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The Reporter - Part II

Lynn sat on the tile floor with her back propped up against one of the mirror walls. Except for the soggy wet diaper she was naked. Her hands were covered with thick mittens, preventing her from unpinning her diapers. Lynn had trouble doing anything wearing them. The tile floor felt cool against her bare feet. She held her legs up against her chest, with her arms wrapped around them. Even though the room was warm, Lynn felt a chill in the air. It was the chill of fear.

"What are they going to do to me today?" Lynn asked herself.

As she sat there, the mirror panel wall silently slid open. Karen walked in pushing a cart. Karen was dressed in her usual starch white uniform, white stockings and white nurse's shoes.

"Time for baby's lessons to begin." she said.

Karen carried no cattle prod as she did yesterday, but Lynn knew that she would be punished quickly if she did not obey.

Smiling, Karen cooed, "Yesterday, baby learned how to crawl. Today, Baby Lynn is going to learn how to talk."

"I know how to speak." Lynn cried back.

That was a mistake. A bolt of electricity shot out of the floor where she was sitting, causing her to fall into a fetal position. It also caused her to pee in her already soaked diapers. Lynn laid there, and started sobbing.

Kneeling next to Lynn, Karen cooed, "Ah, poor baby. Baby Lynn needs a didee change. Nursie will change baby only if baby asks."

Through tear-filled eyes, Lynn looked up at Karen. She was so embarrassed. She was a grown woman who could dress herself, but now was being treated as if she was helpless and need assistance. Her diapers were soaked and hey were itching Lynn. Sobbing, Lynn asked, "Will you please change me?

Karen shook her head as she said sternly, "NO! You must ask in baby-talk."

Lynn was going to refuse, but the diaper was cold and itchy. Sobbing, she cried, "Pleeze nursie, pleeze change baby." Lynn started to cry. In a short period of time, Karen had made her talk like a baby.

Smiling, Karen cooed, "Dat's a good widdle baby. Nursie will change baby's nasty didees."

Lynn wiped away some of her tears with the back of her hand and smiled. She was grateful that she was going to be changed.

Karen stood and walked over to the cart. Removing several items, she came back and knelt next to Lynn. Laying down a large plastic mat, Karen laid Lynn down on it. Carefully, she pulled down the damp plastic pants and unpinned the soaking wet diapers.

As Karen was changing Lynn, she cooed saying, "Baby Lynn, if baby asks nursie nicely, maybe nursie will not give baby an enema and stop that punishment. But Baby Lynn hasta ask in her baby-talk."

Swallowing, Lynn thought about it. Her punishment of messy diapers and spankings would stop only if only she conform to the treatment and asked as a baby would. She had been embarrassed before and was embarrassed now, what's another embarrassing moment? Looking at Karen, Lynn said in a whisper, "Pleeze nursie, no spank baby no more, pleeze."

Karen continued cleaning Lynn's diaper area as she replied, "OK sweetie, since baby asked so nicely, nursie won't spank baby no more."

Lynn felt a wave of relief flood over her. She was going to get her diapers changed. But at what price did she have to pay? Karen had finished washing her virgina area and her bottom. Then taking diaperine, Karen spread the ointment all over her pubic area and her bottom, and then sprinkled baby powder. Lynn use to loved the smell of the powder, reminding her of when she saw her friends giving their babies diaper changes. Now, it reminded her how much of a baby she had become. Lynn just closed eyes and allowed Karen to change her diapers. Shortly, Karen had dry diapers and plastic pants on her. Karen added a new touch, she put on Lynn a pair of pink plastic pants with ruffles covering the seat. They looked very infantile on her. And as a surprise, Karen removed the thick mittens.

As Lynn was being taught her baby lessons, back at her office a friend and a rival reporter, Jill Corner, entered Lynn's office. No one at the network was surprise that Lynn was missing. When she was on a story, she would be gone a day, a week, or on a few occasions, a month. But when she returned, she had an exclusive series. Jill had a lunch date with Lynn. Since Lynn was not at her desk, she decided to snoop around. Jill was a go-getter, if she could not share the story Lynn was on, she take it. It was all fair in war and news reporting. All that she found was a piece of paper with the name of the town with the word "Baby" and a question mark.

"What's this about, Lynn?" she asked herself.

By the next day, Jill was driving in the center of the town Lynn had written down. She was astonished to see almost all the grown younger women wearing adult size baby dresses. She also noticed how all the men were looking at these women, especially their legs. The first place to look, she thought would be the dress shop.

When Jill entered the shop, the shop's owner and the designer, Mrs. Doris Bushman, greeted her. Mrs. Bushman was a woman in her late fifties, had streaks of white combed throughout her dark black hair. She stood very erect and had that regal look about her, but she was extremely sweet to Jill and answered all her questions.

