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- The Baby Hotel -

The Reporter - Part I

By Robert

In town was a shop that hand made all of the outfits for the baby-women. As a matter of fact, a lot of the women in town like the "baby dresses". They were full of ribbons and lace and short. Not only that, the women thought they were very comfortable, so the seamstress sold dresses for the adult woman too. Going though town, you would see women wearing the baby dresses showing off their legs in those micro-mini skirts. Now how can you tell who was being babied? The adult women would have purses, mostly be in high heels and had a sexy look about them. And the men loved the sexy look. The baby-women would be pushed around in strollers and have a nurse with them.

It was in the dress shop that trouble started. A TV investigator reporter, Lynn Dole, heard a rumor about some women being regressed so she left her office to come to this town. And as always, did not tell anyone where she was going or what she was up too. Lynn was considered a real life Lois Lane, a great reporter, but she always seemed to get into trouble.

Once in town, Lynn started looking around. She quickly discovered the Baby Hotel, but she was unable to discover the nature of the facility or get an interview. It was on private property. She watch for a few hours, seeing grown women being pushed around in baby strollers, being dressed as babies too. The only way in was through the front gate and you had to have a pass. The only ones who got through without one was the baby-women, but they were with nurses.

Back in town, Lynn went from place to place asking questions. She the got the standard answers, the women there were head injured people who regressed back to being babies, period. Lynn felt that there was more to it.

Going to the dress shop, she bought a baby dress, anklets and Mary Jane shoes. In her SUV, she changed her clothes. Knowing that the only way to get into that place was to look the part, she decided to look like one of these baby-women. There was a story there and she intended to get it. Lynn was sure once she had the story, she could sneak out without being noticed. She quickly got into the baby dress, socks and shoes. Pulling on her shoulder length, light brown hair, Lynn put it into a ponytail.

Looking at herself, Lynn thought she looked like one of them. All of sudden, she said, "Damn, I forgot those diapers." Oh well, nobody will notice...I hope."

With the baby dress came a pair of plastic panties that had ruffles on them. Lynn decided to wear them to cover her bikini panties.

Leaving her SUV, Lynn sneaked around until she came to a shady park. Sitting down by a large tree she waited until she saw one of the nurses stroll by. Lynn did not have to wait long. A nurse walk pass dressed in her crisp, white uniform and blue cape. Lynn knew what to do, she started crying. With her fists up in her eyes and her feet kicking, Lynn cried her "little" eyes out. The nurse quickly came to her rescue.

Kneeling next to her, the nurse started to rock the "baby". The nurse cooed, "Ah, you poor baby. No worry, nursie here to take care of you." Looking around the nurse said not expecting a response, "Where's your nursie, baby?"

Removing a cell phone, the nurse dialed the hotel and told them to get an ambulance there. As she talked on the phone, the nurse removed an extra pacifier from her pocket and inserted it into Lynn's mouth. Lynn felt foolish sucking on it, but she had to play the part. An ambulance arrived within five minutes. Lynn was lifted and strapped down on the adjustable gurney and taken away.

Before she knew it, Lynn was being wheeled down the hall to an examination room. In the room, the nurses quickly removed the baby clothes and the plastic panties, discovering that she was wearing big girl bikini underwear! No only that, they were confused, all baby-women had a baby i.d. bracelet around their right ankle. This baby did not. Not only did she not have a baby's I.D. bracelet, but when the nurse removed the bikini panties, the nurses found that the baby had pubic hair and was not shaved! !

The way that the nurses were looking at her, Lynn knew that she was in trouble. She felt so vulnerable laying there naked in front of all these women. Lifting Lynn up, the nurses placed her in a vacant baby's crib in the room. It was one that had a lid that locked. Lynn found that she was unable to get out. The nurses knew that Lynn was an imposter.

In through the doors walked Bob Charleson. Looking down at Lynn, he smiled.

"Ladies," he announced to the nurses, "this is Ms. Lynn Dole, a reporter." To Lynn, he said, "Forgive us Ms. Dole. We'll have you out of there momentarily. I'll even give you a tour of the facility. First, though, you'll have to sign these few pages."

