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- The Baby Hotel -

Adoption Time - Part III

Marie Nardotti woke early. She had been adopted and now she was at her new home with a new "Mommy" and a new "Grandmommy". It still felt strange that both her "Mommy" and "Grandmommy" were younger than she was, but it was not really important. Marie knew that her "Mommy" would take good care of her and that she was safe.

The baby mobile spun above her head and she reached up to play with it. After a few minutes, Marie got bored with it and turned onto her side to play with the Fisher-Price Baby Activity Set that was attached to the crib's rail. As Marie played with the activity set, she held her teddy bear and was sucking on her pacifier. She could not believe how she could of gotten along with out sucking on her pacifier all these years. Thinking back, her past life as an adult seemed like a dream, slowly fading away. Marie remembered her first childhood, going to school, high school, graduating from nursing school. Her days working, marriage and her divorced. They all seem so far behind her, and now she felt as if she was starting life all over again.

As Marie was playing with the activity set, the door opened and in walked Linda and Margaret. Both were dressed in nightgowns. When Marie saw them, she knelt up and held onto the side rail of the crib.

Linda cooed, "Good morning babykins. How's "Mommy's" widdle baby doing?" As she placed the baby bottle of warm formula into Marie's mouth.

Marie grabbed the bottle and started sucking on the nipple. A trickle of formula came out of her mouth and dribbled down her chin. The warm baby formula flowed down Marie's throat and into her stomach. It tasted good and was quenching her thirst.

As Marie sucked on her bottle, Linda laid her down on the mattress. Pulling the zipper down, Linda reached her hand felt her baby's diapers. They were wet, but could wait until after she fed her baby breakfast. When Marie finished her bottle, Linda sat her up and started to pat her back. This produced a loud burp and a milk bubble from Marie.

Lifting Marie from the crib, Linda sat her on the floor. Linda went to the kitchen to prepare the breakfast for Marie while Margaret played with her granddaughter. After a while, Margaret brought Marie to the kitchen and sat her in the baby's high-chair. Taking a large plastic baby bib, Margaret tied it on Marie. On the front of the bib was a cartoon of "Hello Kitty".

Linda sat a baby bowl or warm rice cereal on the tray. Marie started eating the cereal like she was "programmed" to, with her fingers. She was getting the cereal all over the place, on the floor, the tray, her hands and arms and all over her face. Linda stopped her "baby daughter". Taking a warm washcloth, she proceeded to clean Marie up. When that chore was accomplished, Linda picked up the tiny baby spoon and began spoon-feeding the cereal to Marie. Of course Marie got the cereal on her face, but it was not as messy as when she fed herself. It took close to 30 minutes feed Marie and herself breakfast.

Following breakfast, Linda and Margaret cleaned up while Marie sat in her high-chair, sucking her thumb watching. While Marie watch the grown-ups cleaning up, she remembered all the time that cleaning up was her chore. She was enjoying being babied and having fun things to do.

Completing that chore, Linda removed the tray and had Marie crawl to the bathroom. Closing the door, Linda started running the water into the tub. Linda poured Mr. Bubble into the water. It immediately started the foaming. Once Linda was satisfied with the temperature and the water level, she turned off the spigots. Laying Marie on the carpet, Linda removed the Dr. Dentons, her tee shirt, the damp plastic pants and finally the diapers.

Helping her baby daughter, Linda sat her in the warm bath water. Like most 12 month olds, Marie started splashing and giggling. Linda laugh too, she was enjoying bathing Marie. As Linda bathed Marie, she gave her baby a rubber duckie to play with. It took Linda over three quarters of an hour to bath Marie.

When she finished, Linda took a large fluffy towel and dried Marie. Linda needed a towel to dry herself too. Taking Marie into her nursery room, she laid her on the soft carpet, Linda powdered Marie's pubic area and her bottom. Taking a pamper, she taped it on her "baby daughter". A white sleeveless, tee shirt with a little pink bow on it came next, followed by a pair of white anklets.

"Mommy's not gonna put Baby Rie's party dress on yet.

"Mommy's" gonna wait until it's almost time for the party." Cooed Linda.

Taking Marie into the bathroom with her, Linda turned the shower on. She adjusted the water temperature to the correct setting.

Looking down at her "baby daughter", Linda cooed, "Mommy's gonna take her shower, sweetie. Mommy can't leave baby by herself, so Mommy brought baby in here with her. Now be a good baby." She handed Marie a rattle to play with.

Linda removed her robe and nightgown and stepped into the shower. Marie crawled over to the disguarded nightclothes, picking them up. It seemed so long ago that she wore anything grown-up. The silkiness of the material felt good to Marie, making her wish that she could wear them again instead of the cotton jammies.

Marie looked up as the water was shut off. Pushing back the shower curtain, Linda emerged dripping wet. Vigorously, Linda dried herself, and then wrapped the towel around her. Opening the door, she and Marie went into the bedroom. Marie sat on the floor sucking her thumb, as Linda sat at her vanity table, blow drying her long brown hair. When Linda finished, she called Marie over. Taking a soft brush, she brushed Marie's hair, pulling the center up and clipping a pink, plastic, baby bow. Marie crawled around the room following Linda, as she got dressed. Linda dressed in a knee length one-piece dark red dress, stockings, and high heels.

