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- The Baby Hotel -

Adoption Time - Part I

By Robert

READERS: If you like this story, please let me know at RLCOLLIN73@AOL.COM . All comments are welcome. And please read and send your comments to my other stories, "THE BABY HOTEL" series and "THE BABYING OF BARBARA LETO". Thank you, Robert

Former nurse, Marie Nardotti had been babied for over three weeks now. Karen Leach, the head nurse of the Baby Hotel, had told her that this Saturday morning that her new adopted parents were going to be here at lunchtime to care for her for the entire weekend.

Marie laid on the changing table as her nurse prepared her to meet her new Mommy and Daddy. Checking her pubic area, Karen noticed a stubble. Taking shaving cream, Karen shaved it away, leaving Marie baby smooth.

Looking up at the mirror that was attached to the ceiling, Marie watched as Karen changed her. Marie noticed how her body had changed since her arrival. Her once slim, womanly figure had gained weight. Her face was rounder and she had developed a tummy. Her body was no longer an hour glass figure, but had become pear shape, just like a baby's. Karen had told them at the beginning that they were to be put on a high protein diet to get their "baby fat" back. A while back, this had bothered her, but now she did not care, Marie enjoyed being pampered and babied.

Marie looked over at the other baby-women. They too had become more baby looking in their looks.

Karen put Marie into three, thick, diapers and plastic pants, then a baby style white tee-shirt.. A pink and white check baby dress was put on her with white puffed sleeves and a white peter pan collar. White anklets with lace and a pair of black patent Mary-Jane style shoes were put on. Lastly, a white baby bonnet covered her head. Marie looked like a cute adult-size baby.

Placing Marie in an adult-size umbrella stroller, Karen took her to a large room. Marie sat in the stroller, sucking on her pacifier, thinking about the last three weeks. She knew that she was not a baby and did not need adult supervision, but the baby conditioning that she has been receiving prevented her from acting like an adult. Marie found it easier to behave like a baby than an adult now. Speaking like a baby she enjoyed, because she did not have to think what to say. Gibberish words were the only words she had to say. And she enjoyed being pampered like a baby as well.

In the room were several other baby-women, all dressed like adorable little babies. Karen sat her in a vacant wooden playpen. The playpen was filled with assorted different types of baby toys. Marie started playing with some of the baby blocks as her nurse looked on.

Looking around the room, Marie noticed that Chrissi was in an adult size baby swing. She was dressed in a yellow romper suit, with her long black hair braided in pigtails. Her real parents were on both sides of the baby swing, beaming as they talked baby talk to their new infantile daughter. Chrissi was smiling and giggling at her "Mommy" and "Daddy".

As Marie sat in the playpen, Karen came up with a young girl about 19 or 20 years old and another woman in her forties..

"Here she is." announced Karen to the women.

The woman knelt next to the playpen.

"Hello, Baby Rie. I'm your new Mommy." she cooed to Marie as she tickled her under her chin.

"Aren't you the most adorable baby!"

Marie giggled at being tickled, just as a baby would.

Then looking up at the other woman, Marie's Mommy cooed, "And this is your Nana."

Marie turned beet red. Here was a young girl, who was to be her legal guardian, was her "Mommy"! And the other woman who was about her age was her "grandmother."

The girl stood up and patting the top of Marie's head said, "Your Daddy couldn't be here Baby Rie. He's in the Navy and is on a ship, er a big boat now. But Mommy and Nana are here to take care of you for the whole weekend."

Looking at Karen the girl asked, "When can I take the baby to our room, Ms. Leach?"

Karen said that lunch was ready and then afterwards, she could take Baby Rie to her room and take care of her for the weekend. The woman, Linda Sommers, leaned over the playpen, helped Marie up and sat her in the stroller.

Squatting in front of the stroller, Linda, taking Marie's hands in hers, cooed to her, "Say Ma-Ma, Baby Rie. Say Ma-Ma."

Marie sat in the stroller looking at her new "Mommy". She started drooling. Karen said that Baby Rie was much too young to talk like a big girl. Linda motherly wiped Marie's mouth with a cloth.

Karen, Linda, and Linda's mother, Margaret pushing the baby stroller, went into the dinning room. They went up to a table and sat down. Linda sat Marie in the baby high chair. Sitting down at the table with them was Jennifer and her new Daddy, actually her real husband, Suzanne and her new Mommy and Daddy, and Barbara Leto and her new Mommy, who was really her daughter, Dawn, who was now babying her mother.