Lynn, grateful that she was going to get out, signed her name where Bob showed her. With the three sheets of paper signed, Bob smiled.

"Looking for a story, Ms. Dole?" he said.

"I had reports that you were poking your head around town trying to find out what's going on here." Picking up the baby dress she wore, he continued, "But I didn't think you go to this extreme."

Turning to the nurses, Bob said, "Prepare the baby."

Lynn looked at him confused.

"I thought that you were going to release me." Cried out Lynn. She never knew how wrong she was.

Bob continued smiling as he said, "Those papers you signed were for the following. First one you signed was that you agreed to commit yourself here of your own free will. The second one was to allow us to relieve any types of stress that we deem fit with your regression treatment. And the third was that after the treatment, you know that you would be unable to care for yourself and have agreed to be have a guardian take care of you or be adopted. All of this of your own free will."

"Let me out of here." Lynn screamed as she grabbed the rails of the crib.

Still smiling, Bob said, "Since you wanted to know what's going on here, you'll get the full treatment. Unfortunately, when we finish, you won't be able to write your story or even talk about it." Smiling still, he continued, "Why, you ask. Because you'll have the mental capacity of a 12 month old baby. The only thing you'll care about is dry diapers, your thumb, and someone taking care of your needs. And of course, you won't be able to speak as an adult or walk."

Lynn started sobbing, she was not going to write this story, but she was going to be in it, if it was ever written.

The burses unlocked the lid and pulled Lynn out of the crib and laid her back on the examination table. One nurse held her hands, while the other nurse held her feet. The third nurse took scissors and clipped away all of Lynn's pubic hair. Lynn struggled, but to no avail. Taking shaving cream, the nurse smeared it all over her stubble and shaved that away. Lynn was now as hairless as a newborn baby. holding Lynn's face, one of the nurses scrubbed her face removing all of her make-up. Using nail clippers, another nurse clipped Lynn's nails short. Then Lynn was measured and her weight taken.

Lastly her temperature was taken, rectally! Lynn was turned onto her stomach and held down. Then the nurse produced a very large thermonitor. It was the equivalent of the size of a thermonitor would be if Lynn was a real small baby. The nurse greased the tip and inserted the end into Lynn's bottom. Lynn let out a yell at this invasion. Lynn found herself sobbing hysterically. She did not want to become a baby again.

After her temperature was taken, the nurse rubbed diaperine all over Lynn's bottom and then her pubic area. Sprinkling baby powder on her pubic area and her bottom, the nurse rubbed that all over. Lynn could smell the sweet smell of the baby powder and it just scared her more at the thought of what was happening to her.

When Lynn began to complain about what was happening to her a special pacifier was put into her mouth. It had a rubber strap attached to the ends and the nurse wrapped it around Lynn's head. Her hands were encased into very tick mittens, preventing her from opening anything, let alone picking anything small up. She was helpless.

Lifting her bottom off the mat, the nurse slid a thick cloth under her. Then her bottom was lowered onto it. Spreading Lynn's legs apart, the nurse pulled the cloth up and pinned the ends together. Lynn was wearing a diaper! To make matters worse, the nurse pulled up a pair of plastic panties covering the thick diapers. It did not take long for Lynn's body heat to create heat inside the plastic pants. She found herself very uncomfortable in them.

Then Lynn found herself on her stomach again. The nurse was pulling down her plastic pants and unpinning one side of the diaper. She had a syringe in her hand.

"This shot is a muscle reelaxer. It will relax your bladder muscles so that when you have the urge to pee, nothing will stop you. You'll be like an un-potty trained baby." with that, she inserted the needle into Lynn's bottom cheek. Lynn let out a small muffled cry. Then she was re-diapered.

The last thing done was a baby's I.D. bracelet was attached to her right ankle. Lynn looked down and read it, "BABY GIRL - DOLE".

The nurses put Lynn on a gurney and took it to a special room. The walls were mirrored causing the room to look enormous. The nurses took Lynn off the gurney and sat her on the floor, then left.

