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The Regression of a Dominant Wife - Part II

READERS: If you like this story, please let me know at KISPMCSC@YAHOO.COM. And please read and send your comments to my other stories. All comments are welcome. Thank you, Robert

NOTE: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either a product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

Denise sat her baby aunt, Janice, in the adult size baby stroller and followed the nurse outside. The nurses and the administrators came over to say their good byes to Janice. She was patted, tickled under her chin, her cheek squeezed or her forehead was kissed.

John stood besides the stroller as they walked towards his car. It was a 2002 Cadillac Seville. His other car was a 1965 Corvette. John may drive it now, but when they purchased it, Janice insisted that it be put in her name only. Since she was in charge of everything, including his life, she got her way. Before John took Janice to the hotel, Janice drove 99 percent of the time. He was not allowed to drive without her permission.

Denise stopped at the car. Opening up the back seat, Denise unstrapped the restrains on the stroller. Lifting her out of the baby stroller, Denise helped her aunt into the back seat. The curls waved in front of Janice's face making Janice giggle. Denise strapped Janice in, then gave her a "binkie" and a stuff Elmo. Then they were off.

Janice sat in the back, sucking on her pacifier and hugging the stuffed animal, trying to be invisible. People past her on the highway gave her looks. When Janice tried to remove the pacifier from her mouth, Denise slapped her hand away.

Shaking her finger in her infantile aunt's face, Denise said in a very authoritive voice, "Listen to me young lady. I'm in charge of you now. You'll do as I say or you'll be punished." Smiling, Denise continued.

"Do you remember when I was 6 or 7 and you would babysit me for the entire summer cause mom and dad were working night and day?" Janice started to quake. Denise said, "And you would punish me. Making me go to bed at 5 at night. Remember how you said you wanted to make sure that I didn't wet the bed and put me in diapers? I was 7 years old!" as she was speaking, Janice could see that Denise was getting angrier and angrier.

"How you embarrassed me in front of all your friends, by pulling down my pajama bottoms to see if I was properly diapered." Shoving the pacifier back into Janice's mouth, Denise said, "That's nothing for what I have in mind for you. You misbehave one little bit and you'll be sorry that you were ever born."

"Me am big giwl!" cried Janice.

"You no treat me dis way. Mw am no ba-bee!" Janice did not notice that she was speaking more like a 2 year old than a grown woman. That was part of the treatment, hypnotical learning. Same was done with her walking, she be walking more like a 2 year old in that department too. Though she won't know or understand why.

John just sat, driving and listening to the one side conversation. He'll have his turn.

Pulling up to his house, John parked the car in the street. Denise got out of the car and opening the rear door, grabbed both of Janice's wrists. When Janice hesitated on coming out, her niece not to gently, yanked her out and onto the sidewalk. Janice stood on the sidewalk, pigeon-toed. She was dressed in a in a very short pink baby dress, with white puffed sleeves and a white a Peter Pan collar. A white pinafore covered the front of the baby dress. She had on white anklets and black patent Mary-Janes, pink cotton panties with white ruffles covered the seat of the panties. A large pink baby bow was center in her head amongst a mass of Shirley Temple curls. Denise retrieved the pacifier and her stuffed Elmo from the back seat and shoved them at her. Janice turned to walk to the house, or actually run towards it, but she could not. As she started to move, Janice discovered that she was wobbling! She made it across the cement sidewalk to the front lawn only to stumble and fall on her diapered bottom. She looked up at her husband and niece with a look of incomprehension on her face. Janice could not understand why she could not walk. Like most babies that fall, Janice's bottom lip began to quiver, then she stated to cry softly, growing louder in volume.

Smiling, John cooed, "Baby Jannie," taking her wrist in both his strong hands and helping her up on her feet.

"You're a baby and babies have trouble walking. Especially at you age."

Denise took one wrist, while John held onto the other. Together, they walked slowly up the lawn to the front door. They had to, for Janice could only take "baby-steps". Unhurriedly, the small group reached the front porch. Taking out his keys, John unlocked the door. Throwing open the wooden door, Denise escorted her aunt in. once in the foyer, she let go and Janice fell once more on her diapered bottom.

"Baby must be hungry." Stated John. Turning to Denise, he said, "Why don't you give the baby her bottle."

Gleaming, Denise replied, "Sure Uncle John. I'll give the baby her bottle." Swatting Janice's diapered bottom, Denise had her crawl to the kitchen where she got a bottle of Nutramigen baby formula out of the refrigerator. Before giving the bottle to Janice, Denise obtained another bottle from the cabinet. Taking a large serving spoon, she poured the liquid onto the spoon.