Linda tied a baby bib on Marie and began spoon-feeding her the baby food that was on Marie's tray. Jennifer's Daddy also began spoon-feeding her the baby food mush, as did Dawn. She picked up the tiny spoon and began spoon-feeding the baby food to Barbara.

The "parents" were talking about their new babies, excited about taking care of them for the weekend, while feeding them and eating themselves, when Barbara's bottom lip began to quiver. Dawn looked at Karen.

Smiling, Karen said, "Check Baby Barbie's didee. It's probably wet."

Dawn started baby talking to Barbara as she stuck her finger into Barbara's diaper. Finding it wet, Dawn removed the tray and took Barbara over to a changing table. The "parents" of the babies stopped and watched as Dawn removed the damp plastic pants and then the wet diaper. They were amazed that a grown woman was so docile at having a diaper change.

As her "new" Mommy was spoon-feeding her, Marie was looking around the room. At another table, she saw Katie being fed by a nursing bottle by her real Mommy. Katie's parents not only wanted her to become a baby again, they wanted her to be an infant again. So, here she sat on her Mommy's lap, nursing on a baby bottle, dressed in an adult-size infant style nightgown.

Katie's parents were not the only ones who wanted their daughter to become and infant again, Robin Miller's new "Mommy" and "Daddy" did too. Robin, with her shoulder length light brown hair braided in pigtails, also sat on her new Mommy's lap, nursing on a baby bottle.

Marie saw Suzanne in a high chair at another table. Suzanne's new Mommy and Daddy must be 18 or 19 years old too! She sat in the highchair crying, banging her hands and feet. Her Mommy tried to feed her, but her "Mommy" was getting more of the baby food around her mouth, not in it.

Finally, lunch was over. Linda checked Marie's diaper and finding it damp, decided to change her before taking Marie to her room. She had Marie crawl to the changing table, where laying her down, Linda proceeded in removing the damp plastic pants and diapers. Karen and Margaret stood by watching. Marie laid there, sucking her thumb as her Mommy changed her.

After changing her adult-size baby, she had Marie crawl to their room. In the room was 2 double beds, a desk and chair, a dresser and a playpen. Off to one side was the bathroom and on the other side was a room for the baby. An adult size baby crib and a baby dresser that also served as a changing table was in the room. Marie's new grandmother, picked her up and sat her in the playpen.

"Let's take the baby out of her pretty dress and put play clothes on her." Cooed Margaret.

"That's a good idea and then we can take Baby Rie out to the playground." Agreed Linda.

Margaret and Linda began to undress Marie.

"I never change such a big baby before." Stated Margaret.

"Remember Mom," said Linda, "Baby Rie, although is a big girl is still a baby at heart. She's my baby and your granddaughter."

Shortly, Marie was dressed in a white tee shirt, a pink romper suit , white anklets, and baby booties. Pulling up the center of her black hair, Linda clipped a pink, plastic, baby bow. Marie was ready to go out and play with the other baby-women.

Linda and Margaret had Marie crawl outside to the baby's playground. Once there, Linda sat Marie in the baby swing and began pushing her. Margaret stood in front of the swing and pushed it gently back to her daughter. After twenty minutes or so, Marie started fussing, so Linda took her out of the swing and let her crawl to the sand box.

Kneeling next to her adopted baby, Linda started building sand castles with Marie. As they were playing in the sand box, Chrissi and her parents came over to the sand box. Chrissi's Mommy sat Chrissi in the sand box with Marie.

Chrissi's long black hair was braided into pigtails, with pink baby bows clipped at the ends. She was wearing white bib overalls and a pink tee shirt. Her feet were encased in pink anklets and she was sucking ob her "binkie".

For about 15 minutes the baby-women at in the sand box playing with the sand. Then their "Mommies" decided to take Marie and Chrissi to the teeter-totter. As the baby-women were on the teeter-totter, Karen came along the path announcing that it was nap time for the babies.

Linda and Margaret took a crying Marie back to the room. Marie having fun on the teeter-totter with Chrissi and was starting to have temper tantrum as they were leaving.

