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The Babying of Her Older Sister - [Part II]

Kathy and Stephanie crawled into the kitchen followed closely by their "Mommies", Dorothy and Linda. Linda had brought a baby's high chair with her and Bob had already set it up. Lifting their babies up, Dorothy and Linda sat them in the tight, confining baby seats and secured the feeding trays. After tying large plastic baby bibs on the two, Linda and Dorothy start spoon-feeding them baby mush from a baby bowl.

Stephanie seemed to accept her fate as she lowered her head and opened her mouth for the baby food. Tears blended in with the baby food as it dropped onto the baby spoon.

Kathy was not so acceptable to the treatment, especially after see her younger sister. She started voicing her opinion.

"Me no wanta be baby!" Kathy cried.

"Me a big giwl!" Even though Kathy knew she was not a baby, her treatment for the past few weeks had regressed her language to that of a baby.

Dorothy smiled at Kathy's babyish vocabulary. She ignored her and forced a spoonful of the baby mush into Kathy's mouth followed by the nipple of a baby bottle. Kathy found herself gagging on the baby mush. Shortly, the bowls of baby food and the bottles were done.

After feeding and burping the infantile women, Dorothy announced, "It's almost 1, time to give the babies their naps."

Dorothy and Linda removed the feeding trays and sat their babies onto the floor. When Kathy started fussing and refusing to crawl to her nursery room, Dorothy gave her infantile sister a few swats to her diapered bottom. Kathy, with her eyes full of tears, resigned to her babyish fate and followed Stephanie to the nursery room.

Linda had suggested that the "babies" should just wear their diapers to take their naps, but Dorothy insisted that they be put into Dr. Denton's. Laying Kathy on the changing table, Dorothy began removing her plastic pants and checking her diapers. She found them soaked. Kathy had been responding to the treatment like a baby.

"Ah," cooed Dorothy, "Baby Kathy hasum wet didees. No worries baby, Mommy will change dose nasty didees."

As Dorothy was changing Kathy, Linda laid Stephanie in Kathy's baby crib. She too started checking her baby's diaper. Removing Stephanie's plastic pants, Linda stuck her finger into Stephanie's diapers. Like Kathy, Stephanie had wet her diapers too.

In a few minutes, both baby-women were powdered, had diaperine put on, fresh diapers and plastic pants, tee shirts and were put into Dr. Denton's. Kathy wore pink ones, while Linda put yellow ones on Stephanie.

Dorothy laid the baby-women in Kathy's crib on their sides, back-to-back. Linda came over and gave them each a stuffed animal, Kathy got "Elmo" and Stephanie got Winnie-The-Pooh. Plastic straps were locked across them, one across at their chests and the other across their waist. The baby-women were unable to turn over. The lid to the crib was closed and locked, making sure that the baby-women did not get out of the crib.

After turning the baby monitor, the Mommies gave the baby-women a kiss on the forehead and left the room.

Kathy and Stephanie laid in the crib. After lying there for a few minutes, Kathy said in her babyish lisp, "Step-fee, me am a big giwl. Me no baby. Step-fee you a big giwl too"

"Mommy says me am baby Kaf-fee." Stephanie replied.

"Mommy is no Mommy. Hers sis-fer, Winda, Step-fee." Stated Kathy.

"My Mommy is sis-fer too. Hers iz Dor-fee, no Mommy."

Stephanie started to weep as she said, "Kaf-fee, hers say me am baby and hers is Mommy. Am me baby or big giwl?"

Step-fee, me and you big giwls. No baby." said Kathy.

Suddenly, the nursery room door open and in walked Dorothy and Linda.

"You babies are supposed to be taking your nap." Said Dorothy in a very authoritive voice.

"Go to sleep unless you want a spanking."

A rebellious Kathy said, "Me am no baby. Me no wanta take nap. Me am a big giwl."

Dorothy came over to stand in front of her infantile sister. With her hands on her hips, Dorothy gazed down at Kathy and said, "You are?"