Marie thought how grown-up this woman looked, especially next to h3er in her diapers.

Linda took Marie to the living room where Margaret was already waiting. She too was dressed in a knee length blue skirt, with a white blouse, stockings, and high heels. Linda knelt next to Marie with her party dress. Pulling it over Marie's head, Linda button the three pearl buttons in the back of the dress. Marie looked at the dress she wore. It was pink with a white peter pan collar and puffed sleeves. The hem barely passed her crotch. A white pin-a-fore covered the front of the baby dress. Taking a pair of black patent Mary-Janes, Linda covered Marie's feet.

"Doesn't the baby look so cute, Mom." Cooed Linda squeezing Marie's cheek.

Margaret knelt next to Marie smiling. Taking a plastic baby bib, she tied on her. Then she handed Marie a warm baby bottle of Simulac. Using both hands, Marie stuck the nipple and started sucking the warm formula.

Watching Marie, Linda said, "Looks like we already for the party." Glancing at her watch, she continued," Our guests should be arriving very shortly."

Just then, the doorbell rang. Margaret answered it, and in entered several of Linda's girlfriends. They ranged in age from 18 to 24. The girlfriends came over to Linda, hugging her and then they started cooing at Marie. Soon the room was soon filled with about 30 women, their ages ranging from 18 to 45. Margaret's friends were there too. And they all knew about Marie.

Marie sat on her "Grandmommy's" lap watching her "Mommy" open presents. They were all for Marie, from a diaper bag to sleepers, from pampers to baby dresses. It was a typical baby shower, except that all of the baby gifts were for an adult. A friend had an adult size baby swing made for Marie. Linda knew that Marie would spend many hours enjoying this present.

Marie crawled around the floor after the cake had been served. The women were eating their cake and drinking coffee or soda. Sitting on the floor, Marie discovered something, if she pulled on the tab, it would open. And it did! Like most babies, Marie got bored almost right away with this and decided to crawl to her "Mommy". The loose pamper, one side still taped, slowly slid down her leg and quickly found itself on the floor. Marie crawled to Linda with her bottom exposed. The hem of her baby dress barely reached the small of her back, revealing her bottom. Like many babies, Marie did not care. Her main concern was her "ba-ba", her "binkie", her teddy bear, and most of all, her thumb. As she passed the guest, they would giggle and pat her bare bottom.

Marie crawled up to Linda who cooed, "Does Baby Rie want some cake?" Taking a spoon, she took a small piece of cake and put it into Marie's mouth. This brought a big grin to Marie face.

"Baby Rie," exclaimed Linda, "where's your diaper?"

A few women remarked on how their child, or niece or nephew, discovered how to rid themselves of their diapers and crawl around naked. It seems Baby Rie discovered how to get rid of her diaper too, they commented. One of the women quietly left the room.

Susan, Linda's best friend, returned carrying some baby supplies.

"We don't want the baby having an accident, now do we." She cooed to Marie. Laying Marie down in front of everyone, Susan laid a diaper pad under Marie's bottom. Marie laid there sucking her thumb as Susan powdered her and put diaperine on her. Next came four thick cloth diapers and plastic pants pulled up, covering the bulky diapers.

"Dere," cooed Susan, "Baby Rie in nice dry didees again."

As Marie laid on the floor, Susan sat at her feet. Picking up her ankles, Susan started singing, "The Wheels On The Bus Go Round and Round," much to everyone's delight. They all could not believe how infantile Marie acted.

Linda remarked to everyone that Marie was not acting, but really believed that she was a baby again.

As the party continued, 14-year-old Marsha came in.

"Everyone," announced Linda, "this is Baby Rie's babysitter, Marsha."

The women started saying hello to the girl. Marsha came over to Marie, kneeling down next to her and started playing with her. Margaret gave her a baby bowl of full of a variety of strained fruits. Marsha started spoon-feeding the mush to Marie, every once in a while, wiping her face. She was very caring towards Marie and was very good with her. Linda knew that she had picked a good babysitter for her "baby daughter".

Marie was enjoying herself at the party. She was crawling around or would be sitting on someone's lap. And everyone was treating her like a baby.

A little after 1, Marie crawled over to Linda and started pulling on the hem of her dress. Linda was talking and simplely patted the top of Marie's head. This did not sit to well with Marie. She wanted Linda's full attention. Marie started fussing and whimpering, trying to get Linda's attention.

Finally, Linda looked at Marie and cooed, "Why all the fuss, babykins?" looking at her watch, she knew why. It was past Marie naptime.

"Ah, Baby Rie is getting cranky. It's time for baby's nappy-poo. Say bye-bye to your new aunties.

"Mommy" will put you down for you nap." She said taking Marie's wrist and waving it.

Susan came over to Linda and said, "Lin, do you want me to put the baby down?"

Linda said ok and allowed Susan to take Marie. Now Linda was a very careful mother and would not just let anyone take her baby, but Susan she would trust with her life. More important, she trusted Susan with the life of her baby.