Shaking her finger in Marie's face. Linda scolded her "baby daughter", "Baby Rie. You stop this fussing or Mommy gonna spank baby."

They took a crying Marie back to the room. Laying Marie on the bed, Linda checked her "

""baby daughter's" diaper.

"Ah," Linda cooed, "baby is all wet-wet. Does Baby Rie wantum Mommy to change baby?"

Marie laid on the bed, gurgling. She enjoyed having diaper changes. She hated being in wet and messy diapers. Carefully, Linda removed her "

"baby daughter's" damp plastic pants and her soggy wet diapers. Using baby wipes, Linda wiped and cleaned her baby. Then she used diaperine and baby powder on Marie's diaper areas. Lifting her bottom of the diaper pad, Linda slid three thick diapers under her. Spreading her legs apart, she pinned the ends together. The final touch was pulling white plastic pants up Marie's legs and covering the bulky diapers.

"Ah," cooed Linda, "Baby Rie smells so sweet now. Just like a little baby."

Linda had Marie crawl into her nursery room. Sitting in a rocker, she picked Marie up and sat her "baby daughter" on her lap. Margaret came in with a baby bottle. Holding Marie in the crock of her arm, Linda began bottle-feeding her baby. Marie, being hungry, sucked on the nipple until the bottle was empty. Placing Marie over her shoulder, Linda began patting her back. Marie let out a loud burp, pleasing Linda and Margaret. Wiping Marie's mouth, Linda laid her in the crib. Marie's new Mommy gave her binkie and her stuffed teddy bear. Linda covered her new baby with a light blanket, and pulled the side rail, securing Marie in, while Margaret turned on the baby monitor and the music box that played soft, nursery songs. They stood over Marie's crib, watching her as she drifted off to sleep.

After napping for an hour, Marie woke up. Seeing that she was alone in a strange room, Marie started to whimper. Her cries were heard in the next room via the baby monitor and Linda quickly walked in. giving Marie her binkie, Linda helped her from the crib and had her crawl out into the main room. Laying her on her bed once again, Linda felt Marie's diapers. Finding them wet, she laid a diaper pad under Marie's bottom and removed the damp diapers. After cleaning her "baby daughter" up, Linda coated her pubic area with a heavy dose of diaperine before diapering Marie.

Taking Marie's ankles in her hands, Linda started singing, "The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round." As she pushed Marie's legs up and down.

"Let's see if Baby Rie's ticklish." Cooed Margaret, when Linda finished her song. Margaret started tickling Marie's tummy. Marie started to laugh with an infantile glee. Then Linda started to blow bubbles on Marie's tummy too. Marie was so happy, enjoying her infantile sensations.

For the next hour or so, Linda and Margaret played baby games with Marie. Linda played patty-cakes with her "baby daughter" and Margaret played "Inky-Dinky Spider" with her "grand-daughter" afterwards. Soon, it was dinner time. Checking Marie's diapers, Linda found them damp. Margaret offer to change Marie, but Linda wanted to. She wanted to establish a bond with her baby. After her changing, Linda decided that Marie only wear a diaper top. She chose a pink tee-shirt that barely reached Marie's navel and had a picture of Winnie-the-Pooh on the front.

Sitting Marie in the umbrella stroller, Linda pushed it to the dining room where Karen met them.

"Hello Linda, Margaret," said Karen. Squatting down to Marie's height, cooed, "Hellwo Baby Rie. Did baby have fun with Mommy and Nanna?"

Marie smiled at Karen, causing her pacifier to fall out of her mouth. The women smiled at Marie's infantile reactions. Linda picked up Marie's pacifier and took her into the dinning area. Once more they were seated with the other parents and their babies. Their dining companions were different that at lunch. Seated with Linda and Margaret were Robin Miller and her Mommy and Daddy, Amy Shellhorn and her Mommy and Daddy, and Ronnie Brooks and her Mommy.

Like Marie, Robin and Ronnie were being treated like 12 month olds, while Amy was being treated like a 18 month old. Her long black hair was braided into pigtails with pink bows tied at the ends. Like the other baby-women, she was heavily diapered and a pair of white plastic pants covered her diapers. She wore a pink dress that flared at her breasts and the hem barely past her crotch. The dress had a white peter pan collar and puffed sleeves. Her mother had put a white pinafore on her. She had pink anklets on with white lace and black patent Mary-Jane shoes. A pacifier was tied on a pink ribbon around her neck and Amy carried a Raggety Ann doll.