As they sipped tea, Jill asked about the townspeople, specifically why the women wore baby dresses.

"A lot of the women are fine, but they enjoy the way men look at them, their legs especially." Doris said, "But those other poor dears up in what is call the 'The "Hotel"

". They are mentally handicapped, either by birth or by some type of an accident. They all have the mentality of babies. The hospital, or the "Hotel" as Mr. Charleson likes to call it, care for them. Most of the townsfolk work there." Taking her by the arm, Doris continued, "To tell you the truth, I'd never knew how many people are effected. There seems to be new accident victims each month."

Jill asked more questions and got answers. Promising to return and buy a baby dress, Jill said her goodbyes to Doris, she decided to head to the hospital. At the gate, a guard greeted Jill. She requested an interview with Mr. Charleson. Jill waited as the guard called the main office. A few minutes later the guard returned and said that Mr. Charleson would give an interview, but not for another two hours. He suggested that she go to the diner for lunch. Getting into her car, Jill returned to center of town and found the diner.

Getting out of her car, Jill looked around the street. She was amazed at all of the women wearing the baby dresses that Doris had made. Analyzing the way the women looked and the way men looked at them, Jill was not surprised why women wore them. Entering the diner, Jill was seated at a booth in the corner. Glancing around, Jill saw one of the nurses from the "Hotel". She was spoon-feeding a grown woman. And this sat in an oversized high chair. This shocked Jill. This was the first opportunity to see the nurses in action. The baby food was smeared all over the woman's mouth. What really amazed Jill was that the nurse was in her early 20's while the woman had to be in her middle 40's. All of a sudden, the woman started to cry. Jill watched as the nurse stuck her finger into the woman's pants. It dawned on her that the nurse was feeling the woman's diaper! After checking the woman's diaper, the nurse and with the woman crawling took her into the woman's room.

When the nurse returned, the woman was happily sucking on her thumb. Jill went over to her to ask some questions. The nurse, very politely refused to answer any questions. She stated that all information is given out at the "Hotel".

Jill went back to her booth and ordered her lunch. When she tried to ask questions to others in the diner, they all politely refused stating that she should go to the "Hotel", just as the nurse had done earlier.

The two hours passed quickly and Jill found herself at the gate again. The guard remembered her and directed her to which building to go. Parking on the side of the building, she entered the brick building. A guard greeted her and escorted her to a private elevator. Placing his hand on a glass panel, it scanned his handprint. The guard pressed a series of buttons on a number pad. The double doors slid silently opened.

"Tenth floor." Stated the guard. Jill entered the elevator. She took the elevator to the 10th floor where she was met by Mr. Charleson's assistant, Miss Stephanie Falborn. She was a very attractive young woman, stylishly dressed in a light blue dress suit with a white blouse. About 5' 5" tall with shoulder length blonde hair, she led her to a set of double doors, knocked once and then opened the door. Miss Falborn did not remain, only closed the door behind her.

Robert Charleson was seated behind a dark cherry wood desk, busy with some paperwork. When Jill came in, he immediately got up and came around the desk with his hand out-stretched. He was dressed in a dark blue suit, white shirt and a red tie. His handshake was strong and firm, yet not crushing. Leading the way, he took Jill over to a dark blue, colonial-style sofa. He sat in a wing back chair opposite her. Being a gracious host, he asked Jill if she would like a drink. Jill replied that would be nice and asked for coffee. Pressing a button on the intercom system, he asked Stephanie to bring in refreshments. While they waited, Jill began asking her questions.

As she was speaking, Stephanie brought in a tray, with a cup of coffee, cream and sugar and a tall glass of milk. Jill thought the milk was for Mr. Charleson, but he picked up the coffee instead.

Looking up at Stephanie, Jill asked, "I would like a cup of coffee please."

Crossing her arms, Stephanie replied, "No. Drink your milk."

Jill was taken back at the statement, but said nothing. She was waiting for Bob to reply to her remark. He did not. He sat there drinking his coffee, acting as if nothing was wrong. Jill ignored the glass of milk and started asking more questions.

After answering her questions, Bob suggested that they look at a video of his facility. Standing, he ushered her over to the front of his desk and had her sit in one of the chair there. Going behind his desk, he pressed a series of buttons and, revealing a television set behind a large picture of a 19th century sailing vessel.

Before turning the set on, Mr. Charleson took a set of papers and asked her to sign them. When she asked what they were for, he simply stated that she agree that prior to publication of anything written or photos taken on his facility, that his people review all material to ensure that the facts were correct. She agreed and quickly signed them.