"No little brat that I take of is going to get sick while I in charge." Denise said as she knelt next to Janice. Holding Janice's nose, Janice quickly opened her mouth, which Denise shoved the spoon into.

"That should do it. A large spoonful of Castor Oil."

Janice swallowed the horrible tasting liquid and almost threw-up. Her niece handed her the nipple bottle, which she stuck into her mouth and began to suck on. Even the sour-milk tasted of the Nutramigen baby formula tasted better than the Castor Oil. Janice laid on her back, holding the baby bottle with both hands, sucking noisily on the nipple.

When she finished her bottle, Denise knelt next to Janice and stuck her finger into the diapers.

"Wet." She announced.

"Can't you stay dry? You are a grown woman, aren't you."

Janice shook her head, "Yeth, me am big giwl, Auntie Dee-Dee." As she stuck her thumb into her mouth.

"Well, sweetie," Denise said coldly, "Auntie Dee-Dee is not goin' to change your wet didees till tonight.' Janice looked up at her niece in shock. She wanted to be changed now.

"Maybe then you'll have a nasty didee rash." She cooed.

"Then you see that you are only a baby, a baby who needs a 12 year to take care of her."

Slapping her damp diapered bottom, Denise led her to the front and outside. When Janice started fussing about going out front, Denise pulled her over her knee and using a wooden paddle, spanked her hard. Janice quickly found herself crying with her arms waving around and kicking her legs. Denise knew how to spank.

"We're going for a ride around the block." She announced.

John had taken the stroller out of the trunk and was pushing it up the front yard. Before Janice knew it, she was strapped into the stroller with Denise pushing her down the block. Janice was scared. She still had the memories and the intelligence of an adult, but she also had the response of a baby. Janice sat in the stroller with tears streaming down her cheeks as she balled her fisted hands into her face. Continuing her babyish responses, she found herself kicking her feet on the foot rail of the stroller.

Denise pushed the stroller around the block, to her amusement and to Janice's horror. The neighborhood wives emerged from their homes to make sure of what they saw. They all knew Janice and they all agreed, she was the neighborhood BITCH. Janice was a real pain in everyone's backsides. At any type of community meetings, everyone had to do as she said.

The women came from both sides of the street and quickly surrounded the stroller. One woman announced that she had called a few others and told them what she saw and they were coming. Janice felt so humiliated, but Denise was grinning from ear to ear.

The women began talking to Janice and the other women.

"Doesn't she look adorable?"

Another women felt her arm, saying, "Her skin is so smooth. And no body hair, just like a baby's."

Feeling the top of Janice's thigh, another neighbor related, "So's her legs, they are baby smooth."

"Don't you love her widdle baby dress!"

"I love her hair, a mass of baby curls."

"Aren't her Mary-Jane's cute."

Denise beamed with pride like the mother of a newborn baby.

"I treat her just like a little baby."

"Me am no ba-bee. Me am big giwl!" cried Janice.

The women laughed. They were enjoying seeing the bitch of the neighborhood being treated this way.

"And since she acts like a baby, we must treat her like one. Like checking her diapers." Said Denise.

Janice started shaking her head, "Nooooo!" Denise pushed her forward, lifted up her baby dress skirt and pulled on her plastic pants/diapers. Smiling Denise cooed, "Ahh, da poor widdle baby went pee-pee in hers didees."

The women laughed and Janice turned bright red.

Then one of the women began to chant, "Janice wet her diapers. Janice wet her diapers>" then another chimed in, Janice wet her diapers." Then another and then another until all were chanting, "Janice wet her diapers."

Janice started crying, "Stop it! Stop it!" she was so embarrassed.

Denise stood there laughing so hard at her aunt's predicament, that she was crying.

"well," she said, "I have to get the big baby home so I give her a diaper change." Looking around at the women she continued.

"Does anyone want to come over and watch?" several of the women quickly said yes through their giggles. They were really enjoying this.

They walked slowly back to John and Janice house. Stopping at the porch, Denise unstrapped Janice and got her out of the stroller.

"Watch her," she said.

"The baby walks like a 2 year old."

Janice found herself wobbling and stumbling and she finally fell back onto her diaper bottom. One of the women cried out, "Ah, isn't she adorable!" which the rest of the women quickly agreed.

Janice let out a loud, "Waaaaa!"

The women followed Janice as she crawled to her new nursery room.