Kathy seemed to shrink at her sister's gaze, and as tears began to roll down her cheeks, said barely a whisper, "No Mommy, me sorree. Me am baby."

Smiling, Dorothy said, "Good, now that's settled." Shaking her finger at the baby-women, Dorothy continued, "Now take your nap, my little babies unless you want Mommy to spank."

Both Kathy and Stephanie quickly said, "NO. Me go sleep."

"Nite-nite, Mommy," said Kathy.

"Nite-nite, Auntie Winda."

"Nite-nite, Mommy. Nite-nite, Auntie Dor-fee." Cried out Stephanie.

Linda and Dorothy almost giggled as they watched Kathy and Stephanie squeeze their eyelids shut tight, trying desperately to go to sleep.

About an hour and a half later, Dorothy and Linda came into the nursery. Both "Mommies" carried baby bottles. Dorothy unlocked the crib and lifted the lid. The straps were removed and Dorothy took Kathy over to the changing table. Laying her infantile sister on the tabletop, Dorothy gave her the baby bottle. Kathy laid there sucking on the nipple while her "Mommy" started removing her pajamas. Soon, Kathy was naked on the table and Dorothy was cleaning her up.

Stephanie, lying in the crib was naked too, while Linda cleaned her up. Like Kathy, Stephanie was holding the baby bottle with both hands as she sucked on the baby formula.

The Mommies decided only to have the babies wear diapers and plastic pants. It was a warm day and they did not think that the babies need anything else. Giving Kathy and Stephanie pacifiers, Dorothy and Linda led them from the nursery to the family room where they were put into the playpen.

Kathy and Stephanie played with the baby toys that were in the playpen. The Mommies watched as their babies played. They enjoyed watching them and their innocent play. After a while, Dorothy and Linda decide that the baby-women could go out back and go in the baby pool. Kathy and Stephanie started crying and shaking their heads, they did not want to go outside dressed only in diapers so everyone could see them. But the Mommies won and Kathy and Stephanie found themselves crawling out to the baby pool.

The pool was in the sunlight so the water was warm. Dorothy helped Kathy into the pool, while Linda helped Stephanie. The pool was tight fit for two adult women to sit in, but neither Dorothy nor Linda wanted them in the big pool. That was for adults, not babies like Kathy and Stephanie. Even though the back yard had a six-foot high solid wood fence surrounding it, Kathy and Stephanie constantly looked around, fearful that someone would see them.

Linda came over to the pool with handful of baby pool toys and deposited them in the water.

"Play with your toys." Cooed Linda sweetly. Reluctantly, Kathy and Stephanie began splashing in the water and soon had forgotten about being seen. They were having fun, splashing and giggling, and just acting like the babies they were treated as.

As they were in the pool, Dorothy and Linda rubbed suntan lotion on them. They did not want the baby-women getting sunburn, after all, they only had sensitive baby skin.

After about 45 minutes, Dorothy decided that the babies had enough in the baby pool. Taking towels, the "Mommies" wrapped their babies up and pulled them out of the pool.

"Let's change them out here." Suggested Linda.

Both babies stated crying. Kathy tried pulling away from Dorothy, saying, "Nooooo! No change me here. Pweeze Mommy!"

Linda had spread a blanket on the ground while Stephanie stood there sucking her thumb, sobbing. Stephanie was to infantile to run and the only thing she thought of was to cry. Sucking on her thumb was helping her, but not much.

Dorothy pulled a reluctant Kathy over to the blanket and laid her down. Kathy was struggling the entire time until Dorothy turned her over and started spanking her wet, diapered bottom. This quieted Kathy down. She laid there sobbing as Dorothy removed the plastic pants and unpinned the diapers. By then, Linda had returned with an armload of baby needs. Taking the damp pants, diapers and tee-shirt, Dorothy put them into a plastic bag. A teary-eyed Kathy laid on the blanket trying in vain to stop her flow of tears. Kathy, along with Stephanie laid on the blanket, naked.