Pressing a button, the room darkens and the program began. A narrator began, showing the outside of the building. A woman was being escorted in by 2 nurses. Jill watched as the nurses took the woman into a room and began removing her clothes. She watched as the woman struggled against the nurses screaming. Jill could hear the woman begging the nurses to stop this. Soon, the woman was naked on the table, tears running down her cheeks. Her cries for mercy were muffled thanks to the large pacifier strapped to her mouth. Her nails were cut short and all make-up was removed. The woman's pubic hair was shaved away, her adulthood stripped away. She was powdered and then diapered. The nurses picked her up and laid her in a clear adult size baby's incubator. Jill continued watching as she was wheeled into a "hospital nursery room" with several other adult size incubators. The camera zoomed in all of the women there, they were all crying like newborn babies.

Jill sat there transfixed, staring at the screen while Bob changed to another channel. It was a mirrored room, a woman with long blonde hair, dressed only in a diaper sat against one of the mirror walls. A nurse knelt next to her, laying her down. Jill watched as the nurse removed the plastic pants and unpinned the diaper. Jill mind was having trouble accepting the fact of a grown woman being forced to wear and use diapers like a baby. Mr. Charleson zoomed the lens of the camera to the face of the woman - it was Lynn! Jill's mouth dropped. She was about to run out of the room and away but she was in for a surprise. While she was watching the program, Stephanie had brought 2 nurses in and they stood on either side of Jill. Strong hand pushed Jill down in her chair when she attempted to get up.

A voice announced, " If you are having trouble with your girlfriend, wife, daughter or mother and they are form the age of 18 to 50, we can help. We will reduce them to the level of a baby, then they can be easily managed." Jill did not hear anything else the announcer was saying. Her mind was racing. Grown women were brought here to become babies on purpose. She was seeing this done to Lynn.

The lights came on and Bob spoke, "That's our facility. I am so glad you have decided to stay. I think you'll make an excellent playmate for Lynn."

Jill started shaking her head and yelling, "Nooooo! I don't wanta be a baby again!"

Stephanie came over with a baby bottle and shoved it into Jill's mouth.

"Drink." She ordered as she held the bottle up at an angle.

Jill was too afraid not to, so against her better judgment, she began sucking on the nipple. She felt the warm liquid flow down her throat and into her stomach. She continued until the bottle was half empty. Sitting in the chair next to her, Stephanie had the nurse sit Jill on her lap. Taking a cloth, Stephanie put it on her shoulder and then forced Jill's head on it, holding it down with her hand. With strong swats to her back, Stephanie started patting her.

Jill realized what Stephanie was doing, but when she opened her mouth o object, Jill let out a loud burp!

"You can't do this to me!" she wailed.

Smiling, Bob said, "Yes I can. Remember the paper you signed? You should have read it carefully. It states that you agree to commit yourself here for treatment. And after the treatment is given, if your family does not want to take care of you, you agree to be adopted."

Crying, Jill cried out, "Nooooo!"

Taking Jill by the arms, the nurses dragged a sobbing woman out of his office and to Stephanie's office. In Stephanie's office was a gurney that the nurses deposited Jill on. Taking the gurney's straps, the nurses strapped Jill down. She was helpless. Jill was still crying hysterically as they wheeled out of the office and towards the elevator. Again, one of the nurse's using the handprint scan and the series of commands on the keypad opened the elevator doors. The elevator dropped to the 9th floor where the nurses wheeled the gurney down a sparkling white corridor to a vacant room. In the room was a table covered with a sheet. The nurses unstrapped Jill and laid the struggling woman on the table. Two more nurses entered. One of the nurses grabbed Jill's wrists, while the other one grabbed her ankles. Jill was pinned.

A nurse started unbuttoning Jill's blouse, removing it. She folded it neatly and laid it inside of a box. Placing her hands on Jill's hips, the nurse pulled her skirt down and off. Jill laid there dressed only in her stockings, panties and bra. Her high heel shoes were kicked off when she was being lifted to the table. The nurse bent over and picked them off the floor, placing them in the box with the other clothing. Slowly, baby-talking softly to Jill, the nurse removed her pantyhose, then moved on to removing her panties. Sitting Jill up, the nurse reached behind her and unclasped her bra. Jill sat on the gurney naked.

A nurse came over and looking down at Jill's crotch, said, "Babies don't have grown-up hair there like big girls do. We'll have to do something about that." Producing a pair of scissors, started clipping away at her pubic hair until it was reduced to a stubble. Jill began to struggle as the nurse began the clipping, but the other nurses held her down. Jill could only yell, but that was quickly stopped when an adult size baby's pacifier was strapped to her mouth. Jill could only mumble.

