standing behind her.

Looking down at the baby-woman, the nurse stated, "Did yiou think you leave so easily? You have always been on a monitor being watched."

Fear consumed her, for she stood up and tried running away from the nurses only to fall on her face due to the baby gown she wore.

"Now Baby Eileen," said one of the nurses, "you're going to be punished. You'll be sorry that you ever tried that."

Eileen started crying profusely as the nurses dragged her back to her nursery room.

- t o b e c o n t i n u e d -

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