Once the nurses had left, Lynn, using the mirrored walls for support, stood up on very shaky legs. The tile floor felt cool on her bare feet. Looking around, she saw her reflection a hundred times over in the mirrors. Lynn saw a bare footed grown woman, naked except for a pair of plastic pants that looked very inflated, sucking a baby's pacifier. Lynn wanted to scream, but could not.

As Lynn walked around the room, she felt that someone was watching her. She was sure that the mirrors were of a two-way glass. Lynn felt so vulnerable.

Why did she do this? She thought to herself. Why didn't she tell someone at the station what she was up too? Because she did not want to lose this story. Did she really think she could get out of this place with it's high security in forced.

Walking around, Lynn noticed something, she felt a small amount of pressure on her bladder. If the shot that she was given earlier really worked, Lynn would be wearing wet diapers like any baby would be. Lynn squeezed her legs together. Her reflection revealed that she was not only keeping her legs together, but they were bending and she was "pigeon-toed" too!

The people watching her must knew that the shot was working causing her bladder to get weaker and weaker. It was time.


Still squeezing her legs shut, for the pressure seemed to increase, Lynn thought what was meant by lessons and what type of punishment she would get.


Lynn stood there, not caring at what the voice stated. She was concentrating on not wetting herself. She found dancing around, hoping from one foot to the other.

Again the female voice bellowed out, "SECOND TIME - YOU ARE A BABY. BABIES DO NOT STAND, THEY CRAWL."

Still Lynn did nothing. Her thoughts were on holding her pee. How could she ever face anyone if she peed herself like a two year old?

"THIRD TIME" the voice stated.


It was then that Lynn though of the consequences, she was going to punish her if she did not obey. That's when the pressure on her bladder increased and Lynn bent over squeezing her crotch with both her hands. She was feeling like a little child that need to go "potty". Right now, she did care about the punishment, she just did not want to wet herself.

That's when it happened. Up through the floor up her bare feet and straight up her legs was a mild shot of electricity. It was enough to weaken the nerves in her legs causing her to fall into a fetal position. Not only that, the electricity caused Lynn to lose the little control that she had of her bladder. Lynn soaked the diapers! She felt the warm liquid flood the diapers, invading her crotch and working it's way to her bottom. Lynn felt horrible and started crying. She had wet diapers on like a baby, which was exactly what they wanted from her.

For the next two hours, Lynn sat next to one of the mirrored walls. Because of the thickness of the diapers, wet as they were, Lynn could not sit as a woman would. She found that she had to have her legs spread apart to be comfortable.

A few times, she had stood up leaning on the walls only to be shocked again. A trickle of pee erupted into her already soaked diapers. Laying on the floor, Lynn started sobbing.

As the time went by, Lynn noticed that her diapers were getting colder. Not only that, her crotch started to itch. Unknown to Lynn, her diapers were treated to produce a rash on the skin once they were wet. In a short period of time a Lynn's newly shaved pubic area was bright red and sore.

A panel in the wall slid silently open and a nurse in a crisp white starched uniform walked in pushing a cart. Lynn sat there, frozen somewhat in fear.

"What is this woman going to me?" thought Lynn.

She did not have long to wait. The nurse removed the strapped pacifier that Lynn had sucking on. Turning towards the cart, the nurse picked up a nipple baby bottle. Holding the back of Lynn's head, she stuck the nipple into her mouth. Due to the sucking that she had been doing for the past few hours, Lynn involuntary started to suck on the warm baby formula. It took a few seconds for that to strike Lynn and she tried to avoid drinking from the baby bottle. Lynn started shoving the bottle away, but the nurse was very strong. When that did not work, Lynn began moving her head back and forth, taking in vain to get the nipple away. It was useless and Lynn found herself sucking on the horrible nipple, drinking the warm baby formula. When she had finished about three quarters of the bottle, the nurse released her hold and Lynn crumpled to the floor.

That's when Lynn noticed that the mirror panel was opened - a chance for her escape. She quickly got up and on shaky legs, half ran, half stumbled to the door. Lynn could see the nurse's reflection in the mirror ahead of her. The nurse just stood there watch. She could easily re-capture Lynn, but didn't. she just stood there watching.

