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The Babying of Her Older Sister

Part One

Kathy Summers woke one morning to find that she had been asleep, sucking on a baby's pacifier. She sat up so quickly, she banged her head on a lid. Opening her eyes wide, Kathy noticed that she had been sleeping in a baby's crib! The crib had a lid going across it, preventing her from getting out. Kneeling, she grabbed the side rails, shaking them trying to break out. It was useless. The rails were made of metal - she was in a hospital's baby crib. She was locked in. It was then that Kathy saw that she was dressed in a baby-style Dr. Denton, complete with mittens and feet! Crawling about in the crib, Kathy heard a crinkling sound that emulated at her waist. Pushing with her mitten hand at her waist, Kathy felt a thickness with the crinkling noise. She was baffled at this. Because of the mittens, she was unable to pull the zipper down. Looking around in the crib there was a large teddy bear and a baby's activity set attached to the rails.

Thinking back, the last thing she remembered was driving her SUV and having dinner with her sister, Dorothy, and Dorothy's husband, Bob, at their house. Getting very sleepy, Dorothy took her to the sofa to lie down. Dorothy said something peculiar, "When baby wakes up, her will have no more big girl worries." Kathy thought that was a strange thing to say, but she was to tired to care.

Kathy heard a noise at the door. Kneeling, holding onto the rails with her mitten hands, Kathy watched as the door opened. She was scared, she did not know who was going to come through. Shock registered on her face as Dorothy and Bob entered.

"How's Mommy's little baby?" asked Dorothy as she walked up to the crib.

Shaking the rails, Kathy cried out, "What the hell's happening? Why am I dressed like some damn baby?"

Before Kathy knew it, Bob had unlocked the lid, dropped that side rail and pulled Kathy out by her ear. Bob dragged Kathy over to the rocker, sat down, and pulled Kathy across his lap. Using a wooden hair brush, he started giving Kathy a spanking. She began crying by the third slap. He spanked Kathy ten times, five slaps on each cheek.

After the spanking, Dorothy grabbed her sister's arm and led her back to the crib. Kathy walked to the crib on shaking legs and used her free hand to try and stop the flow of tears. Once there, Dorothy pulled the rail up, locking it in place. Kathy laid on the mattress, rubbing her bottom, sobbing.

Looking up at her younger sister, Kathy cried, "Why are you treating me like this?"

Smiling, Dorothy replied, "Babykins, you have been a very unhappy woman. You have been very bitchy all your adult life. So, we decided to take you back to a time when you were happy. And that was when you were a baby."

"I don't wanta be a baby!" wailed Kathy.

Holding a piece of paper, Bob said, "Read this. If you can, that will prove that you're an adult and not a baby."

Kathy took the sheet of paper and tried to read the print. But everything was a blur. Without her glasses, Kathy was unable to read the printed words.

"You know I can't read without my glasses!" yelled Kathy.

Cooing, Dorothy said, "From now on, you won't have any grown-up worries. Everything will be done for you. You'll be fed, dressed, bathed. You won't even haveta worry about going potty. You'll wear diapers and Mommy or Daddy will change baby. All you have to do is play with your toys, eat and sleep. Won't that be fun."

Kathy started to whimper.

Walking over to the crib, Bob said, "Baby Kathy," Kathy turned red being referred to as "Baby", "to help you become 'unpotty-trained', a little ring was placed in your bottom. Wires come from that ring and are attached to your bottom and your pubic area. These wires have sensors on them. If your didee is not wet enough, it opens. It will continue to open until you wet you didee enough."

Kathy opened her mouth in shock. Bob and Dorothy expected her to wet herself!

"Daddy!" scolded Dorothy, "You're scaring the baby. Of course she'll have wet didees, she's just a baby. And Mommy will change dose messy, wet didees on baby."

Tears started to flow more down Kathy's cheeks. Not only was she expected to have wet diapers, but messy ones too!

Cooing to Kathy, Dorothy said, "Now babykins, you are to do what babies do. You will crawl, you're not allowed to walk anymore. You will talk baby-talk. If you speak like a grown-up, you'll be spanked."

Dorothy placed an IV stand next to the crib. Hanging from the pole was a plastic bag filled with a milky white substance. From the bag ran a tube that had a nipple attached to the end. What Kathy did not know was that the substance contained several items. Not only was it baby formula, but it had a diuretic, a mild sleeping solution, and Metamucil.

