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The Baby Hotel

Adoption Time - Part II

By Robert

Marie Nardotti had to be shaken awake. Nurse Karen shook the rails of her crib and softly called her name.

"Good morning Baby Rie. Time to wake up sleepy-head."

Marie blinked a few times and using her mitten fists, rubbed the sleep from her eyes. Looking up, Marie saw Nursie Karen looking at her. How strange it was, a few months ago, Karen worked for her and now Karen was her "nursie" and Marie was dependent upon her for her feedings and changing, almost everything. Gazing through the crib's rails, Marie saw that the other baby-women were having their jammies changed. Suzanne and Chrissy were already dressed in their tee shirts and diapers, while Jennifer was having her diaper still put on. Shortly, all four baby-women were dressed only in tee shirts, diapers and anklets.

The nurses had them crawl to the dining room where they were seated in their high chairs. Using tiny baby spoons, the nurses feed the baby-women their warm pabulum and the bottle of Simulac. When breakfast was done and the baby-women's diapers were checked, the nurses had them crawl back to their nursery rooms. Marie crawled behind Chrissy, while Jennifer crawl along her side. Marie found it so easy now to crawl and she was not sure if she could walk anymore.

Once in her crib, Karen was bending over her, speak softly to Marie.

"Today, Baby Rie, nursie gonna put baby to sleep soon and when hers wake up, her no longer gonna haveta worry about her big girl hair no more."

Marie had a puzzled look, "What did Karen mean by that?" she thought.

Noticing Marie's puzzled look, Karen added, "Nursie gonna give baby Electro dialysis all over her body."

"Electro dialysis!" Marie thought, "That will remove all my body hair forever." Tears starting to slow down her cheeks, Marie cried out babyishly, "NOOOOO!! Me no want dat!"

Karen tried to calm Marie down. Her crying grew louder as another nurse pushed a gurney into the room. Two of the four baby-women were laid on them, Jennifer and Marie. Chrissy and Suzanne were strapped down in their cribs until their turns came. They too were bawling.

Marie was fussing as they wheeled her down the corridor and into the operating room.

"No, no, no, me be good. No do dis!!" she cried.

The nurses laid and strapped her down on the operating table. The overhead light blinded Marie and she had to close her tear-streaked eyes. An IV needle was inserted into her arm and Marie could hear voices surrounding her as the room turned gray and then black.

Marie opened her eyes to find that she was back in her crib. A sheet covered her and as usual, the side rails were up.

"Oh, good." She thought, "Karen and the others must have listen to me."

It as then that she noticed that her body tingled. Throwing back the sheet, Marie saw that she wore only a pamper, but her entire body was red. Karen had the treatment done to her.

A gurney came in carrying an unconscienous Chrissy. The nurses wheeled it over to her crib, and lowered the side. Removing the sheet from Chrissy, the nurses lifted and placed the girl into her crib. Her body was red also. The electro dialysis was done to Chrissy t\too. Marie saw Jennifer peering through her rails at Chrissy too. Jennifer had electro dialysis along with the rest of them for her body was red too. A gurney came in carrying Suzanne, who the nurses lifted and laid in her crib too. All four baby-women had electro dialysis and now their bodies were has hairless has the day they were born. Never again would they have body hair.

Karen leaned over Marie and inserted the nipple of a baby bottle into her mouth. By now, after more than three weeks of treatment, Marie held everything using both hands, just like a baby, just like she had been taught and started sucking on the nipple.

For the next four days, the treatment on the "adopted" babies would be increased. Then over a period of every two months, they would be returned to the "Hotel" for a weekend to make sure that their babying condition was re-enforced.

Karen smeared a ointment over Marie's skin, this was cooling and felt good to Marie. Carefully. Karen removed the pamper and looked at her pubic area.

"Mmmm." Cooed Karen.

"Baby looks a little red there. Nursie will put cream on that boo-boo." With that, she smeared diaperine all over Marie's vagina area to help remove any sting.

Karen loved taking care of babies, they were so cute. Even if they were close to fifty years old!