About two feet from the panel's exit, a bolt of electricity once again shot up through Lynn's feet, making her fall. Lynn once again found herself in a fetal position. And again, she found herself involuntarily peeing her diapers. Lynn's diapers were now so soaked that they were sagging.

The nurse stood there looking down at Lynn with her arms folded.

"Did baby think she could leave so easily?" the nurse just shook her head.

"And nursie was just about to change baby's didee. Now baby goin' to haveta stay in her wet didees for a while longer."

The nurse replaced the horrid pacifier back into l\inn's mouth. Lynn struggled to prevent this, but the nurse was stronger. Taking the cart, she pushed it out of the room, leaving Lynn completely alone.

Lynn sat on the floor as the tears came rolling down her cheeks. The soaked diaper was so wet that it sagged in the back, exposing Lynn's bottom. She found herself sucking on the nipple of the pacifier again. The sucking was unintentional, but she could not help it.

Half an hour or so, Lynn decide to crawl around the room. The sagging diaper slipped off her waist and down her thighs, landing at Lynn's knees. Lynn was so embarrassed, she tried pulling up the diapers and plastic pants, but to no avail. The mittens were much to thick to accomplish this simple feat. Lynn threw herself face down on the tile floor and started wailing hysterically.

As Lynn was crying, the panel once again slid silently opened and the nurse walked in. for a second time, she came in pushing a cart. Going over to Lynn, she knelt down and cradle Lynn, rocking her.

"No cry babykins. Nursie here to change dose nasty didees on baby." she cooed.

Lynn looked up grateful that she was going to have the awful diapers changed. She wanted them changed and she did not even care if she was being put into diapers again. At least they were clean and dry.

The nurse picked up a large white fluffy diaper and slid it neatly under Lynn's bottom. She then picked up a tube of diaperine and began to rub it into the baby-woman's now shaved and hairless pubic area. Lifting the sobbing woman's legs high in the air, she began rubbing the diaperine into Lynn's bottom and then sprinkled an ample amount of baby powder into the baby-woman's diaper area. Quickly and expertly she then drew the diaper up between the Lynn's legs and pinned it tightly on either side with two, large pink diaper pins. Next she put Lynn's legs through a pair of pink frilly plastic baby pants and pulled them up securely over the bulging diaper, tucking in all parts of the diaper that were outside of the leg and waist holes. Lynn tried to put her legs together but found the diaper so bulky that this was impossible. Next the nurse pulled a pair of white ankle socks over her feet. These had pretty pink bows on either side and looked very babyish.

"Time for Baby Lynn's din-din." Cooed the nurse.

By now, not only Lynn was thirsty, but hungry too. The nurse produced again another nipple baby bottle of formula and a large jar of baby food. Lynn could read the label on the jar - "GERBER'S BABY FOOD, STRAINED CHICKEN". Now Lynn was going to fed mush baby food. The nurse also removed some other jars. There was 'GERBER'S BABY FOOD, STRAINED CARROTS, STRAINED PEAS, AND STRAINED PRUNES"! And they were all very large jars. Taking a plastic bib from the cart, the nurse tied it on Lynn. Lynn was too upset and drained to resist. Using a very large plastic spoon, she began feeding Lynn the strained baby foods. Lynn felt like gagging on the strained baby food, but she managed to swallow the awful substance. The only one she could not stand was the strained prunes. When the nurse shoved a large spoonful of them into Lynn's mouth, she gagged and spit tem out. Taking another large spoonful of strained prunes, the nurse tried to fed it to Lynn. Lynn refused to open her mouth. Annoyed, the next time, she grabbed Lynn's nose and then shoved the spoonful into her mouth, followed by the baby bottle of formula. Lynn gagged, but to the nurse's satisfaction, swallowed the prunes. Knowing that this would happen every time the nurse fed her the prunes, Lynn ate them. She cried throughout the entire ordeal.

Kneeling next to Lynn, the nurse pulled her head over her shoulder and began patting Lynn's back. The nurse was attempting to burp Lynn! Before Lynn could object to this, she opened her mouth and a loud burp emerged. Not only that, she spit up a little of the baby formula too. Lynn was starting to responded like a baby.

Sobbing, Lynn cried out, "II'mm nnott aaa"!