Like the other baby-women, Amy was placed in a high chair, but she had chunkier baby foods and she drank from a two handled sipping cup.

Karen stood up and said, "You better check your babies' diapers before dinner."

The Mommies checked the babies' diapers and only Robin and Ronnie were wet. The mothers took the babies over to the changing table and proceeded to change the diapers on them. By the time they returned to the table, the waitresses were bring the meals out. The babies were seated in their high chairs with the feeding trays secured to them. Large plastic bibs were tied on the babies and the mommies began feeding their "

""baby daughter's".

None of the baby-women liked the baby food that was being fed to them, but they were use to it. As much as the baby-women enjoyed their new status of babyhood, they really missed eating adult food. They sobbed at ever meal as they were forced top watch the nurses, now their Mommies and Daddies eat grown-up food. And the baby-women knew that they would not be allowed adult foods for a long time to come.

The parents fed their "

""baby daughter's" as they discussed being the parents of adult babies. All were excited and enjoyed every moment of their time.

Soon, dinner was over. The baby-women were seated on their Mommies' laps and were bottle-fed, afterwards they were burped. Diapers were checked, all needed changing.

Amy complained that she needed to go potty. Since she was "learning" to be potty-trained, her Mommy took her over to a child's potty chair. Pulling down her plastic pants and unpinning the diapers, Amy was allowed to sit on the potty chair. Amy looked so cute sitting there with her knees up under her chin. When she tried to get up, her Mommy had her remain sitting until her Mommy thought she was done. Amy started crying, saying that she was finished. Her Mommy had remain there for 5 more minutes. Then Amy's Mommy wiped her cleaned, re-pinned her diapers and pulled the plastic pants back over her diapers.

The parents and the baby-women were taken to the large nursery room where the baby-women could play. The nurses did not put the baby-women in the playpens. They let them roam around, being watched by their Mommies and Daddies. Amy and the other older baby-women were allowed to go outside and play in the playground, while the younger baby-women had to stay inside.

By 7, the baby-women were getting tired and started yawning. It had been a very busy day for them. The parents came and took their baby back to their rooms.

Taking Marie, Linda and Margaret strolled back to the room. Once inside, Linda cooed, "Time for baby's bathy-poo." Linda gently removed Marie's outfit. Leaving her naked on the floor. Margaret was already in the bathroom running warm water and putting Mr. Bubbles in the tub. By the time Linda had Marie crawl into the bathroom, her bath was all set. Margaret sat on the toilet seat as Linda knelt next to the tub, washing Marie. She scrubbed Marie all over.

Noticing the stubble on Marie's pubic area, she remarked to her mother, "Mom, see how the stubble has grown? Monday Marie and the other babies are going to have electro-dialysis all over their bodies to remove their body hair for good. Especially her pubic hair"

"Well," Margaret said, "after her bath, we'll just have to shave it off." Linda just shook her head in agreement.

Linda continued playing with Marie with bath toys. When the bath was over, Linda helped Marie out of the and laid her on the carpet. Using a large fluffy towel, Linda gently dried her "baby daughter".

Margaret knelt next to Linda. She had a razor and shaving cream. When Marie saw the items she started to sob. Subconscienously, she knew that she was still an adult and by shaving away her pubic hair would only re-enforced her status as a baby. Her adult side of her memory did not want to be reduced to a helpless baby. Linda gently smeared the cream all over Marie's pubis area, then lightly, using the razor, stroked away the stubble. Taking a towel, Linda wiped away the excess cream, revealing baby smooth skin. Linda smiled at how "baby-smoothed" Marie's pubic area was.

Her mother brought in Marie things that she would need. Taking three thick diapers, Linda lifted Marie's bottom up and slid them under her. Using diaperine, Linda spread it all over Marie's pubic area, then lifting her bottom up, spread the white ointment there too.

Smiling, Linda cooed, "Dere babykins. Baby no get a boo-boo didee rash. Mommy give Baby Rie boo-boo medicine to prevent baby."