A day later, Karen was taking Marie for a walk in town. Her new Mommy would be here Friday morning to pick her up and Karen wanted to make sure that all of her packages were ready.

In town was a shop that hand made all of the outfits for the baby-women. As a matter of fact, a lot of the women in town like the "baby dresses". They were full of ribbons and lace and short. Not only that, the so women thought they were very comfortable, so the seamstress sold dresses for the adult woman too. Going though town, you would see women wearing the baby dresses showing off their legs in those micro-mini skirts. Now how can you tell who was being babied? The adult women would have purses, mostly be in high heels and had a sexy look about them. And the men loved the sexy look. The baby-women would be pushed around in strollers and have a nurse with them.

It was in the dress shop that trouble started. A TV investigator reporter, Lynn Dole, heard a rumor about some women being regressed so she left her office to come to this town. And as always, did not tell anyone where she was going or what she was up too. Lynn was considered a real life Lois Lane, a great reporter, but she always seemed to get into trouble.

Once in town, Lynn started looking around. She quickly discovered the Baby Hotel, but she was unable to discover the nature of the facility or get an interview. It was on private property. She watch for a few hours, seeing grown women being pushed around in baby strollers, being dressed as babies too. The only way in was through the front gate and you had to have a pass. The only ones who got through without one was the baby-women, but they were with nurses.

Back in town, Lynn went from place to place asking questions. She the got the standard answers, the women there were head injured people who regressed back to being babies, period. Lynn felt that there was more to it.

Going to the dress shop, she bought a baby dress, anklets and Mary Jane shoes. In her SUV, she changed her clothes. Knowing that the only way to get into that place was to look the part, she decided to look like one of these baby-women. There was a story there and she intended to get it. Lynn was sure once she had the story, she could sneak out without being noticed. She quickly got into the baby dress, socks and shoes. Pulling on her shoulder length, light brown hair, Lynn put it into a ponytail.

Looking at herself, Lynn thought she looked like one of them. All of sudden, she said, "Damn, I forgot those diapers." Oh well, nobody will notice...I hope."

With the baby dress came a pair of plastic panties that had ruffles on them. Lynn decided to wear them to cover her bikini panties.

Leaving her SUV, Lynn sneaked around until she came to a shady park. Sitting down by a large tree she waited until she saw one of the nurses stroll by. Lynn did not have to wait long. A nurse walk pass dressed in her crisp, white uniform and blue cape. Lynn knew what to do, she started crying. With her fists up in her eyes and her feet kicking, Lynn cried her "little" eyes out. The nurse quickly came to her rescue.

Kneeling next to her, the nurse started to rock the "baby". The nurse cooed, "Ah, you poor baby. No worry, nursie here to take care of you." Looking around the nurse said not expecting a response, "Where's your nursie, baby?"

Removing a cell phone, the nurse dialed the hotel and told them to get an ambulance there. As she talked on the phone, the nurse removed an extra pacifier from her pocket and inserted it into Lynn's mouth. Lynn felt foolish sucking on it, but she had to play the part. An ambulance arrived within five minutes. Lynn was lifted and strapped down on the adjustable gurney and taken away.

Before she knew it, Lynn was being wheeled down the hall to an examination room. In the room, the nurses quickly removed the baby clothes and the plastic panties, discovering that she was wearing big girl bikini underwear! No only that, they were confused, all baby-women had a baby i.d. bracelet around their right ankle. This baby did not. Not only did she not have a baby's I.D. bracelet, but when the nurse removed the bikini panties, the nurses found that the baby had pubic hair and was not shaved! !

The way that the nurses were looking at her, Lynn knew that she was in trouble. She felt so vulnerable laying there naked in front of all these women. Lifting Lynn up, the nurses placed her in a vacant baby's crib in the room. It was one that had a lid that locked. Lynn found that she was unable to get out. The nurses knew that Lynn was an imposter.

In through the doors walked Bob Charleson. Looking down at Lynn, he smiled.