"NO!" yelled the nurse.

"You speak baby talk only."

At that statement, the nurse pulled a weaken Lynn over her knee, yanked the plastic pants down to her knees, and unpinned the diapers exposing her bottom. Lynn knew what was going to happen, but had no strength to do anything about it. Using the palm of her hand, the nurse gave Lynn her first bare bottom spanking. Lynn found herself kicking her legs, crying and begging for the nurse to stop the spanking.

When the nurse finished spanking Lynn, she rolled off the nurse's lap, kneeling on the floor. With one mitten hand, she tried stopping the flow of tears while with the other hand, she was rubbing her sore diapered bottom.

Without saying a word, the nurse quietly left the room, leaving Lynn lying on the floor sobbing. Lynn felt so vulnerable, helpless. When was this terrible nightmare going to end, she thought to herself.

For the next two hours, Lynn sat in the mirrored room. A few times, she would crawl around, Lynn was afraid to stand for the fear of being punished. Finally, the mirrored panel opened and in walked a nurse carrying a long thin rod. Looking closely at it. Lyn knew that it was a cattle prod.

"Time for baby's beddy-bye." Announced the nurse.

"Since you are going to be treated as a baby, you know all babies are put on a schedule. Bedtime is 8 p.m." pointing her finger to the opening, the nurse ordered, "Now crawl to your nursery room."

Lynn did not move. The nurse being impatient, so she reached out with the prod and touched Lynn's defenseless leg. A surge of electricity shot through Lynn's leg. Causing Lynn to pee a little. Lynn curled up into the fetal position.

Another nurse appeared in the doorway. Her hand on her hips, said to the nurse standing over Lynn, "That was unnecessary. Do not do that again."

The nurse looked down, embarrassed as she said, "Yes, Miss Leach. I won't do that again."

Miss leach went to Lynn and knelt next to her. Rocking er, Karen leach cooed to her, "It's ok baby. Nursie's here to take care of baby. Does baby think her can crawl to her nursery room?"

Looking up at the caring nurse, Lynn shook her head. Getting on all fours, Lynn followed Karen out the room and down the spotless white hallway. They went into a open elevator where Karen using a series of buttons, closed the doors. Lynn could feel the elevator descend. It stopped and the doors opened, revealing another hallway. As they went down the hallway, Lynn noticed that the rooms had "NURSERY ROOM" followed by a number. Finally, they stopped at 'NURSERY ROMM 823". Opening the door, Karen went in followed by Lynn. Lynn was so tired, she was not use to crawling. Karen took her to a large baby's crib. Lowering the side rail, they lifted Lynn up and laid her on the soft mattress.

Checking Lynn's diapers, Karen found them soaked. The shot was still working, causing her to wet each time there was any pressure on her bladder. Laying Lynn down, Karen pulled the damp plastic panties down and then unpinned the sopping wet diapers. She deposited them into the diaper pail. Taking baby wipes, Karen washed Lynn's diaper area and her bottom. Lynn was so embarrassed about the treatment.

She did not know why she was so docile at being treated this way. Lynn knew that she was an adult, could walk like an adult and talk like an adult. But she was so afraid of being punished. The electric shocks to her system affected very nerve in her body. So now she was just afraid to act as adult and would behave as she was told. Besides, she was exhausted. She was so tired that she was allowing the nurse to do anything she wanted.

The mattress felt so comfortable to Lynn. Karen continued cleaning Lynn, rubbing diaperine on her pubic area, then rolling Lynn onto her stomach and rubbing the diaperine on her bottom. Sprinkling of baby powder on her bottom and then her pubic area was causing Lynn to relax even more. Lying Lynn on her back again, Karen lifted her bottom up and slid four, very thick cloth diapers under her. Lynn's leg were spread apart, pulled up and pinned at the sides. Due to the thickness of the diapers, Lynn was unable to close her legs. Taking a pair of white, plastic pants, Karen pulled them up and over Lynn's diapers, ensuring that none of the cloth diapers were visible.