When her hair was reduced to stubble, the nurse smeared shaving cream over the stubble. Taking a sharp razor, the nurse carefully shaved away all of the stubble, leaving her clean-shaved and bare. Tears of anger started flowing down Jill's cheeks as she looked at her crotch. There was no hair there at all, like the very day she was born. Jill started struggling more but to no avail. She was pinned.

Jill watched as a nurse pulled on rubber gloves. Taking diaperine, a white ointment to prevent diaper rash, the nurse rubbed it all over Jill's virgina area. Turning her over the nurse repeated the process on her bottom. Jill was now protected. Grasping a rectal thermonitor, the nurse carefully smeared Vaseline on the tip and inserted it into Jill's bottom. Jill tried to kick her legs, but the nurse was strong and held them tight. Three minutes went by when the nurse finally removed the thermonitor. Jill found herself having baby powder sprinkled on her.

Lifting her bottom off the gurney's mattress, the nurse slid apiece of cloth or something under her. Jill could not tell what it was. Spreading her legs apart, the nurse pulled half of it up and pinning the end together, Jill was shocked, they put an adult size baby diaper on her! Then a pair of adult size plastic baby pants was pulled up her short legs and over the bulky diapers. A nurse checked the seams to ensure that Jill would not leak.

Lifting her right ankle, the nurse strapped on an I.D, bracelet. It read "Baby Girl - Jill Corner". Jill now looked like an overgrown baby.

The nurse strapped Jill down and then proceeded to push the gurney down the spotless white hallway. Shortly, they enter a room. Jill looked around, it was entirely made of mirrors. The walls and ceiling reflected making the room look immense.

The restrains were removed and the nurses gently helped Jill off the gurney. The tile floor felt warm on Jill's bare feet. Gazing at the walls, Jill saw her reflection and could not believe she was wearing only a diaper. Looking over, sat a huddle female figure. The blonde hair hung down in front of her face. Like Jill, the woman was nude except she too wore diapers and plastic baby pants. She could see that the woman was sucking on her thumb. The woman looked up, it was Lynn. Tears running down her face.

Jill raced over to Lynn, knelt down and began to hug her. She started rocking Lynn.

"Lynn," she asked.

"are you alright?"

Talking around her thumb, Lynn replied, "Me goody now. Jill find me."

"Stop talking like that." Jill ordered.

"You're not a baby. You're a grown woman."

"No, no, no." yelled Lynn.

"Me am baby. Pleeze no punish me. See me say me am baby."


Jill stood up looking around the room.

"I am not a baby. And you can't make me think I am one again."


Jill stood her ground just like so many others did, just as Lynn had done.

"SECOND TIME. - BABIES DO NOT STAND. BABIES CRAWL." The voice bellowed again.

Again, Jill stood with hands on her hips. She stood there in defiance.

"THIRD AND LAST TIME. - BABIES DO NOT STAND. BABIES CRAWL." The voice bellowed once more.

Still Jill stood. A few seconds passed then an electrical shock went up her legs, shocking her. Jill fell to the floor in a fetal position. Like everyone else, including Lynn, the shock caused her to wet herself. Jill sat on the floor shock. She had peed herself like a baby.

Jill watched as Lynn crawled over to her. Sitting on her diaper bottom, Lynn lisped, "Go pee-pee in didees?"


Lynn fell back and cried out, "Waaaaa! Jill scared me!"

Jill was taken back at that statement. Lynn really was acting as if she was a baby. Feeling pity on her co-worker, Jill pulled Lynn towards her, hugging her.

"Don't cry sweetie. I won't yell at you again."

Lynn sniffled and rubbed her eyes with both of her fists. Gazing up at Jill, Lynn smiled.

After calming Lynn, Jill stood to survey her surroundings. Feeling the mirror panels, she crossed the room, trying to find the exit.

"Where did I come in?" she asked herself. All 4 sides of the room looked exactly the same.


Looking around, Jill stated, "I'm not a baby and I will not crawl like one either. And stop calling me Baby Jill, I'm a grown woman."

'THEY ALL SAY THAT. SECOND TIME," the female voice bellowed once more, "BABIES CRAWL. CRAWL BABY JILL."

Once more, Jill did not crawl, but stood her ground.


Jill stood there, but now sweat started to form on her forehead. She did not want to be punished, but she had to show them that she had morals. She was not going to be turned into a baby easily.

A bolt of electricity shot up her legs again, causing her to fall into a fetal position. Again, the electric shock caused her to wet herself. The diapers started to sag with all the urine that Jill had empty into it. It was very uncomfortable and Jill knew that soon, the warmth of her urine would turn chilly.