"This looks perfect for Jan, it suits her. A baby's nursery room for such a big baby."

Denise sat her infantile aunt up onto the changing table and strapped her down. The women gathered around watching as Denise prepared for the diaper changing. Janice laid on the table banging her fists and kicking her feet.

Denise worked quickly, removing all of Janice's baby clothes, until she was lying on the table dressed only in her wet diapers. Removing the diaper pins, Denise stripped Janice of the diapers, she laid in front of the neighborhood women stark naked! Janice was bawling her eyes out until one of the women said, "What a little brat." And stuck a baby's pacifier in her mouth.

Bending over her aunt, Denise said, "Since you were such a bad baby, Jannie, Auntie Dee-Dee is putting you to bed now. You can lay there thinking what a naughty baby you were."

Turning Janice onto her stomach, Denise gave her a Fleet's baby enema. Then she was diapered and put into a pair of yellow Dr. Denton's, complete with feet.

Removing the Velcro strap, Denise grabbed Janice's ear and dragged her over to the large baby crib. Laying her in it, Denise took a serving spoon and filled it with Caster Oil. Pinching Janice's nose until she opened up, she shoved the spoonful of oil into her mouth. This caused Janice to gag. Denise pulled the side rail up and closed the lid, locking.

"You'll stay in your crib until I decide to get you out." Said Denise.

Denise turned on the baby monitor, closed the shades and curtain. The only light emitted from the Winnie the Pooh night-light. Shooing out the women, Denise closed the door leaving Janice complete alone.

Janice laid in her crib sobbing. She wished that she was not so nasty to Denise when she was younger and how she wished that she was not known as the Neighborhood Bitch. Maybe then, one of the women would have come to her rescue.

Janice laid in her oversized crib, sobbing. She could feel the enema and the castor oil starting to work on her system. Her stomach was rumbling. As she laid there, the door opened and in walked Denise. Smiling, she cooed, 'Baby Jannie, Daddy went bye-byes and left you in my care."

This was her chance. Janice thought. She could easily overpower Denise, get dressed in her regular clothes and then when John gets home, punish him.

Denise held a baby bottle of that yucky, warm formula. Opening the lid and lowering the side rail, Denise was about to shove the nipple into Janice's mouth. But before she could, Janice quickly grabbed Denise's wrist, taking the bottle away. Denise was completely taken by surprise. Janice was able to roll off the crib's mattress and throw Denise down into the crib.

"This is where you belong, not me." Yelled Janice. That's how far Janice got. She had forgotten that she had been hypnotically trained for the past few weeks that she could only behave like a 2 year old. Janice could only walk like a 2 year old, as well as talk. She may think, "I am not a baby. I'm a grown woman." But it would come out as "Me no ba-bee. Me big giwl." And she would think that this was perfectly normal for her. The mentality was that of a 2 year old too. Looking at the bottle of baby powder, she knew what it was, but was unable to read the label. She was unable to read. If she was given a pencil, she was unable to write. That is why she was unable to get out of her crib, she could not understand the simple mechanics of a latch. It was also the reason she could not change her own diapers, she did not know how to unclasps the diaper pins.

Janice quickly found that her leg could not stay stable and she found herself falling onto the carpet. She looked up to see Denise smiling. Fear struck and she was unable to stop her infantile reaction - Waaaaa! Turning on all fours, she tried in vain to crawl to the door to escape the punishment she knew that Denise would give. She never made it, for Denise leaped off the mattress and quickly reached Janice. Garbing her ear, Denise dragged her aunt back to the crib. No sooner was she thrown back into the crib, the enema erupted into her diapers.

Picking up the bottle, Denise shoved it into Janice's mouth and ordered, "Drink, you naughty baby."

Tears racing down her cheeks, Janice did as her niece ordered. She felt so uncomfortable sitting in her messy diapers. Janice knew her only course of action to cry, "Waaaaa! Waaaaa!" she cried and cried. She could not stop.

Denise pulled up the side rail and closed the lid. Latching it. Pointing her finger at her naughty aunt, Denise ordered, "You're staying in your crib like a naughty baby. When I decide that you have been crib bound long enough, you and I are going to all of the neighbors and you are going to give an apology to all of them. You are going to tell them that you were a very naughty baby. AND," she suddenly increased the tone in her voice, "You will call them 'Auntie'. Do you hear me Baby Jannie."

"Yeth, Auntie Dee-Dee. Sniffed Janice, "Me be good baby. Me no be bad no more."