Meanwhile, Marie laid in her crib listening to the soft female voice emulating through the headboard. The voice was re-enforcing Marie's babying treatment. The voice softly spoke, saying, "YOU ARE A BABY. YOU LIKE BEING A BABY. YOU WANT TO BE BABIED."

Friday morning came it was time for Karen to get Marie ready for her new Mommy's arrival. Karen, after changing Marie's wet and messy pamper, put her into three cloth diapers and plastic pants with ruffles on the seat. Karen loved seeing her babes dressed in pink, so she put Marie in a short pink baby dress with a wide collar and white puffed sleeves. The dress flared at her breast and ended at her crotch. White anklets and white high top sneakers covered Marie's feet. Her hair was pulled up in the center and clipped with a pink, plastic baby bow. The final touch was a white baby bonnet.

Karen tied a large plastic drool bib on Marie, took her out of the crib and sat her on her lap. Taking a bottle of baby formula, Karen began bottle-feeding her charge for the last time. Karen was going to miss taking care of Marie, like she did with all of the baby-women she was in charge of. She sat there, feeding Marie, waiting for Linda to arrive.

Around 9, Linda walked into the nursery room. Upon seeing Marie, Linda exclaimed, "There's Mommy's baby. Mommy missed Baby Rie. Did baby miss Mommy?"

When Marie saw Linda, she raised her arms out to her. Linda knelt down in front of Karen and hugged her baby. Karen knew it was time. Getting a stroller, she led Linda and Marie outside to where the cars were. Linda pushed Marie in her stroller while Karen walk along to her car. Marie noticed that the other new parents leaving too with their "babies". One of them was Jennifer Gluckman and her daddy/husband.

"Hi Karen, Linda." Said Steve, Jennifer's daddy/husband.

"I guess we're all leaving at the same time." Smiling at Marie, Steve continued, "I guess Baby Rie and Baby Jenni will be playmates back home."

Marie looked up at Linda, who was smiling too.

"Baby Rie, Uncle Steve lives near us, so Nana will baby-sit you and Baby Jenni."

They said their good-byes and Steve and Jennifer left to go to their car. Linda sat Marie in the back seat, strapped her in and gave her baby a pacifier. Marie looked out the side widow at the other cars. The Mommies and Daddies were putting their babies in the back seats too. Marie felt a tear, for she was not going to see her baby-friends for a while. Linda gave Karen a hug, and got into the driver's seat, as Karen gave a kiss on Marie's forehead and said bye-bye.

Linda drove for about 45 minutes before pulling into a driveway. During the drive, she noticed that Marie had fallen asleep. Once there, Linda cooed, "Baby Rie, wake up sleepyhead, we're home. Now Mommy lives with Nana until Daddy gets home from the big boat."

Marie saw her Nana come out of the side door and walk towards the car. Her "Mommy" was unstrapping her as her Nana arrived at the car.

"Let me see my baby!" exclaimed Margaret. Taking Marie under the arms, she helped her out to the waiting stroller. The woman gently put Marie in the stroller and strapped her in.

"Hello, Baby Rie." cooed the woman, "Mommy and Nana has your nursery all set up. We hope that baby likes it."

Margaret pushed the stroller through the door into the kitchen. Once inside, Margaret unstrapped Marie from the stroller and sat her on the floor. As Marie sat there looking around, to her everything looked so large and she felt so tiny. It was an eat-in type kitchen. Over near the corner sat a rectangular table with four wooden chairs. In the corner by the table was a large baby's high chair for Marie.

Linda and Margaret took Marie through out the house. In the living room there was a play-pen set up and a adult size baby's swing too. Taking Marie upstairs, Linda showed her the nursery room. Linda and her mother had the room wall-papered. It was a light pink paper that had little baby ducks on it. There was a large white baby's crib, a changing table with a diaper pail next to it. Linda read what was printed on the pail, "BABY RIE'S DIAPERS". There were shelves above the changing table filled with cloth diapers, baby powder, baby oil, and diaperine. There was a white rocker were Linda, Margaret or Marie's babysitter would rock her. On the walls were nursery picture posters. In the crib was a stuffed Elmo and attached to the side rail was a baby's activity set. Under the window was a toy chest that was opened, filled with all types of baby toys and stuffed animals.