Standing, Jill could feel the diapers starting to slide off her hips and down her legs. She grabbed the plastic pants and diapers before it fell to the floor. She stood her ground. Jill may be petite, but she had a will of iron.

Once again, the female voice bellowed, "BABIES CRAWL." That was all that the disembodied voice stated. Three time the voice stated that.

Yet again, a bolt of electricity shot up her legs, causing her to fall into a fetal position. Once more, the electric shock caused her to wet herself. Her body was shaking uncontrollably due to the electrical shocks Jill received. This last time finally got to her. She sat up on her damp diapered bottom and started to cry. The tears flowed freely and she tried in vain to stop them with the balls of her fists. Jill discovered that she could not help crying and she could not stop the tears. She sat there crying like a baby, she was even kicking her bare feet wildly.

The mirror panel opened and in walked the head nurse, Karen Leach. Karen strolled over to where Jill sat, kneeling next to the crying woman. Reaching out to Jill, Karen hugged her and started rocking her like one would an upset child. Going into her pocket, Karen pulled out a baby's pacifier and gently placed it into Jill sobbing mouth.

Stroking her hair, Karen said in a very calming voice, "There, there, sweetheart, this will help soothe you. You just lay her in nursie's arms. Nursie will take care of everything."

Jill laid in Karen's arms, sucking on the pacifier for about 15 minutes while Lynn sat across from her watching her. As Jill laid there, she though how quickly she had subcome to this babying conditioning.

After awhile, Karen got up and went through the mirror panel only to return a minute later. Standing across the room from the 2 baby-women, Karen cooed, "If you want to go bye-bye from here, crawl over here and drink your bottles."

Lynn, after a few days of being fed by a baby bottle was use to drinking from one, got on all fours and crawled over to where Karen stood. Jill was unsure of what to do. She wanted out of this room, but was not yet use to the idea of crawling and drinking from a baby bottle. Jill watched as Lynn took the bottle in both hands, laid on her back and started sucking on the nipple hungrily. Not wanting to remain here alone, Jill decided to do as she was told. Slowly, she crawled to Karen and taking the bottle, stuck the nipple into her mouth. The "milk" tasted strange to her taste buds. Jill did not realize that she was drinking a bottle of Nutramigen baby formula.

Karen, patting the tops of her babies' heads, cooed, "Such good widdle babies you are." Lynn smiled at this statement, while Jill just gazed at the nurse. Kneeling, Karen wiped the milk that had dribbled out of the corner of Lynn's mouth.

"Nursie take good care of her babies, yes she dose!" she cooed to both Lynn and Jill.

When Lynn and Jill finished their bottles, Karen and another nurse knelt next to them. Karen took Lynn, while the other nurse took Jill. Kneeling next to each of their charges, the nurses pulled their heads over their shoulders. Holding the back of their heads, the nurses began patting their charges backs until each one let out a burp. Jill was very embarrassed about this and turned several shades of red. Once the nurses were satisfied with the baby-women, they had them crawl out of the room and down the hall to the elevators. The elevators were to take them to a special room.

Jill and Lynn were amazed at what they saw. The room had about 25 playpens in there filled with adult baby-women. The playpens were made of wood, about 4 feet tall and about 5 feet square. The entrance into the playpen was by a gate made into the side of the playpen, with a locking bar running top to bottom to prevent the baby-women from getting out.

Lynn and Jill were placed into separate playpens. Lynn learned that to stand and walk around as an adult would, she would be punished. So she crawled around the playpen over to one of the rails. Grabbing it like a baby, Lynn pulled herself up until she could hold onto the top cross railing. The railing crossed her chest and she felt so small. Looking around the room, Lynn saw that almost of the playpens were filled with one or two baby-women. Some were dressed like Jill and herself, only wearing diapers and plastic pants. Other wore Pampers, while other wore not only Pampers, but had on tee shirts too. And others were dressed in short baby dresses, so short that they revealed that they were in diapers and plastic baby pants or Pampers too. Lynn was worried. Was this to be her new life?

Karen stood in front of the playpens.

"Babies." She announced.

"Yes, I'm calling you babies because that's what you are now considered."

Lynn looked over to where Jill stood in her playpen. She was shaking her head "No". She knew if Jill kept this up, she would soon be punished. Lynn returned her gazed towards Karen.

"For the next few weeks," Karen stated, "you'll be re-taught to be babies again. For those of you who do not have Mommies and Daddies at the end of that time, you'll be adopted by people who want babies."

"No!" cried out Jill.

"I'm a grown woman. I'll not be treated like a baby. And I won't be adopted either!"