Smiling, Denise said, "We'll see. Now you think of what a bad baby you've been. I'll be back." She left the room, closing the door.

Janice laid back down on the mattress. She could feel the effects of the enema as well as the smell. She could hardly wait until Denise returned to change her as she laid there, she tried to think of how she could change herself and clean herself up. She did not know how. Janice knew she use to be able to dress herself and wash herself too. But now she could not remember how.

She laid in her crib for 2 ½ hours before Denise returned. She was so happy to see her niece. Going over to Janice's crib, Denise unlatched the lid, and lowered the side rail. Not saying a word, she grabbed Janice's wrist and took her over to the changing table. Picking her up under her arms, Denise laid Janice on the table, securing her down with the Velcro strap. Working quickly and methodically, Denise removed the messy diapers and cleaned her aunt up. In about 5 minutes, Janice smelled of sweet baby powder again, just as a baby should. Janice laid on the table naked as Denise retrieved the baby items she needed. Denise already put diaperine and baby potion all over Janice, as well as baby powder. Laying 4 thick diapers under her bottom, Denise spread her aunt's legs apart pulling the cloth up, pinning them. A pair of pink plastic pants were pulled up her legs and over the bulky diapers. A tee shirt with a little pink bow on the chest was next. Denise took an adult size baby romper suit and put that on her aunt. Taking a brush, Denise fluffed up the curls and replaced the plastic baby bow in her hair.

Helping her walk, Denise took Janice to the front porch where she strapped her aunt into the baby seat. She locked the tray in place, securing Janice. Janice started banging her bare feet on the footrest, crying, "Me no wanta go."

Denise looked at her aunt saying, "I told you that you were going to apology to everyone. Now you have 2 choices, you can do I now or be crib bound again and do it later. Either way, YOU WILL DO IT."

Swallowing, Janice looked up at her niece and said in a whispered voice, "Me do it Auntie. Me be good for you."

Denise smiled at her aunt's transformation. She was really enjoying babying her bitchy aunt.

Denise pushed the baby stroller to the first house, Marie Phillips. Denise knock and her daughter, Robin, answered. At first the 10 year old was surprised and then she started laughing. Janice felt so foolish that she started to cry. Denise asked if her mother was home. A few minutes later, Marie came to the door.

Through her tears and sniffling, Janice said in a whispered voice, "Me sow-wee Wie. Me was bad giwl."

Folding her arms in front of the once adult women, Marie replied, "You know I always hated that name, but you insisted on calling me that. Call me by my right name or I'll make sure that Denise spanks you right here, or let my little daughter spank you."

Swallowing, Janice said, "No. Me sow-wee Mawie."

"What did I tell you to call them?" ordered Denise.

Sniffling, Janice cried out, "ME sow-wee Auntie Mawie."

Denise said in a commanding voice, "I think that you should say you're sorry to Robin also. And she is older than you so you KNOW what to call her."

Robin stood in front of the stroller. Janice looked at the child and said, "Me sow-wee Auntie Wobin for being mean to you. Me Wery sow-wee."

Then they were off to the next house. Denise was beaming while Janice was cringing and sobbing and apologing to her neighbors. Finally, they arrived at the last house. It was the home that Janice was dreading, the home of her rival, Lauren Greene.

In her stroller as they were walking up the walkway, Janice looked up at Denise and cried, Pleeze, De, er...Auntie Dee. No make me do dis. Me no wanta!"

But it was too late, the front door opened and there stood Lauren, smiling.

Arms folded, Denise ordered her aunt to apologize. Tears starting to roll down her cheeks, Janice said.

"Me sow-wee, Law-wen."

"What did you call me?" inquired Lauren.

This was killing her as she replied, "Me sow-wee, er...Auntie Law-wen."

"That's better." Said Lauren. Touching Janice's curly hair, "Ah, she looks just like an overgrown Shirley Temple! Now let's see how good Baby Jannie walks."

Janice started saying, "You no help. Me walk goodly. Me big giwl."

"Yes you are!" exclaimed Lauren like one would to a baby. Taking both her hands in her own, Lauren pulled the overgrown baby out of the stroller and pulled her towards herself. Like a 2-year-old baby, Janice moved slowly and was waddling. But she did not fall, thanks to Lauren holding onto her hands. Janice was so embarrassed being treated like a baby by her rival.

Lauren letting Janice fall back gently, Lauren let her sit. Janice sat with a splat. A cruel smile appeared on Lauren's face, she knew that sound. Janice had wet diapers, very wet diapers.

"I think your baby needs a diaper change. If you want, you can change her here."