Holding the nipple in her hand, Dorothy cooed, "Baby Kathy, baby must drink her Simulac so her have nice wet didees." She inserted the nipple into Kathy's mouth. Kathy was too upset to remove it and started to suck on the nipple.

When Dorothy finished feeding her sister, Bob came over to the crib holding a long piece of plastic. In the center of the plastic was a hole, large enough for an adult head to fit through. Sitting his sister-in-law up, he pulled the plastic sheet over her head. The plastic slap ended equal distance in the front and the back. On the sides were two sets of rings, one at her breast level and the other at her waist. After laying her on her back, Bob pulled two plastic straps through the ring across her chest and attached it to the side of the crib. She was unable to move.

Looking down at her, he said, "This will prevent baby from moving. Mommy or Daddy will have to turn baby over, just as if hers was a real baby."

Tears flowing down her cheeks, Kathy cried, "I have responsibilities. My job, my house. What about them?"

Smiling Bob stated, "All taken care of. As for you job, I told your boss that you could not handle the pressure any longer And that you need at least a six month sabbatical. As to your house, Ed is moving back in. He'll take care of the bills and everything else." Ed was Kathy's ex-husband.

"So al the problems solved, you are going to our baby girl for a very long time. Soon, you won't even think that you were once a grown-up. Now, let's begin."

With a remote control in his hand, Bob pressed a button. Instantly Kathy let out a yip. She could feel the ring in her bottom opened. It did not hurt, but it became very uncomfortable.

"This is the beginning of your unpotty training. The ring will continue to open," said Bob, "until your didees are wet."

Sweating, Kathy tried to wet. Nothing. A minute later, the ring expanded again. Kathy started sucking on the nipple for the warm liquid. It was so uncomfortable, she needed to pee and wet her diapers to stop it. Finally, she peed. Kathy could feel the warm fluid invade her diapers, soaking them. Right away, she could feel the ring shrink. Bob and Dorothy saw the relief on Kathy's face as she continued to wet her diapers. She laid in her crib, exhausted, sucking on the formula.

Dorothy had a bowl in her hand. Slowly, she removed the nipple from Kathy's mouth and started spoon feeding her infantile older sister.

"Baby is eating pabulum." cooed Dorothy.

Kathy wanted to spit it out. It tasted horrible, but Dorothy continued to shove it in her mouth, feeding her. Soon the bowl was empty, Kathy was full, and her mouth was a mess. Dorothy pulled the rail up and closed the lid, locking it. Kathy was imprisoned in her infantile cell. For some strange reason, she did not care. She was feeling very relaxed and tired.

"Baby Kathy better suck on her 'binkie', if she wants nice wet didees." cooed Dorothy.

Realizing that she had to keep her diapers wet, Kathy grabbed for the nipple with her mitten hands. Quickly, she inserted the nipple into her mouth using both of her mitten hands. Kathy did not want the ring opening again. It was very uncomfortable. Within 15 minutes, Bob and Dorothy watched as Kathy drifted off to sleep, sucking on her nipple.

During that morning, Kathy was awaked twice with the opening of the ring. Both times, her diaper had dried somewhat. Kathy found herself sucking harder on the nipple, enabling her to wet her diapers. It was hard to wet while she slept. After all, she was an adult with bladder control.

Around 12, Dorothy walked into the nursery. Kathy woke with soggy diapers. Whimpering, she said to Dorothy, "Please Dottie, let me out. I have to get changed."

Dorothy quickly lowered the side rail, rolled Kathy onto her stomach and started to spank her. She had forgotten the rules, she spoke like an adult!

"You bad baby!" scold Dorothy.

"Now I won't change baby's didee until dinner. Maybe next time you'll remember that you are only a baby and must speak baby-talk only."

Kathy was sobbing throughout lunch. Dorothy spoon-fed her a warm bowl of pabulum. After lunch, Dorothy turn up the sensors to medium, since Katy's diapers were so damp. The ring expanded again. Kathy groaned and tired to wet. Finally she did and the ring shrank to it's original size. Dorothy left, leaving Kathy laying in her crib, sucking on the nipple, crying.

Dorothy returned at dinnertime to find Kathy sleeping, sucking on the nipple. She woke her sister up, startling her. Keeping the nipple in her mouth, Kathy rubbed the sleep from her eyes.