Marie though that this was a perfect room for a baby.

"I'm going to check the baby's diapers and let her crawl around in just diapers and a tee shirt." Said Linda to her mother.

Smiling, Margaret said, "Alright, while you do that, I'll get lunch ready." She left leaving Linda with her new baby.

Linda lifted Marie up and laid her on the changing table. She removed the baby dress and tee shirt leaving Marie in just her diapers. Taking a strap, Linda secured it across Marie's waist so she would not fall off the table. Pulling down the plastic pants, Linda felt Marie's diapers. Marie was soaked! She busy herself getting the diaper for Marie to wear. Unpinning the diapers, Linda threw them into the diaper pail. Using baby wipes, Linda gently wiped Marie's pubic area and her bottom cleaned.

Turning Marie onto her stomach, Linda decide to take her temperature - rectally. Marie let out a little yip and sobbed through out the procedure. She hated having her temperature taken this way. When she finished, Linda oiled Marie's bottom and pubic area, then took diaperine and rubbed the white ointment al over Marie's diaper area to prevent any diaper rash. Sprinkling baby powder on her, Linda rubbed in. Marie loved the sweet smell of the baby powder - it smelled so innocent.

Lifting Marie's bottom off the table's mat, Linda slid four thick diapers under her. Spreading her legs apart, Linda pulled the cloths up and pinned them together at the sides. She had a little trouble pinning them due to the thickness of the material. Marie found that she was unable to close her legs because of the thickness and had to keep her legs apart.

As Marie laid on the table, Linda started to play with her new "baby-daughter". Bending over her stomach, Linda started blowing bubbles on Marie's stomach, making her giggle.

Linda was cooing to Marie, saying, "Yes, Baby Rie such a happy baby for Mommy, yes she is."

"Is baby having fun with mommy?"

Marie just laid there giggling and laughing. She was enjoying herself being babied.

Linda pulled a light pink tee shirt over Marie's head and pulled it down. The hem barely reached Marie's naval. A pair of pink anklet were put on her. Lifting Marie off the table, Linda had her crawl to the kitchen where Margaret was waiting. When Margaret saw her, she picked her up and sat her in the wooden baby's high chair.

Smiling, Margaret cooed, "Is nana's baby ready for her lunch?" she tied a large plastic bib on Marie, then sat in a chair next to the high chair.

Linda took the chair on the other side of the high chair. Margaret sat a baby's tri-bowl on the feeding tray, while Marie looked at the kitchen table. There was lunchmeat, bread, soda for Linda and Margaret, along with several different types of chips. Marie's mouth watered, she would preferred to have that type of lunch rather than the baby food that she was about to be fed.

Margaret made the sandwiches for Linda and herself as Linda began spoon feeding Marie. Marie sat there eating the mush/strained chicken, strained carrots, and what she hated, strained prunes. In between the spoonfuls of the baby food, Linda let Marie nurse of a baby bottle full of Simulac.

After they were finished, Linda sat Marie on her lap and started patting her back. Marie was so use to this, that she would let out a loud burp usually.

As Marie sat on Linda's lap, she noticed a calendar. She was shocked to see the day date - June 27th. Marie remember that the day that she was taken to the baby motel, it was May 21st. she has been treated like a baby for more than 4 weeks! It had only felt like a few days to her, a week at the most, not closer to 5 weeks. Tears started to run down her cheeks, her fate was to be babied and had to grow up again. She had no choice in the matter.

When everything was cleaned up, Linda and Margaret took Marie out into the back yard. The yard was fenced in with a six foot privacy fence. Looking around the yard, Marie saw that there was an above ground pool.

Linda saw Marie looking at the pool and she cooed, saying, "No Baby Rie. That pool is for big girls. Here's your pool." Linda went over to the side of the house that had a plastic baby pool laying next to it.