Denise was beaming. She knew her aunt was being humiliated.

"That's great. I have all her changing needs here in my bag." Said Denise as she lifted the large diaper bag.

Janice started crying, "Nooooo!" she did not to be diapered changed especially in from of Lauren. Denise ignored her aunt's pleads and sitting her up, removed her romper suit. Next she pulled off the tee shirt. Laying her down on the diaper pad, Denise pulled the plastic pants down her legs and unpinned the diapers. With a yank, she pulled the cloth diapers off and put them into a plastic bag along with the damp plastic pants. Janice tried to cover her nakedness with her hands. She turned red from embarrassment, being naked in front of Lauren.

Lauren gazed at Janice's naked body.

"She has no body hair. None at all." She said shocked.

Denise smiled.

"Jannie is a baby, babies have on body hair. Before we left the hotel facilities, Jannie had electro-dialysis. They removed every hair on her body."

Lauren watched as Denise rubbed diaperine and baby lotion all over Janice's pubic area, then turned her onto her stomach and did the same to her bottom. This was followed by a heavy coating of baby powder. Using 4 thick cloth diapers, she was amazed at how docile Janice was as she was pinned into them with the plastic pants covering them. Removing from the diaper bag, Denise withdrew a nipple baby bottle of formula and handed it to Lauren.

Lauren took Janice to the sofa and sat her on her lap. Sitting the baby-woman close to her, Lauren stuck the nipple into Janice's mouth.

"What else could Denise do to me?" thought Janice.

"This was the worst thing that could happened to me. Being bottle-fed by that bitch, Lauren!" Lauren held the bottle on an angle, making the formula flow faster. Janice found herself sucking and swallowing the horrible tasting baby formula quickly. Twin trail of formula dribbled from the corners of her mouth, which Lauren "motherly" wiped away. Janice was bloated by the time Lauren finished feeding her. Taking a cloth diaper and laying on her shoulder, Lauren laid Janice's head over her shoulder holding it down wither hand. With her other hand, she began patting Janice's back hard. Janice knew the routine all to well. It was done to her at the hotel and Denise did it to her as well. She was being burped. And she was in no position to complain. She would let the patting do its "thing" to her body, the reaction would be a burp. Occasionally, the burp would generate bubbles, just like a baby does. Janice was starting to respond like a baby, if she wanted to or not. After a dew minutes of patting her back, Janice opened her mouth a let out a loud BURP! Not only did she burp, but spit up a little of the formula too.

Then it was time to go. Lauren helped Denise strapped Janice into the stroller and secured the tray. Tickling Janice under her chin, Lauren cooed, "You're such a cute widdle baby. Now you come back and see Auntie Lauren real soon, OK."

Denise promised that they would and they started back home.

"It's time for dinner. And right afterwards, you being out to bed." Denise in an authoritive voice.

"You were very naughty today and must be punished."

Janice face scrunched up ready to cry.

"Why? Me say me sow-wee. Me no wanta go sleep."

"That will make sure you behave." Stated Denise.

They got home and John was just putting dinner on the table. They ate in the dinning room. Seated between John and Denise was the high chair which John sat his infantile wife into. After tying a large plastic bib on her, John started feeding er with a tiny baby spoon.

Smiling, John cooed to Janice laughing, "This is a switch, me feeding you baby food instead of the other way around."

Janice gazed down at what she was eating. She recognized all of the baby food John was feeding her. There was a large amount of strained chicken, strained string beans, mashed potatoes, and a large heaping of strained prunes. Plus there was 2 large baby bottles of Simulac baby formula. John would shove a heaping amount of chicken on the spoon into Janice's mouth, followed b a heaping spoonful of strained string beans, followed by the nipple of a bottle. When he tried to feed her the prunes, Janice would not open her mouth. He and Denise tried "Here Comes The Choo-Choo" or Here Comes The Plane", but Janice would not open her mouth. Finally, John tried his last resort, he pinched her nose. When she opened her moth to breath, he shoved the spoonful of prunes in, quickly shutting her mouth shut and holding it. John tilted her head up, forcing the prunes to be swallowed. Janice gagged on it.

Pointing his finger in her face, he said in a very commanding voice, "If you don't want that to happen again, you'll open you mouth when Daddy feeds you."

Lowering her head, Janice began to sob. She did not want to eat the nasty tasting prunes, but she did not want to go through that ordeal again. Janice decided that she would do as John asked or actually commanded.