Linda continued the diapering. Marie was powdered and the three diapers pulled up between her legs and pinned. A pair of plastic pants was pulled up her legs and over the thick diapers. Sitting Marie up, Linda pulled a white tee-shirt over her head and down her chest. The hem barely reached her navel. Lastly, a pair of cotton Dr. Dentons were put on. Linda put Marie's legs in the leggings, pulled the garment up and inserted her arms into the sleeves. Zipping up the front, Marie was encase in the baby sleeping outfit.

Linda took Marie out of the bathroom and into the bedroom. Sitting in the rocker, Linda sat Marie on her lap and started gently rocking her "baby daughter". Margaret handed her daughter a baby bottle of formula, which Linda gently insert between Marie's lips. Marie started sucking hungrily on the warm liquid. Marie started yawning after Linda had fed her the bottle and burped e. laying in her "Mommy's" arms, Marie grew tired from the rocking. Noticing this, Linda and Margaret took Marie to the nursery room and laid her in her crib. Linda gave Marie her teddy bear, pulled the covers up covering her "baby", and gave Marie a kiss on the forehead. Margaret turned on the baby monitor and they left the room.

Marie laid in her crib, sucking on her pacifier thinking about her new Mommy. Marie knew that she was not a baby, but she really enjoyed being babied. And she wanted it to continue. Her new adopted Mommy was barely out of being a baby herself, but legally, Linda was her guardian now and that was that. Marie fell asleep thinking what a nice Mommy she had.

Marie woke up during the night, just as Linda was entering the room. Rubbing the sleep from her eyes with her mitten fists, Marie saw that her mommy carried a nipple baby bottle. Linda lowered the rail and place the nipple in between her lips. Marie was hungry as usual and started sucking on the nipple. The warm baby formula tasted yummy to her.

As Marie was feeding, Linda felt her baby's diapers.

"They're not to wet, so mommy's gonna change baby later."

Marie did not mind. She was sleepy and she knew that mommy would make everything OK. After finishing her bottle, Marie drifted off to sleep, the sleep only a baby can sleep.

Linda and Margaret walked in to find Marie kneeling in her crib, holding onto the crib's rail, sucking on her pacifier. She smiled when she saw her mommy and her Nanna.

"Good morning sweetheart." Cooed Linda as she walked over to the crib.

Linda laid her "baby daughter" down on the crib's mattress and pulled down the zipper to the Dr. Denton's. Sitting her up, Linda pulled her arms out of the pj's, then laid her down, pulling off the Dr. Denton's. Taking hold of her plastic pants, Linda pulled the damp plastic pants off and followed by removing of Marie's wet diaper. Using baby wipes, she cleaned Marie's pubic area and turning her onto her tummy, wiped her bottom. After that, Linda rubbed diaperine all over moiré's diaper area, followed by baby powder. Lifting up her bottom, Linda slid three thick diapers, laying her bottom on the soft cotton material. Spreading her legs part, Linda pulled the ends of the diaper up and pinned them at her sides.

Marie laid there, giggling as her "mommy" diapered her. Even though Linda was young enough to be Marie's daughter, she really was enjoying being babied by her new mommy.

Margaret opened the closet and pulled out three baby dresses. Holding them up, she sad, "Linda, which of these dresses do you think the baby would like to wear?"

Linda looked at the baby dresses. One was white and pink checked, with a white peter pan collar and puffed sleeves and it flared at the breasts. The second one was a dark blue sailor dress with a white collar and a red tie. And lastly, the baby dress was a shapeless yellow dress with angel wing sleeves.

Linda examined each of the baby dresses that her mother held. She decided on the last one, the yellow baby dress with the angel wing sleeves. Removing a pair of plastic pants from the dresser, Linda pulled them up Marie's legs covering the bulky diapers. She patted Marie's bottom, smiling at the ruffed lace covering her bottom. Margaret handed her daughter a white strapped tee shirt that had a little yellow bow on it. Next came the baby dress that she pulled over her "

"baby daughter's" head. She pulled on the hem, straightening it. Yellow anklets and white patent Mary Jane shoes followed. Putting Marie's hair into short pigtails, Linda clipped a pair of yellow plastic baby bows on the ends. Linda stood back and admired her handy work. Marie looked exactly like a 12 month old baby - adult size.