Knowing that she would be spanked if she spoke as an adult, Kathy lowered her eyes and cried out, "Ma-Ma!"

Smiling, Dorothy tickled Kathy under her chin, like one would do to a baby. She lowered the side rail, talking baby-talking to Kathy. Slowly, she unzipped the Dr. Dentons and pulled them off Kathy. She laid there dressed only in her tee shirt and diapers. Kathy was in shock, she knew that she was wearing diapers, but it startled her to see them actually on her. And the diapers were so soaked, they sagged on her.

Slowly, Dorothy pulled down the plastic pants and unpinned the wet diapers. Sitting Kathy up, she removed the damp tee shirt. She laid in the crib naked. She tried covering herself up with her hands.

Cooing, Dorothy said, "Ah, poor widdle baby, hers got a didee rash!"

Looking down at her crotch, Kathy started to cry. Not only was her crotch was turning red and started to itch, but her pubic hair was gone. Someone had shaved it away. And she did have a diaper rash, just like a little baby.

Still cooing to Kathy, Dorothy said, "Don't cry Baby Kathy. Mommy will put boo-boo medicine on it."

First she took baby wipes and clean up Kathy's pubic area. Then she took diaperine and spread the white ointment all over the redness. This felt good to Kathy, it relieved the itching. Taking three thick diapers, laid it under Kathy's bottom, spread her legs apart and pulled the cloth up, pinning the diaper together. Plastic pants went up her legs, covering the bulky diapers. A pink tee shirt and a white Dr. Dentons with little ducks were put on Kathy. Taking a plastic baby bow, Dorothy inserted it into the center of Kathy's hair.

Sitting her infantile sister up, Dorothy spoon-fed her the warm pabulum. Kathy swallowed the baby pabulum. She did not like the bland baby food, but she was quite hungry and finished every spoonful of the pabulum. Once she finished the pabulum, Dorothy laid her sister down, inserted the nipple tube, and pulled the side rail up and closed the lid, securing it. Kathy was again locked in.

Kneeling, Kathy grabbed the rails with her mitten hands and cried, "Please Dorothy, let me out."

Right away, Kathy knew that this was a mistake. Dorothy quickly lowered the rail, and force Kathy around to lay face down on the crib's mattress. Using the back of the hair brush, Dorothy began spanking Kathy's diapered bottom with it. Kathy began to cry immediately. Without saying a word, Dorothy finished the spanking, pulled the rail up, locking it in place.

Everyday, Bob or Dorothy took care of Kathy. They would wake her up at 8 a.m., check her diaper, feed her pabulum and bottle-fed her. After breakfast Kathy was given a sponge-bath, put into clean diapers, plastic pants and Dr. Dentons. Then the crib was locked. At lunch time and dinnertime, she was spoon-fed pabulum and bottle-fed. Her diapers were checked and changed if they were at the least bit wet. This would force Kathy to wet so the ring would not open. This treatment would continued for the next two week.

By the end of the first week, Kathy had learned to cry when she was wet, messy, or hungry. She even lost control of her bladder so the ring and sensors were removed by the end of the week.

On the Saturday morning of her second week of being babied, Dorothy entered her nursery and cooed, "Baby Kathy, Mommy gonna take baby down to breakfast.

Lowering the side rail, Dorothy led Kathy to the kitchen. Kathy's legs were weak from her confinement and forced to crawl crawl. Not because she was told o, but because she had to, her legs were to weak to stand. In the kitchen, sitting next to the table was a wooden baby's high chair. Carefully, Bob picked Kathy up and sat her in the infantile seat. The feeding tray was locked in place, securing Kathy in. Dorothy came over and sat a baby bowl on the tray, with a baby bottle of formula. Looking down at the bowl, Kathy saw that it contain rice cereal. After tying a plastic baby bib on Kathy, Dorothy picked up a tiny baby spoon, and began to spoon-fed her infantile older sister. It tasted bland, but still better than the pabulum that she had been forced to eat for every meal the past week. When breakfast was over, Kathy sat in the high chair, sucking on the baby bottle, watching her sister clean up. Dorothy had told Kathy that she could hold the bottle only on the condition that she hold it with both hands.

With the breakfast dishes done, Dorothy had Kathy crawl to the bathroom.