Kneeling in front of Marie, Linda cooed, "Mommy has a surprise for her baby girl."

Marie crawled, following Linda to the corner of the yard. There was a large sand box there with several plastic sand molds, a pail and shovel too. Margaret lifted Marie into the sandbox and they started playing. They played in the sandbox until it was Marie's nap time.

Margaret cleaned her "baby-granddaughter" up and took her to the nursery room. Lower the side rail, Linda lifted Marie and laid her in her crib. Giving Marie "Elmo", she covered her "baby-daughter" up with the sheet and gave her a kiss on the forehead. Pulling up the side rail, Linda turned on the baby monitor and left the room. Marie started sucking her thumb as she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep. Marie had a very busy day so far.

Marie slept for almost two hours before Linda came in to wake her. She was kneeling, holding onto the side rail, holding Elmo and sucking her pacifier when Linda came in.

"Oh," cooed Linda, "Mommy's baby girl's awake."

Marie smiled and started to drool when she saw Linda. She held out her arms and cried< "Ma-Ma!"

Linda wanted to cry, this was the first time that Marie called her "Ma-Ma". She quickly walked over to crib and hugged Marie. Brushing Marie's hair back, Linda cooed, "Yes, baby, mommy's here."

Laying Marie down on the crib's mattress, Linda felt her diapers. Pretending to be angry, Linda cooed, "Baby Rie, you're soaked!" then she started to giggle. Linda was starting to get use to changing Marie. In minutes, Linda had Marie's wet diapers changed and she was in nice dry ones.

Then taking Marie to the living room, Linda sat her "baby-daughter" in the baby swing. Marie enjoyed the back and forth motion that the swing gave. It was nice and easy, not to upset her baby.

As she swung in the baby swing, Linda tried to teach Marie to say some words. Marie continued to speak baby talk. It was not that Marie was unable to speak as an adult, after all she was an adult, a college grad from a nursing school, but she enjoyed speaking baby talk. That was so much easier and enjoyable too. Of course, Marie had not spoken any adult words since her treatment began. If she had, she was punished.

Marie stayed in the baby swing, watching "Barney" until it was time for dinner. Marie continued cooing baby garble while was in the swing. She was enjoying so much being babied, even if the people that were babying her were younger.

Marie sat in her high chair as Linda spoon-fed her the warm baby mush. She had managed to get some of the baby food around her mouth, which Linda motherly wiped away.

After dinner, Linda took her baby up to her nursery room and laid her on the changing table. Marie was strapped down while Linda and Margaret got some items to prepare Marie for bed. Margaret got a pair of white cotton Dr. Denton's with little yellow baby ducks on it for Marie to wear, while Linda stripped her of all her clothes. Marie laid on the table naked. Linda used baby wipes to clean Marie's diaper area. Taking four thick, fluffy cloth diapers, Linda pinned them on Marie while Margaret watched. She handed her daughter a plastic pair of pants, which Linda put on Marie, covering the bulky diapers. Next came a white tee shirt. Finally Linda put Marie's legs into the leggings of the Dr. Denton's and her arms through the sleeves. Pulling up the zipper, Linda secured Marie in the jammies.

Lifting Marie off the changing table, Margaret and Linda took their "baby" to the living room where may was put into a play-pen. Marie sat in the play-pen, sucking her thumb, while Linda knelt next to her. Margaret had gone into the kitchen to fix her "baby-granddaughter's" bottle and pabulum.

"Nana will ed her baby." exclaimed Margaret. Kneeling next to the play-pen, she began spoon-feeding Marie the warm pabulum. When Marie had finished eating the pabulum, Linda lifted her out of the play-pen and took her over to the sofa. Sitting her "baby-daughter" on her lap, Linda started bottle-feeding Marie. Marie laid in Linda's arms, sucking on the nipple, enjoying the warm baby formula flowing down her throat.