Linda had Marie crawl into the other room where she sat her "baby daughter" into an umbrella stroller. As Linda was strapping Marie in so she could not get out, her mother was removing a baby bottle of formula from the microwave. Extending her wrist, Margaret dropped a few drops of formula on her wrist, testing the warmth. Finding the temperature acceptable, Margaret handed the bottle to Linda, who inserted the nipple into Marie's mouth.

Marie was sucking on the bottle enjoying the warm formula, as Linda pushed the stroller out of the room and down the hall. She and Margaret baby talked to Marie all the way to the dining area. Linda took the bottle from Marie and put it away into he diaper bag that she carried. Leaving the stroller at the entrance the women walked, while Marie crawled, to their assigned table.

Linda sat Marie in the baby high chair. Sitting down at the table with them was Jennifer Gluckman and her husband-Daddy, Steven, Suzanne Humpheries and her Mommy and Daddy, and Barbara Leto and her daughter-Mommy, Dawn. The mommies took the large plastic baby bibs and tied them on the babies. Orders were given to the waitresses by the adults. Shortly, they came with trays filled with food. The adults had a verity of different types of breakfasts, from just coffee to eggs benedict. The baby-women all had they same, a bowel of warm baby rice cereal, a 12 oz bottle of warm Simulac Baby Formula, and a 6 oz baby bottle of orange juice. The mommies spoon fed their babies the rice cereal and the bottle-fed them as they fed themselves. Linda was able to finish feeding herself and her baby at the same time.

When breakfast was over and the baby-women were burped, the parents checked the baby-women's diapers. Every one of them needed to be changed. Because the line to the changing tables were long, Linda decide to take Marie back to their room to change her. Linda watch Marie crawl to the exit and noticed how the plastic pants sagged. She was glad that they were taking Marie back to their room. She did not want her "baby daughter" to get a diaper rash because of the wet diaper.

Once in their room, Linda laid Marie on the double bed. Lifting up her dress, Linda carefully pulled down the damp plastic pants. Marie's diaper was so soaked, they were sagging. Baby talking to Marie, Linda unpinned the diaper and removed it. Cool air circulated around Marie waist giving her s slight chill.

Taking baby wipes, Linda sponge cleaned Marie's diaper area. Afterwards, she put diaperine ointment, baby powder, and finally a pamper. Since they were going into town, Linda decide to put a pamper on Marie rather than diapers. Shortly, Marie was ready to go.

Helping Marie into the stroller, Margaret strapped her in, while Linda got the diaper bag ready. Soon, the three of them were heading out of the gate towards the small town. It was a beautiful morning as Linda and Margaret strolled the streets, window shopping. Marie sat in the stroller, sucking on her pacifier while holding onto her stuffed animal, Cookie Monster. A few months ago, Marie enjoyed window shopping, but now she just cared for her stuffed animal toys.

The people in the town were use to seeing the baby-women. A few older women would stop and talk to them and would treat the baby-women as one would a real baby. Marie giggled and drooled as an older woman tickled her under her chin. Taking Marie's wrist, Linda had waved by-bye to the lady as she walked away.

By noon time. They were hungry and decide to stop at a diner for lunch. Like the rest of the town the waitresses were use to seeing the baby-women. The diner even had purchased several adult-size high chairs just for them.

Linda left the stroller at the entrance. Taking her baby's wrist, she took Marie to a vacant booth. The waitress, Kathy, had brought them high chair which Margaret sat her baby grand-daughter" in. Kathy took their orders and a bottle of formula to warm. As they sat there talking, Marie's bottom lip started to tremble. Margaret leaned over and stuck her finger into Marie's pamper.

"The baby's wet. You stay and I'll take her to the ladies room." She said to her daughter.

Helping Marie from the high chair. Margaret took her wrist and led her to the ladies room. Margaret was surprised to find an adult-size changing table attached to the wall. Lifting Marie onto the table, Margaret laid her down and began stripping her of the wet pampers.

"Nana gonna change baby's wet didees so hers no gets a didee rash." cooed Marie's grandmother.

Margaret used baby wipes to clean up her "baby grand-daughter", followed by diaperine and baby powder. In a few minutes, Marie found herself in dry pampers, sitting in a high chair. Margaret had good timing, for the waitress had just brought Marie's warmed bottle out. Linda allowed Marie to hold the bottle as long as she had both hands holding it. Their lunch came and Linda allowed Marie to have chicken slices, which she broke up and cooled before setting them on the feeding tray. Linda was letting Marie have them, the first adult food she has had in over three weeks.