"Mommy's gonna give baby a bathy." cooed Dorothy. Dorothy laid Kathy down on the carpet and began to remove her Dr. Denton's. Feeling her diapers, Dorothy exclaimed, "Why Baby Kathy, you're soaked!" Kathy turned bright red from the humiliation. Slowly, Dorothy unpinned the diaper and removed the soggy diaper leaving Kathy lying there naked. Kathy was put gently into the soapy water of the bathtub. Dorothy washed every part of Kathy's body with Ivory baby soap while Kathy sat there holding a rubber duck.

After the bath, Dorothy had Kathy crawl to the nursery where she was put on the changing table. Kathy hated being treated this way, but every time she exerted herself as an adult, she found herself having a bare bottom spanking. Kathy had baby oil and baby powder put on her pubic area and her bottom. Diaperine was rubbed all over her pubic area and her bottom so it would prevent a diaper rash Then a adult size pamper and tee shirt was put on her. Taking a pink smock that looked very babyish, it was put on her. White ankle socks and a plastic pink baby bow for her hair completed her outfit. Kathy was grateful for this, for she was tired of wearing the Dr. Denton's all of the time.

When the dressing was completed, Dorothy had Kathy crawl to the family room where a wooden baby's playpen waited for her. Kathy was seated in it. The playpen was filled with all types of baby toys and stuffed animals. She sat her infantile older sister in the playpen.

Standing in front of Kathy, Dorothy cooed, "Play with your baby toys, Baby Kathy." Her sister walked away and sat on the sofa to observe her" baby".

Realizing that this may be her only chance, Kathy quickly jumped up and leaped over the playpen's rail towards the front door. Upon reaching the door, Kathy found that it was locked - it was key-locked from the inside. She grabbed the door knob and was struggling with when she heard laughing from behind her.

Standing behind her was her "Mommy" and "Daddy", Dorothy and Bob. A shudder came to Kathy, she knew that she was about to be punished. Turning round slowly, she saw that Dorothy's arms were folded while Bob was holding the dreaded hair brush. And he started walking towards her. In another moment of panic, Kathy raced towards the back door only to find that to be key locked too. Once again, she stood facing Bob and Dorothy. A sudden feeling of maternal feelings for Dorothy, Kathy raced to her, dropped to her knees and started to hug her around her thighs, like a scared child.

"Pleeze Dottie er...Mommy." She cried, "me be good girl. No let Daddy spank me, pleeze Mommy!"

Stroking Kathy's head, Dorothy cooed, "Mommy's sorry Baby Kathy, but you were very naughty and must be taught a lesson."

Bob grabbed Kathy's wrist and dragged her over to a kitchen chair. Sitting down, he pulled her over his lap. Pulling up on the baby smock, he pulled down the plastic pants. Next he un-pinned one sided of the diaper and pulled the cloth back, exposing Kathy's bare bottom. She had started to cry as soon as she was being dragged over to the chair. Bob started the spanking and spanked Kathy for two full minutes. Finishing the spanking, Bob grabbed Kathy's ear and took her up to her nursery room. Kathy had to stoop, for Bob had his arm lowered and he pulled her upstairs. She had to hold up her diaper for her "Daddy" did not re-pin it.

Once in the nursery, Bob laid her in her crib, while Dorothy came up with a pair of Dr. Denton's. Before dressing Kathy in the baby style "jammies", Bob inserted the expansion ring into her bottom. Then Dorothy diapered her and then put her jammies on her. The plastic vest was put on her and she was strapped down. Once again, Kathy was helpless in the crib.

For the next week, Kathy was confined to her crib. Bob or Dorothy would fed her the warm pabulum, change her diapers and her Dr. Denton's or turn her over. When tried to speak as an adult, or called Dorothy or Bob by their real names, she was given a bare bottom spanking. She never felt so helpless in her life. During that week, like last week, all she did was sleep, eat, and wet or messed her diapers. But by Friday, Kathy found it so easy to cry when she was uncomfortable.

Saturday morning, Dorothy and Bob came into Kathy's nursery room. Cooing to her infantile sister, Dorothy said, "Shall we try it again, Baby Kathy? Baby is gonna have her breakfast with Mommy and Daddy."

Unlocking the lid and the side rail, Dorothy helped Kathy out of her crib. Her weaken legs caused Kathy to fall right on her diapered bottom.

"Crawl, baby, to the kitchen." Ordered Dorothy.