Marie started to whimper by the time the bottle was three-quarters empty. Between the pabulum and the bottle, she was quite full and did not want anymore of the formula. She started to shake her head back and forth trying to get away from the nipple. When Linda noticed this, she removed the bottle, setting it on the end table. Taking a diaper cloth, Linda placed it over her shoulder. Holding Marie up, Linda held her head over her shoulder and started patting Marie's back. Marie responded like the baby she had become, she let out a loud burp. She also spit-up some of the formula onto the diaper cloth.

Satisfied with the burping, Linda put Marie back into the play-pen and let her watch Romper Room.

When it got close to 8, Linda knelt next to the play-pen. Stroking Marie's hair, Linda cooed, "OK sweetie, time for all little babies to go beddy-byes."

Tears developed in Marie's eyes. She did not want to go to bed. Marie was enjoying staying up watching Romper Room. She started to bang her feet and crying.

Standing up, Linda said, "Is Baby Rie having a temper tantrum? Hers better stop it, or Mommy spank baby."

Linda lifted the tearful Marie out of the play-pen, and had her crawl to the nursery. Once in the nursery, Linda put Marie in the crib. Unzipping the front of the Dr. Denton's, Linda stuck her finger into Marie's diaper, it was slightly wet so she decided to wait to change her.

When Marie started to play with the activity set attached to the rail, Linda cooed, "We'll have none of that young lady. It's time for sleep." Reaching across Marie, Linda disconnected the set and took it away.

Linda came back with Marie's stuffed "Elmo" and gave it to her. Marie started to hugged it immediately. Then Marie's mommy inserted a baby's pacifier into Marie's mouth. Taking the covers. Linda pulled them up covering her "baby-daughter". After giving Marie a kiss on the forehead, Linda pulled the side rail up, turned the baby monitor on and the light off. The only light emitted from a Minnie Mouse nightlight.

After getting a cup of coffee, Linda sat down to read the newspaper. As she sat there, Linda could hear Marie sobbing in her crib. Her heart went out to her "baby-daughter".

When Linda stood to go to the nursery, Margaret said, "Linda, let her cry. If you continue to go eveverytime she cries a little, Marie will expect it for every little thing. You really should not go."

"I can't help it Mom," said Linda.

"it's new surroundings for her and she's scared."

Margaret just shook her head as she followed her daughter to the nursery. Margaret stood in the doorway as Linda lowered the side rail.

"No cry, Baby Rie." She cooed, "Mommy's here."

Taking Marie out of the crib, Linda sat in the rocker with Marie on her lap. Marie laid there, sucking her thumb, sniffing, as Linda started rocking. Humming a lullaby, Linda noticed that Marie's eyelids were beginning to flutter. Marie was getting tired. Gently, Linda took Marie back to the crib and covered her. Kneeling by the crib, Linda continued to hum the lullaby. She remain there until she was certain that Marie had drifted of to sleep.

At two in the morning, Linda, being like a brand new mother, quietly walked into the nursery with a warm bottle of Simulac. She wore a long, light blue night gown and was waiting very impatiently since midnight for this moment. Lowering the rail, she gently inserted the nipple in Marie's mouth. Without opening her eyes, Marie started sucking the warm liquid. Linda noticed that formula was running out of Marie's mouth at the corners as she sucked on the nipple.

Linda let Marie hold the bottle as she checked Marie's diapers. They were soaked. Marie must have peed a river, Linda thought. Tenderly, Linda took Marie's legs out of the jammies. Slowly, she removed the damp plastic pants and then unpinned the sopping wet diapers. Taking baby wipes, Linda cleaned Marie's diaper area up. Marie had diaperine put on, then she was sprinkled with baby powder before fresh diapers and plastic pants were put on. Shortly, Marie was encased in her Dr. Denton's sucking on her pacifier and drifting of to sleep.

"That's right babykins." Cooed Linda.

"Baby Rie goin' to have a busy day tomorrow." With that, she close the door, leaving it slightly ajarred.

- To Be Continued -

The Baby Hotel - Adoption Time Part I I I

Marie is given a Baby Shower by Linda's girlfriends!

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