Patting Marie's bottom, Susan cooed, "Come on babykins.

"Mommy's" allowing Auntie Susie to put you in your crib."

Susan took Marie to the nursery room. Lowering the side rail, Susan helped Marie into the crib. Gently, Susan removed Marie's cute baby dress and her Mary-Janes. Laying Marie down, Susan gave her a bottle and covered her with a light sheet. After kissing Marie's forehead, she pulled up the rail, making sure that it locked. As Linda had instructed, Susan put on the baby monitor and the musical nursery box. Susan left the room, closing the door to the room.

As Marie slept, Linda took several of her guests to the nursery room to see her "baby". They all remarked how sweet she looked, sleeping, sucking her thumb and holding her stuffed animal.

After an hour and a half, Margaret went to wake her "granddaughter" up. Lowering the side rail, Margaret checked Marie's diapers, only to find them wet. Before returning to the party, Margaret started to change Marie's diaper. She put on Marie three thick diapers. Taking a pale yellow, one piece, "Onsie" outfit. Margaret pulled the outfit over Marie's head. Lifting Marie's bottom up, Margaret pulled the flap up between her legs and snap the flap closed in the front. They soon returned to the party.

The women were still enjoying themselves. When Linda saw Marie, she had her "baby" crawl to where the baby swing stood. Carefully, Linda sat Marie in the seat, securing the straps, making sure Marie could not fall. Cranking the automatic swing apparatus, Marie giggled as it started to swing back and forth.

By 5, the party started breaking up. Linda was at the front door with Margaret, saying their good-byes. Linda stood with Marie standing next to her. Marie and Linda were about the same size, but Linda held Marie like a baby on her hip. Her right leg was in between Marie's legs and she was holding Marie under her bottom with her right arm, patting it. Marie had laid her head on her "mommy's" shoulder, sucking her pacifier. Soon, the last guest had left. Susan stated that anytime Linda needed a babysitter for Baby Rie, she would be available.

Linda put Marie into the playpen as she and her mother cleaned up. Marie sat in the playpen, sucking her thumb, watching the grown-ups clean up. Soon, Linda and Margaret had the living room and kitchen all straighten up and it was time for Marie's dinner. Linda and her mother were both full from the party and decided not to have dinner. Taking Marie out of the playpen, Linda sat her in her high-chair. After securing the feeding tray in place, Margaret tied a large plastic baby bib on Marie.

Linda had learned from her mother to puree all of Marie's food. Margaret had done this for Linda and now Linda was doing it for Marie. Linda believed it was much healthier for her "baby daughter".

Marie enjoyed the baby food that her "mommy" fed her. It tasted so much "gooder" than the baby food that was fed to her at the clinic.

Linda sat next to Marie's high-chair as she fed Marie using a tiny baby spoon. Though Marie had the mental equivalent of a 12 month old and would be able to fed herself, Linda enjoyed feeding her. She was still getting use to being a "mommy". Along with the mush baby food, Linda bottle-fed Marie in-between spoonfuls of baby food. Marie found herself banging her feet on the high-chair's footrest. She was such a happy baby.

When her dinner was over, Linda sat her on the kitchen floor and took her crawl into the living room. Sitting on the floor, with the sofa as a backrest, Linda had Marie sit in between her legs. Wrapping her arms around her baby, Linda held a storybook and started reading to her. As Linda read the story, she would use funny voices, causing Marie to giggle. Around 7:30, Margaret came in and sat on the sofa. Lifting Marie and sitting her on her lap, Margaret laid her in the crock of her arm and started bottle-feeding her "baby grand-daughter". By the time Margaret finished feeding Marie and burping her, it was time for bed.

In the past month or so, since her babying conditioning started, Marie was schedule to go to bed at 8 p.m. as a result, Marie was tired by that time.

Linda had Marie crawl to her nursery room where she laid Marie in her baby crib. Removing from the dresser, Linda produced a white baby gown to put on Marie. The baby gown was white with tiny baby blocks printed on the cotton material. Laying her "baby" down, she removed the Onsie outfit. Checking Marie's diapers, Linda found them wet, so she quickly removed the damp plastic pants and the soaking wet diapers. She deposited them into the diaper pail. Marie enjoyed it when her "mommy" or another grown-up removed her diapers. It felt so refreshing having the sir circulate around her skin.

Taking baby powder, Linda sprinkled it all over Marie's bare skin, on her arms, chest, legs, and of course her pubic area and her bottom. Marie laid there sucking her thumb, giggling, as Linda while rubbing the powder and began to tickle her.

Soon, Marie was ready for bed. She started yawning as Linda gave her a teddy bear, her binkie, and pulled the sheet up covering her. After kissing her forehead, Linda pulled up and secured the said rail. Marie was settled in for the night..

Marie thought that she was safe, being a baby, for now she had a mommy and a grand-mommy too. Even though it was hard giving up her adult personality, she knew that being Linda's baby would be just fine. Marie no longer had a care in the world. She was now a baby and happy to be one again.

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