Slowly, Kathy kneel on all four's and began to crawl. In the kitchen bob sat Kathy in her high chair and served the feeding tray in place. Taking a large plastic bib, he tied on her. Looking down at the bib, Kathy saw that it had a cartoon of Baby Minnie Mouse on it. Not only that, it was a drool bib too!

Breakfast was ready. Bob set out the food while Dorothy came over with Kathy's breakfast. The grown-up had eggs, bacon, toast and coffee, with a glass of orange juice. Kathy looked down at her food, it was a bowl full of warm rice cereal and a bottle of formula. She wanted adult food and reached for Dorothy's plate.

Slapping her hand away, Dorothy scolded, "NO. That's hot, no touch baby."

Using a very large spoon, Dorothy spoon-fed her sister. Because of the size of the spoon, the mush cereal ended all over Kathy's mouth and bib. It even fell onto the tray. Then Kathy was fed her bottle. The rice cereal was not bad, especially after 2 weeks of being fed pabulum, but the Simulac was disgusting. Kathy sat in her high chair watching as bob and Dorothy cleaned up the breakfast dishes. When everything was cleaned and put away, they had Kathy crawl to the family room where bob lifted and sat Kathy in her playpen.

Shaking his finger at Kathy, he said, "If we have another incident like last Saturday, you'll be confined to your crib for 2 weeks. Do you understand me young lady?"

Gulping, Kathy shook her head. She did not want to be confined to her crib. If to be somewhat free was to act like a baby, then that's what she'll do. Sitting on the sofa, bob and Dorothy sat drinking their coffee and reading the newspaper. Kathy, on the hand felt so foolish sitting in a baby's playpen. Slowly, she started playing with a baby ball. As she was playing with it, Kathy started to drool. Dorothy came over to the playpen and motherly wiped the saliva away.

As she bent over the playpen's rail, Dorothy laid Kathy down and removed the Dr. Denton's jammies, leaving her dressed only in her diapers and tee shirt. That's when the door bell rang.

Thinking to herself, Kathy thought, "Mommy, er...Dot won't let anyone in, especially the way I'm dressed."

She was wrong. Into the family room walked her 46 year old sister, Linda Shaw, and her youngest sister, 38 year old Stephanie Walen. Linda was never married, and Stephanie was divorced twice and is unattached now.

But now there was something different. Linda was dressed as she normally would be, jeans, sneaks, and pull-over blouse. But Stephanie, there was something different about her. Her long tinted brown hair was always styled, never a hair out of place. Her outfits were designer creation, always in fashion. Now to look at her, her long hair braided like a little girl and her clothing seemed very childish.

The pink and whit checked dress she wore barely past her crotch. It had puffed, white sleeves and flared at the her breast. Under the dress, Kathy could make out plastic pants and a bulge under them. She was wearing diapers too! White anklets with tiny pink bows on the sides and a pair of white patent Mary Jane shoes covered Stephanie's feet. Lastly, she carried a child's plastic white purse.

Giggling to herself, Kathy thought, "Well, it's still in designer wear but more suitable for a baby." It was then that Kathy realized that she was dressed only in diapers and a tee shirt.

Linda laid Stephanie on the carpet and removed all of her clothes until she was dressed only in her diapers. Picking her up under her arms, Linda lifted Stephanie into the playpen opposite Kathy. They sat there as Dorothy and Linda stood in front of them with their arms folded.

"Auntie Winda," stated Dorothy, "and I have decide that since you two are so bitchy and care only for yourselves, we have decided to regress you back to a time when you the happiest. And that was when you two were babies. Maybe this time, you two will grow up to be nice and not so bitchy to others."

After being babied for a while, Kathy learned to cried in a babyish lisp, "Me no wanta be baby no more Mommy! Pleeze mommy!"

Dorothy shook her head and cooed, "No. Your fate is to be a baby again. Maybe longer then you were the first time.

Stephanie sat in the playpen in tears as she started sucking her thumb. She did not want to be babied either. She enjoyed partying all night. Having guys buy her drinks and other things. She enjoyed using people, but now that was over. At least for the time being

Smiling, Linda cooed, "It's time for our babies lunch.

Both babies were helped out of the playpen and they crawled to the kitchen. As she crawled to the kitchen, Kathy thought to herself, "Steph and I are going to babies for a very long time to come."


to be continued


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