Holding a pair of dr. Denton's, Karen inserted Lynn's feet into the booties and pulled the pajamas up her legs. Sitting her up, Karen pulled the pajamas over the bulky diapers and plastic pants, inserting Lynn's arms into the sleeves. With the mittens attached, Lynn found her hands were made into fists. Karen then pulled the zipper up, enclosing Lynn in the pajamas.

Pulling up the side rail, Karen gave her new charge a teddy bear, which she lifted Lynn's arm up and let her hug the stuffed animal. A light sheet cover Lynn.

"Please, don't do this to me." Cried Lynn, "I'm a grown woman, not a baby."

Karen put her finger to her lips as she whispered, "Hush, sweetie, It's time for sleep." Taking a pacifier with the strap, Karen inserted it into Lynn's mouth.

"It's 8 o'clock now. Time for baby's bedtime. Nursie will see baby tomorrow." Karen cooed as she closed and locked the lid. Karen left the room, leaving only a nightlight on.

Lynn laid in her crib, sucking on the pacifier. She tried in vain to remove the pacifier, but was unable to due to the mittens. As Lynn laid there, she could feel her pee trickling into her diapers, slowly at first and then picking up, flooding her diapers. She could feel the moisture invading the diapers, making her skin damp. Tears started to pour down her cheeks as Lynn felt more and more infant-like with each passing second. She found herself crying herself to sleep.

Through out the night, nurses would come in, check on the sleeping baby-women. Looking down at Lynn, the nurse observed that she was asleep on her stomach, sucking her pacifier. Most women's first night, they were so exhausted, that they never gave any trouble.

Around two, nurses came into the nursery room to check on the baby-women. One of the nurses came up to Lynn's crib, unlocked the lid and lowered the side rail. Removing the strapped pacifier, the nurse gently inserted the nipple of a baby bottle into her mouth. Lynn woke up with a start. Her eyes widen when she saw that the nurse was holding onto baby bottle. In took a few seconds for Lynn to remember where she was. She was being held against her will, being forced to become a baby again.

"Hold your bottle, baby." ordered the nurse.

Reluctantly, Lynn did as she was ordered to do. She reached up and grabbed it with a mitten hand. Lynn quickly discovered that she had trouble holding it with only one hand, but she was determined to do so.

"Both hands." Said the nurse.

"If you don't, you'll be punished."

The word, punished, did the trick. Lynn quickly grabbed the bottle with both hands and started sucking loudly on the nipple. The formula tasted horrible, but she knew that if she did not drink the warm liquid, the nurse would punish her. As she sucked on the nipple, the nurse unzipped the Dr. Denton's and removed it from Lynn. Lynn layer there dressed in a tee shirt, a pair of plastic pants and diapers. Pulling down the front of the plastic pants, the nurse felt Lynn's diapers.

"Wet." She announced. Lynn turned red from hearing that she was wearing wet diapers.

Tears started to roll down her cheeks as the nurse removed the wet diapers and cleaned her up. Lynn was feeling so helpless, so infantile. She was determined that in the morning, she would have enough strength to fight these nurses and get out of this madhouse.

The nurse quickly finished putting dry diapers on Lynn. Her pajamas were put back on, the side rail pulled up and the lid closed and locked. Lynn laid there, nursing on the baby bottle, watching the nurse leave. Lynn found herself growing sleepy, closing her eyes, she was asleep in minutes.

Once again, Lynn woke with a start. The nipple of a baby bottle was being inserted into her mouth. Opening her eyes, she saw Karen , leaning over her, holding the baby bottle.

"Did baby have a nice sleepy-byes?" she cooed

Lynn started to suck on the nipple when she remembered what she intended to do. Pushing the bottle away, she said angrily, "I'm not a baby!" and quickly got out of the crib.

Racing towards the door, Lynn was grabbed from behind. Turning, Lynn noticed that Karen had seized the material of her pajamas at the small of her back. Lynn found herself being spun around and falling on to the soft carpet. Karen straddled her, pinning her down by placing her knee in her back. Grabbing Lynn's ear, Karen stood up and dragged her over to her crib.