A nurse quickly went over to Jill's playpen, unlocked the gate and dragged the disobedient woman out by her ear. With the nurse holding her arm down, Jill found herself bent over at the waist, trying to keep up with her. Twisting her ear, Jill was in pain. She was led over to the side of the room where several high chairs were located. The nurse let go and Jill stood erect, rubbing her very sore ear. Before Jill knew it, Karen grabbed her wrist and dragged her over to a side chair. Pulling the petite baby-woman over her lap, Karen pulled back the plastic baby pants, unpinned the diapers and pulled back the back the cloth flap, exposing her bare bottom. Just using the palm of her hand, Karen spanked Jill for a full minute. Jill was squirming on Karen's lap, kicking her legs, flailing her arms and crying profusely. When she finished spanking the disobedient woman, a nurse brought out an IV stand. Hanging from the stand was a large bag with a tube running down from the bottom. Karen held the end of the tube, which was connected to a nozzle. Looking over her shoulder, Jill saw what was going to happen. Karen was going to give her an enema! She started to struggle, but the head nurse held her tight. Smearing Vaseline on the tip of the nozzle, Karen inserted into Jill's bottom. Jill cried out at the invasion. Using s syringe, Karen stuck the needle into Jill's bare bottom. The fluid in the needle held a mixture that would render her bladder muscles useless for the next 24 hours. The diapers were re-pinned and the plastic pants pulled up on Jill.

From her playpen, Lynn, along with the other baby-women watch in horror as the event happened to Jill. None of them wanted it to happen to them.

Karen physically lifted her under the arms and sat her in one of the seat of the high chairs. Taking the feeding tray, she locked the tray over Jill's arms. Jill was pinned to the seat. Attached to the high chair, was a pole with another large plastic bag fasten to it. A tube ran from the bottom of the bag with end attached to a pacifier's nipple. Taking the nipple, Karen inserted into Jill's mouth. There was a strapped that went around Jill's head, holding the pacifier in place. Holding the tube's nozzle, Karen turned it to the right. A flow of milky white fluid began to flow down the tube into Jill's mouth. Jill found that she had to swallow the substance or gag on it.

"For disobedience," stated Karen.

"this will be the punishment. Continuous feedings, locked in a high chair, probably with wet and messy diapers for the entire day. You will not get a bath nor a diaper change until the next day."

Some of the baby-women broke out in tears. None of them wanted that treatment. Lynn thought how horrible to be drinking baby formula all day and not having a diaper change. Poor Jill.

For half an hour, Jill sat there, swallowing the fluid, feeling her stomach expand. Then it happened. Her stomach began to "bubble". She could feel the effects of the enema starting to work, and quickly. Jill began to shift on the chair, trying to escape the inevitable. After about five minutes or so, and trying with every fiber in her body, it happened. The enema erupted into Jill's diapers. Jill wanted to cry out at this humiliating experience, but because of the pacifier, could only mumble. Some of the milky substance managed to dribble out of her mouth and down her chin. And the worst thing was, no one was going to change her. Jill sat in her high chair sobbing, as the enema remained erupting into her diapers.

Bob Charleson entered the room. Walking around the playpens, Karen informed him of the condition of each of the baby-women. When they got to Lynn's playpen, Bob looked down at the baby-woman and asked, "You wanted a story and now you got one." Lynn looked up at him and started to wail. She did not understand why, only that this man made her mad and this was the only response she could think of. A typical baby response. Lynn brought her fists up to her tear filled eyes and was banging her feet, again a typical baby response.

Pulling back the hair on Lynn's side, Bob said, "Pierce earrings are cute, but have them removed. A baby might swallow them." Lynn resented this, for she was a grown woman and would not swallow them. She knew better.

A bell rang and the baby-women were let out of their playpens. The nurses herded them down the corridor to the dining area. All of the baby-women left except Jill. She was till highchair bound and was not allowed dinner. After all, she had been drinking her formula all afternoon. A nurse sat nearby, after all, a baby could not be left alone.

Lynn crawled with the rest of the baby-women to the dining area. It was on the same floor as the playroom, so no one had to take an elevator. Lynn entered the room and looked around. This was the first time she was being fed a baby meal with other babies. A waitress came around sitting each of the babies at a table. The tables were round and there were 4 high chairs and 2 regular chairs. Lynn was seated in on of the high chairs. A nurse sat at the regular chairs, taking care of 2 of the babies. Taking a large plastic baby bib, it was tied on the baby-women.