When they finished eating, and Margaret wiped Marie's face and hands, the trio left the diner and continued their tour of the town. They strolled around the town for awhile until Linda noticed that her "baby Daughter was drifting off to sleep. They made up their mind to return to their rooms so Marie could take a nap. After all, it was close to 2, Marie's nap time anyway.

They arrived at their room a little after 2 and Linda took Marie directly to the nursery room. Lowering the rail, she helped her "baby" into the crib. Quickly, she removed Marie's shoes, socks and dress, leaving her in her tee shirt and pampers.

Sticking her finger into Marie's pamper, Linda said, "Babykins, you not to wet so mommy will change you after your nappy, ok sweetie."

Margaret entered with a warmed baby bottle, giving it to Marie. She kissed Marie forehead and so did Linda. Then she pulled up her sheet and secure the side rail. The last thing Marie's mommy did before leaving was to turn the nursery box on. Marie laid there sucking on her formula listening to the nursery songs being emitted from the box. Marie drifted off to sleep soon afterwards.

An hour and half later, Linda came in to wake Marie. Checking Marie's pamper, she found it quite wet. Removing it and throwing it away, she cleaned and dried her baby up and with in a few minutes, Marie was wearing dry pampers again. Removing from the dresser, Linda put on her "baby daughter" a light pink tee-shirt and a dark pink romper suit. To complete the outfit, dark pink anklets and baby booties followed. Marie's hair was still in pigtails.

Having Marie crawl, Linda took her out of the nursery room and the room, into the hallway. Once in the, she sat Marie in the stroller and strapped her in.

"Nana no going with us Baby Rie. Mommy letting nana sleep." Cooed Linda.

"We tired nana out." She said smiling.

Pushing the stroller down the hall and outside, Linda took Marie to the playground. All the baby playground equipment was designed for adults, the swings, sliding board, teeter-totter, etc. The entire area had a thick indoor/outdoor mat surrounding the playgrounds so the baby-women who not hurt themselves.

Linda allowed Marie to get out of the stroller and crawl over to the "baby" swings. The "baby" swings were a box-type swing, suitable for babies or little children. She sat Marie in one, slid the bar down, securing her in. for ten minutes, Linda gently pushed her "baby daughter". At first, Marie started to cry, but Linda softly spoke to her, calming her. Soon afterwards, Marie was giggling and enjoying herself.

Afterwards, Linda too Marie over to the merry-go-round. Making sure that Marie was safely secured on it, Linda started pushing it. It spun around causing Marie to get dizzy and she started crying. No matter what Linda said, she could not calm her down. She had to stop it, sit down on it, and held Marie in her arms. Patting her diapered bottom and speaking softly, Linda finally managed to get Marie to stop crying. Once the crying stopped, she took the baby over to the sliding board. The height of the sliding board was no higher than 4 feet, but wide enough for an adult. Marie loved it as Linda helped her up the steps, and then was at the bottom to catch her.

As they were playing on the sliding board, Jeanine LaBrie and her "mommy" came to the playground. Jeanine wore a tee-shirt with her pampers and anklets. Her "mommy" brought her over to Linda and Marie. Taking their babies over to the Teeter-Totter, the "mommies" sat them on it. Holding onto the "babies", the "mommies" pushed the boards up and down for them. Marie and Jeanine were frightened at first, but soon were giggling with the movement.

Before long, it was time for dinner. Linda, taking Marie in the stroller returned to their room to pick up her mother. When they arrived, they found Margaret preparing herself for dinner.

"Ah," she cooed, "there's my girls. Did Baby Rie have fun with Mommy?"

Smiling, Linda said, "Yes we did. We went to playground and played on the swings, and the sliding board, and the Teeter-Totter." Making a frown, Linda continued, "And we did not like that nasty Merry-Go- Round, now did we."

Leaving the room, Linda and Margaret, who was pushing the stroller, went to the dining room. Like all the other meals, they went to their assigned tables making sure that Marie was secured in her high chair, they sat down, each other each side of the high chair. Tonight, there was a new baby-women. Her name was Brenda Lee. She use to in her middle thirties, but now was considered as an 18 moth old toddler. Brenda sat in a chair that had a "booster seat" to it. The dinner was served and the parents once again fed the "babies" and themselves. Brenda's "mommy" had tied a bib on her, cut up her meat into tiny pieces and allowed her to feed herself. And where the babies had nipped baby bottles, Brenda was allowed to have a cup with a lid on it. Her "mommy" instructed her drink it using both hands though. But, like the babies, Brenda was heavily diapered.