Lynn was scared and started crying. Karen threw Lynn face down on the crib's mattress. Unzipping the Dr. Denton's, Karen yanked them off, yanked off the plastic pants and unpinned the diapers. Lynn found herself naked now, but she did not care. She was going to be punished and did not want to be. A nurse came over to Karen and handed her something. Turning her head, Lynn saw that it was a wooden paddle. Holding Lynn down, Karen started spanking her bare, defenseless bottom. Not want to, Lynn quickly found herself crying, pounding her fist and kicking her legs. She was acting just like a baby who was being punished. All of Lynn's defiance was spanked out of her.

Karen spanked her until Lynn's bottom was bright red. When Karen stopped the spanking, Lynn laid on the mattress, exhausted.

"You are a bad baby." scolded Karen, shaking her finger at Lynn.

Without saying another word, Karen holding Lynn down, inserted the nozzle of a enema tube into Lynn's bottom. Lynn started to cry at the invasion.

"Hush now" Scolded Karen.

"and lay still."

Lynn did as she was told. A few minutes later, Karen stopped the enema. Sitting Lynn up, Karen started to lecture her.

"For being such a bad baby," Karen said, "you'll be given an enema every morning and your diapers will not be changed until bedtime." Karen was standing right in front of Lynn, shaking her finger.

"This will continue for the next week."

As Karen was speaking, Lynn looked down at her stomach, or as Karen told her, her tummy. Lynn's stomach had expanded to twice it's size. She looked like she did when she was five months pregnant! Karen must have given her a two quart enema.

It dawn on Lynn that this was going to happen to her every day for the next week. That's when the cramps occur. It was not bad, but she knew soon she would be experiencing very bad cramps and she would be squeezing her bottom cheeks trying to prevent5 her messing herself.

Karen pushed her down on the crib's mattress and put a diaper and plastic pants on Lynn. Then the side rail was pulled up and the lid closed and locked. Lynn was imprisoned in her crib.

Grabbing the rails with her hands, Lynn cried out, "I'm sorry. Please don't punish me! I'll be good!!"

"You'll learn you lesson better this way." Stated Karen.

"Next time if try to think that you're a big girl, you'll remember your punishment." With that, Karen left the room.

Looking through the bars of her crib, Lynn saw three other baby-women looking at her. she heard the peter-patter noise only to realize that her tears were dropping on her plastic pants. Lynn see that the baby-women were feeling sorry for her and fear for themselves.

After about ten minutes Lynn could really feel the enema working as the cramps were getting moiré sever. Straining Lynn held off in messing the diapers for another five minutes or so. That's when the dam burst. The enema erupted into her diapers. It was awful Lynn felt as if she was sitting in warm mud. And she would have to endure this until her bedtime.

Lynn collapsed onto the crib's mattress crying her self to sleep. She woke about two hours later. A cold dampness she could feel around her waist and it was so uncomfortable. Lynn down at herself, she was clothed only in plastic pants and a diaper. Except for that, she was naked.

A nurse in her starched white uniform entered the nursery room pushing a cart. She stopped at each crib, handing each baby-women at nipple baby bottle. Finally, the nurse reached Lynn's crib.

Holding onto the rails, Lynn cried out, "Please, don't punish me. I'll be good, I promise. Please." As the tears began to roll down her cheeks. The nurse simply handed her a bottle and left her, completely ignoring Lynn's cries.

Around 11, Karen came in and went over to Lynn's crib. Holding onto the rails, Lynn cried, "Please change me. I'll be good, I promise. Please."

"No," replied Karen.

"You have been very naughty and must learn your lesson. I won't change you until tonight."

Karen unlocked the lid and lowered the side rail. Helping Lynn out of her crib, Karen had her crawl out f the nursery room and down the hall. Lynn felt so babyish. Crawling. All of the nurses and tech would look at her and coo, or pat the top of her head, while remarking to Karen hat a cute baby she was. Lynn felt so self-conscienous about the way she was dressed, her sagging diaper was the only thing she had on.

They went into a open elevator where Karen using a series of buttons, closed the doors. Lynn could feel the elevator rise. It stopped and the doors opened, revealing another hallway. Lynn knew where they were headed, to the mirror room where she was to learn more lesons! In one day, they had removed her power to wlak, what were they going to do to her taoday?


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