Lynn looked at the woman, or really the girl who was taking care of her. She could not be older than 20! The waitress came around placing tri-baby bowels on the feeding trays and plates in front of the nurses. Everything in Lynn's bowl was mush - Baby food! The nurse started spoon-feeding her charges. After feeding her other charge a few spoonfuls of baby food, the nurse started feeding Lynn. Lynn at first did not open her mouth. It was not until the nurse pinched her nose and Lynn opened her mouth for air. When that happened, she shoved the spoonful of strained chicken into Lynn's mouth, followed by the nipple of a baby bottle. The other babies giggled at Lynn's predicament. For they too had gone through that and now found it funny that it was happening to someone else. The nurse continued feeding one then the other baby-women until their bowls and baby bottles were empty and their tummies full. Even though Lynn hated the taste of the baby food, she felt quite bloated.

After being fed, one by one the babies were burped. Each of the nurses were experts at this and produced a loud burp from each and every baby-woman. Then their diapers were checked. If, like Lynn's they were not to wet, the baby-women were not changed. With that done, the trays were removed and the baby-women were taken back to the playroom and placed into their playpens.

Jill, sitting in her highchair was pleased to see them again. Lynn stood in her playpen looking at Jill. She did not know what to do. Other baby-women were plying with the baby toys that were scattered around their playpens. Sitting on the colorful mat, Lynn noticed that the mat had prints of blocks on it along with the A-B-C's. She smiled at this. It reminded her of the mat she had in her playpen when she was a baby. Rolling a big baby bouncing ball, Lynn started playing with it. Then she pick up a rattle, several times the normal size of a baby's rattle and started shaking it. Lynn really began enjoying herself, despite her current situation.

As she was playing with her baby toys, Lynn saw some nurses around Jill's high chair. Removing the pacifier gag and the feeding tray, they help her out of the seat and had her sit on the carpeted floor.

Karen stood in front of Jill, her hands on her hips. Then, shaking a finger at Jill, Karen stated, "Since this is your first day, Baby Jill, nursie no gonna punish baby o more."

Jill looked up at the head nurse and smiled. She started to say, "Thank..." but quickly stopped remembering the punishment for speaking like an adult.

Karen smiled.

"You're learning baby. Now it's time for a diaper change." She had Jill crawl over to a vacant changing table. As Jill was crawling, Jill could feel her plastic pants and diapers slipping off her hips. By the time she got to the table, the diapers had only slipped a little, revealing the top crack of her bottom. Taking Jill under her arms, Karen lifted her up and laid her on the table. Using a Velcro strap, Karen locked it across Jill's waist. Jill wanted to cry, she was secured to the table like a baby who might fall off. Carefully, Karen removed the damp plastic pants and the messy diapers. It took a few minutes to clean Jill up. She laid there completely naked feeling every bit like a baby. Karen rubbed diaperine, baby lotion and then sprinkled baby powder all over Jill's helpless body. The smells reminded Jill of babyhood, something that she was now reduced to. The head nurse took Jill's thumb and gently inserted it into her mouth. Lifting her hips, Karen slid 2 cloth diapers under her, spread her legs apart and pulled the diaper up, pinning the sides. A pair of pink plastic pants came up Jill's legs and over the diapers. Karen made sure that the waistband and leg bands were secured and the cloth diaper was not exposed.

Once that was done, Karen had Lynn and Jill crawl to their nursery room. Going through a glass door to the controlled elevators, Karen punched in the codes and the elevator rose to another floor. Finally, the small group reached their nursery room.

In the room were 4 large baby cribs, where Karen put Lynn in one crib and Jill in another. Laying Lynn down, Karen removed her diapers and plastic pants, leaving Lynn complete naked. Karen did the same to Jill. Lifting the baby-women out of their cribs, Karen had them crawl to the bathroom. Lynn and Jill sat on the carpeted floor watching Karen run their bath. Taking a rubber bib apron, Karen put it on. She did not want her uniform soak by the 2 baby-women. The next thing the baby-women knew, their nurse had sat them in the warm soapy bath water. Giving each baby a rubber duck, Karen began bathing them. Both women sat in the water not moving while Karen bath them.

Jill felt so foolish sitting in the soapy water holding a baby to while being bathed like a helpless baby. Looking at Lynn, Jill knew she felt the same way, but both of them were afraid to take any action. They were conditioned to be afraid of acting like adults.

When Karen finished bathing the baby-women, she took a large fluffy towel and dried tem off. Laying Lynn on the carpet, Karen checked her virgina area for hair. A stubble had started growing. This was not allowed at the hotel. Taking Nair, Karen smeared it over the stubble. Since Jill just arrived, Karen knew there would be no hair yet. So the nurse decided not to check her.