"This is so embarrassing." Thought Kathy.

"I gotta get out of here."

She quickly got up, pushing Dorothy to the ground. Running naked, Kathy raced to the back door, only to find it locked. Her next course of direction was the back gate, but as she ran towards it, she thought where would she run to naked? Her running was quite wobbly, due to lack of her leg muscles being used for the past few weeks. She ran like a baby just learning to walk.

Kathy never made it to the back gate. Dorothy had easily caught up with the naughty baby-woman. Grabbing her ear, Dorothy dragged her back to the blanket. Stephanie had remained there, laying on the blanket, crying. She laid there naked still, for Linda had not had time to diaper her yet.

Dorothy laid the disobedient baby-woman on the blanket next to Stephanie. Shaking her finger at Kathy, Dorothy said angrily, "That was very naughty of baby. When Mommy's finished putting you didee on, Baby Kathy is going to be into her crib."

"What's all that rack?" a youthful voice said from over the fence.

"Mrs. Charleson, do you have a baby over there?"

Looking up at the fence, Dorothy saw that her neighbor's 11 year old daughter, Fawn, was peeking over it. Fawn had heard Kathy and Stephanie's cries.

"Just some naughty babies, dear." Said Dorothy.

"Would you like to help put their diapers on?"

Excited at the prospect of diapering grown-ups, Fawn quickly said, "They're adorable! Sure. I'll be right there."

In less than a minute, Fawn came through the gate entrance and was kneeling next to Kathy. Dorothy handed Fawn the diaperine, instructing her where to apply it. The same was done for the baby lotion and the baby powder. When Kathy first started to struggle, crying that she did not want a child see her in this condition, Dorothy rolled her over onto her stomach, spanking her. Kathy began wailing immediately from the humiliation of the spanking in front of this child. Fawn simply giggled at this. Stephanie too, began crying profusely at being naked and getting ready to be diapered. Fawn was a quick learner and had diapered Kathy neatly.

"Since Kathy was so naughty, I'm putting her into her crib." Stated Dorothy.

Kathy crawled to her nursery room, followed by Dorothy and Fawn. Linda stayed outside, diapering Stephanie. Fawn's mouth dropped opened when she saw Kathy's nursery room. It was a typical baby's nursery, but made for an adult. Laying the baby-woman in her crib, Dorothy went to the dresser and removed a pair of cotton Dr. Denton's pajamas, complete with feet.

Shaking her head, Kathy cried out, Pleeze Mommy. Me no wanta go bed now."

"Hush." Ordered Dorothy.

"You were very naughty. You now must be punished."

"Nooooo!" cried Kathy.

"Me be good giwl. Me wanta pway wit Stef-fee."

"No." stated her Mommy. She covered Kathy with a sheet, stuck her binkie in her mouth and pulled the rail up. After closing the lid and locking it, she said, "You're crib bound for the night. Say nite-nite to Fawn."

Through her tears, Kathy whispered, "Nite-nite, Fawn."

Looking down at her baby, Dorothy said, "I think you should call her 'Auntie" Fawn. After all, she is older than you."

Wiping back the tears with backs of her hands, Kathy cried, "Nitey-nite, Auntie Fawn."

A broad smile came to Fawn lips as she cooed, "Nitey-nite Baby Kathy. Maybe your Mommy will let me babysit you. Won't that be fun!"

Before leaving, Dorothy turned on the baby monitor, closed the drapes, leaving the room in complete darkness. After turning on the nightlight, Dorothy and fawn left the room.

Kathy laid in her crib, sucking on her pacifier. She was thinking how much of a baby she had become. This was not the first time. Kathy remembered being an adult, working as an accountant, a manager at that. Now she was having trouble thinking how much 2 plus 2 was. It was if her adult mentality was gone and all she had left was the mentality of a baby. Tears began to fill her eyes once more. Kathy did not want to be a baby again. She was to be a gwon-up! She fell asleep with this thought.

- To Be Continued -

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