During dinner, parents chatted, talking about what they were doing with their babies and they talked to their "babies" too.

Marie sat in the high chair, being fed by Linda. She was being fed strained beef, creamed corn, and strained prunes, along with her warm bottle of Simulac formula. She would open her mouth as Linda shoved a spoonful of baby food in. even though Marie was kind of us to eating baby foods, she could see the food that was on her "mommy's" and the other's plates. There was roast beef, baked potato, asparagus with hollinday sauce, and coffee. Marie and she as sure that the other baby-women, were craving the grown up food, but she knew that she would not be eating it. Not only because she was considered a baby, but because since she had been fed bland baby food for such a long while, Marie was sure that it would upset er tummy er...stomach. The chicken that her "mommy" gave her at lunch bothered her a little, but since it was the first grown-up food she had for a while, it did not matter. And she wanted more.

When dinner was over, Robert Charleson stood up and talked to the group.

"Ladies and gentlemen. The staff and I would like to thank you for your participation this weekend." He spoke for awhile. Closing, he said, "When you return next Saturday, the adoption papers shall be ready. Some of you are new parents, or the spouses of them. And some of you wanted you adult daughters to be back to being babies again. For what ever the reasons, you'll be the legal guardians of these baby-women."

After the speech, the room cleared out, the parents taking their babies to the playroom. Linda sat Marie in a vacant playpen. Chrissy Powell's Mommy came in and put Chrissy in the same playpen.

"Play nice-nice, my babies." She cooed.

Marie and Chrissy began playing together. They giggled as they played patty-cakes, and rolled a baby ball around. As the babies played, Linda,, Margaret and Chrissy's parents sat together talking on how they were going to take care of their "babies". Soon, Karen came in announced that it was time for the babies to get ready for "beddy-byes". The parents got their "babies" and went to their rooms.

Linda removed Marie's baby outfit and her damp diapers until she was completely naked. Having Marie crawl into the bathroom, Linda sat her "baby daughter" in the bath tub. Very gently, Linda bathed Marie, washing her with Ivory baby soap, as Marie played with her rubber duck.

Linda thought to herself, "Even though Rie is an adult, she is a very happy baby."

Soon, bath time was over and Linda took Marie out of the tub. Laying her on the thick carpet, she grabbed a towel and dried her "baby" off. Slowly, because she did not want it to end, Linda rubbed diaperine ointment and baby powder all over Marie's pubic area and then her bottom. Next Linda laid three thick diapers under her bottom, pulled them up between her legs and pinned them together. Plastic pants covered the bulky diapers and a yellow baby style tee shirt came on. Footed baby Dr. Denton's were put on her.

Even though Marie was an adult, Linda felt that she was really a baby, her baby daughter. And she was enjoying being a "Mommy" to Baby Rie. It was going to be a very long week without her "baby daughter".

Linda and Margaret led Marie out of the room and back to her nursery room. The other three cribs had their babies in them. Their "Mommies and Daddies' were fussing over them before they had to leave for the week. Linda and Margaret were no exception. They started fussing over Marie as they put her into her crib.

Karen walked in announcing that it was time for the mommies and daddies to go bye-byes.

"Be a good baby for the nursies, Baby Rie." Cooed Linda as tears started to form in her eyes. She did not want to leave her baby.

Linda leaned over the crib's rail and gave her "baby daughter" a kiss on her forehead. Margaret did the same, saying "bye-bye" to her "baby grand-daughter". Linda gave Marie a pacifier, pulled the covers over her and pulled up the rail.

As Linda and Margaret walked out of the nursery room, Karen caught up with them.

"Don't be sad." She said, "All new parents feel this way when they haft to leave their babies.> Now run along home and get everything ready for Baby Rie when she comes home Saturday."

Linda and Margaret walked towards their car. As she was walking with her mother, Linda eyes were misty , for she did not want to leave Rie all alone. But Karen was right, Saturday would be here soon enough and Linda would be able to take Baby Rie home.

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