Having the baby-women crawl back to the nursery, Karen put each one in her cribs. Karen laid a diaper pad under Lynn's bottom. Taking 3 thick cloth diapers, laid her on them. Spreading her legs apart, the nurse pulled the diapers up and pinned them. A white tee shirt was put on followed by Dr. Denton's pajamas complete with feet and mittens. The cotton pajamas were pink with tiny baby building blocks. The process was repeated with Jill except her pajamas were yellow with tiny baby ducks. Both baby-women looked like overgrown babies in their cribs. Karen took plastic baby bows and put Lynn's shoulder length hair into loose pigtails. With Jill's short hair, Karen gave her a "Pebbles Flintstone" look.

Before locking the baby-women in their cribs for the night, Karen had one more task o perform. Taking a sheet of plastic 2 ½ feet by 2 feet, she held it in front of Lynn. In the center of the sheet was a hole. Sticking Lynn's head through the hole, the piece of plastic covered her upper body. This vest had a set of metal rings attached to it, a set at the chest height and another set at the stomach. Laying Lynn on her stomach, Karen straps, feeeding them through the rings and attaching them under the crib. Lynn was now pinned and helpless to move. This was for psychological purposes, like real babies who could not turn over without help, Lynn found that she would need her nurse's help to turn over too. When she finished with Lynn, Karen did the same with Jill.

Karen pulled up the crib's rail after making sure that her "babies" were covered and had their pacifiers. Turning on the baby monitor and the night-light, she the room, closing the nursery room door.

Jill spit out her pacifier and turned facing Lynn's crib. Lynn was sucking her pacifier but facing Jill. Lynn was rubbing her eyes with her mitten hands. Jill though how infantile Lynn looked. What must she look like to Lynn? Probably like a baby too.

"Lynn," whispered Jill, "we gotta get out of here."

Lynn spit the baby pacifier out and whispered, "But how? We're just babies, how can we get passed the gwown-ups?"

Jill wanted to cry. In a short period of time these people had convinced Lynn she was a helpless baby. She had to convince Lynn tat she was still an adult and not a baby.

"Lynn, we grownups too. And we can get out. Have to write this story."

"Nooooo." Cried out Lynn.

"We're babies!"

"Think," said Jill.

"Remember being an adult? We're both reporters and we're covering this story."

Through her tears, Lynn replied, "Me er...I remember. But I'm scared, Jill. Me I mean I don't wanta be punished again." wiping her eyes with the back of her mittens, Lynn continued, "How do we get out of here?"

Twisting around in her crib, Jill tried to the straps off. Suddenly the door flew opened and in the doorway stood Karen.

"So my babies want to leave." Stated Karen coldly. Walking quickly over to Lynn's crib, Karen lowered the rail and unbuckled the straps. Removing the vest, Karen grabbed Lynn's ear and dragged her over to a straight back chair. Before Lynn knew it, Karen had draped her across her lap, with Lynn's mitten hands and footed feet touching the carpet. Using a special paddle, Karen started spanking Lynn's diapered bottom. This paddle was design with several holes drill in it. The prevent wind fiction. Karen spanked Lynn 20 times on each check. Lynn quickly found herself bawling, kicking her arms and legs, begging Karen to stop. Finally, Karen stopped. Grabbed Lynn's ear again and dragged her back to her crib. Lynn walked on shaky legs with both hands rubbing her very sore bottom. Once in her crib, Lynn's nurse put the vest back on and strapped her down on her stomach. Lynn laid there crying profusely.

Going over to Jill's crib, Karen lowered her rail. Tears already formed in her eyes. She saw what had happened to Lynn and she did not want to be punished. Jill was very petite and Karen could have picked her up and carried her under her arms, but instead she garbed Jill's ear and dragged her to the chair. Laying Jill across her lap, Karen noticed that her hands and feet did not touch the floor. Using the paddle, Karen spanked Jill's diapered bottom 25 times, just as she did Lynn. When the spanking was done, Jill was put back into her vest and strapped down on her stomach.

"Are you going to be a good baby?" Karen asked Jill.

Rubbing the tears fro her eyes with her mitten hands, Jill shook her head and whimpered "Yeth."

Going over to Lynn's crib, Karen asked, "Tell nursie what you are."

Stilling rubbing her sore bottom, Lynn cried, "I'm" but the look Karen gave her, Lynn quickly said, "Er me am a babee, nursie."

Karen smiled ad said, "Good. Now if you babies misbehave again, you know you will be punished again until you realize that you are just helpless little babies, tight?"

The baby-women answered, "Yeth, nursie."

Karen left, closing the door to the nursery, leaving Lynn and Jill crying themselves to sleep. Karen knew that there would be more spankings for these 2 baby-women to come.

- T o B e C o n t I n u e d -

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