Janice slowly ate all of the strained prunes, much to her horror. She practically gagged on each spoonful that John fed her. She would rather eat what John and Denise were eating, but she reached for a chicken leg, Denise slapped her hand away.

"Babies like you are to young to eat grown-up food. That's why Daddy's feeding you strained baby food." She laughed.

Janice hated being treated this way. It was so humiliating. When dinner was done, John and Denise cleared the table and cleaned-up the dishes while Janice sat in her high chair watching. John gave her a baby's rattle to play with. When everything was done, John removed the metal feeding tray. Lifting her under the arms, John lifted her off the high chair's seat and sat her on the floor. Denise picked up her hands, lifting her to her feet.

Janice could not understand why she had trouble walking. She did not realize that she, while at the Baby Hotel had been programmed to respond like a 2 year old. Throughout her stay, as she slept, she had been sleep learning to be a baby once again, forget adult tings to do such as walking and talking. Even reading and writing now does not enter her thoughts now.

Holding her aunt, Denise led her to a chair, sitting down and helping her aunt sit on her lap. John looked at the couple. He smiled. It was quite a sight seeing a grown woman, dressed as a baby-sitting on the lap of a girl a foot smaller. Denise held onto her aunt tight.

Standing in front of his infantile wife, John said, "Janice, Dee and I have been talking. What you need is not an aunt, but a mommy." Smiling, he continued, "So from now on, Dee is no longer your 'Auntie', she going to be your Mommy."

Janice was horrified. Denise was going to be her mommy? A child of 12 mothering a woman in her 30's? This was so humiliating, the worst yet.

"Nooooo," cried Janice, "No Ma-Ma. Me no want Ma-Ma, Da-da!" she had been conditioned to call john Da-da.

Squeezing Janice's cheeks hard, Denise cooed, "That's right, little baby. From now on, I'm your mommy." Sitting Janice on the floor, "Daddy's goin' to take baby to the nursery and put her in her crib." Swatting her diaper bottom, Denise sent her on her way. Janice looked at the kitchen clock, it was only 5:47.

Janice crawled, for she was to unstable to walk, following john to her nursery room. Once there, john lowered the side rail, lifted her up under the arms and laid her in her crib.

Looking at her husband, Janice cried, "Me no wanta go bed, Da-da. To eaw-wee."

"It's not to early, Janice. Remember how you use t put me to bed at 10 in the morning?" questioned john.

"This is for being a naughty baby. Maybe tomorrow you'll be better behaved."

Sitting her up, he removed her tee shirt. Grabbing the waistband of the plastic pants, john felt her diapers.

"You're wet," he said, "but I think I won't change you until maybe your 2 o'clock feeding."

Janice started to wail, "Waaaaa, me wanta be changed Da-da!"

John ignored her and laid out her cotton dr. Denton's. Slowly and carefully, he inserted her feet into the footie section, pulling the pajamas up her legs, over her diapers. Then he inserted her arms into the sleeves, pulling them up her arms. Finally, he pulled the zipper up from the crotch all the way up to her neck. Now if Janice thought she could simply unzip the pajamas, she was wrong. Attached to the sleeves were mittens, thick so that she was unable to grab anything. She was helpless. Turning her onto her stomach, john strapped her down using a Velcro strap. She was unable to turn over. Taking the large serving spoon, he poured out a large amount of Castor Oil, pinching Janice's nose, shoved it into her mouth.

"I've decide that with ever meal, so baby o gets a tummy ache, Jannie gonna get a spoonful of Caster Oil."

Tars rolled down her cheeks. She did not want Caster Oil, she hated it. Sniffling, she thought to herself she never cried so much in one day as she had today. As a matter of fact, she never cried this much ever. She was becoming such a crybaby.

John pulled up the side rail and secured the lid. Janice was now incased in her infantile prison. Turning on the baby monitor and the night-light, he closed the door as he left Janice alone.

Janice laid in her crib sniffling. For some strange reason, she wanted very much to suck her thumb, but because of the mittens, she was unable to. But relief was there. By her head was a pacifier.

"My binkie!" she thought happily as she grabbed it with her mitten hands. She shoved the nipple into her mouth and sucked blissfully on it.

Thinking Janice thought, "I don't want Denise to be my mother, pretend or otherwise." Even though Janice spoke like a 2 year old and did not realize it, her thoughts still were arranged in an adult pattern.

"Well, I will worry about it tomorrow. I'm tired and need some sleep." Janice thought to herself. In a little while, Janice was sound asleep, sucking contently on her pacifier.

- T o B e C o n t I n u e d -

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